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  • There is no compromise in Jesus Kingdom[charismatic Caucus]

    08/24/2016 8:26:13 AM PDT · by Jedediah · 5 replies
    There is no compromise in My Kingdom for I AM THE WORD ETERNAL therefore I AM both Provider and the lover of your soul. I know the plans I have for you and there is no need for you to compromise with the evil one for he has already been judged by me as un-righteous therefore remain in My will and in My WORD for it is your rudder and key to open each door I have set before you and it is My Spirit that moves these doors as you declare My will in your life. So come and...
  • My children die from a lack of knowledge[Charismatic Caucus]

    08/08/2016 9:59:54 AM PDT · by Jedediah · 4 replies
    Bible. Holy Spirit ^ | 8-8-16 | Bible,Jesus The Word
    My children die from a lack of knowledge from rejecting My Spirit for as My word speaks truth the denial of it grieves me and My Messenger of Truth their comforter. So do not despise the gift of prophecy or any other gift for they all come down from the Father of lights and these are all found in My Spirit of Truth and to deny Him is to deny Me as well for I and The Father are one . . . 1 Thessalonians 5:20-21 20 Do not scorn or reject gifts of prophecy or prophecies [spoken revelations-words of...
  • Prehistoric giant animals killed by man, not climate: study (Tasmania)

    08/12/2008 4:53:23 AM PDT · by decimon · 36 replies · 114+ views
    AFP ^ | Aug 12, 2008 | Madeleine Coorey
    SYDNEY (AFP) - The chance discovery of the remains of a prehistoric giant kangaroo has cast doubts on the long-held view that climate change drove it and other mega-fauna to extinction, a new study reveals. < > He said that it was likely that hunting killed off Tasmania's mega-fauna -- including the long-muzzled, 120 kilogram (264 pound) giant kangaroo, a rhinoceros-sized wombat and marsupial 'lions' which resembled leopards. < > The finding of the latest study has already been contested, with Judith Field of the University of Sydney saying the idea that humans killed the giant creatures was "in the...
  • Second form of contagious cancer found in Tasmanian devils

    12/30/2015 6:13:59 PM PST · by BenLurkin · 27 replies
    upi ^ | 12/30/2015 | Stephen Feller
    A contagious cancer, spread by biting, has decimated the population of Tasmanian devils since 1996. Researchers have now identified a second contagious cancer in eight devils, making them question how rare contagious cancer is, according to a new study. In addition to attempting to breed devils identified as immune to the disease, scientists started working on a vaccine against Devil Facial Tumor Disease earlier this year -- which they said will not be thrown off by the discovery of a second form of the cancer. The cancer, which researchers believe is spread by common biting behavior, causes tumors and lesions...
  • Rare snow in Australia as Antarctic chill sweeps eastern states

    07/18/2015 8:37:26 AM PDT · by marthemaria · 23 replies
    Temperatures have plummeted to more than 10 degrees below average in places, while Sydney has had its coldest July weather in 44 years now has fallen in parts of Australia where such falls are so rare the weather bureau does not have the tools to measure it as temperatures plunged to more than 10 degrees below average. Antarctic air pushed up through central New South Wales and on to Queensland – known as the Sunshine State – over the past week bringing on a winter cold front not seen in some parts since the mid-1980s. In Queensland, snow fell in...
  • Gentle Tasmanian devils may be key to species' survival, study shows

    04/16/2015 10:30:11 PM PDT · by Utilizer · 6 replies
    theguardian ^ | Tuesday 4 September 2012 06.41 EDT | Flora Malein
    Tasmanian devils must evolve to be less aggressive if they are to avoid becoming extinct, suggests new research. The study sheds new light on an infectious cancer threatening to wipe out the species' wild population, which only exists on the Australian island of Tasmania. The tumours caused by the devastating disease, known as devil facial tumour disease (DFTD), interfere with feeding and affected animals often starve to death. Rodrigo Hamede and his team at the University of Tasmania investigated the connection between the infection of DFTD, which is spread when one animal bites another, and the number of bites that...
  • Overnight snowfall brings teeth-rattling taste of winter to Hobart (Aus - Global Warming Alert)

    03/05/2015 6:47:15 PM PST · by Perdogg · 22 replies
    HOBARTIANS could be excused for thinking winter had come early today, waking up to a snow-capped Mt Wellington. At 8am, the temperature at the summit was a chilly minus 1.8 degrees, with the apparent temperature a teeth-rattling minus 13.2.
  • Bias against Tony Abbott is truly sickening

    02/18/2015 12:29:43 PM PST · by naturalman1975 · 15 replies
    Herald Sun (Melbourne) ^ | 19th February 2015 | Andrew Bolt
    THE ABC is trying to destroy Tony Abbott. Its bias — actually unlawful — has never been so ruthless. Even the ABC’s hand-picked reviewer had to admit this week that the ABC’s coverage of the Abbott Government’s first Budget was marred by anti-Liberal bias — and she hadn’t even looked hard. Colleen Ryan, a former Fairfax editor, had been asked by the ABC to check its reporting of the Budget in the week after it was delivered. This Budget was the country’s first and best hope of reining in Labor’s massive deficits. If it wasn’t a make-or-break moment for the...
  • Tasmania: Long-lost records confirm rising sea level

    01/23/2003 2:11:40 PM PST · by cogitator · 30 replies · 458+ views
    Space Daily ^ | January 22, 2003
    Long-Lost Records Confirm Rising Sea LevelHobart - Jan 22, 2003 The discovery of 160 year old records in the archives of the Royal Society, London, has given scientists further evidence that Australian sea levels are rising with an estimate of 16 centimeters since 1890. Observations taken at Tasmania's Port Arthur convict settlement 160 years ago by an amateur meteorologist have been compared with data from a modern tide gauge. "There is a rate of sea level rise of about 1mm a year, consistent with other Australian observations," says Dr David Pugh, from the UK's Southampton Oceanography Centre. "This is...
  • Peter Sculthorpe: Prolific Australian composer dies aged 85

    08/08/2014 10:16:19 AM PDT · by EveningStar · 4 replies
    Internationally renowned Australian composer Peter Sculthorpe, whose work was shaped by his love of the Australian landscape, has died aged 85. The Launceston-born composer passed away at Wolper Jewish Hospital in Sydney after a long illness. Sculthorpe's best-known achievement was his capacity to bring to Australians a sense of their land and history in the music of one of their own. His many remarkable compositions were strongly influenced by Asian, Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander music, and centred around his deep love for Australia and its landscape.
  • Astronomy Picture of the Day -- Satellite Station and Southern Skies

    05/31/2014 4:30:02 AM PDT · by SunkenCiv · 3 replies
    NASA ^ | May 31, 2014 | (see photo credit)
    Explanation: This clear night skyscape captures the colorful glow of aurora australis, the southern lights, just outside the port city of Hobart, Tasmania, Australia, planet Earth. As if staring into the dreamlike scene, the Tasmanian Earth Resources Satellite Station poses in the center, illuminated by nearby city lights. Used to receive data from spacebased Earth observing instruments, including NASA's MODIS and SeaWiFS, the station was decommissioned in 2011 and dismantled only recently, shortly after the picture was taken on April 30. Still shining in southern skies though, the central bulge of our Milky Way galaxy and two bright satellite galaxies...
  • Giant jellyfish found on Australia beach

    02/06/2014 3:21:54 PM PST · by NormsRevenge · 32 replies
    BBC News ^ | 2/6/14 | BBC
    Scientists in Australia are working to classify a new species of giant jellyfish that washed up on a beach in Tasmania. A family found the 1.5m (5ft) jellyfish on a beach south of Hobart last month.
  • HIV on the rise in Tasmania

    11/30/2012 12:25:53 PM PST · by Morgana · 4 replies
    7news ^ | 11.30.2012 | ABC
    HIV and Aids support groups in Tasmania are concerned about an increase in infection rates. The average number of Tasmanians being diagnosed with HIV has more than doubled over the past four years to 13. Shaun Staunton from the Council on AIDS, Hepatitis and Related Diseases says up until 2008 the average was five cases a year. "So for example last year there were 15 people diagnosed so there has been quite a big jump in the last four years or so." Mr Staunton says men as young as 18 are contracting HIV and he's worried they don't understand how...
  • He's our Slumdog Millionaire (Lost for 25 Years, Man Finds Home With Google Earth)

    03/23/2012 3:17:03 PM PDT · by nickcarraway · 4 replies · 1+ views
    The Mercury ^ | March 10, 2012 | EMMA HOPE
    FROM begging in the slums of India to becoming a successful Hobart businessman, Saroo Brierley's life has taken some unexpected twists. Last week it came the full circle when he returned to India and was reunited with the family from whom he was separated 25 years ago. Mr Brierley, at the age of five, was begging at a train station in west India with his older brother. He became lost and boarded a train home. The train was going in the wrong direction. He fell asleep and woke up 10 hours later on the other side of the country. For...
  • Brighton bypass significance confirmed

    04/30/2010 8:08:40 PM PDT · by SunkenCiv · 3 replies · 184+ views
    Australian Broadcasting Corp ^ | April 26, 2010 | Robert Paton
    Archaeologists have confirmed an Aboriginal site in the path of a major Tasmanian highway contains the oldest evidence of human habitation in the southern hemisphere. About 3 million Indigenous artefacts were discovered at the Jordan River levee north of Hobart. The State Government commissioned archaeologists to examine the site after the Aboriginal community raised concerns that construction of the Brighton bypass could damage it. The site's archaeological director, Rob Paton, says the final report on the dig confirms some artefacts are about 40,000 years old. "They're stone artefacts, they're used for day to day living, cutting and sharpening. It's that...
  • Kids' sex talk leaves teachers 'helpless'

    01/31/2010 1:33:16 AM PST · by myknowledge · 17 replies · 1,095+ views
    TEACHERS are overhearing Tasmanian primary students boasting about having oral sex. Roz Madsen from the Australian Education Union (AEU) said teachers "felt helpless" at how to deal with the problem, The Mercury reported. "The students are talking about what they have done on the weekend, sexual experiences that they are having," she said. "It seems to be happening at earlier ages."
  • Tasmanian Devil Facial Cancer Origins 'Identified'

    01/03/2010 6:56:52 PM PST · by nickcarraway · 9 replies · 887+ views
    BBC ^ | 1/1/10
    Researchers believe they have identified the source of fatal tumours that threaten to wipe out the wild population of Tasmanian devils. Writing in Science, an international team of scientists suggest cells that protect nerves are the likely origin of devil facial tumour disease (DFTD). The disease is a transmissible cancer that is spread by physical contact, and quickly kills the animals. DFTD has caused the devil population to collapse by 60% in the past decade. "To look more closely at the tumours' origin, we sequenced the genes that are expressed in this devil cancer and compared them with other genes...
  • Findings on Origin of a Cancer in Tasmanian Devils (Davils hurtling toward extinction)

    12/31/2009 12:24:32 PM PST · by americanophile · 14 replies · 827+ views
    NYT ^ | December 31, 2009 | CARL ZIMMER
    The Tasmanian devil, the spaniel-size marsupial found on the Australian island of Tasmania, has been hurtling toward extinction in recent years, the victim of a bizarre and mysterious facial cancer that spreads like a plague. Now Australian scientists say they have discovered how the cancer originated. The finding, being reported Friday in the journal Science, sheds light on how cancer cells can sometimes liberate themselves from the hosts where they first emerged. On a more practical level, it also opens the door to devising vaccines that could save the Tasmanian devils. “It’s a great paper,” said Katherine Belov, a geneticist...
  • Workers' anger at McCain's insensitivity (not John McCain)

    11/30/2009 1:30:05 AM PST · by rabscuttle385 · 50 replies · 889+ views
    ABC ^ | 2009-11-30
    Workers at McCain's vegetable factory in north west Tasmania are asking the company to be more respectful in its negotiations about their redundancies. Workers say they have received little detail nearly 10 days after McCain announced it would close the Smithton plant. The Australian Manufacturing Workers Union is writing to the company to seek more information about exactly how many workers will lose their jobs when the factory closes next year.
  • Police warn on new drug

    10/28/2009 11:07:47 PM PDT · by myknowledge · 19 replies · 1,583+ views
    The Mercury ^ | October 29, 2009 | Sally Glaetzer
    TASMANIAN police are tackling a "new generation" of street drugs, which are being made in a bid to circumvent existing laws. Police said there had been a dramatic shift in the past year towards a new type of party drug with the street name of Israeli's. The drugs are sold in capsule form and contain derivatives of methcathinone, a psychoative stimulant, the Department of Police and Emergency Management's annual report says. The report says the drugs have been produced "in an attempt to circumvent existing legislation". Southern Drug Investigation Services chief Ian Lindsay said police became aware of the drug...
  • PHOTOS: ''Bizarre'' Species Found--Predatory Squirt, More

    01/20/2009 3:31:23 PM PST · by JoeProBono · 26 replies · 1,242+ views
    nationalgeographic ^ | January 18, 2009 | Carolyn Barry
    An oddity among oddities, this newly discovered carnivorous sea squirt traps fish and other prey in its funnel-like front section, scientists announced today. Most of the 2,000 or so known sea squirt species are filter feeders that strain plankton from seawater. Tethered to the seafloor 13,143 feet (4,006 meters) underwater, the 20-inch (50-centimeter) sea squirt, or ascidian, is one of the deepest-dwelling animals ever found in Australia. The new species is one of many new deep-sea creatures discovered on a recent expedition that used a remotely operated vehicle (ROV) near southern Tasmania, Australia. The joint U.S.-Australian endeavor explored the Tasman...
  • Stabbed attendant 'kept tackling'

    05/29/2003 6:49:02 AM PDT · by BallandPowder · 21 replies · 300+ views
    A PASSENGER told tonight how a Qantas flight attendant ignored serious stab wounds to his head to repeatedly tackle a 'would-be hijacker' until he could be subdued. Derek Findlay described today's dramatic hijack bid by a man in a suit and armed with wooden stakes, who attacked two flight attendants and tried to crash a Melbourne to Launceston domestic flight. Mr Findlay, 30, was among passengers who wrestled the attacker to the cabin floor after he ran towards the cockpit, lunging at the male purser and female flight attendant. As well as sticks, the man was also brandishing an aerosol...
  • Facing extinction, Tasmanian devils start sex younger: study

    07/15/2008 11:28:05 AM PDT · by george76 · 15 replies · 137+ views
    AFP ^ | Jul 15, 2008
    Australia's iconic Tasmanian devils have started having sex at a younger age since the advent of a deadly disease which threatens to wipe out the species. Data collected before and after the cancer-causing disease appeared showed a 16-fold increase in early sexual behaviour. Scientists fear the disease, which causes facial tumours, could lead to the marsupial carnivore's extinction within 20 to 25 years. "We have found that devils are compensating for the disease by breeding early -- there is a 16-fold increase in the number breeding at the age of one year," The Tasmanian devil is restricted to the island...
  • Woman's poo fire attack

    03/30/2008 8:57:43 PM PDT · by Aussie Dasher · 17 replies · 474+ views
    Hobart Mercury ^ | 31 March 2008 | MARIA RAE
    A 19-YEAR-OLD woman set fire to her own paper-wrapped faeces in revenge for having her boyfriend stolen, a court heard. The woman defecated in a piece of newspaper and put it on the front porch of a house belonging to a woman who she found out had a brief affair with her partner. The Supreme Court in Hobart heard the woman, who cannot be named for legal reasons, ignited the paper but it failed to catch alight. She then lit another piece of paper on fire and slid it through the front door. The blaze caught on to the curtains...
  • Rabbits wrecking Australian isle

    04/22/2007 12:05:27 PM PDT · by Clintonfatigued · 39 replies · 807+ views
    Yahoo News ^ | April 22, 2007
    An explosion in the rabbit population has "trashed" the World Heritage listed Macquarie Island, which is home to endangered penguins and albatrosses, the World Wide Fund for Nature said. The conservation group is calling on the government to implement a 25 million dollar (21 million US) strategy to eradicate rabbits, rats and mice on the sub-Antarctic territory. WWF spokesman Andreas Glanznig said it was possible that mice, which have been shown to become carnivorous on an island in the Atlantic, could evolve enough to threaten endangered bird species on the remote scrap of land. "It's a scary scenario but it's...
  • Australia considers US troops to help fight blaze

    12/14/2006 3:23:15 PM PST · by La Enchiladita · 18 replies · 726+ views
    SABC News ^ | December 14, 2006 | Staff
    Australia is considering bringing in US firefighters to help bring the bushfires which have swept across four states under control. The country is bracing itself as soaring temperatures are expected. Bushfires still rage out of control across Australia. In the southern state of Tasmania, large plumes of smoke rise above the village of St Mary's, clouding the town in smoke. And in the southeast state of Victoria, bushfires sparked by lightning strikes continued to burn in rugged bush land. Fires there have already destroyed more than 280 000ha. Two of the larger fires have linked to form a 250km front...
  • Let’s Examine This Dismal Record

    09/04/2006 8:25:13 AM PDT · by PurpleMountains · 1 replies · 350+ views
    From Sea to Shining Sea ^ | 9/04/06 | Purple Mountains
    As the anniversary of 9/11 approaches, and also with the approach of the November elections, it is crucial to examine the record of the last Democratic administration in protecting us from the terrorism of Muslim extremists. I mention the November election because leading Democrats have made no secret of their plans to tie the Bush Administration into knots with impeachment hearings, cut off funding of the troops in Iraq, overturn the Patriot Act and drastically curtail foreign terrorist surveillance programs.
  • Pub defends beer-swilling pigs (A transcript from The World Today)

    07/27/2006 3:49:46 PM PDT · by sully777 · 16 replies · 417+ views
    Australian Broadcasting/ ^ | 26 July , 2006  12:55:00 | Reporter: Tim Jeanes/Intro: Eleanor Hall
    ELEANOR HALL: Is it a quirky tourist attraction or a case of animal cruelty? That's the question being asked about a pub in Tasmania which has a pair of pigs swilling beer at the bar. Animal liberationists say the pigs are being forced into a cruel and unnatural existence. But the pub's owners say it's just good fun, and that the pigs are also enjoying themselves. In Hobart, Tim Jeanes reports. TIM JEANES: The big attraction at the Pub in the Paddock in Tasmania's north-east is its beer drinking pigs. Even Tasmania's tourist authority encourages visitors to call in and...
  • Darryl Peebles meet ... Daryl Peebles

    07/12/2006 12:01:26 AM PDT · by sully777 · 15 replies · 869+ views
    Reuters ^ | Tue Jul 11, 2006 8:54am ET
    LOS ANGELES (Reuters) - When an American minister, Darryl R. Peebles, typed his name into an Internet search engine he was surprised to find another Daryl R. Peebles living in the Australian island state of Tasmania. But the surprises kept coming. After the minister contacted the Australian Daryl Peebles and over a series of e-mails the two found they had far more in common that just a name. They were both born in 1949. Both have three children with a child born in 1975 and in 1977. Their fathers both came from small towns and worked on lathes of some...
  • Tasmania: Miners planned to cut off legs

    05/21/2006 4:15:12 AM PDT · by yankeedame · 278+ views
    News.Com.AU ^ | May 21, 2006 | Doug Conway
    Miners planned to cut off legs From: AAP By Doug Conway May 21, 2006 Walk tall ... the miners with Tracey Grimshaw Pic: Channel 9 FREED miners Brant Webb and Todd Russell made contingency plans to amputate their legs with Stanley knives while trapped underground in Tasmania's Beaconsfield gold mine. Amputation ultimately proved unnecessary, but both men seriously considered the option after their legs were pinned by the Anzac Day cave-in that killed their workmate Larry Knight and trapped them "like rats" in a steel cage for 14 days. "Brant and I we were prepared to take our leg off...
  • Miners say thanks

    05/11/2006 4:38:01 PM PDT · by Aussie Dasher · 6 replies · 290+ views
    Herald Sun ^ | 12 May 2006 | Matt Cunningham
    BRANT Webb and Todd Russell last night paid an emotional tribute to the men who saved their lives in the Beaconsfield mine collapse. Speaking publicly for the first time since being freed from their tiny cage 1km below the surface, Mr Webb and Mr Russell thanked people from all over Australia involved in their "great escape". Mr Webb said: "For all our mates who . . . put their lives on the line for us and worked in dangerous unstable conditions to bring us out -- we owe our lives to them." The pair had the biggest cheer of the...
  • Beers, tears and cheers at Beaconsfield

    05/09/2006 5:05:51 AM PDT · by Aussie Dasher · 1 replies · 149+ views ^ | 9 May 2006
    Rescued miner Todd Russell has enjoyed a drink at his favourite pub in Beaconsfield, hours after he was freed from the collapsed mineshaft. Mr Russell entered the Club Hotel about 6.30pm (AEST), to loud cheers and cries of "Toddy" from patrons. He laughed and hugged his friends after entering the hotel. Mr Russell joined Channel Nine chief executive Eddie McGuire for a quiet chat and a drink after entering the premises. The miner who was trapped for 14 nights limped into the bar wearing a pink T-shirt. The Tasmanian mine shaft hero did a high-five with locals as they gathered...
  • Into the light - how the last hours unfolded (our Miners are FREE!!!!!)

    05/09/2006 2:20:48 AM PDT · by Aussie Dasher · 25 replies · 592+ views
    The Age ^ | 9 May 2006 | Gary Tippet, Andrew Darby, Simon Mann and Ben Doherty
    Tasmania's miracle miners Todd Russell and Brant Webb fulfilled the promise to walk out of their rock prison before daybreak this morning after surviving almost 14 nights trapped a kilometre under the earth. "Yee-hah" were the men's first words when rescuers broke through the last metre into the rockfilled cavern where the men had been trapped since Anzac Day. The men slid down a vertical tunnel, were put onto roll-up stretchers and carried 36-metres to the Beaconsfield gold mine's main shaft. The men were checked by doctors and paramedics, took a shower and then took the lift to the surface...
  • Fighting spirit in battle to survive

    05/02/2006 10:49:23 PM PDT · by Aussie Dasher · 1 replies · 271+ views
    Herald Sun ^ | 3 May 2006
    TRAPPED miners Brant Webb and Todd Russell face at least another two days and nights in their hellish rock prison, buried 1km beneath the surface of the earth. A final effort to drill through 12 metres of rock to free them was to start today, and was expected to take 48 hours. As rescuers set up the drilling equipment yesterday, details emerged of the remarkable fighting spirit with which the two friends are battling the odds. When the mine collapsed, they injured their hands trying to dig their way out. And the leg of one was pinned before his mate...
  • Tense wait as mine rescue enters delicate stage

    05/01/2006 10:52:33 PM PDT · by Aussie Dasher · 6 replies · 536+ views
    A mining expert says the recovery operation at the Beaconsfield Gold mine in northern Tasmania is now reaching a highly technical phase. The anxious wait is continuing at the mine as rescuers prepare to bore a 12-metre-long tunnel to reach trapped miners Todd Russell and Brant Webb. After six days being trapped one kilometre underground, the two men are now receiving food, water and medication. The body of their colleague, Larry Knight, was brought to the surface last Thursday. Adelaide University Professor in Mining Geology Ian Plimer says at this stage of the rescue operation, extreme delicacy needs to be...
  • Food, fresh water on way to trapped miners

    04/30/2006 10:25:58 PM PDT · by Aussie Dasher · 5 replies · 329+ views
    The rescue operation at the Beaconsfield Gold mine in northern Tasmania is now focussed on getting food and water to the two men trapped underground since last Tuesday. Rescue workers are continuing to edge towards Brant Webb and Todd Russell. The miners are close to receiving water and food via a hole drilled through 12 metres of rock. They have survived on supplies in their drink bottles, and water seeping through the mine, since their ordeal started six days ago. Family members have arrived at the mine to get more information about the rescue. The aunt of Brant Webb, Karina...
  • Miracle: trapped miners found alive

    04/30/2006 5:08:35 PM PDT · by Aussie Dasher · 9 replies · 679+ views
    Herald Sun ^ | 1 May 2006
    TWO men trapped 1km underground since last Tuesday have been miraculously found alive. Todd Russell, 35, and Brant Webb, 36, were found last night in Tasmania's Beaconsfield gold mine and have spoken with amazed rescuers. The men were captured on thermal imaging cameras as they huddled in the collapsed shaft of the gold mine. But there was still a lot of work needed to dig them out. The men were saved from the rock fall by the cherry-picker cage they were in. Brant Webb's mother-in-law, Julie Kelly, said it appeared a large slab of rock had fallen on the cage,...
  • Publican trains apprentice beer-drinking pig

    04/02/2006 5:30:22 PM PDT · by Aussie Dasher · 7 replies · 201+ views
    The Pub In the Paddock at Pyengana in north-east Tasmania has a new tourist drawcard. The pub is world-famous for its beer-drinking pig named Priscilla, who can scull a watered-down stubby in seven seconds. Priscilla is getting old, so a mischievous successor, Priscilla Babe, is being trained as a replacement. Tourists from all over the world travel to Pyengana just to buy Priscilla a beer. Owner Anne Free says it is crucial that she has a successor to keep her memory alive. "I had a woman from Texas recently and she was so excited, she said, 'is this the pub...
  • Election candidates nominated (Tasmania goes to the polls)

    03/04/2006 3:13:39 AM PST · by Aussie Dasher · 2 replies · 175+ views
    Herald Sun ^ | 4 March 2006
    A TOTAL of 95 candidates have nominated to contest the 2006 Tasmanian state election. Nominations closed at noon yesterday and were released publicly today. The number of candidates has dropped since the 2002 poll, when 112 people campaigned for the 25 seats in Tasmania's lower house of parliament. The largest group of candidates is in the central Hobart metropolitan seat of Denison, with 24 nominees vying for five seats. Under Tasmania's Hare-Clark system of proportional representation, voters elect five candidates in five electorates throughout the state. The system, reputed to be one of the fairest in the world, pits individual...
  • Dogs kill fairy penguins

    08/03/2005 9:44:30 AM PDT · by kiriath_jearim · 41 replies · 1,162+ views
    Dogs kill fairy penguins 02aug05 TOURISTS looked on in horror as two marauding dogs mauled and killed penguins at a leading Tasmanian penguin-viewing site. Interstate visitors left Bicheno in shock after at least 15 penguins were killed in their sheltered rookery. Nick Wardlaw, of Bicheno Penguin Tours, said about 20 people saw the Sunday evening attack, which left them "absolutely horrified". "[The dogs] just grabbed one penguin, broke its neck then dropped it and moved on to the next one," he said. "The tourists were absolutely horrified to think that such a thing could happen." Paul Male, who also saw...
  • In Tasmania, the Devil Now Faces Its Own Hell

    05/30/2005 10:37:38 PM PDT · by neverdem · 36 replies · 7,767+ views
    NY Times ^ | May 31, 2005 | SANDRA BLAKESLEE
    LAUNCESTON, Tasmania - Even by the brutish standards of Tasmanian devils, Rosie, Harry and Clyde have led a lamentable life. A year ago, when the three were each the size of a sesame seed, they wriggled out of their mother's birth canal and undulated their way to her pouch. There, each locked onto a teat and grew like gangbusters. But tragedy struck. Within months, their mother developed devil facial tumor disease - a mysterious malady that in the last three years has killed nearly half of all the world's devils, marsupials that are found only in Tasmania. Shortly after she...
  • VIP's to Australia - Israel President and the Royals.

    02/27/2005 1:30:30 PM PST · by Red Sea Swimmer · 2 replies · 241+ views
    Herald Sun ^ | 28th February, 2005 | Staff Writer
    VISITS to New South Wales by three royals and a president would generate priceless international publicity for the state's tourism industry, Premier Bob Carr said today. Australian-born Crown Princess Mary of Denmark and her husband Prince Frederik will today attend a state luncheon in Sydney as part of their trip to Australia. Israeli President Moshe Katsav will arrive in Sydney this morning, and Britain's Prince Charles, who is due to arrive in Perth tonight, will visit Sydney on Friday and the NSW town of Gunning on Saturday. "While we are honoured to host the tours, there can be no underestimating...
  • Tasmanian paper made from 'roo poo'

    02/15/2005 1:38:41 PM PST · by Lorianne · 22 replies · 570+ views
    BBC ^ | 15 February, 2005
    "It's a great product for tourists, but it's also something that gets our eco-friendly message home to a lot of people," said Joanne Gair, manager of Creative Paper Tasmania. The first batch of paper has now been produced, but Ms Gair conceded that there was one remaining problem - finding a constant supply of kangaroo and wallaby dung. "At the moment we are finding it very difficult to get the quantity of poo we need," she said. "We are hoping the community will help by collecting poo for us and dropping it off in plastic bags. New or old, we'll...
  • A governor please, Butler

    08/18/2003 1:22:52 AM PDT · by JerseyHighlander · 155+ views
    The Age, Australia ^ | August 18, 2003 - 1:28PM | - AAP
    Former chief United Nations weapons inspector Richard Butler was today named Tasmania's new governor. Mr Butler, 61, will be sworn in on October 3, replacing current governor Sir Guy Green, who is retiring after eight years in the vice-regal post. Premier Jim Bacon announced Mr Butler's appointment today, saying he was regarded as one of the world's most respected commentators on international affairs. Mr Butler has been an outspoken critic of the Howard government's decision to join the United States war on Iraq, and last month accused Prime Minister John Howard of misleading parliament over the issue. However Mr Butler...