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  • Frank Luntz brags about his Vietnamese made shoes on Fox.(Vanity)

    07/21/2016 4:49:28 AM PDT · by central_va · 33 replies
    Fox and Friends ^ | 7/21/16 | Fox News
    On the morning Fox and Friends show guest Frank Luntz, the corpulent pollster, was wearing Nike running shoes with American flags on them. Shoes made in Vietnam. Nike puts American flags on shoes made by third world slaves after shutting out the American worker. I am sure those things cost $200.00. This is the problem in a nutshell..
  • Why is R-22 Refrigerant so Expensive Now?

    05/28/2016 6:59:35 AM PDT · by central_va · 44 replies
    Pippen HVAC ^ | 5/28/16 | Pippen
    I just got charged $200.00 for two pounds of R-22. 2 pounds!!!!
  • Vanity. Airport wait lines.

    05/27/2016 5:04:05 PM PDT · by ameribbean expat · 50 replies
    05.27.2016 | Moi
    You know, I fly commercial two times per month to see my father. He's 85 and a veteran. I'm 50 and a veteran. I now have the indistinct pleasure of standing in line up to 4 hours for a three hour flight. I did not have to do this before 9-11. Okay, there was a little incident 4 years ago when I asked a TSA agent what made him get a job where he got to touch other men all day... Nonetheless, before the current administration, the airports did not suck half as bad. Something has been lost. Something needs...
  • Paul Ryan Faces Tea Party Primary Challenger

    05/05/2016 3:27:14 PM PDT · by central_va · 38 replies
    daily caller ^ | 3/28/16 | J. Brufke
    Eric Odom, a Wisconsin-based political consultant, said the soon-to-be-candidate feels “betrayed” by Ryan’s positions on trade and immigration. “It’s very personal for him,” he told the Washington Times. “He intends to run a full-scale candidacy that will shake up the establishment in a profound way.” Odom revealed the unnamed challenger has donated to the nine-term congressman, but feels it is time for a change.
  • Pro-Trade Group Admits TPP Job Losses

    04/09/2016 5:10:00 AM PDT · by central_va · 36 replies
    prosperousamerica ^ | January, 27 2016 | Paola Masman
    A pro-trade group that wants Congress to approve the 12-nation Trans-Pacific Partnership released a study Tuesday forecasting large income gains — but also acknowledging hundreds of thousands of job losses in some sectors. The study by the Peterson Institute for International Economics euphemistically refers to job losses as “churn.” The study pegs the annual number at 53,700 per year during the 15-year implementation period, which means more than 800,000 total. And that’s the optimistic forecast by a group that supports TPP. Curtis Ellis, executive director of the American Jobs Alliance, said Tuesday on “The Laura Ingraham Show” that he does...
  • China Tells Foreign Firms: Brace for Bigger Competitors

    04/08/2016 4:30:48 AM PDT · by central_va · 3 replies
    industryweek ^ | Mar 15, 2016 | Bloomberg
    Foreign companies -- already with marginal access in industries -- are now up against mercantilist moves including a "Made in China" initiative. China Tells Foreign Firms: Brace for Bigger Competitors Table of Contents: Scouring China’s annual gathering of leaders for clues about business prospects, foreign companies got a clear message: Brace for bigger, stronger local competitors. Reform of the nation’s $18 trillion state sector will focus on making companies "bigger and better" with mergers and acquisitions pivotal, said the State-Owned Assets Supervision and Administration Commission over the weekend. That plan to create national champions is undermining the confidence of...
  • Government Announces Larger February Trade Deficit Despite Trade Deals

    04/08/2016 4:18:34 AM PDT · by central_va · 28 replies
    Coalition for a Prosperous America ^ | 4-7-16 | Coalition for a Prosperous America
    Washington ~ The federal government announced that the US trade deficit worsened yet again in February 2016. Modern trade deals continue to cause failures in US trade performance and loss of dynamic, diverse manufacturing and agricultural supply chains. Here are the relevant points from the report, released today. Trade deficit worsened: “The U.S. Census Bureau and the U.S. Bureau of Economic Analysis, through the Department of Commerce, announced today that the goods and services deficit was $47.1 billion in February, up $1.1 billion from $45.9 billion in January, revised. ” Exports down on a three month average: “Average exports of...
  • Our Leaders Are Not Looking Out For Our Best Interests

    04/07/2016 1:04:13 PM PDT · by central_va · 23 replies
    economyincrisis ^ | April 07, 2016 | Jordan Bailey
    n many cases they are looking out for their sponsors who are funding their elections! A prime example of this is Citizens United, a group that made it possible for large corporations to give massive amounts of money to whatever political candidate they choose – without transparency or disclosure as to where the money comes from or what it is used for. In a campaign landscape like this, elections become more about who can nab the most campaign money rather than the People’s choice. Instead of the People electing government officials, corporations with millions of dollars to ‘donate’ to campaigns...
  • “Free Trade” vs. Fair Trade

    04/07/2016 12:16:39 PM PDT · by central_va · 8 replies
    economyincrisis ^ | 4/7/16 | Economy In Crisis
    Video Link
  • Trump Camp: Ted Cruz Is ‘The Reason Why Obamatrade’ Passed

    04/06/2016 10:14:35 AM PDT · by central_va · 45 replies
    breitbart ^ | 29MAR16 | Julia Hahn
    The reason why Obamatrade became law is because of Sen. Ted Cruz,” said Donald Trump’s senior policy advisor Stephen Miller on Monday’s program of Breitbart News Daily. Miller — who had been working for Sen. Jeff Sessions at the time that Sessions led the conservative opposition to Obamatrade in the U.S. Senate— said that Cruz’s “lobbying” effort to fast track President Obama’s Trans-Pacific Partnership “was the difference maker” that enabled fast track to pass. Like Sen. Cruz, Obama had been pushing for fast track to ensure the passage of TPP. Fast track lowers the 67 votes required to pass a...
  • Free Trade and the De-Industrialization of the United States

    04/06/2016 5:07:12 AM PDT · by central_va · 95 replies
    economyincrisis ^ | 4/5/16 | McKenna Service Company
    Manufacturing was the economic growth engine of United States. It helped to create the high paying jobs, improved living standards, national wealth, military might, and tax revenues. Unfortunately, there has been a dramatic decline in the above scenario for the United States in the 21st century. The U.S is rapidly turning into non-Super Power second rate country. Manufacturing is the basis for research and development and National Defense and once represented more than 28% of the jobs in the U.S. Although the absolute number of jobs in American manufacturing was rather constant at about 17 million from 1969 to 2002,...
  • Our High Trade Deficit Is Destroying Our Ability to Compete in the Economic Arena

    04/05/2016 5:58:34 PM PDT · by central_va · 16 replies
    economyincrisis ^ | March 02, 2016 | Jordan Bailey
    Recent economic reports, including some by the Economic Policy Institute (EPI), have delved into the devastating damages done to the American economy because of our sky-rocketing trade deficit. It’s no secret that the U.S. trade deficit is high. After all, our trade deficit is responsible for the transfer of over $1 billion a day to foreign countries. The EPI report took it a step further and claimed that our trade deficit increased our budget deficit by between $78.8 billion and $165.8 billion in 2012. Our trade deficit warrants attention because it is a devastating problem that is hurting not only...
  • Outsourcing the Educated

    04/05/2016 5:53:47 PM PDT · by central_va · 14 replies
    economyincrisis ^ | April 05, 2016 | James Moreland
    As unemployment has taken its toll on the United States, politicians continue to echo that education is the answer to the economic crisis. The question is: how will the well-educated ever provide for themselves when all the means to create wealth are flowing out of the country? Over the past twenty years, the United States has lost a massive number of lower and middle class value-added jobs. These are largely the manufacturing jobs that allowed the United States to support its own needs and export goods, which builds real wealth. However, many major economists predict that job losses should be...
  • America’s Backward Thinking Is Sinking Our Nation

    04/01/2016 4:40:29 PM PDT · by central_va · 43 replies
    economyincrisis ^ | November 30, 2015 | Thomas Heffner
    Theoretically, “free trade” sounds like a great idea. Consumers get the benefit of increased competition for their buying dollars, manufacturers get to locate or source from the lowest cost labor pool, and exporters have the opportunity to sell into new markets with no tariffs. Unfortunately, there are fundamental real-world flaws that exist with “free trade” that have led to the most massive wealth transfer in the history of the world. The United States has not witnessed a trade surplus since 1975, and since then $10 Trillion has been lost through trade deficits caused by elimination of tariffs. The most significant...
  • If You Aren’t Outraged, You Haven’t Been Paying Attention

    04/01/2016 12:14:48 PM PDT · by central_va · 70 replies ^ | February 29, 2016 | Thomas Heffner
    In recent years the U.S. has been steadily traversing down a path of destruction. While many Americans have begun to open their eyes to America’s plight, most are still oblivious to the factors that led to our downfall. Recently, the media has been touting recovery, but there are numerous urgent changes that need to be implemented before the U.S. can even think that we are emerging from today’s recession/depression. The New Depression The economic decline in the United States began long before the official beginning of the recession in December 2007. The U.S. is not merely experiencing a “down cycle.”...
  • The Case Against ObamaRyan’s Trans-Pacific Partnership (TPP)

    04/01/2016 12:10:38 PM PDT · by central_va · 14 replies
    Kevin Kearns ^ | January 28, 2016 | Kevin Kearns
    It won’t help the economy, it won’t stop China, and it will harm certain U.S. industries. President Obama’s top 2016 legislative priority is passage of his legacy-building “free-trade” deal, the Trans-Pacific Partnership (TPP). But the American public is highly skeptical of TPP and its alleged beneficial economic effects. The public has it right. The problems with the deal are legion. Here are a few great reasons to oppose the deal: TPP does not include provisions prohibiting currency manipulation or enforceable penalties for doing so. Currency manipulation has cost the U.S. thousands of factories and millions of jobs over the last...
  • New Study Shows that Establishment Economists are Wasting Our Time

    04/01/2016 4:55:00 AM PDT · by central_va · 21 replies
    prosperousamerica ^ | January 29, 2016 | Michael Stumo
    Establishment economists will defend to the death the idea that trade does not destroy jobs. Yes, I'm serious. They believe that. Really. Instead, they say, job losers move into other jobs so there is no net job loss. They also assume that trade deals cause no change in the balance of trade. This matters because when economists study the TPP and other trade deals, their models find no job losses and no future trade imbalances because those bad things are simply assumed away. Those net negatives cannot happen and are not even worth inquiring about. If you think you observed...
  • The Mainstream Media Continues to Spread Lies

    04/01/2016 4:27:04 AM PDT · by central_va · 6 replies
    economyincrisis ^ | James Moreland
    We know that the mainstream media organizations are not working in our best interest. Most TV and Radio networks are owned by large multinational corporations who focus only on wealth and power. Many of these corporations are working with special interest groups, their wealthy owners and corrupt government officials to distract the public from the slew of problems facing the US. This is evident from what we see on TV. We all watch, listen, or read the news in some way. Unfortunately, most of the news manyAmericans are soaking up is skewed and unbalanced. It is impossible to find a...
  • “America the Beautiful” Is Now Just a Distant Memory

    03/31/2016 12:34:46 PM PDT · by central_va · 34 replies
    economyincrisis ^ | March 31, 2016 | March 31, 2016
    America was once a prosperous country that was looked upon with envy by foreign nations. In the 1950s our economy was strong and the future looked promising. Our infrastructure was expanding and industrial production was booming. Clearly, we were on the right path. In the past, we produced over 90% of the goods we consumed. Our survival depended solely on the strength of our citizens—the way it should be. Now, the U.S. economy is in shambles. Failed economic policy decisions by our leaders have done irreparable damage and we are suffering.
  • Carrier Layoffs Teach Workers Costs of Global Trade

    03/30/2016 1:59:40 PM PDT · by central_va · 21 replies
    Breitbart ^ | 3.28.16 | Mary Chastain
    Those who work for Carrier have learned the costs of global trade on a personal and financial level after the company suddenly announced a move to Mexico.
  • America Must Change Its Direction or Face Inevitable Economic Destruction

    03/30/2016 1:22:31 PM PDT · by central_va · 8 replies
    economyincrisis ^ | 3.18.16 | Patrick Kellen
    We can’t continue to live on imports and escalating debts from the debilitating and devastating effects of disastrous “free trade” — which is eliminating our middle class jobs and leaving us with a service (servant) economy!
  • The WTO Has Put America on the Path to Becoming a “Colony” Again

    03/30/2016 1:03:11 PM PDT · by central_va · 19 replies
    economyincrisis ^ | 3/20/16 | George Barlow
    The World Trade Organization (WTO) has come to represent the most efficient form of colonization the world has ever seen – reaping all the benefits with no downsides of occupation. The corporate agenda of the organization has destroyed the American economy, allowing multinationalists to exploit the world’s cheap resources and put America out of work and out of business.
  • Why America Must Leave the World Trade Organization Now

    03/30/2016 7:11:29 AM PDT · by central_va · 4 replies
    economyincrisis ^ | 3/21/16 | Benjamin Clement
    After World War II, America was on the rise. The Axis powers of Germany, Italy and Japan were defeated. It was time to rebuild. To tighten ties with our allies and help rebuild Europe, new global organizations were created to unite against the perceived next threat to democracy: communism. Thus were the Bretton Woods institutions, the World Bank and the International Monetary Fund, born. Along with the World Bank and IMF came the International Trade Organization (ITO), an agency of the United Nations, and, separately, the General Agreement on Tariffs and Trade (GATT). Even with the GATT, there was no...
  • Fundamental Flaws in “Free Trade”

    03/30/2016 7:08:26 AM PDT · by central_va · 23 replies
    economyincrisis ^ | March 21, 2016 | Patrick Kellen
    “Free trade” sounds great: consumers get the benefit of increased competition for their buying dollars, manufacturers get to locate or source from the lowest cost labor pool, and exporters have the opportunity to sell into new markets with no tariffs. What could be bad about that? Fundamental Flaws In “Free Trade” There are at least two fundamental flaws with “free trade” that have led to the most massive wealth transfer in the history of the world (over $8 trillion has been lost by the United States from 2000-2013 through trade deficits caused by the elimination of tariffs). 1. Impossible to...
  • The Real Cost Of “Free Trade” Is Too Great For Americans to Bear

    03/30/2016 6:26:02 AM PDT · by central_va · 169 replies
    economyincrisis ^ | 3/23/16 | Patrick Kellen
    “Free trade” would more accurately be called “freedom for other countries to undercut and destroy American domestic production” because in practice that is what is happening. This is an undeniable fact that should be obvious to any consumer or business in this country. Very little of what is consumed here is made by American-owned companies operating in America. This was not formerly the case, and it was not how the wealth of this country was created. Proponents of “free trade” justify their position by saying it is supplying American consumers with access to the lowest cost, most competitive market. However,...
  • Trump Advisor: A Vote for Ted Cruz is a Vote to Offshore American Jobs

    03/30/2016 4:29:17 AM PDT · by central_va · 97 replies
    economyincrisis ^ | March 25, 2016 | Matthew Wisner
    Trump Campaign Senior Policy Advisor Stephen Miller addressed Friday why immigration and trade are key issues in the Republican frontrunner’s campaign. “Well, there is very little right about our trade deals, there is virtually nothing right about our trade deals. We’ve been getting taken to the cleaners by every country we trade with. We have a trade deficit with almost all of our major trading partners. If you look at, for instance, say Japan, and our car trading deficit, or you look at China, where we have hundreds of billions of dollars in trade deficits, so our entire trade policy...
  • Reforming trade rules could be big win for economy

    03/30/2016 4:24:06 AM PDT · by central_va · 1 replies
    economyincrisis. ^ | 3/28/16 | Alan Tonelson
    Current U.S. trade policies have become deeply unpopular with a critical mass of Americans — that much is clear from recent primary results and exit polls, and the longer running presidential campaign success of Republican Donald Trump and Democrat Bernie Sanders. Voters mainly, and understandably, fear that their job and wage prospects have been kneecapped by free trade agreements and related policy decisions like ignoring predatory practices by foreign governments. Yet Washington’s decades-long, bipartisan trade strategy has fueled an more fundamental problem — dramatically slowing an already dismal U.S. economic recovery. National economies can’t truly be healthy without enough good...
  • Whoops! We forgot to include the VAT in the TPP

    03/26/2016 8:59:22 AM PDT · by central_va · 27 replies
    economyincrisis ^ | 6/26/15 | Kevin L. Kearns
    Most significantly, the TPP does not address a massive cost to U.S. goods and services that has a chokehold on our export levels: foreign Value-Added Tax (VAT) schemes.
  • Lessons From Our Past Should Guide Our Future

    03/26/2016 8:01:15 AM PDT · by central_va · 10 replies
    economyincrisis ^ | March 24, 2016 | Benjamin Clement
    An active industrial policy geared toward recovering our manufacturing capability can work and has worked before. There are many examples of this from U.S. history, championed by both sides of the aisle. In fact, tariffs effectively built the wealth of this country and have been a very valuable tool for managing growth for the better part of 200 years. We should not strive to return to a type of colonial “subject” status with respect to today’s new economic imperialists in Japan, China, Germany, the United Kingdom, the Netherlands, or Mexico.
  • 5 ways allowing China into World Trade Organization failed United States spectacularly

    03/26/2016 7:46:36 AM PDT · by central_va · 4 replies
    economyincrisis. ^ | 2/26/15 | Lu Feorino
    A report released Thursday by the Economic Policy Institute in Washington, D.C., reports the spectacular failure of efforts by the U.S. to improve its trade imbalance with China by allowing it into the World Trade Organization in 2001. The report, “China Trade, Outsourcing and Jobs,” states that U.S. officials including President Bill Clinton boasted of the improvements that would come with allowing China into the organization. According to the authors of the report, the following are five predictions made about the benefits of the move matched with research about what actually occurred. According to the supporters of the move, the...
  • It’s Obama Auto Industry—But Not For Much Longer (hurl alert)

    01/20/2016 2:39:35 PM PST · by SaveFerris · 38 replies
    Yahooooo ^ | January 20, 2016 | Justin Hyde Managing Editor
    President Barack Obama took to the Detroit auto show today for a victory lap around the industry his administration saved in the depths of the financial crisis. There’s no doubt that the American car business today reflects the goals Obama set seven years ago. Detroit automakers enjoy record sales and huge profits, while employing more workers and building more efficient models. The question now is: How long will it last? During his visit, Obama noted how unpopular his plan was at the time: putting General Motors and Chrysler through bankruptcy in 2009, merging Chrysler with Fiat and spending $50 billion...
  • [vanity] HELP- Microsoft says my years old Office account hasn't been activated

    07/16/2015 7:33:23 AM PDT · by Blueflag · 37 replies ^ | 7/16/2015 | blueflag
    Very recently my Office 2013 software generates a message stating my software has not been activated and features have been disabled. I have been a marginally happy PAYING Office customer for YEARS/ I have NO idea what my MS account log in is. I *NEVER* contact them. I logged in to MS to get the issue resolved and they wanted to charge me $42 to fix the problem!!! HOW do I get this fixed without paying ransom to MS?
  • ‘ObamaCare both sucks and blows’ (Pelosi knew)

    02/12/2014 5:25:55 PM PST · by Libloather · 12 replies
    NY Post ^ | 2/11/14 | John Podhoretz
    **SNIP** Remember: The law passed in March 2010. It was to go into full effect on Jan. 1, 2014. That means the administration had almost four years to get its ducks into a row. Four years. That was more time than it took us to win World War II, which we fought across three continents, a bunch of islands and two oceans. And yet here we are, four years later, and the administration has spent the past six months effectively rewriting the law for both political and practical reasons. It shouldn’t be able to do this, because it is, you...
  • Obamacare Lolzapalooza: Dissatisfied Customer Comments From Facebook Page

    10/04/2013 12:47:54 PM PDT · by St_Thomas_Aquinas · 150 replies
    Facebook ^ | 10/4/2013 | Dissatisfied Customers
    Sharalee Rothenberger I've been stuck at the security questions since 9am on october 1st 88 · October 2 at 2:00pm Tyler Edwards This whole thing is a scam. You're criminals forcing people to purchase something with the threat of prison or fines. Does anybody remember Hitler? You are cowards that hide behind a desk, and rob the American citizens blind of their rights and hard earned income. 196 · October 2 at 2:44pm via mobile Tim Pierce if you're stupid enough to put all your banking information in to the federal governments computers you are definitely part of the problem...
  • HALLOWEEN: Is This Barack Obama Vampire Card Offensive? (San Bernardino Shopper 'Appalled')

    09/30/2013 6:28:42 PM PDT · by DogByte6RER · 71 replies
    Press-Enterprise ^ | September 28, 2013 | Laurie Lucas
    HALLOWEEN: Is this Barack Obama vampire card offensive? While shopping for Halloween cards at Target in San Bernardino, JoAnn Nelson was appalled when her 5-year-old granddaughter showed her this card. Nelson said she finds the card tasteless and offensive. ”I was disturbed and did not want my grandbaby to see this,” she wrote in an email.
  • Kovacevic: In Todd Steelers trust? Why?

    09/29/2013 2:23:35 PM PDT · by martin_fierro · 8 replies
    Pittsburgh Trib Review ^ | Sunday, Sept. 8, 2013, 9:57 p.m. | Dejan Kovacevic
    I could rip Todd Haley, and it wouldn't even be sport. I could rip the Steelers' offensive coordinator for a display so sickly — 14 first downs, 195 yards — that it not only wrought a 16-9 loss to a terribly beatable Tennessee team Sunday at Heinz Field but also had fans fleeing for the exits. Early in the fourth quarter! Of the season opener! I could rip Haley for a third-and-11 receiver screen to Emmanuel Sanders in which tight end David Paulson, who can't block, was sent out to block. Paulson whiffed, and Sanders was slammed for a 2-yard...
  • NPR Seeks to Reduce Staff by 10 Percent Via Buyouts

    09/13/2013 10:45:09 AM PDT · by LdSentinal · 21 replies
    Washington City Paper ^ | 9/13/13 | Perry Stein
    Tucked within a release naming its new president and CEO, NPR announced today that it would seek to reduce its staff by 10 percent through a voluntary buyout plan. (The Washington-based organization employed 840 people in 2012.) NPR's board of directors just approved a budget for fiscal year 2014, which includes a deficit of $6.1 million, or 3.1 percent of its $178.1 million in revenue. The buyouts are intended to help plug the spending gap and, according to the release, will be offered "broadly across the organization." The board named Paul G. Haaga, Jr. as acting president and CEO effective...
  • Econ. Data Falls Most in 10 Months to 4-Month Lows...explanation?

    04/12/2013 12:22:00 PM PDT · by mikelets456 · 5 replies
    The Blaze ^ | 4/12/2013 | The Blaze
    Despite the fact that stocks have been going gangbusters for the past two weeks, the U.S. economy is far from recovered. In fact, based on recent misses in major macro-economic reports, things don’t look very encouraging. “The last ten days have seen miss-after-miss in macro economic data — in fact this is the biggest plunge in macro data in 10 months,” Zero Hedge reports. Consider the following economic reports: Markit US PMI Miss ISM Manufacturing Miss ISM New York Miss Vehicle Sales Miss ADP Employment Miss ISM Services Miss Challenger Job Cuts Miss Initial Claims Miss Trade Balance Beat Non-Farm...

    12/30/2012 5:51:31 PM PST · by usconservative · 69 replies
    Self ^ | 12/30/2012 | Self

    08/20/2012 8:47:39 AM PDT · by bramps · 13 replies
    Despite having been—full disclosure—an adviser to John McCain, I acknowledged his opponent’s remarkable qualities: his soaring oratory, his cool, hard-to-ruffle temperament, and his near faultless campaign organization. Yet the question confronting the country nearly four years later is not who was the better candidate four years ago. It is whether the winner has delivered on his promises. And the sad truth is that he has not. In his inaugural address, Obama promised “not only to create new jobs, but to lay a new foundation for growth.” He promised to “build the roads and bridges, the electric grids, and digital lines...
  • World Bank Calls Palestinian Authority "Unsustainable"

    07/25/2012 2:45:47 PM PDT · by Eleutheria5 · 10 replies
    Arutz Sheva ^ | 25/7/12
    The World Bank released a report...calling the Palestinian Authority "unsustainable" in terms of economy. The report said that the PA relies too much on foreign donations as opposed to creating a viable private sector. It also said the PA was not making good use of its land
  • Limbaugh to be inducted to the Hall of Famous Missourians

    03/05/2012 11:31:29 PM PST · by Fred · 3 replies
    Despite the uproar against conservative radio giant Rush Limbaugh for his choice of words last week when referring to a 30-year-old contraception advocate, the Missouri State Capitol will be honoring Limbaugh with a bust of his likeness in the Hall of Famous Missourians. E. Spencher Schubert, a Kansas City, Mo. sculptor, announced on his website in mid-February that he was working on a bust of Missouri-native Limbaugh for the Hall. On Monday afternoon, Republican Missouri House Speaker Steve Tilley confirmed that Limbaugh — along with Dred Scott — will have his bust placed in the Missouri State Capitol, the Southeast...
  • Op-Ed: Gilad Shalit: The Least Terrible Deal

    10/15/2011 2:38:26 PM PDT · by Eleutheria5 · 28 replies
    Arutz Sheva ^ | 14/10/11 | Hagai Humberman
    The writer, a veteran right wing newsman, analyzes the security aspects of the Shalit deal. They are better than the previous ones, he says, leaving moral and political considerations aside for now. Haggai Huberman The author is a noted military correspondent, a veteran reporter for Arutz Sheva and regular columnist in the Hebrew weekly BeSheva. â–º More from this writer If I were a cabinet minister, I would vote for the deal to ransom Shalit, not because it is a good one, which it most definitely is not, but because for once, just this once, this is a deal that...
  • Huge CME and Solar Wind Gust has hit Earth's Magnetic Field....

    06/04/2011 4:01:19 PM PDT · by TaraP · 59 replies
    Spaceweather | June 4th, 2011
    June 4th-MAGNETIC STORM WARNING: A sharp gust of solar wind hit Earth's magnetic field at approximately 20:30 UT on June 4th. High latitude sky watchers in both hemispheres should be alert for auroras... SOHO HUGE CME SOLAR FLARE MAY 29,2011 Both ends of the Earth were affected. People saw auroras in Tasmania, New Zealand, Antarctica, Wisconsin and Minnesota. The solar wind is still blowing strong on May 30th, prompting NOAA forecasters to estimate a 35% chance of more geomagnetic activity in the next 24 hours The indicated coronal hole could reach Earth on or about June 4th. Credit: SDO/AIA....
  • Why the BCS is so bad!!

    01/06/2011 7:15:42 PM PST · by Benchim · 30 replies ^ | Jan 04, 2011 @ 05:50 PM | Brad Kester
    The Bowl Championship Series is the worst thing ever to happen to college football. If anything, the BCS destroys a chance for quality teams to face off every year. I like bowls. I enjoy all of the games. I enjoy watching Southern Mississippi’s offense every December. I enjoy seeing some of the smaller FBS schools, like San Diego State, Nevada and Troy get some national exposure. But I hate the BCS. It destroys rivalries, burns its chance to create new rivalries and alienates teams from getting into the national title hunt.
  • We're Back in Obama's America, and Once Again Everything Sucks

    11/29/2010 5:27:08 PM PST · by Nachum · 3 replies ^ | 11/29/10 | Rush Limbaugh
    BEGIN TRANSCRIPT RUSH: I don't know how you feel, but I just spent four absolutely wonderful, fabulous days at what I call pre-Obama America. From Wednesday night until, oh, I guess about nine o'clock last night I thought not one thought of Barack Obama. I paid not one bit of attention to any Barack Obama-related news, which meant I had to keep the news networks turned off. And it was bliss! And to realize this was only just two years ago.
  • ‘Blue Bloods’ rerun beats Barack Obama in the TV ratings (Overexposed?)

    11/27/2010 10:59:04 AM PST · by LdSentinal · 26 replies · 1+ views
    Orlando Sentinel ^ | 11/27/10 | Hal Boedeker
    Friday was not a good night for President Barack Obama in the ratings. He got a shellacking there, too, to follow the one in the midterm elections. His conversation with Barbara Walters placed second in total viewers to a rerun of CBS’ “Blue Bloods” and third in the 10 p.m. time slot in the 18-to-49 age group. On that count, Obama was behind Tom Selleck and NBC’s broadcast of the fantasy film “Enchanted.” The Walters interview averaged 5.7 million viewers for ABC. The “Blue Bloods” repeat, the second of two Friday night, pulled in 7.6 million for CBS. Here are...
  • Skyline the Movie....LOL!

    11/16/2010 8:27:42 PM PST · by Dallas59 · 37 replies · 1+ views
    Freerepublic ^ | 11/16/2010 | Dallas59
    This is one reason why the movie industry is failing.
  • Resident Evil: Afterlife ... the movie sucks !!!

    11/03/2010 7:39:52 AM PDT · by subcorpus · 23 replies
    Hello. Most guys would love the scantily clad girl shooting double-guns or doing the twin-sword thing. I was a fan of sexy Milla Jovovich shooting zombies all around while doing impossible acrobatics. I thought she was real badass! I was a fan till the end of the second movie, if you think about it now, it may have been one movie too long! The direct sequel to Resident Evil was Resident Evil: Apocalypse. The third movie was Resident Evil: Extinction. Now comes Resident Evil: Afterlife. I was not expecting this movie to be made, as Resident Evil: Extinction was a...
  • Disabled Child's Wheelchair Stolen In West Philly

    05/23/2010 2:22:09 PM PDT · by devane617 · 17 replies · 613+ views ^ | 05/23/2010
    For the second time in as many days, a wheelchair has been stolen from an individual who suffers from cerebral palsy. However, this time, an eight-year-old boy was the victim. The latest incident happened early Friday morning outside a home in the 5200 block of Catharine Street in West Philadelphia. According to investigators, a homecare nurse left the wheelchair outside the home as she was getting eight-year-old Jahzir Walker ready for school. "I go in, I get him, put a little jacket on him. It doesn't take less than five minutes and the chair was gone," nurse Susan Beyer explained....