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  • The 8 Superstitions Every Latino Grew Up Believing

    08/07/2014 3:58:49 PM PDT · by nickcarraway · 27 replies
    Latino Post ^ | 7/31/14 | Agelica Leicht
    Growing up in a Latino household meant that there were a lot of hardcore superstitions running rampant throughout daily life. Superstitious beliefs go together with Hispanic homes in the way that rice and beans and chanclas do. They just fit. From purses on the floor to itchy palms, we've gathered the top eight superstitions every Latino grew up with, and put them in a list, of course. And here they are. Don't Put Your Purse on the Floor Listen, you like your money, right? Well you won't have any if you put that purse on the floor. So pick it...
  • Redskins lose to Panthers, Redskins Rule says Mitt Romney will be President

    11/04/2012 9:55:04 PM PST · by Arthurio · 16 replies
    If the Redskins Rule holds, Mitt Romney will be elected President on Tuesday. (Getty Images) Months after Republican presidential candidate Mitt Romney joked about rising oceans and suggested FEMA should be privatized, he got some much-needed good news Sunday, two days before the nation goes to the polls to decide the next Commander-in-Chief: The Carolina Panthers won. Romney, who was born in Michigan and was once the governor of Massachusetts, doesn't have any ties to the Charlotte area. But he's certainly well aware of the Redskins Rule. Specifically: Going back to 1940, a Redskins victory in their last home game...
  • Albino girl killed for body parts [Africa]

    11/17/2008 2:19:50 PM PST · by BlackVeil · 29 replies · 1,703+ views
    BBC News ^ | 17 Nov 2008 | anon
    A six-year-old albino girl in Burundi has been found dead with her head and limbs removed, in the latest killing linked to ritual medicine. Albinos in the region have been targeted because of a belief peddled by witchdoctors that their body parts can be used for magic potions. The girl, who was attacked on Sunday, was the sixth person with albinism to be killed in Burundi since September. There have also been a number of attacks in neighbouring Tanzania. ...The head of the Burundi Albinos' Association, Kasim Kazungu, says people with albinism had not suffered any discrimination until other Burundians...
  • Are You Superstitious?

    10/22/2008 9:52:17 AM PDT · by PJ-Comix · 48 replies · 962+ views
    self | October 22, 2008 | PJ-Comix
    Are you superstitious? I would like to tell you that I'm not superstitious but I can't. Although I wish I could pooh-pooh superstitions because of my utterly rational mind, I am forced to admit that I have too many cases of superstitions being proved correct in my life. The first time I really noticed how strong superstitions can be was when I was back in high school. This is what happened: I used to take a bus to my high school. Anyway, in the 10th grade I became aware of a strange pattern. Whenever I had a test later in...
  • Headless corpses raise ritual killing fear

    09/21/2007 10:40:51 AM PDT · by Red in Blue PA · 1 replies · 142+ views
    Reuters ^ | 9/21/2007 | John Zodzi
    LOME (Reuters) - Six grisly murders in Togo in which the victims were decapitated and drained of their blood have raised fears of a resurgence of ritual killings ahead of parliamentary elections in the West African state next month. The serial killings occurred last weekend in the southern Vo and Lacs prefectures, east of the capital Lome. The victims included a 12-year-old boy and a 63-year-old woman and their severed heads were carried off by the killers. The discovery of the headless corpses has shocked Togolese and triggered a wave of speculation that the killings were ritual murders. This is...
  • Omens and Superstitions (Romans and Etruscans)

    09/06/2007 6:18:31 AM PDT · by Renfield · 10 replies · 535+ views
    A superstitious Society Compare to modern society, the Romans seem extremely superstitious. But then today's major religions have all throughout their past discouraged, even combatted, superstitions. Also our sciences and our technological world allows little room for superstition. The Romans lived in an era previous to this. Their world was full of unexplained phenomena, darkness and fear. To Romans these superstitions were a perfectly natural part in the relationship between gods and men. The Roman habit of interpreting natural phenomena as signs from the beyond stemmed from the Etruscans. The Etruscans, who developed reading omens and auspices into a form...
  • Mayans to 'purify' sacred site after Bush visit

    03/08/2007 7:25:46 PM PST · by Harrius Magnus · 137 replies · 2,619+ views
    The Jeruselem Post ^ | 03/08/2007 | Associated Press, THE JERUSALEM POST
    Mayan leaders announced that priests will purify a sacred archaeological site to eliminate "bad spirits" after US President George W. Bush visits next week. "That a person like (Bush), with the persecution of our migrant brothers in the United States, with the wars he has provoked, is going to walk in our sacred lands, is an offense for the Mayan people and their culture," Juan Tiney, the director of a national association of indigenous people and peasant farmers, said Thursday. Bush's seven-day tour of Latin America includes a stopover beginning late Sunday in Guatemala. On Monday morning he is scheduled...
  • LUCKY DAZE? Parcells is so superstitious that it will make you, and even him, sick

    09/22/2006 6:29:30 AM PDT · by Dysart · 3 replies · 188+ views
    Satr-Telegram ^ | 09-22-06 | Mac Engel
    IRVING -- Bill Parcells may share similarities with Vince Lombardi, Paul Brown or other old-school coaching icons, but he also shares a characteristic with Ichabod Crane."Is he superstitious? Oh, my God, was it bad," former New York Giants receiver Phil McConkey said. "We're talking really bad."When Parcells was the Giants' coach, players who walked into his office would see elephant totems. That's plural, as in at least 25, McConkey says. Elephant totems are supposed to keep bad luck out, and good luck in. So the trunks of the elephants faced into Parcells' office. "The few times we were allowed in...
  • The Ouija Board: A Game, or a gamble?

    06/17/2006 4:15:31 PM PDT · by NYer · 135 replies · 3,510+ views
    Envoy Magazine ^ | By Father Robert Allgaier
    ne day, after speaking to a group of high school students about the dangers of dabbling with occultic activities, such as Ouija boards, I asked if they had any questions or comments. In a subdued voice — and without a hint of sarcasm or levity — one boy raised his hand and said, “I had something . . . happen . . . to my friend and me when we used a Ouija board.” The room of teenagers was hushed as he explained what happened. They had used the board “just for fun” and didn’t expect anything to happen....
  • Exam Board rules out creationism in UK classrooms

    05/23/2006 6:56:00 PM PDT · by PatrickHenry · 24 replies · 539+ views
    Ekklesia ^ | 24 May 2006 | Staff
    An examination board at the centre of a storm surrounding the teaching of creationism in UK schools has committed to re-visit its guidance to avoid the threat to science teaching that many feared, and to issue strict guidance to trainee teachers on their exam programme. The 'Gateway Science' specification had caused controversy because teachers were asked to “explain that the fossil record has been interpreted differently over time (e.g. creationist interpretation).” But now the Oxford, Cambridge and RSA (OCR) exam board has said they are “happy to commit to reviewing the wording of this part of the Gateway Science (Biology)...
  • Baptist controversy has tongues tied(Don't ask\Don't tell?)

    03/11/2006 5:42:09 AM PST · by WKB · 106 replies · 1,326+ views ^ | 3-11-6 | Jim Jones
    Baptists are caught up in controversy again. This time conservative Southern Baptists are in contention over a new rule approved by the International Mission Board that disqualifies future missionary candidates who admit to speaking in a charismatic "private prayer language." Proponents say the new regulation is needed to emphasize Baptists' long-held position against charismatic practices such as praying and speaking in unknown tongues, or "glossalalia," a practice popular among Pentecostals and other groups. The irony is that Jerry Rankin, the leader of the Richmond, Va.-based foreign mission board, has long used a charismatic prayer language in his private prayers. So,...
  • Muslim cartoon controversy prompts SBS reversal on South Park

    02/18/2006 2:48:35 PM PST · by Panerai · 77 replies · 1,833+ views
    Cathnews ^ | 02/16/2006
    SBS TV has "deferred" an episode of the cartoon series South Park that caused outrage in church circles in the US and New Zealand. Dubbed "Bloody Mary", the episode features a statue of the Virgin Mary that bleeds "out her ass". It was screened in the US before Christmas, and its scheduling in New Zealand has caused heated controversy in New Zealand. The Australian reports that the statue sprays blood over everyone who walks behind it, including Stan's father Randy, who declares it a miracle as it stops him drinking. Pope Benedict XVI turns up to investigate and is also...
  • A psychic guru prays the rosary: John Edward's new book promotes the ancient prayer

    01/31/2006 4:36:10 PM PST · by Coleus · 11 replies · 576+ views
    National Catholic Reporter ^ | 02.03.06 | RETTA BLANEY
    If John Edward’s new book turns out to be as popular as his previous endeavors, we could soon see rosaries for sale at Wal-Mart.With Practical Praying: Using the Rosary to Enhance Your Life, the best-selling author and TV psychic medium is putting himself on the line in an entirely new way. “I had major, major blocks on a personal level,” he said in a telephone interview. “I’ve been very private about my rosary praying.”A book about the rosary wouldn’t be commercial coming from most writers, but Mr. Edward, 35, has such a built-in following of far-reaching fans that his book...
  • Speaker stands behind theory [Dembski on Intelligent Design in Kansas]

    01/24/2006 5:25:00 PM PST · by PatrickHenry · 162 replies · 1,991+ views
    Lawrence Journal-World ^ | 24 January 2006 | Sophia Maines
    Intelligent design proponent William Dembski stood on an empty stage Monday at the Lied Center. Organizers of the event had tried in advance to get a science professor to spar with him, but all who were asked declined. Dembski, a professor at Southern Baptist Theological Seminary in Louisville, Ky., expounded on the theory and criticized evolution before a nearly packed auditorium. “I hope that tonight shows that there is substance to this science,” said Mark Brown, director of Campus Crusade, which invited Dembski to campus. “Real science should pursue the truth. Truth is the friend of science and religion equally.”...
  • Calif. School Scraps 'Intelligent Design' [El Tejon litigation]

    01/17/2006 11:24:31 AM PST · by PatrickHenry · 450 replies · 3,980+ views
    The Dispatch (Lexington, N.C.) ^ | 17 January 2006 | JULIANA BARBASSA
    A rural school district agreed to stop teaching a religion-based alternative to evolution as part of a court settlement filed Tuesday, a legal group said. Frazier Mountain High School will stop teaching a philosophy class discussing the theory of "intelligent design" this week and won't teach it in the future, said Ayesha N. Khan, legal director for Americans United for Separation of Church and State. Officials at the El Tejon Unified School District were not immediately available for comment. A federal judge in Fresno had been scheduled to hold a hearing Tuesday afternoon on whether to halt the class midway...
  • Exorcism was sought for BTK killer

    01/16/2006 3:05:20 PM PST · by warpcorebreach · 34 replies · 1,263+ views
    Kansas City Star ^ | 01-16-06 | ROBERT A. CRONKLETON
    Dennis Rader’s pastor sought permission to perform a jailhouse exorcism on the BTK killer but authorities wouldn’t allow it, the Rev. Michael Clark told an Overland Park audience Sunday. Clark believes demonic forces drove Rader to murder 10 victims in the Wichita area, he said at Holy Cross Lutheran Church. In response to an audience member’s question, the Lutheran pastor said he spoke at length with the Sedgwick County sheriff about performing the exorcism. The sheriff politely refused to allow it, Clark said. “Dennis was influenced, I believe, by some kind of demonic force and that played a role in...
  • Dawkins: Religion equals 'child abuse'

    01/07/2006 10:26:53 PM PST · by LibWhacker · 281 replies · 4,767+ views
    Scientist compares Moses to Hitler, calls New Testament 'sado-masochistic doctrine'Controversial scientist and evolutionist Richard Dawkins, dubbed "Darwin's Rottweiler," calls religion a "virus" and faith-based education "child abuse" in a two-part series he wrote and appears in that begins airing on the UK's Channel 4, beginning tomorrow evening. Entitled "Root of All Evil?," the series features the atheist Dawkins visiting Lourdes, France, Colorado Springs, Colo., the al-Aqsa mosque in Jerusalem and a British religious school, using each of the venues to argue religion subverts reason. In "The God Delusion," the first film in the series, Dawkins targets Catholicism at the pilgrimage...
  • The FRIDAY THREAD from the FReeper Canteen ~ FRIDAY, the 13th! ~ Friday, May 13, 2005!

    05/12/2005 7:46:57 PM PDT · by tomkow6 · 668 replies · 6,347+ views
    The Canteen Crew, and FRiends of the Canteen | May 13, 2005
        For the freedom you enjoyed yesterday... Thank the Veterans who served in The United States Armed Forces.     Looking forward to tomorrow's freedom? Support The United States Armed Forces Today!       ...walk under ladders?....throw salt over your shoulder? cat cross your path?.....lucky horse shoes?......Ladybird, ladybird, fly away home......Skin Of Your Teeth?.........3 lights on a match?......did you drop the scissors?....were you singing before seven?.... did you bite you tongue?...Are you superstitious?It's Friday the 13th with so much to dread. Some people ignore it and just stay in bed. Silly Superstitions It's bad luck to walk...
  • President urged to slaughter sheep(Indonesia)

    04/14/2005 6:57:53 AM PDT · by LRS · 13 replies · 285+ views ^ | 13-04-2005 | "From correspondents in Jakarta"
    President urged to slaughter sheep From correspondents in Jakarta 13-04-2005 From: Agence France-Presse INDONESIA'S president said he has been urged to slaughter 1000 sheep to prevent a repeat of the disastrous quakes that have hit his country, but he rejected the advice as superstitious nonsense. Susilo Bambang Yudhoyono said he had been bombarded with telephone text messages, or SMS, saying sacrificial lambs could calm the seismic forces that have claimed thousands of lives. "I have received many SMSs which say: 'Mr. President, please slaughter 1000 sheep'," Yudhoyono was quoted as saying by the state news agency Antara. Yudhoyono urged the...
  • Horror of mutilated boys (attackers believe the organs of virgin boys cures Aids and barrenness)

    09/29/2004 6:48:01 AM PDT · by dead · 56 replies · 1,985+ views
    East African Standard ^ | 09/29/04 | Stephen Makabila
    A wave of brutal attacks has left three young boys traumatised after their private parts were mutilated in a bizarre ritual that has shocked Western Province. The unexplained injuries inflicted on the boys is being attributed to witchcraft by villagers in Bungoma District. Many are still unsure of what to make of the horrific attack on the three boys, aged between four and 14 years old. None of the boys’ attackers have been identified and the police are attributing the bizarre acts to sorcery. Residents of two villages where the boys come from, are living in a state of shock...
  • Quest for Health, Sex, Exotic Food in China Wiping Out Wildlife in Southeast Asia (examples too)

    03/27/2004 9:53:52 AM PST · by knak · 10 replies · 387+ views
    ap ^ | 3/27/04
    TACHILEIK, Myanmar (AP) - Furry bear paws lie next to neatly arranged skins of jungle cats, skulls of monkeys and horns of mountain goats. The parts of vanishing species from Southeast Asia's forests are laid out for Chinese buyers seeking sex boosters, cures for cancer and exotic food. "Very strong. It can fight with a tiger, so it's good for sex," the vendor says, pointing to a pair of wild buffalo horns priced at $125 and explaining that in powder form they'll surely enhance virility given the animal's power. A sizable quantity of wildlife is felled to supply dealers in...
  • Friday the 13th Phobia Rooted in Ancient History

    02/15/2004 6:45:15 PM PST · by freedom44 · 10 replies · 422+ views
    National Geographic ^ | 2/15/04 | John Roach
    "It's been estimated that [U.S] $800 or $900 million is lost in business on this day because people will not fly or do business they would normally do," said Donald Dossey, founder of the Stress Management Center and Phobia Institute in Asheville, North Carolina. Among other services, Dossey's organization counsels clients on how to overcome fear of Friday the 13th, a phobia that he estimates afflicts 17 to 21 million people in the United States. Symptoms range from mild anxiety to full-blown panic attacks. The latter may cause people to reshuffle schedules or miss an entire day's work. When it...
  • It's Friday the 13th, but not to worry

    02/13/2004 1:39:34 AM PST · by sarcasm · 5 replies · 176+ views
    Seattle Post-Intelligencer ^ | Friday, February 13, 2004 | MIKE LEWIS
    Take triskaidekaphobia, or fear of 13s, and combine it with a Friday, a generally well-regarded day of the week, and you get Paraskevidekatriaphobics, a deep fear of Friday the 13th. (Fear of splatter films of the same name is Jasonvoorhephobia.)Connecticut University Psychology professor Stuart Vyse, the author of "Believing in Magic: The Psychology of Superstition," agreed to set aside his fear of reporters and answer a few questions to debunk the day. At least that's the way the conversation started ...What is the origin of Friday the 13th as a day of bad luck or ill omen?It has several possible...
  • FReeper Canteen ~ Camp Run-A-Muck ~ WooHoo! ~ Friday, February 13, 2004

    02/12/2004 8:36:55 PM PST · by tomkow6 · 809 replies · 1,470+ views
    My "VOICES", "kitty-katz", Linda, the Canteen Crew, and FRiends of the Canteen +
            For the freedom you enjoyed yesterday... Thank the Veterans who served in The United States Armed Forces.     Looking forward to tomorrow's freedom? Support The United States Armed Forces Today!       ...walk under ladders?....throw salt over your shoulder? cat cross your path?..... lucky horse shoes?...... Ladybird, ladybird, fly away home ...... Skin Of Your Teeth? .........3 lights on a match?......did you drop the scissors?....were you singing before seven?.... did you bite you tongue?...STEP ON A CRACK---BREAK YOUR MOTHER'S BACK...IF YOU BREAK A MIRROR YOU WILL HAVE 7 YEARS OF BAD LUCK......It's Friday the...
  • Superstition as religion

    01/30/2004 4:19:28 PM PST · by yonif · 11 replies · 220+ views
    Jerusalem Post ^ | Jan. 28, 2004 | SHMULEY BOTEACH
    A few years ago I appeared on a TV talk show where the celebrity host was involved with the Kabbala Centre. As a result, the show had Kabbala mineral water for the guests, accompanied by literature claiming that the water had been blessed in some way as to alter its atomic composition. I remember thinking how sad it was that the influential people who appeared on the show had their first introduction to Judaism through this kind of garbage. The Kabbala Centre deserves applause for having taken one of the most significant, yet ignored, disciplines of Judaism and bringing it...
  • Artefact recalls witches' shadow

    01/30/2004 6:19:09 AM PST · by vannrox · 12 replies · 346+ views
    BBC News Online, Nottingham ^ | Wednesday, 28 January, 2004, 12:57 GMT | By Greig Watson
    A chilling reminder of our superstitious past has been unearthed from a rural farmhouse. The "witch bottle" was discovered buried in old foundations in the Lincolnshire village of Navenby. Containing bent pins, human hair and perhaps urine, the bottles were supposed to protect a household against evil spells. Dated to about 1830, it is evidence the fear of dark forces persisted far longer than previously thought. Discovered by accident during building work, the artefact initially sat unrecognised in a cupboard. Jo Butler, the house's owner, described what they found. She said: "The builder was breaking up foundations with a pick...
  • Man slits son's throat to make good luck charm

    08/26/2003 6:48:59 AM PDT · by dead · 15 replies · 316+ views
    Sydney Morning Herald ^ | August 27, 2003
    A Malian man, who had his five-year-old son's throat slit to conjure up some good luck, has been sentenced to death. Fousseyni Thera, 27, from the West African nation, decided to sacrifice his son, Daniel, after meeting an elderly witchdoctor and asking him to create a good luck charm, court documents said. The witchdoctor demanded human blood to make the charm. The men brought the boy to a tree-filled ravine in the capital, Bamako, in January this year. His father held him down while the witchdoctor cut his throat, gathering the blood in a bowl into which he dipped the...
  • Kenyan Women Reject Sex 'Cleanser': Tradition Blamed for Spread of HIV

    08/18/2003 6:43:59 AM PDT · by aculeus · 21 replies · 331+ views
    Washington Post ^ | August 18, 2003 | Emily Wax
    GANGRE, Kenya -- He's always the first one in line for the village feast, tucking into a buffet carefully prepared by the women of the village like he's diving into the ocean, no restraint. He's too skinny and has, as the women point out, terrible taste in clothes. His latest hat is a visor styled from shabby paper stolen off a local cigarette billboard. But for all of his undesirable traits, Francise Akacha has a surprisingly desirable job: He's paid to have sexual relations with the widows and unmarried women of this village. He's known as "the cleanser," one of...
  • A Few of FR's Finest....Every Day....06-13-03....Friday the 13th!

    06/13/2003 5:07:31 AM PDT · by Mama_Bear · 195 replies · 737+ views
    A Few of FR's Finest....Every Day Free Republic made its debut in September, 1996, and the forum was added in early 1997. Over 100,000 people have registered for posting privileges on Free Republic, and the forum is read daily by tens of thousands of concerned citizens and patriots from all around the country and the world. A Few of FR's Finest....Every Day was introduced on June 24, 2002. It's only a small room in JimRob's house where we can get to know one another a little better; salute and support our military and our leaders; pray for those in...