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  • Mark Levin: I’m not a “sellout” just because I have Marco Rubio on my show!

    01/24/2015 6:06:59 PM PST · by ObamahatesPACoal · 48 replies
    On Friday, Mark Levin responded to conservative backlash over his continued support for La Raza operative Marco Rubio… There are individuals who do ask to come on this program, and some of you get angry when I have them on– ‘oh, you’re a sellout’– just for having the individual on the program! (SNIP) I’m going to have Marco Rubio on this program…I get sick and tired of people who suggest that somehow you’re a ‘sellout’ because you bring these people on the program. No, I’m not. And I won’t be intimidated.
  • Bwahahaha: Hannity’s fake callers gush about Marco Rubio

    01/14/2015 2:00:12 PM PST · by ObamahatesPACoal · 55 replies
    La Raza operative Marco Rubio appeared on the Sean Hannity Show Monday to promote his new ghostwritten book, American Dreams: Restoring Economic Opportunity for Everyone. During the hour-long appearance, Hannity heaped praise on Rubio– but took his Goebbels-esque propagandizing to new heights by lining up fake callers to push for Rubio 2016… Lourdes: Hiiiiiiii! I’m kinda excited to talk to two freedom fighters at the same time!
  • Post-Soviet Aircraft Graveyard Discovered on Abandoned Far East Russian Air Base

    11/28/2014 5:06:48 AM PST · by WhiskeyX · 26 replies
    Urban Ghosts ^ | 7 September 2011 / 6 | Urban Ghosts
    During the Cold War CIA and U.S. Air Force pilots risked life and limb to spy on the Soviet Union. Today, we too can peer behind the former Iron Curtain, all from the comfort of our personal computers. Intriguingly, such virtual exploration has revealed abandoned military bases in the far reaches of Russia that – even today – house the rusting remnants of the feared Soviet bomber force. Littered with at least 18 gutted Tupolev Tu-22M Backfires of the 444th Heavy Bomber Regiment, Vozdvizhenka air base resembles a post-apocalyptic landscape. Entering this barren place, located near Ussuriysk in the Primorsky...
  • The vast aeroplane graveyard in Russia where 9,000 giants of the sky have been left to rust

    11/28/2014 4:44:39 AM PST · by WhiskeyX · 23 replies
    Mail online, Daily Mail ^ | 20:45 EST, 13 December 2012 | Updated: 06:24 EST, 18 December 2012 | Leon Watson
    Sat rusting away in a field 555 miles east of Moscow, these relics are all that's left of a bygone era of Soviet innovation in military and civilian aircraft. Among them are some of the former Communist regime's greatest achievements in air travel, that have since been superseded many times and rendered redundant. Nine thousand of the hulking Cold War wrecks can be seen at the vast plane and helicopter graveyard at Russia's largest aviation museum in Ulyanovsk, in the Middle Volga region. Each off the exhibits had to make their last flight here, touching down at the Ulyanovsk-Central airport,...
  • The T-34 Was a War-Winning Tank

    11/24/2014 6:30:37 AM PST · by C19fan · 60 replies
    War is Boring ^ | November 21, 2014 | Paul Richard Huard
    On June 22, 1941, Nazi German launched Operation Barbarossa, a massive attack on the Soviet Union that was the largest invasion in history. More than three million German soldiers, 150 divisions and 3,000 tanks comprised three mammoth army groups that created a front more than 1,800 miles long. The Germans expected to face an inferior enemy—the Slavs whom Adolph Hitler called untermenschen. Giddy from victories in Poland and France, Hitler and many in his military high command believed it was the destiny of Germany to invade Russia. “The end of the Jewish domination in Russia will also be the end...
  • 25 Years since the Fall of the Berlin Wall

    11/08/2014 6:57:53 AM PST · by jmcenanly · 12 replies
    Youtube , British Pathe ^ | November 8, 2014 | British Pathe
    25 Year Anniversary of the Fall of the Berlin Wall
  • Andrew Klavan: Putin's Secret Message to Obama (video)

    08/07/2014 4:26:05 AM PDT · by servo1969 · 4 replies ^ | 8-7-2014 | Andrew Klaven
    Putin's Secret Message to ObamaI’m Andrew Klavan and this is the Revolting Truth. Ever since President Obama took office, he’s been making friendly overtures to the Russians, trying to “press the reset button” in relations between our two countries. In 2012, the president was even caught on an open mike promising he’d have more “flexibility” to cave in to Russian demands after he was re-elected. Russian President Vladimir Putin has responded warmly to Obama’s gestures by warmly cheating on our arms treaties, warmly supporting our enemies in Syria, warmly annexing Crimea, and warmly abetting the destruction of a Malaysian airliner...
  • ‘Operation Normandy’ set to send 3,500 volunteers to border to ‘stop an invasion’

    07/23/2014 3:00:47 PM PDT · by 2ndDivisionVet · 42 replies
    The Washington Times ^ | July 23, 2014 | Cheryl K. Chumley
    (VIDEO-AT-LINK)Jim Gilchrist — one of the founders of the Minutemen Project — said he’s reaching out across America to recruit at least 3,500 volunteers who will go to the border to patrol and cover the “porous areas” between San Diego and Brownsville, Texas. The campaign is called “Operation Normandy,” and it’s set for May 1, 2015, Raw Story reported. “If you are familiar with the Normandy invasion of France in 1944, then you have an idea how large and logistically complicated this event will be,” Mr. Gilchrist said, Raw Story reported. “However, there is one difference. We are not going...
  • Wanted: Stories of Soviet Weapons Confiscation and Disposition

    06/16/2014 9:40:24 AM PDT · by marktwain · 4 replies
    Gun Watch ^ | 17 June, 2014 | Dean Weingarten
    The old Soviet Union did not generally destroy the weapons that it confiscated from people.   The Soviets understood value, and did not wantonly destroy valuable property for no reason.   They confiscated much property and sold it for state purposes, used it in defense of the state, or redistributed it to "reliable" Party members and officials. I am looking for sources to validate how the Soviets distributed the weapons that they confiscated.   I know that even old obsolete revolvers made for the Czar were refurbished in state armories.   I own one. Any sources for stories about...
  • Whiny Polish MP Wants to Keep my Murdered Grandfather's Property

    05/18/2014 1:42:51 PM PDT · by Tzvi · 27 replies
    The Jewish Independent ^ | May 18, 2014 | Yori Yanover
    Slawomir Kopycinski is not the exception in Poland, he’s the rule. And we should not tell any more lies about it.
  • Comrade Carney And The Case Of The Disembodied Digit

    04/12/2014 3:33:02 PM PDT · by absentee · 48 replies
    RedState ^ | 4/12/2014 | Caleb Howe
    Photos from the home of White House Press Secretary Jay Carney that accompany a Washingtonian magazine puff piece this week have caused a bit of a stir online after enterprising reporters and bloggers had a closer look. Take a look at the first one: First of all, what kind of family are they feeding there? That's enough food for a small platoon. I see three people in that picture. Three people evidently preparing to go into hibernation. But secondly, and more interestingly, check out the posters in the background.
  • Freaky Photoshop disaster: Jay Carney puff piece goes hilariously wrong [pics]

    04/11/2014 7:44:01 PM PDT · by Timber Rattler · 72 replies ^ | April 11, 2014 | Twitchy Staff
  • During Cold War, CIA used ‘Doctor Zhivago’ as a tool to undermine Soviet Union

    04/07/2014 5:39:12 AM PDT · by C19fan · 12 replies
    Washington Post ^ | April 5, 2014 | Peter Finn and Petra Couvée
    A secret package arrived at CIA headquarters in January 1958. Inside were two rolls of film from British intelligence — pictures of the pages of a Russian-language novel titled “Doctor Zhivago.” The book, by poet Boris Pasternak, had been banned from publication in the Soviet Union. The British were suggesting that the CIA get copies of the novel behind the Iron Curtain. The idea immediately gained traction in Washington.
  • The Russian View Of Information War

    03/27/2014 8:17:49 AM PDT · by AdmSmith · 7 replies
    Foreign Military Studies Office ^ | 7-9 February 2000 | Timothy L. Thomas
    This article highlights four basic aspects of Russian information warfare (IW) thinking: terminology and theory; military-technical and information-psychological developments; implications of IO for Russia (and the West); and the impact of IO on military doctrine and national security policy. The article begins with an explanation of the importance of information security issues to 21st century Russia.
  • Soviet roots of the anti-Israeli Christ at the Checkpoint campaign

    03/27/2014 12:39:25 AM PDT · by se99tp · 8 replies
    ChristianConceptsDaily ^ | March 27th, 2014
    The coexistence of "Palestinian" Arabs and Moscow started from a lie, which will be ever-present in the propaganda of so-called Palestinian cause. As former American intelligence service’s expert James Hansen emphasized in his book, Soviets advertised “cause of Palestinian guerilla groups” using untruths about “the battles between the Israelis and Palestians”. In late 1968, publicity was apparent in the Soviet press over the cause of the Palestinian guerrilla groups. This publicity was coupled with exaggerated numbers of Israeli casualties and nonexistent battles between the Israelis and Palestinians.
  • Russia’s Giant Secret Spy Ship Killed Rats, Ruined Careers and Almost Got Blown Up TWICE

    02/14/2014 8:52:24 AM PST · by C19fan · 20 replies
    War Is Boring ^ | February 14, 2013 | David Axe
    In June 1981, the Soviet Union began building a huge, nuclear-powered reconnaissance ship specifically designed to sail thousands of miles to the U.S. missile test site at the remote Kwajalein Atoll in the middle of the Pacific Ocean. There, the vessel would sit for months, hoovering up electronic data in order to determine what America’s most secretive weapons could do. But the spy ship Ural, completed in May 1983, sailed only once—from the Baltic shipyard where she was built to her home port of Vladivostok—and never went anywhere near Kwajalein. Hobbled by faulty hardware, cursed with bad luck and starved...
  • On the Soviet Church

    12/28/2013 9:38:54 AM PST · by annalex · 12 replies
    Ivan Ilyin
    On the Soviet ChurchIvan Ilyin(unidentified excerpt, noticed here) ... Some went to martyrdom. Others fled into exile or underground - the forests and ravines. Others went underground – the underground of the personal soul: they learned silent, unobtrusive externally, secret prayer, the prayer of the intimate fire. But there were - the fourth. These decided to say to the Bolsheviks: "Yes, we are with you," and not just to say, but actually to act and to speak, and to affirm by their acts; to help them and to serve their cause, to fulfill all their requirements, to lie with them,...
  • Kalashnikov inventor dies aged 94

    12/23/2013 9:07:03 AM PST · by PGR88 · 24 replies
    The Daily Telegraph ^ | December 23, 2013 | Harriet Alexander
    Mikhail Kalashnikov, inventor of the world's most famous gun, has died. While Kalashnikov designed a weapon that became synonymous with killing on a sometimes indiscriminate scale. He was seen in the Soviet Union as a national hero and symbol of Moscow's proud military past. A former soldier, inspired by the drawbacks of Russian weaponry in the Second World War he decided to invent a new assault rifle. This process culminated in 1947 with the design of the AK-47. Over the course of his career he evolved the basic design into a weapons family. Kalashnikov, who was in his 20s when...
  • Media attacks Obama's 'Soviet-style' publicity policy

    12/02/2013 12:37:10 PM PST · by Jim Robinson · 30 replies
    Telegraph (UK) ^ | Dec 1, 2013 | By Jon Swaine, New York
    Major media organisations protest against being shut out of president's events in favour of official photographer Barack Obama's White House has been accused of producing Soviet-style propaganda by press photographers who are furious at being denied access to the US president. Mr Obama's aides routinely block independent photographers from capturing him at work, before distributing flattering pictures shot by Pete Souza, his official photographer. During a tense meeting at the White House, the practice was described by Doug Mills, a veteran photographer for The New York Times, as “just like TASS,” the Soviet Union state news agency. More than 30...
  • In the end the Democratic Party's relationship with the American people boils down to this...

    10/25/2013 9:49:14 AM PDT · by The Looking Spoon · 2 replies
    The Looking Spoon ^ | 10-25-13 | The Looking Spoon
  • Yuri Bezmenov: Deception Was My Job (Complete)

    09/28/2013 6:35:02 PM PDT · by GraceG · 8 replies
    You Tube ^ | 1984 | Yuri Bezmenov
    Interesting interview of Yuri Bezmenov by G Edward Griffin. I am halfway through it and it is fascinating!
  • Obama's Soviet Mistake

    09/15/2013 10:00:58 AM PDT · by Loud Mime · 6 replies
    Pravda, english ^ | Lerma | Xavier
    The red, white and blue still flies happily but only in Russia. Russia still has St George defeating the Dragon with the symbol of the cross on its' flag. The ACLU and other atheist groups in America would never allow the US flag with such religious symbols. Lawsuits a plenty against religious freedom and expression in the land of the free. Christianity in the U.S. is under attack as it was during the early period of the Soviet Union when religious symbols were against the law.
  • New Book Reveals "Long Lost" Holocaust Films

    07/18/2013 3:10:08 PM PDT · by Eleutheria5 · 32 replies
    Arutz Sheva ^ | 18/7/13
    Nearly a dozen “long-lost, rarely seen” Soviet films and scores of screenplays that were never produced about the persecution of Jews during World War II have been revived and are featured in “The Phantom Holocaust: Soviet Cinema and Jewish Catastrophe,” a new book released by Rutgers University Press this week. “Those films have been pretty much just erased from history, really,” said the book’s author, Olga Gershenson, an associate professor of Judaic and Near Eastern Studies at the University of Massachusetts Amherst, in an interview with RIA Novosti. Gershenson said that “basically half of all the Holocaust victims, nearly three...
  • New book reveals how KGB operation seeded Muslim countries with anti-American, anti-Jewish...

    06/25/2013 11:36:56 AM PDT · by Smokeyblue · 14 replies
    Daily Mail ^ | June 25, 2013 | David Martosko
    The highest-ranking Soviet-bloc intelligence officer ever to defect to the West claims in a new book that anti-American Islamic terrorism had its roots in a secret 1970s-era KGB plot to harm but the United States and Israel by seeding Muslim countries with carefully targeted propaganda. Yuri Andropov, the KGB chief for 15 years before he became the Soviet premier, sent hundreds of agents and thousands of copies of propaganda literature to Muslim countries. 'By 1972,' according to the book, 'Andropov's disinformation machinery was working around the clock to persuade the Islamic world that Israel and the United States intended to...
  • White House admits it has 'access' to Facebook, Google

    06/07/2013 2:33:18 PM PDT · by Dallas59 · 57 replies
    The Week ^ | 6/7/2013 | The Week
    THE White House has confirmed that US intelligence agencies have been collecting data held by Facebook, Google, Apple and other web giants for nearly six years in a bid to ward off threats to national security. The confirmation of a “classified program” giving agents access to material stored by some of the biggest internet companies was triggered by a report in The Guardian claiming that the National Security Agency (NSA) has had direct access to the servers used by web giants like Facebook and Google since 2007.
  • Cold War Era KGB Spy equipment

    05/10/2013 9:09:48 PM PDT · by Jyotishi · 11 replies ^ | Unspecifies | Unknown
    A camera hidden inside of a coat jacket, controlled by a hand held mechanism. A wrist–gun that is attached to a glove, can be hidden under a sleeve. A special listening device. A 4.5mm gun hidden inside of a lipstick. A gun hidden inside of a tobacco pipe. A camera hidden inside of a pen. This gun fires a dual cyanide charge that can kill almost instantly. Cufflinks with recessions to hide things An ancient coin that has a recess in it to hide things. A jacket button that can be turned into a compass. A transmitting device inside of...
  • Local NBC Reporter Hilariously Denies Soviet Flags Present At May Day Rally: ‘What Do They

    05/02/2013 1:36:02 PM PDT · by Nachum · 62 replies
    Mediaite ^ | 5/2/13 | Noah Rothman
    While covering a May Day rally in Manhattan’s Union Square on Wednesday, NBC New York reporter Ida Siegal was cornered and asked if her network planned to show the communist imagery the protesters were displaying. Hilarity ensued when Siegal immediately became defensive, denying she had seen any communist imagery and asking of the “Hammer-and-Sickle” flags: “What do they represent?” “You guys are with channel 4 news,” the videographer noted while addressing Siegal and her production team. “Are you guys going to show any of the people with Hammer and Sickle flags?” “I haven’t seen any of those flags,” Siegal replied...
  • Soviet war veteran found in Afghanistan after 33 years

    03/05/2013 8:01:17 AM PST · by fso301 · 19 replies
    BBC ^ | March 5, 2013 | Unnamed
    A Soviet soldier who went missing in Afghanistan nearly 33 years ago has been found living with Afghans in the western province of Herat. The soldier is semi-nomadic, has the adopted Afghan name Sheikh Abdullah and practises herbal medicine, Russia's RIA news agency reports. An ethnic Uzbek, he was found by ex-Soviet veterans of the war. Click link for rest of article
  • Former Soviet Citizen Confronts Socialists at Occupy Wall Street

    02/16/2013 12:55:23 PM PST · by Epsdude · 6 replies
    I was just browsing YouTube and I came across this video; I thought I might share it.
  • The sad state called Afghanistan

    01/05/2013 8:22:23 AM PST · by darkwing104 · 5 replies
    Coach is Right ^ | January 5th, 2013 | Jim Emerson
    This week the Taliban said the transfer of U.S. and NATO led security operations to Afghan security forces was similar to America’s retreat from Vietnam by the “declaring victory and run” strategy. The Taliban just needed to learn a little American history to know about the Vietnamization Strategy where the US would train the Afghans to fight their own battles and allow American and NATO to withdrawal with honor. Like the North Vietnamese, the Taliban can already declare victory. Who can blame them with this Administration too busy kowtowing to the Muslim Brotherhood and doing nothing to Iran? Taliban leadership...
  • Sweden finds Soviet submarine wreck in Baltic Sea (WW2 sub)

    12/18/2012 5:49:08 PM PST · by dynachrome · 11 replies
    Reuters ^ | 12-17-12 | Niklas Pollard
    The wreck of a Soviet submarine lost during World War Two has been found in the Baltic Sea, 71 years after it sank, the Swedish Military said on Monday. The Swedish Armed Forces said the submarine, believed to have been lost on patrol in late 1941, was found in the Swedish economic zone southeast of the Baltic island of Oland in an area which German forces had mined during the war. "There is much to indicate that the submarine headed straight into the minefield while on the surface and was blown apart by a mine," the military said in a...
  • How The Soviets Eliminated Christmas - And, America Is Right On Track Doing The Same

    12/06/2012 8:58:12 AM PST · by joeclarke · 23 replies
    JoeClarke.Net ^ | 12/06/2012 | JoeClarke.Net
    The carton below is from Soviet Communist Russian times. You can see how the capitalist system is depicted as slavery - the opposite of how communism works, IE., free money, multiplied and returned to the worker - in the right frame. Tell me Obama does not think differently. And, as many Americans kill off Christmas as the celebration of the birth of Jesus, so the Soviets replaced Saint Nick with "Father Frost" - a man who gives out presents because he is a generous communist. From Wikipedia Ded Moroz "Following the Russian Revolution, Christmas traditions were actively discouraged because they...
  • Lawmakers Investigate Obama’s Soviet Style Mind Control

    11/19/2012 5:37:06 PM PST · by Nachum · 26 replies
    Western Journalism Center ^ | 11/19/12 | Kris Zane
    Georgia lawmakers sat in a seminar involving the UN’s controversial Cold War era mind control techniques used to move Agenda 21 forward. The seminar, as could be expected, was roundly mocked by the media even though the UN makes no secret of their abominable plans for the world’s future.
  • (Crappy Totalitarian Art) The Weirdest Monuments Of The Communist Era That Are Still Standing

    11/14/2012 6:52:58 PM PST · by DogByte6RER · 32 replies
    IO9 ^ | Nov 14, 2012 | Vincze Miklos
    The Weirdest Monuments Of The Communist Era That Are Still Standing After the fall of the Soviet Union, many Communist statues and sculptures were destroyed, while others were moved to statue parks or museums. But many of them remained in the same place for the last 20 years, while the former Soviet areas were transformed into modern countries. Here are thirteen of the most incredible ones. Click to enlarge images below. 1. Lenin's giant head, Ulan-Ude, Republic of Buryatia, Russia The 42 ton, 25 foot tall head of former Soviet leader Vladimir Lenin is standing in Ulan-Ude. Built in 1970,...
  • Obama Uses Soviet Style Propaganda to Promote Bin Laden Raid

    11/05/2012 5:39:14 PM PST · by Nachum · 11 replies
    Obama for America ^ | 11/5/12 | Twitter
    Screen Shot at link.
  • Eurotrash Diversity - New European Union (EU) Banner Includes Soviet Era Hammer & Sickle

    10/20/2012 3:12:27 PM PDT · by DogByte6RER · 14 replies
    The Telegraph ^ | October 19th, 2012 | Daniel Hannan
    You thought the whole 'EUSSR' thing was over the top? Have a look at this poster Take a close look at this promotional poster. Notice anything? Alongside the symbols of Christianity, Judaism, Jainism and so on is one of the wickedest emblems humanity has conceived: the hammer and sickle. For three generations, the badge of the Soviet revolution meant poverty, slavery, torture and death. It adorned the caps of the chekas who came in the night. It opened and closed the propaganda films which hid the famines. It advertised the people's courts where victims of purges and show-trials were condemned....
  • In Soviet Union, Optimization Problem Solves You

    10/18/2012 7:39:52 PM PDT · by Nachum · 3 replies
    Crooked ^ | May 30. 2012 | cosma
    Attention conservation notice: Over 7800 words about optimal planning for a socialist economy and its intersection with computational complexity theory. This is about as relevant to the world around us as debating whether a devotee of the Olympian gods should approve of transgenic organisms. (Or: centaurs, yes or no?) Contains mathematical symbols (uglified and rendered slightly inexact by HTML) but no actual math, and uses Red Plenty mostly as a launching point for a tangent. There’s lots to say about Red Plenty as a work of literature; I won’t do so. It’s basically a work of speculative fiction, where one...
  • US 'hushed up' Soviet guilt over Katyn

    09/11/2012 5:22:25 AM PDT · by Timber Rattler · 28 replies
    BBC News Europe ^ | September 11, 2012 | BBC News Europe
    New evidence appears to back the idea that the Roosevelt administration helped cover up Soviet guilt for the 1940 Katyn massacre of Polish soldiers. Historians said documents, released by the US National Archives, supported the suspicion that the US did not want to anger its wartime ally, Joseph Stalin. They showed the US was sent coded messages suggesting the Soviets, not the Nazis, carried out the massacre. More than 22,000 Poles were killed by the Soviets on Stalin's orders. Soviet Russia only admitted to the atrocity in 1990 after blaming the Nazis for five decades. According to a review of...
  • AP Exclusive: Memos Show US Hushed up Soviet Crime

    09/10/2012 10:25:03 AM PDT · by dfwgator · 143 replies
    Associated Press ^ | September 10, 2012 | RANDY HERSCHAFT and VANESSA GERA
    The American POWs sent secret coded messages to Washington with news of a Soviet atrocity: In 1943 they saw rows of corpses in an advanced state of decay in the Katyn forest, on the western edge of Russia, proof that the killers could not have been the Nazis who had only recently occupied the area.
  • New Film “The Unvetted” Exposes Obama’s Communist Cover-up

    08/23/2012 11:08:29 AM PDT · by RightSideNews · 19 replies
    Right Side News ^ | 8/23/2012 | Rick Haymow
    A new film from America’s Survival, Inc. documents what journalist Cliff Kincaid calls “one of the most extraordinary cover-ups in American history --how a presidential candidate with a covert connection to a major Communist Party operative was protected by the major liberal and conservative media. The_UnvettedWorking with blogger Trevor Loudon, Kincaid describes in the film how they uncovered the fact that Obama had concealed the identity of Frank Marshall Davis in his memoir Dreams from My Father, calling him just “Frank” and depicting him as a poet and writer. “Obama knew that Frank Marshall Davis was an associate and mentor...
  • Yahoo Out of Closet, Goes FULL COMMIE

    07/29/2012 11:49:03 AM PDT · by Reaganite Republican · 19 replies
    Reaganite Republican ^ | July 29, 2012 | Reaganite Republican
    Looks like a 1970s Soviet poster, good grief    Alas, nothing new coming from this bunch...
  • Engineerial problem

    07/20/2012 1:02:24 AM PDT · by Freelance Warrior · 38 replies
    07/20/12 | Not known
    A technical department in a Soviet university. An introductory lecture. The professor: For a start I'll explain to you, who an engineer is. There is a factory which receives daily a truckload of alcohol necessary for its operating. The factory has a huge tank with a tap to hold the alcohol. A female employee uses the tap to distribute the alcohol according to written orders. After each shift the tank is emptied with the same tap. Now I have a question to you all: How will an engineer steel some alcohol from the tank?"

    07/03/2012 6:27:31 PM PDT · by moonshot925 · 10 replies
    SOVIET MILITARY POWER ^ | March 1983 | DoD
    I remember reading this in 1983. It is propaganda, but still an interesting read.
  • May 1: Former Soviet Citizen Confronts More Socialists and Communists

    05/04/2012 2:40:55 PM PDT · by Nachum · 8 replies
    youtube ^ | 5/4/12 | pp000610
    An interview with a socialist at a May 1st rally.
  • (Crappy Commie Architecture) An Extremely Creepy Tour of an Abandoned Soviet Monument in Bulgaria

    04/07/2012 10:31:30 AM PDT · by DogByte6RER · 20 replies
    IO9 ^ | Apr 6, 2012 | Cyriaque Lamar
    An Extremely Creepy Tour of an Abandoned Soviet Monument in Bulgaria Remember those derelict Bulgarian war memorials that resemble space fortresses? Well, it turns out they're just as otherworldly inside. Here's one intrepid urban explorer's journey into the shadowy corridors of the shuttered Bulgarian-Soviet Friendship memorial in Varna, Bulgaria. It's also a case study on why you never tour old Soviet monuments alone. In its Communist heyday, the "Park-Monument of the Bulgarian-Soviet Friendship" contained an eternal flame, a bomb shelter, and a tourism center. Loudspeakers would also blast Dmitri Shostakovich's Symphony No. 7 on constant loop. The center opened in...
  • The Long Rough Awakening of Russia

    12/24/2011 7:44:57 PM PST · by decimon · 18 replies
    Rosett Report ^ | December 24, 2011 | Claudia Rosett
    Twenty years ago this Christmas day, Mikhail Gorbachev gave a speech announcing “I hereby discontinue my activities at the post of President of the Union of Soviet Socialist Republics.” And with that, the totalitarian and murderous construct of the USSR, already uncoupled earlier that month by Russian President Boris Yeltsin and the presidents of Ukraine and Belarus, was no more. These were monumental events. Yet so tumultuous is the world right now that the 20th anniversary of the Soviet collapse is figuring as little more than a footnote in the news. In Russia itself, the events of the hour are...
  • Rebel Chinese villagers demand elections, test Communist Party authority(home of 1st Soviet)

    12/18/2011 3:24:15 PM PST · by TigerLikesRooster · 18 replies
    TVNZ ^ | 12/19/11
    Rebel Chinese villagers demand elections, test Communist Party authority Published: 10:21AM Monday December 19, 2011 Protesting Chinese villagers today demanded that central leaders defuse grievances about what they called crooked land deals and a suspicious death, as a revolt that has tested Communist Party authority in this semi-rural area neared its second week. Residents of Wukan Village in Guangdong province have driven off officials, erected makeshift barricades to deter police, and held protest gatherings and marches daily after the death in custody last weekend of Xue Jinbo, one of the organisers of a months-long campaign over former farmland that residents...
  • Sipsey Street Exclusive: "The greater fear within the beast." The FBI looks "invincible, but

    12/11/2011 6:39:03 PM PST · by Nachum · 25 replies
    Sipsey Street Irregulars ^ | 12/11/11 | Dutchman 6
    We see the beast without and We fear the greater beast within. But those who win, fear the least, and Sense the greater fear within the beast. -- Mike Vanderboegh, Dangerous Doggerel, 1997. As a self-made military historian without much of a portfolio, I still know that you cannot understand a battle without walking the ground of the battlefield. To see the ground from the perspective of the combatants tells you almost everything you need to know to understand why they did what they did. This past week I walked the battlefield of the Gunwalker Scandal. I talked to the...
  • The Empire Prepares To Strike Back

    12/09/2011 7:08:13 AM PST · by Lexluthor69 · 3 replies
    The Silent Majority ^ | 12-09-11 | J.D. Longstreet
    The UK’s “The Guardian” has an excellent article by Simon Tisdall entitled: “Putin prepares the Russian empire to strike back.” (HERE) Mr. Tisdall, right at the outset of his article, states what to Americans, on the right side of the political spectrum, is obvious. He says: “The reincarnation of the current PM as president poses a challenge to western powers for which they seem ill-prepared.” Mr. Tisdall is absolutely “spot-on.” The recreation of the Russian Empire is another reason the United States MUST relieve Mr. Obama of his seat in the Oval Office and replace him with a realist –...
  • Complete History Of The Soviet Union, Arranged To The Melody Of Tetris

    11/26/2011 2:03:50 PM PST · by Vaquero · 8 replies
    Youtube ^ | july 12, 2010 | pigwiththefaceofaboy
    a great history of the Soviets from Red October to Putin.(video)