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  • Kennedy: Record 'troubles me deeply'

    01/09/2006 3:23:44 PM PST · by Aussie Dasher · 71 replies · 1,689+ views
    WorldNetDaily ^ | 10 January 2006
    In the first day of weeklong confirmation hearings before the Senate Judiciary Committee, Sen. Edward Kennedy, D-Mass., told Judge Samuel Alito to expect tough questioning, saying the record of the U.S. Supreme Court nominee "troubles me deeply." Eighteen committee members gave their opening statements, followed by a statement by Alito. Questioning will begin tomorrow. Kennedy pointed to controversy over President Bush's decision to order the National Security Agency to wiretap conversations between terrorists overseas and citizens in the U.S. "In an era when the White House is abusing power, is excusing and authorizing torture, and is spying on American citizens,...
  • Kennedy Touted Anti-Bush Spy Hoax

    01/01/2006 11:45:46 AM PST · by wagglebee · 60 replies · 3,450+ views
    NewsMax ^ | 1/1/06 | NewsMax
    More than a week after the story was exposed as a hoax, Sen. Ted Kennedy has yet to apologize for touting false claims from a University of Massachusetts student who said officials from the Department of Homeland Security visited his home and repeatedly interrogated him after he tried to obtain a copy of Mao Tse-Tung's "Little Red Book." In mid-December, the unidentified student instigated the hoax by describing the phony grilling to reporters for the New Bedford Standard-Times. The story appeared on Dec. 17, the day after the New York Times reported that the Bush administration was monitoring the phone...
  • Ted Kennedy's Bad Habit Of Leaving People. . . For Dead

    12/14/2005 5:35:52 PM PST · by joeclarke · 5 replies · 5,542+ views
    JoeClarke.Net ^ | 12/14/2005 | JoeClarke.Net
    "The Black Book of Communism (Harvard University Press, 1999) provides a tally of the "politically correct" mass murders, the deaths from firing squads, man-made famines, gassing, hanging, concentration camps: China, 65 million deaths; USSR, 20 million; Vietnam, North Korea and Cambodia, 5 million; Africa, 1.7 million; Afghanistan, 1.5 million; Eastern Europe, 1 million; Latin America, 150,000 deaths." From Mises.Org It may have all started with Mary Jo in July of 1969 - and ended with Chappaquiddick, and I think we all know about that. Or, did it start with Kennedy's father, Joe, who had trouble understanding good old American...
  • WHITE HOUSE: Setting the Record Straight: Sen. Kennedy On Iraq

    11/11/2005 3:07:21 PM PST · by West Coast Conservative · 312 replies · 15,681+ views
    White House ^ | November 11, 2005
    "It is regrettable that Senator Kennedy has chosen Veteran's Day to continue leveling baseless and false attacks that send the wrong signal to our troops and our enemy during a time of war. It is also regrettable that Senator Kennedy has found more time to say negative things about President Bush then he ever did about Saddam Hussein. If America were to follow Senator Kennedy's foreign policy, Saddam Hussein would not only still be in power, he would be oppressing and occupying Kuwait." - Scott McClellan, White House Press Secretary Sen. Kennedy On Iraq Sen. Kennedy Said Saddam Hussein Was...
  • (Chappaquiddick Ted) Kennedy tries to rescue fishermen (NOT satire)

    10/16/2005 9:23:13 PM PDT · by Diddle E. Squat · 79 replies · 2,023+ views
    HYANNIS, Mass. Senator Edward Kennedy attempted to rescue six men who had become trapped by high tide on a jetty off Hyannisport yesterday. The Cape Cod Times reports that Kennedy eventually left the rescue to Hyannis firefighters. The senator was walking his two dogs on the shore at 11:15 a-m when he spotted the men cut off from shore by the rising waters. They had been fishing on a jetty that begins at the tip of the Kennedy compound. Tides rose over the patchy rocks, make it difficult to walk back to shore. Kennedy and a friend tried to rescue...
  • 'Overweight threat' for most of US

    10/03/2005 11:33:03 PM PDT · by Aussie Dasher · 23 replies · 721+ views
    Herald Sun ^ | 4 October 2005
    THE US obesity problem might be more serious than previously believed and most adults in the United States were at risk of becoming overweight or obese, US researchers said today. In a government study that followed 4000 participants over 30 years, researchers found that 90 per cent of men and 70 per cent of women were overweight or later became overweight. "National surveys and other studies have told us that the United States has a major weight problem, but this study suggests that we could have an even more serious degree of overweight and obesity (cases) over the next few...
  • Useful Idiots? Some On Right May Want Air America To Stick Around

    09/18/2005 9:40:41 PM PDT · by chuckpez · 9 replies · 525+ views
    The Radio Equalizer- Brian Maloney ^ | September 19th, 2005 | Brian Maloney
    Of our efforts to expose Air America's sleazy Enron-like corporate behavior, is it safe to assume conservatives are united in support? To a point, yes. There certainly are some, though, who'd rather not see this investigative effort become too successful. That's because the liberal radio network's programming has gone so far off the deep left end, it's now a GOP gold mine. By the same token, would Republicans want Rep. Jim McDermott of Seattle, or Sen. Ted Kennedy defeated? While having no impact on national political trends, the moonbat wing of the Democrat party provides a bounty of choice quotes...
  • Ann Coulter: How about Ted Kennedy's privacy

    09/01/2005 5:46:13 PM PDT · by wagglebee · 56 replies · 2,520+ views ^ | 9/1/05 | Ann Coulter
    Sen. Teddy Kennedy has demanded that the Bush administration waive attorney-client privilege and release internal memos John Roberts worked on while in the solicitor general's office 15 years ago, all of which were supposed to be held in the deepest confidence. Apparently, Kennedy thinks public officials have no right to keep even their attorney-client communications secret. This surprised me because the senator is such a strong advocate of the (nonexistent) "right to privacy." And not just in the way most drunken, Spanish quiz-cheating, no-pants-wearing public reprobates generally cherish their own personal right to privacy. I mean privacy in the abstract....
  • Pro-choice (Tubby) Kennedy was pro-life in 1971

    08/03/2005 6:29:58 PM PDT · by wagglebee · 49 replies · 1,797+ views
    WorldNetDaily ^ | 8/3/05 | WorldNetDaily
    The issue of abortion is expected to take center stage during the upcoming confirmation hearings for John Roberts, President Bush's nominee for the U.S. Supreme Court. And one of the key questioners of Roberts will be Sen. Edward Kennedy, D-Mass., who sits on the Senate Judiciary Committee. While many today regard the Democrat as a champion for abortion rights, the senator, who is Catholic, apparently held a staunch pro-life view before the Roe v. Wade decision in 1972. In 1971, Tom Dennelly of Great Neck, N.Y., wrote to Kennedy expressing his personal views on abortion. Kennedy responded to Dennelly, writing:...
  • The Democratic Party: Hypocrisy and Revisionism - (Teddy, Howlin' Howie & John François)

    07/28/2005 10:10:07 PM PDT · by CHARLITE · 8 replies · 1,008+ views
    Howard Dean has decried Ruth Bader Ginsberg as a right winger. John Kerry is demanding that the White House release Supreme Court nominee John Roberts’ records in total. And Teddy Kennedy, well, Teddy continues to talk out of both sides of his mouth. If it were possible to hear “eyes roll” the sound would have thundered across the country with each one of these statements. Whether it is their manipulation of our nation’s sitcom attention span or the elite media’s bent agenda is irrelevant. The Democratic “sideshow barkers” are getting away with it. Recently, at one of his many anger-fests...
  • The Increasingly Ugly Left - (Yes, M'am...Tammy Bruce! well deserved hit on shameless liberals!)

    07/26/2005 2:03:16 PM PDT · by CHARLITE · 38 replies · 3,007+ views
    It's always shocking when the left unmasks itself — it's usually very brief but when it happens not only can't you turn away, it's actually important that you don't. While it would seem impossible, the left has found a new low, this time courtesy of both the Washington Post and the Los Angeles Times. On the same day, both newspapers published bizarre attacks on the most basic values of personal appearance and physical health of the president and those he supports. It's the newest indication of how frustrated and frenzied the left has grown in the face of an America...
  • Mary Jo Kopechne remembered

    07/20/2005 9:55:58 AM PDT · by haole · 4 replies · 319+ views
    A Profile in Cowardice ^ | 7/20/05 | self
    How many people remember the Armstrong,Aldrin, Collins first moon landing? Most. It happened on July 21st, 1969. What else happened that day, or, the night before?Teddy Kennedy was responsible for the death of Mary Jo Kopchne, of willfuly leaving the scene of an accident, not reporting her death, and, of covering up the whole sordid affair.His technique? Go to a hotel, establish a time alibly. Talk to your lawyers. Then, buy off her family.Sound familiar? Yes, the same technique used so successfully later by the infamous klintoon, who must have studied well the Teddy portfolio. 36 years later Teddy is...
  • Today In History...Edward Kennedy

    07/19/2005 6:57:58 AM PDT · by Heebert · 30 replies · 1,426+ views
    1968: US Senator Edward Kennedy’s car drove off a bridge on Chappaquiddick Island, Massachusetts killing his 28-year-old companion Mary Jo Kopechne. Kennedy fled the scene of the accident and received a suspended sentence of two months and one year's probation.
  • Happy Anniversary You Old drunk

    07/17/2005 6:15:55 AM PDT · by BW2221 · 39 replies · 2,168+ views
    7/17/05 | BW2221
    Tomorrow marks the 36th anniversary of Chappaquiddick, when the "conscience of the left" drove off the bridge and caused the death of Mary Jo Kopechne. Happy anniversary, you lecherous old drunk!
  • Yoda Breaks Ranks With George Lucas, Supports George Bush - (Funny......a hoot!!)

    05/26/2005 9:26:23 PM PDT · by CHARLITE · 13 replies · 1,026+ views
    HOLLYWOOD, California --- After enduring days of Bush-bashing by George Lucas, Yoda has stepped forward to support President Bush. Unable to bear his creator's comments any longer, the wise and noble Yoda said he is embarrassed and ashamed of the director's ignorance of history and politics. "Step forward to right a wrong I must," said Yoda. "Good is the president, not evil. Evil is Saddam, and terrorism, and France I say. Embarrassed and ashamed I am of George's misunderstanding of history and politics. Fear I do that he has become an empty-headed limousine liberal. Shame it is. American soldiers...
  • Abu Ghraib Whistleblower Wins JFK Award (Teddy the Swimmer presents “Courage” awards)

    05/23/2005 11:11:31 AM PDT · by dead · 21 replies · 1,023+ views
    AP via Yahoo! ^ | Mon May 16, 9:41 PM ET
    BOSTON - The Army soldier who blew the whistle on abuse at the Abu Ghraib prison in Iraq received a special John F. Kennedy Profile in Courage Award on Monday, an award that recognizes acts of political courage. Spc. Joseph Darby was the first to report abuse at the Iraqi prison, turning over photos that showed prisoners chained together in sexual poses, piled on the floor naked and forced to form a nude human pyramid. Other award recipients Monday included Atlanta's first black woman mayor, Shirley Franklin. She was recognized for showing "courageous leadership" by raising taxes and cutting the...
  • [Dem] Memos reveal strategy behind judge filibusters [memogate]

    05/20/2005 6:28:43 AM PDT · by OXENinFLA · 35 replies · 2,304+ views
    WASH TIMES ^ | 5-19-05 | Charles Hurt
    The "nuclear" showdown that is expected to begin unfolding in the Senate today has its origins in closed-door discussions more than three years ago between key Senate Democrats and outside interest groups as they huddled to plot strategies for blocking President Bush's judicial nominees. In a Nov. 7, 2001, internal memo to Sen. Richard J. Durbin, who is now the minority whip, an aide described a meeting that the Illinois Democrat had missed between groups opposed to Mr. Bush's nominees and Sen. Edward M. Kennedy, Massachusetts Democrat and member of the Judiciary Committee. "Based on input from the groups, I...
  • Amy Robach and Teddy

    01/28/2005 7:24:01 AM PST · by Mike Bates · 23 replies · 1,661+ views
    Just heard Amy Robach of MSNBC speaking with Tim Russert and saying, ". . .one of the so-called liberal senators from Massachusetts, Ted Kennedy. . ."So-called? Amy, do me a favor. Just sit there and look pretty.
  • Hogs and Kisses from Teddy

    01/19/2005 7:16:42 PM PST · by Dr.Syn · 15 replies · 857+ views ^ | January 20, 2005 | Dan Sargis
      Hogs and Kisses from TeddyJanuary 20, 2005 The first time I realized that people like Teddy Kennedy were, at best, amusing minstrels and, at worst, self-serving class warfare elitists was my Freshman year in college.  As I uploaded a few meager possessions from my very used Chevy into my very new dormitory room, I came upon a very curious fellow sipping a Bass Ale with a technique that would eventually give him a repetitive motion injury and staring at the flat tire on his new BMW. With my nonchalant New England practicality, I introduced myself and asked if he would like...
  • 2005 Suggestions for Michael Moore and Others - (Don't miss this one!...a hoot!)

    01/08/2005 12:56:07 PM PST · by CHARLITE · 3 replies · 472+ views
    We received this in our e-mail pile without any indication of who wrote it. It was so good, we decided to post it anyway. To Michael Moore: Sit down and shut up. Your fifteen minutes are up. And do something about your hair. Looks can be deceiving, but not in your case... To Jimmy Carter: Big mistake to sit down next to Michael Moore at the convention. Spend more time with drywall and the glue gun. Or start lusting in your heart again. To Tom Daschle: If you lean too far to the left, voters will tend to lean right...