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  • A Navy SEAL and an Army Ranger explain the difference between these two elite tiers

    02/22/2016 7:48:10 PM PST · by EveningStar · 23 replies
    Business Insider ^ | February 22, 2016 | Jack Murphy and Brandon Webb
    The internet has no shortage of basement-dwellingcommandos beating at their keyboards like chimpanzees as they forcefully insist upon one incorrect factoid or another regardingSpecial Operations units. All SEALs are considered Tier One, right?No. Rangers pull security for Delta, correct? Time to throw away that scratched-up "Black Hawk Down" DVD, hero.Since the Internet stupidity goes on and on, two of the SOFREP staff decided to team up and write a definitive articleabout the differences between SEALs and Rangers. This article was co-written byBrandon Webb, who served in SEAL Team Three, and Jack Murphy, who served in 3rd Ranger Battalion.
  • Special Forces not ready to integrate women

    02/20/2016 8:31:45 AM PST · by darkwing104 · 5 replies
    Coach is Right ^ | February 20, 2016 | Jim Emerson, staff writer
    In this time of forced austerity on the United States Military, special operations are being effected by financial cutbacks placed on training. The community has to contend with "training challenges" which are impacting its ability to successfully perform missions. Training is a vital element to an effective combat unit. Obama's transformative cutback of the nation’s defense will dull the razor's edge-the Special Force community. In addition to diminished training time, Special Operations Forces (SOF) are dealing with heavy rotation schedules in the war on terror. SOF has been in country in Afghanistan since shortly after the 9-11 attacks. They have...
  • US Special Forces help free dozens of Taliban prisoners in Afghanistan

    12/04/2015 11:53:59 AM PST · by WhiskeyX · 8 replies
    Fox News ^ | December 04, 2015 | Fox News
    A joint Afghan-U.S. special forces operation freed at least 40 Afghan prisoners from a Taliban prison in the southern Helmand province, authorities said Friday. The troops carried out a helicopter assault on the prison in Nawzad district Thursday night, according to a statement from U.S. forces in Afghanistan. The operation freed 40 prisoners, who were captured Afghan police, army and border police. No U.S. ground forces were involved in the raid, Fox News confirmed.
  • The tiny pin pricks of war

    12/01/2015 7:37:36 PM PST · by pboyington · 11 replies
    US Defense Watch ^ | December 1, 2015 | Ray Starmann
    Today, Secretary of Defense Ash Carter announced that 200 special operations troops are heading to Iraq. Approximately 200 special operations forces, including intelligence personnel, pilots to position them, mechanics to maintain their aircraft, a quick reaction force and other support personnel in addition to the main assault force are headed to Iraq in the next few weeks as part of the new “specialized expeditionary targeting force” according to a U.S. official. A separate senior U.S. official said that capturing senior ISIS leaders would be an important component of the new assault force’s mission to learn more about ISIS networks as...
  • Army Special Forces enraged over Obama attacks

    09/14/2015 7:53:40 AM PDT · by Perseverando · 27 replies
    WND ^ | September 13, 2015 | Greg Corombos
    General rips military leaders: 'They should put their stars on the table and be prepared to resign' U.S. Army Special Forces (photo: Department of Defense) Rules of engagement that risk the lives of U.S. forces and harsh punishments over questionable charges have Americas elite Green Berets fuming at the Obama administration, and the former commander of all Green Berets says its just the latest symptoms of a military deliberately weakened by this administration and military officials more concerned about advancement than the good of their forces and their nation. The litany of Green Beret frustration was detailed this week by...
  • Crash Victims Include Decorated Marine

    03/13/2015 6:18:14 PM PDT · by Nachum · 6 replies
    NY Times ^ | 3/13/15 | RICHARD FAUSSET
    ATLANTA Before a military helicopter disappeared into a thick bank of fog off the Florida coast, killing all 11 servicemen aboard, military officials had conducted an operational risk assessment and determined that the weather was safe enough to fly in, Maj. Gen. Joseph L. Osterman, commander of the Marine Corps Forces Special Operations Command, said Friday. But once the two helicopters participating in the Tuesday evening exercise were aloft, a decision was made to turn back, General Osterman said. And only one helicopter made it back. The details of the Black Hawk helicopters final flight were disclosed at a...
  • 7 Marines, 4 soldiers missing after Army helicopter crash in Florida

    03/11/2015 3:08:22 AM PDT · by Lonely Bull · 31 replies ^ | March 11, 2015
    <p>Search-and-rescue crews are looking for seven Marines and four soldiers after an Army helicopter crashed late Tuesday during a routine night training exercise in the Florida Panhandle.</p> <p>Eglin Air Force Base spokesman Andy Bourland told the Associated Press that the helicopter was reported missing at around 8:30 p.m. local time and crews found debris from the crash at around 2 a.m. Wednesday.</p>
  • Paralyzed Marine wit Robotic Exoskeleton Receives Bronze Star with V

    12/03/2014 7:19:07 AM PST · by w1n1 · 10 replies
    Stars and Stripes ^ | 12/3/2014 | J Hlad
    When Capt. Derek Herrera was called to stand in the place of honor Friday at his retirement ceremony, he pressed buttons on what appeared to be a wristwatch as a fellow Marine came to his aid. After another push of a button and three short beeps, Herrera rose, legs shaking, and walked deliberately toward his commander. With each step, the exoskeleton he wore emitted a robotic whirring noise, as though it were Iron Man striding through the cordoned off parking lot in digital camouflage. Herrera was paralyzed from the chest down in June 2012, when he was shot in...
  • The Worrisome Future of Special Operation Forces (Common Core to be applied to Navy SEALS, etc.)

    03/23/2014 5:56:52 PM PDT · by E. Pluribus Unum · 25 replies ^ | Mar 23, 2014 | Daniel Pipes
    I just had the opportunity to spend an afternoon with a Council on Foreign Relations group at the United States Special Operations Command at MacDill Air Force Base in Tampa, Florida. Its commander, the famed Admiral William H. McRaven, started the briefing, followed by his staff. I expected to learn about Navy SEALs, Army Rangers, and their air force and marine counterparts. I thought I would hear about the exploits of this 67,000-strong command operating in 84 countries, maybe even about the taking down of Osama bin Laden. But that was not to be. Instead, he and the other officers...
  • Follow Me: The Yoni Netanyahu story (movie review)

    03/08/2014 12:03:39 PM PST · by Perseverando · 5 replies
    Follow Me the movie ^ | March 8, 2014 | Unattributed
    JULY 4, 1976 ENTEBBE, UGANDA Led by Lieutenant Colonel Yonatan Netanyahu, crack Israeli commandos race from their airplanes covered by the midnight darkness. Methodically, they approach a non-descript airline terminal, burst inside, killing the stunned terrorists. Helpless and shocked, 103 hostages lift their heads and gratefully weep at the mesmerizing sight of their saviors. As the alarms begin to sound, the Israeli soldiers strike with surgical precision and speed a lightning bolt of controlled, finely rehearsed fury. It is all over in a few minutes. Terrorists lay dead. The hostages rush out to board the transport planes waiting...
  • 2 Millions Bikers to DC Invited to Justice for Benghazi Rally

    09/10/2013 6:25:09 AM PDT · by lward99 · 46 replies
    We welcome the Bikers Benghazi Brigade with Open Arms to join our Justice for Benghazi Rally as we already have a permit. -- Mitchell Mason, Rally Organizer Washington D.C. Today the Justice for Benghazi Rally Organizers, Patriots4America and Special Operations Speaks invite the 2 Million Bikers to ride into the Capitol as Bikers for the Benghazi 4 and join their approved and permitted rally on the Capitol West Lawn at 12:30-6:00 pm on September 11, 2013. We welcome the Bikers to participate in the Justice for Benghazi Rally and will even offer some speaking slots.
  • Deep in Enemy Territory

    09/05/2013 6:34:12 AM PDT · by lotr01
    Western Shooting Journal ^ | 7/30/2013 | Mark Knapp
    This is a brief story on Ken Snyder experiences with the SOG unit that he had served while in Vietnam. Special Operation Group - code name Studies and Operations Group to make it seem like a liaison to academia. SOG conducted reconnaissance missions in North Vietnam, Laos and Cambodia. Operating unofficially in the no play area, so to speak. Ken also talks about working with the "Montagnards", the mountain people of Vietnam that hated the South Vietnamese as much as they hated the North Vietnamese.
  • VIDEO: Rep. Kristi Noem Promises Action on Benghazi Discharge Petition

    08/25/2013 10:30:04 AM PDT · by lward99 · 11 replies
    Our first Paparazzi Video! Jimmy from asked Congresswoman Kristi Noem if she will support the Stockman Discharge petition. - Check out the video for her answer...
  • SOS to Place Hard-hitting Multiple Billboards in Boehner Dist...Investigate Benghazi Massacre

    08/07/2013 9:05:56 AM PDT · by lward99 · 32 replies
    Special Operations Speaks ^ | August 7, 2013 | Dick Brauer
    Billboards featuring Boehner, McConnell, Pelosi, and ReidAsk, If four members of CONGRESS were killed in Benghazi,would we have a Watergate-style select committee today? (Washington, DC) Special Operations Speaks (SOS) today announced that it is set to run full-size billboards throughout the congressional district of House Speaker John Boehner (R-OH) demanding the immediate establishment of a House select investigative committee to determine what occurred in Washington and Libya before, during, and after the September 11, 2012, Benghazi massacre. The billboards, contracted with CBS Outdoor, will feature pictures of Boehner, former House Speaker Nancy Pelosi (D-CA), Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid...
  • Join Special Operations Speaks At Wednesdays Benghazi Hearing

    05/07/2013 9:54:12 AM PDT · by lward99 · 6 replies
    What: Join SOS at the Benghazi Oversight Committee hearing. Show up, speak out, and let your voice be heard at this public hearing. Where: Rayburn House Office Building Room 2154 Washington, DC When: Wednesday May 8, 2013, 11:30 a. m.
  • The Legend of Chris Kyle

    03/26/2013 8:00:34 PM PDT · by jyro · 18 replies
    dmagazine ^ | 3.18.2013 | Michael J. Mooney
    The deadliest sniper in U.S. history performed near miracles on the battlefield. Then he had to come home. Theres a story about Chris Kyle: on a cold January morning in 2010, he pulled into a gas station somewhere along Highway 67, south of Dallas. He was driving his supercharged black Ford F350 outfitted with black rims and oversize knobby mudding tires. Kyle had replaced the Ford logo on the grill with a small chrome skull, similar to the Punisher emblem from the Marvel Comics series, and added a riot-ready aftermarket grill guard bearing the words ROAD ARMOR. He had just...

    02/04/2013 8:51:04 AM PST · by cricket · 39 replies
    Pat ^ | February 4, 2013 | H/T Sammy Madigan/Lt. Col. Jerry Boykin
    Many speak; but not nearly enough listening. More must 'wake up' and damn the bonds of political correctness - restore 'critical mind' - so that America can recover it's original-intent purpose. Lt.Gen. Jerry Boykin; 'Special Forces'; Green Beret. . .taught at Hampden-Sydney; now Exec.Vice President/Family Rersearch Council - 'owns' his credentials; and so, has both credibility and authority. A video link to share. Lt.Gen.Boykin: marxist insurgency link Further hand/in/hand verification:
  • Ex-Military Mock Obama For Spiking Football on Bin Laden With Toon

    09/28/2012 4:52:33 PM PDT · by lward99 · 13 replies ^ | 09/28/12 | Breitbart News
    Today, Special Operations Speaks, a PAC formed by ex-Special Ops officers from four branches of the military, released a cartoon mocking President Obama for spiking the football on the Osama Bin Laden kill. The cartoon depicts Obama as a schoolchild, president of the student council; he has nothing but scorn for a group of students training for military service. Then he spots a girl being shot at by a group of thugs. He promptly orders the other students to do something about it, and after they do, he takes full credit and actively spikes a football.

    09/25/2012 5:04:49 PM PDT · by kingattax · 17 replies
    Breitbart ^ | 25 Sep 2012 | JOEL B. POLLAK
    Former Navy SEALs are speaking out after President Barack Obama referred to recent events in the Middle East, including the deaths of two former Navy SEALs, as "bumps in the road." Tyrone S. Woods and Glen A. Doherty were providing security at the U.S. consulate in Benghazi, Libya when it was attacked on 9/11. They were both hailed in the aftermath of the attacks by Secretary of State Hillary Clinton. Both had gone into private security after retiring from the Navy after distinguished careers. Former SEAL and current Montana State Senator Ryan Zinke issued the following statement: The President refuses...
  • (Operation Neptune Spear) Osama Bin Laden Compound Model on Display at Pentagon

    05/16/2012 3:02:02 PM PDT · by DogByte6RER · 12 replies
    ABC News ^ | May 16, 2012 | Luis Martinez
    Osama Bin Laden Compound Model on Display at Pentagon Turning a lot of heads today in a Pentagon hallway is the once-classified scale model of Osama bin Ladens compound used to plan last years Special Operations raid. It marks the first public display of what was once Americas most secret scale model. Hundreds of civilian and military employees at the Pentagon have spent time today gawking at a temporary display that includes the tabletop model of the compound in Abbottabad, Pakistan that bin Laden used as his hideout for five years. The compound itself no longer exists as the Pakistani...
  • Russia, U.S. to Hold Anti-terror Drills in May

    04/26/2012 8:42:03 AM PDT · by JohnKinAK · 25 replies ^ | 4/20/2012 | Xinhua
    Airborne troops from Russia and the Untied States would hold joint anti-terror drills in the U.S. state of Colorado between May 24 and 31, spokesman of the Russian Defense Ministry Col. Alexander Kucherenko said on Thursday. According to the spokesman, it will be the first time that the Russian airborne forces have held exercises with the U.S. airborne forces on the U.S. territory. "According to the exercise scenario, soldiers of the two countries will hold a tactical airborne operation, including the reconnaissance of imaginary terrorists' camp and a raid," Kucherenko said. "After the operation, a helicopter will evacuate the soldiers,"...
  • Report: Russian Troops to Seize CIA Facility in Elaborate War Game on U.S. Soil

    04/26/2012 7:37:15 AM PDT · by Whenifhow · 43 replies ^ | April 26, 2012 | Liz Klimas
    According to reports, the U.S. and Russian military will be engaging in an anti-terrorism exercise that will involve Russian paratroopers using U.S. weapons to take and hold the main facilities of the CIA and Denver International Airport in Colorado and the National Security Agency in Utah. (Related: Learn about the hypothetical war games the U.S. and China have been playing) The European Union Times has more on the report announcing this exercise from the Russian Federal Service for Military-Technical Cooperation: Russian Defense Ministry spokesman Colonel Alexander Kucherenko publically announced this 24-21 May anti-terror drill this Friday past noting that this...
  • India reject reports of US troops on its soil

    03/05/2012 10:26:18 PM PST · by U-238 · 6 replies
    AFP ^ | 3/4/2012 | AFP
    India has denied as "factually incorrect" a report that US special forces were stationed in the country as part of counter-terrorism cooperation. Media reports quoted top Pentagon commander Admiral Robert Willard as telling a Congressional hearing on Thursday that US special forces teams were stationed in five South Asian countries, including India and Sri Lanka. "The report is factually incorrect in so far as the reference to India is concerned," Indian defence ministry spokesman Sitanshu Kar said in a statement late on Friday. "US special forces teams have never been stationed in India in the past, nor are such teams...
  • Top Secret America: A look at the militarys Joint Special Operations Command

    09/02/2011 11:07:01 PM PDT · by Seizethecarp · 2 replies
    Washington Post ^ | September 2, 2011 | Dana Priest and William M. Arkin
    The CIAs armed drones and paramilitary forces have killed dozens of al-Qaeda leaders and thousands of its foot soldiers. But there is another mysterious organization that has killed even more of Americas enemies in the decade since the 9/11 attacks. CIA operatives have imprisoned and interrogated nearly 100 suspected terrorists in their former secret prisons around the world, but troops from this other secret organization have imprisoned and interrogated 10 times as many, holding them in jails that it alone controls in Iraq and Afghanistan. Since the Sept. 11, 2001, attacks, this secretive group of men (and a few women)...
  • Glock Firearms To Donate $100,000 To The Special Operations Warrior Foundation

    05/10/2011 7:08:07 PM PDT · by marktwain · 9 replies ^ | 10 May, 2011 | Glock Foundation
    Glock, Inc. To Donate $100,000 To The Special Operations Warrior Foundation Company will reach $600,000 in donations over the past six years to support families of Special Forces. SMYRNA, Ga. --( GLOCK, Inc. will make a $100,000 donation to the Special Operations Warrior Foundation (SOWF) during the Special Operations Forces Industry Conference (SOFIC) held in Tampa, FL, May 17-19. GLOCK, Inc. Vice President Josh Dorsey will make the presentation to SOWF in the GLOCK exhibition booth (#404) on Wed., May 18, 2011 at 3:00pm. During the past six years, GLOCK will have donated $600,000 to SOWF, a non-profit organization providing...
  • China, Turkey conduct second major exercise

    11/12/2010 8:47:52 PM PST · by ErnstStavroBlofeld · 8 replies · 1+ views
    World Tribune ^ | 11/12/2010 | Eorld Tribune
    China and Turkey have conducted another military exercise.Sources said China has sent army special operations forces for an exercise in Turkey. They said the exercise in early November lasted a week at the commando school in Turkey. "This was an exercise planned nearly a year ago," a Turkish source said. This marked the second major military exercise between China and Turkey in as many months. In October, the two countries, in the first such mission with a NATO member, participated in a combat air exercise called Anatolian Eagle
  • Say Bye-Bye to 'Psy Ops'

    07/02/2010 9:43:38 PM PDT · by ErnstStavroBlofeld · 14 replies
    Associated Press via ^ | 6/2/2010 | Associated Press via
    The Army has dropped the Vietnam-era name "psychological operations" for its branch in charge of trying to change minds behind enemy lines, acknowledging the term can sound ominous. The Defense Department picked a more neutral moniker: "Military Information Support Operations," or MISO. U.S. Special Operations Command spokesman Ken McGraw said Thursday the new name, adopted last month, more accurately reflects the unit's job of producing leaflets, radio broadcasts and loudspeaker messages to influence enemy soldiers and civilians. "One of the catalysts for the transition is foreign and domestic sensitivities to the term 'psychological operations' that often lead to a misunderstanding...
  • First India C-130J in Full Color

    06/26/2010 1:44:36 AM PDT · by ErnstStavroBlofeld · 4 replies
    Lockheed Martin ^ | 6/26/2010 | Lockheed Martin
    The first Lockheed Martin C-130J Super Hercules for India has completed painting at the company's Marietta, Ga., facility. The aircraft now enters flight test in preparation for delivery at the end of the year. The program for India includes six C-130Js, training of aircrew and maintenance technicians, spare parts, and ground support and test equipment. Also included is India-unique operational equipment designed to increase Special Operations capabilities.
  • Spec Ops Command Cancels New Rifle

    06/25/2010 4:39:42 PM PDT · by ErnstStavroBlofeld · 86 replies ^ | 6/25/2010 | Christian Lowe
    In a surprising reversal that follows years of effort to design a one-of-a-kind commando rifle, the U.S. military's Special Operations Command has abruptly decided to abandon the new SOCOM Combat Assault rifle the "SCAR," as the rifle is commonly known in favor of previously-fielded carbines. Details provided exclusively to reveal that SOCOM, the Tampa-based command that oversees the training and equipping of SEALs, Green Berets, Air Force Special Tactics Teams and Marine SOC groups, will stop purchasing the 5.56 mm Mk-16 Special Operations Forces Combat Assault Rifle and might require all units who now have them to...
  • Israel Buys A Big Commando Transport

    05/21/2010 10:19:21 PM PDT · by ErnstStavroBlofeld · 4 replies · 485+ views
    The Strategy Page ^ | 5/16/2010 | The Strategy Page
    Israel has signed a deal to buy an American stretched version of the C-130J transport, modified for special operations (commando) missions. This means the aircraft is equipped with night vision gear, more radios, radar warning equipment and counter-measures for anti-aircraft missiles. India and the U.S. are also buying this special operations model. Two years ago, Israel sought to buy nine of the latest model of the C-130, the C-130J. These would cost about $200 million each, and Israel eventually found they could not afford all of them right now. Israel began using the C-130 in 1971, and most of its...
  • Enhanced Night Vision Goggle

    04/30/2010 12:44:25 PM PDT · by gandalftb · 50 replies · 1,103+ views
    Army News Service ^ | 30 March 2009 | staff
    Soldiers now have a leap-ahead new tool that will enhance their ability to see in total darkness: the AN/PSQ-20 Enhanced Night Vision Goggle. About 300 sets of the new night-vision goggles were fielded to the 10th Mountain Division in February 2009, the first unit other than Special Forces to use the goggles. The ENVG is a helmet-mounted passive image intensification and thermal device that incorporates both I2 and long-wave infrared sensors into a single integrated system. It weighs two pounds, including the battery pack which uses four AA batteries, the helmet mount, and wiring harness. Feasibility studies resulted in a...
  • SAS and SEALs Take Out 50 Taliban

    02/13/2010 9:24:06 AM PST · by Flavius · 52 replies · 1,807+ views
    the sun ^ | 11 Feb 2010 | DUNCAN LARCOMBE
    BRITISH SAS heroes have killed up to 50 Taliban commanders in daring raids behind enemy lines. The joint attacks with US special forces over the past two weeks have helped prepare the ground for the biggest battle in Afghanistan yet - when 4,000 British troops will go into action. Read more:

    Navy SEALs conduct clandestine missions from the sea, air and land. SEALS are truly silent professionals with razor-sharp precision, who possess uncompromising standards with unwavering loyalty and teamwork. SEALs are considered the premier maritime special operations force in the world. Their missions include counter- terrorism operations, special reconnaissance, direct action operations and clandestine/unconventional warfare. SEAL teams train in a wide diversity of environments from desert, urban, mountain, woodland, jungle and arctic.
  • Combat controller receives two Bronze Stars with valor

    05/20/2009 6:00:39 AM PDT · by Terrence DoGood · 17 replies · 607+ views
    They were attacked by small-arms and machine gun fire and rocket-propelled grenades from two directions. The team split up to maneuver around the enemy threat, with Sergeant Huhman's team taking cover behind a mud wall. Using his joint terminal attack control skills, the combat controller directed a flight of F-15E Strike Eagles to drop two 500-pound bombs 50 meters from his position. The "danger close" drops successfully eliminating enemy fighters embedded on a hilltop. Sergeant Huhman, repeatedly exposing himself to enemy fire, continued to call in close-air support for the team and coordinated a route allowing them to escape from...
  • Navy SEAL takes charge at U.S. Special Operations Command

    07/09/2007 11:25:03 AM PDT · by HAL9000 · 15 replies · 936+ views
    Excerpt - TAMPA, Florida: A U.S. Navy admiral who won a Silver Star for his role in a famous 1993 battle to rescue downed Black Hawk helicopter crews in Somalia took charge Monday as the new commander of the U.S. Special Operations Command. Adm. Eric T. Olson, 55, is the first Navy officer and the first Navy SEAL to run the command, which oversees the military's elite forces fighting terrorism in more than 50 countries, including Iraq and Afghanistan. ~ snip ~
  • U.S. Used Bases in Ethiopia to Hunt Al Qaeda in Africa

    02/22/2007 10:53:09 PM PST · by HAL9000 · 5 replies · 644+ views
    The New York Times (excerpt) ^ | February 23, 2007 | Michael R. Gordon and Mark Mazzetti
    Excerpt - WASHINGTON, Feb. 22 The American military quietly waged a campaign from Ethiopia last month to capture or kill top leaders of Al Qaeda in the Horn of Africa, including the use of an airstrip in eastern Ethiopia to mount airstrikes against Islamic militants in neighboring Somalia, according to American officials. The close and largely clandestine relationship with Ethiopia also included significant sharing of intelligence on the Islamic militants positions and information from American spy satellites with the Ethiopian military. Members of a secret American Special Operations unit, Task Force 88, were deployed in Ethiopia and Kenya, and...
  • Look, Mom: We Beat The Cia Failure In Somalia: Lessons The Agency Refuses To Learn

    06/18/2006 7:54:29 PM PDT · by STARWISE · 13 replies · 858+ views
    New York Post ^ | June 11, 2006 | Derek Leebaert
    AMERICA scored one clear success in the War on Terror last week with the killing of Abu Musab al-Zar qawi, the longtime leader of al Qaeda in Iraq - but also a clear failure, with the taking of Mogadishu, Somalia's capital, by Islamist militias. The contrast between the two covert operations is telling - for the details teach an abject lesson in the difference between a "learning organization" and one that closes itself to outside influences while insisting that it can perform functions far beyond its core competence. Supremely well-coordinated intelligence is vital to any successful special operation. Zarqawi was...
  • Meet the (Canadian) Military's Quiet Professionals ... New Special Operations Unit

    05/06/2006 6:45:02 PM PDT · by NorthOf45 · 5 replies · 758+ views
    National Post ^ | April 29, 2006 | Chris Wattie
    Meet the military's quiet professionals Elite new regiment ready to fly into hot spots on short notice, but Rambos need not apply Chris Wattie National Post April 29, 2006 CFB PETAWAWA, Ont. - Canada's newest special forces unit began training its first soldiers this week, gearing up at a breakneck pace to prepare for a first mission that could come as early as August and send the Canadian Special Operations Regiment to a hot spot anywhere in the world with only a few hours' notice. The National Post was given an exclusive look at the first soldiers of this elite...
  • Pentagons possible move to eliminate special ops oversight office could trigger Hill ire

    01/31/2006 7:21:21 PM PST · by Tyche · 4 replies · 619+ views
    The Hill ^ | 01 Feb 2006 | Roxana Tiron
    A Bush administration proposal to fold a civilian office tasked with oversight of the Pentagons special-operations forces could face stiff resistance in Congress. Sources tell The Hill that Secretary of Defense Donald Rumsfeld is considering a proposal to eliminate the office of the assistant secretary of defense for special operations and low-intensity conflict (ASD SO/LIC) and spreading its responsibilities across other Pentagon offices. The proposal comes from Ryan Henry, the principal deputy undersecretary of defense for policy, according to a source familiar with the plan. It is unclear whether Rumsfeld would sign off on such a suggestion or would reject...
  • Rumsfeld OKs Expansion of Commando Forces

    11/01/2005 2:23:24 PM PST · by SmithL · 43 replies · 2,819+ views
    AP ^ | 11/1/5 | ROBERT BURNS
    WASHINGTON -- In a historic step designed to bolster the military's ability to fight a global war on terrorism, Defense Secretary Donald H. Rumsfeld said Tuesday he approved adding Marines to U.S. Special Operations Command, the organization in charge of SEALs, Green Berets and other commando-style forces. It is the first time since the command was created in April 1987 that the Marine Corps has been included, and Rumsfeld said the change reflects a need for the Pentagon to continue to adapt to the tactics of an adversary like the al-Qaida terror network that uses unconventional means to counter American...

    08/11/2005 6:30:09 PM PDT · by Bronc1 · 47 replies · 4,293+ views
    August 11, 2005 | Bronc1
  • How Chinagate Led to 9/11

    08/11/2005 6:14:05 PM PDT · by Bronc1 · 30 replies · 5,053+ views
    Front Page magazine ^ | May 25, 2004 | Jean Pearce
    "...In April, staff writer Scott Wheeler reported that a senior U.S. government official and three other sources claimed that the 1995 memo written by Jamie Gorelick, who served as the Clinton Justice Departments deputy attorney general from 1994 to 1997, created "a roadblock" to the investigation of illegal Chinese donations to the Democratic National Committee. But the picture is much bigger than that. The Gorelick memo, which blocked intelligence agents from sharing information that could have halted the September 11 hijacking plot, was only the mortar in a much larger maze of bureaucratic walls whose creation Gorelick personally oversaw..."
  • 9/11 Commission Transcript: U. S. Attorney General John Ashcroft - Wednesday, April 14, 2004

    08/11/2005 2:32:50 PM PDT · by Bronc1 · 32 replies · 3,429+ views
    Pittsburg Post-Gazette ^ | April 14, 2004 | Bronc1
    "...So it's my clear belief that the wall itself developed this culture which restrained in a substantial way the exchange of information in the intelligence and law enforcement communities. The Bellows report, which was part of some recommendations following the Wen Ho Lee case, indicated that it was part of the culture at the FBI that if one made a mistake and shared information that was later deemed to be inappropriate, it was called a career- ender, so that the risk of a person sharing information improperly was at least known in the culture of the law enforcement community to...
  • Who's Who on the 9/11 "Independent" Commission?

    08/11/2005 2:17:27 PM PDT · by Bronc1 · 14 replies · 2,158+ views
    Independent Media TV ^ | July 21, 2003 | Michael Chossudovsky
    According to The New York Times (8 July 2003): "the federal commission investigating the Sept. 11 terror attacks said today that its work was being hampered by the failure of executive branch agencies, especially the Pentagon and the Justice Department, to respond quickly to requests for documents and testimony." Several alternative media have joined the bandwagon. George W. Bush is accused of obstructing the investigation...Former Jersey governor Thomas Kean, the commission's chairman is presented as an honest and uncompromising individual, who is courageously confronting the US government: "Without greater cooperation, Kean said, ''we cannot do the job we are supposed...
  • OH REALLY, MR. KOJM?...Q & A with Christopher Kojm, Deputy Executive Director of the 9/11 Commission

    08/11/2005 2:00:11 PM PDT · by Bronc1 · 1 replies · 1,078+ views
    "...It was a deeply rewarding experience to work with highly capable colleagues and for such distinguished and thoughtful commissioners. Our commission sessions had long and occasionally heated discussion, but it was always productive and the commissioners themselves were devoted to achieving bipartisanship and unanimity. They understood very well that their impact would be greatest if they were unanimous..."
  • What are the backgrounds of the key players on the 9/11 Commission? Here's the answer...

    08/11/2005 11:39:12 AM PDT · by Bronc1 · 4 replies · 1,511+ views
    The National Commission on Terrorist Attacks Upon the United States (also known as the 9-11 Commission), an independent, bipartisan commission created by congressional chartered to prepare a full and complete account of the circumstances surrounding the September 11, 2001 terrorist attacks, including preparedness for and the immediate response to the attacks...
  • Four in 9/11 Plot Are Called Tied to Qaeda in '00

    08/09/2005 10:12:39 PM PDT · by Bronc1 · 25 replies · 2,637+ views
    New York Times ^ | August 9, 2005 | Douglas Jehl
    ...The former intelligence official said the first Able Danger report identified all four men as members of a "Brooklyn" cell, and was produced within two months after Mr. Atta arrived in the United States. The former intelligence official said he was among a group that briefed Mr. Zelikow and at least three other members of the Sept. 11 commission staff about Able Danger when they visited the Afghanistan-Pakistan region in October 2003...
  • Did DoD lawyers blow the chance to nab Atta?

    08/09/2005 9:10:55 PM PDT · by Bronc1 · 13 replies · 2,021+ views
    Government Security News ^ | Unknown | Bronc1
    In September 2000, one year before the Al Qaeda attacks of 9/11, a U.S. Army military intelligence program, known as Able Danger, identified a terrorist cell based in Brooklyn, NY, one of whose members was 9/11 ringleader Mohammed Atta, and recommended to their military superiors that the FBI be called in to take out that cell, according to Rep. Curt Weldon, a longtime Republican congressman from Pennsylvania who is currently vice chairman of both the House Homeland Security and House Armed Services Committees...
  • Fitting the Pieces Together--Able Danger, Jamie Gorelick & 9/11

    08/09/2005 8:43:08 PM PDT · by Bronc1 · 67 replies · 10,499+ views
    The Strata-Sphere ^ | August 9, 2005 | Bronc1
    ...We do know that Able Danger made their report about four of the attackers in 2000. We do know the report was submitted and the request for action was denied. We do know the Gorelick policy wall was in effect at the time. We do know Clinton was President and Dick Clark was terrorism guru. We do know 9-11 commission staffers were briefed on these events and 9-11 commissioners were not...
  • SPECIAL OPERATIONS: Marines surrender to SOCOM.

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    Strategy Page ^ | June 14, 2005
    June 14, 2005: The U.S. Marine Corps has agreed to turn over a force of 2,500 specially trained marines to SOCOM (Special Operations Command.) Bowing to pressure from the Department of Defense, and SOCOM, the marines are the last of the services to make such a contribution. Created in 1987, SOCOM gained control over army Special Forces (including Civil Affairs, Psychological Warfare and special helicopter units), navy SEALs and air force commandoes and special aviation units. But the marines said they had nothing to offer. The marine SOCOM force will consist of 400 marines trained to provide military instruction for...