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  • Orly Taitz files third lawsuit in federal court [Brownsville, TX]

    03/26/2015 3:24:52 AM PDT · by SvenMagnussen · 66 replies
    Valley Morning Star ^ | March 25, 2015 | EMMA PEREZ-TREVIÑO
    California dentist and attorney Orly Taitz has filed a third lawsuit in federal court in Brownsville to stop what she says is the granting of bogus asylum and refugee status to undocumented immigrants and to stop the government from, as she alleges, helping people engaged in identify theft. The latest civil lawsuit, filed Wednesday, has been assigned to Senior U.S. District Judge Hilda G. Tagle. Taitz filed the lawsuit against Internal Revenue Service Commissioner John Koskinen, Acting Commission of the Social Security Administration Carolyn Colvin, Secretary of Homeland Security Jeh Johnson, President Barack Obama, John Does who steal Social Security...
  • Shock: Fmr Breitbart Journo Did Extensive DNA Research; Will Destroy Obama’s Legacy!?

    06/17/2014 12:50:47 PM PDT · by Mozilla · 184 replies
    birtherreport ^ | May 21, 2014 | Birther Report
    Shock: Fmr. Breitbart Journo Did Extensive DNA Research; Will Destroy Obama’s Legacy!? Another update on the Breitbart News Network Obama ID fraud cover-up scandal. As reported here some Obots started probing investigative journalist Charles C Johnson about the claims BNN refused to publish his Obama findings. It was reported here that Johnson was hired by Andrew Breitbart to debunk the Birther issue. Dr. Orly Taitz reports: Update 3 the reason Writer Charles C. Johnson is not talking now, is because he is writing a book and preparing to launch a website A number of Obama operatives where questioning, why...
  • Taitz: “I feel vindicated could not confirm his (Obama) identity.

    12/24/2013 5:54:46 PM PST · by Texas Eagle · 65 replies ^ | 12/24/13 | Paul Preston
    December 24, 2013 By Paul Preston, New StreaMedia News On Paul Preston’s Agenda 21 Radio Dr. Orly Taitz today Orly Taitz expressed her complete joy at being vindicated by the Obama administration when it was reported by FOX News Ed Henry that could not verify his (Obama’s) identity when they went to sign up the resident foe ObamaCare. See the video below: •From Fox News’ Ed Henry, via GWP: “We learned today from the White House. Initially, they said he signed up for what they called a bronze plan, paying about four hundred dollars a month in premiums. But,...
  • Exclusive: Lawyer Files Request For Fuddy Autopsy

    12/19/2013 4:28:33 AM PST · by WhiskeyX · 10 replies
    The Western Center for Journalism ^ | December 18, 2013 | B. Christopher Agee
    The continuing saga surrounding Barack Obama’s birth certificate once again moved to the forefront when the woman responsible for authenticating the document died in a plane crash off of Hawaii’s coast recently. She was the only passenger – out of a reported nine total people on board – to die in the crash. Dr. Orly Taitz, an attorney who has filed numerous lawsuits related to the birth certificate issue, is behind an effort to obtain a copy of Fuddy’s autopsy. In an exclusive interview with the Western Center for Journalism, she cited several pieces of anecdotal evidence she believes refute...
  • State Health Director only person that said she saw “typewritten Obama birth certificate” was killed

    12/13/2013 5:14:00 AM PST · by WhiskeyX · 93 replies
    SyndicatedNews ^ | December 12, 2013 at 7:35 am | SyndicatedNews
    Loretta Fuddy is dead after a plane crash off of Molokai island in Hawaii yesterday. Out of the 9 people on the plane, the only one that died was Loretta Fuddy, who was the director of Hawaii’s Health Department. [….] She claimed to have personally seen the original typewritten birth certificate with her own eyes and that it would remain secured but not publicized and that the “copy” would be offered instead. A subpeona was issued to compel her to produce the original and the debable has been up in the air ever since. Yesterday, another forged birth certificate was...
  • Whistleblower: Obama Was Indonesian Citizen & Given Financial Aid...

    08/08/2013 6:41:27 AM PDT · by yoe · 64 replies
    Freedom Outpost ^ | August 7, 2013 | Tim Brown
    Dr. Orly Taitz has been pushing the Barack Obama eligibility issue for some time now. She has sought to go specifically through the court system and back in February she attempted to (Obama Eligibility Case Requested To Move To Oral Arguments At US Supreme Court) move to oral arguments on Obama’s eligibility to hold the office of president of the United States. She is also one that ( questions the motives) of Sheriff Joe Arpaio and Mike Zullo in their investigation. In June she presented
  • Orly Taitz: Obama used the SS number of a dead woman!

    03/29/2013 11:27:31 AM PDT · by wesagain · 83 replies ^ | Mar 28, 2013 | Orly Taitz
    VIDEO EMBEDDED AT WEBPAGECommentary.....There is something very fishy going on when the media supresses all the really bad things our president is doing and has done in his past. It's like he has something on them and they won't do the job that they have always done in the past about getting the facts out to We the People . Some of the brainwashed voters are now seeing the light , and it's a very bright light of warning.. take heed America! something Ain't Right here !! When he talks about having something to hide I think he is warning...
  • Pamela Geller Shouts Down Orly Taitz At CPAC Panel. (Told She Was Being "Inappropriate")

    Taitz interrupted the panel with birther questions, but was told she was being "inappropriate" During a panel on Islam and national security by CPAC’s “Uninvited” anti-Islam activists, birther queen Orly Tatiz interrupted the question and answer session by repeatedly asking about President Obama’s birth certificate, and demanding that the panel explain why it wasn’t addressing the topic. “I think there’s enough substance on this panel, I mean how many topics can you handle,” Pamela Geller, the blogger for Atlas Shrugged, shot back. “Inappropriate. really.” “We are not a birther site,” the moderator, from, told Taitz before she was shushed...
  • Did Supreme Court clerks fail to pass on Obama Conference information to 5 Justices?

    02/24/2013 6:02:20 AM PST · by IbJensen · 61 replies
    Coach Is Right ^ | 2/22/2013 | George Spelvin
    A stunning press release by Obama eligibility challenger, Attorney Orly Taitz is revealing “…clerks of the Supreme Court NEVER forwarded to five out of the nine justices one single page of pleadings nor the Supplemental Brief” so they could review details prior to last Friday’s (Feb. 15, 2013) conference! Her case, Noonan v. Bowen, (CA Secretary of State) seeks relief in the form of a stay of election results of the Presidential election of Barack Hussein Obama because of his lack of citizenship, problematic Birth Certificate posted on the internet, plus non verifiable Social Security and Selective Service records and...
  • SCOTUS Employees Caught withholding legal documents from Supreme Court Justices

    02/22/2013 3:19:19 PM PST · by lowbridge · 55 replies
  • Supreme Court rules on Obama forgery case

    02/18/2013 4:21:35 AM PST · by sopwith · 52 replies ^ | February 16, 2013 | Marv Dumon
    On Tuesday, Feb. 19, the Supreme Court of the United States will announce its decision on whether or not Barack Obama should have been placed on the California ballot during the 2008 presidential elections. On Friday, the nation's highest court released a list of granted petitions which indicates that it has rejected arguments that Obama used forged IDs in order to to run for political office, actions that are considered a felony.
  • Breaking: 1940 Census Shows Obama Alias Harrison Bounel Born 1890; Ties To Connecticut

    01/19/2013 8:42:17 AM PST · by Seizethecarp · 95 replies ^ | January 19, 2013 | Unattributed/Orly Taitz
    As reported here back in May of 2011 skip-tracer and debt collector Al Hendershot uncovered an alias tied to Barack Obama's Connecticut social security number and Michelle Obama. Dr. Orly Taitz found the 1940 New York Census at The image below is taken from that census which list Harry Bounel and also shows he was born in 1890. That is the same year connected to Obama's social security number. It's also reported Bounel lived in Connecticut at one point. Obama's social security number is a number reserved for CT applicants. Here are some excerpts from Dr. Taitz's blog on...
  • Obama eligibility challenge distributed by Chief Justice Roberts for conference before Supreme Court

    01/12/2013 10:07:42 AM PST · by Oldpuppymax · 40 replies
    Coach is Right ^ | 1/12/13 | George Spelvin
    A news release from Attorney Orly Taitz reveals Supreme Court Chief Justice John Roberts has distributed for a February 15th conference of the Court, Taitz’s Obama eligibility challenge of Noonan et al v Bowen. (5) The conference of the Court is intended to decide the merits of Ms. Taitz’s challenge to Obama’s eligibility to hold the office of President. The filed action will present evidence of the following: 1. Barack Obama used a last name not legally his 2. Obama permitted the use of a forged Selective Service application 3. Obama permitted the use of forged long form and short...
  • Amazing Words on Orly's Website-we need to pray for her

    01/10/2013 6:51:41 AM PST · by Be Careful · 60 replies
    Qoutes from History | 1/10/13
    "It is not the critic who counts; not the man who points out how the strong man stumbles, or where the doer of deeds could have done them better. The credit belongs to the man who is actually in the arena, whose face is marred by dust and sweat and blood; who strives valiantly; who errs, who comes short again and again, because there is no effort without error and shortcoming; but who does actually strive to do the deeds; who knows great enthusiasms, the great devotions; who spends himself in a worthy cause; who at the best knows in...
  • Supreme Court to hear case on Obama's alleged forged documents (Photos)

    01/11/2013 4:44:07 AM PST · by voicereason · 181 replies ^ | Jan 10, 2012 | Marc Dumon
    On Wednesday, Chief Justice John Roberts of the Supreme Court scheduled a birther case brought on by Orly Taitz which calls into question Barack Hussein Obama's eligibility to be president of the United States. Dr. Taitz, a lawyer from Santa Margarita, Calif., also made the announcement on her website on Jan. 9. As of this writing, major news networks such as ABC, Fox News, CBS, and NBC have yet to report on the high court's decision to review Barack Hussein Obama's eligibility to hold political office in the United States or any of its territories. The case is identified as...
  • Elector Challenge Against Obama - Jan. 3, 2013, 2 p.m. PDT

    01/03/2013 8:04:31 AM PST · by TruthInThoughtWordAndDeed · 33 replies
    Defend Our Freedoms Foundation | 1/2/2013 | Orly Taitz
    This order was issued at 5:17pm [1/2/2013] by Judge England, confirming that each side gets 20 minutes at tomorrow’s [1/3/2013] hearing per local rules
  • Obama Biased Indiana Elections Officials Vote to Put Obama on Ballot

    02/24/2012 7:50:20 PM PST · by ednoonan7 · 61 replies · 2+ views
    Obama Ballot Challenge ^ | 2-24-12 | Pamela Barnett
    Obama Biased Indiana Elections Officials Vote to Put Obama on Ballot, Ignore Law and Fraud Evidence, Audio, First Hand Account Posted by By Pamela Barnett at 25 February, at 01 : 36 AM Print Biased Indiana Elections officials call objectors “birthers”, don’t address and matters of law and ignore evidence that Obama is using a social security number that was never assigned to him. When Obama started using this stolen SSN he was most likely an Indonesian citizen as State Department documents prove that he was known as Soebarkah. First hand account here, unedited…. I hate to be the bearer...

    02/14/2012 2:11:33 PM PST · by Music Producer · 25 replies
    The Birther Summit ^ | 02/14/2012 | Dean C. Haskins
    What if you read this chilling headline, and further discovered that it was even worse than initially thought . . . that every patient upon whom this surgeon operated died as a result of the surgeon's incompetence? But, imagine even further that this surgeon had a blog, and on that blog were statements like, “I am, surgeon who does 99%, of work advancing medical, science,” and the posts were full of scientific falsehoods and medical impossibilities, and usually included pleas for donations so that the surgeon could “operate” on more unsuspecting patients? No rational adult would ever state that this...
  • 'Birthers' Nonsense Sets Georgia Up For Ridicule -- Again

    01/27/2012 6:53:39 AM PST · by transducer · 251 replies
    We will risk the fairly safe assumption, as this is being written, that Air Force One did not make an appearance at Hartsfield-Jackson Atlanta International Airport sometime Thursday.... You almost have to laugh at this latest chapter in the seemingly endless “birther” saga, because about the only alternatives at this point are tears and/or nausea. It was embarrassing enough when members of the Georgia legislature -- including, to Columbus’ acute humiliation, two members of the local delegation -- drafted a “Presidential Eligibility Assurance Act” in the last legislative session. Now Georgians get to enjoy the added spectacle of their secretary...
  • Update: Judge weighs arguments in Barack Obama ballot dispute; Orly Taitz involved

    01/26/2012 2:40:03 PM PST · by devattel · 41 replies
    Ledger Enquirer ^ | 1/26/2012 | Associated Press
    ATLANTA -- A Georgia judge has heard arguments and is considering a complaint that seeks to keep President Barack Obama off the state's ballot. Obama's local attorney Michael Jablonski boycotted Thursday's hearing in Atlanta. Plaintiff's attorneys urged Deputy Chief Judge Michael Malihi to hold him and the president in contempt. The judge didn't set a timeline for a ruling. About 100 people listened to hours of arguments from the attorneys, who included state Rep. Mark Hatfield, a Waycross Republican. The complaint contends Obama isn't a natural-born U.S. citizen and therefore should not be on the state's ballot. Similar complaints have...

    01/26/2012 8:46:40 AM PST · by SWAMPSNIPER · 87 replies
    self | Jan 26,2012 | swampsniper
    I just turned Neal Boortz off, he came on ridiculing today's legal eligibility proceedings in Georgia. This isn't the first time he has pi$$ed me off but he showed his a$$ big time today.
  • Obama attorney to boycott ‘birther’ hearing

    01/25/2012 5:31:56 PM PST · by Fast Moving Angel · 54 replies
    Orange County Register ^ | January 25, 2012 | Martin Wisckol
    Scoffing at a judge’s call for Barack Obama to appear in court Thursday, Obama attorney Michael Jablonski says that not only will the president not be on hand but neither will Jablonski.
  • GA Judge orders President to appear at hearing; Taitz says '100 times bigger than Watergate'

    01/21/2012 1:37:50 PM PST · by SvenMagnussen · 57 replies
    Columbus Ledger-Enquirer ^ | Jan 21, 2012 | CHUCK WILLIAMS
    A Georgia judge has ordered President Barack Obama to appear in court in Atlanta Thursday for a hearing on a complaint that says Obama isn't a natural-born citizen and can't be president. Orly Taitz, the California attorney who brought the legal challenge to Obama's name on the March Georgia presidential primary ballot, says this is what she has been working for over the last three years. "This will be 100 times bigger than Watergate," she said Saturday morning, referring to the scandal that brought down President Richard Nixon in 1974.
  • Video: Sheriff Joe Arpaio's Cold Case Posse Discovered Shocking New Evidence About Obama (pending)

    10/26/2011 9:04:42 PM PDT · by Seizethecarp · 119 replies ^ | October 26, 2011 | Arizona Patriot
    The video from Arizona Patriot shows Attorney Orly Taitz presenting Sheriff Joe with evidence about Obama's Connecticut social security number. Sheriff Joe then gives an update on his Cold Case Posse looking into Obama's forged birth certificate.
  • Woman Denied Request To See Obama's Birth Certificate

    A woman who has been seeking to inspect President Barack Obama's original birth certificate has run into another road block. Circuit Court Judge Rhonda Nishimura granted the state's motion to dismiss a request by Dr. Orly Taitz to see that certificate. The state says it has verified that the president's birth certificate is real.
  • Hawaii Court Sets Hearing About Obama's Birth Certificate: Fox News Will Be In Attendance

    10/07/2011 6:24:48 PM PDT · by GregNH · 161 replies · 1+ views ^ | 10/07/2011 | Orly Taitz
    From attorney Orly Taitz: Update! My hearing in HI, in Taitz v Fuddy, Onaka is in 5 days, October 12th, 8:30 am. If you are a resident of Honolulu or if you are visiting Honolulu on October 12th and you are a supporter of mine, please, come to the hearing to support me. First circuit court of HI, Judge Rhonda Nishimura, 777 Punchbowl str., Honolulu, HI, October 12th 8:30 am. This case was filed against the registrar Alvin Onaka and Director of Health Loretta Fuddy, seeking access to the original birth certificate of Barack Obama for expert examination. If you...
  • Update on my(Orly Taitz) trip to DC yesterday

    09/23/2011 12:07:27 PM PDT · by rxsid · 52 replies ^ | 9/23/2011 | ObamaRelease YourRecords
    COULD THIS BE THE BEGINNING OF THE END OF THE FRAUD? "Update on Taitz's Congressional Meetings with 12 High Ranking Senators and Congressmen Update on my(Orly Taitz) trip to DC yesterday I came back from DC in the middle of the night. I will write a full report a bit later. I flew red eye there, red eye back I have to be back at work today. To add to the hardship, I was diagnosed with a stress fracture in my foot and had to walk between 6 large buildings all day long in a lot of pain, ending up going...
  • California 'birther' leader Orly Taitz considering U.S. Senate bid

    09/19/2011 7:11:19 AM PDT · by markomalley · 22 replies
    Sacramento Bee ^ | September 17, 2011 | Torey Van Oot
    A leading figure in the "birther" movement is mulling returning to the California ballot in another bid for statewide office. Republican Orly Taitz, who ran in the GOP primary for secretary of state last year, said today she is "absolutely" considering challenging Democratic Sen. Dianne Feinstein in 2012. "I think I do have a chance specifically because I do speak Spanish and I speak Hebrew," Taitz told The Bee after attending a town hall-style event on Latino issues at the California Republican Party convention in Los Angeles.
  • Exclusive: Court Subpoena for Obama’s Original Birth Certificate Served to Hawaii Health Department

    07/05/2011 7:39:19 PM PDT · by RobinMasters · 230 replies
    The Post & Email ^ | July 05, 2011 | Sharon Rondeau
    (Jul. 5, 2011) — A process server has delivered a Hawaii court-issued subpoena to Loretta J. Fuddy, Director of the Hawaii Department of Health, commanding her “to produce at the time, date, and place set forth below the following documents, electronically stored information, or objects, and permit their inspection, copying testing, or sampling of the material:” original 1961 typewritten birth certificate #10641 for Barack Obama, III [sic] issued 08.08.1961, signed by Dr. David Sinclair, Stanley Ann Dunham Obama and registrar Lee, stored in the Health Department of the State of HI from 08081961 until now. The subpoena allows Fuddy until...
  • Motion to Compel Docketed at U.S. District Court in Taitz v. Astrue

    07/12/2011 12:26:49 AM PDT · by STARWISE · 6 replies
    Post Email ^ | 7-11-11 | Sharon Rondeau
    When will Judge Royce Lamberth weigh in? ### Motion to Compel directed at the Hawaii Department of Health and its defense counsel, Hawaii Attorney General David M. Louie, was docketed this morning at the U.S. District Court in Washington, DC in her lawsuit, Taitz v. Astrue, which seeks the original social security application for Barack Hussein Obama. Taitz and others have stated that Obama is using a social security number issued in the state of Connecticut where he never worked, lived, nor attended school.

    06/20/2011 12:56:33 PM PDT · by Elderberry · 82 replies
    scribd ^ | 6/20/2011 | Orly Taitz
    On June 16, 2011 Supreme Court of the United States issued a decision in Bond v United States #09-1227 Argued February 22, 2011, decision 16, 2011. This decision declares, that individuals have a right to enforce the 10th amendment state rights. This decision is relevant to the case at hand for following reasons: a. In the United States of America presidential elections are conducted by individual states, through state ballots and the states are the ones vetting eligibility of different candidates to be on respective state ballots. Presidential candidate has to be a Natural born citizen based on Article 2,...
  • What radio and TV talk show hosts are pushing the Obama Birth Certificate issue?

    07/16/2009 12:48:54 PM PDT · by EveningStar · 59 replies · 1,942+ views
    July 16, 2009
    What radio and TV talk show hosts are pushing the Obama Birth Certificate issue? I'm not aware of any.
  • Ninth Circuit Court of Appeals hears oral argument in Obama's eligibility case. 9video)

    05/04/2011 2:55:45 PM PDT · by jdirt · 3 replies
    Capt. Barnett ^ | May 4, 2011 | jd
    Ninth Circuit Court of Appeals hears oral argument in Obama's eligibility case.
  • Ninth Circuit hears oral arguements in NBC Eligibility Cases

    05/03/2011 5:48:44 AM PDT · by wtd · 33 replies ^ | May 2, 2011 | Julie Pendray
    Uncharted Waters—Ramona Attorney Back in Court Over Obama CitizenshipUncharted legal waters. That's how Ramona attorney Gary Kreep summed up the judicial dilemma surrounding the question of whether President Barack Obama is eligible for his office and how Americans should generally deal with an eligibility issue once a president takes office. On Monday, Kreep and lawyer Orly Taitz of Rancho Santa Margarita once again asked the courts to allow them to present their cases and bring evidence in their fight to show that Obama isn't a U.S. citizen. It's not a simple request. At this stage, the court isn't hearing details...
  • Live Updates From Obama Eligibility Hearing At The 9th Circuit Court of Appeals in Pasadena

    05/02/2011 12:20:12 PM PDT · by rxsid · 168 replies ^ | 05/02/2011 | ObamaRelease YourRecords
    "Live Updates From Obama Eligibility Hearing At The 9th Circuit Court of Appeals in Pasadena... Gary from GUL will be giving me periodic phone updates from the hearing in Pasadena, California. This post will be updated as news is forthcoming... 11:55(et): Gary just informed me that the hearing has been put at the end of the docket and will begin in about 1-2 hours after the original scheduling time of 9am California time. It is the the 4th case on the docket. Gary reports that ABC, CBS and CSPAN are in the courtroom. Atty Kreep informed Gary that CSPAN will...
  • Orly Taitz Raises a New Issue: Obama’s Social Security Number

    04/28/2011 6:12:46 AM PDT · by opentalk · 43 replies
    WSJ blog ^ | April 27, 2011 | Jonathan Weisman
    Orly Taitz, the California dentist and lawyer who has led efforts to question President Barack Obama’s birth place, has moved on to a new conspiracy now that the White House has released his long-form birth certificate.In an interview with Washington Wire, she now says that Mr. Obama once used a Social Security number that was not assigned to him. Oh also, she claims he graduated from Columbia University in nine months, not two years, as he claims.
  • Orly Taitz: Obama's Long-Form Birth Certificate Should Say 'Negro' Not 'African'

    04/27/2011 10:54:31 AM PDT · by jdoug666 · 80 replies
    TPMMuckraker ^ | 4/27/2011 | Ryan J. Reilly
    "In those years ... when they wrote race, they were writing 'Negro' not 'African'," Taitz says. "In those days nobody wrote African as a race, it just wasn't one of the options. It sounds like it would be written today, in the age of political correctness, and not in 1961 when they wrote white or Asian or 'Negro'."
  • 9th Circuit Court to hear eligibility questions

    03/30/2011 9:01:16 PM PDT · by circumbendibus · 224 replies · 1+ views
    World Net Daily ^ | March 30, 2011 | Bob Unruh
    Arguments in a lawsuit on Barack Obama's eligibility that has been percolating through the federal court system in California since the 2008 election will be heard at the appellate level in just a few weeks. Officials with the 9th U.S. Circuit Court of Appeals today notified attorneys representing several dozen individuals – members of the military, members of state government and even a candidate for president – that oral arguments will be held May 2. "I can't believe it, but after two years of Obama litigation, for the first time the court of appeals scheduled oral argument in [the] Obama...
  • 9th Circuit to hear eligibility questions

    03/30/2011 3:00:52 PM PDT · by RobinMasters · 174 replies
    WND ^ | March 30, 2011 | Bob Unruh
    Arguments in a lawsuit that has been percolating through the federal court system in California since Barack Obama's election on his eligibility to occupy the Oval Office is going to be heard at the appellate level in just a few weeks. Officials with the 9th U.S. Circuit Court of Appeals today notified attorneys representing several dozen individuals – members of the military, members of state government and even a candidate for president – that oral arguments will be held on May 2. "I can't believe it, but after two years of Obama litigation, for the first time the court of...
  • High court turns away appeal from 'birther' leader

    01/10/2011 10:22:46 AM PST · by Lurking Libertarian · 214 replies
    Associated Press ^ | January 10, 2011 | Associated Press
    The Supreme Court has rejected an appeal from a lawyer who has been in the forefront of the challenge to President Barack Obama's citizenship. The high court on Monday did not comment in refusing to hear the appeal filed by California lawyer and dentist Orly Taitz. She was contesting a $20,000 fine for filing what a federal judge determined was a frivolous lawsuit.
  • Supremes facing eligibility challenge to Obama, AGAIN !!!

    12/20/2010 8:39:35 AM PST · by Robert Drobot · 54 replies ^ | December 18, 2010 | Bob Unruh
    "....According to the Supreme Court's own website, there is scheduled to be a conference Jan. 7, 2011, on a case submitted by Orly Taitz. " judge has ruled that the military should resolve the question over Obama's eligibility to be commander in chief while the result from the recent Lakin court martial was that Judge Denise Lind refused even to allow his defense arguments, evidence and witnesses in her courtroom, essentially withholding related due process and discovery procedures.Conflict of interest "In my opinion they [Elena Kagan and Sonya Sotomayor, both appointed to the bench by Obama] should recuse themselves," she...
  • Supremes facing eligibility challenge to Obama, again (It won't go away)

    12/19/2010 2:31:41 AM PST · by RobinMasters · 103 replies · 4+ views
    WND ^ | DECEMBER 19, 2010 | Bob Unruh
    It just doesn't appear to be going away. The idea that Barack Obama's eligibility to occupy the Oval Office, and do chores such as appointing Supreme Court justices, needs to be explored and documented is headed back to the highest court in the land. According to the Supreme Court's own website, there is scheduled to be a conference Jan. 7, 2011, on a case submitted by Orly Taitz. This particular case has had a long proceeding; it began as a challenge to the legality of the military orders under Obama, whose eligibility to hold the office of president never has...
  • Court to hear Berg's motion for restraining order against Orly Taitz

    12/15/2010 12:24:33 PM PST · by BuckeyeTexan · 30 replies · 3+ views
    AND NOW, this 13th day of December, 2010, upon remand from the United States Court of Appeals for the Third Circuit on December 10, 2010 and Plaintiff's having satisfied the requirement of filing a formal motion, it is hereby ORDERED that a hearing on Plaintiff's Ex Parte Motion for a Temporary Restraining Order is SCHEDULED for December 20, 2010 at 2:00 P.M. in Courtroom 11A, United States Courthouse, 601 Market Street, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania.
  • 10-541 Orly Taitz v Thomas D. MacDonald DISTRIBUTED for Conference of January 7, 2011.

    12/08/2010 12:35:14 PM PST · by Elderberry · 42 replies · 2+ views
    US Supreme Court ^ | Dec 8,2010
    No. 10-541 Title: Orly Taitz, Petitioner v. Thomas D. MacDonald, et al. Docketed: October 25, 2010 Lower Ct: United States Court of Appeals for the Eleventh Circuit Case Nos.: (09-15418) Decision Date: March 15, 2010 Rehearing Denied: May 14, 2010 ~~~Date~~~ ~~~~~~~Proceedings and Orders~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Aug 12 2010 Petition for a writ of certiorari filed. (Response due November 24, 2010) Nov 24 2010 Waiver of right of respondents Thomas D. MacDonald, et al. to respond filed. Dec 8 2010 DISTRIBUTED for Conference of January 7, 2011.
  • 'Birther in chief' invited to dinner by Harry Reid

    09/14/2010 11:22:33 PM PDT · by rxsid · 41 replies
    WND ^ | 9/14/2010 | Bob Unruh
    "'Birther in chief' invited to dinner by Harry Reid 'I have no fear of anything. I'll ask him about eligibility on camera' The Democratic Senatorial Campaign Committee, responsible for putting a charge in races where a seat in the U.S. Senate is at stake for the party, has invited Orly Taitz, the California lawyer responsible for a long list of legal and other challenges to Barack Obama's eligibility, to one of its events that will feature the president. The invitation prompted Taitz to post a copy on her website under the headline "You want what Mr. Reid????????????" "I have no...
  • More documents refused to be entered by another Supreme Court "Clerk"

    08/21/2010 10:18:14 AM PDT · by MODELSHIPS · 24 replies
    August 21, 2010 | MODELSHIPS
    This is an excerpt from Dr. Taitz blog, August 21, 2010. The link to the PDF document to which she refers is below the excerpt: More info on the Supreme Court clerks Posted on | August 21, 2010 | No Comments To: undisclosed-recipients:; Subject: U.S. Supreme Court Clerk: Letters to Justices have been “thrown away” | Letter to the Editor | @ The Post & Email U.S. Supreme Court Clerk: Letters toJustices have been “thrown away” | Letter to the Editor | @ The Post& Email Previously I submitted a case to the Supreme court “Easterling et al v Obama...
  • Orly Taitz's Motion for Reconsideration (Rhodes v. MacDonald)

    08/19/2010 1:41:52 PM PDT · by SvenMagnussen · 12 replies ^ | Aug. 19, 2010 | Orly Taitz
  • 'Birther Queen' Taitz Vows to Keep Fighting After Supreme Court Denies Appeal

    08/16/2010 2:46:09 PM PDT · by detritus · 76 replies
    Talking Points Memo ^ | 8/16/10 | Ryan J. Reilly
    So-called "Birther Queen" Orly Taitz hadn't yet heard about the Supreme Court's decision to uphold a $20,000 fine against her when TPMMuckraker reached her on Monday. But Taitz told TPMMuckraker she is convinced that none of the members of the court read her request, and that clerks made the decision for the justices... A federal judge's October 2009 ruling required Taitz, a lawyer and dentist who has filed several suits claiming President Barack Obama is not a natural born citizen, to pay the fine for filing "frivolous" litigation. Taitz was attempting to misuse the federal court system to push her...
  • Supreme Court upholds 'birther' sanction (Alito & Thomas okay fine of Taitz)

    08/16/2010 9:34:44 AM PDT · by LonelyCon · 308 replies
    The Supreme Court has upheld a $20,000 fine against a leader of the movement challenging President Barack Obama's citizenship. The high court on Monday refused to block a federal judge's October 2009 ruling that required California lawyer and dentist Orly Taitz to pay the $20,000 fine for filing a "frivolous" litigation. The judge said Taitz attempted to misuse the federal courts to push a political agenda. Taitz sued in Georgia federal court on behalf of Army Capt. Connie Rhodes. Rhodes sought to avoid deployment to Iraq by claiming Obama wasn't born in the United States. Justice Samuel Alito on Monday...
  • Barnett v Obama: Appellants' Opening Brief, 9th Circuit Court of Appeals

    08/13/2010 12:35:03 PM PDT · by BuckeyeTexan · 65 replies
    9th Circuit Court of Appeals ^ | 08/06/2010 | Orly Tatiz
    Orly Taitz closes her brief with the following: "Shortly after Judge Carter completely changed his tune, Taitz came to the court house, brought some pleadings and heard the Marine march playing. Judge Carter, a former Marine was celebrating the Marine Corps day. There was a huge teddy bear sitting in the midst of the hallway, it had a shirt with the Marine insignia, the band was playing, clerk Sidharth Velamoor was there, all the other clerks and employees were there. Everyone was waiting for Judge Carter and the cake. Taitz started choking and trying to gather some strength to hold...