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  • Fisker, the car of the future, not quite electrifying at Consumer Reports

    03/09/2012 2:13:55 PM PST · by landsbaum · 14 replies
    Electric cars, which wouldn’t even be an option if taxpayers’ money wasn’t propping them up, don’t ultimately save money or cut down pollution. They aren’t reliable to get from here to there. But they can look nice, like the Fisker Karma. Speaking of which, we have this shall we say not entirely unexpected news, courtesy Reuters:...
  • Maybe It Should Be Called the Chevrolet 'Vote' (Good piece)

    03/09/2012 11:40:22 AM PST · by jazusamo · 18 replies · 1+ views
    Forbes ^ | March 8, 2012 | Patrick Michaels
    The Chevrolet Volt is everything that is wrong with Washington on four wheels, and investors (that’s you and me) should be furious. Wrong #1 : The Volt should be re-named the Vote. Who can forget that Super Bowl ad, with the pseudo-assembly line of Volts rolling through Hamtramck, Michigan, and the voice overlay that “this isn’t the car we wanted to build; it’s the car America had to build…from the heart of Detroit to the help [sic] of the country.” How true—corporate welfare on wheels, buying votes in a state vital to the President’s re-election. There is simply no...
  • GM's Latest 'Crapload' of Chevy Volt Nonsense

    03/09/2012 8:49:13 AM PST · by jazusamo · 41 replies
    National Legal & Policy Center ^ | March 9, 2012 | Mark Modica
    These guys at Government Motors just continue to outdo themselves. Just as Chevy Volt owners are getting over being called idiots by the head of Audi, GM comes up with an ad that lends credence to the accusation. A supposed Volt owner tells how she loves her car because her friends think it looks like a spaceship and it saves a "crapload" of money. I laid off the original story of the Audi head saying Volts were for idiots. The .001 percenters who bought Volts have a right to spend their money as they see fit and I gave...
  • Big Oil and Tax Breaks (Are Big Oil companies sucking money out of the Federal Treasury?)

    03/08/2012 6:44:09 AM PST · by SeekAndFind · 41 replies · 1+ views
    American Thinker ^ | 03/08/2012 | Randall Hoven
    To hear the president and Democrats talk, you'd think that Big Oil was sucking the Treasury dry with huge subsidies. Almost a year ago I wrote about the federal government's "subsidies" to Big Oil. I said then, "They are all tax 'breaks'... about $4.3 billion per year -- about 0.2% of this year's deficit and enough to fund about 10 hours of current US government spending." I was wrong. The tax breaks for all fossil fuels was not $4.3B in 2011. It was only $2.5B -- about 0.19% of that year's deficit, and enough to fund only six hours of...
  • Wind farms in Pacific Northwest paid to not produce

    03/07/2012 9:50:56 PM PST · by Hunton Peck · 38 replies ^ | March 07, 2012 | Dan Springer
    Wind farms in the Pacific Northwest -- built with government subsidies and maintained with tax credits for every megawatt produced -- are now getting paid to shut down as the federal agency charged with managing the region's electricity grid says there's an oversupply of renewable power at certain times of the year. The problem arose during the late spring and early summer last year. Rapid snow melt filled the Columbia River Basin. The water rushed through the 31 dams run by the Bonneville Power Administration, a federal agency based in Portland, Ore., allowing for peak hydropower generation. At the very...
  • Romney Wants Reexamination of GM Bankruptcy Process

    03/07/2012 1:50:57 PM PST · by jazusamo · 7 replies
    National Legal & Policy Center ^ | March 7, 2012 | Mark Modica
    The Detroit News reports that Mitt Romney wants a reexamination of the General Motors' bankruptcy proceedings. Mr. Romney is quoted as stating, "I think it's important for us to go back and look at what happened and take apart this bankruptcy process. See to what extent the finger of politics was placed on the scales of justice and see if we can't be more fair to the people involved in this process." I agree with the sentiment, but I do have to ask, where were the Republicans on this issue over two years ago? Three years ago I served...
  • Taxpayer-Funded Abound Solar Had Previous Shutdown; Lobbyist Promoted Failed Projects

    03/07/2012 10:37:00 AM PST · by jazusamo · 4 replies
    National Legal & Policy Center ^ | March 7, 2012 | Paul Chesser
    A Department of Energy-funded solar company that laid off 280 workers last week quietly imposed a mandatory, temporary cessation of its operations during the holidays, and warned employees to “not let the rumor mill create false purposes for this shut down.” And in another sign of potential financial troubles, a company document that is supposed to guide “the next great solar company” advises leadership to “stretch payables” to help attain its goals. The forced time off was discovered in an internal memorandum obtained by The Complete Colorado, a news digest Web site, which also revealed the planning document. Employees...
  • Can Taxpayer-Subsidized Battery Maker A123 Survive?

    03/06/2012 11:41:14 AM PST · by jazusamo · 11 replies
    National Legal & Policy Center ^ | March 6, 2012 | Paul Chesser
    The taxpayer-funded ($279 million) battery supplier that gave big raises and parachutes to its executives shortly after it cut “Green jobs” at its Michigan factories, reported last week it would suffer big losses again for 2011. A123 Systems , whose fortunes were entwined with those of electric vehicle startup manufacturer Fisker Automotive, also announced it would look to China and India in order to survive. A123 also received grants and tax credits from Michigan that could total more than $135 million. The company said it would realize a loss of $257.7 million for last year, compared to the $152.6...
  • GM Chevy Volt Halt Confirms Green Energy Policy Failure

    03/05/2012 8:41:18 AM PST · by jazusamo · 30 replies
    National Legal & Policy Center ^ | March 5, 2012 | Mark Modica
    I hate to beat a dead Edsel, but the Chevy Volt story is just too important to let slip away. After last week's announcement by General Motors that it would be temporarily halting production of the Chevy Volt due to low demand, you would think that the evidence would finally be conclusive that the over-hyped, over-subsidized vehicle is a flop. The response by GM and lack of same from the Obama-loving media is worthy of continued criticism from those of us who have recognized that taxpayers have been bilked out of billions of dollars to produce a car that...
  • States Slash Birth Control Subsidies as Federal Debate Rages

    03/03/2012 9:41:10 AM PST · by fight_truth_decay · 16 replies
    Reuters ^ | Fri Mar 2, 2012 5:28pm EST | By Stephanie Simon
    * Biggest impact being felt in Texas * Lawmakers say they have no choice * Cuts could cost more than save - study Even as a national debate rages over contraception insurance, tens of thousands of low-income women and teenagers across the United States have lost access to subsidized birth control as states slash and restructure family planning funds. Montana and New Jersey have eliminated altogether their state family planning programs. New Hampshire cut its funding by 57 percent and five other states made more modest program trims. But the biggest impact, by far,Texas. State lawmakers last fall cut family-planning...
  • Presto! Expensive (and subsidized) electric car turns into a useless brick

    02/24/2012 11:24:32 AM PST · by landsbaum · 32 replies
    We’ve noted many times how those costly electric cars (even after factoring in taxpayer subsidies for manufacturers, sellers and buyers) are hugely reliant on cheap fossil fuel. How else do you think they get the electricity they run on? Windmills? And this cartoon pretty much sums up the absurdity of that predicament: . . .
  • Mayor Asks Pres. Obama To Rethink Federal Grant Cuts [Miami Begging]

    02/24/2012 9:33:28 AM PST · by SoFloFreeper · 5 replies
    CBS Miami ^ | 2/23/2012
    Miami Mayor Tomas Regalado was flanked by senior citizens and needy children at city hall Thursday who will be more needy if cuts to federal funding kick in as scheduled on April 1st. It would prove a cruel April fool’s day. The cruelest cuts to federal block grant funds – that help feed the elderly, provide pre-school and day care for the children of low income working parents, help kids with disabilities, and provide health care to the poor – would be felt in South Florida cities. Hialeah would see it’s funding cut by nearly half. Miami by a third....
  • Lessons from the Shale Revolution

    02/23/2012 11:04:02 PM PST · by neverdem · 16 replies
    The American ^ | February 22, 2012 | Ted Nordhaus and Michael Shellenberger
    A closer look at the shale gas story challenges both conservative and liberal policy preferences and points to much-needed reforms for today's mash of state and federal clean energy subsidies and mandates. In his State of the Union address, President Obama invoked the 30-year history of federal support for new shale gas drilling technologies to defend his present day investments in green energy. Obama stressed the value of shale gas—which will create thousands of jobs and billions in profits—as part of his "all of the above" approach to energy, and defended the critical role government investment has always played in...
  • VIDEO: Modica Criticizes Tax Credits to GM Dealers Selling Chevy Volts to Gov't

    02/23/2012 10:48:38 AM PST · by jazusamo · 1+ views
    National Legal & Policy Center ^ | February 23, 2012 | NLPC Staff
    Mark Modica interviewed by Gerri Willis of the Willis Report on Fox Business Channel. Video, 4 minutes
  • EXCLUSIVE: GM Dealers Get Chevy Volt Tax Credit for Sales to Gov't (Outrageous)

    02/22/2012 9:56:02 AM PST · by jazusamo · 17 replies
    NLPC ^ | February 22, 2012 | Mark Modica
    I discovered an interesting fact while reviewing the 2011 IRS form 8936 used for the $7500 EV tax credit. While under most circumstances it is the wealthy purchasers of Chevy Volts and other high priced plug-in vehicles that get the taxpayer-funded handout, it appears that General Motors' dealerships that sell the vehicles to government entities are benefiting by being able to claim the credits. These dealers are able to double-dip into the seemingly endless pool of taxpayer funds designated for cronies of the Obama Administration under the guise of green initiatives. Not only do taxpayers pay for Chevy Volts...
  • GE Steps Up Support for GM Chevy Volt Folly (Excellent piece)

    02/20/2012 12:27:26 PM PST · by jazusamo · 49 replies · 1+ views
    National Legal & Policy Center ^ | February 20, 2012 | Mark Modica
    Last week, reported that crony corporation, General Electric, will be purchasing only Chevy Volts for employee use. The move will help General Motors proclaim that the Volt is a success (and help ensure that GE sells more charging stations) as thousands of orders for the vehicle hit the books, conveniently timed to coincide with the run up to the 2012 presidential election. The Volt has not caught on with the majority of consumers as the benefits of traveling 20 to 45 miles on an electric charge before getting about 30 miles per gallon on premium fuel do not...
  • GE Employees Get Chevy Volt Electric Cars, All-Gas Use OKed Sometimes

    02/16/2012 9:36:48 AM PST · by jazusamo · 38 replies
    Green Car Reports ^ | February 16, 2012 | John Voelcker
    Sixteen months ago, General Electric announced it would place the "largest order in history" for electric cars , to be used by its employees who are issued company cars. Now, those cars are starting to arrive and be placed with employees. And where changes are made, personnel policies are sure to follow. A person inside GE recently forwarded a memo to us that covers some of the nuts and bolts of using the 2012 Chevrolet Volt range-extended electric car. It's from the fleet operations manager for GE Healthcare. Among the interesting points: "All sedans ordered in 2012 will be...
  • Soros, Douglas support Natural Gas Act proponents - Investors in Vancouver LNG-engine firm to...

    02/16/2012 2:08:03 AM PST · by neverdem · 3 replies · 2+ views
    Human Events ^ | 02/15/2012 | S. E. Robinson
    Investors in Vancouver LNG-engine firm to benefit from subsidies Soon after President Barack Obama touted Westport Innovation’s liquefied natural gas-powered engines April 1 at a Maryland UPS facility, the company’s top individual investor made large contributions to Democrats. Kevin G. Douglas, Westport’s largest individual shareholder, April 8 gave more than $30,000 to Obama and the Democratic National Committee, according to federal campaign filings. In a lucky confluence of events, a bill, supported by the president, New Alternative Transportation to Give Americans Solutions Act, designed to subsidize the migration of American vehicles from gasoline and diesel to LNG-powered engines was filed...
  • What happens when we live off the other guy?

    02/15/2012 11:38:04 AM PST · by landsbaum · 8 replies
    Nearly half of U.S. households receive government benefits. We’ve reached record highs of those relying on government-paid benefits, which is to say, benefits paid for by taxpayers, which is another way of saying redistributed wealth. Which is another way of saying socialism....
  • When Stadium Deals Fizzle, Taxpayers Always Lose

    02/13/2012 8:08:56 AM PST · by MichCapCon · 26 replies
    Capitol Confidential ^ | 2/13/2012 | Jarrett Skorup
    The Detroit Tigers were a few wins short of going to the World Series last year. Team ownership signed All Star first baseman Prince Fielder to a 9-year, $214 million deal in the hopes that he will help push the team over the top as well as continue strong attendance at Comerica Park. Since the club has all that extra revenue available and expect more from higher attendance, will they consider repaying Michigan taxpayers for the hundreds of millions of dollars that were used to subsidize the team's stadium? Comerica Park opened in 2000 after three years of construction and...
  • $1 billion Calif. solar project faces problems

    02/12/2012 10:04:26 AM PST · by artichokegrower · 26 replies · 1+ views ^ | 02/11/2012
    BLYTHE, Calif.—A major Southern California solar energy project could be delayed or even canceled following a deadly outbreak of distemper among kit foxes and the discovery of a prehistoric human settlement on the work site, according to a report Saturday. The $1 billion Genesis Solar Energy Project near Blythe in the desert east of Los Angeles was on track to start producing power for some 187,500 homes starting in 2014. But critics tell the Los Angeles Times ( the distemper outbreak and discovery of a possible Native American cremation site show that expedited procedures approved by state and federal...
  • Why is GM Spending Millions to Re-Hype the Chevy Volt?

    02/10/2012 9:25:10 AM PST · by jazusamo · 39 replies
    National Legal & Policy Center ^ | February 10, 2012 | Mark Modica
    In the words of Yogi Berra, it looks like déjŕ vu all over again as General Motors plans to "relaunch" the Chevy Volt. Just in case you missed the first rollout that saw certain financial news networks dedicate loads of airtime to help GM build the hype surrounding a vehicle that was to be a savior for GM as support was garnered for a taxpayer bailout and subsequent IPO, we now get a second take on the failed first production. Many of the same cast will appear as cronies at Motor Trend will be cited for giving the Volt...
  • Many Unanswered Questions Surround Fisker Layoffs

    02/09/2012 4:06:34 PM PST · by jazusamo · 4 replies
    National Legal & Policy Center ^ | February 8, 2012 | Paul Chesser
    This post has been updated below. Among the objections about taxpayer subsidies for the high-profileChevy Volt, manufactured by Government Motors, is that the many grants, loans and tax breaks that lowered the sticker price on the electric hybrid car facilitated its (paltry) sales for the benefit of wealthier individuals who were purchasing it – those with average annual salaries of $170,000 . So can you imagine how happy the affluent customers (like Leonardo DiCaprio) of the heavily subsidized, $102,000 electric Fisker Karma are, to be able to purchase their gimmicky sports sedan at a discount, with a $7,500 tax...
  • EU rules encouraging UK farmers 'to plow up grasslands'

    02/04/2012 2:22:56 PM PST · by Olog-hai · 7 replies
    EurActiv ^ | 03 February 2012 | Juliette Jowit of the Guardian in content partnership with EurActiv
    Farmers in the UK are being encouraged to plough up some of the most quintessential English landscapes so that they can continue to claim European subsidies, experts have warned. Wildlife-rich pastures—which have made famous the New Forest clearings, the South Downs, the Cotswolds and the Chilterns—are under threat after the EU proposed rule changes to the Common Agricultural Policy. Experts have warned that to escape the penalties, farmers are already mowing down the grassland ahead of the 2014 deadline for registering their permanent pasture—in case they want to plant them later. Many such fields will be "improved" grasslands—actually monocultures with...
  • Obama plan would prolong housing pain

    02/03/2012 8:01:58 AM PST · by Mark Landsbaum · 4 replies
    The Orange County Register ^ | 2-3-2012 | The Orange County Register Editorial Board
    It was predictable that President Barack Obama would pander again to entitlement sentiments. This time involves the misguided belief that everyone is entitled to homeownership, even at the government's – the taxpayers' – expense. But the president's audacity is a bit much to take, even for an election year. Mr. Obama wants to effectively bail out borrowers who owe more than their homes are worth by having taxpayers assume the risk of borrowers defaulting. . .
  • Global non-warming prompts reversals… Except here

    02/02/2012 11:49:36 AM PST · by landsbaum · 3 replies
    It seems much of the world is wising up to the Global Warming Alarmism that has driven so much foolish and costly taxation and regulation, subsidies and profiteering. Well, much but not all of the world. Here’s a quick overview, courtesy of the British Global Warming Policy Foundation: . . .
  • Government Motors Says Critics Should Stop Being Political

    01/27/2012 3:51:49 PM PST · by jazusamo · 36 replies
    CNSNews ^ | January 27, 2012 | Matthew Sheffield
    Cry me a river. General Motors' CEO is complaining that the Chevy Volt has become a "political punching bag." As the Detroit Free Press reports , GM CEO Dan Akerson defended the Volt before a House of Representatives subcommittee Wednesday, saying that the hybrid electric vehicle seemed to be under attack as much for political as practical reasons. 'We did not design the Volt to become a political punching bag, and that’s what it’s become,' Akerson said. The optics of Akerson, CEO of a company whose very existence today stems completely from an infusion of tens of billions of...
  • Taxpayers Take Hit as Layoffs, Bankruptcies Plague Green Firms

    01/27/2012 11:27:57 AM PST · by jazusamo · 8 replies
    National Legal & Policy Center ^ | January 27, 2012 | Paul Chesser
    Federal tax credits, loan and grant programs that expired at the end of last year have plugged the financial flow that made so-called “renewables” and electric vehicles viable, so they are now shedding employees and going bankrupt, illustrating that the “clean” industry owed its existence solely to government. Even with the government money, they are failing. Yesterday Indiana-based Ener1, an energy storage company thatreceived $118.5 million from DOE, filed for Chapter 11 bankruptcy. Despite plans to have 1,400 employees in Indiana by 2015, the company had downsized in the state from 380 to approximately 250 since March. Ener1’s stock...
  • Welsh leader to Cameron: 'Tone down the euroskepticism'

    01/26/2012 10:54:04 AM PST · by Olog-hai · 4 replies
    EurActiv ^ | 26 January 2012 | Jeremy Fleming
    UK Prime Minister David Cameron should tone down his euroskeptic rhetoric and avoid a repeat of the diplomatic failure of last December’s European summit, Wales’ First Minister Carwyn Jones has told EurActiv in an exclusive interview. The leader of the devolved Welsh government, who is from the Labour party, distanced himself from Cameron, a Conservative, saying that he is less euroskeptic and more at ease with notions of European federalism. Whilst agreeing with the substance of the veto cast by Cameron at the last summit, the chief of the Cardiff-based Senedd—or Welsh Parliament—said the UK premier had got the "mood...
  • For e-bikes, no easy ride in tough times (“subsidize me please”)

    01/25/2012 8:20:44 PM PST · by Olog-hai · 5 replies
    EurActiv ^ | 25 January 2012
    Europe’s motorcycle industry is having a tough ride in the current economic times despite being touted as one of the solutions to road congestion and pollution. Sales of motorcycles and similar light vehicles have plummeted in the past five years, from 2.7 million in 2007 to 1.7 million last year, industry figures show, hampering efforts to roll out a new generation of hybrid and electric transport. “The crisis has deeply, deeply affected the European market,” said Hendrik von Keunheim, president of ACEM, the European motorcycle industry trade group. “Many European suppliers are struggling.” The European Commission’s 2011 transportation White Paper...
  • Florida Panthers May Owe $30.8M If Team Hasn't Sheltered Homeless Since '96 (Dolphins/Marlins too)

    01/24/2012 1:13:12 PM PST · by Recovering_Democrat · 17 replies ^ | 1/24/12 | M Hendley
    Here's an audit Florida's professional sports franchises may not have expected -- records of housing the homeless at their facilities over the years... and if the Florida Panthers haven't been housing the homeless, the team's on the hook for more than $30.8 million in tax breaks it's gotten since 1996. A recently released legislative analysis of State Sen. Mike Bennett's Senate Bill 816 notes that a law from the '80s requires sports franchises in Florida to house the homeless in its facility on off-nights, and in exchange, the teams get $166,667 from the state every month.
  • Will GM's Akerson Come Clean on the Chevy Volt?

    01/23/2012 3:28:47 PM PST · by jazusamo · 1 replies
    National Legal & Policy Center ^ | January 23, 2012 | Mark Modica
    General Motors' CEO, Dan Akerson, is scheduled to testify at congressional hearings on the NHTSA delay in reporting Chevy Volt fires. GM and the government agency waited about five months to report an incident involving a Volt which erupted in flames weeks after a crash-test. Up to this point, Akerson has not exactly been honest about the Volt; can we now expect him to come clean? A culture of deceit has been evident at GM since the Obama Administration orchestrated a manipulated bankruptcy process that favored the politically powerful UAW over other classes. It was during the time of...
  • Taxpayers getting sunburned again

    01/23/2012 11:38:40 AM PST · by Mark Landsbaum · 5 replies
    The Orange County Register ^ | 1-22-2012 | Mark Landsbaum
    Despite history – and current events involving alternative energy companies – many Americans buy into the notion that for good things to happen, the government needs to be involved, even in charge. How many Solyndras is too many?
  • GM Dealers Say No To More Chevy Volts

    01/23/2012 9:40:26 AM PST · by jazusamo · 25 replies
    Jalopnik ^ | January 23, 2012 | Ray Wert
    With NHTSA's closure of the investigation into the Chevy Volt, General Motors is now trying to rebuild the plug-in hybrid's image . But a new stumbling block has appeared on the road to higher sales — dealers turning down Volts from GM. General Motors sold only 7,671 Volts in the United States in 2011, well short of its 10,000-unit target for the first year. GM spokespeople have attributed weakness in demand to the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration's investigation into the risk of fires in the car's battery pack. But I'm not entirely certain that can all be blamed...
  • Dismal Outlook for EVs on Both Sides of the Atlantic

    01/19/2012 10:17:46 AM PST · by jazusamo · 10 replies
    National Legal & Policy Center ^ | January 19, 2012 | Paul Chesser
    For electric vehicle enthusiasts with the “if you build it, they will come” mentality, who endorse endless taxpayer subsidies for plug-in automobiles and infrastructure to charge them, there’s bad news this week. The Daily Mail reported that sales of electric cars in the United Kingdom have fallen so sharply that there are now more charging stations than there are vehicles. If you thought the flaccid U.S. sales of the Chevy Volt (7,671 units) and Nissan Leaf (9,674 units) were a letdown – despite significant government funding for research and development, batteries, charging systems, and a $7,500 tax credit for...
  • EDITORIAL: Unplug the Volt

    01/17/2012 6:00:21 PM PST · by jazusamo · 17 replies
    The Washington Times ^ | January 17, 2012 | Editorial
    Liberals burn tax money on flammable carsWealthy liberals love nothing better than flaunting their enlightened attitudes. They see the selection of a trendy set of wheels as a great way to advertise their concern for the survival of polar bears. At the top of the must-have list for the self-enlightened is the Chevy Volt. This $40,000 plug-in hybrid can travel 35 miles on battery power, a feat enabling smug owners - their average annual salary is $175,000 - to pretend that their emissions are pure. Of course, instead of coming out the tailpipe, the unwanted carbon-dioxide molecules are instead released...
  • This electric car news isn’t as good as it sounds at first

    01/17/2012 3:45:48 PM PST · by landsbaum · 18 replies
    Electric car enthusiasts – those who want someone else to subsidize their extravagances and then pretend that the electricity they use isn’t created with fossil fuel anyway – may at first find something to cheer about in this news from England. There are now more charging stations than electric vehicles on the road, reports the MailOnline. . . . But we need to read a bit more in that Mail story. The reason there are more electric charging stations than electric cars isn’t because there are so many stations. It’s because there are so few electric cars.
  • As Goes GM, So Goes Obama Reelection

    01/17/2012 11:50:01 AM PST · by jazusamo · 10 replies
    National Legal & Policy Center ^ | January 17, 2012 | Mark Modica
    Last week the Detroit News reported that NHTSA claimed that the White House had nothing to do with the agency's delay in disclosing its Chevy Volt fires to the public. Supposedly, NHTSA contacted the White House three months after the Volt fires and waited another two months before releasing the information to the public. Whether or not the Obama Administration is being honest about its involvement in NHTSA's Chevy Volt investigation, it is clear that we are in an unprecedented situation with the President of the US having his reelection chances largely tied to the success of General Motors,...
  • Energy Dept. Makes More Bad Bets with Taxpayer Money

    01/13/2012 12:54:07 PM PST · by jazusamo · 5 replies
    National Legal & Policy Center ^ | January 13, 2012 | Paul Chesser
    As the U.S. government Venture Capitalist-in-Chief (and President) Barack Obama and his Department of Energy investment guru (and Energy Secretary) Steven Chu pour other peoples’ money into their favorite “clean” technology schemes, private backers appear to be following them off the cliff, “as publicly traded battery makers watched their stocks tank and their businesses stumble,” according to a Dow Jones report late last month. According to a Dow Jones-owned industry tracker called VentureSource, private investors put $372.7 million into 14 battery deals over the first three quarters of 2011. Whether they would have transferred so much cash into the...
  • GM Wrestles With Chevy Volt 'Political Controversy'

    01/12/2012 9:11:14 AM PST · by jazusamo · 24 replies
    National Legal & Policy Center ^ | January 12, 2012 | Mark Modica
    It seems that General Motors is sticking to its guns as they continue to blame lack of supply for low sales of the Chevy Volt. A story by the Detroit Free Press quotes GM Vice Chairman, Steve Girsky, as saying that market demand for the Volt will not be known until around June as "...there are still dealer orders that are getting filled and there are customers that are still getting out there." GM's president of North American operations, Mark Reuss, addressed criticism of the Volt by adding, "The worst thing we could do would be to back off...
  • Consumers Should Select Cars, Not Government (Video: Mark Modica on Cavuto show)

    01/09/2012 1:22:46 PM PST · by jazusamo · 8 replies · 1+ views
    National Legal & Policy Center ^ | January 9, 2012 | Peter Flaherty
    VIDEO 4:19 minutes NLPC Associate Fellow Mark Modica says it is time to end tax credits and subsidies for electric vehicles. He is interviewed by Neil Cavuto on the Fox Business Network on Friday, January 6. Here's a transcript: Neil Cavuto : Meanwhile, a Fox Business Alert that is going to be a topical issue, drivers paying more to fill up. But it doesn't look like they're getting fed up with the gas guzzlers. Gasoline now at its highest price ever for the start of the year. It's still rising. But look what else is rising. Sales of really big...
  • I Recall Seeing a Chevy Volt in New Hampshire

    01/09/2012 10:21:56 AM PST · by jazusamo · 40 replies · 1+ views
    PJ Tatler ^ | January 9, 2012 | Bryan Preston
    See what I did there with that headline? Government Motors won’t like it. Here’s a little vignette that might tell us much about the difference between the mainstream media and the rest of us. As I’m walking into Newt Gingrich’s townhall at Public Service New Hampshire in Manchester, I am behind a pair of MSMers, a man and a woman. The two are chatting about the event and the fact that it’s a Republican candidate, and the woman mutters something about “crosses and swastikas.” The man just chuckles. No bias to see here. As we’re walking along the sidewalk...
  • GM Recalls Chevy Volt (Paul Chesser on Cavuto show)

    01/06/2012 1:32:40 PM PST · by jazusamo · 7 replies
    National Legal & Policy Center ^ | January 6, 2012 | NLPC Staff
    VIDEO 4 minutes Last night, NLPC Associate Fellow Paul Chesser discussed the Chevy Volt recall with Neil Cavuto on the Fox Business Network. Here's a transcript: Neil Cavuto : ...Forget Volt sales and that they are far from catching fire. Apparently the cars really are in danger of catching fire. GM is recalling nearly 8,000 Chevy Volts for what they're calling enhancements. I actually hate it when people do that but that's what they're calling them, enhancements, aimed at preventing the battery from bursting into flames. The National Legal and Policy Center's Paul Chesser says that this recall should be...
  • Chevy Volt Fleet Sales Rise, Government GM Purchases Increase

    01/05/2012 2:10:55 PM PST · by jazusamo · 37 replies · 1+ views
    National Legal & Policy Center ^ | January 5, 2012 | Mark Modica
    General Motors reported Chevy Volt sales of 1,529 for the month of December. The still unimpressive number is an improvement over previous months, but the gains were mostly driven by fleet sales. According to GM, 992 of the Volts sold were to retail customers while 537 went to fleet purchasers. GM says the fleet sales were to corporate buyers and not to rental companies. The number of Volts sold to townships receiving federal grants remains unknown. The corporate sales claim makes sense as crony company, General Electric, starts to make good on its promise to buy thousands of Volts....
  • Iowa ethanol industry celebrates Romney-Santorum

    01/05/2012 1:35:21 AM PST · by Cincinatus' Wife · 138 replies
    Washington Examiner ^ | January 4, 2012 | Timothy P. Carney
    ..........."Romney and Santorum (like Gingrich and Obama) both go 4-for-4 on the ethanol lobby's scorecard. Paul goes 2-for-4 because he would cut oil subsidies and allow 15-percent ethanol blends to be sold, but opposes the mandate and other subsidies. Rick Perry went 0-for-4."
  • Taxpayers Take Hit as Solar Industry Implodes

    01/04/2012 12:23:21 PM PST · by jazusamo · 15 replies
    National Legal & Policy Center ^ | January 4, 2012 | Paul Chesser
    In a year where Solyndra became the face of the solar industry’s chronic failures, even the holiday season could not prevent one last flurry of layoffs in 2011. The Mountain Enterprise (based in Frazier Park, Calif.) reported over the weekend that First Solar, Inc. – which the media sometimes identifies as the largest solar company in the world – laid off half its employees on Friday at its Antelope Valley Solar Ranch One project. The facility has been the subject of controversy in the local community over the effects it will have on land use, wildlife, and water usage....
  • Wind Power and the free market

    01/04/2012 10:50:23 AM PST · by Recon Dad · 23 replies · 1+ views
    Institute for Energy Research ^ | 1/4/2012 | Robert Murphy
    The Institute for Energy Research (IER) is committed to free-market policy solutions for America’s energy needs. IER has repeatedly argued that reducing the federal government’s intervention in the energy sector would reduce prices for consumers and, especially in our current recession, would create thousands of good jobs for unemployed workers. In this context, a recent opinion piece on FoxNews by Steve Lockard—CEO of a company making wind turbines and a board member of the American Wind Energy Association—was quite ironic. Lockard was trying to appeal to conservative readers by claiming that the Congress was threatening to destroy American jobs through...
  • Taxpayers' Leaf: Four Recharging Stops Needed to Go 180 Miles

    01/03/2012 11:21:53 AM PST · by jazusamo · 88 replies
    National Legal & Policy Center ^ | January 3, 2012 | Paul Chesser
    Consumer Reports has painted an ugly picture of the Nissan Leaf, as did an early enthusiast based in Los Angeles, who described his frustrations with the heavily subsidized, all-electric car in a recent column. Now comes what must be the definitive example of the Leaf’s impracticality – this time from a (still) hard-core advocate, whose 180-mile Tennessee trek to visit family over the holidays required four lengthy stops to keep the vehicle moving. Stephen Smith, executive director of the Southern Alliance for Clean Energy, set out from Knoxville on Monday with his wife and son, headed for the Nashville...
  • Chevy Volt Gets "Worst Product" Award

    01/03/2012 10:28:53 AM PST · by jazusamo · 26 replies
    National Legal & Policy Center ^ | January 3, 2012 | Mark Modica
    General Motors' much-hyped Chevy Volt has yet another distinction to add to its long list of commendations. We had all heard repeatedly about Motor Trends' Car of the Year award, Consumer Reports' recommendation and Jay Leno's love affair with the car, but the Volt now gets a less publicized, more deserved distinction from Yahoo Finance's 24/7 Wall Street site. The Volt has made the list of "The Worst Product Flops of 2011" and apologists for the vehicle are sure to, once again, attack the credibility of those issuing the opinion. The Obama Administrations' favorite car has had a rough...
  • HBO Cancels Taxpayer-Supported 'Hung'

    12/30/2011 6:46:17 AM PST · by MichCapCon · 17 replies · 1+ views
    Michigan Capitol Confidential ^ | 12/28/2011 | Tom Gantert
    HBO recently announced it was cancelling the show “Hung” after three seasons. The show was filmed in Detroit and the surrounding area. The Michigan Film Office estimates the production company spent $7 million from 2010 to 2011 and received $2.7 million back from the film subsidy, comprising about 38 percent of expenditures. The Michigan Film Office receives the film subsidy money from taxpayers. Michael LaFaive, director of the Morey Fiscal Policy Initiative for the Mackinac Center for Public Policy, says that the $2.7 million is actually an opportunity cost sunk in expensive subsidies, such as those allocated for "Hung"'s production...