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  • No, voter fraud actually isn’t a persistent problem (Washington Post Propaganda)

    09/07/2016 3:50:03 AM PDT · by SkyPilot · 53 replies
    Washington Post ^ | Sami Edge
    Politicians and voting rights advocates continue to clash over whether photo ID and other voting requirements are needed to prevent voter fraud, but a News21 analysis and recent court rulings show little evidence that such fraud is widespread. A News21 analysis four years ago of 2,068 alleged election-fraud cases in 50 states found that while some fraud had occurred since 2000, the rate was infinitesimal compared with the 146 million registered voters in that 12-year span. The analysis found only 10 cases of voter impersonation, the only kind of fraud that could be prevented by voter ID at the...
  • Rental Cars Can Steal Phone Data Like Contacts and Text Messages (privacy infosec threat)

    09/02/2016 9:26:00 AM PDT · by MarchonDC09122009 · 27 replies
    Fortune ^ | 09/01/2016 | Jeff John Roberts
    Rental Cars Can Steal Phone Data Like Contacts and Text Messages Tech Internet of Things Watch Out That Your Rental Car Doesn't Steal Your Phone Data By: Jeff John Roberts September 1, 2016, 10:51 AM  Watch out how you connect to cars. Here’s something to think about the next time you plug your phone into a rental car: The vehicle may be slurping up and recording all sorts of data, including your location, personal contacts, and even your text messages and web browsing. That warning comes via a Federal Trade Commission blog post this week, which highlights a downside...
  • RNC Releases New Video – Pushes Rule Change to Help Party Elites Steal Nomination

    04/04/2016 9:14:49 AM PDT · by Enlightened1 · 83 replies
    GP ^ | 04/04/16 | Jim Hoft
    The Republican Party released a brokered convention video today with Sean Cairncross, RNC Chief Operating Officer. Cairncross tries to persuade viewers that the convention rules need to change this year and that they necessarily change from convention to convention. But maybe you still don’t understand why’s all this necessary? Why can’t the rules stay the same for each convention? Listen, if you were a delegate you wouldn’t want to be governed by the rules of past conventions. There’s no reason that the rules that governed Romney’s delegates should be used to govern you. After all, this is a new convention...
  • Karl Rove: Let’s face it, the GOP nominee might need to be someone other than Trump or Cruz

    04/01/2016 5:18:50 PM PDT · by Enlightened1 · 59 replies
    Hot Air ^ | 04/01/16 | Allahpundit
    If the establishment wants Ryan, they could nominate Ryan, let Trumpers and Cruz fans spend the next three months screaming that they’ll never vote Republican again, and then pray that the sheer amount of day-to-day irritation they endure from watching Hillary Clinton campaign finally leads those people to say in October, “F*** it, Ryan it is!” That’s a Hail Mary pass, but nominating Cruz after he’s been weakened by Trump attacks and embittered Trump fans by “stealing” the nomination through delegate chicanery is a Hail Mary pass from your own 20. And nominating Trump, given his radioactive unpopularity with the...
  • Soros Board Member Chairs Firm Running Online Voting for Tuesday’s Utah Caucuses

    03/20/2016 3:10:45 PM PDT · by Enlightened1 · 33 replies
    Breitbart ^ | 03/20/16 | Aaron Klein
    Smartmatic Group, an electronic voting firm whose worldwide headquarters is located in the United Kingdom, will be running the online balloting process in the Utah Republican Open Caucuses on Tuesday. The chairman of Smartmatic’s board, Lord Mark Malloch-Brown, currently serves on the board of George Soros’s Open Society Foundation and has close ties to the billionaire. The Wall Street Journal dubbed the Republican party’s online adventure on Tuesday as “one of the biggest online votes conducted so far in the U.S.” and the “largest experiment with online presidential voting since 2004, when Michigan allowed Democrats to vote in a party caucus via...
  • Rubio: Tomorrow We Will Shock the Country

    03/14/2016 6:03:33 PM PDT · by angelcindy · 70 replies
    Brietbart ^ | march 14,2016 | Pam Key
    Rubio said, “Tomorrow is the day. Tomorrow’s the day when we’re going to shock the country. We’re going to do what needs to be done.
  • Georgia Democrats: How come we were given Republican ballots?

    03/02/2016 2:05:09 AM PST · by Stormy_2021 · 22 replies
    Fark ^ | March 1st, 2016 | BETHANIA PALMA MARKUS
    (From Raw Story, via Fark) Some people in Georgia are worried about voting issues after being erroneously given Republican ballots, when they were registered Democrats... ...An Austin radio station Tuesday was flooded with callers complaining their votes for candidate Donald Trump were changed to rival Marco Rubio.
  • Hillary’s plans to stuff the ballot box

    06/09/2015 10:52:33 AM PDT · by Enlightened1 · 7 replies
    WND ^ | 06/08/15 | Phyllis Schlafly
    Phyllis Schlafly spotlights devious plan to capture even more illegal-alien votes She apparently decided it won’t be enough to rely on the 66 million people who voted twice for Barack Obama, many of whom are disillusioned by the failure of “hope and change.” Obama promised an end to wars in the Middle East, a more prosperous economy for the average American and more harmonious race relations, but all three problems have only gotten worse. Since Hillary won’t have the youthful exuberance that propelled Obama to his unlikely double victory, she plans to build a whole new electorate out of people...
  • White House looking to creep into 401(k)s

    03/01/2015 7:22:49 AM PST · by Enlightened1 · 39 replies
    NY Post ^ | 2/28/15 | Jonathon M. Trugman February 28, 2015 | 11:21pm
    Under the false pretense of calling for new and tougher so-called fiduciary standards for financial brokers, advisers and retirement plan representatives, the White House once again horned in on Wall Street’s compensation formulas. However, what the president surely knows is that a vast majority of retirement plans — IRAs and 401(k)s — are in simple fee-based products like mutual funds. The commission-based accounts are for those who prefer to direct their brokers in certain purchases inside some of their retirement products. The key to the White House’s interference is in its nuanced language. Currently, a broker may make a recommendation...
  • Thank you TSA

    01/01/2015 9:10:34 PM PST · by Dick Vomer · 63 replies
    Vanity | 1/1/15 | Me
    I'd like to thank the TSA for protecting our country by stealing my daughters makeup remover, hair products, and throwing all of her packed clothes back into her suitcase like a retarded monkey would. She is 17 and asked why they did that. She stopped herself and said "never mind , it's government people doing their stupid crap .". I was so proud of her and really want to thank the TSA thief by helping her see the true face of government employees.
  • Homeless Man Steals Ambulance, Says He Was Headed to Topless Bar

    12/06/2014 3:10:16 PM PST · by Patriot777 · 34 replies ^ | Dec-5-2014 | unknown
    December 2nd, 2014, 6:44 AM A 51-year-old homeless man stole an unattended ambulance from a Pontiac hospital and told police he was headed to a topless bar, the Oakland Press reports. The keys were in the ignition. The man, who has mental health issues, is expected to be arraigned Tuesday on car theft charges, the paper reported. Read more at
  • Navy engineer tried to steal schematics of aircraft carrier, feds say

    12/06/2014 8:34:48 AM PST · by Patriot777 · 39 replies
    Associated Press, Fox ^ | December 05, 2014 | unknown
    NORFOLK, Va. – A Navy civilian engineer has been indicted on charges he tried to steal schematics of an aircraft carrier under construction and have them sent to Egypt. Federal prosecutors said Mostafa Ahmed Awwad, 35, of Yorktown, Virginia, was arrested Friday on two counts of attempted exportation of defense articles and technical data. Prosecutors said Awwad tried to steal technical data in the designs of the USS Gerald R. Ford in late October. Awwad provided computer drawings downloaded from the Navy to an undercover FBI agent posing as an Egyptian intelligence officer. The Ford is the lead ship in...
  • How Many Elections Will Democrats Steal Next Week?

    10/27/2014 10:44:43 PM PDT · by Nachum · 53 replies
    Power Line ^ | 10/27/14 | Steven Hayward
    How extensive is voter-fraud, especially among non-citizens? Just bring up the question, or suggest we need to have voter-ID at the polls like every other advanced democracy, and the answer will be instantly supplied: You’re a racist. But as Dan McLaughlin points out over at The Federalist, Democrats seem to win a suspiciously high number of close elections, well beyond what a random statistical trial would suggest. There’s a bombshell academic study out on this issue right now that the media is mostly ignoring (the only exception being the Washington Post’s very fine wonky MonkeyCage blog), in part because it...
  • Stockton Thieves Foiled When Employee Hides Getaway Car

    05/25/2013 8:14:30 AM PDT · by Jack Hydrazine · 34 replies
    CBS Sacramento ^ | 25MAY2013 | Unknown
    STOCKTON (CBS13) — Two robbery suspects were foiled when a Burger King employee slipped out the back door and made off with their getaway car. Stockton Police say it’s like nothing they’ve seen before. They say two men ran into a fast food restaurant, pulled out their guns and demanded cash. While the two men were inside robbing the cashier, another Burger King employee sneaked out the back. He noticed the suspects’ getaway car running, so he hopped in.
  • Did Obama Steal The Election With Hagel’s Help?

    01/16/2013 11:52:05 AM PST · by Nachum · 17 replies
    Western Journalism Center ^ | 1/16/13 | Kris Zane
    Chuck Hagel has been tapped by Obama for Secretary of Defense, which has resulted in a slew of push backs over his troubling record: criticism and lack of support for Israel; coddling of Hezbollah, Hamas, and Iran; and his almost immediate appointment after retiring as a senator to Deutsche Bank’s Americas Advisory Board, the mega bank that has been accused of funneling billions of dollars to Iran’s nuclear program. But the most troubling aspect of Chuck Hagel is the fact that he may have stolen both of his senatorial elections. In 1992, Hagel was CEO of Election Systems & Software,...
  • Obama Begins Push for New National Retirement System..401K at risk?

    11/16/2012 7:16:48 AM PST · by mikelets456 · 70 replies
    National seniors ^ | 11/11/2012 | National Seniors
    A recent hearing sponsored by the Treasury and Labor Departments marked the beginning of the Obama Administration’s effort to nationalize the nation’s pension system and to eliminate private retirement accounts including IRA’s and 401k plans, NSC is warning. The hearing, held in the Labor Department’s main auditorium, was monitored by NSC staff and featured a line up of left-wing activists including one representative of the AFL-CIO who advocated for more government regulation over private retirement accounts and even the establishment of government-sponsored annuities that would take the place of 401k plans. "This hearing was set up to explore why Americans...
  • Iranian Media: Romney Will Steal Election, Riots Expected

    10/21/2012 3:30:00 PM PDT · by Eleutheria5 · 8 replies
    Arutz Sheva ^ | 21/10/12 | Tzvi Ben Gedalyahu
    Iran’s government mouthpiece Press TV is panicking over the prospect of a defeat for President Barack Obama and warns that Mitt Romney will steal the election through “black-box” voting machines that "manufacture election outcomes.” It also charged that the polls – virtually all of which now show Romney in the lead or at least in a dead heat – are fraudulent. Press TV has picked up on some American website tweets that predict black Americans will riot if Obama loses. Obama is far from being a friend of Iranian President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad, but the prospect of a hawkish Republican candidate...
  • Hackers try to blackmail Mitt Romney with his own tax returns (Claim to Steal Returns For Ransome)

    09/06/2012 3:45:29 PM PDT · by Dallas59 · 13 replies
    Yahoo News ^ | 9/6/2012 | Yahoo News
    Is there some great big secret buried in Mitt Romney's old tax returns? Though the Republican candidate for president has made his most recent years' returns public, Democrats have been demanding he release them all, presumably so they can mine the forms for things to attack him over. But maybe it's not Democrats Romney has to worry about: A group of computer hackers claim to have stolen Romney's tax returns from accounting firm PWC, and are threatening to release them to the public if the former Massachusetts governor does not fork over a million dollars. According to the hackers, the...
  • Democrats’ “Night of a 1000 Liars”

    09/06/2012 8:17:35 AM PDT · by Cincinatus' Wife · 12 replies
    Front Page Magazine ^ | September 6, 2012 | Daniel Greenfield
    Two months ago Obama made a bet with the devil. “I bet that I can make a convention night where all the high profile speakers, including the chair of my own party, are absolutely shameless liars.” Bad news. The devil lost the bet. The keynote speaker was Bill Clinton, who is known for two things. One of them is becoming the first president to be impeached in the court of public opinion after blatantly lying to the public on camera. Before him there was Elizabeth Warren, known for two things, “You didn’t build that” and lying about being a Cherokee....
  • Cops: Wedding guest tried to steal gifts

    09/02/2012 10:38:56 AM PDT · by rawhide · 10 replies ^ | 9-2-12
    It's a story of "I do"s and don't's: Police say a guest at a Long Island wedding tried to make off with the couple's gifts. The 18-year-old was awaiting arraignment Sunday after being arrested on a grand larceny charge. He was at Larry and Joanna Williamson's wedding Saturday at West Sayville Country Club in Sayville. Suffolk County police say the maître d' got suspicious when he spotted the teen in the coat room, carrying a box full of envelopes that had been given to the couple. The maître d' alerted the bride. Police say the teen then ran to the...
  • Thieves beat security in New York shoe stores by stealing left sneaker from one store......

    06/26/2012 1:29:51 AM PDT · by rawhide · 10 replies ^ | 6-26-12 | Hannah Rand
    Thieves beat security in New York shoe stores by stealing left sneaker from one store... and then right sneaker from another store Sneakers thieves in New York City have found a new way to get around security measures in stores. Crooks have worked out that they can steal a left shoe from one store and the right from another. They do their research: sussing out which shops habitually stock one shoe side or the other. 'They go to Foot Locker, which has all right-sided shoes. Then they come here because we display left-sided shoes,' Salissou Mohamam, 40, manager of SoHo...
  • Masters patron charged in sand trap theft

    04/09/2012 1:06:21 PM PDT · by rawhide · 34 replies
    Augusta Chronicle ^ | 4-9-12 | Bianca Cain Johnson
    A 40-year-old Masters patron was arrested Sunday after, police said, he attempted to steal sand from the sand trap. Richmond County sheriff’s Capt. Scott Gay said Clayton Price Baker, of Ohio, slipped under the ropes following the tournament and attempted to put the sand in his cup. After a short foot chase by Augusta National security and sheriff’s deputies, Baker was apprehended and charged with disorderly conduct. Gay said Baker, who was drinking heavily at the time of the incident, was unsuccessful at getting any of the sand in his cup
  • BREAKING: Obama to strike sweetheart deal with big banks

    01/23/2012 1:48:53 PM PST · by Beave Meister · 13 replies
    Rumor has it that in a matter of days, after months of negotiation with big banks, the White House may announce a settlement that would let the banks off the hook for their role in the foreclosure crisis -- paying a tiny fraction of what's needed in exchange for blanket immunity from future lawsuits.
  • Bankrupt Solyndra seeking to pay bonuses

    01/12/2012 9:36:06 AM PST · by LucianOfSamasota · 25 replies
    The Washington Times ^ | January 11, 2012 | Jim McElhatton
    Now seems an unlikely time for handing out bonuses at bankrupt Solyndra LLC, but that’s the plan of company attorneys intending to dole out up to a half-million dollars to persuade key employees to stay put. Nearly two dozen Solyndra employees could receive bonuses ranging from $10,000 to $50,000 each under a proposal filed by Solyndra’s attorneys in U.S. Bankruptcy Court in Delaware. The attorneys say the extra money will add motivation at a time when workers at the solar company have little job security and more responsibilities because so many of their colleagues have been fired. The names of...
  • In schools around the country, 2011 was marked by test cheating scandals (Hussein wants waivers)

    01/02/2012 7:39:11 AM PST · by Libloather · 12 replies
    In schools around the country, 2011 was marked by test cheating scandalsBy Associated Press, Published: December 31 ATLANTA — It was the year of the test cheating scandal. From Atlanta to Philadelphia and Washington to Los Angeles, officials have accused hundreds of educators of changing answers on tests or giving answers to students. Just last week, state investigators revealed that dozens of educators in 11 schools in Georgia’s Dougherty County either cheated or failed to prevent cheating on 2009 standardized tests. **SNIP** At President Obama’s invitation, states have begun filing waivers to get relief from the law. Under the 11...
  • Woman Jailed in Alleged Jewelry Scam (Scumbag of the Year)

    12/18/2011 9:31:29 AM PST · by ProtectOurFreedom · 4 replies
    San Jose Mercury News ^ | 12/17/11 | Anonymous
    Police have arrested a San Jose, California woman after they say she approached children at elementary schools and used a ruse to steal their jewelry. A San Jose police spokesman says Sandra Lizbeth Contreras-Velazquez is being held on suspicion of grand theft for allegedly stealing gold necklaces from six children at six different schools in October and November. Spokesman Jose Garcia says the 28-year-old Contreras-Velazquez would approach the girls—who range in age from six- to eight-years-old—and pretend to be a family friend. After gaining their trust, Garcia says she would either ask the girl to take off her necklace to...
  • Hobbit director Peter Jackson hit by credit card fraud

    01/28/2011 12:37:01 AM PST · by Cincinatus' Wife · 17 replies
    The Daily Telegraph UK ^ | January 28, 2011 | Paul Chapman in Wellington
    As the film director Peter Jackson recovers from emergency surgery, it has emerged that he is the victim of a US$190,000 (Ł120,000) credit card fraud. Sir Peter, a keen collector of military memorabilia, used his American Express card online to buy items from the Michigan Toy Soldier Company, which specialises in historical miniature models and figurines. Richard Berry, owner of the company, is now facing up to 18 months in jail after admitting fraudulently using the director's credit card information to shore up his struggling business, based in Royal Oak, Michigan. Berry's lawyer, David Steingold, told a US court: "He...
  • Hackers steal 2 million tonnes of EU carbon credits

    01/20/2011 10:43:56 AM PST · by NormsRevenge · 43 replies
    Yahoo ^ | 1/20/11 | AFP
    BRUSSELS (AFP) – Hackers stole two million tonnes of polluting rights in a five-day raid this week on the European Union's carbon emissions trading system, an EU source said on Thursday. The volume of carbon credits stolen in online action, which a European Commission spokeswoman was "possibly concerted", represents just a fraction of global industrial greenhouse gas permits, but is potentially worth many millions of euros. The scale of the theft, which involved five unnamed EU states, was revealed a day after Brussels shut all 27 national trading registries for a week, citing inadequate online protection. Credits stolen just from...
  • [Dallas] pastor denies burglarizing congregant's house

    12/29/2010 5:30:56 AM PST · by Cincinatus' Wife · 36 replies · 12+ views
    Dallas Morning News ^ | December 28, 2010 | VALERIE WIGGLESWORTH
    East Oak Cliff pastor Sandy McGill denies burglarizing congregant's house The Dallas pastor facing felony charges of burglarizing a church member's home on Christmas Eve said Monday she had no criminal intent. Sandy McGriff, 52, said she was trying to protect valuables at the home of her longtime friend Serita Agnew and made a horrible mistake. Police accuse McGriff of stealing more than $10,000 worth of fur coats, designer purses and electronics from a home in the 2200 block of Village Way near Kiest Boulevard and Lancaster Road. She was also charged with resisting arrest. McGriff spent most of Christmas...

    11/03/2010 4:38:43 AM PDT · by Ronbo1948 · 108 replies · 1+ views
    The Democommies stole many of these elections - you can’t tell me Harry Reid won an honest election. Ditto California... Ditto the Northeast/Northwest. The Democommie vote stealing machine funded by George Soros went into high gear and stole at least a dozen elections. BTW, what happened in Alaska? It would appear the GOP ruling class was involved in that one.
  • Campaign yard sign thieves.(prevention?)Vanity

    10/01/2010 8:40:14 AM PDT · by KeyLargo · 36 replies
    Any good suggestions for preventing or capturing DemoRATS that steal campaign yard signs from your yard? Maybe rat traps?
  • SPIES WHO LOOK JUST LIKE US: The Game That Is Not A Game

    08/10/2010 12:28:49 AM PDT · by Cindy · 25 replies - INTERNATIONAL NEWS ANALYSIS TODAY ^ | August 10, 2010 | by Toby Westerman
    SPIES WHO LOOK JUST LIKE US: THE GAME THAT IS NOT A GAME SNIPPET: "The basic task of all spies, including the SVR Russian operatives recently caught, is to "steal and shape," Simmons explained. The "steal" aspect is best known to the public, that is, stealing another nation's military or production secrets, but Simmons also described how spies can "shape" a nation. Spies engaged in the "shape" aspect of espionage are known as "agents of influence," Simmons said. These "agents of influence" attempt to mold the thinking of a society or a government by targeting "experts who are quoted in...
  • Could Obama Steal November Election?

    03/23/2010 5:19:46 AM PDT · by MsLady · 80 replies · 1,342+ views
    My little brain | 3/23/2010 | MsLady
    I was thinking this morning. The next push from the Obama administration appears to be immigration. If they allow 12-20million our more illegals become citizens. Who for the most part are uneducated, come from countries where the government is corrupt at best and at worst is dictatorial. Without any real knowledge of how our system works and our history. Many get hand outs already from the government. Welfare, school for their kids, ect. Who do you think they would vote for? And for first time voters, would they pour into the election booths in mass to vote? Could this be...
  • Teen 'Thieves' Butt-Dial 911, Get Caught (Video at Link)

    02/25/2010 11:03:46 AM PST · by Dallas59 · 21 replies · 782+ views
    MYFOXDFW.COM ^ | 2/24/2010 | MYFOXDFW.COM
    DAYTONA BEACH, Fla. - Police say two Florida teenagers are facing charges after 911 dispatchers heard them talking about breaking into cars when one teen's cell phone accidentally called 911 during the heist. Daytona Beach police say 19-year-old Stefanie Vargas and her girlfriend's 13-year-old brother, Kristian Amezquita, are charged with burglary to a conveyance. According to , the crimes took place on Friday in the parking lot of a strip club at which Kristian's sister works. Police spokesman Jimmie Flynt says during the event, Vargas' cell phone somehow dialed 911 and that dispatchers listened as the pair discussed...
  • Mexican Police Arrest 6 Men for Stealing Pieces of Border Fence (To sell for scrap metal!)

    08/27/2009 1:14:15 PM PDT · by past_present · 16 replies · 799+ views
    Fox News ^ | 8-27-09
    Police in the Mexican border city of Tijuana say they have arrested six men for stealing pieces of the U.S. border fence to sell as scrap metal. Holes in the border fence once were more commonly made by migrant smugglers, but fewer people are trying to cross because of a weak U.S. economy and a crackdown on immigration. The Tijuana police department says the suspects intended to sell the steel sheeting as scrap. The first two men caught cutting into the fence on Monday. An alleged accomplice was detained Tuesday with 11 pieces of fencing. The U.S. Border
  • The 'Absentee' Senator [Wall Street Journal - Democrats Gregoire, Now FranKen Steal Their Election]

    07/01/2009 1:18:15 PM PDT · by Robert A. Cook, PE · 31 replies · 1,415+ views
    The Minnesota Supreme Court yesterday declared Democrat Al Franken the winner of last year's disputed Senate race, and Republican incumbent Norm Coleman's gracious concession at least spares the state any further legal combat. The unfortunate lesson is that you don't need to win the vote on Election Day as long as your lawyers are creative enough to have enough new or disqualified ballots counted after the fact. Mr. Franken trailed Mr. Coleman by 725 votes after the initial count on election night, and 215 after the first canvass. The Democrat's strategy from the start was to manipulate the recount in...
  • Is it OK to steal hotel amenities?

    06/05/2009 3:14:00 PM PDT · by JoeProBono · 63 replies · 2,354+ views
    cnn ^ | June 5, 2009 | Lynn Yaeger
    I stole a laundry bag from the Alvear Palace Hotel in Buenos Aires. It was made of thick ivory linen, embroidered with the words "dry cleaning" in cerulean blue, and looked like something that I could have found at an antique textiles show. But that wasn't the case. I'm usually pretty scrupulous about purloined souvenirs. Of course, I help myself to soap and shampoo, sewing kits, even those black sponges meant to spruce up your shoes -- oh, and ballpoint pens and darling little notepads. But the laundry bag was my first sojourn into the land of, what shall we...
  • Bill takes a bite out of war on crime ("freedom to steal" bill) MN

    03/26/2009 12:17:26 PM PDT · by WOBBLY BOB · 26 replies · 596+ views
    MPLS Star & Sickle ^ | 3-26-09 | PATRICIA LOPEZ and JACKIE CROSBY,
    As soon as this summer, shoplifters could pilfer $250 in merchandise and walk away with a fine. Same for those who buy or sell up to an ounce of marijuana or who fence stolen goods. Bad checks up to $125 would get similar treatment, as would credit fraud under $250. A Senate bill that would dramatically change the criminal justice system -- reducing sentences, changing misdemeanors to petty misdemeanors, vastly increasing fees -- is under serious consideration as a means of dealing with the state's gaping $4.6 billion budget deficit and relieving pressure on an overburdened court system.
  • Report: Owners of Foreclosed Homes Steal Appliances, Leave Houses in Disarray

    02/04/2009 8:50:28 AM PST · by LibWhacker · 110 replies · 4,264+ views
    FOXNews ^ | 2/4/09
    Some owners of foreclosed homes are stealing appliances and leaving the houses damaged and in disarray, reported. Realtors complain the trashed houses are harder to sell. Homeowners upset at banks that are forcing them out have been hauling items from their houses and selling them, the station said. They're also damaging walls and floors.
  • Students steal, lie, but say they aren't so bad

    12/01/2008 5:47:30 AM PST · by mlocher · 12 replies · 569+ views
    Columbus Dispatch & AP ^ | December 1, 2008 | David Crary
    NEW YORK -- In the past year, 30 percent of U.S. high-school students have stolen from a store and 64 percent have cheated on a test, according to a new large-scale survey suggesting that Americans are apathetic about ethical standards. Educators reacting to the findings questioned any suggestion that today's young people are less honest than past generations, but several agreed that rising pressures are prompting many students to cut corners. "The competition is greater, the pressures on kids have increased dramatically," said Mel Riddle of the National Association of Secondary School Principals. "They have opportunities their predecessors didn't have...
  • Mich. judge orders man found guilty of stealing to wear 'Daddy, don't steal' on his arm or hand

    09/24/2008 4:52:43 AM PDT · by TornadoAlley3 · 3 replies · 154+ views ^ | 09/23/08 | AP
    KALAMAZOO, Mich. (AP) _ A judge has decided the best punishment for a man found guilty of stealing should be to take his son's words to heart — and wear them on his sleeve.
  • Community Organizers ACORN Trying to Steal Election in Michigan

    09/15/2008 1:13:47 PM PDT · by vadum · 16 replies · 217+ views
    Capital Research Center ^ | September 15, 2008 | Matthew Vadum
    The radical left-wing 'community organizer' group ACORN is doing all it can to steal the presidential election in Michigan. According to the Detroit Free Press:Several municipal clerks across the state are reporting fraudulent and duplicate voter registration applications, most of them from a nationwide community activist group working to help low- and moderate-income families.The majority of the problem applications are coming from the group ACORN, Association of Community Organizations for Reform Now, which has a large voter registration program among its many social service programs. ACORN's Michigan branch, based in Detroit, has enrolled 200,000 voters statewide in recent months, mostly...
  • Exhibitors Raided at German Tech Fair

    03/06/2008 1:34:09 PM PST · by steel_resolve · 6 replies · 89+ views
    Excite News via AP Wire ^ | March 6, 2008 | AP
    BERLIN (AP) - Police and customs officials investigating suspected patent violations seized dozens of boxes of mobile phones, navigation devices and other gadgets from exhibitors in a technology fair, authorities said Thursday. All the exhibitors who were searched cooperated, except one who was briefly taken to a police station, police said. Of 51 exhibitors affected, 24 were from mainland China, three from Hong Kong and 12 from Taiwan. Another nine were German, and one each were from Poland, the Netherlands and Korea.
  • This house was a steal[Changed hands 3 times as son of owner sat dead inside]

    03/03/2008 7:46:20 PM PST · by BGHater · 54 replies · 209+ views
    Chicago Tribune ^ | 24 Feb 2008 | Susan Chandler
    How fraud led to this property changing hands 3 times as son of owner sat dead inside The new buyers of a rundown graystone on the South Side showed up Jan. 9 to look at the house they won at a foreclosure auction. They took the plywood off the front door and went inside to make sure the utilities had been shut off. Then they called the police. Sitting upright in the corner of a bedroom off the kitchen was a human skeleton in a red tracksuit. Next to him lay a dead dog. Neighbors told police the corpse was...
  • Roger Clemens Goes on the Attack

    01/08/2008 11:02:05 AM PST · by meandog · 13 replies · 138+ views
    The Star ^ | Jan 08, 2008 04:30 AM | Cathal Kelly
    After nearly a month of silence following accusations of steroid use, Roger Clemens and his legal team exploded into action. They filed a lawsuit late Sunday night, then staged an emotional press conference yesterday, airing a secretly taped conversation with Clemens' accuser, former trainer Brian McNamee, that they contend clears the seven-time Cy Young winner. In fact, little was provided in the way of hard evidence. McNamee did not admit wrongdoing on the tape. A surprisingly impassive Clemens did not ask him to. Clemens saved his anger for the press conference. After weeks of heavy scrutiny, that's where his frustration...
  • Will Sandy Burgler Advise Hillary How To Lie, Cheat & Steal, Or Is He Being Kept On A Short Leash?

    10/08/2007 9:16:58 AM PDT · by Stayfree · 32 replies · 995+ views
    Oct. 8, 2007 | Stayfree
    Will Sandy Burgler advise the Hillery campaign how to lie, cheat & steal...or did the Clintons teach him how to steal classified documents from the National Archive and lie about it so as to cheat the 911 Commission out of the truth about Bill Clinton's failure to take terrorism seriously? Or do the Clintons fear what Sandy Burgler might say during the campaign, so they are keeping him on a short leash?
  • Book details plot to steal Abe's body[Abraham Lincoln]

    05/11/2007 7:15:20 PM PDT · by BGHater · 18 replies · 1,073+ views
    AP ^ | 07 May 2007 | Don Babwin
    When it comes to Abraham Lincoln, apparently there's no such thing as enough. After countless books about his boyhood, his presidency, the hunt for his killer and yes, even his feet, maybe it was time for a new book devoted to what happened to Lincoln's body after he was done using it. As its title implies, "Stealing Lincoln's Body" by Thomas J. Craughwell (The Belknap Press of Harvard University Press) is devoted to Lincoln after, as Craughwell writes in the first sentence, "the last tremor of life" left his body. Craughwell details a little-known plot to steal the 16th president's...
  • Worker tries to steal yacht - one piece at a time

    04/30/2007 9:18:53 AM PDT · by bedolido · 20 replies · 757+ views ^ | 04-25-2007 | staff writer
    A WORKER at a UK boat-building firm has been caught trying to steal a luxury yacht one piece at a time. James Light, 35, stole hundreds of yacht parts worth Ł55,000 ($133,000) over a period of seven years, Bournemouth Crown Court heard yesterday. He stole the parts from his former employer, Sunseeker.
  • US Military: Afghan Leaders Steal Half Of All Aid

    01/27/2007 4:40:12 PM PST · by blam · 16 replies · 506+ views
    The Telegraph (UK) ^ | 1-27-2007 | Gethin Chamberlain
    US military: Afghan leaders steal half of all aid By Gethin Chamberlain, Sunday Telegraph Last Updated: 11:44pm GMT 27/01/2007 Corrupt police and tribal leaders are stealing vast quantities of reconstruction aid that is intended to improve the lives of ordinary Afghans and turn them away from the Taliban, The Sunday Telegraph has learnt. In some cases, all the aid earmarked for an area has ended up in the wrong hands. Defence officials in the United States and Britain estimate that up to half of all aid in Afghanistan is failing to reach the right people. Nato forces in the south...
  • CA: Illegal immigrants steal identities to get jobs

    11/26/2006 10:25:49 AM PST · by NormsRevenge · 39 replies · 1,440+ views
    Stockton Record ^ | 11/26/06 | Jennie Rodriguez
    STOCKTON - Ruben, a roofer living in Stockton, knew using a Social Security number that didn't belong to him was against the law. He knew using it was a gamble that could get him deported to Mexico. And, if that happened, it could mean he might never be allowed to return. It was a risk he was willing to take two years ago, as he worked in the United States illegally under an alias. "Because they asked me for a Social Security number at work or they wouldn't pay me," said Ruben, speaking on the condition that his last name...