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  • John Roberts -The Worse Conservative Supreme Court Decisions In U.S. History

    06/29/2012 3:37:22 PM PDT · by joeclarke · 20 replies
    JoeClarke.Net ^ | 06/29/2012 | JoeClarke.Net
    Charles Krauthammeer suggested that John Roberts is playing a sort of catch-up baseball since Roberts feels he needs to protect the image (among liberals, evidently) of the Supreme Court which got bad ratings (like CNN) since 2000, when the Supremes sided with W Bush over Al Gore. Maybe, Krauthammer, the psychiatrist, has gotten into the head of Roberts, but that remains to be seen. We have expected Roberts to act more honorably, as opposed to expecting Elena Kagan, who drafted Obamacare, to recuse herself from making any decision on the matter. I am convinced that most Democrats cannot experience...
  • How Obama Might Use the Constitution to Arrest the Tea Party

    06/29/2012 2:50:54 PM PDT · by rightjb · 24 replies ^ | 6-29-2012 | PolitiJim (@politiJim)
      It is one thing to overturn ObamaCare should we be fortunate enough to A) Have an election (yeah, you heard me), B) Get a GOP President, C) Get a CONSERVATIVE House that will hold Boehner accountable as Speaker to not cave as he did on the budget ceiling debate, and D) get at least 51 votes in the Senate.But how do we rectify the insane “precedent” set out by Roberts that the judiciary has the right to reclassify – even create – a “tax” that was never written in the original law?   Or that you can now be “taxed”...
  • Supreme Court Justice Roberts jokes about hiding after key health-care vote

    06/29/2012 11:26:07 AM PDT · by Anti-Hillary · 159 replies
    Seattle Times ^ | 6-29-12 | JOE MANDAK
    U.S. Supreme Court Chief Justice John Roberts is joking that hell be spending some time in an impregnable fortress after casting the decisive vote upholding President Barack Obamas health care law. Responding to a question about his summer plans, Roberts quipped that he thought his planned trip to Malta to teach a class was a good idea. He delivered the joke Friday at a federal court conference at a posh Pennsylvania resort. Roberts declined to answer a question about the landmark opinion issued Thursday. But he says he hopes the court will be remembered for protecting equal justice under the...
  • I call for a Constitutional Convention (vanity)

    06/29/2012 10:32:59 AM PDT · by buffaloguy · 90 replies
    Vanity | 06/29/2012 | Buffaloguy
    I think it is time for the states to call for a Constitutional Convention. The Congress, the Executive and now the Supreme Court has overstepped their bounds. For my first amendment: Each Justice of the Supreme Court shall serve two terms only of two years duration. They shall stand for election by vote of the Electoral College. Comments: As we see in this SCOTUS decision, the SCOTUS can do so much damage in such a short period that their terms should be reviewed every two years. Additional Amendment: Neither the Congress, nor the Executive nor the Courts in aggregate shall...
  • Chief Justice Roberts gets tax decision WRONG, provides Congress with unlimited power

    06/29/2012 9:00:59 AM PDT · by Oldpuppymax · 23 replies
    Coach is Right ^ | 6/29/2012 | Doug Book
    John Roberts is said to be quite concerned about the way in which history will view his tour of duty as Chief Justice of the Supreme Court. Well he doesnt have to worry any longer, for his remarkable decision allowing Congress to impose a tax improperly and in a previously unconstitutional manner will secure his place in Court history for all time. Very fewincluding Obama himselfbelieved the scheme of presenting the individual mandate penalty as a tax would pass constitutional muster. The DOJ included a the penalty is actually a tax argument in an ObamaCare brief to the Supreme Court,...
  • AMA: Supreme Court Decision Protects Much-Needed Health Insurance Coverage for Millions of Americans

    06/29/2012 7:13:00 AM PDT · by John S Mosby · 23 replies
    American Medical Association ^ | June 28, 2012 | Jeremy A. Lazarus, MD
    The American Medical Association has long supported health insurance coverage for all, and we are pleased that this decision means millions of Americans can look forward to the coverage they need to get healthy and stay healthy. The AMA remains committed to working on behalf of America's physicians and patients to ensure the law continues to be implemented in ways that support and incentivize better health outcomes and improve the nation's health care system.

    06/29/2012 5:52:59 AM PDT · by shortstop · 76 replies ^ | 06/29/12 | Bob Lonsberry
    Theres a reason no one expected this decision. Its because it makes no sense. Its not a rational view, its not consistent with any of the pleadings, it violates about 200 years of Supreme Court procedure. And it sets the Constitution on its ear. In a decision penned by the chief justice of the United States, the court has not only legislated, it has levied a tax. In support of an imperial presidency, it has become sovereign itself. Precedent is abandoned, rule of law is ignored, jurisprudence is bastardized. Obama wins and liberty loses. The government is more powerful, the...
  • Justice Roberts Pleads: "Lie To Me"

    06/29/2012 4:14:31 AM PDT · by C. Edmund Wright · 139 replies
    American Thinker ^ | 6-29-2012 | C. Edmund Wright
    ..........Later in the day, however, the pundit elites started to furrow their brows and dust off their elbow patches -- and proceeded to try to convince us rubes that we had overreacted. They treated us to all kinds of contorted rationalizations and justifications full of pseudo-intellectual gobbledygook. We got this from Charles Krauthammer, George Will, Thomas Lifson, Erick Erickson -- among others. And while I really tried to like it -- and really tried to find solace or a silver lining -- there are just some basic, fundamental things I could not ignore. The bottom line is that John Roberts...
  • Supreme Court opinion on Obamas healthcare law (pdf)

    06/28/2012 9:02:08 PM PDT · by Mozilla · 7 replies
    los angeles times ^ | 6/28/12 | Supreme Court
    The U.S. Supreme Court upheld the constitutionality of President Obamas healthcare law Thursday, ruling the government may impose tax penalties on persons who do not have health insurance. Supreme Court opinion on Obamas healthcare law

    06/28/2012 6:27:35 PM PDT · by jimbo123 · 56 replies
    Drudge Report ^ | 8/3/2005 | Drudge Report
    XXXXX DRUDGE REPORT XXXXX THU AUG 04, 2005 11:35:09 ET XXXXX NY TIMES INVESTIGATES ADOPTION RECORDS OF SUPREME COURT NOMINEE'S CHILDREN **Exclusive** The DRUDGE REPORT has uncovered a plot in the NEW YORK TIMES' newsroom to look into the adoption of the children of Supreme Court Nominee John G. Roberts. The TIMES has investigative reporter Glen Justice hot on the case to investigate adoption records of Judge Roberts two young children, Josie age 5 and Jack age 4, a top source reveals. Judge Roberts and his wife Jane adopted the children when they each were infants. Both children were adopted...
  • American Values: The Individual Mandate vs. Social Darwinism

    06/28/2012 6:02:58 PM PDT · by ReligiousLibertyTV
    ReligiousLiberty.TV ^ | June 26, 2012 | Michael Peabody
    WRITTEN IN ADVANCE OF THE DECISION. ADDRESSES HISTORY OF THE INDIVIDUAL MANDATE. By Michael D. Peabody - Sometime this week the United States Supreme Court will decide whether the majority of provisions in the Patient Protection and Affordable Health Care Act are constitutional. Called Obamacare, first by detractors and then by supporters reclaiming the phrase, it promises Americans a wide variety of health care benefits. Under provisions already in place, young people can stay on their parents health care insurance until age 26 and small businesses can claim a tax deduction for providing health insurance to their employees. Many conservatives...
  • VANITY: After today, do we even need the SCOTUS anymore ?

    06/28/2012 5:05:15 PM PDT · by onona · 25 replies
    Me ^ | Today | Myself
    What's their purpose anymore ?
  • My blog from Dec. 2009 (!): Unfortunately, dead on

    06/28/2012 3:40:40 PM PDT · by LS · 17 replies
    In a Dec. 24, 2009 blog at I predicted almost exactly what the outcome of this would be. I warned "Forget Supreme Court Challenges to this Monstrosity." I warned that "anyone putting his faith in a Supreme Court reversal of any of this health non-care monstrosity has another think coming. First, the USSC seldom rules in favor of constitutionally limited government. I then noted the incredible discipline with which the GOP fought against this: "The Republicans, both in the House and Senate, combined for a 256/257 votes against the bill (Cao, LA voting for the House version, but announcing...
  • ObamaCare's First Death Panel

    06/28/2012 2:43:42 PM PDT · by The Looking Spoon · 2 replies
    The Looking Spoon ^ | 6-28-12 | The Looking Spoon

    06/28/2012 1:58:50 PM PDT · by Lacey · 25 replies ^ | July 20, 2005 | Ann Coulter
    After pretending to consider various women and minorities for the Supreme Court these past few weeks, President Bush decided to disappoint all the groups he had just ginned up and nominate a white male. So all we know about him for sure is that he can't dance and he probably doesn't know who Jay-Z is. Other than that, he is a blank slate. Tabula rasa. Big zippo. Nada. Oh, yeah ... We also know he's argued cases before the Supreme Court. Big deal; so has Larry Flynt's attorney. But unfortunately, other than that that, we don't know much about John...
  • The Obsolescent Supreme Court

    06/28/2012 1:45:02 PM PDT · by A'elian' nation · 12 replies
    Justice John Roberts has made the Supreme Court superfluous and obsolescent by obsequiously abdicating its powers to the taxing authority of the U.S.Congress. Freeper Graewoulf has commented that Chief Justice Roberts has "destroyed the boundary between the Judiciary and Legislative branches of our government." My thoughts precisely as I heard the verdict come down today. But it is far worse than that. This new taxing authority will do more than just restructure our economic freedoms and control behaviors. It can fundamentally change the concept of our Constitutional rights. Not only are we becoming Greece; we are becoming Egypt. The new...
  • Our Lord's mother, gives us hope over what happened today in the Supreme Court ruling

    The Coming US Supreme Court Decision Via Anonymous Visionary - Locutions to the World (yet-to-be-approved) Nov 15, 2011 164. The Coming Supreme Court Decision Mary: Those in power lay truth is laid aside and pick up lies instead. Armed with lies, they believe that they can easily conquer and deceive the people. Their lies are spread out before them, like in battle array. They know which lies to send out first (to soften people up so to speak). Then, they can bring out the hard lies that will shake people's convictions and have them give up what they hold on...
  • WI: Walker says he wont implement ACA in Badger State

    06/28/2012 1:30:45 PM PDT · by afraidfortherepublic · 20 replies Wisconsin Reporter ^ | 6-28-12 | Kirsten Adshead
    MADISON Gov. Scott Walker is pledging to fight the U.S. Supreme Court, vowing that he will not implement the federal health care reform law, despite the U.S. Supreme Courts ruling that the law is constitutional. Walker said in a statement shortly after Thursdays court ruling that he hopes that Republicans will be in control of Congress and that the White House after the November elections and that they will repeal the law. If there is no political remedy from Washington and the law moves forward, it would require the majority of people in Wisconsin to pay more money for...
  • The Supreme Court and Obamacare

    06/28/2012 12:35:20 PM PDT · by Chris in VA · 29 replies
    American ^ | 6/28/12 | David Webb
    Everyone needs to step back and actually look at the decision the Supreme Court made about Obamacare before doing anything. From the majority opinion: The Affordable Care Act is constitutional in part and unconstitutional in part This clearly shows that the Court is saying there are issues with the law.
  • Rush: The Internal Revenue Service Has Just Become Barack Obama's Domestic Army (Audio)

    06/28/2012 10:46:20 AM PDT · by Talkradio03 · 11 replies
    rightnewz ^ | 6/28/12 | Rush
    'Obamacare is nothing more that the largest tax increase in the history of the world' Rush said on his show, blasting the ruling from the Supreme Court....'What has been upheld here is fraud'...(Audio)