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  • Poll: Almost half in U.S. creationist

    06/02/2012 9:30:25 AM PDT · by 2ndDivisionVet · 39 replies
    PRINCETON, N.J., June 2 (UPI) -- The percentage of U.S. residents who believe God created human beings less than 10,000 years ago has changed little in the past 30 years, a Gallup poll says. In a report Friday, the Gallup organization said 46 percent held that view in the most recent poll. In 1982, when Gallup first asked the question, the percentage was 44 percent and the average over the years has been 45 percent. The poll was conducted for USA Today. Almost one-third, 32 percent, said humans have evolved over millions of years with divine guidance, down from an...
  • Dan Brown comes out of his Exeter, NH hole-

    05/25/2012 5:36:20 AM PDT · by BonRad · 15 replies
    I’ve had the misfortune to run into a very few minutes of Dan Brown’s extended stage interview from Portsmouth NH Friday night May 18 that was part of today May 22 “Word of Mouth” radio program on NHPR Word of Mouth 11:01 am Thu May 24, 2012 It is available here in two parts, each under a half hour. Writers on a New England Stage: Dan Brown By Virginia Prescott International bestselling author Dan Brown talks about science, religion, and life after the Da Vinci Code at a benefit performance for Writers on a New England Stage, live from...
  • hours agoUnderground gay group emerges, shaking evangelical Christian college

    05/24/2012 12:15:57 PM PDT · by Glacier Honey · 30 replies
    MSN ^ | 5/24/12 | John Boxly
    LA MIRADA, Calif. -- On the same day President Obama became the first U.S. president to come out in support of same-sex marriage, a group of students announced the presence of the "Biola Queer Underground" at this small evangelical university, touching off a highly-charged debate about Christianity and homosexuality. The group launched a website and posted flyers around the Biola University campus May 9 with the following message: "We want to bring to light the presence of the LGBTQ community at Biola. Despite what some may assume, there are Lesbians, Gays, Bisexuals, Transgender, and Queers at Biola. We are Biola's...
  • Underground gay group emerges, shaking evangelical Christian college

    05/24/2012 12:15:42 PM PDT · by Glacier Honey · 3 replies
    MSN ^ | 5/24/12 | John Boxly
    LA MIRADA, Calif. -- On the same day President Obama became the first U.S. president to come out in support of same-sex marriage, a group of students announced the presence of the "Biola Queer Underground" at this small evangelical university, touching off a highly-charged debate about Christianity and homosexuality. The group launched a website and posted flyers around the Biola University campus May 9 with the following message: "We want to bring to light the presence of the LGBTQ community at Biola. Despite what some may assume, there are Lesbians, Gays, Bisexuals, Transgender, and Queers at Biola. We are Biola's...
  • "For Greater Glory" – The Cristiada

    05/23/2012 7:12:45 PM PDT · by marshmallow · 18 replies
    The Anglo Catholic ^ | 5/23/12 | Fr. Christopher Phillips
    I attended a screening of "For Greater Glory," which tells of the Cristiada, the war waged against the oppressive Mexican government in the 1920's by the Cristeros. What a magnificent film… absolutely inspiring! Not only should every Catholic see it for its beautiful testament to our Faith, but everyone should see it as a reminder of how precious is the right to religious freedom. The most haunting line to me: when Plutarco Calles arrogantly says, "The people elected ME!" I've heard that someplace before… When seeing this movie, understand that it concentrates on the the fighting force within the Cristeros,...
  • Christians are targets

    05/18/2012 2:48:14 PM PDT · by kathsua · 4 replies
    Hutchinson News ^ | 5/14/12 | DR. RALPH VOGEL
    Have you noticed lately that Christians are being singled out as a subnormal group of human beings? One editorial cartoon demonstrated the idiocy of Christians believing in creation and not evolution. The break-ins and damage to three churches in Hutchinson and the one-person complaint about prayers that actually recognize Jesus as the one to whom God is prayed to, all show how far we, as a people, have sunk in our relationship with decency and respect. It is a small wonder that this is happening when you consider the lack of leadership, responsibility and morality that has been demonstrated and...
  • The tragic link between abortion and contraception

    05/17/2012 5:37:48 AM PDT · by A.A. Cunningham · 1 replies
    Denver Catholic Register ^ | 16 May 2012 | By Most Rev. James D. Conley, S.T.L., Apostolic Administrator
    The tragic link between abortion and contraception May 16, 2012 By Most Rev. James D. Conley, S.T.L., Apostolic Administrator In 1992, the U.S. Supreme Court made the second-most important decision about abortion to date. The case was Planned Parenthood v. Casey and at issue was the right of states to regulate the practice of abortion. The court's decision was a double-edged sword. Tragically, it confirmed the decision of Roe v. Wade and affirmed the principle that abortion should be legally available in the United States through all nine months of pregnancy. The decision was wrong, from both a moral and...
  • Understanding Addiction

    05/15/2012 6:25:37 PM PDT · by tedw · 101 replies
    You Tube ^ | 5/15/2018 | Ted Adamson
    New You Tube Video on Addiction. Basically I am sick and tired of the so-called "experts" spouting off nonsense regarding drug and alcohol addiction. The most current one I found was a licensed Clincial Psychologist "enlightening" (tongue in check) us that addiction is a "brain disease". You can find his link here: The problem with these so-called experts is that they understand nothing. They do not recognize the spiritual realm so they reduce these problems to a physiological level. They do not recognize the existence of demons or evil and the role it plays in addiction. As a consequence...
  • Catholic Word of the Day: BLOOD OF ST. JANUARIUS, 05-14-12

    05/14/2012 8:12:03 AM PDT · by Salvation · 4 replies ^ | 05-14-12 | Fr. John Hardon's Modern Catholic Dictionary
    Featured Term (selected at random):BLOOD OF ST. JANUARIUS A famous relic in the Cathedral of Naples. The blood of this martyr (d. about 305), preserved in a glass phial, liquifies some eighteen times each year when the reliquary is exposed and placed near the saint's head. No natural explanation has been found for the phenomenon. All items in this dictionary are from Fr. John Hardon's Modern Catholic Dictionary, © Eternal Life. Used with permission.
  • Burden of Proof: Why Most American Evangelicals Reject Long-Earth Evolution

    05/11/2012 10:56:54 AM PDT · by ReligiousLibertyTV · 277 replies
    ReligiousLiberty.TV ^ | 05/11/2012 | Michael D. Peabody
    [dc]O[/dc]n May 14, noted philanthropist and neurosurgeon Dr. Ben Carson is scheduled to give the commencement address at Emory University and receive an honorary degree. But there is a problem. In recent weeks Emory faculty and students have asked the University to disinvite Dr. Carson because he is a critic of evolutionary theory and advocate of creationism. Faculty and staff have written that Dr. Carson’s “great achievements in medicine allow him to be viewed as someone who ‘understands science’” poses a direct threat to science that “rests squarely on the shoulders of evolution.” The anti-Carson letter describes how there is...
  • Emory University Commencement Speaker Sparks Evolution Controversy

    05/08/2012 1:43:29 PM PDT · by SeekAndFind · 11 replies
    Christian Post ^ | 05/08/2012 | Napp Nazworth
    A letter signed by about 500 Emory University faculty, students and alumni seeks to bring attention to the anti-evolution views of Dr. Ben Carson. The world-renowned Johns Hopkins University neurosurgeon will be the Atlanta university's May 14 commencement speaker. The letter does not ask that Carson be dis-invited. Rather, it seeks to bring attention to the issue. It notes Carson's accomplishments as a neurosurgeon and philanthropist, then adds, "But, as those students, their families, and the Emory Community listen to his speech, we ask you to also consider the enormous positive impact of science on our lives and how that...
  • Melinda Gates: Poster billionaire for how a rotten Catholic education...

    05/08/2012 7:14:12 AM PDT · by A.A. Cunningham · 68 replies
    The Catholic World Report ^ | 8 May 2012 | Carl E. Olson
    Melinda Gates: Poster billionaire for how a rotten Catholic education... May 08, 2012 04:03 EST By Carl E. Olson ... ends up promoting and spreading the culture of death—worldwide. Via The Daily Mail: Facing backlash from the Catholic Church on an already controversial issue, Bill Gates' wife Melinda announced this week that contraception will be the primary goal of their foundation, with plans to revolutionize it globally. And from the May 7th Newsweek piece, "Melinda Gates' New Crusade: Investing Billions in Women's Health": There’s currently very little investment in contraceptive research and development. The single biggest funder, Darmstadt says, is...
  • The US Military Wants To 'Microchip' Troops [Mark Of Beast update]

    05/07/2012 8:49:06 PM PDT · by Quix · 98 replies
    Business Insider: Military & Defense ^ | May 6 2012 | Robert Johnson
    Here's 3 excerpted paragraphs DARPA is at it again. This time, the Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency has announced plans to create nanochips for monitoring troops health on the battlefield. Kate Knibbs at Mobiledia reports the sensors are targeted at preventing illness and disease, the two causes of most troops medical evacuations. . . . Bob Unruh at WND reports one of those opponents, Katherine Albrecht, co-author of Spychips says “It’s never going to happen that the government at gunpoint says, ‘You’re going to have a tracking chip. It’s always in incremental steps. If you can put a microchip in...
  • Space Aliens Would Think We Are Insane

    05/05/2012 3:08:11 PM PDT · by John Leland 1789 · 15 replies
    CST News ^ | May 5, 2012 | Dr. Don Boys
    Don Boys, Ph.D. Recently a global warming fanatic (who now uses the term, “climate change” since there is no proof of man-caused global warming) made a shocking statement: "Any rational being coming to our planet from outer space would say ‘There is a species here that has gone insane.'" Like most fanatics, he makes some gargantuan leaps in his thinking especially when he makes an assumption of space aliens even existing; then he presumes they are rational! After all, if humans are not rational, why would we expect make-believe aliens to be? Humans are not rational and I agree that...
  • Politics from the Pulpit: What the Pastor Can/Can not Do.

    05/05/2012 12:06:56 AM PDT · by jonrick46 · 9 replies
    The Liberty Councel ^ | 2008 | Mathew D. Staver, Esq.
    Pastors and Christian ministry leaders have a high calling to preach the truth from the Word of God. Speaking the truth is essential all the time but it is especially important to do so when we elect leaders who will make law and policy that affect our faith, our families and our freedom. There is an ongoing struggle for the soul of America. Many people look to pastors and Christian ministry leaders for guidance on important moral and social issues.
  • Pope Tells Medical Faculty: Restore Role of Faith in Research

    05/04/2012 8:46:26 AM PDT · by marshmallow · 1 replies
    Pope Benedict XVI visited Rome’s Gemelli Hospital on May 3, to join in 50th-anniversary celebrations for the hospital’s teaching faculty. In his remarks there the Pontiff spoke of the urgent need to restore a healthy relationship between science and faith. The divorce between faith and reason, and the loss of Europe’s Christian cultural heritage, have caused a “weakening of thought and ethical impoverishment,” the Pope said. Particularly in the field of medicine, he said, the result is “a dangerous imbalance between what is technically possible and what is morally good.” He said that institutions like the Gemelli—which is affiliated with...
  • Study Claims People of Faith Are Stingy

    05/02/2012 2:04:15 PM PDT · by CHRISTIAN DIARIST · 28 replies
    The Christian Diarist ^ | May 2, 2012 | JP
    Hardly a week passes, it seems, without yet another “scientific” study disparaging people of faith. This week’s study, ginned up by researchers at the University of California at Berkeley, dubiously concludes that the “highly religious” are less compassionate toward the needful than non-believers. Published in the journal Social Psychological and Personality Science, the study defines “compassion” as an emotion felt when people see the sufferings of others which then motivates them to help, often at personal risk or cost. The study’s lead author, Laura Saslow, says she was inspired by an atheist friend who told her he donated to earthquake...
  • ‘Scientific’ Study Says People of Faith Are Stupid

    04/28/2012 8:52:00 AM PDT · by CHRISTIAN DIARIST · 52 replies
    The Christian Diarist ^ | April 28, 2012 | JP
    In a study published yesterday in the journal Science, researchers from Canada’s University of British Columbia posit that people who believe in God are not analytical thinkers. That’s a disingenuous way of saying people of faith are stupid. “Religious belief is intuitive,” explained Ara Norenzayan, co-author of the study, “and analytical thinking can undermine intuitive thinking. So when people are encouraged to think analytically, it can block intuitive thinking.” In other words, when religious people analyze their beliefs, they become less devout. They go from stupid to smart, like Norenzayan and fellow co-author Will Gervais. So how did the researchers...
  • Teacher says Catholic school fired her over IVF

    04/26/2012 12:16:11 PM PDT · by redreno · 48 replies
    Fonews ^ | 04/26/2012 | AP
    Indiana teacher who says she was fired from a Roman Catholic school for using in vitro fertilization to try to get pregnant is suing in a case that could set up a legal showdown over reproductive and religious rights.
  • Award winning scientist admires God ~ conception to birth ~ visualized ~

    04/22/2012 2:35:58 PM PDT · by stpio · 8 replies
    Youtube ^ | November | Alexander Tsiaras
    You'll like this video, it leaves you agog and hopeful. Alexander speaks again, after the film in the Youtube.
  • Vanity - Lyrics I wrote years ago

    04/18/2012 7:53:02 AM PDT · by jagusafr · 7 replies
    self | 1996 | jagusafr
    I Know by Dana D. Jacobson I know my God is everlasting and I know His love is never-ending and I know my God will not forsake me for I know of Calvary Yes, I know of Calvary When my Lord lay weeping in a garden He raised his hands in final supplication Then bowed His will and turned to my salvation God chose to die for me My Lord chose to die for me So when I feel the darkness all about me and though I hear the storms that would enfold me yet shall I see and follow...
  • Hubble Telescope Confirms Existence of God with Incomprehensible Power, Author Says

    04/10/2012 2:26:50 PM PDT · by NYer · 41 replies
    Christian Newswire ^ | March 28, 2012 | Paul Hutchins
    ORLANDO, Fla., March 28, 2012 /Christian Newswire/ -- The Dead Sea Scrolls have long been considered words from God recorded by men under inspiration. Since their discovery they have been a source of great wonder and revelation for the faithful, and now an author is arguing in his new book that the Hubble telescope validates a passage from the scroll of Isaiah confirming God to be the energy source behind the Universe. The book retraces the history of the telescope, and is based on Hubble's discoveries made over the past two decades. It chronicles how Hubble has photographed the greatest cinematic...
  • People on Other Worlds

    04/09/2012 10:05:05 PM PDT · by NorthernCrunchyCon · 155 replies ^ | April 1971 | Kent Nielsen
    Long before our God began his creations, he dwelt on a mortal world like ours, one of the creations that his Father had created for him and his brethren. He, with many of his brethren, was obedient to the principles of the eternal gospel. One among these, it is presumed, was a savior for them, and through him they obtained a resurrection and an exaltation on an eternal, celestial world. 8 Then they gained the power and godhood of their Father and were made heirs of all that he had, continuing his works and creating worlds of their own for...
  • MSNBC's O'Donnell on Romney's "Mormon Problem": How Moronism Was "Invented"

    04/07/2012 2:48:46 PM PDT · by NorthernCrunchyCon · 136 replies
    MSNBC via YouTube ^ | April 4, 2012 | Lawrence O'Donnell And so begins the MSM turn on the Republican nominee. And as much as I hate to credit the MSM, and particularly O'Donnell, I cannot find anything in his rant that is inaccurate, other than the number of wives Joseph Smith claimed. O'Donnell says 48, but I believe the most consistent number put forward by historians is 27. On the other hand, Brigham Young claimed 56 wives, so O'Donnell is certainly within range.
  • Crown of Thorns Galaxy - a Good Friday Reflection

    04/06/2012 8:22:48 AM PDT · by NYer · 11 replies
    Various ^ | April 6, 2012 | Vanity
    IsaiahChapter 53 1 Who would believe what we have heard? To whom has the arm of the LORD been revealed? 2 1 He grew up like a sapling before him, like a shoot from the parched earth; There was in him no stately bearing to make us look at him, nor appearance that would attract us to him. 3 2 He was spurned and avoided by men, a man of suffering, accustomed to infirmity, One of those from whom men hide their faces, spurned, and we held him in no esteem. 4 3 Yet it was our infirmities that...
  • Life in the Balance – And why Earth-like planets may be rare

    03/31/2012 3:00:05 PM PDT · by NYer · 39 replies
    Archdiocese of Washington ^ | March 30, 2012 | Msgr. Charles Pope
    The video below is a very creative representation of what the day and night sky on Earth would look like if the earth had rings like Saturn. It is well worth a view.But it puts me in the mind of pondering the delicate balance of life on this earth and, though the artwork in the video is beautiful, I suspect that the presence of rings would dramatically alter life on this earth, perhaps even annihilate it.By way of disclaimer, let me say I am not a geologist or astronomer. But a number of things concern me about the presence of...
  • Creation Museum Announces Plans to Build a Full-Size Noah's Ark

    03/23/2012 11:16:52 AM PDT · by sreastman · 22 replies · 1+ views
    Faith Issues ^ | 3/23/2012 | Christian Telegraph
    Creation Museum Announces Plans to Build a Full-Size Noah's Ark Faith Issues/Christian Telegraph Mark Looy, one of the co-founders of the Creation Museum, spoke in an exclusive interview with the Christian Telegraph about the Creation Museum in USA. He also spoke about plans to build a huge, full size Noah's Ark to explain creationism and present the Gospel to those who don't believe in the Bible. Tell me a little bit about the initiative of building the Creation Museum and the influence it has on people? The Creation Museum is one of the outcrops of Answers in Genesis. Answers in...
  • Being 'Born-Again' Linked to More Brain Atrophy: Study

    03/21/2012 12:16:40 AM PDT · by UnbelievingScumOnTheOtherSide · 47 replies ^ | 2012-03-20 | Mary Elizabeth Dallas
    WEDNESDAY, May 25 (HealthDay News) -- Older adults who say they've had a life-changing religious experience are more likely to have a greater decrease in size of the hippocampus, the part of the brain critical to learning and memory, new research finds. ...or conversely, those who had no religious affiliation, had more hippocampal shrinkage (or "atrophy") compared to people who identified themselves as Protestants, but not born-again. ...SOURCE: Duke University, news release, May 19, 2011
  • Vanity: Genesis As Science, Chapter 1

    03/18/2012 6:38:49 PM PDT · by EnglishCon · 146 replies
    03/18/2012 | EnglishCon
    A few people asked me to write this, after a couple of comments I made on another thread. The first few chapters of Genesis are, with minimal mental gymnastics, a clear and accurate statement of science, as we understand it today. I am not talking from any particular creed here. Though a Catholic, (and without any authority!), I am from a background of a devout Protestant and much less devout Jewish culture who is, like many people, simply looking for answers. My training was as a Biochemist, at a time when we were first starting to map the genome. So,...
  • With what act does true religious Marriage begin?

    03/16/2012 11:30:32 AM PDT · by Monorprise · 103 replies
    Monorprise | Monorprise
    All other things being equal where would religious marriage would begin: 1: First Sexual encounter (between parties). 2: First conception of a child (between parent parties). 3: First child birth (between parents parties). 4: Religious ceremony at the Church. 5: State Government Sanction. 6: Mutual personal commitment between the parties? ------------------------------------------------- I realize Marriage involves all of theses things. But supposing that they could happen out of order which one would start the marriage in the eyes of God, science, and most of all your personal opinion?
  • Vatican astronomer: Science one of the best ways to know God

    03/08/2012 2:04:14 PM PST · by NYer · 27 replies
    cna ^ | March 8, 2012 | Hillary Senour
    Brother Guy Consolmagno with meteorites Denver, Colo., Mar 8, 2012 / 04:14 am (CNA).- The astronomer for the Vatican Observatory, Brother Guy Consolmagno, S.J., says that his study of the universe through science has helped him better understand the person of Christ. Despite people often having the “crazy idea” that science and religion conflict, science is “really one of our best principles for getting to know God,” he told CNA. Br. Consolmagno – who also serves as the Vatican's curator of meteorites – spoke on March 3 at the Living the Catholic Faith Conference in the Archdiocese of Denver, Colo.  During...
  • Deadly health risks for women: The unspoken side of the Obama birth control mandate

    03/08/2012 1:41:54 PM PST · by NYer · 9 replies
    cna ^ | March 8, 2012 | Jenn Giroux
    Photo by Jiri Hodan For far too long there has been an ominous silence across America on arguably the most controversial and devastating issue of the day—birth control. As so often we see in history, oppression gives rise to courage and, no question, courage is exactly what we are seeing in Church leaders and layman alike in response to the Obama administration’s recent birth control mandate and more recent unacceptable modifications.The Birth Control Mandate has forced the issue of contraception to move from being the elephant in the room to center stage. Perhaps in time we will see that...
  • Trial Begins in NASA Intelligent Design Discrimination Case

    03/06/2012 9:31:52 AM PST · by SeekAndFind · 4 replies
    Christian Post ^ | 03/06/2012 | Jonathan Moormann
    A lawsuit between Jet Propulsion Labs and a NASA mission specialist who claims he was demoted for his beliefs begins Wednesday, the latest in a series of court cases featuring intelligent design proponents suing former employers. David Coppedge was employed at the JPL for 14 years and served as an information technology specialist on the Cassini mission to Saturn before being demoted. He first took his case to court in the summer of 2010 and was later fired in Jan. 2011. In the complaint, Coppedge alleges that he was demoted and disciplined for discussing intelligent design with co-workers and distributing...
  • Richard Dawkins, the Atheist Who Isn't, but the Episcopal Bishop Who Might Be

    03/02/2012 1:10:35 PM PST · by SeekAndFind · 12 replies
    Christian Post ^ | 03/02/2012 | Wallace Henry
    Just as the atheist Richard Dawkins discloses he doubts God's non-existence, Richard Holloway, Episcopal Bishop of Edinburgh, asserts his doubt in the Deity's existence. The atheist and the bishop have wound up at the same place. In the case of the world's most outspoken non-believer, the step is progression, but in the case of the leader in the Scottish Episcopal Church, the step is regression. "I can't be sure God does not exist," said Dawkins, crusader against belief in God, during a debate with the Archbishop of Canterbury February 24. The next day Holloway was quoted as saying he can't...
  • Trouble in Vatican: Pontifical Acad mmbrs upset with ethics deficit at infertility conference (CC)

    03/01/2012 3:44:31 PM PST · by NYer · 10 replies · 9+ views
    Life Site News ^ | February 29, 2012 | KATHLEEN GILBERT
    PAV Assembly in a conference center next to St. Peter's Basilica VATICAN CITY, February 27, 2012 ( - A gathering of the Vatican’s own academy for promoting respect for life was met with palpable discontent from its own members and other registrants after presenters on the topic of infertility alluded to in-vitro fertilization (IVF) and other artificial reproduction technologies as “natural” and legitimate for treating patients, despite their conflict with Catholic moral teaching. In addition, one prominent Catholic doctor who noted the link between the birth control pill and breast cancer was told by the moderator that his claim was...
  • 1st-century New Testament fragment: more details emerge

    02/29/2012 11:27:27 AM PST · by SeekAndFind · 23 replies · 12+ views
    Baptist Press ^ | 02/29/2012 | Michael Foust
    DALLAS (BP) -- The seminary professor who surprised the academic world by saying a first-century fragment of Mark's Gospel had been found has released new information along with two new claims -- an early sermon on Hebrews and the earliest-known manuscripts of Paul's letters also have been discovered. Details about the finds will be published in an academic book in 2013, says Dallas Theological Seminary's Daniel B. Wallace, a New Testament professor. Wallace started the buzz on Feb. 1 when, during a debate with author and skeptic Bart Ehrman, he made the claim about the Mark fragment, which would be...
  • Pope says arrogance drives infertility field, tells couples to shun artificial procreation

    02/26/2012 1:22:06 PM PST · by NYer · 86 replies · 1+ views
    Brandon Sun ^ | February 25, 2012
    In this picture made available by the Vatican newspaper Osservatore Romano, Pope Benedict XVI greets the faithful of the Pontifical Academy for Life during a private audience at the Vatican, Saturday, Feb. 25, 2012. (AP Photo/Osservatore Romano, Handout)VATICAN CITY - Pope Benedict XVI on Saturday urged infertile couples to shun artificial procreation, decrying such methods as a form of arrogance.Speaking at the end of a three-day Vatican conference on diagnosing and treating infertility, Benedict also reiterated church teaching that marriage is the only permissible place to conceive children. Matrimony "constitutes the only 'place' worthy of the call to existence of...
  • Student Sues Over Punishment Received After He Expressed His Religious Belief Opposing Homosexuality

    02/24/2012 12:54:26 PM PST · by Thomas More Law Center · 16 replies · 1+ views
    The Thomas More Law Center filed a federal lawsuit yesterday afternoon against the Howell Public School District located in Howell, Michigan, and teacher, Johnson (“Jay”) McDowell, for punishment and humiliation heaped on a student after he expressed his religious belief opposing homosexuality when asked by the teacher during class. [copy of lawsuit] The student, Daniel Glowacki, a junior at Howell High at the time of the incident, was specifically asked by McDowell about his feelings on homosexuals. Daniel responded that as a Catholic he was offended by the gay and lesbian lifestyle. Because of his answer, Daniel was ordered to...
  • Richard Dawkins: I can't be sure God does not exist (Is world's foremost atheist an agnostic now?)

    02/24/2012 10:12:20 AM PST · by SeekAndFind · 190 replies
    The Telegraph ^ | 02/24/2012 | John Bingham
    He is regarded as the most famous atheist in the world but last night Professor Richard Dawkins admitted he could not be sure that God does not exist. He told the Archbishop of Canterbury, Dr Rowan Williams, that he preferred to call himself an agnostic rather than an atheist. The two men were taking part in a public “dialogue” at Oxford University at the end of a week which has seen bitter debate about the role of religion in public life in Britain. Last week Baroness Warsi, the Tory party chairman, warned of a tide of “militant secularism” challenging the...
  • Obama’s Contraceptive 'Compromise' Doesn't Pass the Smell Test ("It doesn't change a thing")

    02/10/2012 1:44:27 PM PST · by 2ndDivisionVet · 18 replies
    US News and World Report ^ | February 10, 2012 | Mary Kate Cary
    Take a look at the White House fact sheet just released on the president's "accommodation" on the Health and Human Services ruling on contraceptives and religious liberty: "Under the new policy to be announced today, women will have free preventive care that includes contraceptive services no matter where she [sic] works. The policy also ensures that if a woman works for a religious employer with objections to providing contraceptive services as part of its health plan, the religious employer will not be required to provide, pay for or refer for contraception coverage, but her insurance company will be required to...
  • 10 Reasons to Believe in a Historical Adam

    02/09/2012 12:58:07 PM PST · by SeekAndFind · 17 replies
    Christian Post ^ | 02/09/2012 | Kevin DeYoung
    In recent years, several self-proclaimed evangelicals, or those associated with evangelical institutions, have called into question the historicity of Adam and Eve. It is said that because of genomic research we can no longer believe in a first man called Adam from whom the entire human race has descended. I'll point to some books at the end which deal with the science end of the question, but the most important question is what does the Bible teach. Without detailing a complete answer to that question, let me suggest ten reasons why we should believe that Adam was a true historical...
  • How Obama Lost the Catholic Vote

    02/07/2012 9:53:05 PM PST · by 2ndDivisionVet · 30 replies
    Townhall ^ | February 8, 2012 | David Malcolm
    Emperors in medieval Christendom often disregarded Papal edicts because the Pope lacked the armies to enforce them. Times have changed. As has been widely reported, President Obama’s Health and Human Services department (HHS) will soon require Catholic organizations to provide contraception services within their healthcare plans, and pay a fine if they don’t. Worse yet, it will also require Catholic organizations who don’t offer these services to apprise citizens where they can obtain them. Catholics are outraged, for good reason. The stark implications of this policy for the Catholic Church were noted by Atlanta archbishop Wilton D. Gregory who said,...
  • Dolan: Natural law, not religious preference, dictates all life sacred

    01/26/2012 1:56:31 PM PST · by Coleus · 5 replies
    cns ^ | 01.26.12 | Beth Griffin
    Natural law is a concept of objective truth, not religious preference, and reliance on natural law and human rights will move the culture and its laws in the direction of authentic respect for human life, Cardinal-designate Timothy M. Dolan of New York said in an address Jan. 24. Cardinal-designate Dolan, speaking on "Law & the Gospel of Life," gave the inaugural talk in a lecture series sponsored by the Institute on Religion, Law and Lawyers' Work at Jesuit-run Fordham University School of Law. "Our society has caricatured natural law as some medieval tool the church is using to justify its...
  • American Evangelicals beginning to rethink birth control, argues author of new book

    01/11/2012 2:35:05 PM PST · by NYer · 10 replies
    Life Site News ^ | January 11, 2012 | Peter BAKLINSKI
    ROCKFORD, Illinois, January 11, 2012 ( – A new book from one of the world’s foremost scholars in family issues examines how mid-twentieth-century evangelical leaders followed the mainstream and bought into birth control, and, briefly, abortion. The book, titled “Godly Seed: American Evangelicals Confront Birth Control, 1873-1973,” by Dr. Allan Carlson, comes at a time when some American evangelicals are rethinking their position on birth control. For instance, there are the followers of the Quiverfull Movement who “eagerly accept their children as blessings from God,” eschewing not only artificial birth control, but even natural family planning. In this way, they...
  • (Blessed) Nicolas Steno Google doodle marks his 374th birth anniversary

    01/11/2012 5:29:55 AM PST · by NYer · 15 replies
    Guardian ^ | January 10, 2012
    Nicolas Steno, the Danish anatomist widely regarded as the father of geology, has been commemorated in a Google doodle marking his 374th birth anniversary on 11 January.The doodle illustrated the search engine's six letters in a geological style, with fossils in various bottom layers, with a green surface on top.Steno's work on the formation of rock layers and the fossils they contain was pivotal to the development of modern geology while his catholic piety has also been evaluated in recent decades with a view to his possible canonisation.Born as Niels Stensen, he left his native of Copenhagen in 1660 to...
  • Hubble Ultra Deep Field 3D

    This video tells us that are things in space that existed 47 Billion Years ago.
  • Catholic Word of the Day: NEO-SCHOLASTICISM, 12-27-11

    12/27/2011 9:38:23 AM PST · by Salvation · 4 replies ^ | 12-27-11 | Fr. John Hardon's Modern Catholic Dictionary,
    Featured Term (selected at random):NEO-SCHOLASTICISM The name given by certain Scholastic philosophers to the revival of medieval Scholasticism since the beginning of the twentieth century. These Catholic thinkers wished to revive among the public and for the people's use the teachings of the great Scholastics of the past, bringing their theories up to date and putting them in touch with modern scientific research. They do not aim to revive unchanged systems of medieval Scholasticism but rather to harmonize modern science with the fundamental doctrines and principles of this school of thought especially as related to the physical world. The movement...
  • Italian study claims Turin Shroud is Christ's authentic burial robe

    Just days before Christmas, a new study has emerged that suggests that one of Christianity's most prized but mysterious relics – the Turin Shroud – is not a medieval forgery but could be the authentic burial robe of Christ. Italian scientists have conducted a series of advanced experiments which, they claim, show that the marks on the shroud – purportedly left by the imprint of Christ's body – could not possibly have been faked with technology that was available in the medieval period. The research will be an early Christmas present for shroud believers, but is likely to be greeted...
  • The God-Haunted Atheism of Christopher Hitchens

    12/23/2011 3:13:01 PM PST · by NYer · 22 replies
    The Catholic Thing ^ | December 23, 2011 | Francis J. Beckwith
    On December 15, contemporary unbelief lost one of its most gifted apologists, Christopher Hitchens. He, along with Richard Dawkins, Sam Harris, and Daniel Dennett, are often referred to as the four horsemen of the New Atheism. It is called the “New” Atheism because of its evangelistic zeal, an enthusiasm largely absent from the more urbane and engaging infidelities of “the Old Atheists” like Bertrand Russell, John Dewey, or Antony Flew.  But like all undisciplined enthusiasts who confuse wisecracking proselytes with wisdom-seeking pilgrims, the New Atheists seem incapable of completely ridding themselves and their disciples of the metaphysical infrastructure of the...
  • Old Earth Belief

    Have you ever been to a church that claimed that the earth is young? Have you ever felt pressured into believing in a young earth, even though you felt the scientific evidence was contrary to a young earth? Have you ever thought that in order to be a Christian, you had to deny science, and believe in young earth creation science? You are not alone. Many churches teach that the earth is young, and many require you to profess this belief through their statement of faith, which includes a world that was created in six 24-hour days. No, you are...