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  • More on the Arizona Law: Checking the Text

    04/30/2010 2:52:44 PM PDT · by Titus-Maximus · 13 replies · 660+ views
    National Review ^ | April 30, 2010 | Linda Chavez
    My friend Andy McCarthy suggests that those of us raising concerns about the “papers please” section of the Arizona law are either demagogues or haven’t read the law. What he doesn’t do is actually quote the section in question. I think there’s good reason why he and others who defend this law don’t want to draw attention to its actual wording. The grammar and syntax of the section are so convoluted that it is nearly impossible to discern its clear meaning, but it’s worth trying to parse. One of the bedrock principles of conservative jurisprudence is that the words of...
  • Mack (R) compares Ariz. law to Nazi Germany

    04/29/2010 11:50:47 AM PDT · by aft_lizard · 66 replies · 1,230+ views
    The Hill ^ | 4/29/10 | Eric Zimmermann
    Rep. Connie Mack (R-Fla.) ripped into the new Arizona immigration law today, comparing it to Nazy Germany. "This law of 'frontier justice' – where law enforcement officials are required to stop anyone based on 'reasonable suspicion' that they may be in the country illegally – is reminiscent of a time during World War II when the Gestapo in Germany stopped people on the street and asked for their papers without probable cause," Mack said in a statement. "This is not the America I grew up in and believe in, and it’s not the America I want my children to grow...
  • Jeb Bush speaks out against Ariz. law

    04/27/2010 1:06:17 PM PDT · by worst-case scenario · 230 replies · 3,041+ views
    Politico ^ | Apr 27, 2010 | Jonathan Martin
    Former Florida Gov. Jeb Bush is speaking out against the new hard-line immigration law in Arizona, becoming the first prominent national Republican to do so. "I think it creates unintended consequences," he said in a telephone interview with POLITICO Tuesday. "It's difficult for me to imagine how you're going to enforce this law. It places a significant burden on local law enforcement and you have civil liberties issues that are significant as well." The measure, signed into law last Friday, would require police to check the immigration status of any individuals they reasonably suspect are illegal immigrants and arrest them...
  • Steele: GOP immigration policy has to be family-based

    04/26/2010 3:28:28 PM PDT · by Extremely Extreme Extremist · 52 replies · 707+ views
    CNN’s Peter Hamby reports that RNC chair Michael Steele called for a comprehensive immigration reform effort from Republicans in a private meeting with Hispanic Republicans last Friday. Using video taken of the speech by an attendee, Hamby notes that Steele emphasized the need for the GOP to prioritize families in its policies, a position that would put Steele at odds with many conservative Republicans:
  • Demonizing of illegal migrants needs to cease (Barf Alert)

    04/25/2010 3:39:39 PM PDT · by GoRepGo · 56 replies · 1,214+ views
    The Yuma Sun ^ | Apr 24, 2010 | Terry Ross
    There seems to be a determined effort in Arizona to demonize illegal immigrants and characterize them as murderers, drug dealers, rapists and child molesters - which is far from the reality. Even Gov. Jan Brewer did this in a speech Thursday about her plans to put the National Guard on the Arizona border with Mexico. She criticized the federal government for failing to crack down on illegal immigration and said the Obama administration had turned "a blind eye to the issues that Arizona is being overrun by illegal immigration, terrorizing the citizens." Terrorizing us? Get real. Something similar happened when...
  • Obama Seeks Immigration Overhaul, Slams Arizona Law

    04/24/2010 10:45:48 AM PDT · by yoe · 31 replies · 731+ views
    The Age ^ | April 25, 2010 | RANDAL ARCHIBOLD
    THE signing into law of America's toughest bill on illegal immigration has led to immediate protests, reignited the divisive battle over immigration reform and angered the US President. Even before Arizona Governor Jan Brewer signed the bill - aimed at identifying, prosecuting and deporting illegal immigrants - President Barack Obama strongly criticised it. Speaking at a naturalisation ceremony for 24 active-duty service members in Washington's Rose Garden, he called for a federal overhaul of immigration laws, which congressional leaders signalled they were preparing to take up soon, to avoid ''irresponsibility by others''. He said the Arizona law, enacted on Friday...
  • SEIU: Against Draconian Arizona Anti-Immigration Law

    04/24/2010 8:06:24 AM PDT · by Oldeconomybuyer · 64 replies · 1,487+ views ^ | April 23, 2010 | By Christy Setzer
    With the signing of Senate Bill 1070, draconian legislation that would force police officers to arrest anyone they "suspect" is an illegal immigrant, Arizona Gov. Jan Brewer turns her back on the momentum and outrage that has built around the country in opposition to the bill. In the last few days alone, national law enforcement organizations, immigrant rights' groups, the ACLU, and even Senators Schumer and Graham--the authors of bipartisan, comprehensive immigration reform legislation--have said in no uncertain terms that the Arizona bill is bad law that should never be enacted. So who's against it? The People of Arizona. According...
  • La Raza President: Immigration Bill ‘Would Make Living in Arizona a Police State’ for Hispanics

    04/23/2010 9:46:43 AM PDT · by Nachum · 78 replies · 1,324+ views
    cns news ^ | 4/23/10 | Pete Winn
    ( – The head of the National Council of LaRaza pleaded with Arizona Gov. Jan Brewer Thursday not to sign into law a bill that could become the toughest immigration statute in the nation. “It perpetuates the fantasy that we can detain and deport millions of people from our country as a solution to our immigration problems and it propagates the notion that immigrants who are working hard in the Arizona economy are a criminal element to be rounded up and incarcerated,” LaRaza President and CEO Janet Murguia said during a telephone news conference.
  • What happened to McCain the maverick

    04/23/2010 6:16:12 AM PDT · by SantaLuz · 22 replies · 467+ views
    CNN ^ | April 23, 2010 | Ruben Navarrette
    San Diego, California (CNN) -- Dear Sen. John McCain: Say it ain't so. For many of us who have -- over the years -- admired your courage in tackling difficult issues, this was a painful and disappointing week. A dozen years ago, I was writing a column for the Arizona Republic when I saw a story about your jaw-dropping support from Latino voters. You earned 60 to 70 percent of the Latino vote in re-election campaigns. You were quoted as saying that it was your "honor" to be well thought of by a population for which you had great respect....

    04/20/2010 3:57:17 PM PDT · by Drango · 39 replies · 753+ views
    Mahoney's blog ^ | 4/18/10 | Cardinal Roger Mahoney
    ARIZONA'S DREADFUL ANTI-IMMIGRANT LAW The Arizona legislature just passed the country's most retrogressive, mean-spirited, and useless anti-immigrant law [SB 1070, awaiting the expected signature of Gov. Jan Brewer]. The tragedy of the law is its totally flawed reasoning: that immigrants come to our country to rob, plunder, and consume public resources. That is not only false, the premise is nonsense. What led the Arizona legislature to pass such a law is so obvious to all of us who have been working for federal comprehensive immigration reform: the present immigration system is completely incapable of balancing our nation's need for labor...
  • Legalizing Racial Profiling? Arizona Immigration Bill Draws Fire

    04/22/2010 11:38:33 AM PDT · by NoLibZone · 56 replies · 975+ views
    ABC news ^ | April 22,2010 | HUMA KHAN
    An Arizona state bill that would give law enforcement greater authority over arresting illegal immigrants has caused national uproar and could set the stage for court battles over how far states can go when it comes to immigration policies. The bill would it make it a crime for immigrants to have no alien registration document, and undocumented citizens would be charged with "trespassing" simply for being in Arizona. The bill allows police to question and arrest people without warrant if there is "reasonable suspicion" about their immigration status. It would become illegal for people to employ illegal immigrants or to...
  • Students arrested in protest over state's immigration legislation(More violence from the left)

    04/20/2010 2:49:50 PM PDT · by mdittmar · 17 replies · 752+ views ^ | April 20, 2010 | HOWARD FISCHER Capitol Media Services
    PHOENIX -- Protests, physical and verbal, are erupting at the Capitol and around the country to the legislative approval of a wide-reaching illegal immigration bill. Today, students from Arizona State University were arrested after chaining themselves to the doors of the Old Capitol. That followed a rally by various religious and community leaders about 75 yards away urging Gov. Jan Brewer to veto the measure which now sits on her desk. Petitions with more than 80,000 signatures urging a veto were hand delivered to gubernatorial press aide Paul Senseman who met with them privately. Brewer was in Tucson on Tuesday....
  • Cokie Roberts: Japanese Interment Was an Immigration Issue?

    04/16/2010 9:34:35 AM PDT · by Mobile Vulgus · 18 replies · 354+ views
    Publius Forum ^ | 04/16/10 | Warner Todd Huston
    Why is it that lefties always get history wrong? The Jewish World Review recently published an editorial by NPR commentator Cokie Roberts and her hubby meant to urge the country toward "comprehensive" immigration reform by praising America's history of immigrant labor. But even as much of what the two Roberts say is dead on, there are still a few glaring errors one of which is their claim that Japanese interment during WWII was an immigration issue. Cokie, whose full name is a mouthful -- Mary Martha Corinne Morrison Claiborne Boggs -- garbled history at the tail of her piece by...
  • Urge Pro-Amnesty Republican Senators to Reject Amnesty in 2010

    04/14/2010 10:36:20 AM PDT · by Man50D · 22 replies · 604+ views
    Capitol Switchboard: 202-224-3121; ask for Senator XX's office. Direct-dial numbers are to the right. Please call Senators from your state (if there are any) and states near you. Calling is easy. Simply tell the staffer your name, where you are calling from, and urge the Senator to oppose Sen. Reid and Durbin's amnesty push. Make it clear that Sen. Reid is close to having enough votes to force an amnesty through the Senate and that the Senator cannot support amnesty against the will of the American people (as he/she did in 2007). Senators to call: Robert Bennett (Utah), Lindsey Graham...
  • Why More Immigrants Are an Answer to the Coming Boomer Entitlement Mess

    04/12/2010 1:10:18 PM PDT · by Lorianne · 105 replies · 1,743+ views
    LA Progressive ^ | 12 April 2010 | Robert Reich
    we boomers have a lot to be worried about because most of us plan to retire in a few years and Social Security and Medicare are on the way to going bust. I should know because I used to be a trustee of the Social Security and Medicare trust funds. Those of you who are younger than we early boomers have even more to be worried about because if those funds go bust they won’t be there when you’re ready to retire. It’s already starting to happen. This year Social Security will pay out more in benefits than it receives...
  • SEIU blasts Obama immigration enforcement

    04/10/2010 10:15:55 AM PDT · by AuntB · 23 replies · 802+ views
    Washington Post ^ | April 8, 2010 | Spencer S. Hsu
    One of the nation's biggest labor unions, a major backer of President Obama, is condemning his Department of Homeland Security's immigration enforcement practices, protesting the use of deportation quotas for agents and expanded workplace audits. Eliseo Medina, international executive vice president of Service Employees International Union, said SEIU members want DHS "to stop these crazy, irrational policies," while seeking to turn up pressure on Congress to take up overhaul legislation. SEIU is holding vigils and demonstrations Thursday in Oakland and Sacramento, Calif., and then in Los Angeles, San Francisco, San Jose, Boston, New York City and Minneapolis Friday. Combined with...
  • Ex-Gov Edgar Roots For Amnesty for Illegals

    04/09/2010 10:32:51 AM PDT · by Mobile Vulgus · 56 replies · 626+ views
    Publius Forum ^ | 04/09/10 | Warner Todd Huston
    The state is abuzz with the announcement by former Illinois Governor Jim Edgar that he is now in favor of amnesty for illegal immigrants. At a press conference sponsored by the Illinois Coalition for Immigrant Rights, Edgar came out to chastise Republicans for fighting against illegal alien lawbreaking. During the event, Edgar said that the GOP is making a big mistake to seem so antithetical toward immigrants and that immigrants have "brought a vitality to the Illinois economy." He went on for sometime about how wonderful immigrants are and that we need to work toward "comprehensive immigration reform." It is...

    04/09/2010 9:48:29 AM PDT · by rabscuttle385 · 35 replies · 727+ views
    CNN ^ | 2010-04-09 | Ruben Navarrette Jr.
    (snip) I know the answer. It's my fault. It's because of me, and tens of millions of other Americans just like me. We create the demand for illegal immigrant labor not because of anything we do but because of all the things that we will not do -- at any wage. Even as someone who juggles several jobs, I have to admit that my work ethic -- especially for hard, physical labor -- is a distant second to that of my immigrant grandfather who came from Mexico legally in the early 1900's. My grandfather was a farm worker who would...
  • Living in the Shadows [Pro-Illegals Propaganda]

    04/04/2010 10:50:54 AM PDT · by Enchante · 12 replies · 556+ views
    Harvard Crimson ^ | Thursday, April 01, 2010 | Elizabeth C. Pezza
    A 1982 Supreme Court decision requires that students have access to a primary and secondary education regardless of their immigration status, but there are no similar measures regarding higher education. Edward Schumacher-Matos, who directs the Harvard Inter-Faculty Initiative on Immigration and Integration Policy and Studies, believes the primary reason to pass the DREAM Act is that it is in the country’s best interest. “We have invested so much in training and educating this group of young people,” he says. “If they’re good enough and have responded enough to be able to get to go to college, then we as a...
  • Federal government to day laborers: We're here to help

    04/01/2010 6:02:59 PM PDT · by NormsRevenge · 29 replies · 667+ views
    Contra Costa Times ^ | 4/1/10 | Matt O'Brien
    CONCORD — A crew of federal officials wandering into a day labor hiring zone used to mean one thing: time to leave. Not the case Thursday morning on Monument Boulevard. Armed with coffee, not handcuffs, investigators from the U.S. Department of Labor chatted warmly with Latino immigrant workers about how to find jobs without being exploited. "We're the feds, but the good ones," said Paul Ramirez, speaking in Spanish inside the Michael Chavez Center, a gathering spot for day laborers. "We're here to help workers." The unprecedented visit was part of a campaign to bring long-established workplace protections to the...
  • It’s April Fools’ Day all year long at the RNC (Malkin on Michael "Amnesty" Steele)

    04/01/2010 11:48:27 AM PDT · by pissant · 63 replies · 1,052+ views ^ | 4/1/10 | Michell Malkin
    The RNC’s lavish spending problems at racy nightclubs are bad enough. But I find RNC chairman Michael Steele’s meeting with open-borders zealots to be an even greater obscenity. The Soros/Tides/Ford/Rockefeller-funded Center for Community Change crowed yesterday that Steele gave them a “commitment” to “to help in securing Republican support for immigration reform:” Today, ten leaders with the Fair Immigration Reform Movement (FIRM) met with Republican National Committee Chairman Michael Steele to discuss the future of comprehensive immigration reform in the Republican Party. They walked away with a commitment from Steele to work with Sen. Lindsey Graham (R-S.C.) and the party’s...
  • ACLU: 2 mentally disabled detainees to be freed (Mexican citizens with criminal records)

    03/31/2010 12:06:12 PM PDT · by Free ThinkerNY · 9 replies · 340+ views
    Associated Press ^ | March 31, 2010
    SAN DIEGO (AP) -- A civil rights group says two mentally disabled immigrants who spent several years in federal detention are being released to their families in Southern California. The American Civil Liberties Union says immigration officials will release Guillermo Gomez-Sanchez and Jose Antonio Franco-Gonzalez on Wednesday from a San Diego facility.
  • ZOT Amnesty And Destroy The Democrats

    03/30/2010 1:05:42 PM PDT · by Ablesinner · 151 replies · 2,502+ views
    U.S. of Earth ^ | March 30, 2010 | Mike Lodee
    Most Hispanics Are Patriots And Conservative All over the internet you hear how the Democrats will capture the electorate by starting a new Amnesty program where all illegals would become legal. Nothing could be further from the truth. Hispanic Americans, and I use that term lightly as many Hispanic Americans detest the term and prefer to be called American or in the least Cuban-American or Mexican-American. They do have one thing in common among especially the recent immigrants to our shores. It is a dislike for Chavez, Castro and Marxism While our nutty left wing actors like Sean Penn sing...
  • McCain and Palin: Reunited and Feeling Good ("I support his position on immigration")

    03/30/2010 8:46:15 AM PDT · by rabscuttle385 · 542 replies · 5,816+ views
    Fox News ^ | 2010-03-27
    (snip) VAN SUSTEREN: Governor Palin, if you were vice president today, what would you be telling a President McCain about what to do about immigration, if anything? PALIN: I support his position on immigration. It all comes down to securing the border. And he who has actually proposed some solutions, the Obama administration does not want to listen to Senator McCain or any other Republican, and that, of course, leads to a greater problem that we have in Washington, D.C. And it's that lack of the new administration's ability and enthusiasm for listening to those on the other side of...
  • Latino leaders protest at UPS Addison (Chicago)

    03/29/2010 8:08:09 AM PDT · by Kimberly GG · 17 replies · 1,050+ views
    The Daily Herald ^ | 3/25/10 | Staff report
    Leaders of a Latino grass-roots organization in DuPage County are denouncing a United Parcel Service policy they say could cost many longtime workers their jobs. Cristobal Cavazos, coordinator of Immigrant Solidarity DuPage, called on UPS Thursday to "opt out" of a system to reverify workers' Social Security numbers. Cavazos said an estimated 200 workers at UPS facilities in Addison, Palatine, Chicago and Joliet fear they will be fired.".....
  • Geraldo’s ‘Rachel Maddow’ Moment W/ Sheriff Arpaio.

    03/29/2010 9:21:59 AM PDT · by BradtotheBone · 47 replies · 2,360+ views
    It’s not that I liked Geraldo before. I don’t actually know anyone who watches his show other than on YouTube. But..he’s now officially become the ‘Rachel Maddow’ of FOX News. This is how he started his interview with America’s Sheriff Joe Arpaio: With the exception of CNN’s Lou Dobbs. For millions of American latinos the most unpopular person in this country is my next guest the so called toughest cop in the nation. The highly controversial sheriff of Maricopa County, Joe Arpaio. And as I said earlier with Gov. Huckabee, Joe has been recently been stripped of federal authority to...
  • Palin: Tea Party Leaders Agree with McCain on Big Picture

    03/28/2010 10:19:17 AM PDT · by rabscuttle385 · 167 replies · 2,832+ views
    Fox News ^ | 2010-03-28
    (snip) PALIN: The point here is that Senator McCain and I agree on the big picture, where it is that the country needs to go. There are so many challenges facing America right now, and Senator McCain has been on the right track trying to get the country back on that track that will lead to more prosperity, more security for this nation. We agree on those things that have to take place in order for us to kind of undo some of the things that Obama is doing and get us back on that right track towards prosperity and...
  • Bombshell: Obama's Newly Anointed Labor Board Czar: Wants No Punishment for Hiring Illegals

    03/28/2010 12:57:13 PM PDT · by Pacothecat · 129 replies · 3,799+ views
    Bombshell Uncovered: Obama's Newly Anointed Labor Board Czar: No Punishment for Hiring Illegals, SAYS SANCTIONS ARE DISCRIMINATORY
  • AZ-Sen. 2010: A desire to serve defines McCain (Palin begs Arizonans to vote for McCain!) (BARF)

    03/25/2010 9:14:21 PM PDT · by rabscuttle385 · 704 replies · 7,703+ views
    The Arizona Republic, Phoenix, Ariz. | 2010-03-26 | Sarah Palin
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  • Your Landscaper has Arrived

    03/18/2010 10:14:13 AM PDT · by spintreebob · 2 replies · 206+ views
    personal experience vanity | 3-18-10 | spintreebob Schmidt
    In Mar 2003-2006 I posted Your Landscaper has Arrived. I don't think I posted it in 07-09. Wednesday in traveling I55 South Chicagoland to Bloomington I saw a caravan of buses from CUNEJO and CAVALLO (rabbit and horse competition to Greyhound). They seemed full of eager seasonal immigrant workers. First, notice how one's personal experience impacts perception of reality. I spend only 2-4 hr per week on I55 and rarely on Wednesday. So did it happen in 07-09 and I missed it? If in 03-06 I saw it in 4 out of 168 hrs/week, how many did I miss in...
  • AZ-Sen. 2010: McCain anticipates 'a very nice reunion' with Palin ("I am very grateful")

    03/22/2010 9:35:34 AM PDT · by rabscuttle385 · 138 replies · 1,549+ views
    (snip) McCain told C-SPAN his campaign has received an "overwhelming response of people that want to come to the rallies." "Sarah did galvanize our party after she agreed to be my running mate, and the speech she gave at the convention," McCain said. "I am sure she will do the same thing when she comes to Arizona." He added: "It will be a very nice reunion, to have the chance to spend some time with her, and I am very grateful that she would come to Arizona." (snip)
  • DeLay: The Left Is Right on Immigration Reform Delay [BARF]

    03/22/2010 8:09:39 AM PDT · by ejdrapes · 88 replies · 1,406+ views
    Roll Call ^ | March 16, 2010 | Tom DeLay
    DeLay: The Left Is Right on Immigration Reform Delay March 16, 2010 By Tom DeLaySpecial to Roll Call When it comes to its critique of President Barack Obama on immigration, the left is right. He has completely dropped the ball. In recent articles the left has said that he “has not kept his promise” on immigration, that the issue is on his “back burner” and that he is engaging in “political doubletalk.” Candidate Obama was direct, specific and seemingly sincere when he promised three things on immigration: to create secure borders, to remove incentives to enter the U.S. illegally and...
  • Thousands rally for immigration reform in DC

    03/21/2010 1:26:55 PM PDT · by JoeProBono · 14 replies · 616+ views
    ap ^ | Mar 21 | SARAH KARUSH
    WASHINGTON (AP) -- Immigrant rights supporters from around the country are rallying for immigration reform on the National Mall. People are waving American flags and holding signs with slogans in English and Spanish such as "Legalization yes, deportation no." About half an hour after the rally's scheduled 2 p.m. start, an area of about four square blocks on the mall was filled with people. Organizers say tens of thousands of people have traveled ...
  • The right way to mend immigration (GRAHAMNESTY SHILLS FOR AMNESTY!) (HUGE BARF ALERT)

    03/18/2010 11:19:02 PM PDT · by rabscuttle385 · 22 replies · 636+ views
    The Washington Post ^ | 2010-03-19 | U.S. Sens. Charles Schumer & Lindsey Graham
    Our immigration system is badly broken. Although our borders have become far more secure in recent years, too many people seeking illegal entry get through. We have no way to track whether the millions who enter the United States on valid visas each year leave when they are supposed to. And employers are burdened by a complicated system for verifying workers' immigration status. Last week we met with President Obama to discuss our draft framework for action on immigration. We expressed our belief that America's security and economic well-being depend on enacting sensible immigration policies. The answer is simple: Americans...
  • Sheriff urges immigration reform (TREASON ALERT)

    03/19/2010 9:24:48 AM PDT · by chicagolady · 25 replies · 627+ views
    The Daily Herald ^ | March 19, 2010 | FRANK ABDERHOLDEN
    LIBERTYVILLE -- Two Republicans, Lake County Sheriff Mark Curran and secretary of state candidate Robert Enriquez, held a press conference Thursday to urge national leaders to address immigration reform. "Nobody says deport all these people," said Curran. "That's not going to happen. If you think that's going to happen, you're not living in the real world. "We need to create a situation where they (illegal immigrants) have an opportunity to go through the process," the sheriff added. "Learn the language, take an exam, pay fines and back taxes and get into line. "We have a serious problem," he said, stressing...
  • Cornyn, Hutchison urge Obama act on violence in Mexico

    03/17/2010 3:19:59 PM PDT · by AuntB · 41 replies · 783+ views
    KVIA ^ | Mar. 17, 2010 | KVIA
    In response to the murders of two U.S. citizens affiliated with the American consulate in Ciudad Juarez over the weekend, U.S. Senators Kay Bailey Hutchison and John Cornyn today urged President Barack Obama to take action on the escalating violence along the U.S. border with Mexico. "The spillover violence in Texas is real and it is escalating. Our border patrol agents and local law enforcement are more regularly engaged with gunmen associated with drug cartels, but our resources and personnel are limited…We urge you to deliver a concrete plan to address the increasing violence across the border, and share it...
  • Dick Armey Stuns His Tea Partiers With Open-Borders Advocacy (see his immigration record here)

    03/16/2010 7:46:01 AM PDT · by Duke C. · 27 replies · 882+ views
    NumbersUsa ^ | Mar. 15, 2010 | Roy Beck
    For weeks, various grassroots leaders of tea parties have been asking NumbersUSA if there is anything to the rumors that former Congressman Dick Armey is soft on amnesty and the costs of illegal immigration. If he were, that would be an unsettling situation for the vast majority of people at tea party events who oppose both vehemently. Well, today, Dick Armey settled the question. No need for rumors now. Mr. Armey -- labeled as the "uber-organizer of the tea party movement" by a reporter today -- seems to have labeled as "goofy" most of the grassroots citizens attending tea party...
  • Ithaca Urges Congress to Pass Immigration Reform

    03/16/2010 7:47:23 AM PDT · by Behind Liberal Lines · 20 replies · 451+ views
    © 2010 The Cornell Daily Sun ^ | March 16, 2010 - 2:35am | By Brynn Leopold
    The City of Ithaca Common Council this month addressed the nationally contentious issue of immigration by unanimously passing a resolution on March 3 that calls on Congress to replace the enforcement-only policy, cease raids and provide a pathway for legal citizenship. Alderpersons Eric Rosario (I-2nd Ward) and Maria Coles (D-1st Ward) introduced the bill after working for months in conjunction with the Tompkins County Immigrant Rights Coalition, Catholic Charities Immigrant Center and Tompkins County Workers Center. The resolution condemns the current laws, stating that “our nation’s immigration system continues to be broken, with the federal government pursuing an ineffective enforcement-only...
  • McCain, Palin to campaign together in Arizona

    03/15/2010 8:25:03 PM PDT · by rabscuttle385 · 211 replies · 3,423+ views
    AP ^ | 2010-03-15
    PHOENIX (AP) — John McCain and Sarah Palin are scheduled to campaign together in Arizona next week for the first time since they conceded the presidential election in Phoenix in 2008. Palin and McCain will be at a rally and picnic in Tucson on March 26, followed the next day by a rally in the Phoenix suburb of Mesa.
  • Clergy to Cornyn (R-Texas): We've got your back (on amnesty for illegal immigrants)

    03/15/2010 1:27:50 PM PDT · by a fool in paradise · 84 replies · 1,110+ views
    Houston Chronicle ^ | March 14, 2010, 6:24PM | RICK CASEY
    When U.S. Sen. John Cornyn and his aides walked into Cardinal Daniel DiNardo's conference room at the Catholic Chancery one afternoon three weeks ago to talk about immigration reform, they were greeted by the archbishop, Lutheran Bishop Michael Rinehart and a dozen rabbis and clergy members from a variety of denominations. They were also greeted by about 6,000 postcards piled in stacks on the large conference table around which the group would sit.... At a time when anger is the currency of the political realm, much of it aimed at illegal immigrants, the religious leaders were saying to Cornyn that...
  • Obama "outraged" by consulate murders in Mexico

    03/14/2010 9:45:58 AM PDT · by Free ThinkerNY · 65 replies · 1,351+ views
    Reuters ^ | March 14, 2010
    (Reuters) - President Barack Obama is "outraged" by the murders in Ciudad Juarez, Mexico of three people connected with the U.S. consulate there, a White House official said on Sunday. "In concert with Mexican authorities, we will work tirelessly to bring their killers to justice," White House National Security Council spokesman Mike Hammer said in a statement. A consulate employee and her husband, both U.S. citizens, were killed along with the husband of another employee who is a Mexican citizen, the statement said. "The president is deeply saddened and outraged by the news," Hammer said, adding that Obama "shares in...
  • Ex-federal official facing immigration charges

    03/14/2010 9:30:11 AM PDT · by AuntB · 11 replies · 617+ views
    Associated Press ^ | Mar. 14, 2010 | Associated Press
    BOSTON — A former top Homeland Security official from Boston is set to go on trial for allegedly encouraging her housekeeper to remain in the United States illegally. Lorraine Henderson, the former regional director of Homeland Security, Customs and Border Protection, was suspended after her arrest in December 2008. Prosecutors say the Salem resident continued to employ a Brazilian housekeeper and encouraged her not to leave, even after a fellow agent warned her about the woman’s status. An affidavit also alleges Henderson employed two other illegal immigrants. Henderson was responsible for stopping illegal aliens from entering the country through Connecticut,...
  • The Week In Immigration Reform (SEIU at the WH)

    03/13/2010 9:16:53 AM PST · by AuntB · 10 replies · 355+ views
    SEIU ^ | Mar. 12, 2010 | Joaquin Guerra
    Yesterday, SEIU Executive Vice President Eliseo Medina joined other labor, faith and immigrant rights leaders for a meeting at the White House on next steps for comprehensive immigration reform legislation. President Obama spent over an hour with the group, carrying out a lively and open discussion about how to move immigration reform forward. "Today's meeting is yet another reminder that comprehensive immigration reform remains a key priority for the White House. It's also a reminder that we need more than just the White House and Senators Schumer and Graham to get this bill done," said Medina in a statement. During...
  • Hayworth ties to ALIPAC questioned (McCain camp links Hayworth, 'extreme groups')

    03/12/2010 12:17:52 PM PST · by rabscuttle385 · 284 replies · 5,773+ views
    Politico ^ | 2010-03-12 | David Catanese
    Sen. John McCain's campaign is calling on his primary challenger to disavow the backing of an anti-illegal immigration group that permits the use of terms such as "wetbacks" and "pepper bellies" – derisive epithets sometimes used for immigrants – on its website. "Let's be clear: Congressman [J.D.] Hayworth's continued flirtation with extreme groups that condone racism only opens the door for liberals to falsely paint all opponents of illegal immigration as bigots. Congressman Hayworth should immediately disavow this group’s support and commit to never again associating himself with groups that accept this kind of hateful and counterproductive rhetoric," McCain campaign...
  • Karl Rove says George Bush missed chance for immigration reform

    03/10/2010 1:17:59 PM PST · by pissant · 65 replies · 1,407+ views
    Irish Central ^ | 3/10/10 | Pat Roberts
    Karl Rove now says he is sorry that immigration reform was not President Bush's top priority at the beginning of his second term rather than social security reform. Speaking to The New York Times Rove said " As I said in the book, (Courage and Consequences) I wish we had led the second term with immigration reform. If we had led with immigration reform at the beginning of the second term we could have had bipartisan cooperation with a Republican majority in the House and the Senate and done something important for the country that was tilted more toward what...
  • The New Amnesty Bill

    03/08/2010 1:12:23 AM PST · by Lexluthor69 · 21 replies · 350+ views
    The Silent Majority ^ | 03-08-10 | J.D. Longstreet
    The Obama Regime has tapped Senators Charles Shumer D-NY and Lindsey Graham R-SC to create a Comprehensive Immigration Bill. The bill was supposed to have been introduced and passed into law during Obama’s first year in office. But a little thing called “ObamaCare” and “ObamaCare 2.0” got in the way. Not to mention, a recession and, lest we forget -- the near total collapse of the American economic system. So,immigration was pushed back aways. Well, this week, the President will be meeting with Shumer and Graham for a progress report on the immigration bill they have been formulating. I think...
  • Lindsey Graham Meets With Obama White House to Plan Next Amnesty Bill

    03/05/2010 9:05:25 AM PST · by Justaham · 29 replies · 683+ views
    Gateway Pundit ^ | 3-5-10 | Jim Hoft
    Back in January Senator Lindsey Graham (R-SC) was pushing cap-and-trade legislation with democrats. Now, the Republican senator is assisting the White House with amnesty for illegal aliens. In 2007 while speaking to the radical La Raza organization, Graham said he was going to tell the “bigots” who opposed amnesty to “shut up.” RINO Senaor Lindsey Graham (R-SC) met with White House officials this week to discuss amnesty. The LA Times reported: Despite steep odds, the White House has discussed prospects for reviving a major overhaul of the nation’s immigration laws, a commitment that President Obama has postponed once already. Obama...
  • AZ-Sen. 2010: McCain calls in favors (GOP establishment ganging up on J.D. Hayworth)

    03/03/2010 10:22:15 AM PST · by rabscuttle385 · 79 replies · 939+ views
    Politico ^ | 2010-03-03 | Andy Barr
    Over the past week, Sen. John McCain (R-Ariz.) has rolled out a list of blue-chip GOP political endorsements in his primary contest against challenger J.D. Hayworth — and his campaign said more are on the way. It’s part of a concerted effort to remind primary voters of his stature, as well as an attempt to undercut Hayworth’s claim to be the conservative candidate in the Aug. 24 primary before his challenger can gain any traction. To neutralize Hayworth’s claim on tea party movement voters, McCain has unveiled his backing from former Alaska Gov. Sarah Palin and newly minted Sen. Scott...
  • Grover Norquist Explains Why He Endorsed John McCain In Race Against Conservative Opponent

    03/02/2010 6:56:51 PM PST · by theanchoragedailyruse · 20 replies · 562+ views
    Talk Radio News Service ^ | March 2, 2010 | Geoff Holtzman
    Americans for Tax Reform President Grover Norquist tells Talk Radio News Service that he endorsed Sen. John McCain (R-Ariz.) is his Senate re-election race against conservative Republican J.D. Hayworth because McCain has been staunchly opposed to raising taxes throughout his career in politics. (:24)
  • John McCain Campaign Urges J.D. Hayworth to Disavow Endorsement from Aniti-Immigration Group

    02/27/2010 12:30:40 PM PST · by pissant · 115 replies · 2,490+ views
    Phoenix New TImes ^ | 2/24/10 | John King
    On the same day the anti-illegal immigration group Americans for Legal Immigration endorsed former Congressman J.D. Hayworth in his bid to unseat Senator John McCain as the GOP candidate for Senate, the McCain campaign is calling on Hayworth to disavow the endorsement. "J.D. Hayworth's lavish praise for the social theories of noted anti-Semite and xenophobe Henry Ford sparked a major controversy during his losing 2006 campaign, causing many Arizonans to question Mr. Hayworth's judgment. It is astounding that Mr. Hayworth would today accept the endorsement of a group that the Anti-Defamation League reports is backed by white supremacists, neo-Nazis and...