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  • Prayers for a 13 month old boy

    01/26/2012 7:56:18 AM PST · by Mr. Silverback · 48 replies
    Me | 26 Jan 12 | Me
    My wife advises me that a co-worker's child has been diagnosed with neuroblastoma and is enduring many tests to assess his situation. His name is Tanner and he is 13 months old. Thank you in advance for your prayers.
  • Prayer request for emergency surgery

    10/15/2010 7:45:34 PM PDT · by Mr. Silverback · 151 replies · 1+ views
    A friend of the family had a routine but evasive surgery earlier this week and has just been sent back for emergency surgery. It looks bad. She is a caring mom with several children and we need all hands to pray for her. Please help.
  • Vanity: Is it just me or does Lisa Murkowski remind you of...

    09/30/2010 10:42:20 AM PDT · by Mr. Silverback · 69 replies
    Vanity, Vanity, all is vanity | 30 September 2010 | Me
    It all clicked into place when I read that Murkowski is now running an ad attacking the Tea Party Express as "the organization from California* that did a half million in attack ads" thereby stealing the primary from her, and I imagined Princess Lisa saying "You were too stupid to think for yourselves so just vote for mke, you imbeciles! Now, I understand what's been bothering me about her the past few weeks. Lisa Murkowski is Alaska's answer to Mom, the tycoon from the cartoon sitcom Futurama. For those unfamiliar with Matt Groening's real masterpiece, Futurama is the saga of...
  • Abortionist Godfrey & the NYT (Abortionist shares motivation for whacking babies)

    07/22/2010 6:44:53 AM PDT · by Mr. Silverback · 15 replies · 1+ views ^ | 7/21/2010 |
    Very Disturbing Statement Made By Former Rockford Abortionist: Another statement by former Rockford abortionist Emily Godfrey in the New York Times may shine new light on the mind-set of Rockford's abortion establishment, it's supporters, and why abortionist Godfrey chose to work in Rockford. This is a quote from abortionist Godfrey in the New York Times: "After graduation, Godfrey started her family-medicine residency in a hospital on Chicago’s West Side. It bordered gang territory. On her obstetrics rotation, Godfrey delivered baby after baby to poor women who seemed overwhelmed. Some were drug addicts. “Bringing so many unwanted children into the...
  • More Lies From the New York Times (Rockford, IL abortionist caught in easily checkable lie)

    07/22/2010 6:15:09 AM PDT · by Mr. Silverback · 15 replies ^ | 7/20/2010 |
    Former Rockford Abortionist Tells Bold-Faced Lie In The New York Times About Rockford Pro-Lifers. The abortionist fabrication says more about what may be going on in the conscience of a person who kills children in the womb than it does about the pro-lifers of Rockford. In this article abortionist Emily Godfrey who worked in Rockford killing children in the womb for a few years boldly tells the lie that "Protesters surrounded her when she walked into the clinic." She gives the impression in the article that she couldn't take working at the Rockford mill because of the dangers of those...
  • Prayer thread for a mom giving birth to a little freeper

    02/17/2009 6:37:38 PM PST · by Mr. Silverback · 340 replies · 3,198+ views
    Me | 2/17/09 | Me
    Tomorrow our new daughter Sandra will be born. We're inducing in week 38 because my wife's blood pressure is getting a little high for our doctor's taste. Here's a picture of our little girl. Your prayers for Mom (Rambette) and baby are appreciated.
  • Yard Sale Day in the Democratic Party

    09/10/2008 9:48:35 PM PDT · by Mr. Silverback · 20 replies · 115+ views
    "We are not amused!" In the days after Senator McCain chose his running mate, I learned a new hockey term: "Yard sale." A yard sale is a particularly brutal body check that causes the victim's gear to fly all over the ice. Several times during Governor Palin's speech at the RNC, my son and I called out "Yard sale" after she stuck it to the community organizer with an especially satisfying line. The past 24 hours or so have been Yard Sale Day for the Democratic Party, and the beauty of it is that this time out, they've done...
  • Jamie Lynn and Bristol: Hypocrisy on the right?

    09/03/2008 7:22:21 AM PDT · by Mr. Silverback · 19 replies · 129+ views
    Thermonuclear Thought ^ | September 2, 2008 | Me
    The latest media mantra is that conservatives (especially Christians) had a very different reaction to the pregnancy of Jamie Lynn Spears than we did to the pregnancy of Bristol Palin. On its face, that's true, but I think it's an apples and oranges comparison. Yes, I will totally back that up. 1. I think we can all agree that comparing Lynne Spears and Sarah Palin is a pretty dicey thing. Call me when Lynne joins an Assemblies of God church and starts hunting caribou. (Plus, see item #3, which Lynne was presumably in on.) 2. Last time I checked, Bristol...
  • Pro-Life Billboard In Freeport (IL) Vandalized (Pro-life group needs your help)

    08/28/2008 8:21:28 AM PDT · by Mr. Silverback · 21 replies · 1,203+ views
    ProLife Corner ^ | 28 August, 2008 | Stephenson County Right to Life
    Stephenson County Right To Life (S.C.R.L.) Victim Of A Hate Crime ! Our beautiful pro-life billboard was recently destroyed by a hate crime. The billboard read: "Abortion, the ultimate child abuse." This graffiti was added "Why so serious?" to which we respond, "Because abortion is murder." The sign must be replaced. Please open your heart and your wallets and donate to replace the sign and to help right this wrong. We are very fortunate to have two daily newspapers in town, the Freeport Journal Standard and The Focus. Both of them have written great articles involving the recent vandalism of...
  • Prayers needed for an unborn child

    08/04/2008 7:05:32 PM PDT · by Mr. Silverback · 221 replies · 264+ views
    Vanity | 4 August 08 | Me
    I have joyous news tempered by some unfortunate diagnostic information. My wife, the luscious Rambette, is carrying our fourth child, due sometime around February 15th. The problem is she's now been to the emergency room twice for spotting. Both times turned out to be no danger of a miscarriage, but we were told there may be some separation of the placenta. That means that it can be expected to either resolve itself, or it could conceivably get worse and result in miscarriage. We are trusting God and we covet your prayers for full healing and a safe, healthy delivery.
  • Oprah's Different Gospel

    07/22/2008 8:42:23 AM PDT · by Mr. Silverback · 73 replies · 180+ views
    Thermonuclear Thought ^ | 22 July 08 | Me
    The Mediator (the quarterly newsletter of the awesome evangelical outreach to Hollywood, MasterMedia Internatonal) reports that Oprah Winfrey now airs a one-hour daily radio show on her XM satellite radio channel that takes listeners through the 365 lessons in the New Age tome "A Course in Miracles." The folks at MasterMedia got their information from If you're not familiar with the teachings of A Course In Miracles (which were supposedly channeled to the author by Jesus) you can check out the quotes on the truthorfiction page above (some of the quotes are from other New Age books, but...
  • More troubling activity at the Rockford abortuary

    06/30/2008 9:35:34 PM PDT · by Mr. Silverback · 25 replies · 48+ views
    Thermonuclear Thought ^ | 30 June 08 | Pro-life Corner and Me
    Once again, a videographer sitting vigil at the Northern Illinois Women's Center has shown us what abortion does to the people who participate. Video of the incident is at YouTube, and here are some excerpts (including a full transcript) from an Pro-Life Corner's report, "A Breeding Ground Of Hate In The Heart Of Rockford, IL." Another sad chapter played out at the Rockford IL, abortion clinic known for the racism of its most vocal supporter and the anti-Christian bigotry of the buildings owner.... On that day, a young woman and man arrived at the abortion mill and quietly entered the...
  • Obama Roundup--Fear and Loathing?

    06/10/2008 12:03:10 PM PDT · by Mr. Silverback · 7 replies · 87+ views
    Thermonuclear Thought ^ | 10 June 08 | Me
    When conservatives point out the sort of things I'm going to point out in this post, they are accused of "using fear" and other such crimes against warmness and fuzziness. There are two problems with that. First, these things are scary and there is almost no chance that mainstream media sources will ever ask any hard questions about them or even give them a passing mention. Second, the Presidential campaign is the most important job interview in the world. Imagine that a guy gets his English Lit degree and then expects to interview for Chief of Surgery at a...
  • Calling Wolves "Sheep": A respectful disagreement

    04/22/2008 12:46:48 PM PDT · by Mr. Silverback · 27 replies · 59+ views
    Thermonuclear Thought ^ | 22 April 08 | Me
    Carolyn Jessop, who escaped from an FLDS marriage that included 6 other wives and 54 children. Rulon Jeffs, 90, poses with two of his brides approximately two years before his death. Reported estimates of the number of his wives range from 19 to 75. His son, Warren, succeeded him as Prophet of the FLDS. I have to say, I'm more than a little disturbed how many conservatives I'm coming across who believe that the FLDS folks from the YFZ ranch in Texas have been on the receiving end of another Waco, or something resembling the Elian Gonzalez abduction. Though...
  • The Baby Napalm Video: Footage of Racist Assault on Pro-Lifers

    04/12/2008 9:57:44 AM PDT · by Mr. Silverback · 87 replies · 138+ views
    Pro-life Corner Website ^ | 12 April 08 | Frank Munda
    Here's the first segment of video from the Baby Napalm incident. I'm reposting the description from this thread where I posted links to the transcript. In Rockford, Illinois, an abortion clinic known as the Northern Illinois Women's Center performs abortions twice a week. On March 29, the clinic was open for business. Two dedicated pro-life activists were there for sidewalk counseling and prayer. A neighborhood resident, Keith, arrived to accost them, making illegal physical contact with one of the men in the first moments of his criminal freakout, issuing forth a stream of vile racial and sexual epithets, threatening the...
  • The Baby Napalm Incident: Racist Assaults Pro-lifers, Cops Do Nothing

    04/07/2008 8:54:20 PM PDT · by Mr. Silverback · 86 replies · 4,686+ views
    Pro-life Corner ^ | 4/7/08 | Frank Munda
    In Rockford, Illinois, an abortion clinic known as the Northern Illinois Women's Center performs abortions twice a week. On March 29, the clinic was open for business. Two dedicated pro-life activists were there for sidewalk counseling and prayer. A neighborhood resident, Keith, arrived to accost them, making illegal physical contact with one of the men in the first moments of his criminal freakout, issuing forth a stream of vile racial and sexual epithets, threatening the men with his dog, and even voicing his approval for what he himself calls child killing. After a seven minute spree of misdemeanors and behavior...
  • Hump Day Humor (What's wrong with this picture?)

    03/26/2008 8:22:22 PM PDT · by Mr. Silverback · 45 replies · 715+ views
    Thermonuclear Thoughts ^ | 26 March 08 | Me
    Here are a few chuckles I found on the web recently. Hat tip for the first three goes to Michelle Malkin: First, what's wrong with this picture? BTW, the photo originally came from Zombietime and the "TOMANY" phenomenon appeared on Little Green Footballs. And yes, that is Mother Sheehan herself, second from the left. You probably have Peeps left over from Easter. Here's what some other folks have been doing with them. (And here are last year's entries.) Hat tip for this one goes to the folks at Aircraft Resource Center, specifically my fellow crew chief Boom175: Top Gun--North Korean...
  • Reverend Strangehate (or, How I Learned to Hate Whitey and the Bomb)

    03/22/2008 10:36:59 AM PDT · by Mr. Silverback · 8 replies · 184+ views
    Thermonuclear Thoughts ^ | 22 March 08 | Me
    One of the most despicable of Rev. Wright's comments is his assertion that the 9/11 attacks were America's "chickens coming home to roost," delivered on the Sunday after they occurred. Wright says that we deserved it because we were involved in the Middle East and because we had engaged in terrorism when we nuked Hiroshima and Nagasaki. This assessment of history reveals a couple of things about Wright. Let's take a look: 1. Like an all-white segregation-era jury, Wright doesn't need facts to deliver a verdict. For a rundown of some reasons you may not have heard that the bombings...
  • The Dream and Reverend Wright

    03/19/2008 5:50:21 PM PDT · by Mr. Silverback · 17 replies · 261+ views
    Get your barf bags ready, boys and girls. Barack Obama could have stayed home and forgotten about his speech yesterday, because America's liberals had all weekend to come up with excuses for hate speech, and they came up with some doozies. A few random thoughts, and then I'll get to the freakiest excuse of them all. Expect to hear Pat Robertson's name kicked around a lot over the next few days as Obama's defenders try to draw equivalency between his comments about 9/11 and Wright's decades of hate speech. On Glenn Beck's show last night we were treated to NPR/Esquire...
  • Must-see video: Hillary's Inner Flick

    01/20/2008 1:35:28 PM PST · by Mr. Silverback · 5 replies · 78+ views
    Remember Tracy Flick from the movie Election? Well, even if you don't this is a very insightful video, put together by Slate. Click here. Hat tip to Charlie Sykes for mentioning it on his show.
  • The Air Force gets some--and what's the AP up to?

    01/12/2008 6:53:48 PM PST · by Mr. Silverback · 28 replies · 64+ views
    On Thursday my brothers in the blue suits put 40,000 pounds of iron on Al Qaida with F-16s and B-1s. It appears that this is the last stage of clearing out the Baghdad area. What I find especially interesting is that some versions of the AP story went out on the wire with this photo... The caption (not included in some versions of the story, most notably the one on Breitbart) went like this: Children watch as U.S. army soldiers from Ghostrider Company, 3rd Squadron, 2nd Stryker Cavalry Regiment, unseen, search their home during Operation Phantom Phoenix in the village...
  • USAF Birthday/Veteran tribute--1/48 scale F-106 Delta Dart

    09/18/2007 9:14:55 PM PDT · by Mr. Silverback · 56 replies · 1,179+ views
    vanity | 18 September 2007 | Me
    HAPPY BIRTHDAY USAF!!! This build took a lot longer than I expected...but it was totally worth it. I built it for the USAF 60th Anniversary Group Build at I built it out of the box, and decided to paint the drop tanks the same color as the tail for some extra pop. Hope you like it! This model (and the group build) are dedicated to the memory of Captain Derek Argel, USAF, killed in action in Iraq on Memorial Day, 2005. Derek was a combat controller, a husband and the father of a one year old son, a recipient...
  • What were you thinking on 9/12/01? How long?

    09/12/2007 7:37:17 AM PDT · by Mr. Silverback · 245 replies · 1,907+ views
    Me | 9/12/07 | Me
    Six years ago this morning, you got up. The day before, you had watched helpless as about 3,000 of our citizens died, some of them bathed in burning jet fuel, some of them crushed under millions of tons of concrete. Some of you, like me, couldn't get Rudy Giulian's estimate of the causalties--perhaps as many as 20,000, certainly "more than we can bear"--out of your mind. You made your way through that bright new September morning, so much like the gorgeous morning the day before. You heard the silence of the empty skies. I'd like to know, what were you...
  • The Guinea Pigs of East Grinstead

    05/14/2007 10:44:22 PM PDT · by Mr. Silverback · 10 replies · 558+ views
    Home based Life blog ^ | 5/15/07 | Me
    Right now I'm reading The Bomber War, a history of the WWII bombing campaign in Europe by the late British military historian Robin Nellands. It's an excellent book, and like his other works, is full of first hand accounts from veterans who were involved in the events. I came upon this passage today and just had to share it with you. It's a first hand account from Norman McHolme, a Canadian pilot serving with RAF's Bomber Command. If this doesn't break your heart and inspire you, check your pulse, you may be dead. We were on the last part of...
  • Silverback Says "So long."

    03/28/2007 9:19:36 AM PDT · by Mr. Silverback · 125 replies · 274+ views
    Vanity, all is vanity | 28 March 07 | Me
    This thread is not an opus. I’m not going anywhere in a huff, and I’m not going away permanently. But because of goals I have set and responsibilities I’ve taken on, I need to take an FR hiatus. I just spend too much time here and I need to improve my productivity a lot. So, I’m looking to pass off my ping lists to other Freepers, and would greatly appreciate volunteers. I maintain the following lists: Pro-life (already taken care of) Breakpoint/Chuck Colson Caption-A-Rama Scuba Diving FREEPNORAD demonstration alerts The Caption-A-Rama list is on the block because somebody could turn...
  • Lost in space with the Sulu Doctrine (Freeper Op-Ed)

    02/16/2007 12:48:51 PM PST · by Mr. Silverback · 67 replies · 1,741+ views
    Freeport Ink (Illinois) | 8 Feb 07 | Me
    They call it the Fairness Doctrine, but if they were really being honest, they’d call it the Sulu Doctrine. Allow me to explain. In 1973, George Takei, known best as Hikaru Sulu, helmsman of the USS Enterprise on “Star Trek,” ran for mayor of Los Angeles. The field was wide open, and Takei found himself facing sixteen other candidates. Those sixteen helped write a bizarre footnote in the history of American politics and censorship. Takei’s opponents complained that reruns of “Star Trek” on local TV gave him an unfair advantage. Could shots of Sulu steering a starship lead people to...
  • Remebering Pearl Harbor (Freeper written article)

    01/23/2007 9:38:22 PM PST · by Mr. Silverback · 32 replies · 4,510+ views
    Freeport Ink (Illinois) | 11 Jan 07 | Me
    Richard Poole raises the conch shell to his lips, positions it carefully and blows. The trumpet-like blast echoes off the nearest buildings, conjuring up images of warm Pacific islands on a chilly Midwest morning. The conch is his souvenir, not from a tourist junket, but from a pilgrimage to honor fallen warriors. Poole has shared his photographs and memories of the 65th anniversary of the Pearl Harbor attack with The Ink, and we discuss the attack and the state of the World War II generation with survivors of the attack and other veterans. “You can’t imagine war ever being there.”...
  • A congress of repeat offenders (Freeper op-ed)

    01/23/2007 7:48:16 AM PST · by Mr. Silverback · 16 replies · 463+ views
    Freeport Ink (Illinois) | 18 Jan 07 | Me
    It’s said that a criminal always returns to the scene of the crime. But what if that scene is the Capitol, the deed was voted on in broad daylight and some of the conspirators never left? In May 1972 Richard Nixon launched Operation Linebacker, an air campaign to stop a new North Vietnamese drive into the South. The bombings (and Linebacker II, carried out with B-52 bombers for eleven days in December) were also intended to bring the North Vietnamese back to the negotiation table. It worked. The Paris Peace Accords were signed in January. It’s no stretch to say...
  • A Fearless Christmas (Freeper op-ed)

    12/20/2006 6:34:26 PM PST · by Mr. Silverback · 36 replies · 853+ views
    Freeport Ink (Freeport, IL) | 21 Dec 06 | Me
    Last week I received an unexpected Christmas lesson from the heavy metal band Twisted Sister. They appeared on The Tonight Show, thrashing out a steel-reinforced rendition of “O Come All Ye Faithful.” You may remember these guys for their Eighties hits “We’re Not Going To Take It” and “I Wanna Rock,” or you might recall lead singer Dee Snider embarrassing Tipper Gore’s anti-rock crusaders in the Senate with his polite but unyielding testimony. My favorite part was when the committee counsel referred to him politely as "Mr. Sister." Dee and the boys blew the roof off the place: “O come...
  • Iraq Study Group: Looking for a few good laughs? (Freeper op-ed)

    12/14/2006 9:22:32 AM PST · by Mr. Silverback · 11 replies · 660+ views
    Freeport Ink (Illinois) | 12/14/06 | Me
    I expected the report of the Iraq Study Group (or ISG, known in my home as the Iraq Surrender Group) would be bad, but what they delivered was quite horrendous. Retired Special Operations Master Sergeant James Hanson titled his post on it at the famous BlackFive blog “Group Studies Iraq- Fails to find clue bag.” Actually, he concludes, they can’t even tell you the color of the clue bag. Here was a commission tasked fix a war and almost none of them had even served in the military. James Baker and Chuck Robb both saw combat as Marines, but for...
  • How many hospitals would Jesus close? (Freeper op-ed)

    11/30/2006 9:48:41 PM PST · by Mr. Silverback · 71 replies · 2,319+ views
    Freeport Ink (Freeport, IL) | 30 Nov 06 | Me
    Elvira Arellano’s new T-shirt has me wondering how many hospitals Jesus would close. Arellano is the illegal alien and pro-law breaking activist (she wouldn’t call herself that, but a spade is a spade) who is holed up in a Chicago church, hoping to avoid deportation. She says she should get to stay here because her 7 year old son Saulito is an American citizen. Her new shirt, pictured in the Journal-Standard recently, reads “Who Would Jesus Deport?” Strangely, I don’t recall hearing any teachings on immigration policy during my Sunday school days. But given the wild success of products asking...
  • Just a little bit of history repeating itself (Freeper op-ed)

    11/20/2006 9:14:38 AM PST · by Mr. Silverback · 12 replies · 1,284+ views
    Freeport Ink (Illinois) | 16 Nov 06 | Me
    Most post-election analyses are political Rorschach tests where the pundit looks at a tiny sample of information and tells you a lot more about his or her worldview than about what really happened, like a football fan guessing why his team lost a game he didn’t watch. Still, from what we do know, we can come to two Rorshach-free conclusions. First, the electorate didn’t reject conservatism, only Republicanism. Most of the winners ran as conservative Democrats. Second, as Shirley Bassey would sing, “it’s all just a little bit of history repeating itself.” Take a look at 1974 and 1976. It...
  • Ten reasons to vote for Topinka (Vanity)

    11/06/2006 8:17:48 PM PST · by Mr. Silverback · 70 replies · 853+ views
    6 Nov 06 | Me
    I have maligned her, if you can indeed malign a liberal pro-abort. I've referred to her quite often as "Blago in a dress." I even--boy, this was painful--voted for the clueless "Taliban Jim" Oberweis in an effort to keep her away from the nomination. But tomorrow I will be putting a clothespin on my nose and voting for Judy Baar Topinka, and here are the reasons why: 1. Blagojevich forced pharmacists to fill prescriptions that they felt were murderous. Topinka, while believing that the scripts should be filled, has said that if she had been governor she would have met...
  • Staying home? Voting? Either way, look at this picture

    11/06/2006 8:09:34 PM PST · by Mr. Silverback · 157 replies · 4,712+ views
    For those who'll have trouble reading the fine print, I'll summarize. This is Chief Master Sergeant John Gebhardt, and the girl he's holding is the only survivor of a family methodically executed by terrorists in Iraq. They shot her in the head, too. If the Dems win tomorrow...well, I'll let Freeper El Gato tell ya, as he put it in this thread: Cut and run Kerry, and his buddy Bug Out Murtha would leave this little girl to the tender mercies of the human garbage that killed her family. BTW, a USAF CMSgt is very high ranking NCO (E9)....
  • Arrogance, cluelessness, define marriage amendment criticisms (Freeper op-ed)

    11/02/2006 7:22:59 PM PST · by Mr. Silverback · 18 replies · 687+ views
    Freeport Ink (Illinois) | 2 November 06 | Me
    Wisconsin will soon vote on an amendment defining marriage as between one man and one woman, and some of the arguments made against it have implications for the Land of Lincoln. In an interview with the Milwaukee Journal-Sentinel that ran mid-month, Mike Tate, campaign manager for the anti-amendment group FairWisconsin, said “If I can get every voter to think for 15 seconds, I can win this election hands down. I’m not glib about that. Getting voters to think for 15 seconds is really hard because they have lives, families, football.” Though I’ve been a hopelessly addicted news junkie for about...
  • A question about Al-Jazeera and "stupidity"

    10/23/2006 7:45:38 AM PDT · by Mr. Silverback · 12 replies · 320+ views
    The Flyover Dispatches ^ | 23 Oct 06 | Me
    Michelle Malkin has the latest on State Department functionary Alberto Fernandez, who went on Al-Jazeera to give an interview in fluent Arabic and describe our policy in Iraq as one of "stupidity" and "arrogance." Now, most reasonable people would just call for this idiot to be fired. After all, this is equivalent to a guy from State appearing with Lord Haw Haw or Tokyo Rose in 1944 to discuss how many guys we'd lost at Omaha Beach. But I'm curious about something... I wonder, when al-Fernandez used the Arabic term for “stupidity,” was the word closely related to the one...
  • 655,000 reasons to laugh at the networks

    10/18/2006 10:11:32 PM PDT · by Mr. Silverback · 16 replies · 1,091+ views
    Freeport Ink (Freeport) | 19 Oct 06 | Me
    If I put on my reporter hat and told you President Bush’s approval rating is 77%, but might be as high as 137%, how would you view the quality of my reporting and of this newspaper? You can view some recent conduct by the three major broadcast networks the same way. All three prominently covered a study published in The Lancet, the famed British medical journal, by researchers from the Johns Hopkins Bloomberg School of Public Health. I use the terms “study” and “researchers” very loosely. The researchers claim post-invasion violence in Iraq has killed 655,000 civilians there. Introducing the...
  • Natioanla intelligence report leads to selective reporting (Freeper op-ed)

    10/05/2006 7:48:54 PM PDT · by Mr. Silverback · 15 replies · 436+ views
    Freeport Ink (Illinois) | 5 Oct 06 | Me
    In all the wrestling over the National Intelligence Estimate (NIE) on terror last week, Congressional Democrats dramatically lowered my estimate of their intelligence. A full analysis of all the cynicism and density they exhibited this week would probably require a book, but let’s take a look at eight things that jumped out at me. 1. The Left was quick to jump on the report’s assessment (two paragraphs out of a nine page summary) that anger over the Iraq War is increasing terrorist recruiting. The New York Times even made those paragraphs the sole point of their article that broke the...
  • Geneva protections useless against terrorists (Freeper op-ed)

    09/22/2006 11:56:46 AM PDT · by Mr. Silverback · 13 replies · 624+ views
    Freeport Ink (Illinois) | 21 Sept 06 | Me
    You would think the memory of a getting a bayonet to the groin would stick with a guy. Now that I’ve got your attention, let’s look at the controversy over tools needed for success in the War on Terror, but we need to detour through North Vietnam. Near Hanoi in 1967, a wing was torn off John McCain’s A-4 Skyhawk by a missile. Ejecting from his doomed craft, McCain broke his right leg at the knee. Both arms were broken, with the right breaking in three places. A crowd rescued him from the lake he had landed in, and then...
  • Remembering 9/11 one victim at a time (Freeper-written tribute to BCM & BKO)

    09/06/2006 8:52:24 PM PDT · by Mr. Silverback · 173 replies · 12,857+ views
    Freeport Ink (Illinois) | 7 September 06 | Me
    In the next few days you’ll hear a lot about the nearly 3,000 people killed on September 11, 2001. I’d like to tell you about just two of them, two people whose names I look for every time I see a list of the casualties. Let me tell you about Ted’s wife and Ryan and Dylan’s dad. Barbara Olson started out as a ballerina and ended up as a famous lawyer. She danced with the San Francisco Ballet and the Harkness Ballet in New York City, then moved on to Hollywood because working as an assistant producer would allow her...
  • The Mel-O-Drama and media priorities (Freeper op-ed)

    08/29/2006 1:39:38 PM PDT · by Mr. Silverback · 27 replies · 719+ views
    Freeport Ink (Illinois) | 24 Aug 06 | Me
    You’re probably quite sick of hearing about Mel Gibson, so I promise this column isn’t primarily about him or his drunken rant. Instead, I’m wondering why we’ve been treated to a seemingly infinite number of media stories about Gibson’s arrest and so few about Naveed Afzal Haq. Haq shot up the Jewish Federation in Seattle on July 28. He hid near a security door until he saw a likely victim. Kelsie Burkum, 14, was there to visit her aunt, Cheryl Stumbo. According to the charges filed, Haq stuck a semiautomatic pistol in Burkum’s back, telling her to open the door...
  • Hillary protects her left flank with a shot at the right (Freeper Op-ed)

    08/18/2006 10:24:37 AM PDT · by Mr. Silverback · 31 replies · 987+ views
    Freeport Ink (Freeport, IL) | 10 August 06 | Me
    “My goodness,” he said. Secretary Rumsfeld was responding to a question asked by Hillary Clinton, junior senator from New York and, of course, our former non-cookie-baking First Lady. They were conversing while Rumsfeld testified at a hearing of the Senate Armed Services Committee. The question, like so many delivered in such hearings, was actually a long, prepared diatribe. My question is much shorter than Senator Clinton’s: was this the official start of her campaign for the presidency, or just the beginning of a new phase in that campaign? “Under your leadership there have been numerous errors in judgment that have...
  • An open letter To Senator Tom Harkin, D-IA (Freeper-written op ed)

    07/27/2006 10:00:02 AM PDT · by Mr. Silverback · 41 replies · 1,028+ views
    Freeport Ink (Freeport, IL) | 27 July 06 | Me
    Dear Sir, I noted your heated reaction to President Bush’s veto of the recent funding bill for embryonic stem cell research (ESCR). You scolded Bush, telling him he’s “not our moral ayatollah,” and called the veto “cruel and cynical.” You promised to reintroduce the funding bill after the Democrats take back the house this fall. I was not aware that deciding not to spend tax dollars on a certain type of research is the same as trying to run the moral lives of every American. Also, I know you’re quite aware that the president believes that this research turns human...
  • Daring to stand against the gay lobby (Freeper-written op ed)

    07/27/2006 9:43:06 AM PDT · by Mr. Silverback · 60 replies · 2,006+ views
    Freeport Ink (Freeport, IL) | 13 July 06 | Me
    How much of your life willing you part with to make gay activists happy? Let me introduce you to some people who’ve already paid price in personal trouble or lost civil liberties because they dared express politically incorrect views on the subject. Let’s start with the most recent victim. Leo “Skip” Childs is a dedicated volunteer firefighter in the town of North Truro, Massachusetts. He is known for spending every spare hour assisting his neighbors. He’s the department’s mechanic, and until recently was on the local Board of Fire Engineers and was about to be appointed to another term. But...
  • Freeper Rambette needs your prayers

    07/17/2006 10:07:56 AM PDT · by Mr. Silverback · 141 replies · 2,758+ views
    7/17/06 | Me
    Some of you will recall that last year my wife Rambette had some difficulties in obtaining a nursing job because of a bureaucratic screwup. It has come to our attention that this was not a screwup per se, but almost certainly resulted from misconduct on the part of one or more hospital staff members. I cannot go into detail on the forum, but suffice it to say that the coverup for someone's favoritism and/or stupidity has strayed far into misconduct territory, and some people have a lot invested in making her seem like a problem child. Let me add that...
  • But wait...there's still more! (Freeper op-ed about Intel Committee changes)

    06/22/2006 7:18:01 AM PDT · by Mr. Silverback · 7 replies · 531+ views
    Freeport iNK (Illinois) | 22 June 06 | Me
    In a column last month called “The old six-four defense,” I discussed the profound lack of seriousness on the part of the modern Democratic Party when it comes to national security issues. Basically, if it doesn’t offer a chance to hand-wring, raise the white flag or gain political advantage (or better yet, all three) the leaders of the party of FDR aren’t interested. Moreover, even when they sound interested, they come off as clownish poseurs: “I voted for the $87 billion before I voted against it,” etc. But even given the genius for failure that they’ve shown for most of...
  • Haditha--A hotbed of hearsay (Freeper op-ed)

    06/08/2006 2:15:43 PM PDT · by Mr. Silverback · 15 replies · 569+ views
    Freeport (Illinois) iNK | 8 June 06 | Me
    As they gleefully stampede to report on the supposed “Iraqi My Lai,” the increasingly dubious mainstream media has trampled the second most important fact of the case into the dust. That fact? We don’t know squat about what happened there. We know Marines were in Haditha on November 19 and lost a comrade to an IED attack. We know bodies were videotaped in the town on November 20. That is all we can count on as rock solid evidence. Sure, we may be under the impression that we “know” things because of all the media blather, but virtually every “fact”...
  • The old six-four defense (Freeper op-ed)

    05/25/2006 12:09:51 PM PDT · by Mr. Silverback · 27 replies · 912+ views
    Freeport (Illinois) Ink | 25 May 06 | Me
    Could the Democrats take control of the House and gain a position to take the White House and Senate in 2008? As the GOP flails about and the President’s poll numbers sink like a rock in water, a Dem landslide is seen as a fait accompli in some quarters. I agree it just might happen. However, the syndrome that should prevent it can be summed up with three words: “Six foot four.” In an interview on The Daily Show with Jon Stewart that ran an hour after President Bush’s immigration speech, DNC Chairman Howard Dean said this: "Here's the big...
  • The Big Oil price gouging myth (Freeper op-ed)

    05/25/2006 12:05:10 PM PDT · by Mr. Silverback · 41 replies · 1,124+ views
    Freeport (Illinois) Ink | 11 May 06 | Me
    The Democrats and Republicans continued their race to the bottom this week, and for a while they wish to run on the same track. Democrats spouted their annual pretended outrage at gas prices, and this time the GOP joined them, with Senate Leader Frist, Speaker Hastert and President Bush all rushing to call for another fruitless price gouging investigation. While we wait for the Beltway bloviators to call for repeal of the law of supply and demand, let’s look at eight facts they don’t seem willing to discuss. 1. The big oil companies recently posted record profits, but they also...
  • General Disorder (Freeper op-ed)

    05/25/2006 12:02:00 PM PDT · by Mr. Silverback · 26 replies · 488+ views
    Freeport (Illinois) Ink | 27 April 06 | Me
    Did you know that over half of Americans won’t mind us having a banana republic government structure? That’s what a Fox News/ Opinion Dynamics poll found last week. Fifty-four percent of respondents said that our military should be run by military personnel, with only 20% coming out in favor of civilian control. In over two years of being a complete news junkie, I have never seen scarier poll results than that. Don’t get me wrong, I have an enormous level of trust for our men and women in uniform. But the Framers of our Constitution weren’t exactly kum-bai-yah anti-military types...