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  • The Seven Thunders are coming into view !

    07/30/2011 4:41:35 PM PDT · by Jedediah · 26 replies
    The Joshua Chronicles ,bible ^ | 7/30/11 | Jedediah
    The Seven(7) thunders are coming into view , As Isaiah( Seer) witnessed (coals of testimony of Jesus Christ) and Ezekiel (Intercessor) Knew , The voices speaking together "AS ONE" , The Head of The Menorah , JESUS God's one and only Son , For The table has been set for the feast , The Bride entreated to come and take a peek , A look at what is about is about to be whole , The Bells of righteousness are about to sound, Raining down Heaven all around , The Coals of Testimony plainly in view , Burning with a...
  • The Space Station: From Russia With(out) Love

    07/29/2011 5:34:57 PM PDT · by LibWhacker · 13 replies
    Now that America has no way to put people into space, we have to rely on the Ruskies. They might have been Communists for almost 80 years but they sure understand market economies (specifically, supply and demand) because the pre-negotiated deal of $51 million per U.S. astronaut expires at the end of 2013. The General Director of Russian Federal Space Agency, Anatoly Perminov, said in 2010: We have an agreement until 2012 that Russia will be responsible for this. But after that? Excuse me but the prices should be absolutely different then! The Comrade was right… NASA just inked a...
  • Obama Takes Putin’s Side in Magnitsky Case

    07/28/2011 10:08:57 AM PDT · by Kaslin · 16 replies
    Pajamas Media ^ | July 28, 2011 | Kim Ziegfeld
    The president has sacrificed American honor in service to a political agenda.The lawyer for a major foreign investor in Russia is arrested on bogus charges while attempting to expose corruption by the Kremlin. Once in jail, he’s brutally tortured to death. A bipartisan pair of U.S. senators introduces legislation to block the high-level Kremlin officials who were directly involved in the murder from setting foot on U.S. soil. What response do you expect from the president of the United States?For some time now, I have been expressing outrage at the fact that Barack Obama did not actively support the Cardin-McCain...
  • Russian Church Calls for Condemnation of Stalin, Lenin Crimes

    07/25/2011 7:14:17 AM PDT · by marshmallow · 6 replies
    Interfax ^ | 7/25/11
    Moscow, July 25, Interfax - A remembrance service for victims of Soviet-era repressions was held by the Solovetsky Stone on Moscow Lubyanskaya Square on Monday. "Many are trying to tell us that that period should be forgotten together with the great number of victims," head of the Synodal Department for Church and Society Relations Archpriest Vsevolod Chaplin said at the ceremony. The Church, the public, veterans and political repression victims "must do their best so that no one and nothing is forgotten," he said. Society cannot live a calm life or "have a decent future" unless it learns the lessons...
  • Ronald Reagan, champion of freedom

    07/01/2011 10:30:12 PM PDT · by Clairity · 6 replies
    CNN ^ | June 29, 2011 | Edward Meese III
    Today, with a statue in the appropriately named Freedom Square in Budapest, Hungarians will honor the man who helped secure their freedom at last from Communist rule. It is just one of four celebrations being held this week across Europe to honor the 100th anniversary of the birth of Ronald Reagan organized by the Ronald Reagan Presidential Foundation. The Czech Republic, Poland and Great Britain will also hold events in honor of the 40th president and his legacy in bringing down the Iron Curtain. Reagan pursued his three-pronged strategy to win the Cold War. The first two prongs of this...
  • Iran's president calls for post-Soviet security alliance to unite in alliance against West

    06/15/2011 8:20:17 AM PDT · by silentknight · 47 replies · 1+ views
    The Canadian Press ^ | June 15, 2011 | Peter Leonard
    ASTANA, Kazakhstan - Iranian President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad called Wednesday for a security alliance of several former Soviet nations and China to form a united front against the West. Ahmadinejad's address to fellow heads of state at the summit of the Shanghai Cooperation Organization in Kazakhstan will likely deepen suspicions that the bloc is intended as a counterweight to the United States across the region. In a summit declaration signed by all the member states, the organization also attacked missile defense programs in another apparent dig at the United States.
  • Voice of Russia Radio Launches New U.S. Stations, Delivering Russian News & Perspective to Americans

    WASHINGTON, June 9, 2011 /PRNewswire-USNewswire/ -- Today, Voice of Russia (VOR) Radio announces the launch of two U.S. stations in New York and Washington, D.C. The new stations will air live programming with the Russian perspective on international news, culture, arts and events over 1430 AM and 1390 AM frequency, respectively. The stations mark the first time VOR will produce programming directly from the United States rather than broadcasting news from the Moscow-based radio program. "This is a very significant move for Voice of Russia because it is the first time in the history of the station that material being...
  • Gorbachev praises Obama and admits that he did his best to save Soviet Union

    05/31/2011 11:45:04 AM PDT · by se99tp · 13 replies ^ | 31/5/2011 | beyond popular propaganda
    An amazing interview with the top communist apparatchik Mikhail Gorbachev. He repeats, although this time quite clearly, that in fact he was fighting to keep the Soviet Union alive. He did his best to defend the Soviet Union. Gorbachev explains that perestroika succeeded but it was disrupted. Soviet Union "could have existed longer today as the community of the sovereign states".
  • America: The New Soviet Union?

    05/19/2011 9:30:31 PM PDT · by TheConservativeCitizen · 10 replies
    The Constitution Club ^ | 05-19-11 | Jack Curtis
    The USSR collapsed because its economics couldn’t work and its politics failed too. It’s ironic indeed that the cold war victor is following Soviet footsteps toward its own collapse. Personal freedom, irreplaceable in the exploitation of opportunities, is steadily diminishing as the scope of private decision-making shrinks in response to the expansion of the scope of decision areas reserved by the state. Once, unlike the Soviets, we decided what our children would be taught, whom we would employ, what crops we would raise and what we would manufacture; our doctors decided what treatments to provide their patients. Human creativity was...
  • Medvedev warns West of new Cold War over missile deal

    05/18/2011 6:19:34 AM PDT · by Thunder90 · 19 replies
    yahoo ^ | 5/18/2011 | AFP
    SKOLKOVO, Russia (AFP) – President Dmitry Medvedev warned Wednesday Russia could pull out a new nuclear disarmament treaty and enter a new Cold War with the West if the two sides failed to agree on a new missile defence shield. Medvedev told reporters that the United States' decision to push ahead with the European shield despite Russia's objections will force Moscow "to take response measures -- something that we would very much rather not do."
  • Say "Goodbye" to the Dollar

    04/15/2011 5:47:32 AM PDT · by JRNyquist · 52 replies · 1+ views ^ | april 15, 2011 | Jeff Nyquist
    .. inadequacies and deficiencies of the existing international monetary and financial system.. In 1998 Russian Foreign Minister Yevgeny Primakov, a strategist and master spy, conceived of an economic alliance between Russia, India and China. The purpose of this combination was to counter the international influence of the United States. By now it should be apparent that Russia and China intend to launch an attack against the U.S. dollar. Do we yet realize that such an attack is possible? And have we reckoned the political consequences?
  • Putin turns to Soviet nostalgia in pressuring Ukraine to join new Russian-led customs union

    04/13/2011 5:17:44 PM PDT · by Tailgunner Joe · 7 replies
    AP ^ | April 12, 2011
    Ukraine has resisted pressure to join the Moscow-led union, preferring instead to pursue a free-trade agreement with the European Union. During a meeting with his Ukrainian counterpart, Putin said the customs union would stimulate growth in whole sectors of the Ukrainian economy as he touted the benefits of the economic integration formed when the countries were all part of the Soviet Union. “The technological links from the Soviet period are still functioning, and one partner cannot be efficient without another,” Putin said. “That is what we must think about and give a second wind to the capabilities formed during the...
  • A Hidden History of Evil

    04/02/2011 9:26:44 AM PDT · by bronxville · 54 replies
    City Journal ^ | Spring 2010 | Claire Berlinski
    A Hidden History of Evil Why doesn’t anyone care about the unread Soviet archives? In the world’s collective consciousness, the word “Nazi” is synonymous with evil. It is widely understood that the Nazis’ ideology—nationalism, anti-Semitism, the autarkic ethnic state, the Führer principle—led directly to the furnaces of Auschwitz. It is not nearly as well understood that Communism led just as inexorably, everywhere on the globe where it was applied, to starvation, torture, and slave-labor camps. Nor is it widely acknowledged that Communism was responsible for the deaths of some 150 million human beings during the twentieth century. The world remains...
  • Fruits from the Tree of Malice

    03/26/2011 2:45:57 PM PDT · by Army Air Corps · 19 replies
    City Journal ^ | Vol. 1 No. 21 Winter 2011 | Claire Berlinski
    In the Spring 2010 issue of City Journal, I described an archive of documents from Soviet government agencies smuggled to the West by the Russian researcher Pavel Stroilov and the Soviet dissident Vladimir Bukovsky. These documents, I noted, were available to anyone who wanted to consult them. But nobody did. Publishers were indifferent. Only a fraction of the documents had been translated into English. This was, I argued, a symptom of the world’s dangerous indifference to the enormity of Communist crimes. Within weeks of the article’s appearance, I received hundreds of e-mails. Many came from victims of Soviet Communism—there is...
  • Caught Red-Handed

    03/24/2011 4:26:55 PM PDT · by Kaslin · 6 replies
    IBD Editorials ^ | March 24, 2011 | Staff
    Freedom's Enemies: A collaborator of the Rosenbergs admits his previously unknown Soviet espionage more than 60 years after the fact. It's just the latest revelation that the anti-communists of that era were right. The "innocent victims" of the Red Scare were once legion — like suave U.S. envoy Alger Hiss, who doubled as a Soviet spy chief, and Julius and Ethel Rosenberg, who gave Moscow A-bomb plans. The latest debunking of this myth is Rosenberg fellow spy Morton Sobell, who finally admitted it in 2008. But in a December interview with Ronald Radosh and Steven Usdin, Sobell, 93, added that...
  • Chavez says capitalism may have ended life on Mars

    03/22/2011 12:33:24 PM PDT · by GreatJoeMcCarthy · 66 replies
    Reuters ^ | March 22, 2011 | Eyanir Chinea
    Capitalism may be to blame for the lack of life on the planet Mars, Venezuela's socialist President Hugo Chavez said on Tuesday. "I have always said, heard, that it would not be strange that there had been civilization on Mars, but maybe capitalism arrived there, imperialism arrived and finished off the planet," Chavez said in speech to mark World Water Day. Chavez, who also holds capitalism responsible for many of the world's problems, warned that water supplies on Earth were drying up. "Careful! Here on planet Earth where hundreds of years ago or less there were great forests, now there...
  • Why I'm hopeful about the Middle East uprisings

    03/14/2011 9:34:17 AM PDT · by Ooh-Ah · 4 replies
    Washington Post ^ | March 13, 2011 | Natan Sharansky
    I am often asked why so many Israelis are worried by the popular rebellions rocking the Middle East and why I'm so hopeful. My response is that just as their worry is tempered by hope, my hope is tempered by worry. The worried among us fear the possibility of long-term chaos and/or the emergence of regimes even more repressive than those that are crumbling. ... For decades, the free world's policy toward the Middle East was based on the desire for stability, purchased by deals struck with leaders. That the leaders were corrupt autocrats mattered little. To the contrary, tyranny...
  • Russia: the rouble rises

    03/02/2011 9:55:17 PM PST · by cunning_fish · 1 replies
    Financial Times ^ | March 2, 2011 | Stefan Wags
    The Russian central bank has put into effect its latest moves in the fight against inflation with some style. After raising interest rates on Monday for the first time since 2008, the authorities late on Tuesday widened the trading band for the rouble – and were happy to see the currency rise sharply on Wednesday, by a full 1 per cent against a US dollar/euro basket. As well as gaining some ground in the anti-inflation front, the central bank can claim another modest advance towards its aim of liberalising the rouble. Governor Sergei Ignatiev should be pleased with this week’s...
  • East-West military gap rapidly shrinking-report

    03/08/2011 5:14:39 PM PST · by Free ThinkerNY
    Reuters ^ | March 8, 2011 | Peter Apps
    LONDON, March 8 (Reuters) - Western cuts and swiftly rising defence spending in emerging economies are redrawing the global strategic map, a leading think-tank said on Tuesday, with the danger of conflicts between states also rising. In its annual Global Military Balance report, the London-based International Institute for Strategic Studies (IISS) said the shift in economic power was already beginning to have a real military effect and closing any strategic gap. "Western states' defence budgets are under pressure and their military procurement is constrained," said IISS director general John Chipman. "But in other regions -- notably Asia and the Middle...
  • Resurgent Communism In South America

    03/04/2011 10:05:13 AM PST · by verdugo · 25 replies
    Leftists Advance: Nation by Nation The Venezuelan people are not the only ones suffering under this resurgence of fanatical left-wing leaders. The BBC reported in 2005 that 75 percent of South Americans were governed by leftist rulers, all of whom had risen to power in the preceding six years. And the trend has only accelerated since then, with some analysts using the term “Pink Tide” to describe the phenomenon that has enveloped Latin America. Bolivia: With strong backing from Chavez, former coca farmer Evo Morales of the Movement for Socialism assumed power in 2006. His party now controls about two-thirds...