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  • MSN: Could rising gas prices kill the suburbs?

    08/16/2006 3:25:03 AM PDT · by quesney · 36 replies · 872+ views
    MSN ^ | August 16, 2006 | Marilyn Lewis
    When a high-cost commute reaches the point of no-return, home buyers will start finding houses closer to work. In fact, some already are. ---------- Rising fuel costs are being blamed for everything from soaring utility costs to lower retail sales and higher airline tickets. And now, experts say high gas prices could reshape U.S. cities. "Most analysts believe that crude oil prices in the $50s and $60s will be with us for some time," says Stuart Gabriel, director of the Lusk Center, a think tank at the University of Southern California devoted to studying real estate forces and trends. There's...
  • Could rising gas prices kill the suburbs?

    08/15/2006 9:32:24 AM PDT · by LouAvul · 124 replies · 2,475+ views
    msn ^ | 8/15/06 | marylin lewis
    Rising fuel costs are being blamed for everything from soaring utility costs to lower retail sales and higher airline tickets. And now, experts say high gas prices could reshape U.S. cities. "Most analysts believe that crude oil prices in the $50s and $60s will be with us for some time," says Stuart Gabriel, director of the Lusk Center, a think tank at the University of Southern California devoted to studying real estate forces and trends. There's even talk of crude hitting $100 per barrel -- or 10 times what it sold for in the summer of 2005. Once the realization...
  • GOP's grip on suburbs is slipping (Philadelphia suburbs)

    08/13/2006 8:07:16 AM PDT · by wjersey · 113 replies · 1,456+ views
    Philadelphia Inquirer ^ | 8/13/2006 | Tom Infield
    Laura Backe didn’t calculate that she was altering the political landscape of suburban Philadelphia when she switched her voter registration from Republican to independent. All she knew was that after growing up in "a very Republican household," after having joined the Young Republicans in college, she felt her party was drifting too far right. "The radical right is really turning me off," the mother of three said from her home in Wayne. Her switch, along with that of thousands of other Republicans in recent years, has helped to loosen the GOP grip on Philadelphia’s four suburban counties. Now, for the...
  • Sprawling suburban life long ago lost its allure

    06/17/2006 11:35:30 AM PDT · by Lorianne · 29 replies · 931+ views
    Toronto Star ^ | Jun. 16, 2006 | KERRY GILLESPIE
    Sprawl wasn't always a dirty word. In the post-World War II period, the suburbs were considered the best of all worlds. They offered people the option of living close to the jobs and entertainment of the cities, while still owning a large house, on a quiet, clean street, with few neighbours, surrounded by green space. As incomes rose and car manufacturers produced affordable models, more people discovered the joys of driving in their own car, instead of waiting for a crowded bus. But the rosy glow of sprawling suburban life has been gone for quite a while. The more common...
  • What are you calling 'fake'? (Suburbanites like a little urbanism, too)

    06/11/2006 8:24:03 PM PDT · by Lorianne · 9 replies · 610+ views
    Dallas Morning News ^ | Sunday, June 11, 2006 | Michael Landauer
    I remember when I first drove through Collin County several years ago and thought, "Why do all these people live so far away?" It took me a while to realize that these crazy people out in the sticks didn't live far away – not far away from the things that mattered to them: their churches, their shopping centers, their favorite restaurants and even their jobs. Now that I live in East Dallas and work downtown, I run into the very kind of naïve, shallow thinking I was guilty of when I first experienced Collin County. Can you believe they are...
  • Police Injured As Violence Flares In Suburbs Of Paris (Again)

    05/30/2006 5:46:30 PM PDT · by blam · 35 replies · 1,112+ views
    The Telegraph (UK) ^ | 5-31-2006 | Colin Randall
    Police injured as violence flares in suburbs of Paris By Colin Randall in Paris (Filed: 31/05/2006) At least 100 youths, many brandishing baseball bats, clashed with police in a new outbreak of violence in the same Parisian suburbs in which nationwide rioting started last autumn. The disturbances, which were described as "violent and intense" and left several policemen injured, extended from late on Monday night into the early hours yesterday. Police fired tear gas and rubber bullets after coming under attack, while Xavier Lemoine, the centre-Right mayor of Montfermeil, one of two affected suburbs, was left fearing for the lives...
  • Sprinklers, Scuddlers, Soccer Moms, & Sheriffs

    03/14/2006 6:31:52 PM PST · by girlangler · 2 replies · 226+ views
    Sprinklers, Scuddlers, Soccer Moms, & Sheriffs - by Gil Lackey Gil battles wits with urbanized members of family cervidae "Fat, fearless, and stupid. You could just sit on my back porch sipping a beer and score every time. Easy as a TV Guide crossword." No. I'm not giving you the skinny on my former girlfriends. It's the scouting report I commonly hear on urban whitetails. It seems like every time I'm bemoaning a hunt with no deer sightings, one of my buddies snickers at me because his back yard is crawling with cud-chewing critters. "Man, you must be a pitiful...
  • Anger Remains In French Suburbs

    02/02/2006 3:17:49 PM PST · by blam · 24 replies · 571+ views
    BBC ^ | 2-2-2--4 | Paul Henley
    Anger remains in French suburbs By Paul Henley BBC Radio 4's Crossing Continents Three months on from the riots which tore through the heart of France, Paul Henley hears worrying evidence that anger and resentment remain in the suburbs. October's violence spread quickly through the suburbs of Paris The task of meeting and interviewing young people from the Paris suburbs who had been involved in the infamous riots had struck me as a difficult one. I had imagined several days of hanging around grim housing estates trying to work my way into the confidence of defensive, jaded and probably monosyllabic...
  • Suburban sprawl an irresistible force in US

    01/28/2006 1:50:56 PM PST · by Lorianne · 71 replies · 1,175+ views
    Yayoo (Reuters) ^ | 26 January 2006 | Alan Elsner
    Across the United States, an unprecedented acceleration in suburban sprawl is prompting concerns about the environment, traffic, health and damage to rural communities, but opponents appear powerless to stop the process because of the economic development and profits it generates. Sprawl, defined as the unplanned, uncontrolled expansion of urban areas beyond their fringes, has greatly accelerated over the past 25 years, spurred by low mortgage interest rates and aggressive developers. According to the National Resources Inventory, about 34 million acres -- an area the size of Illinois -- were converted to developed uses between 1982 and 2001. Development in the...
  • BOWERS: What's so bad about suburban sprawl anyway?

    01/29/2006 7:17:24 AM PST · by SmithL · 150 replies · 2,053+ views
    The Star [South Chicago] ^ | 1/39/6 | Michael Bowers
    A well-made, raised-relief map is a beautiful thing. You know what I'm talking about, don't you? It's a map mode of molded plastic, so that mountains protrude into your personal space. This is handy when you are riding your bicycle across America. You can see where the tough climbs will be. Avoid Gunnison, Colo. My map of the 48 states is made by Kistler Graphics Inc. in Denver. Not only the texture but also the colors are delightful: a rich mix of tans, greens and blues. The artist uses one other color, yellow, to mark urban areas. I think about...
  • Suburbanite Socialism

    01/25/2006 9:06:09 PM PST · by Lorianne · 99 replies · 1,741+ views
    American Chronical ^ | January 25, 2006 | Nancy Levant
    Suburban families are really busy. They are working to support McMansions, impeccable yards, expensive and immaculately cleaned and polished automobiles, expensive social functions and clubs, gym memberships, day spa hair nail/pedicure, tanning, waxing, and massage expenses, housekeepers and landscapers, shopping excursions, and youth sports. They are wrapped up, so to speak, in image cults, which literally take every second of every day. Meanwhile, in the land of facts and truth, their nation dies off in hunks. Older citizens realize this. So do many citizens under the age of 25, but the 30 to mid-40-somethings are largely non-functioning citizens. They are...
  • Goodbye, Suburbs ( NyTimes Lib rhetoric )

    01/11/2006 9:42:34 PM PST · by Dichroic · 92 replies · 1,562+ views ^ | 01/08/06 | TERI KARUSH ROGERS
    FOR many New York City families, January is the cruelest month. It is a time to get seriously claustrophobic in an apartment stocked with young children and the vast plastic undergrowth in which they thrive. ...... But those plotting a hasty exit to the suburbs (the space! the schools! the space!) may want to consider the experience of others who went before them, only to double back within a year. ....... "I'm never leaving the city again; I'm terrified of leaving the city," said Anna Hillen, 42, summing up the prevailing sentiment among the repatriates interviewed for this article. Ms....
  • A Congress of Mayors (The GOP"s new suburban strategy)

    01/04/2006 7:20:20 PM PST · by Kuksool · 9 replies · 1,016+ views
    Weekly Standard ^ | Jan 2, 2006 | Fred Barnes
    Mark Kirk is a worried Republican who represents a House district in the suburbs north of Chicago. In the 1960s, the seat was held by a young Republican named Donald Rumsfeld, now defense secretary. Once safely Republican, the district has been drifting Democratic for years. The last Republican presidential candidate to win the district was George Bush Senior in 1992. George W. Bush lost there by four percentage points in 2000, by six in 2004. In races for state and local offices as well, Democrats now dominate. Kirk, a 46--year--old moderate, has had little trouble holding his congressional seat. He...
  • More of the young and hip fight urban urge

    12/29/2005 11:10:02 PM PST · by rightwinggoth · 24 replies · 821+ views
    Yahoo! -- USA Today ^ | 29 Dec 2005 | Haya El Nasser
    Young, single people usually love the excitement of big cities, from the vibrant nightlife to the noisiness and frenzied pace of urban existence. They love it so much they're willing to pay a stiff price for cramped quarters and communal living. For some, the price is getting too steep. The draw of the bright lights and big cities is dimming now that housing costs have hit exorbitant heights. Some who grew up fantasizing about life in the "big city" are settling in less glamorous cities and even suburbs. "For a lot of young people, especially growing up in the Northeast,...
  • France Calls In The CRS To Garrison Suburbs

    11/13/2005 7:51:38 PM PST · by blam · 27 replies · 1,043+ views
    The Telegraph (UK) ^ | 11-14-2005 | Henry Samuel
    France calls in the CRS to garrison suburbs By Henry Samuel (Filed: 14/11/2005) France's feared riot police, the CRS, is to be garrisoned in riot-hit suburbs. The CRS: ‘It will be a ... police force to secure and patrol districts’ The announcement came yesterday as the regular police threatened action over the detention of an officer after a young man appeared to have been hit and kicked by two policemen in a Paris suburb. A third of France's 15,000 riot police, whose brutal reputation comes from its violent repression of student-worker protests in May 1968, will remain in the country's...
  • Rioting in Paris suburbs: photo thread

    11/03/2005 4:57:16 PM PST · by Wolfstar · 181 replies · 4,583+ views
    Rioting Spreads to 20 Towns Around Paris By JAMEY KEATEN, Associated Press Writer Thu Nov 3, 2:55 PM ETAULNAY-SOUS-BOIS, France - Rampaging youths shot at police and firefighters Thursday after burning car dealerships and public buses and hurling rocks at commuter trains, as eight days of riots over poor conditions in Paris-area housing projects spread to 20 towns. Youths ignored an appeal for calm from President Jacques Chirac, whose government worked feverishly to fend off a political crisis amid criticism that it has ignored problems in neighborhoods heavily populated by first- and second-generation North African and Muslim immigrants.
  • Anger grips Paris riot suburb

    11/03/2005 10:50:46 AM PST · by America's Resolve · 61 replies · 2,076+ views
    BBC News, Clichy-sous-Bois, France ^ | 11/3/2005 | By Alasdair Sandford
    The evidence of the previous night's trouble is clear to see on the Bosquets estate. A burnt-out van in Clichy-sous-Bois Burnt-out vehicles and debris remain on Clichy's streets Among the cars parked outside one block of flats are two burnt-out vehicles and small piles of debris. Rocks and stones are strewn across the street. There is no sign of any security presence and people are shopping and chatting as on any normal day. It does not take long to get a sense of the hostility some feel towards the police. A driver pulls up in front of the market, his...
  • Vouchers Hit the Burbs (Idea Ohioans most feared is turning out to be exactly what they most needed)

    08/29/2005 11:01:42 PM PDT · by nickcarraway · 13 replies · 586+ views
    The American Prowler ^ | 8/30/2005 | Marie Gryphon
    For years, school choice seemed stalled on a freeway at the edge of town. Urban voucher programs in Cleveland and Milwaukee were successful. But only the involvement of middle-class suburbs will trigger the market revolution that reformers seek, and the suburbs presented an unassailable front. Statewide ballot measures in favor of vouchers lost big in California and Michigan in 2000. Proposals to expand education tax credits in Minnesota and Arizona died, and Ohio's permanent "pilot" program remained strictly limited to the City of Cleveland. The cause seemed hopeless. Suburbanites found school choice -- like many city customs -- appealing from...
  • Census Finds More Whites In D.C., Close Va. Suburbs

    08/11/2005 7:01:04 PM PDT · by MinorityRepublican · 36 replies · 1,005+ views
    The Washington Post ^ | Thursday, August 11, 2005 | D'Vera Cohn and Leef Smith
    The white populations of the District, Arlington and Alexandria have grown this decade even as the region's outer counties have grown more diverse, according to new census estimates to be released today that underscore how the area's soaring housing prices and job sprawl are reshaping its racial and ethnic dynamics. The city and those close-in Virginia suburbs had higher percentages of non-Hispanic white residents in 2004 than in 2000, a reversal of past trends, the estimates say. Minority groups grew more slowly than in the past, or declined. In the District, Arlington and Alexandria, whites became a larger share of...
  • Bear Causes a Commotion in Connecticut

    07/09/2005 7:30:26 AM PDT · by Cowman · 30 replies · 557+ views
    yahoo ^ | Jul 8, | no byline
    SIMSBURY, Conn. - A 300-pound male black bear caused a commotion when it ran near several businesses before being tranquilized and relocated by state officials. The bear darted between buildings and across parking lots along Route 44 and Simsbury Commons for three hours on Thursday afternoon, surprising shoppers who gathered behind police tape with cameras and cell phones to catch a glimpse. A team from the state Department of Environmental Protection tranquilized the animal and released it about 10 miles away in the Nepaug State Forest. Onlookers got a last peek at the bear when it popped in and out...