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  • Nine Liberal Hollywood Elites Who Normalized Communist Dictator Fidel Castro

    11/27/2016 12:38:42 AM PST · by detective · 12 replies
    Breitbart ^ | 26 Nov 2016 | Jerome Hudson
    Cuban dictator Fidel Castro has died at the age of 90. Through the years, a long list of Hollywood elites have been bewitched by Castro, despite his Communist regime’s imprisonment of political opponents, homosexuals, and journalists. Actors like Jack Nicholson and Danny Glover, and Hollywood directors from Steven Spielberg to Oliver Stone, have accepted invitations to the tiny Caribbean island and have showered Castro with praise. Below is a list of some of the entertainers who have rubbed shoulders with the deceased dictator:
  • Steven Spielberg's Movies, Ranked Worst to Best

    07/09/2016 1:43:26 PM PDT · by EveningStar · 44 replies
    Rolling Stone ^ | October 13, 2015 | Bilge Ebiri
    There's a reason why Steven Spielberg is still the undisputed King of Hollywood. Over the course of a nearly five-decade-long career, he has perfected and/or inaugurated any number of cinematic movements and innovations. Coming of age as one of the "movie brats" – the generation of filmmakers who transformed American cinema in the Sixties and Seventies – Spielberg also helped kick off Hollywood's blockbuster culture with Jaws in 1975 (and then sent that culture into overdrive with the one-two punch of Raiders of the Lost Ark and E.T. the Extra Terrestrial in 1981 and 1982). The success of such movies...
  • The Evolution of Steven Spielberg

    07/09/2016 10:51:28 AM PDT · by EveningStar · 38 replies
    YouTube ^ | July 4, 2016 | Burger Fiction
    We're definitely Spielberg fans. So many iconic movies spanning his over 50 years of directing. So with the release of his latest movie, The BFG, we bring you Steven Spielberg's directing evolution. We're gonna need a bigger boat. *****Also big oops. Close Encounters of the Third Kind is 1977 and Minority Report is 2002. We knew this from our research, but somehow in the edit we messed it up. Sorry!
  • "I Would Die For Israel" (so says Steven Spielberg)

    01/26/2006 7:29:12 PM PST · by Cornpone · 135 replies · 1,945+ views
    DER SPIEGEL ^ | 26 January 2006 | DER SPIEGEL
    US director Steven Spielberg discusses his controversial new film "Munich," which deals with the aftermath of the massacre of Israeli athletes at the 1972 Olympics. In an interview with DER SPIEGEL he talks about the moral aspects of dealing with terrorism and responds to critics who claim he's betrayed the Jewish people. SPIEGEL: Mr. Spielberg, can you remember the hours of the Olympic massacre? Do you know where you were when you heard the terrible news? Spielberg: Yes, I do. I was watching a "Wide World of Sports" live broadcast from Munich when the news suddenly flashed in, and the...
  • Harrison Ford, Steven Spielberg Reunite for 5th Indiana Jones Film

    03/15/2016 1:49:33 PM PDT · by hoagy62 · 118 replies
    MSN ^ | 3/15/16 | James Rainey
    Director Steven Spielberg and star Harrison Ford will make a fifth “Indiana Jones” film, to screen July 19, 2019, Disney announced Tuesday. The release from the studio describes “a fifth epic adventure in the blockbuster series,” adding: “Steven Spielberg, who directed all four previous films, will helm the as-yet-untitled project with star Harrison Ford reprising his iconic role. Franchise veterans Kathleen Kennedy and Frank Marshall will produce.” Walt Disney Studios chairman Alan Horn called the Jones character “one of the greatest heroes in cinematic history,” adding, “It’s rare to have such a perfect combination of director, producers, actor and role,...
  • Steven Spielberg/Lonesome Rhodes Tried But Failed to Make Hillary Likeable

    09/27/2015 11:02:10 AM PDT · by PJ-Comix · 30 replies
    NewsBusters ^ | September 27, 2015 | P.J. Gladnick
    Even Lonesome Rhodes, I mean director Steven Spielberg, couldn't make Hillary Clinton's image more likeable.  According to a New York Post excerpt of Edward Klein's book, "Unlikeable," Spielberg acting as Hillary's "consigli di immagine," tried but failed in this difficult endeavor. When you see the video clip below of Lonesome Rhodes in the movie "A Face In the Crowd" giving similar advice to make Senator Worthington Fuller more likeable you will see why I used Italian terminology for "image adviser." But first let us read of Spielberg acting as Lonesome Rhodes giving advice to his Senator Fuller, Hillary Clinton:
  • Hilarious: NY Times chronicles Hillary's problems hiding her wealth and elitism

    06/20/2015 6:47:20 AM PDT · by SeekAndFind · 19 replies
    American Thinker ^ | 06/19/2015 | Thomas Lifson
    I have got to hand it to Amy Chozick of the New York Times for her deadpan article on Hillary Clinton’s “quandary” over what to do about the Hamptons this summer. You see, she and Bill have for years vacationed there, among the show business and Wall Street elites who rent or own fabulous mansions along the shore of eastern Long Island, mingling with one another. It takes a lot money:  In 2011 and 2012, there was the eight-bedroom, 12,000-square-foot East Hampton rental with a heated pool that the couple took for part of August, the kind of house...
  • 15 Fun Facts You May Not Have Known About ‘The Goonies’ For Its 30th Anniversary

    06/06/2015 6:54:33 PM PDT · by Perdogg · 76 replies
    Sunday will mark a tremendous occasion in the world of pop culture and cult classic movies. June 7 is the 30th anniversary of the Richard Donner-directed, never-say-die movie with an all-star cast, The Goonies. Hitting theaters on June 7, 1985, the film is still a favorite of so many people today and starred a number of names that went on to huge things. Let’s take a look at some fun facts and trivia that you may never have known about The Goonies.
  • Trailer for Steven Spielberg Tom Hanks collaboration 'Bridge of Spies' released

    06/06/2015 9:34:26 AM PDT · by Marcus · 25 replies
    Houston Movie Examiner ^ | June 6, 2015 | Mark R. Whittington
    Deadline Hollywood announced that the trailer for the latest collaboration between Steven Spielberg, one of the greatest directors of our time, and Tom Hanks, one of the world’s most popular actors, has been released. The collaboration is a film called “Bridge of Spies,” which relates the career of James Donovan, a lawyer who risked his career to defend Rudolf Able, a captured Soviet spy, in 1957, the height of the Cold War. Later, Donovan would negotiate for the release of captured U2 spy plane pilot Francis Gary Powers, in exchange for Able. Spielberg has, for the most part, shone when...
  • 'Jaws' turns 40: Five reasons it wouldn't work today

    05/31/2015 7:05:35 PM PDT · by rickmichaels · 89 replies
    Toronto Sun ^ | May 31, 2015 | Steve Tilley
    It might be safe to go in the water now. Monday marks the 40th anniversary of the release of Jaws, director Steven Spielberg’s tale of a great white shark terrorizing a picturesque seaside town. It’s a bona fide classic, deserving of all the praise it gets. But it’s also something of a relic, a throwback to a simpler time in moviemaking when we were less cynical and more easily frightened. For all the monster movie remakes being trotted out this decade, it’s actually not surprising we haven’t seen Jaws sequel since 1987’s Jaws: The Revenge (and not just because that...
  • Sobran: My Obsession with Jews [for all who mistakenly think he is a valuable contributor]

    10/30/2003 8:04:40 AM PST · by Chancellor Palpatine · 254 replies · 4,697+ views
    Federal Observer ^ | maybe 10/30/03 | Joe Sobran
    <p>Now and then I get letters and e-mail messages asking why I am so "obsessed" with Jews and Israel. The question amuses me. It would be one thing if I often wrote about Mali, or Honduras, or Borneo, or any other nation or country most people remember only as a name from geography class.</p>
  • Hollywood stars shine for Hillary: Spielberg, Clooney, Streisand and Hanks back her..

    04/12/2015 6:25:15 AM PDT · by Cincinatus' Wife · 60 replies
    Daily Mail ^ | April 12, 2015 | By Caroline Graham
    A glittering line-up of Hollywood stars is poised to back Hillary Clinton's bid to become US President by raising millions for her campaign. The former Secretary of State and wife of ex-President Bill Clinton is expected to announce her 2016 candidacy today in a video released on social media. And political pundits say plans are already in place to hold fundraising parties as early as next month. Mrs Clinton's most high-profile Hollywood backers include director Steven Spielberg, and actors George Clooney, Barbra Streisand and Tom Hanks. DreamWorks studio boss Jeffrey Katzenberg has said: 'Hillary is the best qualified candidate. She...
  • Fox Plans 'Minority Report' TV Adaptation

    01/18/2015 7:01:53 AM PST · by Perdogg · 16 replies
    reboot of the popular sci-fi mystery film Minority Report is being developed as a TV series for Fox. The 2002 Steven Spielberg movie, starring Tom Cruise and loosely based on a short story by Philip K. Dick, takes place in Washington D.C. during the year 2054.
  • Jurassic World (2015 Film)

    11/25/2014 7:10:19 PM PST · by EveningStar · 37 replies
    Multiple links in body of thread | November 25, 2014
    Jurassic World, the fourth film in the Jurassic Park series, is scheduled for release on June 12, 2015. Colin Trevorrow is the director and Steven Spielberg is one of the executive producers. The official trailer has been released and you can watch it here. More links: WikipediaIMDbWhy did Steven Spielberg invent a new dinosaur for Jurassic World?Official SiteUK SiteNewsFacebookTwitter Of course, many of the dinosaurs depicted in the Jurassic Park series lived in the Cretaceous period rather than the Jurassic period.
  • The face of America’s enemies: Hollywood quislings donating to Socialist Democrats

    08/16/2014 10:10:46 AM PDT · by Oldpuppymax · 12 replies
    Coach is Right ^ | 8/16/14 | Kevin "Coach" Collins
    Hollywood’s enemies of American freedom are busy undermining the life we have built and hope to keep. These social parasites, who have the wherewithal to live anywhere after they complete the destruction of America, are opening their checkbooks to the Democrats who will carry out the end game for America if we let them. People like Leonardo DiCaprio, Gwyneth Paltrow, Julia Louis-Dreyfus and Barbra Streisand, whose personal lives have nothing whatsoever in common with our own, are pouring out their “One percenter” fortunes to force us to live as they deign we should live. In an effort to save Democrat...
  • REVIEW: Halle Berry Stars in CBS’s Extant

    07/09/2014 8:46:09 AM PDT · by EveningStar · 32 replies
    Time ^ | July 9, 2014 | James Poniewozik
    This summer drama mashes up a lot of sci-fi premises we've seen before, but in a way that shows potential. The first episode of Extant (CBS, Wednesdays) establishes with several quick cues that you are looking at the future. When astronaut Molly Woods (Halle Berry) washes up in the bathroom, she pulls up a news feed on the mirror. The garbage can outside her house is a transparent prism that compacts trash elegantly. Also, the show seems to posit an alternative universe in which CBS airs high-profile new dramas and they’re not about cops or lawyers. That particular aspect of...
  • Obama dines with Streisand, Springsteen, Kardashian and Hollywood Elite

    05/14/2014 7:55:32 PM PDT · by Syncro · 30 replies
    Tea Party Express ^ | May 14, 2014 | Staff
    Obama dines with Streisand, Springsteen, Kardashian and Hollywood Elite The contrast could not be greater! While President Obama was hobnobbing with Hollywood's liberal elite in southern California, we were in middle America rallying working-class Americans to vote in the midterm elections.  President Obama claims to represent the working class, yet has never had a real job and prefers the company of liberal celebrities like Barabra Streisand, Steven Spielberg, Kim Kardashian, and Bruce Springsteen.   The President's hypocrisy could be smelt all the way in Minneapolis, MN where Diana Nagy was joined on stage by patriotic Americans President Obama was...
  • Saving Barack Obama

    05/07/2014 1:38:25 PM PDT · by Hojczyk · 9 replies
    Powerline ^ | May 6 ,2014 | JOHN HINDERAKER
    We have written a couple of times about street artists, especially in Southern California, who are conducting a guerrilla campaign against the Obama administration. That campaign has escalated, as this is well beyond street art: a nicely produced parody movie poster titled “Saving Barack Obama.” It mimics this famous poster for “Saving Private Ryan.” Note the identical font and the teleprompters. The text says, “A Steven Spielberg ploy,” and at the bottom, “the mission is a fraud.” According to the Free Beacon, the posters “have appeared on bus stops and benches throughout Los Angeles, including just outside Melrose Avenue, the...
  • Oliver Stone’s Most Vicious Insult!

    03/15/2014 7:46:11 AM PDT · by Kaslin · 22 replies ^ | March 15, 2014 | Humberto Fontova
    Oliver Stone's recent visit to Venezuela to premiere his Castro/Chavez infomercial "My Friend Hugo" has brought him under fire in social media. Exasperated beyond endurance by the onslaught Stone recently lashed back with (apparently) the most hateful insult his inflamed mind could conjure. You people are: "Similar to the right-wing Florida Cuban exiles who’ve helped keep the US in a dungeon of ignorance!" he raved. For leftists its “right-wing lunatics spreading a dungeon if ignorance!” For normal folks it’s: “people who have actually experienced communism trying to circumvent communist propaganda as disseminated by a media-Hollywood axis—and one not always completely...
  • "GRAPES OF WRATH" To be re made.

    07/03/2013 8:16:56 AM PDT · by SMARTY · 84 replies
    July 3, 2013 | Me
    I am reading that the film "Grapes of Wrath" will be re made. It’s a Dreamworks/Spielberg plan. I am so heartily sick to death of the Hollywood smarmy and criminally skewed interpretation of American life and American history. I don’t even want to think of the Liberal orgy of ‘I hate America’ this will be. All the while they are cashing in and living like royalty for ritually subverting the historical facts. Capitalism works… the inevitable boom and bust cycles are what hard working people save for and the reason that credit should always be avoided like poison. However,...
  • Steven Spielberg's "Obama"

    04/29/2013 12:44:19 PM PDT · by FatherFig1o155 · 8 replies
    Really...Does this guy EVER work?
  • Steven Spielberg: In 2012, 'Chris Christie Was a Hero for Me' (Q&A)

    12/19/2012 7:49:52 PM PST · by SeekAndFind · 6 replies
    The "Lincoln" director and Obama supporter, one of The Hollywood Reporter's 2012 Rule Breakers, says the New Jersey governor "put party politics aside for the greater good" and also cites Nelson Mandela and Bill Clinton among his heroes. [SNIP] [SNIP] THR: Daniel, is there a British historical character who interests you in the way America is fascinated by Lincoln? Day-Lewis: The quality of fascination is incomparable, really. But I was very interested in Richard Hillary, a pilot who died in World War II. I don’t know if you’ve read Sebastian Faulks’ wonderful book The Fatal Englishman. He takes three lives...
  • Lincoln Re-Examined

    11/30/2012 12:10:03 PM PST · by Kaslin · 111 replies ^ | November 30, 2012 | Suzanne Fields
    Every schoolchild with enough smarts and curiosity to get beyond the latest video game of "Call of Duty" ought to go see "Lincoln," the movie, and check out the references and his own attention span. It requires patience, but it shows through dramatic action how a self-taught rustic from the deep backwoods had the emotional and intellectual discipline to overcome poverty and grow up to be a president to rank among the greatest. This is not about the American Dream or a Horatio Alger story. (Does anybody remember him?) Nor is it mythmaking. It's made of sterner stuff than that....
  • Barney Frank In Salary Negotiations For Elmer Fudd Role

    11/30/2011 1:33:54 PM PST · by mojito · 27 replies
    The Daily Rash ^ | 11/28/2011 | Mark Donahue
    DreamWorks Studios announced today that they are in the final stages of salary negotiations with Massachusetts Congressman Barney Frank for their new Looney Tunes Bugs Bunny movie. Frank is slated to play Elmer Fudd in the five hundred million dollar, two part, six hour movie epic. The Congressman expressed interest in the role when he heard that Bugs Bunny was going to be played by an actor who has expressed conservative political views in the past. We talked with Congressman Frank over brunch in the West Village where he was visiting a friend. “It was wight before our summer wecess,”...
  • Terra Nova (total vanity)

    08/12/2011 11:15:42 AM PDT · by pabianice · 31 replies
    Fox Lineup | 8/12/11
    Stephen Spielberg has remade "Jurrasic Park" for TV. It starts in September. It is described as a tree-hugger version of a time-travel story (Earth's atmosphere becomes so polluted that people have to flee back in time 85 million years.) An updated Robinson family (per "Lost in Space") is described as the main characters. The trailers look like outtakes from "Jurrasic Park." My question: does this thing have a chance at "something over $4M" per episode?
  • Super 8: A Return to Vintage Spielberg?

    06/10/2011 9:51:53 AM PDT · by Kaslin · 13 replies
    Pajamas Media ^ | June 10, 2011 | John Boot
    The influence of Spielberg, who has blessed this project with his producer's credit, is all over every frame of this delightful movie. Super 8 isn’t quite up to the level of Steven Spielberg’s finest early-80s work — but it’s surprisingly close, a sci-fi movie with heart that is thrillingly directed by Spielberg worshipper J.J. Abrams. Is Abrams playing God? As Steve Martin put it, when his mad-scientist character was accused of this in The Man with Two Brains, “Somebody has to!” In a Hollywood that’s becoming increasingly reliant on special effects at the expense of story — of wowing you...
  • Super 8: Movie Review

    06/10/2011 6:27:00 AM PDT · by Neoavatara · 95 replies
    Neoavatara ^ | June 10, 2011 | Neoavatara
    J.J. Abrams, which is becoming this generations Steven Spielberg, has taken inspiration from Spielberg in a movie that is more family entertainment than Science Fiction. This has the feel of a late 70s – early 80s flick from Spielberg, and I could very comfortably have believed that he made this in the interim between Jaws and E.T.. The movie had me virtually giggling inside, making me remember what it was like to see those movies as a young child. It brings us back to an era that I guess is now long forgotten, of blissful summers and imaginations gone wild....
  • Obama speaks to the stars; Tom Hanks suggests 'five-and-a-half more years'

    04/22/2011 12:25:26 PM PDT · by Justaham · 31 replies
    The Hill ^ | 4-22-11 | Jordan Fabian
    President Obama asked for support Thursday from a small Los Angeles audience dotted with Hollywood stars. Speaking in a tiny room of the Italian restaurant Tavern to a an audience of 60 that included Steven Spielberg, Will Ferrell, Tom Hanks and George Clooney, Obama said he understood frustration with his compromises with centrist Democrats and Republicans on healthcare, ending the Bush tax rates for the wealthy and other issues. Over the past two and a half years, Obama said, he was sure there were times "where you're reading the papers or you're watching TV and you're saying, 'Ah, Obama, you...
  • On Spielberg's Duel (Videos 1, 2)

    02/01/2011 9:40:57 PM PST · by beaversmom · 30 replies
    You Tube ^ | May 1, 2008 | N/A
    Video 1 (runs 9:29): Steven Spielberg reflects on his early work in television as a freelance director for such shows as Night Gallery, Marcus Welby, M.D., Columbo, and for his first made for TV movie Duel starring Dennis Weaver. Spielberg's talent was evident from the get-go. Video 2 (runs 9:26):Richard Matheson talks about his inspiration for writing the novelette, Duel, working on the script for the movie, and his thoughts about Spielberg's final product. Even though I was just a kid in the 70's, I sure do miss some of those shows from the era.
  • Hollywood ponies up to help out Feingold in tough re-election fight

    09/25/2010 3:02:10 PM PDT · by Justaham · 20 replies
    The Hill ^ | 9-25-10 | Susan Crabtree
    Some of Hollywood’s most recognizable names are digging into their deep pockets to help Wisconsin Democrat Russ Feingold, one of the Senate’s most reliably liberal voices — and a top Republican target this fall. Among Feingold's contributors are filmmakers Steven Spielberg and Harvey Weinstein, actors Michael Douglas and Edie Falco, as well as NBC’s Jeffrey Zucker, music executive David Geffen, and producer Jeffrey Katzenberg and his wife, Marilyn, according to Writer and producer Tom Fontana, creator of the television series “Homicide: Life on the Street” and “Oz,” also ponied up for Feingold, as did actress Kathryn Erbe, who has...
  • Glamour and Taste: Obama Tent Feast To Curry Favour With India [Billionaire Bundlers Included]

    11/24/2009 9:09:25 PM PST · by Steelfish · 43 replies · 1,028+ views
    London Times ^ | November 24th 2009
    November 24, 2009 Glamour and Taste: Obama Tent Feast To Curry Favour With India Giles Whittell in Washington The Obamas' first state dinner is in honour of an abstemious vegetarian There will be music from the composer of the Slumdog Millionaire theme, food from an Ethiopian-born Swedish chef and cedar chips sprinkled on the roofs of the portable lavatories. There may also be the faint patter of drizzle on canvas. The first state dinner of the Obama era, held tonight in a tent village on the South Lawn of the White House, will honour an Indian Prime Minister described by...
  • Obama in L.A.: 'You ain't seen nothing yet'

    05/29/2009 6:09:59 AM PDT · by george76 · 39 replies · 1,068+ views
    The Hill ^ | 05/27/09 | Sam Youngman
    Even as he conceded there is still much hard work to do, President Obama was in a boastful mood Wednesday night, telling a star-studded crowd at a fundraising dinner that he "would put these first four months up against any prior administration since FDR." The president, speaking to a dinner that included Hollywood A-listers like Kiefer Sutherland, Marisa Tomei, Jamie Foxx, Ron Howard and Steven Spielberg, lauded the legislation he has signed since taking office but added that he is "not satisfied." "I'm confident in the future, but I'm not yet content," Obama said. The celebrity dinner, which cost couples...
  • Obama Hits Hollywood On Fundraising Trip [The Start Of Another $800m Campaign War Chest!]

    05/27/2009 9:11:47 PM PDT · by Steelfish · 9 replies · 514+ views
    AP Report ^ | May 27th 2009
    Obama hits Hollywood on fundraising trip U.S. president to tap movie, music executives at Beverly Hills hotel LOS ANGELES - President Barack Obama looked not for votes in California on Wednesday but for millions of dollars to aid Democratic campaigns, including at a fundraiser hosted by such Hollywood names as Steven Spielberg. Like Bill Clinton and other top Democrats before him, Obama visits the Golden State now and then to tap wealthy, liberal-leaning activists, especially in Silicon Valley and Hollywood. Wednesday night's two-tiered event at the Beverly Hilton Hotel offered tickets ranging from $1,000 to $15,200. The lower prices bought...
  • Spielberg: The Magic Is Long Gone

    02/28/2009 9:44:20 AM PST · by EveningStar · 12 replies · 1,375+ views
    Big Hollywood ^ | February 27, 2009 | John Nolte
    There were two Hollywood-related moments that gladdened the heart over this past weekend. The first, obviously, was the glorious sight of the Oscar telecast end credits, the second was Kim Master’s “Slate” story reporting that Steven Spielberg’s long gestating passion project - an Abe Lincoln biopic, is all but dead. Steven Spielberg not making a film was good news. How things have changed in thirty years.
  • Big stars change gears on ‘don’t vote’ concept (still telling lies about the 2000 election)

    10/31/2008 10:28:52 AM PDT · by weegee · 8 replies · 550+ views
    AP via MSNBC (aka the Obama Network) ^ | updated 11:35 a.m. CT, Wed., Oct. 29, 2008 | no byline
    NEW YORK - Leonardo DiCaprio is bringing out the big guns to get out the vote. Tom Cruise, Julia Roberts, Harrison Ford, Will Smith, Steven Spielberg and Justin Timberlake are among the celebrities starring in a new public service announcement produced by the actor, who also appears in the spot. The video shows the stars struggling to grasp the concept of using reverse psychology to get young people into voting booths... Finally, Ford says, “You know what? I can’t do it. It’s not true, I don’t believe it — 537 people decided the 2000 election, and you want me to...
  • Steven Spielberg Endorses Hillary

    06/13/2007 7:23:25 AM PDT · by HarmlessLovableFuzzball · 52 replies · 1,071+ views
    Influential filmmaker and philanthropist Steven Spielberg today announced that he is officially endorsing Hillary Clinton for President. Spielberg said that he has chosen to endorse Clinton because of her experience and strength. “I’ve taken the time to familiarize myself with the impressive field of Democratic candidates and am convinced that Hillary Clinton is the most qualified candidate to lead us from her first day in the White House,” Spielberg said. “Hillary is a strong leader and is respected the world over. As president, she will bring America back together, rebuild our prestige abroad and ensure our protection here at home.”...
  • Ultimate 'Indy' Flick: Fanboys Remake Raiders of the Lost Ark

    05/19/2007 7:52:08 AM PDT · by fgoodwin · 2 replies · 182+ views
    Ultimate 'Indy' Flick: Fanboys Remake Raiders of the Lost Ark Its a great article about three boys who remade "Raiders" starting in 1982 when they were twelve. It took them seven years to finish. If you read the article, I think you'll agree what they did was remarkable.
  • The Purloined Rockwell - Stolen in St. Louis in '73. Found today -- on Steven Spielberg's wall

    03/02/2007 8:49:58 PM PST · by HAL9000 · 90 replies · 2,305+ views ^ | February 28, 2007 | Kristen Hinman
    Excerpt - Academy Award-winning director and producer Steven Spielberg has turned over to federal authorities Russian Schoolroom, a 1967 oil on canvas by Norman Rockwell that was filched from a Clayton art gallery in 1973, according to the FBI. No charges have been filed in the case, and federal officials say they have no evidence that Spielberg knew the painting had been stolen when he purchased it in 1989. "It appears that he is an innocent buyer," says St. Louis-based FBI agent Frank Brostrom, a member of the agency's Art Crime Team, who initiated the investigation. Spielberg is an avid...
  • Hillary's Hollywood Friends Switch Sides

    01/24/2007 7:53:03 PM PST · by HarmlessLovableFuzzball · 51 replies · 1,908+ views
    ABC News ^ | 12/24/2007 | MARCUS BARAM
    Jan. 24, 2007 — - Is Hollywood abandoning Hillary? On Wednesday morning, hundreds of Hollywood's movers and shakers received an invitation that they may find hard to refuse. They've been invited to come meet Sen. Barack Obama, the Democratic Party's new superstar. He already has the buzz, but can he bring home the prize? Movie moguls Steven Spielberg, David Geffen and Jeffrey Katzenberg want their Hollywood peers to join them at a Feb. 20 fundraiser the three are throwing for Obama. For $2,300 a person and $4600 a couple, they can meet the candidate at a reception at the Beverly...
  • Has TRANSFORMERS sold out to liberalism?

    06/10/2006 4:24:36 PM PDT · by SouthJrzReaganite18 · 23 replies · 17,122+ views
    Dave's World Blog ^ | 6/10/2006 | SouthJrzReaganite18
    As I do everyday, I checked the headlines of to find the most recent news conscerning one of my favorite childhood franchises - Transformers. I was elated to find a link to the new website going up for the live-action movie coming up in 2007. As dramatic music played on the web page, the flash animation had the Earth zoom into view and behind it a large robotic eye staring back at me. Excitedly, I awaited one of the typical Transformers tag lines (expecting either, “More than meets the eye,” or “Robots in disguise”). Then the slogan for what...
  • What's Right With 'Munich': I'm a Zionist, and I liked Spielberg's film

    02/08/2006 8:43:27 AM PST · by EveningStar · 8 replies · 379+ views
    Opinion Journal (Wall Street Journal) ^ | February 8, 2006 | Heather Robinson
    Avner Kaufmann, the reluctant warrior and protagonist of Steven Spielberg's movie "Munich," is honorable, strong, a family man--that is, a typical Israeli. That is why "Munich," although intensely criticized by pro-Israel commentators, ultimately does Israel and the civilized world at least one service: At a time when anti-Semitism is all-too-often repackaged and sold in politically correct form as "anti-Zionism," "Munich" offers mass audiences a compelling portrait of an Israeli struggling courageously to confront evil. Despite its lapses, "Munich" still has value for illuminating Israel's position--and that of all civilized people confronting terrorism...
  • Prize Fighters (courageous, important, political film directors pat themselves on the back)

    01/29/2006 12:24:13 PM PST · by EveningStar · 14 replies · 255+ views
    Newsweek ^ | February 6, 2006 | Sean Smith and David Ansen
    They made the most moving, provocative films of the year. In our annual roundtable, five directors (one of whom sidelines as an actor) talk about passion, fear, politics, Oscar ads and crying at the movies.
  • Disagree with me – that’s what I want

    01/22/2006 4:10:52 PM PST · by Pikamax · 18 replies · 680+ views
    Times Online ^ | 01/22/06 | Christopher Goodwin
    Disagree with me – that’s what I want Goaded by critics of his new film Munich, Steven Spielberg tells Christopher Goodwin he is not guilty of sympathising with terrorists The eternal wunderkind of American cinema is tired. “I made two films, War of the Worlds and Munich, in the same calendar year,” says Steven Spielberg wearily, “and I’m not 30 years old any more, so I’m looking to rest for a little while.” Spielberg, 59, is also tired of sitting back and taking the furious barrage of attacks from critics of Munich, the most controversial film he has made in...
  • Spielberg's fictions

    01/22/2006 4:41:27 PM PST · by Alouette · 47 replies · 2,541+ views
    Jerusalem Post ^ | Jan. 22, 2006 | Alan Dershowitz
    Steven Spielberg said that he made Munich to promote a dialogue about the nature of terrorism and the efficacy of counterterrorism. His screenwriter, Tony Kushner, said that he did not feel compelled to portray Israel's retaliation against the Munich killers accurately because "an audience has the resources to check" what is real and what is fiction. Well, here's a reality check. • Did Israel's anti-terrorism efforts following Munich create a "cycle of violence"? The film portrays a squad of Mossad agents, led by a fictional character named Avner Kauffman, tracking down and killing the Black September terrorists who perpetrated the...
  • Munich: The Real Assassins

    01/21/2006 12:09:30 PM PST · by Sabramerican · 26 replies · 2,620+ views
    Discovery Channel ^ | Jan 2006 | Discovery
    DSC — Munich: The Real Assassins Munich: The Real Assassins 1972 Munich Olympics: before the eyes of millions of television viewers, 11 Israeli athletes are murdered by Black September, a radical group within the PLO. This is the true story behind the extraordinary mission of revenge planned by Israel in response. JAN 22 2006 @ 10:00 PM
  • Spielberg blasts 'extremist' critics of 'Munich'

    01/22/2006 4:02:16 PM PST · by wagglebee · 104 replies · 2,000+ views ^ | 1/22/06 | AFP
    Steven Spielberg hit back at critics of his latest film "Munich" about the targeted killing of Palestinians behind the massacre of Israelis during the 1972 Olympics, in an interview to be published Monday ahead of the picture's German and Israeli release. Spielberg, 59, told German news weekly Der Spiegel that "Munich" aims to reclaim the debate about the moral costs of the struggle against terror from "extremists" and engage moderate forces in the West and the Middle East. "Should you leave the debate to the great over-simplifiers? The extreme Jews and extreme Palestinians who consider any kind of negotiated settlement...
  • Spielberg's Munich and me

    01/03/2006 3:59:45 PM PST · by avile · 31 replies · 936+ views
    American thinker ^ | 1/03/06 | Rachel Neuwirth
    Spielberg's Munich and me January 3rd, 2006 I had deep misgivings about seeing Spielberg’s Munich. The tragedy was too close to my heart. I was supposed to be with the 1972 Israeli Olympiads as a member of the Israeli women’s basketball team. At the last minute, the International Olympic Committee decided against including a women’s basketball event. (It did not become a regular event until the 1976 Olympics.) I didn’t go to Munich, but I spent years training with the athletes who did go. We developed a close camaraderie, as people do at training camps where tensions and hopes are...
  • Israel: Spielberg "Munich" Dangerous; Rationalizes Terrorism

    12/31/2005 2:56:23 AM PST · by IsraelBeach · 20 replies · 1,099+ views
    Israel News Agency ^ | December 28, 2005 | Joel Leyden
    Israel: Spielberg "Munich" Dangerous; Rationalizes TerrorismThere is no excuse for terrorism, no rationalization for the murder of innocent civilians.By Joel Leyden Israel News Agency Jerusalem----December 28......Steven Spielberg has made a very big mistake. And rather than admitting it: "you know it was an error, I overreached, I am going to pull it - my movie on the Munich Massacre," Spielberg hires a spin doctor from Israel. But Steven, no amount of PR spin will pull you out of this mess. You cannot ask Israel to hesitate for one tenth of one second on our war against terrorism. Many in Israel...
  • More "Munich" Fallout (Debbie Schlussel Goes At Shlemielberg And Terrorist Apologia Celluloid Alert)

    12/27/2005 12:54:46 PM PST · by goldstategop · 35 replies · 1,285+ views
    Debbie ^ | 12/27/05 | Debbie Schlussel
    In the fall-out of Steven Shlemielberg's fictional, moral-equivalence-of-victims-with-terrorists film, "Munich," there are two items of note: * Mohammed Daoud, one of the Islamic terrorist planners of the Munich massacre of innocent Israeli Olympic athletes, told Reuters that, We did not target Israeli civilians. Some of them (the athletes) had taken part in wars and killed many Palestinians. Whether a pianist or an athlete, any Israeli is a soldier. But, in fact, at least one of the eleven athletes murdered never served as an Israeli soldier. He was American citizen David Berger of Cleveland, Ohio. Too bad the ignorant Reuters reporter,...
  • Spielberg's Munich Massacre

    12/13/2005 6:53:28 AM PST · by Witch-king of Angmar · 109 replies · 2,803+ views
    The Jewish Press ^ | 12/7/2005 | Jason Maoz
    As the Monitor noted back in July, “alarm bells went off like crazy when Steven Spielberg hired Tony Kushner last year to rewrite the script of a movie about Israel’s clandestine — and lethal — response to the massacre of Israeli athletes at the 1972 Munich Olympics.” The Monitor found cause for concern because Kushner is a radical leftist whose views on the Middle East are hardly distinguishable from the hateful screeds found on the most rabidly anti-Israel websites.