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  • SHOT Show: New concealed carry products for women

    02/04/2016 12:54:55 PM PST · by Torcert · 12 replies
    Fox News ^ | January 26, 2016 | Allison Barrie
    Bras, garters, corsets, lingerie, handbags last week’s SHOT show was not just the site of new gun announcements. Companies took the opportunity to showcase a number of concealed carry options designed specifically for women. Personal and home protection is a foremost reason women own firearms, according to research conducted by the National Shooting Sports Foundation. The NSSF survey of women who owned at least one firearm found that more than 42 percent have a concealed carry permit. Many women need a way to carry firearms that is designed for the female body – not one designed for men and simply...
  • The Guardian equates Suicide to Self Defense in SHOT Show Coverage

    01/27/2016 8:02:08 AM PST · by marktwain · 4 replies
    Gun Watch ^ | 26 January, 2016 | Dean Weingarten
    The left loves to use false comparisons of unrelated numbers to make bad arguments. In a recent article about the Shooting, Hunting and Outdoor Trade (SHOT) Show in the Guardian, a far-left British newspaper, the reporters start with an off the cuff remark from an economics professor. From the “People are buying guns as part of the American dream of freedom and liberty,” said Brauer, who is based at the Hull College of Business at Augusta University. “And also, the hope and the dream of being able to use guns in self-defence.” The Guardian then adds this: People...
  • NV: Brady Filters in Urinals at Shot Show (2016)

    01/23/2016 6:31:22 AM PST · by marktwain · 7 replies
    Gun Watch ^ | 22 January, 2016 | Dean Weingarten
    There is no a conspiracy to put Brady urinal filters in the urinals at gun culture events. Just because they were at the Gun Rights Policy Conference held at the Sheraton Crescent Center in Glendale, Arizona in September, 2015, and at the Shot Show in Las Vegas in January, 2016, does not mean it is a conspiracy. The urinal screens at both events were all Bradys! No, not the disarmist Brady Campaign to Prevent Gun Violence, but the legitimate Brady company that produces urinal bathroom products! I am certain that some waggish member of the hotel staff did not...
  • Knives, Guns, and the Hustler Club at the Shot Show 2016

    01/21/2016 7:44:17 AM PST · by marktwain · 15 replies
    Ammoland ^ | 21 January, 2015 | Dean Weingarten
    One of my contacts in Las Vegas is Garrett Cameron of They are doing a good business of custom stencils and Duracoat finishes of just about any pattern that you can imagine on a firearm. Garrett was with a few friends and associates from the Shot Show. They decided to give the Hustler Cub a try. I do not think they knew it is owned by a noted disarmist and Hillary Clinton Supporter, Larry Flynt.When they got to the door, they were met by a security guy with a metal detecting wand. He was very polite, but asked...
  • SilencerCo Integrally Suppressed 9mm Prototype 3D Printed

    01/20/2016 10:42:32 AM PST · by marktwain · 4 replies
    Gun Watch ^ | 19 January, 2016 | Dean Weingarten
    SilencerCo Integrally Suppressed Prototype 9mm One of the first items that was attracting a significant amount of attention at the Shot Show Industry Day at the Range was this SilencerCo integrally suppressed 9mm. They had brought out a similar prototype in September of 2015, but this was a new, improved, version. It is not ready for sale, but I was told that they hope to have them on the market some time in 2016. Of course, you will need a tax stamp from the ATF if you are not issued one in the military or as a peace officer...
  • Ready for Shot Show Industry Day at the Range

    01/18/2016 5:19:26 AM PST · by marktwain · 3 replies
    Gun Watch ^ | 18 January, 2015 | Dean Weingarten
    I drove up from Yuma to Las Vegas today, to go to the Industry day at the Range tomorrow. It is nice to be one of the media invited to this event, which most of the industry from around the world uses to highlight and show off the latest in technological improvements and new products. If I want to take my laptop, they will have media tents to do stories from, complete with wi-fi to blog directly to the net. Pretty cool stuff. Always nice to run into professional colleagues as well. I am looking forward to seeing Alan...
  • Richard Davis, Inventor of Soft Body Armor, at the Shot Show

    01/27/2015 5:32:50 AM PST · by marktwain · 11 replies
    Gun Watch ^ | 25 January, 2015 | Dean Weingarten
    Richard Davis, in short sleeves, at the Shot Show, Las Vegas, 2015 At the Shot Show this year, I was working away in the media room. Media are given a room and special access at the Shot Show, as they are most places. A guard at the door insures that only the privileged are allowed inside. (The management also provides free food.) I was chatting with Destinee of FateofDestinee fame when I got the call. Richard Davis was at the shot Show and willing to talk! Richard Davis is legendary to gun culture people born before 1960. He has...
  • New Glock w/optical site base Popular at Shot Show Industry Day at the Range

    01/22/2015 2:58:51 PM PST · by marktwain · 20 replies
    Gun Watch ^ | 22 January, 2015 | Dean Weingarten
    The new Glock 40 10mm with factory optical site mount. A long slide version with a 6 inch barrel is available. This could be important in some states, such as Wisconsin, which requires a minimum 5 inch barrel for hunting big game with a handgun. I saw the pistol at the industry day at the range for the Shot Show in Las Vegas on Monday. I asked if Glock had entered this pistol in the Army competition for a new, more powerful handgun. The representative did not know. The line to try out the new Glock was fairly long;...
  • Jay Leno caves to Deplorable Nanny State Mayor

    11/20/2014 6:30:25 PM PST · by smokingfrog · 5 replies
    HotAir ^ | 11-20-14 | Jazz Shaw
    Former late night host Jay Leno was scheduled to do an appearance at an annual event hosted by the National Shooting Sports Foundation in Connecticut this January. The Shooting, Hunting, Outdoor Trade Show (SHOT) focuses on pretty much what it sounds like hunters and the gear they use to engage in the sport. Really dangerous sounding, eh? Well, to some it must have been, and the fact that the group is based in Newtown certainly bolstered their courage to complain. A petition posted by the Coalition to Stop Gun Violence accuses Leno of helping to legitimize a crass commercialism which...
  • NSSF:Shot Show to Stay in Las Vegas Through 2018

    02/03/2014 3:56:17 PM PST · by marktwain · 5 replies
    Gun Watch ^ | 4 February, 2014 | Dean Weingarten
    The Shot Show staying in Las Vegas through 2018 works well for me. If anyone who has an interest in guns can wrangle a ticket to the show, I recommend that they do. The show is for industry only, but vendors and retailers often need help setting up displays or canvassing the show. It is simply too big for a person to cover with any amount of rigor in four days. From an NSSF email: SHOT Show to Stay at Sands Expo through 2018 LAS VEGAS -- The National Shooting Sports Foundation (NSSF) followed up its recently concluded, record-setting...
  • SHOT Show: The Last Bastion of Growing Conservatism

    01/20/2014 11:43:27 AM PST · by Kaslin · 25 replies ^ | January 20, 2014 | Rachel Alexander
    Last week, I attended the largest gun and outdoors show in the world; the Shooting, Hunting and Outdoor Trade Show. The annual Las Vegas event is so huge that only those who work in the industry are allowed to attend. The show doesn't receive much mainstream news coverage because the left-wing media doesn't want the public to know how many patriotic Americans are in the gun industry. Attendance increases every year, with 67,000 attending this year. There were 1,600 exhibitors, and over 400 companies were waitlisted. Conservatives have been losing ground in virtually every area in politics except the Second...
  • Part 1: A Conversation With World Shooting Champion Julie Golob

    01/20/2014 7:43:13 AM PST · by Kaslin · 6 replies ^ | January 20, 2014 | Katie Pavlich
    Last week at the SHOT Show in Las Vegas, I had the honor of sitting down with world shooting champion, hunter, Army veteran, mother, author and Smith & Wesson team captain Julie Golob. Julie has won over 120 championship titles and wrote her first book, SHOOT: Your Guide to Shooting and Competition, in 2012. If youre new to shooting or want to learn more about the sport, I highly recommend picking up her book. She also offers tips and tricks on everything from cooking wild game to shooting on her website. KP: How many classes or what kinds of classes...
  • Reed Exhibitions has 32 events in US, Including Shot Show

    01/22/2013 7:48:07 PM PST · by marktwain · 4 replies
    Gun Watch ^ | 23 January, 2013 | Dean Weingarten
    Reed Exhibitions has 32 events scheduled in the United States for 2013, including the world famous Shot Show. The NSSF is the sponsor of the Shot Show and has strongly condemned the actions taken by Reed Exhibitions. "The National Shooting Sports Foundation strongly disagrees with the decision of the Eastern Sports and Outdoor Shows management to disallow the display and sale of Modern Sporting Rifles at its 2013 exhibition." It is unknown if, given the strong reaction taken to Reed Exhibitions foray into American politics, if the NSSF will retain Reed Exhibitions to run the Shot Show next year. Here...
  • Guns (North on SHOT Show & gun control)

    01/18/2013 8:55:08 AM PST · by jazusamo · 12 replies
    Creators Syndicate ^ | January 18, 2013 | Oliver North
    CLARK COUNTY, Nev. Official Washington has the collective attention span of a fruit fly. This condition is exacerbated by the Obama administration's proclivity for declaring selective events and issues to be crises that require immediate action. The problem is aggravated because the loyal opposition is in nearly total disarray, and few in the so-called mainstream media have any idea what they are talking about. That's the summary assessment of many attending the annual Shooting, Hunting, Outdoor Trade Show here in Harry Reid's Nevada. Note to editors and broadcast producers: The SHOT Show isn't a gun show. Nobody here can...
  • Remember those SHOT Show arrests?

    12/06/2012 1:08:12 PM PST · by marktwain · 6 replies ^ | 6 December, 2012 | Weaponsman
    In 2010, the SHOT Show was roiled by the news of almost two dozen executives arrested in a massive bribery sting. The case has just concluded two years of falling apart with an interesting result: the 22 executives arrested are free and clear, and the FBI's ace informant, who seems to be a shockingly bad bloke even as CIs go, is going up the river on the charges that they were holding over his head. The taxpayers are out many millions (tens of millions?) on a political prosecution led by a familiar name -- Lanny Breuer -- to besmirch the...
  • SHOT Show Sting Charges Dismissed, Guilty Pleas Vacated, FBI Informant Sentenced to Prison

    12/03/2012 3:20:59 PM PST · by marktwain · 8 replies ^ | 3 December, 2012 | Steve
    In 2010 the BATFE raided the S&W booth at SHOT Show arresting 21 people, including Smith & Wesson executives for beaching the Foreign Corrupt Practices Act, a law which prohibits US corporations, citizens and residents from bribing foreign officials. Those arrested were charged with conspiring to bribe officials in the African state of Gabon as part of a deal to sell $15 million of equipment to the 1,800 man strong Gabon Presidential (Republican) Guard. Washington, D.C. law firm Miller & Chevalier have published a number of reports on the SHOT Show Sting. Their first report on the case appeared shortly...
  • The Rise and Fall of DoJs Gun-Show Sting

    02/25/2012 5:06:50 PM PST · by marktwain · 1 replies ^ | 24 February, 2012 | Walter Olson
    Some legal stories weave together several distinct Cato was right themes. Among them is the news this week that the U.S. Department of Justice, conceding that its case has collapsed, has ended its prosecution of remaining defendants in the enormous Africa Sting case charging violations of the Foreign Corrupt Practices Act (FCPA) [Reuters,; my earlier post]. * DoJ is overzealously picking fights under the vague and misguided FCPA statute. I warned about that last month in this space and you can read more at my blog Overlawyered. * Despite the Obama administrations ostensible truce with Second Amendment supporters, anti-gun...
  • DOJ SHOT Show cases falling apart-Breuer drops prosecution(ATF)

    02/24/2012 5:25:54 AM PST · by marktwain · 3 replies
    Gun Rights Examiner ^ | 23 February, 2012 | David Codrea
    [T]he Justice Department's cases have, well, fallen apart, primarily because justice department prosecutors were repeatedly unable to prove to juries that what the defendants had done was illegal, The Outdoor Wire is reporting today. The cases theyre referring to resulted from the SHOT Show sting, a story Gun Rights Examiner reported in a January 2010 column. There's been a bust at the 2010 Shooting, Hunting, Outdoor Trade Show and Conference (SHOT Show). The FBI has arrested 21 executives and employees of military and law enforcement products companies for bribery of foreign officials, the report explained. SHOT Show bust leaves more...
  • Heller speaks to G&P about guns, fame(Constitution)

    02/14/2012 8:48:42 AM PST · by marktwain · 4 replies ^ | 14 February, 2012 | Neil W. McCabe
    The successful plaintiff in Heller 1, the most important gun case in the last seven decades was interviewed Feb. 11 at the Nations Gun Show in Chantilly, Va. When I go to the Nations Gun Show, I usually focus on the antique guns, said Dick Heller, who in 2003 sued the District of Columbia, when the municipal government of the federal city denied his request to register a gun. In 2008, the Supreme Court ruled that the Second Amendments preamble, which discussed the value of a well-equipped militia, did not restrict the right to keep and bear arms. The court...
  • 2012 SHOT Show - A look into the Firearm Industries Trade Show from the perspective of two new

    02/01/2012 10:05:14 AM PST · by marktwain · 11 replies
    Buckeye Firerams Association ^ | 31 January, 2012 | Aaron Kirkingburg and William Harn
    Sunday Flying out We checked our concealed carry firearms at the Southwest Airlines baggage counter, and prepared to board our flight to Las Vegas. Though firearms are prohibited from the show itself, we would have them for any other circumstances. Neither of us having ever attended the SHOT Show, we had a four hour flight to contemplate the possibilities that lay ahead. An uneventful flight, a shuttle bus to the hotel, and a quick meal before calling it a day ... morning would come all too soon. Monday University Day The day starts early as we are ushered...
  • What they did, and didn't, talk about at the NFATCA public meeting at the SHOT Show.

    01/25/2012 6:06:05 AM PST · by marktwain · 9 replies
    Sipsey Street Irregulars ^ | 24 January, 2012 | Mike Vanderboegh
    Whispers of ATF snitches and U.S. vs. Clark. "Hot topics." During the NFATCA meeting, it was disclosed that the ATF, as of last week, has changed its opinion regarding the proper procedure for deactivating a barrel for importation. Previously, ATF issued a letter stating that drilling three holes into the barrel was sufficient. While destroying the functionality of the barrel, it allowed for the barrel to be used in a dummy-gun for a collector, who basically desired a non-functioning replica of a particular firearm. ATF has now announced that it is requiring any such imported barrel to be torch cut...
  • Jackpot: The murmur is register to vote and protect SCOTUS

    01/18/2012 7:08:25 AM PST · by marktwain · 3 replies · 1+ views
    Seattle Gun Rights Examiner ^ | 17 January, 2012 | Dave Workman
    LAS VEGAS To chat with many of the firearms retailers and other firearms industry folks at the annual Shooting, Hunting and Outdoor Trade (SHOT) Show here, one might get the impression that it is not only the biggest firearms trade show in the country, it is also something of a grassroots political gathering. This column discussed the election overtones earlier. The talk today began with casual chat involving one of the many knife people here, and it quickly turned to the political picture. This column was urged, nay, implored, to stress the necessity for firearms people to be sure...
  • GLOCK Statue of Liberty Gun Official 2012 SHOT Show Auction Handgun

    12/16/2011 4:24:49 AM PST · by marktwain · 10 replies
    Ammoland ^ | 14 December, 2011 | NA
    SMYRNA, Ga. --( GLOCK, Inc. has announced that they have been selected as the official Handgun for the 2012 SHOT Show Auction. A one-of-a-kind, hand-engraved GLOCK 22 will be available to GLOCK collectors and firearm enthusiasts worldwide during the auction, scheduled to take place starting at 10:00PM on December 14th January 20th, 2012. The exclusive GLOCK, known within the company as the GLOCK Statue of Liberty Gun, features an intricate, hand-engraved tribute to the United States and the Statue of Liberty. This theme was selected to recognize GLOCKs 25th Anniversary in the United States, which coincides with the 125th...
  • Industry Insight & A Presidential Candidate Taking Your Question(Herman Cain at Shot Show!)

    11/05/2011 7:14:48 AM PDT · by marktwain · 5 replies
    Buckeye Firearms Association ^ | 4 November, 2011 | Jim Shepherd
    If you could ask the leading candidate for the Republican presidential nomination a question, what would it be? Foreign policy? Second Amendment? Jobs? When did a successful career as a businessman become a negative when running for what is the CEO's position for the biggest business in the world? What it's like to be vilified by your own race because you're not a liberal? At this point, the apparent front-runner appears to be Herman Cain, although the race with Mitt Romney is pretty close to a photo finish. But Cain's giving political operatives on both sides of the aisles fits....
  • Overkill - Our correspondent is blown away at the largest gun show in the U.S.(Barf Alert)

    02/04/2011 5:24:19 AM PST · by marktwain · 45 replies ^ | 3 February, 2011 | David Holthouse
    LAS VEGAS—My nametag revealed I was a journalist from Alaska, so I said I was researching an article on firearms for bear protection in the Last Frontier backcountry. Century International Arms salesman Steve Sanko reached into a glass display case and came up with a bulky, tricked-out handgun. “If you’re looking for a compact bear gun, this is the best we have to offer,” Sanko said. “It’s our new for 2011, Centurion AK 39, semi-automatic pistol.” I handled the gun. It looked more like Han Solo’s blaster pistol than one of the big bore revolvers—.44 magnums and .454 Casulls—that Alaskans...
  • SHOT Show Arrests Redux: The Murky World Of Import/Export

    01/23/2010 1:44:11 PM PST · by Copernicus · 5 replies · 521+ views
    JohnJacobH RKBA Commentary ^ | 01/23/10 | JohnJacobH RKBA Commentary
    Holy screaming meemies, what a raging clusterfoxtrot ITAR has become. As is the case with the WarOnDrugs,the WarOnGuns,the WarOnTobacco, the WarOnAnythingTheGoobermintDoesNOTLike, if you sell, make or sneeze around anything-concrete pipe,rifle scopes, cattle prods, you are guilty until proven innocent, citizen, based on the whim and caprice of some pencil necked twit with a gun and badge ensconced in a conference room far, far away. The only difference between the SHOT Show arrests and the historical record of Import/Export Violations is the pencil necked twits with guns and badges are no longer content to prosecute ACTUAL imaginary crimes and have now...
  • SHOT Show bust leaves more questions than answers

    01/23/2010 7:21:37 AM PST · by marktwain · 3 replies · 709+ views
    Gun Rights Examiner ^ | 22 January, 2010 | David Codrea
    We talked yesterday about the Department of Justice using the occasion of the 2010 Shooting, Hunting, Outdoor Trade Show and Conference (SHOT Show) to arrest 21 law enforcement products company employees for attempted bribery of a foreign official, along with conspiracy and money laundering charges. It was a sting employing undercover FBI agents posing as a sales agents. We also discussed the Foreign Corrupt Practices Act (FCPA), looking at some of the highlights of what it is and what it covers. Unfortunately, the story seems to have had its day in the sun--for the immediate present. The most recent update...
  • SHOT SHOW Day Four

    01/22/2010 5:09:23 PM PST · by smokingfrog · 22 replies · 826+ views
    bacwoods home ^ | Jan 22, 2010 | Massad Ayoob
    Its the third day of the SHOT Show for the dealers attending, the fourth day for the professionals who got there early for set-up and networking and advanced product testing. AR15 rifle variants are everywhere. One theme this year of our host, the National Shooting Sports Foundation (NSSF), is that AR stands for Americas Rifle. Its good to see new companies coming in and being innovative. American Spirit Arms introduces an AR15 with a bolt operating lever located on the left side above the magazine, like an FN FAL. This eliminates the one non-ergonomic feature of Gene Stoners Armalite design...
  • New Product Announcements From GLOCK, Inc. at 2010 SHOT Show

    01/22/2010 6:38:32 PM PST · by smokingfrog · 66 replies · 1,997+ views
    PR Newswire ^ | Jan 20, 2009 | News Release
    The GLOCK 22 Gen4 in .40 caliber and GLOCK 17 Gen4 (Generation 4) in 9x19 are featured in the #14049 GLOCK booth this week. The new Gen4 has several new features designed to satisfy the most demanding consumers. Most noticeably, the Gen4 design has a multiple backstrap system that allows the user to change the circumference of the grip to fit their individual hand size. The grip has three options; a short frame version, medium frame or large frame that are easily changed and secured with a single pin. The magazine release catch of the Gen4 is reversible and enlarged....
  • What's going on with SHOT Show sting?

    01/21/2010 8:14:20 PM PST · by marktwain · 26 replies · 1,309+ views
    Gun Rights Examiner ^ | 21 January, 2010 | David Codrea
    Seal of the Federal Bureau of Investigation There's been a bust at the 2010 Shooting, Hunting, Outdoor Trade Show and Conference (SHOT Show). The FBI has arrested 21 "executives and employees of military and law enforcement products companies" for bribery of foreign officials. From the Las Vegas Sun: As part of the undercover operation, the defendants allegedly agreed to pay a 20 percent commission to a sales agent who the defendants believed represented the minister of defense in order to win a portion of a $15 million deal to outfit the country's presidential guard. In reality, the sales agent was...
  • What is the Foreign Corrupt Practices Act?

    01/21/2010 8:11:21 PM PST · by marktwain · 3 replies · 332+ views
    Gun Rights Examiner ^ | 21 January, 2010 | David Codrea
    Earlier today, we looked at the arrest of company executives and employees attending the SHOT Show in Las Vegas for violations of the Foreign Corrupt Practices Act (FCPA). The what? The Department of Justice has posted a "Lay-Person's Guide" on its website. Now would be a good time to review some of the highlights: The FCPA makes it unlawful to bribe foreign government officials to obtain or retain business. With respect to the basic prohibition, there are five elements which must be met to constitute a violation of the Act: A. Who -- The FCPA potentially applies to any individual,...
  • Hot January from Charlotte Gun Rights Examiner

    01/18/2010 7:34:40 AM PST · by marktwain · 3 replies · 327+ views
    Charlotte-Gun-Rights-Examiner ^ | 17 January, 2010 | Paul Valone
    VISIT THE 'SHOT' SHOW Charlotte is a long way from Las Vegas, and many east coast gun owners wont be able to make the trek to the west to Shooting Hunting and Outdoor Trade (SHOT) Show being held there next week. So instead, on Tuesday and Wednesday, January 19 and 20, Paul Valone will bring the SHOT Show to you. For those unfamiliar, it is the worlds biggest show for guns, knives and outdoor accessories. Held for industry insiders it is closed to the public. Covering everything from hunting rifles to defensive technology to the latest military hardware, the SHOT...
  • Jan. 21, 2009. Gun Rights Licensing Planned (HR 45) PLUS -- SHOT Show 2009

    01/23/2009 4:30:41 AM PST · by marktwain · 43 replies · 2,768+ views ^ | 22 January, 2009 | Alan Korwin
    The Shooting, Hunting and Outdoor Trade (SHOT) Show is the biggest meeting of gun, ammo and accessory companies in the world, open only to the trade (nearly 50,000 people). Miles and miles of aisles, it's exhausting (and astounding!). Commerce was so robust Jan. 15 - 18 at SHOT this year there was little time to waste on a tiny concern like the constitutional right to keep and bear arms. That's SOP at SHOT, a discussion for another day. At SHOT the focus is to sell more product, open more accounts, introduce new designs, make marketing plans and party at night....
  • Obama Campaign Unlawfully Misuses Proprietary Firearms Industry Media List

    10/09/2008 7:11:36 AM PDT · by neverdem · 14 replies · 1,193+ views
    To: ALL MEDIAFor immediate releaseOctober 8, 2008 For more information contact:Ted Novin 203-426-1320 Obama Campaign Unlawfully Misuses Proprietary Firearms Industry Media List NEWTOWN, Conn. – The Obama campaign in Indiana, on September 27, unlawfully obtained and made unauthorized use of a proprietary media list belonging to the National Shooting Sports Foundation (NSSF) – the trade association for the firearms industry.  Sen. Obama used this list to e-mail a press release concerning National Hunting and Fishing Day.Earlier today, NSSF sent a “cease and desist” letter to the Obama campaign demanding that they immediately stop any further unauthorized misuse of its...
  • Come Out And Shoot Firearms From Leading Manufacturers!(So. Cal.)

    03/19/2002 11:59:24 AM PST · by kickme · 7 replies · 137+ views
    Turner's Outdoorsman & Raahauges Presents The Raahauge's Shooting Sports Fair 2002 In Norco, CaliforniaCome Out And Shoot Firearms From Leading Manufacturers!WHEN, WHERE: May 31 - June 2 at Raahauge's Shooting Sports in Norco, CA. Fri. noon to 6pm, Sat. 10am till 6pm, Sun 10am till 5pm.TICKETS: FRIDAY Only -May 31st Women & Children are FREE Otherwise $12 per day for adults Children 14 and under are freePARKING: FREEOTHER FEATURES Hands-On shooting of a variety of manufacturers firearms, game calling seminars, Dog training events both hunting and personal protection, archery, conservation, wildlife artisans and numerous outdoor sports exhibitors.Scheduled Exhibitors & Shooters...