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  • Racially Incorrect Facts on Slavery: African Slave Traders - The black roots of African slavery

    07/29/2016 10:57:21 AM PDT · by Perseverando · 28 replies
    FrontPage Mag ^ | July 29, 2016 | Jack Kerwick
    Ask yourself this: In all of the gazillions of lectures and tirades (there have, as to date, been no genuine conversations) on slavery, have you ever heard of the names of John Currantee and Ephraim Robin John? Such names—and there are many, many more—belong to a racially incorrect history of slavery, an historical account that threatens to rip asunder the ideological foundations of the Racism-Industrial-Complex (RIC), or Big Racism. For centuries and centuries, courtesy of both Arabs and its indigenous peoples, slavery was endemic throughout the continent of Africa. Contrary to what contemporary mythical portraits like Roots would have us...
  • The Muslim Slave Trade (Documentary From 2nd Half 20th Century)

    02/12/2016 7:12:36 AM PST · by wtd · 15 replies
    Youtube ^ | February 12, 2016/12th of February, 1790
    A video which should be posted every day during "Black History Month" and weekly during the rest of the year. Hugh Fitzgerald, one time VP (emeritus?) at, occasionally mentioned an author by the name of Theodore Parker, who wrote "Historic Americans", in which Parker describes founding father, Ben Franklin, abolitionist extraordinaire, quoting the koran in defending his abolition petition to Congress. You can read it online here: Quote: Page 27:You see the young nation in its infancy. "Hercules in his cradle, "said Franklin; but with a legion of the mystic serpents about him. If the rising sun...
  • German TV channel films ISIL slave trade in Turkey

    German television station ARD has produced footage documenting the slave trade being conducted by the radical terrorist group the Islamic State of Iraq and the Levant (ISIL) through a liaison office in Turkey. Two correspondents from the TV channel filmed a Yazidi family buying their relatives to save them from ISIL and spoke to witnesses. The Yazidi family contacted a liaison office of ISIL in Turkey through a Kurdish man named Abu Mital, who works as an intermediary for ISIL, in order to purchase a mother, her three children and an 11-year-old boy from ISIL and return them to their...
  • Human trafficking survivor: I was raped 43,200 times

    11/11/2015 3:47:26 PM PST · by Kid Shelleen · 55 replies
    CNN ^ | 11/11/2015 | Rafael Romo,
    --SNIP-- Her story highlights the brutal realities of human trafficking in Mexico and the United States, an underworld that has destroyed the lives of tens of thousands of Mexican girls like Karla. Human trafficking has become a trade so lucrative and prevalent, that it knows no borders and links towns in central Mexico with cities like Atlanta and New York. U.S. and Mexican officials both point to a town in central Mexico that for years has been a major source of human trafficking rings and a place where victims are taken before being eventually forced into prostitution.
  • Wilberforce didn’t quit: Neither should those who fight to save unborn babies

    08/06/2015 1:53:06 PM PDT · by SeekAndFind · 1 replies
    Blogging Theologically ^ | 08/06/2015 | BY AARON ARMSTRONG
    Forty-six years.That’s how long William Wilberforce labored to see the end of slavery in the British Empire. His work began in earnest in 1787 when he first came into contact with abolitionists such as Thomas Clarkson, Hannah More and Charles Middleton. These activists found a kindred spirit in Wilberforce, whose conversion to the Christian faith had given birth to an abiding concern for social reform—so much so, in fact, that he wrote in his diary, “God Almighty has set before me two great objects, the suppression of the slave trade and the reformation of manners.”The dark and dehumanizing practice of slavery weighed heavy on him. He first...
  • Did You Know the First Legal Slave Owner in America Was a Black Man?

    06/24/2015 11:08:58 AM PDT · by blueyon · 32 replies
    Gateway Pundt ^ | 4/23/15 | Jim Hoft
    Here’s something you won’t read about in the US history books. The first legal slave owner in America was black and he owned white slaves. Anthony Johnson (BC 1600 – 1670) was an Angolan who achieved freedom in the early 17th century Colony of Virginia. Johnson was captured in his native Angola by an enemy tribe and sold to Arab (Muslim) slave traders. He was eventually sold as an indentured servant to a merchant working for the Virginia Company. Sometime after 1635, Antonio and Mary gained their freedom from indenture. Antonio changed his name to Anthony Johnson. In 1651 Anthony...
  • ISIS Jihadi Bride Estimates Michelle Obama’s Worth as ‘Slave Girl’ at $40

    05/24/2015 8:17:50 AM PDT · by rktman · 50 replies ^ | 5/23/2015 | Mary Chastain
    The Islamic State (ISIS/ISIL) has published an article in the latest issue of its magazine, Dabiq, by jihadi bride Umm Summayyah, estimating that First Lady Michelle Obama is only worth $40 on the terrorist group’s slave market. Summayyah also defends the rape of thousands of Yazidi females.
  • Husbands killed, Australian jihadi brides face sexual slavery

    02/12/2015 9:45:49 PM PST · by george76 · 17 replies
    The Daily Telegraph ^ | February 12, 2015 | Simon Benson
    YOUNG Australian jihadi brides are now being traded as sex slaves by terrorist groups in Syria and Iraq, intelligence ­officials have revealed. Other young women captured by Islamic State fighters were also being bought and sold for as little as $100 each. The publication of an IS document revealing a price list by age for buying women has prompted intelligence officials to warn that young Australian women risked being sold into sexual slavery. It is known several Australian women who had gone to Syria had now become slaves of the terrorist group after their partners were killed. ... They are...
  • We British Would Be Delighted To Accept Reparations For The Slave Trade And Slavery

    09/15/2013 1:31:17 PM PDT · by 2ndDivisionVet · 90 replies
    Forbes ^ | July 26, 2013 | Tim Worstall
    There’s another attempt afoot to collect reparations for the appalling effects of the slave trade and slavery. This time it’s certain of the Caribbean countries demanding that Britain, Holland and France should cough up compensation for those horrors. The unfortunate point about such attempts to collect money being that actually, in the British case at least, the money should be flowing the other way. To the British, not from them that is. Even the most basic economic analysis proves this so I’m always amused by the repeated attempts to make us pay rather than collect. Before anyone gets too hot...
  • PM: Illegal Immigration, Human Trafficking Things of the Past

    12/02/2012 2:23:38 PM PST · by Eleutheria5 · 6 replies
    Arutz Sheva ^ | 2/12/12 | David Lev
    At an annual event discussing ways to end human trafficking, Prime Minister Binyamin Netanyahu declared that the problem of illegal immigration into Israel "has been solved.” With no more than a few dozen illegals managing to get into Israel in recent months, Netanyahu said that for all intents and purposes, his government had managed to put an end to illegal immigration, and with it, the problem of human trafficking. “Human trafficking, human torture, and murder of children were phenomena that accompanied the parade of illegals that entered the country. From the moment we stemmed this flow, with the intent of...
  • Top Model: Saudi Arabs Buy American Girls (video)

    02/26/2012 8:25:30 AM PST · by Nachum · 26 replies · 2+ views
    Creeping Sharia ^ | 2/26/12 |
    Link to video only
  • New find reveals Swedes' role in Ottoman sex-slave trade

    01/15/2012 8:40:00 PM PST · by DeaconBenjamin · 20 replies
    The Local (Sweden) ^ | 13 Jan 12 13:57 CET
    The recent uncovering of centuries-old documents has revealed that Swedish ships were used in the Mediterranean slave trade. Up to three quarters of the cargo was women who researchers have suggested were sold as sex slaves. “Swedish history must be rewritten,” researcher Joachim Östlund told The Local. Östlund, from the Department of History at Lund University, found that Sweden had an active role in the 18th century slave-trades through the discovery of forgotten ship registration documents stored in Stockholm’s consulate archives. While ‘not surprised’ about uncovering Sweden’s participation in the Ottoman Empire, he stresses the importance of shedding light on...
  • Republicans, Let us Honor Abraham Lincoln Today

    09/15/2003 6:37:23 AM PDT · by republicanwizard · 155 replies · 876+ views
    National Park Service ^ | 9/15/2003 | RepublianWizard
    Third Debate with Stephen A. Douglas at Jonesboro, Illinois September 15, 1858 MR. DOUGLAS' SPEECH. LADIES AND GENTLEMEN: I appear before you today in pursuance of a previous notice, and have made arrangements with Mr. Lincoln to divide time, and discuss with him the leading political topics that now agitate the country. Prior to 1854 this country was divided into two great political parties known as Whig and Democratic. These parties differed from each other on certain questions which were then deemed to be important to the best interests of the Republic. Whig and Democrats differed about a bank, the...
  • [South Texas:]Teenage girls allegedly trafficked to work as prostitutes in Rio Grande City

    03/24/2011 7:04:22 AM PDT · by SwinneySwitch · 36 replies
    The Monitor ^ | March 23, 2011 | Jared Taylor
    RIO GRANDE CITY — Three men allegedly raped and abused Mexican girls brought across the Rio Grande to work as prostitutes. Rio Grande City police uncovered the alleged sex trafficking ring during a March 17 traffic stop. Federal authorities have opened their own investigation in the case, as well. But the local criminal charges lodged in the case allege that the juvenile girls — as young as 13 years old — had been brought into the city to work as prostitutes and were sexually abused by their smugglers, as well. Arrested were Juan Antonio Garcia and Juan Chavarria, 25, who...
  • Brothers compromised security at company's airport location

    12/03/2010 12:42:35 PM PST · by DFG · 18 replies
    Nashville City Paper ^ | 12/02/10 | James Nix
    A brother of three men indicted last month on federal sex trafficking charges provided one of them access to restricted areas at the Nashville International Airport including in the cockpit of a plane. The information came out during a hearing regarding the federal detention of Abdifatah Sharif Omar and Mohamed Sharif Omar Thursday in the U.S. District Court in Nashville. The two, along with brother Liban Sharif Omar, are three of the 29 individuals — mostly from Minneapolis and Nashville — indicted in November on federal charges of sex trafficking involving juvenile girls.
  • Muslim Slavery Resurgent as Sudan Arabs Kidnapping Black Africans

    11/10/2010 3:00:54 PM PST · by george76 · 20 replies
    Un:dhimmi ^ | November 10th, 2010 | Un:dhimmi
    From the people that pretty much invented it, the taking of slaves is happening again in the benighted, failed state of Sudan: Nairobi — Officially, [the] slave trade ended 200 years ago ... But history has a way of repeating itself, and it is doing just that in Sudan, where thousands of black Africans from the south are abducted and sold as slaves in the Arab north. According to reports from non-governmental organisations and human rights agencies, a black slave goes for between $10 and $100 (Sh800 and Sh8,000), and various sources claim there are more than 10,000 people living...
  • Dear Glenn Beck: Confederate Constitution mentions the word slavery ONE time.

    06/25/2010 4:31:27 PM PDT · by central_va · 976 replies · 9+ views
    Confederate Constitution ^ | 6/25/10 | Central_VA
    Open Message to Mr. Beck (self proclaimed historian). Tonight on your TV show you said that you read the Confederate Constitution and I paraphrase "it had slavery written all over it, all about slavery blah blah blah". You are incorrect sir, I did a word search on the document and the word slavery appears "one" time. Everyone can try it for themselves at the link provided below.CS ConstitutionCan never trust a Yankee, even a goofy entertaining one.
  • HENRY LOUIS GATES Jr.: Ending the Slavery Blame-Game ("90 percent...were enslaved by Africans")

    05/02/2010 9:02:10 PM PDT · by neverdem · 82 replies · 2,266+ views
    NY Times ^ | April 23, 2010 | HENRY LOUIS GATES Jr.
    THANKS to an unlikely confluence of history and genetics — the fact that he is African-American and president — Barack Obama has a unique opportunity to reshape the debate over one of the most contentious issues of America’s racial legacy: reparations, the idea that the descendants of American slaves should receive compensation for their ancestors’ unpaid labor and bondage. There are many thorny issues to resolve before we can arrive at a judicious (if symbolic) gesture to match such a sustained, heinous crime. Perhaps the most vexing is how to parcel out blame to those directly involved in the capture...
  • La. woman pleads to selling 2 kids for bird, cash

    02/23/2010 7:51:18 AM PST · by JoeProBono · 31 replies · 888+ views
    hosted ^ | Feb 23
    VILLE PLATTE, La.- A 52-year-old Louisiana woman has pleaded guilty to two counts of sale of a minor for trading two children to a couple in exchange for an exotic pet bird and $175. Donna Louise Greenwell received 15 months of hard labor on each count on Monday, which she will serve concurrently.
  • African slavery apology 'needed'

    11/12/2009 3:58:36 AM PST · by darkside321 · 34 replies · 947+ views
    Traditional African rulers should apologise for the role they played in the slave trade, a Nigerian rights group has said in a letter to chiefs. "We cannot continue to blame the white men, as Africans particularly the traditional rulers, are not blameless," said the Civil Rights Congress. The letter said some collaborated or actively sold off their subjects. The group said it was time for African leaders to copy the US and the UK who have already said they were sorry. It urged Nigeria's traditional rulers to apologise on behalf of their forefathers and "put a final seal to the...
  • Barack Obama and Slavery

    09/26/2008 7:09:19 AM PDT · by Kaslin · 22 replies · 1,123+ views
    American Thinker ^ | September 26, 2008 | Bill Warner
    Slavery still stalks the American consciousness, its wounds yet festering in many hearts. If Barack Obama were to set his mind to it, he could heal much of the damage this peculiar institution wrought on our national soul. This great and tragic error that must be given justice. Obama is the best person in the world who can recognize, remember and honor the deaths of 125 million and the enslavement of tens of millions of people. His unique qualifications can be found in his names. Until he was 20 years old, he went by the first name Barry. Then he...
  • How the West Abolished Slavery

    09/25/2008 10:20:59 AM PDT · by bs9021 · 4 replies · 371+ views
    Campus Report ^ | September 25, 2008 | Lance Nation
    How The West Abolished Slavery by: Lance Nation, September 25, 2008 In the opening remarks of a recent Cato Institute event, David Boaz, the executive vice-president of the Cato Institute, asked an important question, “How is it that slavery went unchallenged for thousands of years, but disappeared in a single century?” Answering this question was James “Jim” Powell, a Senior Fellow at the Cato Institute. Taking from his new book, Greatest Emancipation: How the West Abolished Slavery, Jim Powell explained the importance Thomas Clarkson played in ending the slave trade. “[A British citizen in the 18th Century], Clarkson originally believed...
  • US store chain cuts sales of food from China

    02/12/2008 6:29:09 PM PST · by Michael_Michaelangelo · 161 replies · 439+ views
    Yahoo News ^ | Feb 12, 08 | Staff
    WASHINGTON (AFP) - US grocery chain Trader Joe's said Monday it would stop selling food imported from China due to customers' concerns about the products' safety. "Our customers have voiced concerns about products from this region and we have listened," Trader Joe's spokeswoman Alison Mochizuki said in a statement. "All single ingredient food items sourced from mainland China are scheduled to be out of our stores by April 1," she said. "We will continue to source products from other regions until our customers feel as confident as we do about the quality and safety of Chinese products."
  • Forgotten Step Toward Freedom (The compromise at the Constitutional Convention)

    01/06/2008 4:28:08 PM PST · by neverdem · 4 replies · 105+ views
    NY Times ^ | December 30, 2007 | ERIC FONER
    WE Americans live in a society awash in historical celebrations. The last few years have witnessed commemorations of the bicentennial of the Louisiana Purchase (2003) and the 60th anniversary of the end of World War II (2005). Looming on the horizon are the bicentennial of Abraham Lincoln’s birth (2009) and the sesquicentennial of the outbreak of the Civil War (2011). But one significant milestone has gone strangely unnoticed: the 200th anniversary of Jan. 1, 1808, when the importation of slaves into the United States was prohibited. This neglect stands in striking contrast to the many scholarly and public events in...
  • To be a "good" Muslim - 'ISLAMOPEDIA' [Revised, Sep. 2007]

    09/10/2007 10:30:19 AM PDT · by Posting · 4 replies · 1,181+ views
    To be a "good" Muslim References -  'Palestinian' child abuse -  Evil 'Joy' -  'Blessing' Hitler -  Mourning the wicked -  Australia - Muslim land -  Jihad on all Buddhists -  Spain - Muslim land -  Europe - Muslim land -  Arabs DON'T care about 'Palestinians' -  72 virgins - Loyalty -  'Pallywood' -  (use of) Ambulances for terror -  (use of) Women for terror -  Human Shields -  Middle east background -  September 11 terror plot on London -  Myth on: 'Terrorists are desperate' -  Beheadings -  Ilan Halimi [an example of monsterous wild prolonged torture motivated by hate only] -  Muslims attacking Jews in France -  Ahmadinejad ' Islamic Hitler' -  Cutting -  'Honor killing' -  Jews & Christians as "Apes & Pigs"? - ...
  • African diaspora wants reparations for slavery

    08/28/2007 4:20:49 PM PDT · by 2ndDivisionVet · 108 replies · 1,725+ views
    SABC News ^ | August 28, 2007 | Thami Dickson
    European and American countries that enslaved African people and scattered them in the African Diaspora should pay reparations for their slave crimes. This came out at the historic African Union (AU) conference in the Caribbean Island of Barbados, set to tackle the integration of the African Diaspora and the continent. Leading scholars, ambassadors and government ministers from Africa and beyond are examining economic relations and the responsibility of the slave masters in undoing the slave trade damage they inflicted on Africa and her Diaspora. With song and the beating of drums, the African people in the Diaspora of the Caribbean...
  • Babies for sale at car park 'gang auctions' (France)

    06/23/2007 9:47:13 AM PDT · by Bladerunnuh · 2 replies · 322+ views
    Telegraph UK ^ | 6-23-07 | Peter Allen
    Two Romanian couples were arrested while trying to sell a two-month-old girl for "anything between 10,000 to 15,000 euros" (Ł7,000 to Ł10,500), according to a police spokesman. A 15-year-old, presumed to be the mother of the baby, was taken to hospital. Three adults were taken to the Angouleme police station. "How much do you offer?" a male member of the gang is said to have shouted at shoppers as he held the crying baby aloft, according to one witness. A woman shopper alerted the hypermarket's security team who prevented the group from getting away by blocking exits with cars until...
  • 25 indicted in Minneapolis prostitution sting (Illegals forced to STFU)

    05/21/2007 9:41:52 PM PDT · by ButThreeLeftsDo · 22 replies · 3,555+ views ^ | 5'21/07 | AP/
    Twenty-five men and women have been indicted in what authorities are calling a major prostitution ring in which victims were brought to Minnesota illegally and forced to work in brothels, the U.S. Attorney's Office said Monday. According to an indictment unsealed Monday, between January 2006 and May 2007, the defendants forced or lured female illegal immigrants and others to Minnesota, then transported them around the state to act as prostitutes for the defendants' own financial gain. The women were allegedly forced to work in eight brothels in Minnesota - five in Minneapolis, one in Richfield, one in West St. Paul,...
  • Jamaican anger over slave trade (Bicentennial: Slave Trade Abolishment in the British Empire).

    03/28/2007 12:10:12 AM PDT · by Jedi Master Pikachu · 17 replies · 835+ views
    BBC ^ | Monday, March 26, 2007 | Clive Myrie
    On a plantation just outside the Jamaican capital, Kingston, we watched workers with long machetes slice down towering stalks of sugar cane with industrial precision. Sugar is still harvested by hand, when it is too wet for machines The crop is only harvested by hand on modern plantations when it rains and today there is a steady drizzle. Usually machines do the graft. But for more than 300 years until the early 19th century the machines were African slaves. Men, women and children were overworked and brutalised. Cruelty and torture meant as many as a third of all slaves...
  • Mark Steyn: Victor Victorians. A Lesson in Real Morality

    03/18/2007 5:00:40 AM PDT · by Tom D. · 53 replies · 2,026+ views
    Chicago Sun-Times ^ | March 18, 2007 | Mark Steyn
    Victor Victorians. A Lesson in Real Morality March 18, 2007 BY MARK STEYN Sun-Times Columnist 'William Wilberforce,'' writes Eric Metaxas in Amazing Grace, "was the happy victim of his own success. He was like someone who against all odds finds the cure for a horrible disease that's ravaging the world, and the cure is so overwhelmingly successful that it vanquishes the disease completely. No one suffers from it again -- and within a generation or two no one remembers it ever existed.'' What did Wilberforce ''cure''? Two centuries ago, on March 25, 1807, one very persistent British backbencher secured the...
  • Virginia 'sorry' for slavery role

    02/25/2007 10:15:00 AM PST · by Jedi Master Pikachu · 82 replies · 1,214+ views
    BBC ^ | Sunday, February 25, 2007
    Virginia's General Assembly has adopted a resolution, expressing "profound regret" for the role the US state played in slavery. The resolution was passed by a 96-0 vote in the House and also unanimously backed in the 40-member Senate. Although non-binding, the resolution sent an important symbolic message, its sponsors said. Lawmakers also expressed regret for "the exploitation of Native Americans" in Virginia. Saturday's resolution was passed as the state was preparing to mark the 400th anniversary of Jamestown, where the first Africans arrived in 1619. It said that government-sanctioned slavery "ranks as the most horrendous of all depredations of...
  • Woman gets two months in jail in slavery case

    08/01/2006 3:49:32 PM PDT · by Graybeard58 · 34 replies · 913+ views
    Denver Rocky Mountain News ^ | August 1, 2006 | Associated Press
    CENTENNIAL — A Saudi woman was sentenced to two months in state jail Tuesday for theft after essentially stealing the services of an Indonesian woman whom prosecutors said was held as a virtual slave for four years. Sarah Khonaizan, 35, also was ordered to pay $90,000 in restitution and ordered not to have any contact with the 24-year-old woman. The judge credited her for 15 days of jail time already served. Last week, a federal judge sentenced her to five years of probation and ordered to pay $26,275 in restitution after pleading guilty to harboring an illegal immigrant. Her attorney,...
  • The Former Slave Who Became an American Saint

    03/18/2006 10:11:34 PM PST · by Coleus · 11 replies · 247+ views
    Beliefnet ^ | John Zmirak
    Pierre Toussaint's holiness was recognized throughout New York City. All he needs now is official canonization.     Only a few decades ago, black Catholics in some parts of America had to stand at the end of the line for Holy Communion—a travesty of the sacrament meant to make us all one in Christ. Jesus himself provides the rebuke: “The first shall be last, and the last shall be first.” So it is fitting that on the short list of Americans who have been proposed for sainthood is a black New Yorker, Pierre Toussaint (1766-1853), a freed slave who,...
  • (from 1999) CLINTON LINKED TO INTERNATIONAL TRAFFICKING IN WOMEN (yes, Hillary knows about slavery)

    02/04/2006 8:51:24 PM PST · by doug from upland · 38 replies · 1,163+ views
    worldnetdaily dot com ^ | 1999 | Charles Smith
    Clinton linked to 'international trafficking in women' Documents show presidential mission invited organized crime members Posted: October 26, 19991:00 a.m. Eastern By Charles Smith © 1999 Despite White House denials, the Clinton administration has had major contacts with Asian organized crime syndicates such as the Triads, and has befriended kingpins of international prostitution operations. Unraveling the tangled web involving Bill Clinton, Beijing and Asian organized crime starts with the president's close, and self-described "old," friendship with Arkansas restaurant owner Charlie Yah Lin Trie. Trie, who managed to donate hundreds of thousands of dollars to Bill Clinton and the Democratic party, is...
  • Group accused of forcing Honduran women to work in New Jersey bars as slaves

    07/21/2005 9:41:45 PM PDT · by Coleus · 29 replies · 2,496+ views
    Canadian Press ^ | 07.22.05 | JEFFREY GOLD
    Group accused of forcing Honduran women to work in New Jersey bars as slaves NEWARK, N.J. (AP) - Women as young as 14 were smuggled into the United States from rural Honduran villages and put to work in three northern New Jersey bars, drinking and dancing with customers to repay the smugglers, who beat the women if they objected, according to a federal indictment handed up Thursday. Some of the women were raped by the smugglers, and those who became pregnant were forced to take abortion-inducing drugs so they could stay on the job, enticing bar patrons to buy more...
  • (BWAHAHAHAHAHAHA) Re-Name Berkeley? UC Reagan

    06/22/2005 9:48:23 PM PDT · by doug from upland · 37 replies · 970+ views
    Re-Name Berkeley? UC Reagan Astute reader Frank King goes the clamor for changing school names one better. Noting the movement to change Thomas Jefferson school in Berkeley, he suggests that Berkeley itself is suspect. Berkeley, California is named for George Berkeley, philosopher and Anglican Bishop. He was also a slave owner and a Christian apologist for slavery. Berkeley's Slaves After coming to the colonies, Berkeley bought a plantation in Newport, Rhode Island-the famous "Whitehall." On October 4, 1730, Berkeley purchased "a Negro man named Philip aged Fourteen years or thereabout." A few days later he purchased "a negro man named...
  • Bill criminalizing prostitution conducted indoors foundering (ACLU ALERT)

    05/29/2005 6:26:02 AM PDT · by bulldozer · 35 replies · 769+ views
    The Boston Globe ^ | May 28,2005 | Associated Press
    PROVIDENCE, R.I. -- A push to outlaw prostitution conducted indoors has stalled over concerns the bill targets the wrong people. Sen. Rhoda Perry, sponsor of a bill that extends the ban on prostitution to activities taking place inside buildings, backed away from the proposed legislation after lobbying from the Rhode Island affiliate of the American Civil Liberties Union. The group argues arresting prostitutes in massage parlors and brothels is unproductive because they will quickly be replaced and are sometimes victims of human trafficking. The ACLU argues police should target the customers and people running the brothels.
  • Albania freezes assets of fugitive Saudi businessman on U.S. terror list

    12/15/2004 11:45:09 AM PST · by knighthawk · 10 replies · 545+ views
    The Star Online ^ | December 15 2004
    TIRANA, Albania (AP) - The Albanian government said Wednesday it has frozen the assets of a Saudi citizen who is under investigation for alleged money laundering to terror networks. Authorities have seized 22 apartment units owned by Yasin Al-Qadi, a fugitive Saudi businessman suspected of laundering money for Osama bin Laden's terror network through extensive business dealings in Albania, said Alban Beqa, a spokesman for the Ministry of Finance. Al-Qadi, 47, has been under investigation since January 2002 for money laundering. He had already left the country by that time. Al-Qadi headed the Saudi-based Muwafaq Foundation, which U.S. investigators suspect...
  • Labor case: Guilty pleas put focus on area farmers

    12/31/2004 6:12:01 AM PST · by Fury · 9 replies · 370+ views
    The Daily News (Batavia, NY) | 12/16/2004 | Tom Rivers
    Now that a farm labor contractor has pleaded guilty to recruiting undocumented Mexicans to work on Genesee and Orleans County farms, a seperate lawsuit including 10 local farmers will soon be a focus in court. A civil case against the 10 farmers has been on hold pending resolution of the criminal case against Maria garcia, her husband and two sons. The family pleaded guilty Dec. 2 to recruiting the illegal workers and then forcing them to work for little or no pay. The Garcia family could face nearly four years in prison when they are sentenced in April. Their guilty...
  • Swedish Children for Sale

    11/29/2004 10:34:08 AM PST · by rang1995 · 32 replies · 1,857+ views
    frontpagemagazine ^ | 11/29/04 | Ilya Meyer
    Swedish Children for Sale By Ilya Meyer | November 29, 2004 In June 2004, Swedish mother Elizabeth Krantz's five children were kidnapped from Sweden by Krantz's estranged Palestinian husband Ismail Nowajah. The children -- Adam, Amina, Zakarias, Miriam and Sara -- range in age from six to sixteen. They were taken to the Gaza Strip against their will and in contravention of Swedish law and have since been incarcerated in separate locations. Their mother, from a small town outside Gothenburg on Sweden's west coast, has custody of the children, with visitation rights granted to her estranged husband. Ismail Nowajah...
  • Suffer the Children

    11/05/2004 7:40:23 PM PST · by angel90210 · 11 replies · 790+ views
    Salt Lake City Weekly ^ | Nov. 4, 2004 | Pamela White
    Suffer the Children: The child sex trade is a global nightmare, but a former Interpol agent and a Boulder nonprofit are doing something about it. by Pamela White “Whoever fights monsters should see to it that in the process he does not become a monster. And when you look long into an abyss, the abyss also looks into you.” –Friedrich Nietzsche from Beyond Good and Evil: Prelude to a Philosophy of the Future David Race Bannon has nightmares that would freeze your marrow. In his dreams, he sees dismembered children, 4-year-olds chained to beds in Bangkok brothels, photographs of infant...
  • Port Of Call Girls/'Whore' Worth The Money

    02/26/2003 11:40:56 AM PST · by Cultural Jihad · 12 replies · 390+ views
    S.F. Chronicle ^ | February 26, 2003 | Carolyn Lochhead
    <p>Washington -- The Bay Area is a key port of entry for foreign women and children kidnapped or lured here under false pretenses to work in prostitution or pornography, State Department officials and advocates said Tuesday as the Bush administration vowed to combat what it called a fast-growing "modern-day form of slavery."</p>
  • US activists boycott goods made in China

    12/03/2002 4:45:40 PM PST · by HighRoadToChina · 113 replies · 1,077+ views
    Taipei Times ^ | Dec. 3, 2002 | CNA
    Published on TaipeiTimes US activists boycott goods made in ChinaCNA Several groups of Americans will begin a boycott of products made in China on Saturday with the theme of "one small step for a shopper, one giant leap for freedom and human rights," an organizer of the event said. Exiled Chinese dissidents, the China Support Network and the Tibetan Freedom Cause have waited years for the right occasion to launch "the mother of all boycotts," according to John Kusumi, Executive Director of the China Support Network. It is to be a consumer boycott "for freedom, and against products made...
  • Reparations: Overlooking African Complicity in the Slave Trade

    05/08/2002 10:19:59 AM PDT · by Dick Bachert · 40 replies · 804+ views
    FrontPageMagazine ^ | 5-8-2002 | John Perazzo
    CALLS FOR REPARATIONS are all the rage among our contemporary "civil rights" crusaders. These shrewd individuals have chosen to direct their extortion efforts toward such American corporations as Aetna, New York Life, and Chase Manhattan Bank – which are charged with having profited, in one way or another, from slavery more than 137 years ago. They understand that such companies’ deep pockets and fears of bad publicity make them likely to eventually cough up some cash in exchange for the privilege of not having their names perpetually smeared. What the moral icons of the "civil rights" establishment never mention, however,...