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  • Shoppers fight over TVs, tablets and BARBIES in Thanksgiving havoc

    11/27/2014 9:11:05 PM PST · by traumer · 40 replies
    Scuffles between shoppers have been breaking out across the country as bargain hunters fight over TVs, tablets and even Barbie dolls during the first of the holiday sales. Many big-box stores opened early Thursday night, in an attempt to dilute the chaos of Black Friday - the day after Thanksgiving when stores usually start their reductions for the season. But several videos have now surfaced online showing that even on a holiday dedicated to sharing, some people will turn against each other to save money. One of the videos uploaded to YouTube Thursday night, show a handful of men and...
  • I am Trying to Buy a Tablet and Need Some Freeper Tech Advice.

    11/29/2014 2:36:10 PM PST · by Chickensoup · 77 replies
    11.29.14 | chickensoup
    Hello Freepers. Chickensoup is spending money again. I have to do a tech upgrade. I am buying a tablet! The little ones that people use when they don't want to be tied to the big one. So, I have decided what tablet to buy, it is an Asus Transformer 10inch. 64K and most likely with the 500 GB in the keyboard. However there seems to be versions upon versions and no one to talk to. The nice boy at Best Buy kept pointing to the one he had and said that was the one to buy. At Amazon there seems...
  • Nokia re-enters consumer electronics with 7.9-inch iPad mini knockoff

    11/19/2014 11:35:22 AM PST · by Swordmaker · 75 replies
    MacDailyNews ^ | Tuesday, November 18, 2014 · 12:54 pm
    “Just months after selling its ailing handsets business to Microsoft, the Finnish company is planning to go back into the consumer market with a new tablet,” Matti Huuhtanen reports for The Associated Press. “It will launch a 7.9-inch device early next year in China, the world’s biggest market, before selling it elsewhere.” “The device will be manufactured by Foxconn, which makes Apple’s handsets. And it will operate Android instead of the Windows software Nokia used on its cellphones when it began a partnership with Microsoft in 2011. That partnership ended unsuccessfully — in April, Nokia sold its cellphones unit to...
  • Microsoft's Surface turns first profit in 2 years

    10/26/2014 7:48:58 PM PDT · by SeekAndFind · 49 replies
    MIS Asia ^ | 10/26/2014 | Gregg Keizer
    After two years and nearly $2 billion in losses, Microsoft's Surface turned a profit in the September quarter, the company said Thursday. For the three months ending Sept. 30, Microsoft recorded $908 million in revenue for the Surface tablet line, an increase of 127% over the same quarter in 2013. The nearly one billion in revenue was a one-quarter record for the Surface, and beat the combined revenue of the previous two quarters. Using information in Microsoft's filing with the U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC), as well as data from earlier quarters, Computerworld calculated the quarter's cost of that...
  • Microsoft Surface Pro 3 becomes $150 cheaper... for students

    08/11/2014 10:57:00 AM PDT · by SeekAndFind · 11 replies
    Tech Times ^ | 08/11/2014 | Christian Bautista
    Microsoft is looking to profit from the back-to-school shopping season by introducing a temporary price drop on all versions of the Surface Pro 3. The discount cuts the price of the cheapest Surface Pro 3 model from $799 to $649. The entry level model has an Intel i3 processor, 64 GB of storage and 4GB of RAM. The $150 discount is also being implemented on the $999, $1,299 and $1,549 versions of the device. The $999 variant has Intel Core i5 processor, 128 GB of storage and 4GB of RAM. The $1,299 version has an Intel i5 processor, 256GB of...
  • Is A Digital Bible Less Holy? U.S. Officials Increasingly Sworn In On Tablets

    07/14/2014 5:51:21 PM PDT · by Olog-hai · 27 replies
    Fox News Latino ^ | July 14, 2014 | Hillary Vaughn
    It was called the wave of the future—the recently tapped U.S. ambassador to Switzerland was sworn in last month with her hand not on a paper Bible, but on top of a Kindle. Techies called it revolutionary and applauded Suzi Levine for making history. But she wasn’t the only one who went high-tech when she took the oath of office. A county executive from Long Island, N.Y., used the Bible app on an iPad to be sworn in last year and a few months ago a group of firefighters from New Jersey huddled around a Kindle Bible when they took...
  • Psst! Wanna Buy a Windows Tablet for Just $199?

    05/27/2014 11:15:43 AM PDT · by SeekAndFind · 20 replies
    Mashable ^ | 05/27/2014 | Pete Pachal
    If you think Windows tablets are too darn expensive, Toshiba wants a word with you. The company's latest tablets, called Encore 2, run full Windows 8.1 and start at just $199. For that price, you get an 8-inch tablet with 1,280 x 800 resolution and a quad-core processor. It's powered by a quad-core Atom chip with 1GB of RAM, and there's 32GB of storage, which you can augment with a microSD card. Battery life is rated at up to 10 hours, and Toshiba offers a 10-inch version with almost exactly the same specs for $269. To hit those price points,...
  • Microsoft announces 12-inch Surface Pro 3, 'the tablet that can replace your laptop'

    05/20/2014 10:16:19 AM PDT · by SeekAndFind · 49 replies
    PC World ^ | 05/20/2014 | Brad Chacos
    It turns out that support page name-checking the Surface Pro 3 wasn't a typo after all. On Tuesday, Microsoft announced the all-new Surface Pro 3, but this version is more than a mere spec boost over the Surface Pro 2: It's a whole new entry in the Surface lineup, and one designed "to replace your laptop." The Surface Pro 3 blends full Core i7 power—Surface head Panos Panay calls it "the thinnest Core product ever created," designed in close conjunction with Intel—with true tablet sleekness, sheer screen size aside. The Surface Pro 3 measures in at a mere 0.35-inch thick...
  • Here's My Theory For Why Tablet-Market Growth Just Collapsed ...

    05/12/2014 12:58:10 PM PDT · by SeekAndFind · 55 replies
    Business Insider ^ | 05/12/2014
    As recently as a couple of quarters ago, analysts were convinced that tablet growth rates would be stratospheric forever, or at least until a few billion people had one.Apple, it was said, was no longer going to be "the iPhone company." It was going to be "the iPad company." And analysts were frantically calculating how much money Apple was going to coin once it was selling more iPads than iPhones.Well, those forecasts aren't looking so promising anymore.Tablet growth has slowed sharply over the past few quarters. And tablet growth at Apple has hit a wall. BII Business Insider Analysts have...
  • opinion/feedback on best budget tablet?

    05/01/2014 9:14:21 AM PDT · by NewJerseyJoe · 20 replies
    self | 5/1/14 | NewJerseyJoe
    Asking for opinions on the best budget tablet. Something big enough for me to work on -- i.e., be able to type easily and see the display without holding it six inches from my face. Not worried about communications -- as long as it's got WiFi built in (which I'm sure they all do), I can use my cellphone as a mobile hotspot to transfer/send files. This is intended to be a replacement for a working laptop/notebook. And again -- "budget" is the keyword. Thanks all!.
  • Why buy a tablet? (chat)

    04/03/2014 2:18:32 AM PDT · by F15Eagle · 335 replies
    today | me
    OK, why should I buy a tablet or iPad? Just want to have some more mobile computing and run a few apps. Buffet's NFM has an iPad mini for $200. Would you recommend this or another tablet? This is a new area for me so I need some input if I'm gonna do it. Thanks in advance.
  • Carrying a Tablet (Kindle, Ipad, Nexus,etc) While Male.

    02/05/2014 12:10:08 PM PST · by madison10 · 121 replies
    Maddie10 | 2/5/2014 | Maddie10
    Okay, I need to know this BEFORE I give my husband his tablet for...all the gifts for the next year. Purchased a tablet for him because he will be spending time with his dad who is in a care center/home bound about an hour from our house. Only internet access for him will be at the care center and husband needs something to bide his time. How does a guy transport a tablet from place to place? I have a purse, obviously transport is NOT an issue. What sort of bag, luggage, case, does a guy use and not look...
  • Nexus 7

    01/26/2014 8:18:52 PM PST · by killermosquito · 28 replies
    Free Republic ^ | 01/26/2014 | killermosquito
    I just purchased a Nexus 7. Any freepers own one? Do you have any suggestions?
  • Ancient tablet suggests Noah’s Ark was round

    01/24/2014 4:52:19 PM PST · by Libloather · 58 replies
    NY Post ^ | 1/24/14 | Jill Lawless
    LONDON — It was a vast boat that saved two of each animal and a handful of humans from a catastrophic flood. But forget all those images of a long vessel with a pointy bow — the original Noah’s Ark, new research suggests, was round. A recently deciphered 4,000-year-old tablet from ancient Mesopotamia — modern-day Iraq — reveals striking new details about the roots of the Old Testament tale of Noah. It tells a similar story, complete with detailed instructions for building a giant round vessel known as a coracle — as well as the key instruction that animals should...
  • IPad Air- anyone have it?11

    11/09/2013 9:08:28 PM PST · by Hildy · 43 replies
    I have had an IPad 2 for years. It is literally crumbling. The IPad Air is pricey, and I have been checking other Tablets. Anyone have any thoughts? Thank you.
  • iPad Air vs. Windows Surface Pro 2: Which Is Right for Your Business?

    11/10/2013 7:00:21 AM PST · by SeekAndFind · 80 replies
    Business News Daily ^ | 10/23/2013 | Sara Angeles
    It's the battle of the tablets. Just as Apple unveiled the ultrathin iPad Air with Retina Display, Microsoft officially released the Surface Pro 2. Although both are excellent tablets for small businesses, each device has its own set of capabilities. Whereas the iPad Air is strictly an iOS tablet in form and function, the Surface Pro 2 is a versatile, Windows-powered hybrid machine that can be used as a tablet, laptop or desktop computer. To help you choose which tablet is right for your business, we've compared the iPad Air and the Surface Pro 2.
  • 'Nail down the tongue': 1,700-year-old lead tablet inscribed with a curse written by magician

    10/24/2013 5:44:17 PM PDT · by Dysart · 17 replies
    Daily Mail ^ | 10-24-13 | Sarah Griffiths
    A 1,700-year-old lead tablet with a violent curse inscribed upon it has been discovered by archaeologists in Jerusalem. Found in a wrecked Roman villa, the 'magical tablet' is thought to have been created by a magician. The curse, written in Greek, which calls for help from six gods to punish a man called Iennys, is believed to play a role in a bitter legal dispute and was ordered by a woman named Kyrilla...'While the words might be purely metaphorical, it seems more likely that Kyrilla actually used a hammer and nail(s) while carrying out a magical rite designed to enhance...
  • Berlin museum seeks return of ancient gold tablet

    10/16/2013 7:27:03 AM PDT · by Theoria · 25 replies
    AP ^ | 16 Oct 2013 | Michael Virtanen
    Berlin antiquities museum wants Holocaust survivor's family to return ancient gold tablet A Holocaust survivor's family urged New York's highest court Tuesday to let them keep an ancient gold tablet that their late father somehow obtained in Germany after World War II. Attorney Steven Schlesinger argued that the estate of Riven Flamenbaum has a legal claim, whether the native of Poland bought the relic from a Russian soldier or simply took it to compensate for losing his family at Auschwitz, the concentration camp where he spent several years. "Under the Soviet rules at the time, there was permission to pillage...
  • Microsoft unveils Surface Pro 2 tablet, Windows 8.1 and 'faster than 95 per cent of laptops'

    09/23/2013 8:23:13 AM PDT · by SeekAndFind · 37 replies
    Pocket Lint ^ | 09/23/2013 | By Rik Henderson
    Microsoft has announced the Surface Pro 2 as part of its New York tablet-centric press event. According to the company, it is "faster than 95 per cent of laptops on the market today". Microsoft claims that it's actually a full PC in a tablet's body and the screen is 50 per cent more accurate in colour reproduction than the last model so can be used by design professionals more effectively. The company claims that it performs 20 per cent faster, with a 50 per cent hike in graphical ability. When coupled with a new Power Cover, the whole device gets...
  • How Chromecast fundamentally changed how my family watches TV

    09/14/2013 6:21:29 AM PDT · by InterceptPoint · 83 replies ^ | September 3, 2013 | Cory Bergman
    As soon as Google unveiled Chromecast, I was lucky enough to scoop up a couple of the $35 devices to connect the two TVs in our home. After a few weeks, it’s fundamentally changed how my family watches TV. It’s also changed some of my perceptions about the evolution of the “second screen.” Most of the TV viewing in our house is dominated by our kids. Ages 3 and 5, they immediately grasped how to “cast” their Netflix shows from our phones (iPhone and Nexus 4) and iPads to either TV. After all, they were already watching Netflix on their...
  • PengPod Claims It Will Transform PC & Tablet World

    09/11/2013 12:52:44 PM PDT · by Ernest_at_the_Beach · 4 replies
    Phoronix ^ | September 09, 2013 | by Michael Larabel
    PengPod, a low-quantity Linux tablet vendor, released the PengPod 1040 tablet today that they claim will "transform the PC and Tablet world by merging both elegantly together to fit any lifestyle." But will it really pan out? The company claims their latest tablet will transform the PC and tablet worlds since it can effectively dual-boot between Android and Linaro/Ubuntu on ARM. This way, you can enjoy Android apps and then reboot and gain access to your normal Ubuntu (desktop-focused) apps -- not too different from Canonical's failed Ubuntu Edge campaign with a smart-phone dual-booting Ubuntu and Android. PengPod also...
  • Court rules state can’t prove Jehoash Tablet fake

    08/10/2013 8:13:33 PM PDT · by 2ndDivisionVet · 8 replies
    Haaretz ^ | August 10, 2013 | Nir Hasson
    The Jehoash Tablet is a stone bearing an inscription in ancient Hebrew describing the renovation of the First Temple by the Jehoash, King of Judea. If it is authentic, it is one of the most important archaeological discoveries of the last century. But for many years, in one of the most complex cases ever to come before an Israeli courts, the state has claimed that it was a fake. The Jerusalem District Court has ruled that the state failed to prove that the tablet was a fake, paving the way for the defendant, antiquities collector Oded Golan, to be cleared...
  • Tablet Preferences

    08/01/2013 2:13:59 PM PDT · by pfflier · 31 replies
    My wife and I are considering a tablet after deciding that a smart phone is overkill for our needs. We are looking to spend $200-$300. My wife likes to read alot and we are primarily looking for something that we can use, on the road, much like a windows platform lap top.Given that criteria I lean towards a Kindle from what I've read. But, as always experience of Freepers is always welcome and always seems to cover bases we haven't considered.
  • Windows 8.1 vs. Apple: Twofer or tablet?

    07/01/2013 12:20:39 PM PDT · by SeekAndFind · 15 replies
    C/NET ^ | 07/01/2013 | Brooke Crothers
    Will new Windows 8.1 hybrids finally expose the iPad for what it really is, a mere tablet? That's what Microsoft CEO Steve Ballmer suggested this week. When speaking at the company's Build Conference on Wednesday, he described in colorful -- and maybe just a tad exaggerated -- terms how tablets don't measure up to laptops (or even pencil and paper). Enter the "2-in-1," as Microsoft likes to call hybrids. During his keynote presentation, Ballmer brandished the Lenovo ThinkPad Helix as an example of a 2-in-1 he has used. The Helix can be a pure tablet or can snap into a...
  • The Riddle Of The Labyrinth: The Quest To Break An Ancient Code

    06/30/2013 2:47:37 PM PDT · by OddLane · 57 replies
    NPR ^ | Jume 30, 2013 | NPR Staff
    Critics have called Margalit Fox's new book, The Riddle of the Labyrinth, a paleographic detective procedural. It follows the story of the laborious quest to crack a mysterious script, unearthed in Crete in 1900, known by the sterile-sounding name Linear B. Fox, an obituary writer for The New York Times, is good at bringing the departed to life. In The Riddle of the Labyrinth, she tells the story of Alice Kober, a classics professor at Brooklyn College, who worked alone over decades and discovered the essential grammar of Linear B, only to die in 1950 before she could complete her...
  • US Historical Documents (like e-Bible) for android tablet?

    06/27/2013 7:53:17 PM PDT · by madison10 · 12 replies
    self | june 27, 2013 | madison10
    Is there an app-type of software for android sort of like the Bible ones, but of USA historical documents? I don't necessarily mean an app per se, but documents all in one place. Thanks.
  • This Is Windows 8's Answer To The iPad Mini

    06/03/2013 9:10:45 AM PDT · by SeekAndFind · 30 replies
    Business Insider ^ | 06/03/2013 | Steve Kovach
    It's Acer's new 8-inch Windows 8 tablet, the Iconia W3, which the company just announced today. The W3 runs a full version of Windows 8 on an Intel processor, meaning it's compatible with older Windows apps in addition to the new touch-friendly Windows 8 apps. It'll cost $379 when it goes on sale in the US, but there's no release date yet. (Apple's iPad Mini, which is a bit smaller and an only run tablet-optimized apps, starts at $329.) Acer also didn't mention how much storage the US version will come with. Other specs and features: An optional Bluetooth keyboard....
  • Windows 8.1: Five Hopeful Signs

    05/19/2013 12:58:39 PM PDT · by SeekAndFind · 74 replies
    Information Week ^ | 05/19/2013 | Michael Endler
    Research firm Forrester says IT isn't interested in Windows 8, and that the platform's success relies on consumers and BYOD. Given that consumers aren't exactly embracing the new OS, Win8's prospects are easy to dismiss -- so much so that Frank X. Shaw, Redmond's VP of corporate communications, recently felt compelled to reprimand the media for its emphatically bleak appraisal of his company's plight. But here's the thing: Shaw could be right. Windows 8's consumer appeal is about to get a major upgrade. An important note: this prediction presupposes that the OS's usability issues are addressed in Windows 8.1, a...
  • BILL GATES ON THE IPAD: 'A Lot Of Those Users Are Frustrated'

    05/06/2013 7:32:02 AM PDT · by SeekAndFind · 87 replies
    Business Insider ^ | 05/06/2013 | Jay Yarrow
    Bill Gates took a shot at the iPad while explaining Microsoft's rationale for the Surface this morning on CNBC. He was asked about the declining PC market. He said that tablets are growing in popularity, and it's "going to be harder and harder to distinguish products" that are PCs versus tablets. The Surface, he says, brings the "portability of the tablet but the richness of the PC." He then said of people using iPad-like devices, "A lot of those users are frustrated, they can't type, they can't create documents, they don't have Office there." While some people are frustrated by...
  • Computer scientists design new keyboard layout on touch screen devices (w/ video)

    04/18/2013 10:46:06 AM PDT · by Red Badger · 22 replies
    Phys.Org ^ | 17 April 2013 | Staff / Provided by Max Planck Society
    The research team of Antti Oulasvirta at the Max Planck Institute for Informatics has created a new keyboard called KALQ that enables faster thumb-typing on touchscreen devices. They used computational optimization techniques in conjunction with a model of thumb movement to search among millions of potential layouts before identifying one that yields superior performance. A user study confirmed that, after a short amount of practice, users could type 34% faster than they could with a QWERTY layout. Typing on today's mobile phones and tablets is needlessly slow. One limitation is that the QWERTY layout is ill-suited for tablets and other...
  • Vanity: what is the best Android tablet

    04/04/2013 10:51:07 AM PDT · by SeaHawkFan · 28 replies
    4/4/2013 | Seahawkfan
    I have an IPad2 but am looking for an android tablet. Which one is the best?
  • Rumor: Microsoft Is Slashing The Price Of Windows For Tablets To Fight Android

    04/02/2013 6:57:09 AM PDT · by SeekAndFind · 44 replies
    Business Insider ^ | 04/02/2013 | Jay Yarrow
    Microsoft is rumored to cut the price of Windows 8 for tablets by 35-40 percent, according to Topeka Capital analyst Brian White. White is on a "China-Taiwan Technology Tour" talking to people in the industry. Currently, according to White's source, the tablet price for Windows is the same as the desktop/laptop pricing. If Microsoft is going to compete with Android, which is taking over the world, it needs to lower its price. Google's software is free. And it's just as good, if not better than, Windows on a tablet. Since consumers aren't clamoring to buy Windows-based tablets, there's little reason...
  • Windows Surface Tablet sales aren't dominating, and that's OK with Microsoft's Ballmer

    02/26/2013 8:01:42 AM PST · by SeekAndFind · 15 replies
    PC World ^ | 02/25/2013 | Jared Newman
    PC makers may not be satisfied with Windows 8 hardware sales, but at least they needn't worry about Microsoft's Surface tablets swallowing the industry whole. According to AdDuplex, Microsoft's Surface RT only accounts for 6.8 percent of Windows 8/RT devices, at least among those that accessed the firm's cross-promotion ad network. That's still good for the top slot, however, with the HP Pavilion G6 proving to be the second most-popular device with a 4.2 percent share. The Intel Core i5-packing Surface Pro was barely a blip, ranking as the 52nd-most common Windows 8 device. Keep in mind that AdDuplex's stats...
  • Microsoft Surface More Profitable Than Apple iPad!

    11/09/2012 9:34:54 AM PST · by SeekAndFind · 10 replies
    Motley Fool ^ | 11/09/2012 | Tim Brugger
    By most indications, Microsoft's (Nasdaq: MSFT  ) foray into hardware is meeting, if not exceeding, expectations. Of course, you'll never hear that from CEO Steve Ballmer, and by extension the rest of Microsoft's management team. Ballmer is notoriously hush-hush about sales results, and not just those pertaining to Microsoft's new Surface tablet; most anything to do with what he views as "predictions" are taboo.For example, when the Wall Street Journal asked about early sales of Microsoft's Surface a week or so back, his response was vintage Ballmer, "Numerically there's not really much that's interesting to report. If you were to call...
  • Why Microsoft's Surface Tablet is my new favorite device

    10/31/2012 1:33:52 PM PDT · by SmokingJoe · 32 replies
    Tgdaily ^ | October 31, 2012 | Rob Enderle
    I’ve been playing around with Microsoft's Surface tablet for several days now and suddenly realized that I’m using it very differently than any other tablet or laptop I’ve ever owned. It seemed to come to me naturally, but this little device has really improved the quality of my life. Personally, I think Surface represents more than just a new product and should be pereceived as the beginning of a new way of blending work and play. Then again, it may not come as naturally to many of you and I think that aspect of Surface deserves some further discussion. Working...
  • Five reasons why Windows 8 has Apple and Google beaten. Microsoft will win the tablet war

    10/28/2012 6:20:02 AM PDT · by SeekAndFind · 104 replies
    TechRadar ^ | 10/28/2012 | By Jeremy Laird
    Microsoft is onto something. With Windows 8 it's better positioned than both Apple and Google to ride the coming laptop-tablet convergence wave.It might even eventually give Microsoft a shot at the all-important smartphone market. To understand why, let's count the ways in which Windows 8 is best.1. Tablet-laptop convergence Laptops and tablets are converging. And only Microsoft has an OS that's fit for that coming unification of devices.Apple has no convergence strategy at this time. That's because it fiercely guards product-specific profit streams and just doesn't go in for making things that cannibalise its own sales.So, Mac Mini is hobbled...
  • Microsoft Surface Tablet already backordered in US, sells out in UK

    10/24/2012 1:15:02 PM PDT · by SeekAndFind · 4 replies
    Christian Science Monitor ^ | 10/24/2012 | Matthew Shaer
    Ordered a Microsoft Surface tablet? You may not see it for several weeks. Although Microsoft is expected to officially start selling its Windows 8-powered tablet later this week, demand for the device has reportedly been high in the US, and delivery of many pre-ordered Surfaces has been pushed back for several weeks. Meanwhile, according to ZDNet, in England, the 32GB Surface, which retails for Ł399 has sold out completely. (Other models appear to still be available.) In a statement obtained by CNET, Microsoft said that consumers unable to order a Surface online could go to a brick-and-mortar Microsoft outlet, where...
  • Microsoft Stores issuing Surface Tablet launch day reservations

    10/19/2012 7:21:46 AM PDT · by SeekAndFind · 3 replies
    Slash Gear ^ | 10/19/2012 | Chris Davies
    Microsoft Stores are reportedly taking reservations for the company's Surface tablet, promising to hold stock for eager early-adopters hoping to pick up one of the Windows RT slates on Friday next week. The voucher, apparently being handed out at Microsoft Stores and pop-up stores according to WPCentral, is only valid on October 26 and doesn't appear to specify which Surface it can be exchanged for.That would apparently mean that even those with reservation passes may need to get to their local store early if they want to be confident of snagging the Surface bundle of their choice. Microsoft will be...
  • Microsoft runs out of $499 Surface RT Tablets for pre-orders (Delivery time slips to 3 weeks)

    10/17/2012 10:45:45 AM PDT · by SeekAndFind · 4 replies
    Computer World ^ | 10/17/2012 | By Gregg Keizer
    Microsoft has exhausted its initial supply of the lowest-priced Surface RT tablet, which now is backordered by three weeks. On Wednesday, the company's pre-order website noted, "Order now for shipment within 3 weeks" for the $499 32GB tablet. That model lacks a cover-cum-keyboard. Microsoft yesterday kicked off pre-orders for the Surface RT, its first entry into tablet design and manufacturing. The Surface RT comes in three configurations: a 32GB model at $499, a 32GB device with a Touch Cover for $599, and a 64GB model with that same cover at $699. Touch Covers are also available separately for $119.99, and...
  • Microsoft Disappoints With Surface Tablet Price And Misses Bigger Opportunity

    10/16/2012 3:03:19 PM PDT · by SeekAndFind · 17 replies
    Silicon Beat ^ | 10/16/2012 | CHRIS O'BRIEN
    A few weeks ago, I urged Microsoft to shake up the tablet market by selling Surface at a radically low price: $150 or less. Crazy? Perhaps. But I wasn’t alone. Vivek Wadhwa made a similar argument here.So it was disappointing today to see the company announce the starting price of $499. Sure, it puts it in range with Apple’s iPad. But it feels timid. It feels like a price that says: What’s the lowest we can go to match Apple? Microsoft seems to be betting that it will win on features when consumers compare the iPad to the Surface...
  • AMD's Hondo Z-Series APU To Challenge Intel's Atom In Windows 8 Tablet Market

    10/09/2012 12:38:48 PM PDT · by Ernest_at_the_Beach · 3 replies ^ | Tuesday, October 09, 2012 | Joel Hruska
    AMD is launching its first tablet-optimized APU today, in a bid to challenge Intel's de facto dominance of the Windows 8 tablet market. Dubbed Hondo, the new Z-60 draws less power than any Brazos-based part AMD has launched before. Some of you may remember that AMD launched a tablet processor last year, but the Z-01 -- codenamed Desna -- was an ordinary Brazos core that binned well enough to run within a lower power envelope. It was more a proof-of-concept chip, meant to demonstrate that AMD could, and would, compete in the tablet market. Hondo, in contrast, is a new...
  • How Windows 8 will shake up the laptop market: Here's what you need to know

    09/22/2012 9:45:18 AM PDT · by SeekAndFind · 17 replies
    CNET ^ | 09/22/2012 | Dan Ackerman
    How Windows 8 will shake up the laptop market Dozens of new laptops and tablets are coming with the Window 8 launch. Here's what you need to know ahead of time. by Dan Ackerman September 21, 2012 4:12 PM PDT Follow @danackerman Starting October 26, laptop shoppers will be inundated with a flood of new PCs designed around Microsoft's new operating system. In fact, I've counted about 50 new laptops, tablets, hybrids, convertibles, and all-in-ones on my back-of-the-envelope list already. Related stories Top-rated reviews of the week (pictures)Kindle Fire HD vs. iPadiPhone 5 matches monthlong sales figures for 4S in...
  • Amazon Launches New Kindle As Tablet Wars Heat Up

    09/06/2012 11:20:26 AM PDT · by KingOfVagabonds · 40 replies
    CNBC ^ | 9/6/12 | Cadie Thompson
    The new mobile device is thinner than the Kindle Touch, and features a battery life of up to eight weeks, and is priced at $179. The Kindle Paperwhite is 9mm thin, or about a third of an inch, and weighs 7.5 ounces.
  • Microsoft tablet partners announced amid rumors of $199 Surface

    08/15/2012 8:36:37 AM PDT · by SeekAndFind · 8 replies
    Washington Post ^ | 08/15/2012 | By Hayley Tsukayama
    <p>As we get closer to the launch of Microsoft’s new version of Windows, a clearer picture is emerging about what the tablet landscape will look like at launch.</p> <p>We already know about the flagship Windows tablet, of course: Microsoft’s own Surface, which Engadget recently reported may have a price tag of $199. That would put the company in a very good position to sell against Google’s Nexus 7, Amazon’s Kindle Fire and, most importantly, Apple’s iPad.</p>
  • Australian CIOs sold on Microsoft's Surface tablet

    07/09/2012 7:06:08 PM PDT · by SmokingJoe · 13 replies
    ZDNET ^ | July 8, 2012 | Suzanne Tindal
    Australian chief information officers (CIOs) have been impressed with Microsoft's answer to the iPad — the Microsoft Surface — which was announced last month. Two tablet variants have been announced; one running Windows RT on an Nvidia ARM processor, and the other running Windows 8 Pro on an Intel Core i5 system. Both devices have a 10.6-inch display employing Corning Gorilla Glass 2. Because Microsoft is so late to the market with its tablet — the iPad was launched in 2010 — it has been stated that the Surface's only chance of success is in the business market, which will...
  • Google Confirms $199 Asus Nexus 7 Android Tablet

    06/27/2012 11:31:47 AM PDT · by aft_lizard · 29 replies
    Toms Hardware ^ | 6/27/2012 | Jane McEntegart
    Google has officially unveiled its very first own-brand tablet. We've been hearing rumors about a Google/Asus tablet collaboration for several months now. Today, at Google I/O, the search giant confirmed its partnership with Asus and showed off the fruits of their combined labor: The Asus Nexus 7.
  • Microsoft Surface Tablet: 10 Coolest Features

    06/25/2012 8:17:09 AM PDT · by SmokingJoe · 116 replies
    informationweek ^ | 06/22/2012 | Jeff Bertolucci
    -------snip------- Built-In Kickstand: Microsoft believes a stand should be an integral part of a tablet's design. (Take that, iPad!) The Surface's built-in kickstand is made of the same sturdy VaporMg material--more on this later--that encases the slate. "The hinge design is like that of the finest luxury car," said Microsoft's Steven Sinofsky, sounding a bit like a car salesman. The stand does look ideal for landscape-mode viewing. But how well will it work in portrait mode? Skinny Genes: You've gotta be thin to compete with the iPad. The Surface for Windows RT is 9.3 millimeters thick--or "thin," as the marketing...
  • Microsoft's new tablet: the great copier surfaces again

    06/23/2012 10:56:13 PM PDT · by trekdown · 18 replies
    FOX News Network, LLC. ^ | June 19, 2012 | John R. Quain
    ... The market may not need a Windows tablet, but Microsoft desperately does. The company has been steadily -- some might say, inexorably -- falling behind in the new era of computing, the era in which the ability to easily access information is more important than the operating system or computing device we use to do it. Microsoft still hasn't understood this, failing to become a significant force in smartphones or tablets, mainly because it's working from an outdated model of being the Great Copier. Microsoft has always mimicked other technologies, from graphical interfaces to Web browsing to financial software....
  • Microsoft Surface: the first serious iPad competitor? (Targeting the corporate tablet market)

    06/23/2012 9:11:37 PM PDT · by SeekAndFind · 8 replies
    CS Monitor ^ | 06/22/2012 | Husna Haq
    Watch out, Apple. Microsoft’s mystery announcement is out of the bag and it’s giving the iPad a run for its money. Microsoft CEO Steve Ballmer unveiled Microsoft Surface, a new tablet that heads a “whole new family of Microsoft computing devices,” Ballmer announced at the mystery event at the Milk Studios in Hollywood, Calif., Monday afternoon. From what we’ve seen and heard, the Surface tablet is perhaps the first serious competitor to Apple’s iPad tablet. What’s more, it’s got the capability of a PC – as good for creating content as it is for consuming, according to Ballmer’s highly anticipated...
  • Want to try the Surface Tablet? Find a Microsoft store, if you can

    06/23/2012 9:03:28 PM PDT · by SeekAndFind · 17 replies
    CNET ^ | 06/22/2012 | by Brooke Crothers
    Microsoft Store in Century City, Calif. Finding a local Microsoft Store will be a challenge for hands-on consumers looking to try out the Surface tablet. (Credit: Brooke Crothers)After all of the hoopla this week, you would think the Surface tablet was the end of the PC industry as we know it. Not so fast, say analysts. What we know so far is that Surface will be sold through Microsoft Stores only in the U.S. -- the online store and brick-and-mortar outlets. Ever been to a Microsoft Store? Didn't think so. There just aren't that many. I count about 20. Compare...