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  • NBC, Sharpton, Jackson, Obama, Holder, Lee, et al, stoke racist flames

    04/03/2012 7:58:32 AM PDT · by forty_years · 6 replies ^ | 4/2/12 | netwmd Staff
    "This is what you deserve. You get what you deserve, white boy." This is what two Kansas City black teens told a younger white child. The black kids poured gasoline on the white kid and set him on fire a month ago (see here also). Did you even know this happened? Do you remember the 2007, big "Jena 6" lie in which six black teens beat up a white kid in Jena, Louisiana, and Al Sharpton hailed it as "the start of the 21st century civil rights movement." The white teen who was assaulted in 2006 had nothing to do...
  • Sharpton, Jackson, Media Silent About Hate Crime in S.C.

    04/02/2012 10:26:58 AM PDT · by Mikey_1962 · 25 replies
    New American ^ | 4-2-12 | Cort Kirkwood
    Six black men assaulted a white man outside a restaurant in Seneca, S.C. on March 17 after insulting him with a racial remark. Such was the severity of the beating and obvious racial motive that local police have referred the case to federal officials. However, contrary to their usual reaction in such matters, the national media have yet to jump on the case, and civil rights leaders have said nothing about it. The leftist media’s and “civil rights” groups' silence on the subject stands in sharp contrast to their handling of the tragic killing of Trayvon Martin on Feb. 26...
  • Mpls. Police Ponder 8 P.M. Curfew After Youth Mob Attacks

    04/02/2012 8:56:56 AM PDT · by ElenaM · 82 replies
    CBS Minneapolis ^ | 3/31/12 | CBS Minneapolis
    Watch the video. The story doesn't mention the characteristics of the mob members. Wonder why not? Mpls. Police Ponder 8 P.M. Curfew After Youth Mob AttacksThere have been six mob attacks, in all, since February. Now, police are now wondering if an 8 o’clock curfew keeping anyone 17 and under from two downtown streets will stop the violence. Nicollet Mall is a destination for many. Outdoor patios where drinks and food are served are a draw not only to people who live here, but also tourist. Since February, when the sun goes down, later in the evening, mobs of teens...
  • Miami Mass Shooting Sparks No Outcry From Obama, Lee, Sharpton, Black Panthers or Jackson

    04/01/2012 9:32:23 PM PDT · by envision33 · 34 replies
    The Divided States ^ | 04/01/2012 | Divided States
    NORTH MIAMI (CBSMiami) – Fourteen blacks have been shot and two are dead in what may be one of the worst mass shootings in South Florida history and no one can seem to find Obama, Sharpton or Spike Lee to organize a rally, march on police stations, place bounties on the heads of the shooters or stage phony press conferences. This time it is fourteen innocent blacks shot, one a 5 year old girl! Two have died. Where’s the outrage?
  • Homeowners could pay in Trayvon Martin killing

    04/01/2012 8:39:19 PM PDT · by DallasBiff · 80 replies
    LA Times ^ | 4/2/12 | Mary Shanklin
    SANFORD, Fla. — The people who could end up paying the financial price for the shooting death of Trayvon Martin are, ultimately, the homeowners of the Retreat at Twin Lakes development, say specialists who deal with homeowners associations. If George Zimmerman, their crime watch program captain, is charged with and convicted of killing Martin, the community's association and property management company probably will be sued by the victim's family over the way the program was established and operated, said Donna Berger, a lawyer who specializes in homeowners association law. "They may wind up getting sued and getting hit with hundreds...
  • MSNBC's as yet unrealized problem: They will be unable to fire Al Sharpton.

    04/01/2012 6:55:33 PM PDT · by ken5050 · 30 replies
    one man's opinion...
    As baseball hall-of-fame member Satchel Paige once famously noted, "...the light at the end of the tunnel may be a train coming straight at you in the opposite direction..." The suits running MSNBC, and the bigger suits they report to at NBC and Comcast, have absolutely no idea how the insipid decision to hire Al Sharpton, and give him his own platform nightly at 6PM, will soon come back to bite them all on their collective asses, big time.
  • Suspects in Seneca attack charged with lynching; hate crime charge possible (SC)

    04/01/2012 4:28:07 PM PDT · by PapaBear3625 · 117 replies ^ | March 29, 2012 | Kyle Rogers
    On March 17th, three white men were leaving an Applebees restaurant after midnight in Seneca, South Carolina. One of the men, Terry Moore, 32, of Macon County, NC, went to the bathroom while his two friends went straight to their car. When Moore walked to the car alone, he encountered between 15 and 20 black men. The men allegedly yelled racial slurs at him like "tree honkey" and "cracker," then brutally attacked him. Moore's friends say that he was zapped with a tazer and then stomped on after he fell to the crowd. The victim suffered several serious head injuries...
  • 7 California (African-American) boys arrested in (hate crime) attack on (hispanic) teen

    04/01/2012 10:54:08 AM PDT · by dps.inspect · 74 replies
    <p>PALMDALE, Calif. (AP) - Seven black teens have been arrested on suspicion that they committed a hate crime when they attacked a 15-year-old Hispanic boy while he was walking home from school in Southern California, according to the Los Angeles County Sheriff's Office.</p>
  • VIDEO: "Higher definition video appears to show wound on back of Zimmerman's head."

    03/31/2012 4:39:30 PM PDT · by Do Not Make Fun Of His Ears · 19 replies ^ | 3/31/12 | Breitbart
    Police surveillance video shows wound on back of Zimmerman's head. VIDEO HERE
  • Who dies next because of Al Sharpton?

    03/31/2012 10:02:22 AM PDT · by Starman417 · 38 replies
    Flopping Aces ^ | 03-31-12 | DrJohn
    Al Sharpton once said of Rush Limbaugh: “He doesn’t have the right to lie and accuse people of crimes” But apparently Sharpton does have that right. The professional race baiting hate monger Sharpton is once again running his mouth at full throttle. He has promised civil disobedience if he doesn't get what he wants and what he really wants is to lynch George Zimmerman. If George Zimmerman is not arrested in the shooting death of Trayvon Martin soon, theRev. Al Sharpton will call for an escalation in peaceful civil disobedience and economic sanctions. Sharpton would not say the efforts would...
  • Black & Right on Trayvon Martin

    03/31/2012 7:16:31 AM PDT · by Do Not Make Fun Of His Ears · 9 replies Media Research Center ^ | 3/29/12 | Sun News
  • Why Manipulate the Tragedy of Trayvon Martin?

    03/30/2012 11:10:18 PM PDT · by neverdem · 165 replies
    National Review Online ^ | March 25, 2012 | Heather Mac Donald
    The fatal shooting of 17-year-old Trayvon Martin last month by a neighborhood-watch volunteer was a sickening and — unless new facts come to light — unjustified loss of an innocent life. Unless Martin’s killer, George Zimmerman, had reason to believe that Martin was armed, shooting him was a grossly disproportionate response to a fistfight, even leaving aside the fact that Zimmerman had initiated the encounter. If such a shooting is justified under Florida’s broad self-defense law, that law has licensed violence that goes far beyond legitimate self-defense. Every American shares the despair of Martin’s family over this heartbreaking tragedy...
  • Al Sharpton: Civil disobedience will escalate if Zimmerman remains free

    03/30/2012 9:10:27 AM PDT · by ruralvoter · 146 replies
    Orlando Sentinel ^ | 3/30/12 | Arelis R. Hernández,
    If George Zimmerman is not arrested in the shooting death of Trayvon Martin soon, the Rev. Al Sharpton will call for an escalation in peaceful civil disobedience and economic sanctions. Sharpton would not say the efforts would be taken against the city of Sanford specifically, but he has been critical of the police department's handling of the case. (SNIP) "I will speak about how the National Action Network will move to the next level if Zimmerman isn't arrested," Sharpton said, who founded the organization. He added that it was the Martin family and lawyers who first asked him to get...
  • Al Sharpton: Civil disobedience will escalate if Zimmerman remains free

    03/30/2012 2:58:32 PM PDT · by Candor7 · 72 replies
    Orlando Sentinel ^ | 2:22 p.m. EST, March 30, 2012 | Arelis R. Hernández
    If George Zimmerman is not arrested in the shooting death of Trayvon Martin soon, the Rev. Al Sharpton will call for an escalation in peaceful civil disobedience and economic sanctions. Sharpton would not say the efforts would be taken against the city of Sanford specifically, but he has been critical of the police department's handling of the case. Saturday's scheduled 11 a.m. march from Crooms Academy of Information Technology to the Sanford Police Department headquarters was organized by National Association for the Advancement of Colored People. Coordinators said people will be bused in from other states to participate. Excerpted.

    03/30/2012 6:06:23 AM PDT · by Do Not Make Fun Of His Ears · 7 replies ^ | 3/29/12 | Joel B. Pollack
    An analysis of media reports on the Trayvon Martin shooting reveals how a local crime story became a national racial outrage. The incident happened on Feb. 26, 2012, and was primarily reported in local outlets. The first major national news report was on CBS This Morning on March 8, and did not mention race. The story did not take on a racial dimension until later that day, when the AP mistakenly identified the shooter as white (George Zimmerman is of mixed Hispanic descent). The racial claims were then repeated and amplified by other media outlets, including Gawker, which claimed the...
  • Sharpton: Zimmerman "not under life extenuating circumstances from IT and Skillets"

    03/29/2012 6:55:00 PM PDT · by dead · 73 replies
    YouTube ^ | Al Sharpton
    IT and Skillets Priceless.
  • When will Barack Obama call Melissa Coon? [her white son was set on fire by blacks] [media bias]

    03/27/2012 11:04:35 PM PDT · by grundle · 25 replies ^ | March 26th, 2012 | Andrew Zarowny
    We all know how much Barack Obama likes calling people up to apologize or feign empathy with them after some tragedy. He called Sandra Fluke after the big, bad Rush Limbaugh called her mean names on his nationally syndicated radio show. Obama then called the family of Trayvon Martin this past week, several weeks after the young 17-year old African-American youth was shot and killed by a Hispanic man, George Zimmerman in Sanford, Florida. Of course, Zimmerman claims he was being attacked and an eyewitness apparently is verifying that story. Oddly enough, about the same time of the Trayvon Martin...
  • Witness: Slain U.K. tourists begged for their life

    03/27/2012 10:05:19 AM PDT · by BlueSky194 · 13 replies
    AP ^ | 3/27/2012 | Tamara Lush
    Witness: Slain U.K. tourists begged for their life. Jackson and Sharpton are silent on black racism.
  • Geraldo's Point (Thomas Sowell)

    03/26/2012 11:32:42 AM PDT · by jazusamo · 104 replies · 62+ views
    Creators Syndicate ^ | March 27, 2012 | Thomas Sowell
    It is not often that I agree with Geraldo Rivera, but recently he said something very practical and potentially life-saving, when he urged black and Hispanic parents not to let their children go around wearing hoodies. There is no point in dressing like a hoodlum when you are not a hoodlum, even though that has become a fashion for some minority youths, including the teenager who was shot and killed in a confrontation in Florida. I don't know the whole story of that tragedy, any more than those who are making loud noises in the media do, but that...
  • Former NAACP leader accuses Sharpton and Jackson of ‘exploiting’ Trayvon Martin

    03/26/2012 1:09:33 PM PDT · by SoFloFreeper · 25 replies · 36+ views
    Daily Caller ^ | 3/26/2012 | Alex Pappas
    Former NAACP leader C.L. Bryant is accusing Jesse Jackson and Al Sharpton of “exploiting” the Trayvon Martin tragedy to “racially divide this country.” “His family should be outraged at the fact that they’re using this child as the bait to inflame racial passions,” Rev. C.L. Bryant said in a Monday interview with The Daily Caller. The conservative black pastor who was once the chapter president of the Garland, Texas NAACP called Jackson and Sharpton “race hustlers” and said they are “acting as though they are buzzards circling the carcass of this young boy.”
  • Howard Kurtz Wonders 'How on Earth' MSNBC Lets Al Sharpton Be Both Activist and Anchor...

    03/26/2012 9:35:03 AM PDT · by maggief · 24 replies · 3+ views
    NewsBusters ^ | March 26, 2012 | Matt Hadro
    CNN's Howard Kurtz was astonished that MSNBC has allowed Al Sharpton to be both an activist and a news anchor in covering the Trayvon Martin shooting. Near the beginning of his 11 a.m. Sunday show Reliable Sources, Kurtz maintained that Sharpton should have had to choose between activism and journalism in that case. Kurtz asked "how on earth can Al Sharpton go there, and be an activist and stand with the parents and he asked people to contribute money and he went to the Justice Department with the parents of Trayvon Martin....And then he does his show and then he...
  • Where was the Reverend Al when police killed Hispanic Iraq war vet Jose Guerena?

    03/24/2012 1:20:13 AM PDT · by jay0718 · 9 replies
    Generation Snooki ^ | March 24, 2012 | Jay Stephenson
    Where was the Reverend Al when police killed Hispanic Iraq war vet Jose Guerena? Jay Stephenson March 24 2012 On May 5 last year, former Marine and Iraq war veteran Jose Guerena was just minding his business before police raided his Arizona home and opened fire, releasing more than 70 rounds in 7 seconds while his wife Vanessa and 4-year old son listened from a nearby closet. Armed with SWAT gear and an armored carrier, police no knock raided the Guerena home searching for illegal drugs that were never found. He was suspected of taking part in a marijuana...
  • Call the victim of a violent crime a whore and MSNBC gives you your own show

    03/16/2012 2:30:21 PM PDT · by Starman417 · 3 replies
    Flopping Aces ^ | 03-16-12 | DrJohn
    Speaking of apologies.... From Larry Elder "Meet the Press" host David Gregory asked his panel "where civility has gone in our public discourse." Incredibly, one panelist urged people to be more "mature" and not "poison the atmosphere." I say "incredibly" because this panelist was none other than the race-hustling, anti-Semitic "civil rights activist" and MSNBC talk show host, Al Sharpton. For some reason, Sharpton's own struggles with civility never came up. Nor did any panelist behave so rudely as to bring up Sharpton's role in one of the most hideous, disgusting and cynical uses of the race card this side...

    03/13/2012 5:47:45 PM PDT · by jackv · 8 replies ^ | 3-13-12 | Jackv
    If offensive slurs are a problem for the left, why does Al Sharpton have a primetime slot on MSNBC?
  • Slut-Gate Hypocrisy: Explosive Audio of NBC's Al Sharpton Trashing 'Homos,' 'Chinamen,'

    03/13/2012 5:35:51 PM PDT · by Nachum · 10 replies · 1+ views
    breitbart ^ | 3/13/12 | John Nolte
    If offensive slurs are a problem for the left, why does Al Sharpton have a primetime slot on MSNBC? The left has started a war against Rush Limbaugh -- a war it cannot win. Limbaugh said something for which he later apologized, and rather than accept that apology, the left and its media allies decided to exploit the situation, turning it into a crusade to take an opposing voice off the air. Even the White House has jumped on this neo-fascist bandwagon. Not the Obama campaign. The White House. The People's House. This is, pure and simple, a crusade to...
  • Al Sharpton: Jan Brewer Incident Is More Race-Related Disrespect For President Obama

    01/28/2012 8:12:49 PM PST · by SeekAndFind · 53 replies · 1+ views
    Mediate ^ | 01/28/2012 | Tommy Christopher
    On Thursday night’s Politics Nation, host Al Sharpton called out Arizona Gov. Jan Brewer‘s disrespectful conduct toward President Obama during their tarmac tussle, connecting it to a pattern of such contemptuous behavior by Republican leaders. Sirius XM radio host Joe Madison gave it a name, saying that there are people “who cannot stand the fact that this is an african-american who is now one of the most powerful individuals on the planet.”RELATED: Drama Clubbed: Jan Brewer Says ‘I Felt A Little Bit Threatened’ By President ObamaRev. Al opened the segment by calling Gov. Brewer’s finger-pointing “unacceptable” and “disrespectful,” noting “but...
  • Jan Brewer tarmac tiff touches nerve in black community, some commentators say [for dissing Zero]

    01/28/2012 9:58:19 AM PST · by Zakeet · 104 replies
    Politico ^ | January 28, 2012 | Donovan Slack
    Reaction to the Jan Brewer encounter is still bubbling, with some black commentators now suggesting the image of the Arizona governor wagging her finger at the President of the United States has touched a nerve in the African American community. On MSNBC Thursday, Al Sharpton posited that Brewer's treatment of President Obama was another example of disrespect in a list of many for the nation's first black president. His guest, Sirius XM host Joe Madison, said such incidents show that there are people "who cannot stand the fact that this is an African-American who is now one of the most...
  • Racist is the Word by Ron and Kay Rivoli, The Rivoli Revue (Video)

    01/24/2012 4:07:58 PM PST · by Syncro · 9 replies
    Rivoli Revue YouTube ^ | Jan 22, 2012 | Ron and Kay Rivoli
    Tired of all the rhetoric? We are too. If you disagree, this administration may just call you a racist. Here's a fun song with a twist of satire to brighten your day and encourage you to keep making your voice heard!Click Here for the song!
  • Gingrich confronted on race, agrees to meet with Sharpton

    01/21/2012 9:56:52 AM PST · by CitizenReporter · 90 replies
    The Hill ^ | 1/21/2012 | Cameron Joseph
    GREENVILLE, S.C. — Newt Gingrich was confronted by a black man outside Tommy's Country Ham House, who questioned him on his comments on having poor children work as janitors. The man said what Gingrich was asking for amounted to a "new form of slavery" and would force young African Americans to drop out of school.
  • New Phrase Courtesy of Al Sharpton: White Wing Extremism

    01/05/2012 7:20:16 AM PST · by Halfmanhalfamazing · 24 replies
    Townhall ^ | January 5th | Katie Pavlich
    We all know Al Sharpton has a history of not reading the teleprompter correctly on his MSNBC tv show. The latest flub? Saying the Republican party has rushed to "white" wing extremism. (VIDEO) Can you imagine what would happen if Sean Hannity "accidentally" said black wing extremism?
  • REV. AL SHARPTON: Black Wealth Is Disappearing Along With Jobs

    12/02/2011 6:48:42 AM PST · by SeekAndFind · 28 replies
    Business Insider ^ | 12/02/2011 | Mandi Woodruff
    Rev. Al Sharpton certainly isn't one of the more demure civil rights activists in the country, but the man does know how to prove a point. In an uncharacteristically low-key editorial for The Huffington Post, the one-time Presidential nominee blasts through news reports of rising levels of consumer optimism, calling attention to sectors of the middle class that continue to struggle – namely, African Americans working government-funded industries. "From losing their bargaining rights to bearing the brunt of city and state budget cuts, public service employees are watching their entire life savings disappear," Sharpton writes. "And because about 1 in...
  • Should Al Sharpton Be Fired From MSNBC for Making Racist Comments?

    11/25/2011 3:35:49 PM PST · by Nachum · 49 replies · 2+ views
    The Blaze ^ | 11/25/11 | Mike Opelka
    Does history matter? Should past actions/statements be used against someone? If the answer to those questions is YES, then we must also ask: Should MSNBC fire Al Sharpton for making (well documented) racially insulting and insensitive comments in public? Consider just these three clips. (Earlier this week, SiriusXM satellite radio hosts Opie & Anthony played these three pieces of Sharpton audio.) Clip #1 is from a 1994 Sharpton speech at Kean College:
  • Gingrich has embraced Al Sharpton

    11/23/2011 4:40:11 PM PST · by rabscuttle385 · 25 replies
    The Washington Post ^ | 2011-11-23 | Jennifer Rubin
    (snip) In 2009, Newt Gingrich and Al Sharpton went on a nationwide tour together, from the White House to multiple cities, to promote education reforms also being pushed by Education Secretary Arne Duncan and New York City Mayor Michael Bloomberg. In one video from the tour, Gingrich said, “I really appreciate the leadership Rev. Sharpton is showing all across America.” Just last month, Gingrich called into Sharpton’s TV show to wish him a happy birthday and shower him with praise. “I had such a great time going around America with you” to push education reform, Gingrich told Sharpton. “I will...
  • Shrum's Paula Jones Memory Loss: If Cain Didn't Do Anything, 'Why In The World Did They Pay?'

    10/31/2011 5:53:47 PM PDT · by governsleastgovernsbest · 15 replies
    NewsBusters ^ | Mark Finkelstein
    Be kind to Bob Shrum. Perhaps the 68-year old is suffering from the not-so-early-onset of some dread memory-loss syndrome. How else to explain his suggestion on Al Sharpton's MSNBC show this evening that the National Restaurant Association's settlement for a relatively modest sum, in today's litigious world, proves that Herman Cain must have done something wrong? Does the failed presidential campaign consultant's support of Bill Clinton, despite his much larger, $850,000 settlement with Paula Jones while "adamantly denying" her claims, fire any synapses in Shrum's cerebrum? View the video here.
  • Sharpton Slams Cain for Preferring Charities Over Government Handouts!

    10/24/2011 8:19:09 PM PDT · by justsaynomore · 30 replies · 3+ views
    Return to Common Sense ^ | 10/14/11 | Patriot4Ever
    Story at link -- I tried to copy and paste the article but for some reason I can't.
  • Al Shaprton & Unions' Rally For Obama's "Jobs" Bill Masquerades As MLK Memorial (PHOTOS & VIDEO)

    10/15/2011 3:04:24 PM PDT · by stratman1969 · 8 replies
    Marooned in Marin Webblog ^ | October 15, 2011 | Marooned in Marin
    I went down to the Washington Monument this morning to check out the big Al Sharpton / big labor unions "Resist We Much" rally, which was essentially a Support Obama's Jobs Tax Increases Bill masquerading as a march and rally in honor of the Martin Luther King Jr. memorial being dedicated on the Washington Mall tomorrow. Seriously, did you think this rally was about jobs? There's nothing like being a labor union employee and being bussed to Washington DC... Getting shepherded off the bus toward the rally.... Given a union-made sign..... Your free t-shirt..... A boxed lunch...... You even got...
  • Sharpton broadcasts from NY hub of Occupy Wall Street protests

    10/10/2011 12:44:53 PM PDT · by 2ndDivisionVet · 13 replies
    CNN ^ | October 10, 2011 | Staff
    The Rev. Al Sharpton brought his nationally syndicated radio show to the New York hub of the Occupy Wall Street movement on Monday, lending his support to a cause that he says speaks for "99% of the people." "We are here today because we agree 1% should not be controlling the (nation's) wealth," Sharpton said on his program from Zuccotti Park in Lower Manhattan. "These (demonstrators) are regular people trying to feed their families, trying to pay their rent and mortgages, trying to survive." "Keepin' It Real," hosted by the outspoken civil rights activist, is the latest media outlet to...
  • Cain: Racism Is Not Holding Anyone Back

    10/09/2011 1:00:43 PM PDT · by justsaynomore · 64 replies
    CNN State of the Union ^ | 10/9/11 | CNN
    Presidential candidate Herman Cain said Sunday that he didn’t believe racism was a major factor holding minorities back in America, asserting instead that African Americans had a level playing field on which to advance economically. “I don't believe racism in this country today holds anybody back in a big way,” Cain said on CNN’s “State of the Union.” “Are there some elements of racism? Yes. It gets back to if we don't grow this economy, that is a ripple effect for every economic level, and because blacks are more disproportionately unemployed, they get hit the worst when economic policies don't...
  • Sharpton Falsely Labels Herman Cain A Birther

    10/08/2011 9:27:09 AM PDT · by Hoodat · 32 replies
    Breitbart TV ^ | October 7, 2011 | Breitbart staff
    On Friday's "Last Word with Lawrence O'Donnell" NBC News's Al Sharpton charged that Herman Cain "questioned the president's birth certificate" and "questioned the man's birth." Watch what Herman Cain really said.
  • Al Sharpton Begins One Third of His MSNBC Programs Saying 'Hey, Republicans'

    10/05/2011 8:13:23 PM PDT · by Nachum · 12 replies
    Newsbusters ^ | 10/5/11 | Noel Sheppard
    Six weeks into his new job as an MSNBC host, Al Sharpton has made it crystal clear he despises members of the GOP. So far he has begun one third of his shows hatefully saying, "Hey, Republicans" (video follows with transcript and commentary): October 5: "Hey, Republicans, the people want fairness. Can't you hear them?" October 3: "Hey, Republicans, looks like you've been stood up." September 30: "Hey, Republicans, you sure you want to go after this president's leadership?" September 29: "Hey, Republicans, the people are speaking. Isn't it about time you started
  • We Are Anarchists and Revolutionaries,"This Is the Beginning of a Revolution in This Country"

    10/04/2011 6:59:26 AM PDT · by Halfmanhalfamazing · 91 replies · 1+ views
    The Blaze ^ | October 3rd | Naked Emperor News
    (VIDEO) "This Is Revolution Not Reform" - Occupy Wall Street Organizer to 'Excited' Al Sharpton: We Are Anarchists and Revolutionaries,"This Is the Beginning of a Revolution in This Country"
  • Rev. Sharpton Responds to Rick Perry ‘Niggerhead’ Story[Calls on Perry to withdrawl from race]

    10/02/2011 1:19:35 PM PDT · by Cincinatus' Wife · 380 replies
    Eurweb ^ | October 2, 2011 | Al Sharpton
    “The Washington Post story revealing that Texas Governor Rick Perry hunted and hosted lawmakers at a hunting camp called Niggerhead is alarming and displays a new height in racial insensitivity in national politics. Mr. Perry should immediately fully explain how he could have gone to a ranch and hunted that is named after such an obvious racist term or he should withdrawl from the race. He is either blindly insensitive or hopelessly unaware of where he spends his time. Either way it makes one wonder if he is ready for prime time and certainly whether he is ready for the...
  • MSNBC POLITICS NATION 8/29/2011('GOP’s States Rights=segregation and slavery=removing rights')

    08/31/2011 8:59:26 AM PDT · by sickoflibs · 11 replies
    lexisnexis MSNBC Transcript ^ | 8/29/2011 | SHARPTON and guests
    REV. AL SHARPTON, HOST: The real showdown in American politics. Do you believe in a national American government? Tonight, Rick Perry`s defense of states` rights, why it`s working and why progressives have to challenge it. clip Tonight`s lead, the real showdown in American politics. It`s easy to get lost in the day-to-day fights in Washington, but the truth is, there`s a showdown coming in this country, a showdown over the role of government. Should the federal government have the main role in America, or should states have sovereignty? It`s a debate that goes back to the founding of our nation,...
  • Rev. Al Sharpton officially tapped as MSNBC host

    08/23/2011 6:34:13 PM PDT · by Free ThinkerNY · 41 replies
    Associated Press ^ | August 23, 2011
    NEW YORK — After several weeks in a tryout role, the Rev. Al Sharpton has officially been named host of a weeknight hour on MSNBC. The program, now called “PoliticsNation,” will air at 6 p.m. Eastern and premieres next Monday, the network announced today.
  • What Crown Heights Taught Me: Al Sharpton Reflects on Race, Rhetoric and Rage That Split the City

    08/21/2011 9:48:43 AM PDT · by Nachum · 14 replies
    Baltimore Jewish Life ^ | 8/20/11 | Al Sharpton
    Twenty years after the Crown Heights riots, the city has grown, and I believe I have grown. I'd like to share a few of my reflections about the choices I made, including the mistakes, with an eye toward advancing racial understanding and harmony. On the day of Aug. 20, 1991, I received a call from Carmel Cato -- who told me that he would like my assistance in dealing with the fact that his 7-year-old son had been killed in a car accident the night before in Crown Heights. His son's death had sparked violence throughout that night, with people...
  • Yankel Rosenbaum’s brother: Sharpton shouldn’t be on shul’s Crown Hts. panel

    08/18/2011 10:53:44 AM PDT · by Nachum
    JTA ^ | staff
    (JTA) -- The brother of Yankel Rosenbaum, the visiting Jewish scholar murdered in the 1991 Crown Heights riots, is decrying the participation of the Rev. Al Sharpton in a synagogue's panel discussion on the event's 20th anniversary. Sharpton is scheduled to appear on a four-person panel titled "State of Black-Jewish Relations: Twenty Years after Crown Heights" Sunday event at the Hampton Synagogue in Westhampton Beach, N.Y. The synagogue's rabbi, Marc Schneier, is hosting the event and will be on the panel. “Rabbi Marc Schneier should take a damn good, hard look at the videos of the riots over the three-day...
  • Rev. Al Sharpton may skip riot panel after Jewish groups protest

    08/18/2011 9:03:22 AM PDT · by Nachum · 31 replies
    New York Daily News ^ | 8/18/11 | BY Simone Weichselbaum DAILY NEWS STAFF WRITER
    The Rev. Al Sharpton may skip a panel discussion in the Hamptons on the 1991 Crown Heights riots after Jewish leaders blasted the organizer for inviting him. "I may or may not go. I refuse to play into their extremism," Sharpton said last night. "If it is not an event that will heal, it is not an event that I will partake in." Controversial rabbi-to-the stars Marc Schneier planned the Sunday confab to coincide with the 20th anniversary of the violence in Brooklyn between blacks and Hasidic Jews. Schneier defended his decision to invite Sharpton, saying the event will focus...
  • House Democrat: “We wouldn`t cut entitlements or the rate of increase for Obama”

    08/16/2011 6:17:58 AM PDT · by sickoflibs · 29 replies
    lexisnexis transcript of MSNBC LIVE ^ | August 12, 2011 | REP. JERROLD NADLER
    REP. JERROLD NADLER (D), NEW YORK: First of all, you have to fight them, second of all, you have to educate the American people. And you have to define that there are two separate problems we are dealing with. And we`re putting the less immediate problems front and center with not dealing with the real immediate problem. SHARPTON: What is the less immediate problem? NADLER: The less immediate problem is the deficit. We can deal with that a couple years from now. Right now, we must do exactly what Secretary Reich are saying, we`ve got to deal with the jobs...
  • Say What? Silly Things Liberals Say...August 16th, 2011 edition

    08/16/2011 5:46:48 PM PDT · by Starman417 · 1 replies
    Flopping Aces ^ | 08-16-11 | Gary Kukis
    Liberals:Rep. Debbie Wasserman Schultz (Fla.), the chairwoman of the Democratic National Committee: "All of the Republican candidates have made clear their allegiance to the Tea Party, supporting extreme policies that would hurt the middle class, seniors, and students. The only winner tonight was the Tea Party." One thing which you should learn about the left; whatever they accuse conservatives of doing, that is their modus operandi. Wasserman Schultz: "Michele Bachmann and Ron Paul represent the extreme right wing, which is the core of the Republican Party today." Again, almost every attack that they make is a description of themselves....
  • Will Comcast Reveal Ties to MSNBC Anchorman-in-Waiting Al Sharpton?

    08/16/2011 9:21:23 AM PDT · by jazusamo · 10 replies
    National Legal & Policy Center ^ | August 16, 2011 | Carl Horowitz
    "Al Sharpton, anchorman" - the phrase has an undeniably odd ring. Yet on MSNBC it's already a part-time reality. And his close relationship to MSNBC's parent, Comcast Corp., may enable him to become full-time permanent host of the cable network's 6 P.M. news slot. If Sharpton gets promoted - the announcement could come any day - it would be the ultimate coup in his ongoing campaign to obtain respectability to cover a long history of racial incitement. It also might be a conflict of interest. Comcast, the nation's largest cable owner-operator, this January completed a $30 billion purchase of...