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  • Why are Republicans so awful at picking Supreme Court justices?

    07/02/2012 1:11:26 PM PDT · by SeekAndFind · 55 replies
    Washington Post ^ | 07/02/2012 | Marc A. Thiessen
    Chief Justice John G. Roberts Jr.’s decision to side with the court’s liberal bloc and uphold Obamacare raises an important question for conservatives: Why are Republicans so awful at picking Supreme Court justices? Democrats have been virtually flawless in appointing reliable liberals to the court. Yet Republicans, more often than not, appoint justices who vote with the other side on critical decisions. Just compare the records over the last three decades. Democrats have appointed four justices — Ruth Bader Ginsberg, Stephen G. Breyer, Elena Kagan and Sonia Sotomayor. All have been consistent liberals on the bench. Republicans, by contrast, have...
  • Why did the Chief Justice CHEAT to pass ObamaCare?

    07/02/2012 10:01:08 AM PDT · by Oldpuppymax · 18 replies
    Coach is Right ^ | 7/2/2012 | Doug Book
    Chief Justice John Roberts rewrote the specific language of congress by claiming in his ObamaCare ruling that the penalty which the lawmakers had clearly attached to the individual mandate was actually a tax. It was the only way in which the Affordable Care Act could be saved, for the Court rejected the Commerce and Necessary and Proper clause defenses as constitutional grounds for the existence of the law. By “penciling in” the tax language necessary to satisfy his own requirement of constitutionality, Roberts behaved no differently from any liberal, activist judge so often criticized by conservatives for judicial malfeasance; that...
  • Supreme Court Update-Approval Ratings for Supreme Court Slip Following Health Care Ruling

    07/01/2012 9:50:07 AM PDT · by Signalman · 13 replies
    Rasmussen ^ | 7/1/2012 | Scott Rasmussen
    Public opinion of the Supreme Court has grown more negative since the highly publicized ruling on the president’s health care law was released. A growing number now believe that the high court is too liberal and that justices pursue their own agenda rather than acting impartially. A week ago, 36% said the court was doing a good or an excellent job. That’s down to 33% today. However, the big change is a rise in negative perceptions. Today, 28% say the Supreme Court is doing a poor job. That’s up 11 points over the past week. The new Rasmussen Reports national...
  • Chief Justice John Roberts gives Obama and Democrats a Trojan Horse

    06/30/2012 11:51:37 PM PDT · by SincerelyAmanda · 102 replies
    The Washington Times Communities ^ | June 29th, 2012 | Amanda Read
    After wounding socialism, why didn’t Roberts go for the glory and slay Obamacare while he could? Chief Justice stepped aside to let We the People do the honors.
  • Supreme Court Health Care Decision Energizes Republicans, Tea Party

    06/30/2012 9:57:22 PM PDT · by Marcus · 11 replies
    Yahoo Voices ^ | 6/30/2012 | Mark R. Whittington
    Evidence is starting to pour in that suggests that while the Obama administration may have won the battle by having health care reform declared constitutional, it may have lost the war where it concerns the president being re-elected in the fall.
  • Supreme Court indecency ruling could affect broader FCC enforcement

    06/30/2012 6:20:36 PM PDT · by bizlawnews · 18 replies
    Telecom ^ | 6/30/2012 | C. Rizo
    The recent U.S. Supreme Court decision overturning enforcement of the Federal Communications Commission's indecency regulation reaches beyond the broadcast industry into the telecom sector.
  • Obamacare Supporters Can't Turn A Win Into A Win

    06/30/2012 4:15:35 PM PDT · by CaroleL · 26 replies ^ | 06/30/12 | CaroleL
    In the aftermath of their Supreme Court victory, supporters of the Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act (a.k.a. Obamacare) are lamenting over their inability to sell the law to the American people. According to a recent poll, only 34 percent approve of Obamacare while 48 percent disapprove and that was before the Supreme Court affirmed that it is one of the biggest tax increases in history. Dr. Ezekiel J. Emanuel, a former White House adviser who was involved in developing Obamacare blames a lack of salesmanship. "Unfortunately, we never had a really effective strategy around communicating to the public the...
  • Flashpoint: U.S. Supreme Court

    06/30/2012 11:06:50 AM PDT · by Tar and Feathers · 34 replies
    tarandfeathersusa ^ | June 30, 2012 | Iratus Vulgas
    The recent SCOTUS decision on Obamacare is stark evidence that the judicial branch has pushed the envelope toward a national crisis. While I’m not yet convinced that we’re witnessing the proverbial straw that breaks Uncle Sam’s back, we could very well be watching a preview of coming attractions.
  • You can't mandate that we eat broccoli, but you can tax us if we don't (vanity)

    06/30/2012 9:53:23 AM PDT · by teg_76 · 32 replies
    There was nothing positive in this for our side, regardless of some of the articles trying to spin it that way. Thanks John Roberts. We wouldn't want you to tarnish your "legacy" with the liberal media. Thank GW Bush for nominating Roberts. Why do the liberal appointees never disappoint their side? Why aren't all of our nominees reliable, like the liberals?
  • Even If It Survives the Court, the Health Care Law Is Doomed

    06/30/2012 8:26:37 AM PDT · by Pollster1 · 7 replies
    Rasmussen Reports ^ | March 30, 2012 | Scott Rasmussen
    Media coverage now implies that the U.S. Supreme Court will determine the fate of President Obama's health care law. But nothing the court decides will keep the law alive for more than a brief period of time. There are three ways the health care law could meet its end. The first, obviously, is the Supreme Court could declare some or all of it unconstitutional in June. If it gets past that hurdle, the law also could be ended by Election 2012. If a Republican president is elected, the GOP will almost certainly also win control of the Senate and retain...
  • Top DNC staffers gloat over Obamacare, taunt GOP ‘bitches,’ ‘mother******s’

    06/30/2012 6:41:29 AM PDT · by KeyLargo · 75 replies
    Twitchy ^ | Jun 28, 2012
    Top DNC staffers gloat over Obamacare, taunt GOP ‘bitches,’ ‘mother******s’ Posted at 10:59 am on June 28, 2012 by Twitchy Staff Patrick Gaspard @patrickgaspard "it's constitutional. Bitches."
  • ZombieCare: It Lives!

    06/29/2012 9:58:37 PM PDT · by wayne_shrugged · 2 replies
    Justin Washington's Blog ^ | 06//28/2012 | Justin Washington
    Today, Chief Justice Roberts had the ability to put the stake through the heart of the 3,000 page Obamacare excrement foisted upon us by the likes of Nazi Pelosi, Dirty Harry Reid and Urkel Obamao, and he failed — miserably, so Obamacare pops back up to haunt and terrorize us again. Joining Sonia “The Wise Latina” Sotomeyor, Elena Kagan and Ruth Buzzie Ginsburg, Chief Justice Roberts wrote the majority opinion that stated that the mandate was really – a tax. Obama, Pelosi and Reid and their bands of flying monkeys swore up one side and down the other that Obamacare...
  • Supreme Court Obamacare Decision a Head-Scratcher

    06/29/2012 4:33:22 PM PDT · by TenthAmendmentNetwork · 4 replies
    Tenth Amendment Network ^ | 6/29/2012 | Marc Gindin
    The Supreme Court's ruling regarding Obamacare and the individual mandate is a head-scratcher. Here's the unfettered analysis.
  • John Roberts -The Worse Conservative Supreme Court Decisions In U.S. History

    06/29/2012 3:37:22 PM PDT · by joeclarke · 20 replies
    JoeClarke.Net ^ | 06/29/2012 | JoeClarke.Net
    Charles Krauthammeer suggested that John Roberts is playing a sort of catch-up baseball since Roberts feels he needs to protect the image (among liberals, evidently) of the Supreme Court which got bad ratings (like CNN) since 2000, when the Supremes sided with W Bush over Al Gore. Maybe, Krauthammer, the psychiatrist, has gotten into the head of Roberts, but that remains to be seen. We have expected Roberts to act more honorably, as opposed to expecting Elena Kagan, who drafted Obamacare, to recuse herself from making any decision on the matter. I am convinced that most Democrats cannot experience...
  • How Obama Might Use the Constitution to Arrest the Tea Party

    06/29/2012 2:50:54 PM PDT · by rightjb · 24 replies ^ | 6-29-2012 | PolitiJim (@politiJim)
      It is one thing to overturn ObamaCare should we be fortunate enough to A) Have an election (yeah, you heard me), B) Get a GOP President, C) Get a CONSERVATIVE House that will hold Boehner accountable as Speaker to not cave as he did on the budget ceiling debate, and D) get at least 51 votes in the Senate.But how do we rectify the insane “precedent” set out by Roberts that the judiciary has the right to reclassify – even create – a “tax” that was never written in the original law?   Or that you can now be “taxed”...
  • Supreme Court Justice Roberts jokes about hiding after key health-care vote

    06/29/2012 11:26:07 AM PDT · by Anti-Hillary · 159 replies
    Seattle Times ^ | 6-29-12 | JOE MANDAK
    U.S. Supreme Court Chief Justice John Roberts is joking that he’ll be spending some time in “an impregnable fortress” after casting the decisive vote upholding President Barack Obama’s health care law. Responding to a question about his summer plans, Roberts quipped that he thought his planned trip to Malta to teach a class was a “good idea.” He delivered the joke Friday at a federal court conference at a posh Pennsylvania resort. Roberts declined to answer a question about the landmark opinion issued Thursday. But he says he hopes the court will be remembered for “protecting equal justice under the...
  • I call for a Constitutional Convention (vanity)

    06/29/2012 10:32:59 AM PDT · by buffaloguy · 90 replies
    Vanity | 06/29/2012 | Buffaloguy
    I think it is time for the states to call for a Constitutional Convention. The Congress, the Executive and now the Supreme Court has overstepped their bounds. For my first amendment: Each Justice of the Supreme Court shall serve two terms only of two years duration. They shall stand for election by vote of the Electoral College. Comments: As we see in this SCOTUS decision, the SCOTUS can do so much damage in such a short period that their terms should be reviewed every two years. Additional Amendment: Neither the Congress, nor the Executive nor the Courts in aggregate shall...
  • Chief Justice Roberts gets tax decision WRONG, provides Congress with unlimited power

    06/29/2012 9:00:59 AM PDT · by Oldpuppymax · 23 replies
    Coach is Right ^ | 6/29/2012 | Doug Book
    John Roberts is said to be quite concerned about the way in which history will view his tour of duty as Chief Justice of the Supreme Court. Well he doesn’t have to worry any longer, for his remarkable decision allowing Congress to impose a tax improperly and in a previously unconstitutional manner will secure his place in Court history for all time. Very few—including Obama himself—believed the scheme of presenting the individual mandate penalty as a tax would pass constitutional muster. The DOJ included a “the penalty is actually a tax” argument in an ObamaCare brief to the Supreme Court,...
  • AMA: Supreme Court Decision Protects Much-Needed Health Insurance Coverage for Millions of Americans

    06/29/2012 7:13:00 AM PDT · by John S Mosby · 23 replies
    American Medical Association ^ | June 28, 2012 | Jeremy A. Lazarus, MD
    The American Medical Association has long supported health insurance coverage for all, and we are pleased that this decision means millions of Americans can look forward to the coverage they need to get healthy and stay healthy. “The AMA remains committed to working on behalf of America's physicians and patients to ensure the law continues to be implemented in ways that support and incentivize better health outcomes and improve the nation's health care system.

    06/29/2012 5:52:59 AM PDT · by shortstop · 76 replies ^ | 06/29/12 | Bob Lonsberry
    There’s a reason no one expected this decision. It’s because it makes no sense. It’s not a rational view, it’s not consistent with any of the pleadings, it violates about 200 years of Supreme Court procedure. And it sets the Constitution on its ear. In a decision penned by the chief justice of the United States, the court has not only legislated, it has levied a tax. In support of an imperial presidency, it has become sovereign itself. Precedent is abandoned, rule of law is ignored, jurisprudence is bastardized. Obama wins and liberty loses. The government is more powerful, the...