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  • The Final Frontier: 10 Political Messages Beamed Through “Star Trek”

    12/13/2010 3:32:23 AM PST · by Walter Scott Hudson · 21 replies · 1+ views
    David Horowitz's NewsReal Blog ^ | December 12, 2010 | Walter Hudson
    Science fiction affords storytellers the opportunity to couch political ideas within fantastic metaphors. In this way, ideas can be explored which might otherwise seem objectionable. In some cases, an audience might not consciously realize they are being influenced to think a certain way. Perhaps the greatest example of science fiction writing which has pushed a particular ideology upon the popular culture is Star Trek. Over the course of nearly five decades, the brand has expanded from televisions series into feature films, countless books, fan conventions, and mounts of merchandise. Why has Star Trek been so popular? Creator Gene Roddenberry...
  • Captain Kirk Preamble

    11/30/2010 7:19:30 PM PST · by Sybeck1 · 15 replies
  • Publisher creates 'Enterprise' manual

    10/30/2010 12:25:21 PM PDT · by JoeProBono · 47 replies
    LONDON, - A British publisher of maintenance books is branching into sci-fi with an owner's manual for the USS Enterprise from "Star Trek." "The U.S.S. Enterprise Owners' Workshop Manual," a 160-page guide from the Haynes Publishing Group, contains technical specifications and in-depth drawings for any aspiring sci-fi engineer looking to strip down and reassemble their own starship, The Daily Telegraph reported Friday. The book, written by Ben Robinson and Marcus Riley, includes input from NASA engineer Michael Okuda, who worked on "Star Trek" projects for more than 20 years. "It's something I think people have wanted for a long time,...
  • The Raven read by John DeLancie ("Q" of Star Trek fame)

    10/29/2010 12:02:51 PM PDT · by Pyro7480 · 11 replies · 2+ views
    YouTube ^ | 19th century | Edgar Allan Poe
    Welcome to the first QMx Masters Series video presentation. Produced by actor/director John De Lancie, Master Series brings you the classics of science fiction, fantasy and horror, performed by some of the best-known names in genre entertainment. In keeping with QMx's tradition of supporting artisans and their craft, Masters Series distills performance down to its purest form: a single camera, a microphone, the actor and you. It's an intense, mesmerizing experience you won't want to miss. For our very first installment, we're proud to have John De Lancie performing Edgar Allan Poe's The Raven.
  • Atheism as a young white male phenomenon

    10/21/2010 6:24:22 AM PDT · by MarianoApologeticus · 4 replies ^ | Oct 20, 2010 AD | Mariano
    As an aside to their article Atheism Appears to be Significantly Less Appealing to Women; Conservapedia notes that atheism is primarily a young white male phenomenon: More evidence that atheists quite often tend to be white, unmarried, socially challenged nerds! An atheists' meeting was organized in the United States concerning the future direction of the atheist movement and 370 people attended. The New York Times described the attendees as "The largely white and male crowd — imagine a Star Trek convention, but older..."1 For more information, please see Atheism appears to be significantly less appealing to women…Survey data and website...
  • 2010: Dawn of the Terran Empire?

    10/01/2010 12:29:40 PM PDT · by Kaslin · 18 replies · 1+ views
    Pajamas Media ^ | October 1, 2010 | Paul Hsieh
    Like Kirk and Spock, I fear we may have passed through to a parallel (political) universe. Remember that episode of Star Trek (original series) where Captain Kirk, Scotty, Dr. McCoy, and Lt. Uhura accidentally transported into a parallel universe which was an eerie mirror image of the real world? The Federation was an evil “Terran Empire.” Star Fleet officers moved up not by merit, but by assassinating their superiors. And mirror-universe Spock wore a cool goatee. Well, sometimes I feel like I’ve just woken up in a political parallel universe. Otherwise, how else can we explain a world where: Fidel...
  • Capturing the world's oldest living things

    07/27/2010 7:53:21 AM PDT · by Daffynition · 28 replies
    CNN ^ | July 26 2010 | Dean Irvine
    Rachel Sussman is a time traveler. For the last few years, the American photographer has journeyed across the globe on a mission to bring back images of the world's oldest living organisms. In her ongoing project, Sussman has traveled to the primal landscapes of southern Greenland, the timeless high-altitude Andean deserts of South America and even under the ocean. "[The project] is a celebration and record of our past, a call to action now, and also a barometer of our future," she told CNN. Sussman began her time-traveling trips in 2004 while visiting the island of Yakushima in Japan to...
  • Zoe Saldana strips down to her skivvies as the new face - and body - for Calvin Klein underwear

    07/22/2010 11:20:49 AM PDT · by Perdogg · 59 replies · 5+ views
    NY Daily News ^ | 07.22.10
    As if Zoe Saldana weren't already every guy's dream girl with her roles in sci-fi flicks "Star Trek" and "Avatar," the sexy actress is turning up the heat as the new underwear model for Calvin Klein.
  • Star Trek : Tik Tok

    07/19/2010 7:09:52 PM PDT · by Sybeck1 · 16 replies · 1+ views
    This is funny IMO
  • The Destiny of the Universe

    07/17/2010 4:54:59 PM PDT · by LibWhacker · 29 replies · 3+ views
    FQXI ^ | 7/2/10 | Julie Rehmeyer
    A radical reformulation of quantum mechanics suggests that the universe has a set destiny and its pre-existing fate reaches back in time to influence the past. It could explain the origin of life, dark energy and solve other cosmic conundrums.The universe has a destiny—and this set fate could be reaching backwards in time and combining with influences from the past to shape the present. It’s a mind-bending claim, but some cosmologists now believe that a radical reformulation of quantum mechanics in which the future can affect the past could solve some of the universe’s biggest mysteries, including how life arose....
  • Understanding "Sex and the City"

    07/10/2010 8:16:00 AM PDT · by grey_whiskers · 19 replies · 1+ views
    No amount of special edition DVDs or syndicated repeats on UPN, Hot Johnny thought, would ever explain the rabid appeal of “Sex and the City”. It was too much part of an alien culture -- i.e., women -- to ever make more sense than the Sphinx or the Pyramids in Egypt. That is, until this week when he stumbled upon the answer. He was walking along the streets of Park Slope on Saturday, with his friend Sara, who was in town on business. The two of them had just enjoyed a delicious Bavarian-style lunch at Steinhof’s on 7th Avenue and...
  • Riverside Iowa Trekfest June 25-26

    06/25/2010 6:22:26 AM PDT · by iowamark · 8 replies
    ""Guinness World Record Attempt The challenge is out there, and Riverside, IA deserves the honor. The current record for "Largest gathering of people dressed as Star Trek characters" is 99. There has also been word that an event in Germany had a little over 500 people attend their attempt at breaking the record but that statistic has yet to be confirmed by the GBWR organization. So here is the challenge: At the Trekfest event we are going to make our own attempt to break that record. We are shooting for at least 1,000 people dressed in Star Trek costumes to...
  • ‘Star Trek' franchise an homage to humanist philosophy

    06/30/2010 9:05:26 AM PDT · by iowamark · 48 replies
    Worcester (MA) Telegram ^ | 06/29/2010 | Bronislaus B. Kush
    If you're a big fan of the Star Trek science fiction genre, then there's a good chance that you're a humanist at heart. That's the way that Susan Sackett, the longtime personal executive assistant to Trek franchise creator Gene Roddenberry, sees it. Ms. Sackett, who met recently with the Greater Worcester Humanists group at the Unitarian Universalist Church of Worcester, said Mr. Roddenberry was an admitted humanist who liberally sprinkled his out of this world stories about Capt. James Tiberius Kirk, Mr. Spock and the other Star Trek characters with the fundamentals of humanism — a non-theistic, or secular, approach,...
  • Shatner plans to direct a documentary about Captain Kirk

    06/17/2010 6:17:13 PM PDT · by KevinDavis · 34 replies · 646+ views
    SciFi Wire ^ | 06/16/10
    William Shatner announced that he's going to direct a documentary called "The Captains" about Capt. Kirk, which is to say a documentary about Capt. Shatner. Shatner has never been shy about talking about himself, and now he gets to direct and executive-produce himself as well. Here's more:
  • Star Trek: The Pepsi Generation

    06/09/2010 3:26:22 PM PDT · by EveningStar · 2 replies · 58+ views
    YouTube | May 2, 2007 | uploaded by EarlSinclair
    The classic 1988 parody of "Star Trek: The Next Generation"! Part 1Part 2
  • Star Trek star Patrick Stewart knighted at Palace

    06/02/2010 7:01:20 PM PDT · by KevinDavis · 47 replies · 849+ views
    BBC News ^ | 06/02/10
    Actor Sir Patrick Stewart paid tribute to a former teacher as he was knighted by the Queen at Buckingham Palace. The 69-year-old said he owed "literally everything" to the English teacher who first encouraged him to perform.
  • Canada Wants William Shatner for Governor

    04/27/2010 6:49:38 PM PDT · by Teflonic · 19 replies · 554+ views
    Could William Shatner finally go where no Star Trek alum has gone before? According to several reports, The Shat might return to his native Canada to take a spot in public office…sort of. Apparently, a group of his loyal fans and fellow Canadians have gotten together and started a Facebook campaign to get the actor in the Governor General’s seat. If Arnold Schwarzenegger can become governor of California, is there a legitimate reason why Shatner can’t get down with some political action? On the support group’s Facebook page it states that Canada’s current Governor General Michaelle Jean will soon be...
  • For Trek Fans: Scents of the Future-Star Trek Perfumes & Colognes (Vanity)

    03/27/2010 2:39:56 PM PDT · by hoagy62 · 18 replies · 429+ views ^ | 3/37/10 | hoagy62
    Taking a break from all the screaming, yelling, and gnashing of teeth that the Obamacare Health Illusion has generated, I chanced upon this while I was looking at an article on another site. It seems some 'enterprising' business (pun very intended) has manufactured not one but THREE perfumes and colognes for fans of the "Star Trek" universe.
  • "Earth Hour" brings to mind Star Trek's "Red Hour" (episode: The Return of the Archons)

    03/27/2010 11:29:02 AM PDT · by ETL · 38 replies · 871+ views
    "The 'red hour' marked the beginning of the festival on Beta III, during the governance of Landru. ("The Return of the Archons")" ____________________________________ "The U.S.S. Enterprise is investigating Beta III, where the U.S.S. Archon disappeared over 100 years before. When the landing party exhibits strange behavior, Kirk sends another party down to investigate. They find the culture on Beta III is quiescent, with no creative tendencies. The entire culture is controlled by a group of 'lawgivers' known as "The Body" which is, in turn, controlled by the omniscient Landru. The inhabitants change from normal, peaceful people to a violent...
  • Capt. Picard on Obamacare passage (Vanity)

    03/23/2010 11:30:34 AM PDT · by The Comedian · 17 replies · 670+ views
    Star Trek: First Contact ^ | March 23, 2010 | Patrick Stewart (Capt. Picard)
    Capt. Picard address the advance of the Collective: "...We've made too many compromises already, too many retreats. They invade our space and we fall back. They assimilate entire worlds and we fall back. Not again. The line must be drawn here! This far, no farther! And I will make them pay for what they've done!" - Jean-Luc Picard