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  • Escaping communism and SSI... to the Mormon church and a normal life

    07/27/2016 9:24:00 AM PDT · by mainestategop · 2 replies
    Mainestategop ^ | Brian Ball
    Roger Bauer, Resides in an apartment in Orem Utah just 30 minutes from Salt Lake City where he works as an arc welder. Roger beings his mornings bright and early before the sun rises where he fashions a quick breakfast in his kitchenette. A recent convert to The Church of Jesus Christ of latter Day Saints, he forgoes coffee and tea that he once would have had and instead enjoy a glass of orange juice or a smoothie if one is available. He goes to work just as dawn is breaking over Provo Peak and the Aspen groove hills. He...
  • Obama proposes expanding Social Security benefits while the program careens toward insolvency

    06/02/2016 7:03:14 PM PDT · by MtnClimber · 24 replies
    American Thinker ^ | 2 Jun, 2016 | Rick Moran
    For more than 20 years, the Government Accountability Office has been warning that the varioius Social Security funds would go broke in a matter of decades unless something is done to shore up the program. Unfortunately, there are limited options when trying to address this crisis. You can employ a combination of raising the retirement age and/or increase the FICA tax. Other than that, you're rearranging chairs on the deck of the Titanic. But President Obama Ė who is fully aware of the threat of insolvency Ė is now proposing that Social Security benefits be increased and wants the "rich"...
  • Obama Admin Works to Keep Guns From Many on Social Security Disability

    05/09/2016 8:08:09 AM PDT · by MarvinStinson · 25 replies
    freebeacon ^ | Stephen Gutowski
    The Social Security Administration has announced the details of a new rule that would bar many receiving federal disability payments from owning firearms. The proposed rule is part of President Obamaís push to tighten gun laws while bypassing Congress. News of the plan to add some Social Security recipients to the National Instant Criminal Background Check System, or NICS, was first uncovered by the Los Angeles Times last summer and has faced fierce opposition from gun rights groups ever since. President Obama announced in January that he was officially ordering the Social Security Administration to start the process for implementing...
  • ‚ÄėThis was all planned‚Äô: Former IG says Hillary, State Dept. are lying

    01/31/2016 5:38:54 AM PST · by Not gonna take it anymore · 87 replies
    New York Post ^ | January 31, 2016 | 5:10am | Paul Sperry
    The State Department is lying when it says it didn‚Äôt know until it was too late that Hillary Clinton was improperly using personal e-mails and a private server to conduct official business ‚ÄĒ because it never set up an agency e-mail address for her in the first place, the department‚Äôs former top watchdog says. ‚ÄúThis was all planned in advance‚ÄĚ to skirt rules governing federal records management, said Howard J. Krongard, who served as the agency‚Äôs inspector general from 2005 to 2008.
  • Supplemental Security Income (SSI) for Noncitizens

    11/17/2015 6:21:27 PM PST · by artichokegrower · 16 replies
    Generally, if you’re a noncitizen in one of certain immigration categories granted by the Department of Homeland Security (DHS), you may be eligible for SSI if:
  • Transportation Secrecy Administration [ TSA ]

    02/01/2015 8:35:51 AM PST · by george76 · 4 replies
    National Review ^ | January 30, 2015 | Ryan Lovelace
    Federal air marshals say agency brass abuses its authority to hide evidence of wrongdoing. Current and former federal air marshals allege that the Transportation Security Administration intentionally hid embarrassing information about supervisorsí misconduct and targeted employees who sought to expose the truth. The allegations revolve around TSA managementís overuse of an agency-specific designation called Sensitive Security Information (SSI). Though it is not classified, information deemed SSI is supposed to be kept from the public because it would harm transportation security. The marshals claim that the TSA has repeatedly abused the SSI classification, even going so far as to use it...
  • Disability Rolls Balloon

    12/05/2014 8:42:42 AM PST · by Academiadotorg · 11 replies
    Accuracy in Academia ^ | December 4, 2014 | Malcolm A. Kline
    When a veteran academic finds something notable in a Republican presidentís administration, itís generally the expansion of a federal government program. At the American Enterprise Institute (AEI), on Tuesday, Michael Wiseman, an economist at George Washington University (GWU), called Supplemental Security Income (SSI) for the disabled, the ďbig achievement of the Nixon years.Ē The program dates from 1974. Currently, millions of adults and children are on the program, and millions more are likely to be. ďSince 1996, the real value of TANF (Temporary Assistance for Needy Families, as the Clinton Administration and the Republican Congress renamed welfare) has been declining,Ē...
  • Work's for Squares

    09/01/2014 7:50:52 AM PDT · by reaganaut1 · 5 replies
    Barron's ^ | August 30, 2014 | Gene Epstein
    The job market has made a comeback over the past year, but the American labor force hasn't, and the prospects don't look good. Work seems to be on the wane in the U.S., with worrisome consequences for economic growth. While the unemployment rate slipped to 6.1% in June -- its lowest level in six years -- the percentage of adult American workers who are actually in the workforce is at its lowest level in 36 years, with no rebound in sight. ... WHEN IT COMES TO the millions of people receiving Social Security disability income, however, it is fairly certain...
  • ĎBlindí Man Caught in Disability Fraud After Seen Driving a Speed Boat

    01/25/2014 11:42:54 AM PST · by Innovative · 42 replies
    Free Beacon ^ | Jan 23, 2014 | Elizabeth Harrington
    A ďblindĒ Wisconsin manís $175,000 Social Security disability fraud scheme ended when federal agents caught him driving a speedboat, according to the inspector general. Lawrence Popp, 58, was sentenced to one year in prison on Tuesday for defrauding the Social Security Administration... Popp, a wealthy businessman, continued to work and go on lavish vacations in the Cayman Islands while collecting disability benefits for five years. A record 10,988,269 people received federal disability benefits in December 2013, according to the SSA. A 2012 report from Sen. Tom Coburn (R., Okla.) found that more than 25 percent of benefits are awarded with...
  • New figures show a THIRD of all people who applied for sickness benefit were found fit to work.

    01/25/2014 5:59:57 AM PST · by managusta · 1 replies
    Daily Mail ^ | 25 January 2014 | Ted Thornhill
    Almost a million people who applied for sickness benefit have instead been found fit for work, according to figures published today. A third (32 per cent) of all new claimants for employment and support allowance (ESA) were assessed as being fit to work and capable of employment between October 2008 and March 2013 - totalling 980,400 people, the Department for Work and Pensions (DWP) said. More than a million others withdrew their claims before reaching a face-to-face assessment - this can be because of individuals recovering and either returning to work, or claiming a benefit more appropriate to their situation....
  • FCC to police news media, question reporters in wide-ranging content survey

    10/30/2013 9:36:55 AM PDT · by Nachum · 39 replies
    Daily Caller ^ | 10/30/13 | Tim Cavanaugh
    The Federal Communications Commission is planning a broad probe of political speech across media platforms, an unprecedented move that raises serious First Amendment concerns. The FCCís proposed ďMulti-Market Study of Critical Information Needs,Ē which is set to begin a field test in a single market with an eye toward a comprehensive study in 2014, would collect a remarkably wide range of information on demographics, point of view, news topic selection, management style and other factors in news organizations both in and out of the FCCís traditional purview. The airwaves regulator would also subject news producers in all media to invasive...
  • Longing to be a Victim

    10/16/2013 4:23:01 AM PDT · by Kaslin · 10 replies ^ | October 16, 2013 | John Stossel
    These days, being seen as a victim can be useful. You immediately claim the moral high ground. Some people want to help you. Lawyers and politicians brag that they force others to help you. This turns some people into whiners with little sense of responsibility. Joe Biden's niece was arrested recently for throwing a punch at a cop. The New York Post says she's addicted to alcohol and pills, but rather than take responsibility for her actions, she blamed them on the "pressure she faces" because her uncle is vice president. Give me a break. America was founded by people...
  • 60 Minutes uncovers how the federal disability system is being GAMED

    10/07/2013 12:52:32 AM PDT · by sheikdetailfeather · 28 replies
    CBS ^ | October 6th, 2013 | CBS
    A good report from 60 minutes on how the federal disability system is being gamed at mega taxpayer expense: Steve Kroft reports on the alarming state of the federal disability program, which has exploded in size in the last six years and could become the first federal benefits program to run out of money.
  • EXography: Many disability recipients admit they could work

    07/30/2013 8:46:58 AM PDT · by magellan · 25 replies
    Washington Examiner ^ | JULY 30, 2013 | LUKE ROSIAK
    Recipients of federal disability checks often admit that they are capable of working but cannot or will not find a job, that those closest to them tell them they should be working, and that working to get off the disability rolls is not among their goals. More baffling, most have never received significant medical treatment and not seen a doctor about their condition in the last year, even though medical problems are the official reason they don't work. Those who acknowledge they're on disability because they can't find a job say they make little effort to find one, according to...
  • The Illusions of Supplemental Security Income, from Someone Who Knows

    02/16/2013 12:53:15 PM PST · by SeekAndFind · 62 replies
    American Thinker ^ | 02/16/2013 | Deborah C. Tyler
    I've looked at SSI Disability from both sides now, from in and out, and still somehow it's the scammers, the duped, and the resentful I recall. I have been involved in hundreds of SSI Disability cases. I have worked in the system providing mental status exams, called consultative examinations, in two states. I have done dozens of private psychological evaluations for people trying to get on Disability rolls. I have sent reams of case notes and reports to the Disability bureaucracy on behalf of therapy clients. There have been memorable examinations. One was of a sassy prostitute. She said she...
  • Sen. Tom Coburn's claim on percentage of SSDI, SSI recipients is on the mark.

    01/02/2011 11:36:02 PM PST · by Angelus · 135 replies ^ | December 18, 2010 | Louis Jacobson
    The statement "One in 19 Americans today get SSDI or SSI. That's one in 19 Americans (who) are disabled." Sen. Tom Coburn, Dec. 1, 2010, in a meeting of the Simpson-Bowles deficit commission. At a meeting of the National Commission on Fiscal Responsibility and Reform ó the Simpson-Bowles commission tasked with finding a solution to deficits ó one panel member, Sen. Tom Coburn, R-Okla., cited disability payments as an example of government spending "out of control."
  • Who Should Support The Disabled?

    12/31/2012 11:19:02 AM PST · by OddLane · 29 replies
    The Future of Freedom Foundation ^ | December 26th 2012 | Lawrence M. Vance
    Some of the most terrifying words the parents of a newborn will ever hear are ďthere is a problem with the baby.Ē Sometimes the dreadful news comes later after a tragic childhood accident or disease. When such children grow to adulthood they are joined by an even larger number of those who lived perfectly healthy lives as children only to become disabled in some way as adults. Adults with a disability of some kind are many times unable to work or unable to make enough money from working to support themselves or their families, especially during periods of economic downturn...
  • Collecting Disability Becomes A Career Choice For Men (welcome to the Obama economy!)

    12/03/2012 2:54:35 PM PST · by drewh · 57 replies
    Investors Business Daily ^ | December 3 2012 | By Michael Barone
    "It is exceptionally difficult ó for all practical purposes, impossible," writes Eberstadt, "for a medical professional to disprove a patient's claim that he or she is suffering from sad feelings or back pain." In other words, many people are gaming or defrauding the system. This includes not only disability recipients but health care professionals, lawyers and others who run ads promising to get you disability benefits. Between 1996 and 2011, the private sector generated 8.8 million new jobs, and 4.1 million people entered the disability rolls. In 1960, some 455,000 workers were receiving disability payments. In 2011, the number was...
  • Perverse Welfare Incentives

    12/10/2012 8:23:52 AM PST · by eagleye85
    Eagleye Blog ^ | December 10, 2012 | Bethany Stotts
    What if you had to choose between your child learning to read and making ends meet each month? Before child labor laws were passed, the solution for the poor seemed to be to pull kids out of schools and place them to work in factories or other employment. For some today, argues Nicholas D. Kristof in a recent column, the solution may be to make sure their kids donít learn to read. That way the parents can continue to collect Supplemental Security Income (SSI) checks. ďThis is what poverty sometimes looks like in America: parents here in Appalachian hill country...
  • Senate report highlights Social Security disability benefit abuses

    09/17/2012 5:30:19 AM PDT · by TurboZamboni · 20 replies
    washington examiner ^ | 9-13-12 | mark flatten
    A woman was awarded Social Security disability benefits because of "crippling hand pain" from carpel tunnel syndrome, but still managed to work as a bartender. A judge coached a disability applicant to lie about paying rent to boost his payments from the government. ĎI think you could flip a coin for anybody who came before the Social Security commission for disability and get it right just as often as the ALJs do, - Sen. Tom Coburn, R-Okla.í A man with history of cocaine addiction was approved for disability because of back pain and headaches, which he claimed could be controlled...
  • 8,753,935: Workers on Disability Set Another Record in July; Exceed Population of 39 States

    07/23/2012 11:47:39 AM PDT · by Sub-Driver · 40 replies
    8,753,935: Workers on Disability Set Another Record in July; Exceed Population of 39 States By Terence P. Jeffrey July 23, 2012 ( - The number of workers taking federal disability insurance payments hit yet another record in July, increasing to 8,753,935 during the month from the previous record of 8,733,461 set in June, according to newly released data from the Social Security Administration. The 8,753,935 workers who took federal disability insurance payments in July exceeded the population of 39 of the 50 states. Only 11 statesóCalifornia, Texas, New York, Florida, Illinois, Pennsylvania, Ohio, Michigan, Georgia, North Carolina and New Jerseyóhad...
  • Disability Ranks Outpace New Jobs In Obama Recovery [OUTRAGEOUS]

    07/06/2012 10:21:36 AM PDT · by upchuck · 44 replies
    IBD ^ | July 6, 2012 | JOHN MERLINE
    More workers joined the federal government's disability program in June than got new jobs, according to two new government reports, a clear indicator of how bleak the nation's jobs picture is after three full years of economic recovery. The economy created just 80,000 jobs in June, the Bureau of Labor Statistics reported Friday. But that same month, 85,000 workers left the workforce entirely to enroll in the Social Security Disability Insurance program, according to the Social Security Administration. The disability ranks have outpaced job growth throughout President Obama's economic recovery. While the economy has created 2.6 million jobs since June...
  • 237,000 More Americans Went on Disability Than Dropped Off Of Unemployment Since June 2010

    07/06/2012 8:12:15 AM PDT · by whitedog57 · 18 replies
    Confounded Interest ^ | 07/06/2012 | Anthony B. Sanders
    Obama and Biden must be singing ďSummertime BluesĒ as U6 Unemployment rose to 14.9% from 14.8% in June. The traditional measure of unemployment remained stuck at 8.2%. Nonfarm payrolls (NFP) rose less than expected at only 80,000 jobs. The expectation was for 100,000 jobs. It Gets Worse Since the end of June 2010, how have we done? 28.1 millions Americans have gone on disability while `12.75 million Americans have dropped off on unemployment rolls. That is a net INCREASE of 237,000. Think this is bad? Wait until the 20+ Obamacare taxes kicks in and the Bush tax cuts expire.
  • Unemployment Explained: Obama's Disability Scammers

    05/07/2012 1:12:58 AM PDT · by Kaslin · 28 replies ^ | May 6, 2012 | John Ransom
    I have to credit our own Mike Shedlock for writing about how Obamaís been able to drive down the topline unemployment number even though unemployment remains as a big problem today as it has ever been. Iím often reluctant to piggy back on a contributorís work, but when something is really newsworthy, I think itís justified. Yesterday Mish pointed out that:In the last year, the civilian population rose by 3,638,000. Yet the labor force only rose by 945,000. Those not in the labor force rose by 2,693,000. In the last month, actual employment fell by 169,000, but the unemployment rate...
  • 2.2 Million Go On Disability Since Mid-2010; Fraud Explains Falling Unemployment Rate

    05/06/2012 6:45:31 AM PDT · by Kaslin · 63 replies ^ | May 6, 2012 | Mike Shedlock
    Since mid-2010, precisely at the time millions of US citizens used up all of their 99 week of unemployment insurance, disability claims have risen by 2.2 million. Those on disability are not counted in the workforce and are not considered unemployed. Please consider Disabled Americans Shrink Size of U.S. Labor Force
  • Jobs report shows effects of the incredible shrinking U.S. labor force

    05/04/2012 6:44:14 PM PDT · by tobyhill · 20 replies
    WASHINGTON POST ^ | 5/4/2012 | staff
    If the same percentage of adults were in the workforce today as when Barack Obama took office, the unemployment rate would be 11.1 percent. If the percentage was where it was when George W. Bush took office, the unemployment rate would be 13.1 percent. That helps explain a seeming contradiction in the unemployment numbers ó the rate keeps dropping even though job creation has been soft. In April, the U.S. economy added a mere 115,000 jobs, according to Bureau of Labor Statistics data released Friday. In a normal month, that would not even be enough to keep up with new...
  • Chart of America's Welfare State

    05/07/2012 12:11:27 PM PDT · by Mich1193 · 11 replies ^ | 05/07/2012 |
    There was a little mentioned tangent to last Friday's very disappointing NFP print of +115,000 (driven by a surge in temp jobs offsetting a collapse in full time positions): as David Rosenberg notes, the jobs number was about half of another far more important number - that of Americans applying for disability , which in April was +225,000. He continues: "this is the new stealth stimulus program - so far in 2011, nearly one million Americans have applied for disability and year-to-date, 333k have actually enrolled (covering 539k family members). In total, more than five million people have been added...
  • Web put off-limits to Social Security claims judges

    05/04/2012 10:33:16 AM PDT · by magellan · 13 replies
    The Washington Times ^ | Thursday, May 3, 2012 | Stephen Dinan
    The Social Security Administration last month told its disability-claims judges they are no longer to seek out information from websites when deciding cases ó taking away a tool some of those judges say would help in uncovering fraud. Agency officials said reviewers can't trust information posted online, and also said the mere act of typing in queries could compromise protected private information, so they shouldn't try to access anything. Social Security's ban covers all Internet sites, including social media such as Facebook. But Sen. Tom Coburn, Oklahoma Republican and a top taxpayer watchdog, said avoiding the Internet means giving up...
  • 5.4 Million Join Disability Rolls Under Obama

    04/22/2012 2:17:58 PM PDT · by daniel1212 · 58 replies
    A record 5.4 million workers and their dependents have signed up to collect federal disability checks since President Obama took office, according to the latest official government data, as discouraged workers increasingly give up looking for jobs and take advantage of the federal program. More than 5 million people have been jobless for 27 weeks or more, nearly twice the previous high set in 1983, according to the Bureau of Labor Statistics. Since the recession ended in June 2009, the number of new enrollees to Social Securityís disability insurance program is twice the job growth figure. In just the first...
  • Not Yet a State, Puerto Rico Practices Good Governance

    01/03/2012 5:05:28 AM PST · by cll · 25 replies
    Governing ^ | 1/03/2011 | Paul W. Taylor
    Sun, sand and 80-degree temperatures distract most winter visitors to this U.S. island territory from the visible signs of aging at the 57-year-old Luis MuŮoz MarŪn International Airport, a critical hub to the Caribbean, but increasingly expensive to run and maintain. Thatís not good enough for Kenneth McClintock, the secretary of state for Puerto Rico, who says the airport is about to undergo world-class upgrades made possible through a long-term lease with a private company that will finance, design, build and operate the facility. ďItís a showcase project that will generate hundreds of millions of dollars in new revenues,Ē says...
  • Sipsey Street Exclusive: Oh my, a Fed forensic audit of Sipsey Street, whatever shall I do?

    12/16/2011 8:46:27 AM PST · by marktwain · 22 replies
    Sipsey Street Irregulars ^ | 15 December, 2011 | Mike Vanderboegh
    So, the latest whispers are that the DOJ was shocked that an email their San Diego US Attorney wrote one afternoon ended up moving at the speed of shit through a goose to the Issa Committee and, here, featured in the pages of Sipsey Street the next morning. Pursuant to this outrage, I am told that I will be the focus of a forensic email audit to find out who tipped me off. Although, I must add, whether or not they have obtained a court order to do this remains unclear at this hour. But then the wiretaps mentioned in...
  • SSI: The New Welfare, Exempt From ďTriggerĒ Cuts

    11/21/2011 1:28:24 PM PST · by Starman417 · 11 replies
    Flopping Aces ^ | 11-21-11 | Warren Beatty
    We have all heard lately about the "supercommittee," its charge, and, if it isn't successful, pulling the spending "trigger." Defense has the most to lose from triggered cuts, as this source illustrates. Leon Panetta, head of the Department of Defense (DOD) and no bastion of conservatism, called the trigger "draconian" and "devastating" and said that it will "hollow out" the military. The worst thing, Panetta said, is that the cuts "invite aggression." But supercommittee cuts exempt Social Security, Medicaid, Supplemental Security Income (SSI), veterans' benefits, civilian and military retirement programs, and other programs serving low-income families. Cuts to hospitals,...
  • The New Welfare Swindle

    11/17/2011 3:41:53 AM PST · by afraidfortherepublic · 60 replies
    The American Spectator ^ | 11-17-11 | Christopher Orlet
    Ever since I moved to the inner city one thing has puzzled me more than any other, and that is how my low-income neighbors get by. Assuming they aren't doing anything illegal, how do they afford their homes, their meals, their gadgets, their cars? Few seem to work, even part time, for they are home in the morning when I leave for work, home if I stop by for lunch, and home when I return in the evening. They can't work the graveyard shift, for they keep me up half the night with their raucous music. I am left to...
  • Social Security Now Officially in the Red

    10/30/2011 4:58:03 AM PDT · by Stajack · 136 replies
    Washington Post ^ | October 29, 2011 | Lisa Montgomery
    Now, Social Security is sucking money out of the Treasury. This year, it will add a projected $46 billion to the nationís budget problems, according to projections by system trustees. Replacing cash lost to a one-year payroll tax holiday will require an additional $105 billion. If the payroll tax break is expanded next year, as President Obama has proposed, Social Security will need an extra $267 billion to pay promised benefits.
  • I don't wanna work! I just want to occupy wall st. all day!(music video)

    10/14/2011 9:55:01 AM PDT · by mainestategop · 1 replies
    A video about the occupy wall street bums. CAUTION! SCARY PHOTOS w/Nudity and violence! Viewer discretion advised!
  • More fodder for the budget debate (Vanity, sort of)

    07/24/2011 6:00:36 PM PDT · by Baynative · 6 replies
    All Day Live ^ | current | Dr. Wm Mount
    Here is a development in Tacoma WA (Salishan) that was built for Illegal Immigrants! 1325 Homes created! Refugee Pay offers them $2642 per month in SSI benefits, plus Food Stamps, plus Section 8 Housing. You will see new expensive cars in this video. Wouldn't you like to get a free ride like the illegals? I'm putting this up for use in contributing to discussions and debates about our ongoing budget talks. One important facet of this debate is Obama's threat to stop social security payments.
  • August Budget Chart All News Outlets Would Report If They Weren't Liberal

    07/13/2011 6:26:29 PM PDT · by TexasCajun · 5 replies ^ | July 13, 2011 | 18:53 | Noel Sheppard
    James Pethokoukis of Reuters published a chart Tuesday demonstrating exactly why all the hysteria about a debt default or missing Social Security check payments is a bunch of nonsense. If America's news outlets were actually interested in disseminating the truth rather than fear-mongering, this chart or something like it would be part of every report involving the debt ceiling: What this chart created by the securities firm Goldman Sachs perfectly demonstrates is that there are ample tax receipts coming to the Treasury in August to pay the interest on our debt, Social Security, Medicare, and "essential" defense costs.
  • Maybe I should just join them.

    07/03/2011 6:40:43 PM PDT · by cableguymn · 116 replies
    Myself | 4/3/11 | Self
    Here I sit. I just lost my day job, down almost 800 dollars of income a week. They "forgot" to pay me Friday (the day they let me go) even though it was payday. It's been a rough week at my personal business. A trade deal went south between a sign maker and my landlord. I'm caught in the middle with the rent bill. Wife had a mini-stroke but thankfully is doing well and is back to work. So I was looking forward to a halfway decent weekend enjoying the 4th. Then the wife comes home. (no. it's not a...
  • Senator questions benefits to Ďadult babyí

    05/18/2011 1:42:15 PM PDT · by PieterCasparzen · 38 replies
    The Washington Times ^ | 5/17/2011 | Stephen Dinan
    A key senator has asked the Social Security Administration to investigate how people who live their lives role-playing as ďadult babiesĒ are able to get taxpayer-funded disability payments ó after one of them was featured on a recent reality TV episode wearing diapers, feeding from a bottle and using an adult-sized crib he built. Sen. Tom Coburn, Oklahoma Republican and the Senateís top waste-watcher, asked the agencyís inspector general to look into 30-year-old Stanley Thornton Jr. and his roommate, Sandra Dias, who acts as his ďmother,Ē saying itís not clear why they are collecting Supplemental Security Income (SSI) benefits instead...
  • Most Illegal Immigrant Families Collect Welfare

    04/05/2011 3:36:01 PM PDT · by La Lydia · 53 replies
    Judicial Watch ^ | April 5, 2011
    ...Census Bureau data reveals that most U.S. families headed by illegal immigrants use taxpayer-funded welfare programs on behalf of their American-born anchor babies. Even before the recession, immigrant households with children used welfare programs at consistently higher rates than natives, according to the extensive census data collected and analyzed by a nonpartisan Washington D.C. group dedicated to researching legal and illegal immigration in the U.S...The majority of households across the country benefitting from publicly-funded welfare programs are headed by immigrants, both legal and illegal. States where immigrant households with children have the highest welfare use rates are Arizona (62%), Texas,...
  • The other welfare - a legacy of unintended side effects (SSI)

    12/12/2010 8:34:09 AM PST · by Bluestateredman · 17 replies
    The Boston Globe ^ | 12/12/2010 | Patricia Wen
    Geneva Fielding, a single mother since age 16, has struggled to raise her three energetic boys in the housing projects of Roxbury. Nothing has come easily, least of all money. Even so, she resisted some years back when neighbors told her about a federal program called SSI that could pay her thousands of dollars a year. The benefit was a lot like welfare, better in many ways, but it came with a catch: To qualify, a child had to be disabled. And if the disability was mental or behavioral ó something like ADHD ó the child pretty much had to...
  • Barking moonbat atheist explodes on youtube

    12/03/2010 11:39:51 AM PST · by mainestategop · 25 replies
    Mainestategop ^ | 12/1/10 | Mainestategop
    <p>YOUR **** RELIGION IS B****T AND YOUR GOD IS *%*&*% MAKE BELIEVE! I have exactly ZERO FEAR of what exists only in your rasist narrow simpleton mind. Your god is NOT AN OBJECTIVE REALITY and yet you keep pushing him on us. You are nothing but a bunch of stupid retarded bigotsÔĽŅ and hypicrites, PLEASE **$# OFF AND DIE. I am sick you your STUPID JEEEEEEESUS *%*&%* hijacking the legacy of the founding fathers to promote your controlling agenda. $&*^* YOUR STUPID &$&$* OF A GOD [long screed of swearing and curing and liberal slogans] ON YOURÔĽŅ IDIOT BI-BULL, IT BELONGETH IN DA TOILET! Are you so STUPID that you think quoting from theidiot BI-BULL will do anythimng besides make me LAUGH HYSTERICoLLY. The bi-BULL is a [more screaming and gibberish] that is good for nothing except wiping %&*^#. It is fiulled with STUPID, RIDICULOS errors and silly moronic fairy tales. It is the product of hateful rasist people. Its god is exclusive, racist, genocidal cunt of a monster whop loves only those who willingly ignore rational thought and becomeÔĽŅ his sheeple. HE DOESN'T EXIST!</p>
  • The liberal war on Veterans(elder abuse a weapon of choice)

    11/12/2010 2:16:31 PM PST · by mainestategop · 8 replies
    Mainestategop ^ | 11/11/10 | Mainestategop
    If there is one group of people liberals hate more than conservatives and libertarians, it has to be Veterans. These brave men and women have risked their lives many becoming maimed or injured in the process of protecting our God given freedom and liberty. Is it any wonder that liberals hate them so much? Returning overseas these days veterans wont come back to find grateful godly Americans but instead America hating hippies and socialists who will spit on them and curse them for daring to fight against a nation that murders its own people for the public good and that...
  • Liberals plan to control nation's food supply and starve the homeless and disabled

    10/15/2010 11:26:00 AM PDT · by mainestategop · 29 replies
    Mainestategop ^ | Mainestategop
    In previous articles I brought up how liberals want the state to control the worlds food supply. Liberals believe that the private sector should not have a say in growing distributing and selling food. The state along with one world communist government should only have a say in those matters. Of course any student of history can see where that has lead, from food shortages and blights in the middle ages thanks to feudalism to hundreds of millions dying under communist made food shortages in Ukraine and China. Farms and grocery stores are not the only things liberals want to...
  • Socialist take over of psychiatry

    09/28/2010 10:57:26 AM PDT · by mainestategop · 11 replies
    Mainestategop ^ | MAINESTATEGOP
    I have been away for 3-4 months from my blog and I had a lot of articles I wanted to publish. For one, The anniversary of the Mutiny on the Bounty was around that time and a friend of mine who is a historical scholar was going to help write an interesting article about mutiny and include some facts about Captain William Bligh and the bounty crew that is not generally known. He would cut away some of the fiction and non fiction that sadly has seeped in thanks to popular fiction and Hollywood influence. I was also going to...
  • Disability numbers on the rise (The new welfare office Social Security)

    09/14/2010 1:55:38 PM PDT · by goldendays · 69 replies · 1+ views ^ | September 7, 2010 | Jared Hunt
    Disability numbers on the rise by Jared Hunt Daily Mail Capitol Reporter Advertiser CHARLESTON, W.Va.--The percentage of West Virginians receiving Social Security Disability benefits ranks highest in the nation, according to data from the Social Security Administration. In an August report, the agency said 91,273 people - 5.02 percent of the state's population - are considered disabled workers. Following West Virginia in the rankings were Arkansas, at 4.44 percent; Kentucky, 4.41 percent; Alabama, 4.34 percent; and Mississippi, 4.11 percent. Another 14,835 West Virginians were listed as dependent spouses or children of those on disability, bringing total beneficiaries to 106,108. The...
  • Social Security Disability Insurance not sustainable

    07/27/2010 12:13:18 PM PDT · by Angelus · 39 replies · 26+ views ^ | July 27, 2010 | Astrid Fiano
    Over 9 Million American are now on SSDI or SSI soon it will be 10 Million. I have wrote a few times about these corrupt programs and how they will soon be unsustainable because of how broad the definitions of disability and the broad language used in the Federal Statutes are that virtually anyone can get it. Also they refuse to put restrictions on who can receive benefits from SSI and SSDI such as Convicted Felons. No matter how many crimes on someoneís record whether felony or not they can still receive benefits. The Social Security Administrations website also provides...
  • The truth About Obama's liberal fascist healthcare plan

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    Mainestategop Blog ^ | 3/26/10 | MAINESTATEGOP
    Obama's health care reform bill is not really reform but corporate socialism that will bilk Americans out of more of their money for premiums and force them to pay more of their money to corporate health giants. Not only this it will curtail our civil liberties and lead us into socialist despotism. In a previous article I pointed out that this tragedy was inevitable that America would eventually have some kind of universal insurance Like in Britain or mandated insurance like in Massachusetts. In fact the bill is like Massachusetts health care but far far worse. Liberal elitists in the...
  • Mom of 9 cries foul (Claim: I was sterilized against my will)

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    The Boston Herald ^ | 01/03/2010 | By Jessica Fargen
    Mom of 9 cries foul Claim: I was sterilized against my will By Jessica Fargen Sunday, January 3, 2010 - Updated 37m ago + Recent Articles + Recent Blog Entries + Email + Bio General Assignment Reporter Check out Jessica Fargen's Reporter's Notebook blog. E-mail Print (83) Comments Text size Share Buzz up!Post-delivery notes indicate she received a tubal ligation, the complaint says. The surgical notes were reviewed by the Herald. This is the second time Savicki has sued over reproductive issues. In 2001, she reached a settlement with CVS and a spermacide company after she became pregnant with her...
  • *TPS* and the *SSI* Tell GOP Senate: ďStop Putting Your Christmas Vacation Ahead of Our CountryĒ

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    earthtimes ^ | December 8, 2009 | Press Release PRWeb
    Tea Party Support and the Social Security Institute Tell GOP Senate: ďStop Putting Your Christmas Vacation Ahead of Our CountryĒ Posted : Tue, 08 Dec 2009 18:14:19 GMT Tea Party Support ( ) and the Social Security Institute ( ) joined forces yesterday to blast out a million-and-a-half email messages asking people to demand that Republican Senators stop assisting Harry Reid to ram ObamaCare and the Reid health bill through the Senate by yearís end. The email campaign has generated more than 25,000 letters and emails to Capitol Hill so far. Tea Party Support President Matthew Perdue...