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    02/04/2017 9:10:42 PM PST · by Rabin
    areva ^ | February 01, 2017 | Staff
    Washington, D.C., February 1, 2017 – ADP is designed to contain all decommission U.S. nuclear energy sites … to accelerate decommissioning of shutdown nuclear power facilities through a complete and permanent transfer of ownership of the asset, including used nuclear fuel, from utility owners to an entity who is an expert in decommissioning and used fuel management, Sam Shakir, CEO of AREVA Nuclear Materials. //Back-snip// Clinton Foundation donors sold one of the largest uranium mining companies in America to a Russian nuclear agency in a deal signed off by the State Department during Hillary Clinton’s tenure as secretary of...
  • President of Turkey, king of Jordan to speak at Ali funeral

    06/06/2016 8:06:20 AM PDT · by Olog-hai · 18 replies
    Associated Press ^ | Jun. 6, 2016 9:05 AM EDT
    The president of Turkey and king of Jordan joined the long line of world leaders, religious figures and superstars set to speak at Muhammad Ali's funeral Friday. Ali family spokesman Bob Gunnell announced funeral details at a news conference Monday. California imam and scholar Zaid Shakir will preside over the service at the KFC Yum! Center in Louisville. …
  • Saddam, the ATM of Al Qaeda

    11/12/2004 11:09:57 AM PST · by Peach · 50 replies · 4,315+ views
    Frontpage Magazine ^ | November 12, 2004 | Christopher S. Carson
    Saddam, the ATM of Al Qaeda By Christopher S. Carson | November 15, 2004 The Report of the 9/11 Commission has been digested, and the news media outlets have seized upon it as confirmation of their view that al Qaeda is a kind of purely stateless entity that never had "operational links" with rogue states like Iraq. Somehow, goes the thrust of the Report, Osama bin Laden was for years able to finance, train and supply an international terrorist corporation that had ongoing jihad operations in fifty countries - by himself, on no more than a $30 million personal...
  • US imam calls on Muslims in US to wage jihad

    04/22/2013 6:37:53 PM PDT · by 2ndDivisionVet · 66 replies
    The Daily Caller ^ | February 26, 2013 | Neil Munro, White House correspondent
    The controversial imam of a prominent mosque in Arlington, Va., has urged immigrant Muslims in the United States to wage war for Islam. “The enemies of Allah are lining up. The question for us is, are we lining [up] or are we afraid because they may call us terrorists?” Shaker Elsayed told a crowd of Ethiopian Muslims during a lecture at T.C. Williams High School in Alexandria, Va. “Let me give you the good news: they are already calling us terrorists anyway. Whether you sitting at home, watching TV, drinking coffee, sleeping or playing with your kids, you are a...
  • Spain links Syrian cabal to Sept. 11 plot--Prosecutors follow the money trail

    10/19/2003 4:03:02 PM PDT · by SJackson · 22 replies · 228+ views
    Chicago Tribune ^ | October 19, 2003 | John Crewdson, Drew Crosby
    By John Crewdson, Tribune senior correspondent. Reporting and research assistance was provided by Drew Crosby in Madrid MADRID -- The most sweeping criminal indictment to arise thus far from the Sept. 11 attacks reflects a quiet but dramatic change in understanding by investigators here and across Europe of the terrorist organization known as Al Qaeda, and the international Islamic radical-terrorist network of which, they now agree, it is merely a part. As laid out in the indictment, the defendants' alleged activities--from arranging travel and providing introductions to procuring false documents and, especially, moving money--provide the first detailed look at one...
  • Man charged in Aliquippa incident that left one dead

    08/29/2011 8:47:04 AM PDT · by marktwain · 15 replies ^ | 25 August, 2011 | Moriah Balingit
    A Wilkinsburg man faces charges of involuntary manslaughter and attempted homicide after police said he shot a man he was attempting to rob in Aliquippa, an encounter that ended with his suspected accomplice being fatally shot. Yasin El Aman Shakir, 19, will also be charged with four counts of aggravated assault, four counts of reckless endangerment and firearms violations in connection with the July 14 incident. He is currently being held in the Allegheny County Jail on unrelated charges. Detective Sgt. Steven Roberts of the Aliquippa police said witnesses relayed to police that Mr. Shakir, 19-year-old Jiwan Bailey of Penn...
  • Claremont McKenna’s Pro-Islamist Professor

    02/21/2011 7:06:12 AM PST · by SJackson · 4 replies
    National Review ^ | 2-21-11 | Charles C. Johnson
    Instead of censuring Bassam Frangieh for his support of terrorist organizations, the college administrators regard him as a major asset. Claremont McKenna College is a nationally recognized leader in training Defense Department officials and State Department personnel (including numerous ambassadors). Professor Bassam Frangieh is head of Claremont McKenna’s Arabic Department and Middle East Studies program, where he teaches tomorrow’s diplomats about the Middle East, plans study-abroad programs — and supports recognized terrorist groups, namely, Hezbollah and Hamas. In the wake of Hamas’s election victory in 2006, Frangieh told an interviewer that he looks to Hamas with “great joy” and supports...
  • ISNA Conference Again Features Conspiracy Theories

    07/06/2010 5:15:48 PM PDT · by Cindy · 10 replies
    SNIPPET: "For the second consecutive year, the Obama Administration honored the annual conference of the Islamic Society of North America (ISNA) with a prominent official to speak on behalf of the President. And, for the second consecutive year, that conference featured false and radical dogma about the Palestinian-Israeli conflict and purported Jewish "power" over America." Read more at:
  • America’s First Muslim College set to Open

    02/24/2010 3:32:34 PM PST · by Islaminaction · 41 replies · 856+ views
    Logans Warning ^ | February 24th, 2010 | Christopher Logan
    While most of us do not see the threat, or just do not want to admit the problems that Islam brings to non-Islamic countries, Islam continues to advance in America. In this latest stage of Islam on the move, this school is offering only two majors. Arabic language and Islamic law and theology. The last thing that this country needs are more pro-Sharia Muslims. Sharia needs to be officially banned, and then any Muslim that calls for it afterwards shall be arrested or deported if possible. Those that want Sharia do not belong here, and are to be looked upon...
  • US:Coming Soon Islamic College

    05/17/2009 6:02:01 PM PDT · by Islaminaction · 21 replies · 802+ views
    Islam in Action ^ | May 17Th, 2009 | Christopher Logan
    Recently I have posted articles ranging from showing that American Muslims are not assimilating and forming their own communities, to Muslims openly calling for jihad just blocks away from Ground Zero. As long as they go unopposed they are going to continue to move forward with their agenda of an Islamic USA. Now two prominent American Muslims are close to finalizing their plan to open an Islamic College right here in America. The school will be lead by two Islamic scholars, the first being Sheik Hamza Yusuf, who in the past had made this statement.
  • Progressive Media Mocks Nationwide Tea Parties

    04/15/2009 11:20:03 AM PDT · by truthnomatterwhat · 95 replies · 5,912+ views
    The Voice Magazine ^ | April 15, 2009 | Brian Burke
    While the nation is awakening to the big spenders in Washington with over 2000 Tea Party protests across the nation, liberal "progressive" media is mounting its own anti-tea party movement online and on cable news. Appearing of Fox, ThinkProgress' Faiz Shakir accused the network of promoting what they called the "anti-Obama tea parties.” Shakir said, "These tea parties are a sham. The reason they're a sham is because they're directed by lobbyists here in D.C. ... And on top of that, you've got this network, Fox News, which is advocacy -- pushing this, promoting this with all of its heart....
  • Stunning Liberal Hypocrisy on White House Press Access

    03/26/2009 11:47:07 AM PDT · by vadum · 4 replies · 531+ views
    American Spectator ^ | March 26, 2009 | Matthew Vadum
    Fair-minded conservatives were aghast in President George W. Bush's second term when the left-wing character assassination machine went into high gear to destroy Jeff Gannon. Gannon, also known as James Dale Guckert, asked questions that annoyed liberals because they were based on a right-wing political perspective. Liberals were outraged. How dare the White House allow a conservative in who didn't constantly bash President Bush. The nerve! Partisan, ideologically-driven people shouldn't be allowed into White House press briefings, they howled in unison. [...] Now comes the revelation that at least one partisan ideologically-driven leftist is being welcomed to White House media...
  • Imam sees Islam as "tool kit" for fixing Western woes

    10/23/2008 4:24:30 AM PDT · by BCW · 9 replies · 384+ views
    The Daily Pennsylvanian ^ | 22 OCT 2008 | Matt Burnard
    Imam sees Islam as "tool kit" for fixing Western woes By: Matt Burnard Posted: 10/22/08 "Yes, al Qaeda is an Islamic organization," affirmed Imam Zaid Shakir to a group in Logan Hall on Tuesday night, "in the sense that it is an organization associated with Muslims." But Shakir was anxious to divert the audience's attention to "the very real question of whether such an organization actually exists, or whether the U.S. has created 'a legal fiction' to justify rounding up those involved in 9/11." Speaking as part of Penn's Islam Awareness Week, Shakir, an American convert to Islam and scholar...
  • Osama's Best Friend: The further connections between al Qaeda and Saddam

    10/25/2003 10:00:38 AM PDT · by Pokey78 · 23 replies · 4,934+ views
    The Weekly Standard ^ | 11/03/03 | Stephen F. Hayes
    IN A LITTLE-NOTICED DECISION in a New York courtroom on September 25, 2003, a man described as Osama bin Laden's "best friend" got some good news. U.S. District Court Judge Deborah Batts ruled that Mahmdouh Mahmud Salim could not be sentenced to life in prison. Salim--who was present at the founding of al Qaeda in 1989 and who was for years one of bin Laden's most trusted confidants--had been captured in Germany in 1998 and extradited to the United States for prosecution related to his role in the grand conspiracy that resulted in the 1998 bombings at U.S. embassies in...
  • Stephen Hayes:See No Evil, Hear No Evil(What the 9/11 Commission narrative left out: Iraqis)

    08/28/2005 1:49:07 PM PDT · by RWR8189 · 68 replies · 4,487+ views
    The Weekly Standard ^ | September 5 / September 12, 2005 | Stephen F. Hayes
    AHMED HIKMAT SHAKIR IS A shadowy figure who provided logistical assistance to one, maybe two, of the 9/11 hijackers. Years before, he had received a phone call from the Jersey City, New Jersey, safehouse of the plotters who would soon, in February 1993, park a truck bomb in the basement of the World Trade Center. The safehouse was the apartment of Musab Yasin, brother of Abdul Rahman Yasin, who scorched his own leg while mixing the chemicals for the 1993 bomb.When Shakir was arrested shortly after the 9/11 attacks, his "pocket litter," in the parlance of the investigators, included contact...
  • Amnesty Int'l Aided 9/11 Plotter

    06/09/2005 10:53:38 PM PDT · by InvisibleChurch · 3 replies · 464+ views ^ | Thursday, June 9, 2005 10:33 p.m. EDT
    Thursday, June 9, 2005 10:33 p.m. EDT Amnesty Int'l Aided 9/11 Plotter The human rights group Amnesty International - which accuses America of running a "gulag" at Guantanamo Bay - apparently aided in the escape of a key al Qaeda member who's suspected of helping plan the 9/11 attacks. Just two months after the World Trade Center was destroyed, Amnesty issued one of its "URGENT ACTION" reports on behalf of Ahmed Hikmat Shakir, who was then being detained by Jordanian security forces in connection with a planning session for the 9/11 attacks. According to the Wall Street Journal, Amnesty complained...
  • Amnesty Int'l Aided 9/11 Plotter

    06/09/2005 7:44:39 PM PDT · by wagglebee · 57 replies · 1,491+ views
    NewsMax ^ | 6/9/05 | Carl Limbacher
    The human rights group Amnesty International - which accuses America of running a "gulag" at Guantanamo Bay - apparently aided in the escape of a key al Qaeda member who's suspected of helping plan the 9/11 attacks. Just two months after the World Trade Center was destroyed, Amnesty issued one of its "URGENT ACTION" reports on behalf of Ahmed Hikmat Shakir, who was then being detained by Jordanian security forces in connection with a planning session for the 9/11 attacks. According to the Wall Street Journal, Amnesty complained that Shakir was being held in "incommunicado detention and is at risk...
  • WSJ: Amnesty and al Qaeda - The instructive case of Ahmed Hikmat Shakir.

    06/07/2005 5:26:35 AM PDT · by OESY · 9 replies · 733+ views ^ | June 7, 2005 | Editorial
    It's good to see that Amnesty International has had to backtrack from its comparison of Guantanamo Bay to the Soviet "gulag." Less than two weeks after making that analogy, Amnesty's U.S. boss issued what amounted to a full retraction on "Fox News Sunday" this weekend. "Clearly, this is not an exact or a literal analogy," said William Schulz. "In size and in duration, there are not similarities between U.S. detention facilities and the gulag.... People are not being starved in those facilities. They're not being subjected to forced labor."... And what about Mr. Schulz's description of Donald Rumsfeld and others...
  • About That Memo . . .

    11/29/2003 11:53:40 PM PST · by RWR8189 · 8 replies · 667+ views
    The Weekly Standard ^ | December 8, 2003 | The Editors
    You can understand why the media might ignore the Saddam-Osama memo, but what about the Bush administration? ON THE SURFACE, it might seem like a simple case of media bias. In the November 24, 2003, WEEKLY STANDARD, Stephen F. Hayes summarized and quoted at length a recent, secret Pentagon memo to the Senate Intelligence Committee. The memo laid out--in 50 bullet points, over 16 pages--the relationship between Osama bin Laden's al Qaeda and Saddam Hussein's regime in Iraq. Much of the intelligence in the memo was detailed and appeared to be well-sourced and well-corroborated. The story generated lots of discussion...
  • Who Is Ahmed Hikmat Shakir?

    06/23/2004 11:43:23 AM PDT · by RWR8189 · 19 replies · 641+ views
    The Weekly Standard ^ | June 23, 2004 | Stephen F. Hayes
    According to Knight-Ridder, the mysterious Iraqi was "employed with the aid of an Iraqi intelligence officer" and later "accompanied two Sept. 11 hijackers from the airport to a hotel where the pair met with Ramzi Binalshibh, a key planner of the attacks, and Tawfiz al Atash, who masterminded al Qaida's strike on the USS Cole in October 2000." Interesting, no?THE WASHINGTON POST reported yesterday morning that an Iraqi present at a key al Qaeda summit may not be the same Iraqi listed on lists of officers of the Saddam Fedayeen captured in postwar Iraq. In Al Qaeda Link to Iraq...