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  • What Trump and Sanders Get Wrong on Trade

    04/02/2016 12:15:50 PM PDT · by Kaslin · 62 replies ^ | April 2, 2016 | Steve Chapman
    Donald Trump says the problem in the United States is that "we don't win anymore." Trade is his favorite example, based on our longstanding trade deficit. But in one big area, America is a big global winner, year after year. That little-known fact exposes the basic, fatal error in Trump's lament. What he overlooks is that this country is one of the most inviting places for people abroad to invest their money. Since 2001, foreign direct investment in the United States has more than doubled. Last year, foreigners bought $11 trillion worth of stocks. They also wanted other assets --...
  • The Difference Between Trump and Clinton

    03/31/2016 1:30:48 PM PDT · by Kaslin · 15 replies ^ | March 31, 2016 | Steve Chapman
    Toward the end of his rally here, Donald Trump took some questions from the audience, including an emotional one that revealed something good about him. He then proceeded with an answer that exposed the fundamental defect of his presidential campaign. The question came from Melissa Young, who noted that in 2005, she won the Miss Wisconsin USA pageant -- which was then a Trump property. She explained that she has an incurable, terminal illness and wanted to remind him of a note he had sent her when she was hospitalized. Handwritten in gold ink, over an autographed photo, it read,...
  • Why Would Cruz Insult New Yorkers?

    01/24/2016 8:37:26 AM PST · by MtnClimber · 57 replies
    RealClearPolitics ^ | 24 Jan, 2016 | Steve Chapman
    When it comes to votes, the state of New York is a gold mine. In the 2012 presidential election, more than 11 million New Yorkers were registered. By itself, New York accounted for half of Barack Obama's margin of victory in the popular vote over Mitt Romney. You might think Republicans who want to win the White House this year would be trying to improve that performance by appealing to residents of the Empire State. But Ted Cruz is doing the opposite: He sneered that Donald Trump would be bad for America because he "embodies New York values." If Cruz...
  • Ted Cruz's Festival of Fraud (Humongous Barf Alert!!!)

    12/12/2015 7:39:58 AM PST · by Kaslin · 96 replies ^ | December 12, 2015 | Steve Chapman
    You have to feel sorry for Ted Cruz. Donald Trump has hogged so much airtime with his cynical demagoguery that the senator from Texas has had a hard time capturing the attention of Republican voters. That is surprising, because when it comes to cynical demagoguery, this is the first time Cruz has ever lost out to anyone. His patented formula is a mix of repellent ingredients: misrepresentation of facts, baseless smears, exaggerated sincerity and pretended solidarity with the average person. If Cruz tells you it's raining, you can leave your umbrella at home. Most candidates need a full-length speech or...
  • No, The System Is Not Broken

    09/06/2015 8:32:28 AM PDT · by Kaslin · 24 replies ^ | September 6, 2015 | Steve Chapman
    If there is anything presidential candidates agree on this year, it's that our government and politics are not functioning to fulfill the desires of the American people. Donald Trump proclaims that "our system is broken." The phrase could be used by almost anyone in the race. "Government in Washington is dysfunctional," says Mike Huckabee. Bernie Sanders believes "the American political system has been totally corrupted." Joe Biden sounded like a candidate the other day when he lamented the "dysfunction in Washington." The premise is that most Americans want one thing and our leaders in Washington keep giving them something entirely...
  • Christie, Paul and the NSA

    08/16/2015 6:24:59 AM PDT · by Kaslin · 4 replies ^ | August 16, 2015 | Steve Chapman
    Debating Chris Christie is a formidable task because he's quick-witted, sharp-tongued and slightly intimidating. Those qualities helped him get the best of Rand Paul in the first Republican presidential debate. But Christie's best weapon is one that may catch up with him: He never lets the truth get in his way. Earlier this year, Paul led a successful effort to end the National Security Agency's mass collection of Americans' telephone records. During the debate, Christie was asked whether he stands by his assertion that Paul should be blamed if the United States suffers another terrorist attack. He does, of course:...
  • Jeb Bush and Others Learned Nothing from Iraq (Tha Author shows his ignorance)

    05/17/2015 7:04:29 AM PDT · by Kaslin · 63 replies ^ | May 17, 2015 | Steve Chapman
    Jeb Bush began a talk the other day by addressing the issue of his brother George, noted architect of the Iraq war, and he did not shrink from the challenge. "I can't deny the fact that I love my family," announced Jeb. So if you suspected that the Bush Thanksgivings in Kennebunkport resemble "August: Osage County" -- with lots of screaming, sobbing and clawing -- you probably feel pretty silly right now. On a more pertinent question -- whether the war was a wise idea -- the answer is not so clear. The former governor of Florida first said that,...
  • An Old New Way To Stop AIDS

    04/02/2015 2:44:40 PM PDT · by Kaslin · 17 replies ^ | April 2, 2015 | Steve Chapman
    By signing a religious freedom bill that provoked a hail of criticism, Indiana Gov. Mike Pence did a brilliant job of diverting attention from something deserving of commendation. That same day, he took a wise step to contain an outbreak of HIV infections in southern Scott County. Since December, more than 80 new cases have been identified in the county. That's up from five in a normal year and the worst epidemic the state has ever seen. Pence was advised by the federal Centers for Disease Control and Prevention that stopping the epidemic would require opening a needle exchange --...
  • Obama and the Power of No

    07/21/2013 12:55:47 PM PDT · by Kaslin · 8 replies ^ | July 21, 2013 | Steve Chapman
    In his use of American power and influence abroad, Barack Obama's critics say he has been reluctant, gun-shy and prone to saying one thing and doing another. They're right. They're only wrong in thinking it's a bad thing. Egypt has undergone a military coup that critics complain we either failed to prevent or failed to promote. Syria's civil war is going on with the rebels losing ground and getting little help from Washington. The administration has floated a "zero option" in Afghanistan, which would mean pulling out all U.S. troops by the end of 2014. Obama is getting slammed for...
  • Detroit As the Prodigal Son

    02/22/2009 10:22:51 AM PST · by dbz77 · 7 replies · 1,445+ views
    TownHall ^ | February 22, 2009 | Steve Chapman
    In the New Testament story, a man has two sons. One of them demands his inheritance, runs off and squanders it all having a wild time, and ends up penniless. At that point, he slinks home in disgrace, assuming he will have to beg forgiveness. But his father is so thrilled to have him back that he kills a fatted calf and throws a party to celebrate the prodigal son's return. Not a bad deal, huh? Unless you're the other son, who worked hard for his father and avoided loose women but never got the big fiesta. He felt cheated,...
  • Blagojevich in the Fading Spotlight

    01/29/2009 11:20:26 AM PST · by dbz77 · 4 replies · 405+ views
    TownHall ^ | January 29, 2009 | Steve Chapman
    The fireworks you see on the Fourth of July make an irresistible spectacle, but they can do it only in the course of destroying themselves. Rod Blagojevich, in his mad blitz across all the channels on your TV, was following a similar course. He has our attention now, but not for long. A wise sage once said that every man labors to conceal his insignificance from himself. Politicians do so by conducting campaigns, winning elections and basking in the deference that goes to high elected officials. No one goes into politics in an effort to learn self-effacement. Some people, of...
  • An Empty Suit For an Empty Seat

    01/01/2009 9:19:38 AM PST · by dbz77 · 8 replies · 728+ views
    TownHall ^ | January 1, 2008 | Steve Chapman
    Wall Street titan Bernard Madoff proved you can take an outstanding reputation and ruin it overnight. Now Roland Burris has demonstrated that even a mediocre reputation can be instantly destroyed. Burris is the prototypical time-serving career politician who owes his success to being simultaneously ambitious and bland. He has never been one to challenge the status quo, but no one underestimates his self-esteem. The two Burris children, after all, are named Roland and Rolanda. The result of his immodesty has been a persistent hunger for offices that most people thought beyond his abilities. He has lost races for mayor of...
  • The Growing Case for Inflation

    12/21/2008 8:50:23 AM PST · by dbz77 · 2 replies · 346+ views
    TownHall ^ | December 21, 2008 | Steve Chapman
    One of the great achievements of our time has been the conquest of inflation. In the 1970s, it ravaged our savings, raised our taxes and kept the economy on a roller coaster. So it is a measure of our current economic crisis that the return of inflation might be the best thing that could happen. Over and over during the postwar era, the Federal Reserve has decided that overcoming inflation was worth suffering a recession. This time, it ought to recognize overcoming a deep recession is worth enduring some inflation. The existing downturn already looks certain to be the most...
  • Chicago defies forgotten Second Amendment

    11/27/2008 7:37:41 AM PST · by re_tail20 · 44 replies · 1,547+ views
    Chicago Tribune ^ | November 27, 2998 | Steve Chapman
    Since the Supreme Court upheld the individual right to own guns last summer, one municipality with handgun bans after another has faced reality. Washington, which lost the case, changed its law. Morton Grove repealed its ban. So did Wilmette. Likewise for Evanston. Last week, Winnetka followed suit. Then there is Chicago, which is being sued for violating the 2nd Amendment but refuses to confront the possibility that what the Supreme Court said may apply to this side of the Appalachians. When it comes to firearms, Mayor Richard Daley is no slave to rationality. "Does this lead to everyone having a...
  • Chicago Defies the Second Amendment

    11/27/2008 8:06:35 AM PST · by dbz77 · 29 replies · 1,107+ views
    TownHall ^ | November 27, 2008 | Steve Chapman
    Since the Supreme Court upheld the individual right to own guns last summer, one municipality after another with handgun bans has faced reality. Washington, D.C., which lost the case, changed its law. Morton Grove, Ill., repealed its ban. So did neighboring Wilmette. Likewise for Evanston. Last week, Winnetka followed suit. Then there is Chicago, which is being sued for violating the Second Amendment but refuses to confront the possibility that what the Supreme Court said may apply on this side of the Appalachians. When it comes to firearms, Chicago Mayor Richard Daley is no slave to rationality. "Does this lead...
  • The Implausibility of Nuclear Terrorism (idiot column of the century + triple barf alert)

    02/12/2008 12:54:31 PM PST · by meandog · 32 replies · 131+ views
    Creators Syndicate ^ | 2/12/08 | Steve Chapman
    Death tugs at my ear and says, 'Live, I am coming.'" Were Supreme Court Justice Oliver Wendell Holmes Jr. alive today, he might ascribe that line not to death but to nuclear terrorism. Ever since Sept. 11, 2001, Americans have had to live with the knowledge that the next time the terrorists strike, it could be not with airplanes capable of killing thousands but atomic bombs capable of killing hundreds of thousands. The prospect has created a sense of profound vulnerability. It has shaped our view of government policies aimed at combating terrorism (filtered through Jack Bauer). It helped mobilize...
  • The University of Michigan vs. The People

    11/29/2006 5:48:19 AM PST · by PurpleMountains · 1 replies · 158+ views
    From Sea to Shining Sea ^ | 11/29/06 | Purple Mountains
    All these years Americans have obeyed unwise laws granting special preferences to certain groups. For a while, there may have been some justification for treating some Americans differently from others, but that is no longer true, if it ever was. Now, Mary Sue Coleman, President of the University of Michigan, should obey the law. Why is it that leftists always think they know best and have a higher ‘duty’ to subvert laws with which they disagree? This reminds me of Michael Dukakis and John Kerry (as Governor and Lt. Governor of Massachusetts), who conspired to give fake Social Security Numbers...
  • UPDATED: Candidate misses filing deadline; Claims blogger distracted him; Files $200K lawsuit

    06/01/2006 4:50:05 PM PDT · by ReagansRaiders · 29 replies · 1,227+ views
    The Potomac News ^ | May 31, 2006 | KAFIA HOSH
    Chapman is suing the operator of an Internet blog, or web journal, for defamation and his camp blamed the pending lawsuit for throwing them off course and missing the filing deadline. ... Chapman's spokesman, Faisal Gill, said Chapman missed the deadline because he was distracted by the ongoing defamation lawsuit against an Internet blogger. "I think he was kind of caught up with that and it was just something that he missed," Gill said. Chapman is suing a blogger who goes by the name Black Velvet Bruce Lee and follows Manassas politics. On several postings, the blogger and his Web...
  • Chapman fraud charge dropped (Virginia Local Politics)

    09/21/2005 6:29:57 AM PDT · by CharlesWayneCT · 256+ views
    The Potomac News ^ | 09/21/2005 | Rob Seal
    Printer-Friendly Version Email This Story Chapman fraud charge dropped By ROB SEAL Wednesday, September 21, 2005 A former House of Delegates candidate who was indicted in the middle of a heated election is no longer charged with felony voter fraud. Steve Chapman, 27, was scheduled to go to trial today for allegedly lying about his address on a voting registration form. On Monday, a special prosecutor dropped that charge, which carried the threat of a 10-year prison sentence. Chapman said the outcome was a relief, but not a surprise. "We're excited, but I always said these charges were trumped...
  • AWOL in the big government fight?

    09/29/2003 11:54:05 PM PDT · by JohnHuang2 · 1 replies · 88+ views
    Washington Times ^ | Tuesday, September 30, 2003 | By Steve Chapman
    <p>A long time ago, by which I mean the year 2000, conservatives didn't want to expand the size and reach of government. Today, it's plain their sentiments have changed. They still don't want Democrats to expand the size and reach of government. But when Republicans do it &#8212; well, let the good times roll.</p>