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  • Finland's Nazi Past

    10/08/2006 11:49:45 AM PDT · by Bokababe · 97 replies · 6,296+ views
    Serbianna ^ | September 13, 2006 | Carl Savich
    Martti Ahtisaari and Finland’s Nazi Past At the time of the illegal NATO bombing of Yugoslavia in 1999 when Martti Ahtisaari was the President of Finland, his government sought to commemorate and to honor Finland’s Nazi SS volunteers from the Holocaust. This offers irrefutable evidence of Ahtisaari’s direct links for support of Nazism and Nazi revisionism. If Ahtisaari had bothered to check the decisions of the Nuremberg War Crimes Tribunals, he would have found that that court held that all Waffen SS troops were war criminals guilty of war crimes and guilty of committing crimes against humanity, namely the mass...
  • Who Lost Kosovo?

    06/15/2006 7:00:46 AM PDT · by Doctor13 · 17 replies · 1,259+ views
    Accuracy In Media (AIM) ^ | 15 June 2006 | Cliff Kincaid
    Our media are ready and eager to pounce on Bush whenever he is perceived to have made a misstatement, but a retired General and former Democratic presidential candidate tells blatant lies about Kosovo and gets away with it. Senator John Kerry, the defeated 2004 Democratic candidate for president, was the subject of a May 28 New York Times article about how he is once again trying to rebut allegations about his military service made by the Swift Boat Veterans for Truth. With a sympathetic media, such as that represented by the Times story, Kerry thinks he might be able to...
  • Tied up in the [Vatican's] Rat Lines

    01/16/2006 8:11:38 AM PST · by DTA · 47 replies · 2,488+ views
    Haaretz, Israel ^ | 2006-01-15 | Yossi Melman
    It is possible that within a short time a court in the United States will prohibit the publication of the account before us. In the meantime, Haaretz has obtained the testimony given last month by William Gowen, a former intelligence officer in the United States Army, at a federal court in San Francisco. The testimony contains historical and political explosives. It links Giovanni Battista Montini, who later became Pope Paul VI, to the theft of property of Jewish, Serb, Russian, Ukrainian and Roma victims during World War II in Yugoslavia. Many studies and stories have already been written about the...
  • Ready for Jihad

    10/21/2005 9:10:04 AM PDT · by kronos77 · 11 replies · 707+ views
    Evning News (Vecernje Novosti) ^ | October 21st 2005. | Milovan Drecun
    As from 1992 Al-Khaida has ith branches in Bosnia and from 1999 on Kosovo. On Kosovo, there are intensive terrorist training, new idea is to attack targets in Serbia and Europe. British ibstructors payed by Albanian mafia are training Albanian Jihadists on kosovo, speciali suicide womens bombers, whom relatives and family members were killed in 1999 war. Emir Mussa Ayzi, recruiter formed in 2003 groud called "White divills" suicide bombers to act in Serbia, Israel and Europe. Other instructors are Jihadists from Bosnia, former fighters in anti-Serb war. Training camps are also in Northern Albania, supported by present Albanian presidend.
  • Who in the Balkans wants to destroy America?

    03/23/2005 3:32:49 PM PST · by jb6 · 89 replies · 1,547+ views
    serbianna ^ | March 23, 2005 | Miroljub Jevtic, Ph.D.
    The news that a group of mujahadeens headed for Osama bin Laden’s jihad were captured on the border between Pakistan and Afghanistan would be nothing new, had the Pakistani authorities not announced that one of them was an Albanian citizen. Clearly, Clinton’s cooperation with Balkan Islamists in the 1990s is only now turning like a boomerang against the US. While the official affront is that Bosnian Muslims and Albanians are American allies in the war on terror, the US forces are tied up in Bosnia monitoring and chasing the jihadists who have made Bosnia and Albanian inhabited areas in the...

    01/13/2005 5:59:05 AM PST · by uplandgame · 58 replies · 1,532+ views ^ | 01/12/2004 | Andy Wilcoxson
    Defense Witness, French Col. Patrick Barriot presented an Interpol document to the Hague Tribunal on Wednesday. According to the document, Mohammed Atta was present in central Bosnia-Herzegovina in 1994, 1995, and 1999. Atta was one of the suicide hijackers who crashed a civilian jetliner into the World Trade Center in the terrorist attacks of September 11, 2001. Both Milosevic and Col. Barriot, who serves on the anti-terrorism task force of the French government, said that this document offers proof of “deep-rooted Islamic terrorism in Bosnia.” The tribunal did its level best to block the evidence regarding terrorism. The judges questioned...
  • The battle al-Qaeda hasn’t lost yet (Book Review)

    01/10/2005 3:14:34 PM PST · by LjubivojeRadosavljevic · 27 replies · 776+ views
    Serbianna ^ | January 10, 2005 | M. Bozinovich
    Evan Kohlmann's book on Al-Qaeda in Bosnia will, in all likelihood, become an unspoken taboo by the journalists and the media because it renders many of them idiots, particularly the ones who have invested a vast effort in manufacturing a romantic image of Bosnian Muslims struggling for "national" independence and, perhaps intentionally, ignoring the Bosnian hospitality to the al-Qaeda seeking to establish a stronghold in Europe. With only one brief big media mention, Kohlmann's Al-Qaeda's Jihad In Europe: The Afghan-Bosnian Network is already showing signs, much like the Cees Wiebes' book on spies in Bosnia, that any research on al-Qaeda...
  • Remember Kosovo?

    12/28/2004 9:41:19 AM PST · by Destro · 89 replies · 2,039+ views ^ | December 28, 2004 | Cliff Kincaid
    Remember Kosovo? By Cliff Kincaid | December 28, 2004 Clinton's policy was not to bomb those terrorists but to support them and bomb the Christian Serbs. AIM put together a list of the most underreported or buried stories of 2004, and one of them was the resurgence of anti-Serb, anti-Christian violence in Kosovo. Dozens were killed and more Christian churches were destroyed there. Kosovo got some attention near the end of the year when newspapers covered the fact that a former leader of the Kosovo Liberation Army, the KLA, became prime minister in a new Kosovo-based government. A story in...

    12/13/2004 7:32:34 PM PST · by Darko · 8 replies · 2,684+ views
  • White al-Qaeda at the Gates of the West

    12/11/2004 2:57:31 AM PST · by Straight Vermonter · 140 replies · 3,383+ views ^ | 12/11/04 | Miroljub Jevtic, Ph.D
    Recent statement by the departing Homeland Security chief Tom Ridge that a profile of a terrorist must be described in a different way is an encouraging sign. Ridge said that al-Qaeda is actively recruiting terrorists among the white race: Bosnians, Chechens and among the Muslims integrated in the Western society, in particular, women. The new profile of a terrorist - the white al-Qaeda - removes another constraint in the battle against the islamic terrorism that has become a world struggle. The bad part of the Ridge's statement, however, is that it has come relatively late, and that it is partially...
  • Albanian Extremism Is Beyond Control in Kosovo

    07/12/2004 9:39:39 AM PDT · by dj_animal_2000 · 17 replies · 702+ views
    Serbianna ^ | July 12, 2004 | M. Bozinovich
    INTERVIEW Political Science professor at the Belgrade university, Dr. Miroljub Jevtic, says that the extremist Islamic indoctrination in Kosovo is the source of Albanian separatism and that the indoctrination has reached such levels that the Albanian Extremism Is Beyond Control in Kosovo17 years ago you wrote a scenario in which Islam causes wars in the Balkans and uses the acquired lands to make bases out of which to attack the West. What were the causing factors for such a conclusion? The conclusions were the outgrowth of my observations of the Islamic revolution in Iran in 1979. The names involved in...
  • We Bombed the Wrong Side in Kosovo

    05/29/2004 12:24:36 PM PDT · by Destro · 181 replies · 3,196+ views
    G2mil ^ | Summer 2004 | Carlton Meyer
    Editorial While the Bush Administration dances around their lies about Iraqi weapons of mass destruction used to justify the conquest of Iraq, let us recall the Clinton administration lied to justify their conquest of Kosovo in 1999. No mass graves were found, except in places where a few dozen Islamic terrorists, and civilians caught in the crossfire, were killed in firefights with Serbian police. There was no "ethnic cleansing" by the Serbian army, which includes thousands of Muslim soldiers. Reports that civilians were forced to vacate cities by evil Serbian police proved false; they fled because they were terrified...
  • Democrats pushing Albanian cause?

    05/26/2004 1:25:08 PM PDT · by dj_animal_2000 · 49 replies · 10,917+ views
    Serbian Unity Congress ^ | May 26, 2004 | Nebojsa Malic
    According to Belgrade daily Vecernje Novosti (Evening News), the most influential Albanian drganizer of the event was Richard Holbrooke, while many of his former cohorts from the Clinton days took part: Madeleine Albright, Wesley Clark and James Rubin, as well as local Congressman Eliott Engel, known supporter of Albanian causes. "The purpose of the meeting was to raise funds and secure Albanian-American votes for Democratic presidential candidate [John] Kerry," says the Novosti report, adding that in return, the Democrats promised Albanians the independence of Kosovo. The unnamed Novosti source in New York also claims that Kosovo Albanians sent a low-level...
  • The Albanian racism towards the neighbours is based on historical falsifications

    04/20/2004 12:34:15 AM PDT · by Nennsy · 1 replies · 1,265+ views
    Stanford University ^ | 02/25/2003 | Vitomir Dolinski
    Vitomir Dolinski: An interview with the persecuted albanian academic prof. Dr. Kaplan Resuli-Burovich The Albanian racism towards the neighbours is based on historical falsifications VD: - You are regarded as a unique, albanian Mandela, but also as a political prisoner-record holder on the Balkan. For the insufficiently informed, at the beginning, tell us briefly about this? Dr. Kaplan Resuli-Burovich: - In former Yugoslavia I was sentenced two years strict imprisonment, allegedly for propaganda against the socialism and the “brotherhood and unity”. After I served the punishment to the last day in the jail Idrizovo, wishing to escape to the Soviet...
  • Al Qaida 'Active in Kosovo' Claim Serbs

    02/01/2004 12:22:13 PM PST · by Destro · 33 replies · 174+ views ^ | Sun 1 Feb 2004 | PA
    Sun 1 Feb 2004 3:48pm (UK) Al Qaida 'Active in Kosovo' Claim Serbs "PA" The head of Serbia-Montenegro’s military intelligence claimed today that Osama bin Laden’s al Qaida and other terrorist groups are present in the Balkans and planning to increase their activity there. In an interview with the official Tanjug news agency, Colonel Momir Stojanovic also claimed that the ultimate aim of al Qaida and other extremist Islamic groups is to carve out an independent Muslim state in the Balkans. “We have information that al Qaida has strongholds in Kosovo, northern Albania ... and that they are active in...

    01/12/2004 9:07:00 AM PST · by Dan2001 · 166 replies · 1,453+ views
    Chronicles ^ | January 10, 2004 | Srdja Trifkovic
    For years we have been warning that flawed pro-Muslim Western policies would turn the Balkans from a “protectorate of the New World Order into an Islamic threat to Western interests” (Chronicles, December 2001). This has already happened, according to a spate of media reports and statements by Western governments and top diplomats over the past few weeks. “US to build Balkan anti-terrorism center in Bulgaria,” news agencies reported on January 6, to monitor and detect terrorist threats to the United States and Balkan countries. In addition to the CIA-staffed center, Bulgarian media reported that the FBI also plans to set...