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  • Three Years Ago, Hollywood Liberals Verbally Assaulted Steve Scalise

    06/18/2017 6:11:47 AM PDT · by PJ-Comix · 6 replies
    NewsBusters ^ | June 18, 2017 | P.J. Gladnick
    Steve Scalise suffered a physical assault on June 14 as a result of being shot by a liberal Bernie Sanders supporter. However, few know that three years ago Scalise politely endured a verbal assault by enraged Hollywood liberals in the entertainment business. It was an example of the increasing rejection of civil discourse by the left leading ultimately to the recent baseball field violence we saw a few days ago. A June 16 Hollywood Reporter article by Paul Bond reveals the incident at the Los Angeles home of pollster Frank Luntz who held a soiree in the hopes of bringing together...
  • Trump’s Lead Looks Steady in Run-Up to Super Tuesday

    02/29/2016 8:11:19 PM PST · by BigEdLB · 46 replies
    Survey Monkey ^ | 2/29/16 | Mark Blumenthal
    Super Tuesday is arguably the most important day of the entire primary season—at least so far.snip Despite an especially contentious debate and harsh exchanges that continued over the past weekend, Donald Trump’s support held steady in the states holding Republican primaries or caucuses on Super Tuesday, according to Election Tracking surveys conducted by SurveyMonkey.
  • SHOCK! -- An Open Ended Survey

    10/16/2013 11:18:44 AM PDT · by Avoiding_Sulla · 17 replies
    Pascal Fervor ^ | Tuesday, October 15, 2013 | Pascal
    Dear Readers. I received a survey request (filled in below) from the Media Research Center (MRC). Initially I was expecting just another multiple choice form that misses many of the key issues of the day. Much to my delight, this one actually had, in addition to MRC's preferred topics,  "other" as choices. And what was even more special, MRC provided a space in which to spell out the other choice(s). Burned out naif that I am, I have my doubts they will actually read what I put in the boxes. I know, many of you think I must be crazy...
  • “Gun Use In Self Defense?”

    05/10/2013 7:17:42 PM PDT · by marktwain · 7 replies
    Extrano's Alley, a gun blog ^ | 10 May, 2013 | Stranger
    Someone stopped by searching for “gun use in self defense.” They did not find it where they were sent, because firing a gun in self defense is not the same thing as crimes prevented by a gun. Since most crimes prevented by the presence or the possible presence of a gun are only known to the perpetrator, the place to start is with criminals. Who are hard to pin down unless they are already in prison. From the standpoint of an inmate being surveyed on how often he, or sometimes she, committed a crime, how they selected victims and so...
  • Survey says...

    06/09/2012 10:51:02 AM PDT · by pickrell · 6 replies
    9 June 2012 | Ron Pickrell
    {ring}....{ring}....{ring} Glance at clock, 8:23 A.M, Saturday Morning. Reach out from under bedsheet.. "Hello." "Hello. This is an automated survey from the University of Cincinnati. You will be asked a series of questions on your views abo-" CLICK. Grrrr. It suddenly occurs to me that the autoringer I bought on a lark from EBAY for 25 bucks plus shipping, is about to find it's first use. Throw on P.J.'s, pad down to basement desk, fire up computer. Click Internet Explorer. Click on Enter 'University of Cincinnati Board of Regents phone numbers'. ENTER. Ahhhhh. Flip on printer. Print Screen. Locate...
  • Voter Roll Call survey

    08/03/2010 2:33:19 PM PDT · by DJ MacWoW · 11 replies · 8+ views
    Self ^ | August3, 2010 | DJMacWoW
    I was just called by Voter Roll Call about the upcoming elections. The questions ONLY pertained to corporations and their influence in elections. It was an automated voice and they asked questions with corresponding numbers for the answer. 1 Are you a registered voter? 2 How likely are you to vote? 3 Do corporations have too much influence in elections? 4 Do lobbyists have too much influence in Washington? 5 Which statement is true? a)I am more likely to vote for someone that listens to lobbyists? b) I am more likely to vote for someone that doesn't listen to lobbyists....
  • When Democracy fails

    02/14/2010 3:26:24 AM PST · by Scanian · 25 replies · 610+ views
    NY Post ^ | February 14, 2010 | REED TUCKER
    You don’t have to be a C-SPAN junkie to see that our government is just plain broken. You get the feeling that more substantial work gets accomplished at a high school’s model UN. But what if it’s not just government that’s broken? What if democracy itself doesn’t work? After watching “Jaywalking,” or, God help us all, an episode of “Jersey Shore,” it’s hard to argue that We the People are best equipped to make the important decisions of state. As Winston Churchill once said, “The best argument against democracy is a five-minute conversation with the average voter.”
  • Perry beatig rino senator by 12 points

    07/09/2009 10:27:50 AM PDT · by HamiltonFan · 13 replies · 837+ views
    Texas Monthly ^ | july 9, 2009 | Paul Burka
    posted by paulburka at 9:52 AM Perry’s twelve-point lead is the same as his advantage in last month’s Texas Lyceum poll, which was conducted by the same pollsters — Perry 33, Hutchison 21. Both that poll and this one showed that a large number of voters were undecided or preferred someone else. The Democratic primary results, which show Kinky Friedman ahead of Tom Schieffer, are irrelevant until the field grows. Favorability Perry 42% favorable, 32% unfavorable Obama 43% favorable, 46% unfavorable The Lyceum poll had Obama’s favorability rating in the state as a hard-to-believe 68%, and Perry’s favorable/unfavorable was 57/30....
  • Obama Unable to shake "myth" he's Muslim

    04/04/2009 8:11:09 AM PDT · by lakeprincess · 110 replies · 2,957+ views
    The Washington Times ^ | 4/4/09 | Jennifer Harper
    Some American believe President Obama is a Muslim. The polling numbers have not changed since the 2008 election.
  • Survey Results That will Surprise you

    01/13/2009 7:41:08 PM PST · by chaimke · 1 replies · 412+ views
    Ma’an News Agency (the Palestinian News Agency) is running various polls during the current Gaza conflagration. It asks Palestinians in all walks of life their opinions and I was quite surprised to see the sophistication of the average Palestinian at discerning the truth from the lies told by its leaders. While they are certainly nfar from being head over heels about Israel, the survey results will amaze you!
  • 'Disgusting' Bias for Obama, Time Writer Admits

    11/23/2008 3:56:05 PM PST · by Jet Jaguar · 83 replies · 2,645+ views
    Newsmax ^ | November 23, 2008 | Newsmax
    The mainstream media's support for Barack Obama's presidential campaign was so biased that even major insiders are now admitting they were shocked by its depth and depravity. Last week, Time magazine's Mark Halperin called the media's performance during the campaign simply "disgusting." Halperin told a panel of media analysts at the Politico/USC conference on the 2008 election, "It's the most disgusting failure of people in our business since the Iraq war." He added, "It was extreme bias, extreme pro-Obama coverage."
  • Study: Religion colors Americans’ views of nanotechnology

    02/20/2008 9:39:32 AM PST · by MetaThought · 33 replies · 194+ views
    University of Wisconsin Madison News ^ | Feb. 15, 2008 | Terry Devitt
    Is nanotechnology morally acceptable? For a significant percentage of Americans, the answer is no, according to a recent survey of Americans' attitudes about the science of the very small. Addressing scientists in Boston today (Feb. 15, 2008) at the annual meeting of the American Association for the Advancement of Science, Dietram Scheufele, a University of Wisconsin-Madison professor of life sciences communication, presented new survey results that show religion exerts far more influence on public views of technology in the United States than in Europe. "Our data show a much lower percentage of people who agree that nanotechnology is morally acceptable...
  • (Eurabia:) 'Ban headscarves' say half of Swedes

    09/26/2007 5:20:48 AM PDT · by WesternCulture · 17 replies · 499+ views ^ | 09/26/2007 | TT/The Local
    Islamic headscarves ought to be banned at workplaces and in schools - that's the view of half the people surveyed in a new Swedish poll. The poll, the third of its kind taken by Uppsala University to measure Swedes' views of diversity, shows a rising number of people supporting a headscarf ban. In 2005, 43 percent wanted a ban on Islamic female head coverings. This year, 49.8 percent of the 1,065 people asked supported a ban. The results the poll are open to some interpretation. The questionnaire asked people for their view on the banning of the 'slöja' or veil,...
  • Survey: Most Americans Say Founders Intended Christian Nation

    09/14/2007 2:48:36 PM PDT · by wagglebee · 55 replies · 828+ views
    Christian Post ^ | 9/14/07 | Lillian Kwon
    A majority of Americans believe the nation's founders intended the United States to be a Christian nation, a new national survey revealed. In the First Amendment Center’s annual survey measuring attitudes toward freedom of religion, speech and press, 55 percent of Americans said they believe that the Constitution establishes a Christian nation. Furthermore, three out of four people who identify themselves as evangelical or Republican agree while about half of Democrats and independents do. Compared to previous years, more Americans were found to support Christian activities in public schools. Most respondents (58 percent) say teachers in public schools should be...
  • Freep poll(s)! ( Political on the left. Rotating poll on the right)

    04/11/2007 8:05:50 PM PDT · by dynachrome · 5 replies · 228+ views ^ | 4-11-07 | Right on Right
    On The Dem Side, Who's The Best? Hillary Clinton Barack Hussein Obama Joe Biden Chris Dodd John Edwards Bill Richardson Al Gore Lieberman- Bring Back Joementum!
  • Exclusive NY1 Poll: Big Apple Voters Are Souring On Giuliani (15% favorable rating by black voters)

    04/11/2007 7:12:48 PM PDT · by jimbo123 · 14 replies · 444+ views
    NY1 ^ | 4/11/07 | NY1 News
    Rudolph Giuliani isn't feeling the love from the city he once served, based on the results of an exclusive NY1 poll. The poll shows that the Republican presidential candidate is better liked by New Yorkers who do not live in the five boroughs, than those who do. “He does a lot better outside the city than inside the city,” says NY1 pollster Mickey Blum. The poll shows that 55 percent of voters statewide have a favorable opinion of the former mayor, while 32 percent do not and 13 percent are undecided. In New York City, however, only 44 percent have...
  • Survey Says

    10/13/2006 10:12:36 PM PDT · by FreeKeys · 3 replies · 411+ views
    Cox & Forkum Editorial Cartoons ^ | October 12, 2006 | Allen Forkum
    A study by a group led by Dr. Gilbert Burnham of the John Hopkins Bloomberg School of Public Health, to be published Thursday on the Web site of the Lancet, a British medical journal, will claim that about 600,000 Iraqis have died from violence in Iraq since Operation Iraqi Freedom began. ... They used a methodology known as "cluster sampling," which can be valid if using real data and not anecdotal reporting. Most of the original Lancet clusters reported no deaths at all, with the journal admitting, "two-thirds of all violent deaths were reported in one cluster in the city...
  • British Conservatives Must Defend the U.S.–U.K. Special Relationship

    10/04/2006 5:31:15 PM PDT · by familyop · 33 replies · 1,081+ views
    The Heritage Foundation ^ | 28AUG06 | Nile Gardiner, Ph.D.
    The Anglo-American special relationship today faces one of its greatest challenges ever in rising British opposition to the United Kingdom’s close ties to the United States. The resurgent Conservative Party under David Cameron must do more to counter this change in public attitudes. British Conservatives should embrace their Party’s traditional pro-Atlanticist agenda and resist the temptation to adopt an anti-American foreign policy. The realistic alternative—spurning Washington in favor of closer ties to Brussels—threatens the effectiveness and leadership of both the United States and Great Britain on the world stage, as well as the progress of the war on terrorism. Changing...
  • Should the US Take a More Active Role in Cross Strait Relations?

    06/12/2006 11:36:56 AM PDT · by G. Stolyarov II · 194+ views
    ZhongHuaRising ^ | June 12, 2006 | Dr. Bill Belew
    The Committee of 100 survey that I have mentioned here in the past asked the question of the American general public and American opinion leaders - Should the US take a more active role in Cross Strait relations? Interestingly enough, the American general public and the American Opinion Leaders were about equal, with 44% saying the US should be more active. Just over half (52%) of the opinion leaders said, "no!", and just under half (47%) of the general public said, "no!" The majority opinion is for the US to mind its own business. One in ten persons in the...
  • First Thing that Comes to Mind for "China": #1-4

    06/11/2006 12:16:50 PM PDT · by G. Stolyarov II · 1 replies · 251+ views
    ZhongHuaRising ^ | June 11, 2006 | Dr. Bill Belew
    The Committee of 100 survey that I have mentioned here in the past asked the question of American opinion leaders - What is the first thing that comes to mind when you hear "China?" 4. Human/religious/civil rights - 16% (This is the percentage of the US population that are treehuggers and activists.) 3. Communism - 16% (They think this means everyone eating off of the same table and sharing the car.) 2. Population - 40% (Finally someone realizes that China has something the rest of the world doesn't - the largest population in the world) and.... 1. Economic growth -...