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  • Clinton Charity Aided Clinton Friends

    05/12/2016 2:14:30 PM PDT · by Sub-Driver · 21 replies
    Clinton Charity Aided Clinton Friends A $2 million commitment arranged by the nonprofit Clinton Global Initiative in 2010 went to a for-profit company part-owned by friends of the Clintons By James V. Grimaldi May 12, 2016 4:53 p.m. ET 36 COMMENTS HASTINGS, Neb.—The Clinton Global Initiative, which arranges donations to help solve the world’s problems, set up a financial commitment that benefited a for-profit company part-owned by people with ties to the Clintons, including a current and a former Democratic official and a close friend of former President Bill Clinton. The $2 million commitment was placed on the agenda for...
  • Rahm Emanuel lived rent free in BP flack's apartment(I can't wait until GOP Congress calls hearings)

    06/08/2010 10:39:50 AM PDT · by bestintxas · 17 replies · 66+ views
    american thinker ^ | 6/8/10 | Thomas Lifson
    If you or I lived rent free for five years in an apartment in pricey Washington, DC, we would have to pay income taxes on the value of the rent on the place. But apparently not Rahm Emanuel. The wonderful Andrew Malcolm of the LA Times writes: We already knew that BP and its folks were significant contributors to the record $750-million war chest of Barack Obama's 2007-08 campaign. Now, we learn the details of a connection of Rahm Emanuel, the Chicago mayoral wannabe, current Obama chief of staff, ex-representative, ex-Clinton money man and ex-Windy City political machine go-fer. Shortly...
  • The ironies of oil

    01/04/2015 6:24:27 PM PST · by arthurus · 9 replies
    Jewish World Review ^ | Jan. 2, 2015 | Victor Hanson
    In the vice presidential debates of 2008, Joe Biden mocked Sarah Palin for the supposedly mindless campaign mantra of "Drill, baby, drill." Biden intoned that, "It will take 10 years for one drop of oil to come out of any of the wells that are going to be drilled." The energy secretary-designate, the professorial Steven Chu, in 2008 had unwisely voiced a widely held but wisely unspoken progressive belief that, "Somehow we have to figure out how to boost the price of gasoline to the levels in Europe" -- or about $9 a gallon.
  • Report: Major federal lab misused contract funds

    11/12/2014 3:39:55 PM PST · by Olog-hai · 8 replies
    Associated Press ^ | Nov 12, 2014 5:50 PM EST | Susan Montoya Bryan
    Managers at one of the nation’s premier federal laboratories improperly used taxpayer funds to influence members of Congress and other officials as part of an effort to extend the lab’s $2.4 billion management contract, the U.S. Department of Energy’s Office of Inspector General said in a report Wednesday. A review of documents determined that Sandia National Laboratories formed a team and worked with consultants beginning in 2009 to develop a plan for securing a contract extension without having to go through a competitive process. That plan called for lobbying Congress, trying to influence key advisers to then-Energy Secretary Steven Chu...
  • Incompetence and Dysfunction Rampant at Energy Department

    04/22/2013 1:26:31 PM PDT · by jazusamo · 22 replies
    NLPC ^ | April 22, 2013 | Paul Chesser
    “Ineptocracy” is a new Internet-popularized word in wide circulation, which came to my inbox with the following definition: “A system of government where the least capable to lead are elected by the least capable of producing, and where the members of society least likely to sustain themselves or succeed, are rewarded with goods and services paid for by the confiscated wealth of a diminishing number of producers.” Clearly the word’s creation was inspired by the current presidential administration, where the ineptocrats abound. And as NLPC has documented for 4+ years, nowhere has that been more evident than in President Obama’sDepartment...
  • Energy Secretary Chu steps down, blasts climate-change skeptics

    02/01/2013 11:54:58 AM PST · by CedarDave · 37 replies
    Yahoo News ^ | February 1, 2013 | Olivier Knox, Yahoo! News
    Energy Secretary Steven Chu, a Nobel Prize-winning physicist frequently the target of Republican criticism, announced Friday that he was stepping down in the latest shake-up of President Barack Obama's Cabinet. Chu, who disclosed his decision in a letter to Energy Department staff, frequently clashed with GOP lawmakers over gas prices as well as government backing for green-energy companies like the failed firm Solyndra. In his letter, Chu took aim directly at his critics, saying the clean-energy efforts were a success—and blasted climate-change skeptics as trapped in "the Stone Age." He also scolded climate-change skeptics and urged a shift from fossil-fuels...
  • Ten Most Wanted Corrupt Politicians for 2012 List by Judicial Watch

    01/02/2013 7:37:00 PM PST · by NKP_Vet · 22 replies
    htp:// ^ | January 1, 2013 | Judicial Watch
    Washington, DC) – Judicial Watch, the public interest group that investigates and prosecutes government corruption, today released its 2012 list of Washington’s “Ten Most Wanted Corrupt Politicians.” The list, in alphabetical order, includes: Rep. Vern Buchanan (R-FL) Secretary of Energy Steven Chu Secretary of State Hillary Clinton and UN Ambassador Susan Rice Attorney General Eric Holder Rep. Jesse Jackson Jr. (D-IL) Sen. Robert Menendez (D-NJ) President Barack Obama Sen. Harry Reid (D-NV) Rep. David Rivera (R-FL) Secretary of Health and Human Services Kathleen Sebelius
  • Is The Obama Cabinet Working Against America's Interest?

    05/07/2012 10:31:41 AM PDT · by Ooh-Ah · 30 replies
    Investor's Business Daily ^ | 05/04/2012 | VICTOR DAVIS HANSON
    We've had some unusual Cabinet secretaries in past administrations ...but never anything quite like the present bunch. Treasury Secretary Timothy Geithner has overseen some $5 trillion in new debt. To help pay for it, he wants the rich — the top 1% already contributes more in income taxes than does the bottom 90% — to pay more for what he calls "the privilege of being an American." Geithner, whose department oversees the IRS, should have taken his own advice: As a rich American one-percenter, he once failed to pay his own self-employment taxes, and improperly claimed his children's camp costs...
  • Panetta Beats War Drums on Climate Change

    05/06/2012 6:33:19 AM PDT · by Kaslin · 19 replies ^ | May 6, 2012 | Marita Noon
    Global warming has been off the energy-news radar as high gas prices have usurped the spotlight—however Defense Secretary Leon Panetta has brought it back. “Defense Secretary?” you might ask. “Not Energy Secretary Steven Chu or EPA Administrator Lisa Jackson?” No. It was Leon Panetta, who, at an Environmental Defense Fund reception on Thursday May 3, declared “The area of climate change has a dramatic impact on national security.” (Are we going to declare war on countries like Canada for backing out of the Kyoto climate change commitments, or China and India for never supporting them in the first place?)Panetta’s comments...
  • Seven Of The Most Disturbing Quotes From Members Of The Obama Administration

    04/28/2012 5:31:19 AM PDT · by Kaslin · 52 replies ^ | April 28, 2012 | John Hawkins
    Birds of a feather flock together and so when we see Barack Obama stacking his cabinet with radicals, it tells us a lot about his mentality. Of course, the fact that his entire term in office has been nothing but a slow motion evisceration of the American dream should tell you a lot about how he thinks, too -- but a little more evidence is always welcome. Take a look at these quotes from members of Barack Obama's administration and then ask yourself what sort of man WANTS people like this to help him govern the American people? 1) "Somewhat...
  • Top 5 Figures Influencing Renewable Energy in the U.S.

    04/27/2012 10:18:20 AM PDT · by bananaman22 ^ | 04/26/2012 | Jen Alic
    As embarks on its Top 5 series, we thought it expedient to begin with our take on the key figures shaping and influencing U.S. renewable energy efforts, not least because the issue of energy security is being prioritized in campaigning ahead of U.S. presidential elections. In considering from the numerous choices for these top five slots, we take into account a number of variables, including investment in renewable energy, the ability to influence policy and shape public opinion, and advocacy efforts. This goes well beyond simply counting coin – it is about innovation, imagination, vision, risk and patience. Arguably,...
  • Chu: We don’t understand the “bumps and wiggles” of climate change, but oh yes, it’s happening

    04/13/2012 1:27:29 PM PDT · by Ernest_at_the_Beach · 24 replies
    Hot Air ^ | 12:46 pm on April 12, 2012 | Erika Johnsen
    The Obama administration was more vocal about the supposedly dire need to combat climate change toward the beginning of their oh-so-eminent reign, with President Obama out championing the cause at such august events as the U.N. climate conference in 2009. There’s been a bit of a lull in their alarmist-enthusiasm rhetoric in the past year or so (maybe they’ve figured out that concern for climate change is a luxury good during times of economic recession), but it looks like they may be thinking about bringing back the meme to help sell their horrendous energy polices in the run-up to November....
  • Steven Chu: "Coal is my nightmare." (2007)

    03/27/2012 5:14:56 PM PDT · by Nachum · 22 replies
    Youtube ^ | Dec 18, 2008 | k21desmog
    Excerpt from Steven Chu's April 23, 2007 presentation at UC Berkeley. See transcript here:
  • Mission Statement: US Department of Energy

    03/22/2012 12:13:41 PM PDT · by Oldeconomybuyer · 10 replies
    US Department of Energy ^ | January 18, 2009 | Barack Hussein Obama
    The mission of the Energy Department is to ensure America’s security and prosperity by addressing its energy, environmental and nuclear challenges through transformative science and technology solutions. * Catalyze the timely, material, and efficient transformation of the nation’s energy system and secure U.S. leadership in clean energy technologies. * Maintain a vibrant U.S. effort in science and engineering as a cornerstone of our economic prosperity with clear leadership in strategic areas. * Enhance nuclear security through defense, nonproliferation, and environmental efforts. * Establish an operational and adaptable framework that combines the best wisdom of all Department stakeholders to maximize mission...
  • GAO shows grade inflation at the Department of Energy (85% failure rate)

    03/15/2012 11:18:41 AM PDT · by SeekAndFind · 1 replies
    Hoatir ^ | 03/15/2012
    Remember this moment from two weeks ago? Rep. Paul Broun (R-GA) challenged Energy Secretary Steven Chu to assign himself a grade specifically on his stewardship of Department of Energy resources in relation to the 2009 stimulus funds granted for the Loan Guarantee Program. After Broun recites a litany of failures in the LGP, Chu insists that he's done very well -- and gives himself an A-minus:CLICK ABOVE LINK FOR THE VIDEO As it turns out, the Government Accountability Office (GAO) has another grade entirely for the LGP, the DoE, and ultimately Energy Secretary Steven Chu. In the report released this...
  • Chu: Uh, never mind on that European gas prices goal (Energy Sec. Flip flops after bad polls)

    03/13/2012 11:27:24 AM PDT · by SeekAndFind · 18 replies
    Hotair ^ | 03/13/2012 | Ed Morrissey
    Isn't it amazing what a couple of bad polls can produce? In 2008, then-incoming-Energy Secretary Steven Chu told the Wall Street Journal that American energy policy should be calibrated to drive the cost of gasoline to the same level as Europe in order to produce more demand for alternative energy production: Mr. Obama plans soon to introduce his energy and environment team, which will include Nobel Prize-winning physicist Steven Chu as energy secretary and former Environmental Protection Agency Administrator Carol Browner as White House energy adviser ... In a sign of one major internal difference, Mr. Chu has called for...
  • Another Imminent Threat

    03/12/2012 9:38:11 AM PDT · by ShadowAce · 8 replies
    The Daily Rant ^ | 11 March 2012 | Mychal Massie
    The storm clouds hovering over New Orleans today have nothing to do with the vestiges of Katrina or another imminent threat, and instead result from the NFL’s Saints’, team-sponsored reward system for purposefully injuring and maiming opponents. The allegations of gross impropriety center around Gregg Williams, a tough-guy-wannabe and former defensive coordinator as well as aloofly defiant head coach Sean Payton. Both men and team management had been warned repeatedly about the illegality of such practice yet they blatantly defied league orders and endorsed the continued practice of financial incentives for inflicting significant harm to opposing players. There is a...
  • Government-subsidized green light bulb carries costly price tag

    03/09/2012 6:37:36 AM PST · by george76 · 28 replies
    wapo ^ | March 8, 2012 | Peter Whoriskey
    The U.S. government last year announced a $10 million award, dubbed the “L Prize,” for any manufacturer that could create a “green” but affordable light bulb. Energy Secretary Steven Chu said ... Now the winning bulb is on the market. The price is $50.
  • Newt Gingrich: Fire Steven Chu!

    03/01/2012 2:52:51 PM PST · by SeekAndFind · 17 replies · 2+ views
    Hotair ^ | 03/01/2012 | Tina Korbe
    Newt Gingrich, never shy. “President Obama must announce today in his Nashua address that he is firing Secretary Chu and replacing him with a pro-American-energy appointment,” said a statement from Gingrich, who cited a POLITICO story about Chu’s appearance before a House Appropriations subcommittee.“If he doesn’t, then the American people will know the president is still committed to his radical ideology, which wants to artificially raise the cost of energy,” Gingrich added.“Yesterday [Obama’s] secretary of anti-energy Dr. Chu literally testified in Congress that he did not favor lowering the price of gasoline, that they had no alternative policy to lower...
  • Hybrid maker Bright Automotive goes bust

    02/29/2012 3:27:33 PM PST · by mdittmar · 20 replies · 2+ views
    CNNMoney ^ | February 29, 2012 | James O'Toole
    NEW YORK (CNNMoney) -- Hybrid vehicle maker Bright Automotive has announced plans to close, blasting the Department of Energy for failing to finalize a loan that the firm says would have kept it afloat. In a letter dated Tuesday to Energy Secretary Steven Chu, Bright CEO Reuben Munger and COO Mike Donoughe said they were withdrawing their application for a $314 million loan and winding down their operations. The executives claimed they had been strung along for the past few years as the government insisted on increasingly stringent loan requirements. "The actions -- or better said 'lack of action' --...
  • Chu: DOE working to wean U.S. off oil, not lower prices

    02/29/2012 4:30:37 AM PST · by tobyhill · 76 replies · 2+ views
    Politico ^ | 2/28/2012 | By ALEX GUILLEN
    The Energy Department isn’t working to lower gasoline prices directly, Secretary Steven Chu said Tuesday after a Republican lawmaker scolded him for his now-infamous 2008 comment that gas prices in the U.S. should be as high as in Europe. Instead, DOE is working to promote alternatives such as biofuels and electric vehicles, Chu told House appropriators during a hearing on DOE’s budget. But Americans need relief now, Rep. Alan Nunnelee (R-Miss.) said — not high gasoline prices that could eventually push them to alternatives. “I can’t look at motivations. I have to look at results. And under this administration the...
  • Ready for higher gas prices? Guess who’s idea it was.

    02/22/2012 10:29:26 AM PST · by landsbaum · 10 replies · 1+ views
    Is gasoline getting too costly for you? Are you already cutting back on your trips to the store, to the theater, to grandma’s? What did you expect? Remember President Barack Obama’s energy secretary Steven Chu saying he wanted much higher gas prices – because it’s good for you? “Somehow we have to figure out how to boost the price of gasoline to the levels in Europe,” Chu said in 2008. . .
  • Steven Chu Should Lose His Job Over The Solyndra Scandal

    11/23/2011 5:53:54 PM PST · by raptor22 · 9 replies
    Investor's Business Daily ^ | November 17, 2011 | IND staff
    Corruption: The Secretary of Energy takes responsibility for and defends the granting of a half-billion-dollar-loan guarantee to an imploding solar panel maker. But that's not where the campaign donor buck stopped. In testimony Thursday before the House Energy and Commerce Committee, Steven Chu, caught in a tangled web of administration deceit regarding a $535 million guaranteed loan to Solyndra, tried but failed to continue the administration line that the affair was just a good-faith bet that went bad. "As the Secretary of Energy, the final decisions on Solyndra were mine, and I made them with the best interest of the...
  • Steven Chu - brainiac was clueless on Solyndra

    11/20/2011 11:51:38 AM PST · by SmithL · 11 replies
    San Francisco Chronicle ^ | 11/20/11 | Debra J. Saunders
    President Obama likes to brag that his energy secretary, Steven Chu, won a Nobel Prize in physics. You would think that means that Chu is a brainiac who makes shrewd decisions and is extremely aware of whatever is happening around him. But as his testimony before a House Energy and Commerce subcommittee on Thursday revealed, there's a world of information that escapes Chu's notice. The subcommittee is investigating Chu's decision to make Fremont solar power company Solyndra the first recipient of a federal energy program loan in September 2009. Two years and $528 million later, Solyndra filed for bankruptcy, and...
  • Chu says no political influence on Solyndra aid

    11/16/2011 11:25:41 AM PST · by Free ThinkerNY · 5 replies
    Reuters ^ | Nov.16, 2011 | Roberta Rampton
    (Reuters) - Contributors to President Barack Obama's campaign did not influence the decisions on government aid to the now-bankrupt solar panel maker Solyndra, Energy Secretary Steven Chu told National Public Radio. Chu defended decisions made by the Energy Department on the $535 million loan guarantee to Solyndra in his first major interview on what has become a nagging political issue for the Obama administration. The interview, on Tuesday night, comes just ahead of his testimony to the House Energy and Commerce committee on Thursday, where Republicans probing the loan are expected to grill him on the taxpayer-funded aid to Solyndra....
  • Will Energy Secretary Steven Chu stay or go?

    11/15/2011 1:57:10 PM PST · by Driftwood1 · 10 replies
    Gov Exec ^ | 11-15-11 | Coral Davenport and Amy Harder
    When Steven Chu, a Nobel physicist who had lately devoted his career to climate change and clean-energy research, was nominated by President Obama for Energy secretary in December 2008, it seemed like a perfect match. Until then, the Energy Department had actually played very little role in energy policy. Despite its name, the agency's chief mandate is to guard the nation's nuclear arsenal, and to clean up Cold War-era defense nuclear waste. In most years, about two-thirds of its budget goes to nuclear weapons and waste cleanup, while roughly 10 percent to 15 percent goes to energy research. The idea...
  • Obama campaign adviser wanted Steven Chu out

    11/11/2011 5:10:26 PM PST · by Sub-Driver · 13 replies
    Obama campaign adviser wanted Steven Chu out By: Patrick Reis November 11, 2011 06:10 PM EST Months before Solyndra’s collapse, a former high-ranking official in President Barack Obama’s 2008 campaign called for Steven Chu’s ouster, saying the Energy secretary lacked the chops for turning green technology into green jobs. “Secretary Chu is a wonderful and brilliant man, but he is not perfect for the other critical DOE mission: deploying existing technologies at scale and creating jobs,” Dan Carol, the research director of the 2008 Obama campaign who now works as director of Multi-State Initiatives for Oregon Gov. John Kitzhaber, wrote...
  • Another DOE Loan Scandal: Are We Bailing Out Spain’s Solar Collapse?

    11/10/2011 7:49:33 AM PST · by opentalk · 19 replies
    PJ Media ^ | November 10, 2011 | Richard Pollock
    Yet again, evidence of impropriety surrounds the issuance of federal Department of Energy “green” loan guarantees — in this instance, loans were granted to a foreign company with Democratic Party ties. Over the last two years, DOE Secretary Steven Chu has awarded Spain-based Abengoa — a sprawling, multi-national industrial firm operating in 70 countries — loan guarantees worth a staggering $2.78 billion for solar and ethanol plants. Abengoa is a Madrid-based conglomerate that operates throughout Europe, the Middle East, Latin America, and Asia. It is not starved for cash: according to its 2009 annual report, the firm was valued at...
  • Top Solyndra pusher jumps up a bracket in Obama's reelection campaign bundling

    10/16/2011 12:39:27 PM PDT · by matthewreporter · 5 replies
    The Daily Caller ^ | October 14, 2011 | Matthew Boyle
    Former Obama administration Department of Energy loan programs adviser Steve Spinner jumped up a bracket in fundraising for the president’s re-election campaign. Spinner was the staffer inside Energy Secretary Steven Chu’s office who pushed and advocated on behalf of Solyndra. Spinner was ranked in the Obama campaign’s $250,000 to $500,000 bundling bracket in the second quarter, but third-quarter fundraising numbers released on Friday show he raised more than $500,000.
  • Chu takes responsibility for a loan deal that put more taxpayer money at risk in Solyndra

    09/30/2011 4:51:44 PM PDT · by sunmars · 33 replies
    Washington Post ^ | September 29, 2011
    Energy Secretary Steven Chu acknowledged Thursday making the final decision to allow a struggling solar company to continue receiving taxpayer money after it had technically defaulted on a $535 million federal loan guaranteed by his agency. Chu spokesman Damien La­Vera said in a statement that the secretary approved the restructuring agreement for Solyndra because it gave the company “the best possible chance to succeed in a very competitive marketplace and put the company in a better position to repay the loan.” On the political front, Chu’s admission came as some members of Congress were asking whether Chu went too far...
  • Federal government backs solar military project($344 million,here we go again)

    09/07/2011 2:04:16 PM PDT · by mdittmar · 7 replies
    Yahoo News ^ | 9/7/11 | JASON DEAREN and MATTHEW DALY, Associated Press
    WASHINGTON – The Obama administration said Wednesday it is providing a loan guarantee for a massive solar energy project that could double the number of glimmering solar panels on residential rooftops in the U.S.The Energy Department said it provided a partial guarantee for a $344 million loan to San Mateo, Calif.-based SolarCity for the SolarStrong Project, which seeks to place solar panels on 160,000 homes across 124 military bases in 33 states."This is the largest domestic residential rooftop solar project in history," Energy Secretary Steven Chu said in a news release. "This groundbreaking project is expected to create hundreds of...
  • Obama blows another $100bn on green fantasies(Energy Sec. Chu's office declares Solyndra a success)

    09/07/2011 7:45:25 AM PDT · by bestintxas · 10 replies
    washtimes ^ | 9/7/11 | David A. Keene
    Last week, the Obama administration’s Department of Energy announced it is extending an $852 million loan guarantee to something called the Genesis Solar Project in California. Genesis, according to Energy Secretary Steven Chu, will be built on federal land and ultimately employ perhaps 800 people during its construction and 47 people once it is up and running. This would seem to be a lot of money to generate very few jobs at a time when the nation is on the verge of bankruptcy, but the project really isn’t about jobs. It’s the latest in the administration’s attempt to turn us...
  • Biden to give keynote speech at energy summit

    08/07/2011 10:36:03 AM PDT · by mdittmar · 23 replies · 1+ views
    The Hill ^ | 8/04/11 | Andrew Restuccia
    Vice President Biden is slated to deliver the keynote address at a Las Vegas energy summit hosted by Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid (D-Nev.) later this month. The fourth annual National Clean Energy Summit will also feature remarks from Center for American Progress President John Podesta, Energy Secretary Steven Chu, Navy Secretary Ray Mabus and California Gov. Jerry Brown (D), among others. “The Obama administration has proven time and again it understands the importance of building a competitive 21st-century economy through clean energy investments and policies that are focused on putting people back to work, reducing costs for consumers and...
  • White House misses deadline for solar panels

    06/21/2011 7:36:48 AM PDT · by Sub-Driver · 10 replies
    White House misses deadline for solar panels By: Darius Dixon June 21, 2011 09:17 AM EDT The official onset of summer signals the Obama administration's unmet deadline to install solar panels at the world's most famous address: 1600 Pennsylvania Ave. Energy Secretary Steven Chu announced in October that after a nearly three-decade hiatus. the White House would once again have a solar water-heating system mounted on its roof, as well as photovoltaic cells. Chu said the panels would be up “by the end of this spring." Spring ended Monday, and the panels aren't there. "The Energy Department remains on the...
  • New Issa report goes after Obama administration’s energy agenda

    05/24/2011 2:44:28 PM PDT · by Kaslin · 6 replies
    Daily Caller ^ | May 24, 2011 | Amanda Carey
    Rep. Darrell Issa of California, chairman of the House Oversight Committee, has found another target in the Obama administration’s policy agenda: energy. Late Monday, Issa released a scathing report accusing the White House of being complicit in driving up oil prices to push a move to alternative energy sources. Among other things, the report — “Rising Energy Costs: An Intentional Result of Government Action” — accused the administration of restricting access to domestic energy sources, hindering “fracking” technology and hampering the economic recovery by proposing new taxes on the energy industry.The report also says the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) coordinated...
  • Flashback: Obama Energy Secretary Chu Says We Must Get Gas Prices “to the Levels in Europe”

    05/09/2011 9:10:49 AM PDT · by george76 · 24 replies
    The Right Sphere ^ | April 29, 2011 | Brandon Kiser
    read what President Obama’s Secretary of Energy Steven Chu had to say about gas prices back in December: In a sign of one major internal difference, Mr. Chu has called for gradually ramping up gasoline taxes over 15 years to coax consumers into buying more-efficient cars and living in neighborhoods closer to work. “Somehow we have to figure out how to boost the price of gasoline to the levels in Europe,” Mr. Chu ... the best route for raising gas prices for Chu is to increase taxes and then demonize the oil companies for *gasp* making a profit. And if...
  • Obama On Energy Sec Chu: "He Actually Deserved His Nobel Prize" (video)

    03/30/2011 9:24:15 AM PDT · by i88schwartz · 5 replies
    RealClearPolitics ^ | RealClearPolitics
    President Obama speaks on energy at Georgetown University in Washington, D.C. Obama's Energy Secretary Steven Chu has a Nobel prize in physics.
  • DOE Secretary Chu Announces “New Top Energy Innovator” Program, License Fees Patents Slashed

    03/30/2011 5:29:04 AM PDT · by Normandy · 2 replies
    Free Energy Times ^ | Mar 30, 2011
    In an attempt to spur the growth of innovation in the energy sector, The US Department of Energy is slashing the costs for startup energy companies for licensing patents held by the US government's National Laboratories in a "New Top Energy Innovator" challenge.
  • Obama lacks authority to shutter Yucca site, court told

    03/22/2011 7:56:30 PM PDT · by fightinJAG · 26 replies
    Miami Herald ^ | March 22, 2011 | James Rosen
    -Lawyers for Washington state and South Carolina on Tuesday accused President Barack Obama of exceeding his constitutional power in closing the Yucca Mountain nuclear-waste repository. Washington state Assistant Attorney General Andrew Fitz told a federal appellate court that Obama's refusal to fund continued development of the Nevada site violates the 1982 Nuclear Waste Policy Act. "He's acting unconstitutionally under the separation of powers doctrine because he doesn't have the authority under the statute," Fitz told a three-judge panel of the U.S. Court of Appeals for the District of Columbia Circuit. "He had no authority to reverse it." In 1987 amendments...
  • Obama's Energy Policy Faces Pressure

    03/16/2011 2:45:56 AM PDT · by Scanian · 8 replies
    Wall Street Journal ^ | MARCH 16, 2011. | JONATHAN WEISMAN And STEPHEN POWER
    WASHINGTON—Japan's nuclear disaster is putting new pressure on President Barack Obama's energy strategy, which has relied on calls to expand nuclear power to win support for a broader effort to promote alternatives to coal and oil. On Tuesday, the White House resisted calls from Democratic congressional leaders for a special review of U.S. nuclear-plant safety in the wake of the Japanese nuclear crisis—a move similar to one ordered by German Chancellor Angela Merkel on Monday. Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid (D., Nev.) and House Minority Whip Steny Hoyer (D., Md.) on Tuesday called for reviews of U.S. nuclear-plant safety. Rep....
  • US considers tapping oil reserves to ease soaring prices

    03/06/2011 9:40:56 AM PST · by mojito · 87 replies
    Jerusalem Post ^ | 3/6/2011 | Unattributed
    WASHINGTON - White House Chief of Staff Bill Daley said on Sunday the Obama administration is considering tapping into the US strategic oil reserve as one way to help ease soaring oil prices. Speaking on NBC television's "Meet the Press," Daley said: "We are looking at the options. The issue of the reserves is one we are considering. ... All matters have to be on the table." There has been support among Senate Democrats for tapping the reserves. Senator Jay Rockefeller on Thursday became the third Democrat to ask President Barack Obama to tap America's emergency oil supply to cool...
  • Gulf Oil Spill Could Have Been Stopped 48 days Earlier

    03/03/2011 12:00:14 PM PST · by Nachum · 36 replies
    american thinker ^ | 3/3/11 | Bruce Thompson
    For 48 days and nights, the Deepwater Horizon well spewed oil into the Gulf of Mexico, when it could have been shut down. We now know this: It is very likely that if the top kill had been designed to deliver more than 109 bpm of 16.4 ppg drilling fluid below the BOP stack for a sustained period, the Macondo blowout could have been stopped between May 26-28, 2010. Given that the well was successfully shut-in with the capping stack in July, and that the subsequent bullhead (static) kill was successful, certainly a higher rate top kill would have been...
  • Obama Energy Secretary Promises “Massive” Coal Plant Closures

    02/11/2011 3:18:56 PM PST · by La Lydia · 105 replies · 1+ views
    Pat Dollard ^ | February 11, 2011 | Posted By Grizz
    Obama Energy Secretary Steven Chu has launched the next phase of the White House’s publicly stated agenda to bankrupt the coal industry via EPA regulations after announcing the prospect of “massive” coal plant closures even as Texas and other states suffer rolling blackouts as a result of maxed-out power plants that cannot cope with demand. The Obama administration’s strict enforcement of draconian EPA regulations has led to new clean-burning coal-fired plants being mothballed and other existing ones being shut down, which has in turn led to Texas and other states becoming energy-dependent, leading to shortages and blackouts exacerbated by freezing...
  • Peru inventor 'whitewashes' peaks to slow glacier melt

    06/28/2010 2:02:03 PM PDT · by NormsRevenge · 21 replies
    AFP on Yahoo ^ | 6/28/10 | Bayly Turner
    LICAPA, Peru (AFP) – In a remote corner of the Peruvian Andes, men in paint-daubed boilersuits diligently coat a mountain summit with whitewash in an experimental bid to recuperate the country's melting glaciers. It's a bizarre sight at 4,756 metres (15,600 feet) above sea level. The man behind the idea is not a glaciologist but an inventor, Eduardo Gold. His non-governmental organisation Glaciares de Peru was one of 26 winners of the World Bank's "100 Ideas to Save the Planet" competition in November 2009. Gold has already begun work while he waits for the 200,000-dollar prize money to fund his...
  • Oak Ridge contractors' pay frozen

    12/26/2010 9:48:55 AM PST · by SteveH · 14 replies · 1+ views
    Knoxville News Sentinel ^ | December 18, 2010 | Frank Munger
    Oak Ridge contractors' pay frozen 2-year halt will affect about 9,000 workers By Frank Munger Posted December 18, 2010 at midnight OAK RIDGE - Thousands of Oak Ridge contractor employees will be affected by a two-year pay freeze announced Friday by the U.S. Department of Energy. [...]
  • Department of Energy Announces Two Year Pay Freeze on Site and Facility Management Contractor ...

    12/26/2010 3:19:39 AM PST · by SteveH · 13 replies · 1+ views
    U.S. Department of Energy ^ | December 17, 2010
    Department of Energy Announces Two Year Pay Freeze on Site and Facility Management Contractor Employees Decision follows recent announcement of freeze on federal workforce salaries Washington DC - Following President Obama's recent proposal for a two-year pay freeze for all civilian federal workers, U.S. Energy Secretary Steven Chu today announced a decision to stop salary and bonus pool increases for site and facility management contractor employees, who manage day-to-day operations at certain Department of Energy sites and facilities, including national laboratories. "As our nation continues to recover from these challenging economic times, households and small businesses across the country are...
  • Cap on Well...(Chu Nobel prize not for oil drilling expertise)

    06/05/2010 11:50:29 AM PDT · by tentmaker · 20 replies · 1,261+ views
    The New York Times ^ | 05, June, 2010 | CLIFFORD KRAUSS and HENRY FOUNTAIN
    The technician said that shortly after the cap was successfully placed, Dr. Chu wondered aloud why oil was still spewing from around the bottom. Engineers had to tell him that the leaks were expected, at least initially.
  • Commentary: Where Does Obama Get the Authority to ‘Inform’ a Private Co. to Surrender Its Money?

    06/15/2010 8:59:29 PM PDT · by Qbert · 95 replies · 1,768+ views
    CNSNews ^ | 6/15/2010 | Terence P. Jeffrey
    ( - In his first-ever address from the Oval Office on Tuesday night, President Barack Obama said he was going to “inform” the chairman of BP that he must surrender the company’s money to an independent party that will distribute it to people and businesses determined to have been harmed by the oil spill in the Gulf of Mexico. The president’s declaration raises a serious constitutional question about his authority: Where does the president get the lawful power to order any private-sector company—BP or any other—that it must surrender its money? Should not courts and normal legal proceedings determine who is responsible, who has...
  • We are with you: A guest column by President Obama

    06/11/2010 10:18:35 PM PDT · by 2ndDivisionVet · 64 replies · 1,764+ views
    The New Orleans Times-Picayune ^ | June 11, 2010 | Barack Hussein Obama, Jr.
    In the days since the BP oil spill began, the failure to stop the leak has caused incredible anger and frustration -- especially for the people of the Gulf Coast struggling to survive one of the worst environmental disasters in our nation's history. This leak is an unprecedented catastrophe and a technical challenge unlike any we've ever seen. We are pressing for every possible remedy to keep oil from flowing into the Gulf, and to capture as much as we can while relief wells are drilled that will permanently stop the leak. We are relying on a team of scientists...
  • Professor dumped from oil spill team over writings

    05/19/2010 2:59:28 PM PDT · by reaganaut1 · 98 replies · 5,187+ views
    Associated Press ^ | May 19, 2010 | Jim Salter
    A St. Louis scientist who was among a select group picked by the Obama administration to pursue a solution to the oil spill in the Gulf of Mexico has been removed from the group because of writings on his website, the U.S. Energy Department confirmed Wednesday. Washington University physics professor Jonathan Katz was one of five top scientists chosen by the Department of Energy and attended meetings in Houston last week. Though considered a leading scientist, Katz's website postings often touch on social issues. Some of those writings have stirred anger in the past and include postings defending homophobia and...