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Keyword: theoctopus

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  • Please pray for the annivarsy of my brothers death Danny Casolaro, aug 11, 1991

    08/11/2007 2:06:44 PM PDT · by danny91 · 24 replies · 1,629+ views
    Hey friends, please pray for a moment for my brother danny who was found dead in bathroom of motel in Marrtnisburg West Va, on Aug 11, 1991. You all remember the timeline and the news he was uncovering. Still till this day no one knows where the killers are we know who gave the go ahead, and now there both on the same team go figure that one out. Oh well, just blowing off some steam say a silent pray for Danny, if you want to read about it just google my brothers name. God bless you all
  • Sex, drugs, octopus? Russians want answers from Putin

    07/04/2006 12:12:35 AM PDT · by garbageseeker · 12 replies · 781+ views
    AFP via Yahoo News ^ | 07/04/06 | AFP Newswires
    MOSCOW (AFP) - Forget politics, oligarchs and Chechnya. What Russians really want to ask their leader is when he lost his virginity, when he will legalise marijuana and when a giant fictional octopus sleeping at the bottom of the ocean will awaken. These are at least some of the most popular questions being put by Russian web surfers to President Vladimir Putin on the Yandex website in preparation for a July 6 interactive Internet question-and-answer session. Putin will respond via Internet in his first-ever webcast to some of the questions posted through the BBC Online and Yandex sites, where queries...
  • Promisgate: World's longest spy scandal still glossed over

    03/13/2006 2:49:53 PM PST · by strategofr · 17 replies · 847+ views
    ...But this case management and data mining software, developed in the early 1980s by a small Washington D.C. company, Inslaw Inc., had proven itself to be a perfect intelligence tool... Stolen by ruse from its owner, Inslaw Inc., the software was hacked and provided with a "trap door", ... a Trojan Horse hacker’s trick, that enabled the retrieval of information from the foreign intelligence services and banks it had been sold to on behalf of Israeli and U.S. intelligence. Without the knowledge of the software’s owner, and in violation of copyright laws, the PROMIS software was sold to over 40...

    12/07/2001 7:27:31 AM PST · by mancini · 46 replies · 2,998+ views
    FTW, December 6, 2001 -- On October 9th, FTW broke a story on insider trading connected to the 9-11 attacks on the World Trade Center that sparked worldwide controversy. In that story we reported how the Israeli Herzliyya Institute for Counterterrorism had documented that unknown individuals -- with accurate foreknowledge of the attacks -- had purchased an obvious and unusually large number of "put" options on United and American Airlines shortly before the attacks. Additional companies hit hard by the insider trading included Axa Re(insurance) and Munich Re as well as American investment giants Merrill Lynch and Morgan Stanley. Put ...
  • Free Republic "Bump List" Register

    09/30/2001 4:46:44 AM PDT · by John Robinson · 191 replies · 12,118+ views
    I have created a public register of "bump lists" here on Free Republic. I define a bump list as a name listed in the "To" field used to index articles. Free Republic Bump List Register

    07/05/2003 11:02:29 PM PDT · by Incorrigible · 20 replies · 1,032+ views
    Matt Drudge ^ | 7/6/03 | Matt Drudge
    From Matt Drudge:  RIDDLE AS SPY-CATCHER QUITS: America's top spy-catcher, Paul Redmond, has suddenly resigned in the middle of his secret investigation into how Saddam Hussein and Osama bin Laden allegedly obtained [Promis] US computer software... Developing...Redmond's Bad Day On The Hill... 
  • ***WOW***Giant Octopus Dredged Up Off New Zealand***WOW***

    03/27/2002 6:42:18 PM PST · by ATOMIC_PUNK · 72 replies · 4,735+ views
    www.abcnews.go.com ^ | March 27 2002 | REUTERS
    Giant Octopus Dredged Up Off New ZealandMarch 27— WELLINGTON (Reuters) - Scientists have identified what they believe is the largest octopus ever seen, a 13 foot long giant hauled from the depths near New Zealand's remote Chatham Islands. The dead specimen, caught in a trawler's net, was badly damaged but it was clearly a massive animal, National Institute of Water and Atmospheric Research (NIWA)marine biologist Steve O'Shea."It would easily have been four-plus meters in total length and a weight of 70-75 kg (154-165 pounds), if not more -- it's a very big octopus, the size of a fully mature male...
  • Dominica: NWO headquarters

    11/26/1999 11:40:48 AM PST · by tena · 383+ views
    RuMills | 11-20-99 | various emails
    Island of Dominica...Secret Base Posted By: vince Date: Saturday, 20 November 1999, at 7:08 a.m. In the Carribean, is the tiny Island of Dominica, not the Dominican Republic. This small island nation was once a territory of England, and only recently was granted soverignity. The Question is: "Why a secret "private non USA" base in this country?" This tiny nature island has a small native population. It is located near the equator and between the two continents and is ideally and geographically positioned for satellite communications. Since it has its own soverignity, it is very difficult for any law ...
  • Toronto Cops swamped by terror leads -- 'Unbelievable activity' linked to Sept. 11 attacks

    11/10/2001 3:52:08 AM PST · by Clive · 32 replies · 733+ views
    Toronto Sun ^ | November 10, 2001 | Tom Godfrey
     Toronto police have been investigating dozens of FBI-generated leads following the U.S. arrest of a Parkdale refugee claimant who is alleged to be a lieutenant of Osama bin Laden.  Officers said Nabil Al-Marabh left a huge trail of evidence in Toronto and U.S. police are interested in his ties with the suicide pilots and their accomplices who plowed into the World Trade Center and the Pentagon on Sept. 11.  "There was a lot of activity taking place," one senior Toronto cop said yesterday. "It is unbelievable."  U.S. police said Al-Marabh is among their top five suspects of 1,200 detained ...
  • The Murder of Attorney Paul Wilcher

    03/22/2000 5:32:15 AM PST · by jedediah smith · 1,162+ views
    Alexander Horvat interview | July, 1993 (?) | Gunther Russbacher
    Horvat: What are the details of Paul Wilcher's death? What can you tell me about that? Russbacher: Paul Wilcher was killed. There's no question about it. Horvat: OK. How, what is the situation? I understand he was found in his apartment. I know very little about what happened to Wilcher. Russbacher: Well- Horvat: When did it happen? Russbacher: How far back do you want me to go? Back to the time that I began contact where Sara McClendon called me at 2:00 in the morning, asking me to intercede and get help? You know Sara McClendon? Chief White House correspondent ...
  • Les Coleman's Trial Starts Today, March 13

    03/13/2000 12:16:05 AM PST · by slym · 507+ views
    The Home Page of J Orlin Grabbe ^ | March 13, 2000 | Rayelan Allan (RMNews Agency)
    Les Coleman's Trial Starts Today, March 13 by Rayelan Allan, RMNews Agency LEXINGTON, KY The long awaited trial of Les Coleman, begins tomorrow in Lexington, Kentucky. Coleman is the author of The Trail of the Octopus, the book that exposes the DEA's involvement in the bombing of Pan Am 103. Coleman is one of a long list of government whistle blowers who have been silenced by incarceration. The trial is expected to last two to three days. What are the charges? Mr. Coleman is being charged with fraud due to a check in the amount $1200.00. I wonder how much ...
  • Up Against the Beast: High-Level Drug Running (Pt. II)

    05/02/2000 7:47:09 AM PDT · by jedediah smith · 677+ views
    Nexus Magazine ^ | April-May 2000 | Uri Dowbenko
    IV. CIA/DoJ COLLUSION IN DRUG TRAFFICKING/COVER-UP Class Action Lawsuit Alleges Federal Statute Violations Despite documented evidence by government whistleblowers, the US Central Intelligence Agency (CIA) and the Department of Justice (DoJ) have never been held accountable for their collusion in and/or acquiescence to drug trafficking. On March 15, 1999, however, class action lawsuits were filed by attorneys Katya Komisaruk, William M. Simpich and Kenneth Frucht on behalf of Rosemary Lyons and Olivia Woods in northern California and Donna J. Warren and Berlina M. Doss in southern California (Case No. 99-02603). The suit names the Central Intelligence Agency, the United States ...
  • PAUL WILCHER - The Deadly Pursuit Of The Truth

    09/22/1999 12:23:27 AM PDT · by Uncle Bill · 2,320+ views
    Columbia Pictures | July 14, 1993 | Garby Leon
    PAUL WILCHER - The Deadly Pursuit Of The Truth The following letter was sent to Janet Reno on July 14, 1993. After all these years of seeing Janet Reno working so hard to turn over every rock to get to the truth, pursue every lead, in her bold attempt of serving U.S. justice, well, one can conclude what happened to the letter and the follow-up, and the justice. The letter, the justice, like Paul Wilcher, is dead. FROM: Garby Leon Columbia Pictures Culver City, CA July 14, 1993 TO: The Honorable Janet Reno Attorney General of the United States Department ...
  • BACK DOOR MEN - Outlaws and Inslaw

    10/08/1999 1:07:34 AM PDT · by Uncle Bill · 1,991+ views
    The American Renegade - Electronic Magazine | June, 1997 | M.A. Perry
    Back Door Men: Outlaws and Inslaw Not for commercial use. Solely to be fairly used for the educational purposes of research and open discussion. The Swirls Of Shadows: IntroductionPart OnePart TwoPart ThreePart FourPart FivePart SixPart SevenEpilogue Part Two of "The Swirl of Shadows" By M. A. Perry June 1997 Imagine you are the director of the CIA. One day, some of your agents come to you with a plan that would enable access to the deepest secrets of foreign governments, intelligence services, armed forces, police agencies, courts, prosecutors, and even the international banking system. What if your people reported that ...
  • RCMP cast wider net in software spy probe: Cast of characters deepens intrigue in Promis case

    09/04/2000 7:01:27 PM PDT · by Plummz · 705+ views
    Toronto Star ^ | September 4, 2000 | By Allan Thompson and Valerie Lawton
    OTTAWA - RCMP officers have travelled across North America to interview former Israeli spies, a convicted drug dealer, financiers and conspiracy theorists, probing claims that foreign agents used rigged software to hack into secret Canadian computer files. The Mounties are tight-lipped about their mysterious investigation, code-named ``Project Abbreviation,'' and will confirm only that they're looking into an alleged breach of national security. But information obtained by The Star indicates that RCMP officers have waded into the mire of a tangled conspiracy theory. ``They have opened a Pandora's box,'' said one player in the intelligence community familiar with the investigation. ...
  • Waco, Vince Foster, and the Secret War

    08/26/1999 11:19:18 PM PDT · by Poincare · 550+ views
    http://www.ar.utexas.edu/Staff/White/ECV.html | unk est May 99 | by Mack White
    Mack White's Edge City View Waco, Vince Foster, and the Secret War by Mack White In the year after the famous fire at Waco, I met the surviving Branch Davidians. It was through a friend of mine, Richard Mosley, who produced the documentary Day 51: The True Story of Waco. I had done some research on Jonestown, the CIA mind control facility in Guyana which had come to a spectular end in 1977. Officially, Jonestown was a mass suicide, and when the Mt. Carmel complex in Waco caught on the fire, the FBI immediately labeled it "another Jonestown." In reality, ...
  • Danny's Dead

    10/17/1999 3:11:08 AM PDT · by metalbird1 · 621+ views
    The Casolaro Files ^ | (c)1996 | C.D. Stelzer
    Pertinent excerpt: Nowadays, [William] Hamilton downplays his former career inside the intelligence community, comparing it to that of a newspaper reporter. "What you do at NSA is analytical work, it's not cloak and dagger. It's desk work, college graduates at desks using computers and writing reports," he says. Whether Hamilton's work was quite that benign is hard to say. There is at least one example of computers playing a more sinister role in the Vietnam War. As a part of Operation Phoenix, the CIA was known to have used the innovative technology to run a covert assassination program against Vietnamese ...
  • Canada said probing possible spying by U.S., Israel

    08/25/2000 10:30:28 AM PDT · by b4its2late · 317+ views
    Reuters ^ | Updated 11:54 AM ET August 25, 2000 | Reuters
    OTTAWA (Reuters) - Canadian police are investigating whether U.S. and Israeli spies used rigged computer software to hack into Canada's top secret intelligence files, the Toronto Star newspaper said Friday. The paper said the probe revolved around Promis, a software program first developed to assist prosecutors in the United States Department of Justice which was the centre of a U.S. scandal a decade ago. The Star said police were probing whether the software -- used by the Mounties and Canada's spy service to co-ordinate secret investigations -- had been rigged with a so-called "trap door" allowing unauthorized access to sensitive ...
  • The Octopus (Very Interesting Article, Really Quite Fascinating)

    08/07/2001 6:35:18 PM PDT · by Rebeckie · 810+ views
    11/14/94 | Karen Bixman
    THE OCTOPUS Through the efforts of Terry Reed and John Cummings, their book *Compromised: Clinton, Bush and the CIA*, has given readers an inside view of the inner workings of the Iran-Contra affair and the resulting Whitewater scandal. By attempting to poke a hole through the heavily cloaked veil of government corruption, Reed and others like him have discovered that a mission of truth-seeking can be inherently dangerous if not fatal. Unfortunately, investigative reporter Danny Casolaro learned that lesson too late. For over a year before his death, Casolaro was running down leads on an operation he termed the "Octopus." ...
  • A PROMIS Software---Filegate Connection?

    01/09/2000 8:02:11 AM PST · by metalbird1 · 515+ views
    The following retyped document--a Software AG [a German-based information technology company] memorandum--was provided to me by now-deceased Inslaw investigator Bill McCoy, a retired career Army Criminal Investigation Division (CID) investigator, for whom I worked as a researcher/investigator on various assignments though not on the PROMIS software case per se. 22.MAI.1996 10:20 SOFTWARE AG CORPORATE MARKETING CONFIDENTIAL Gedruckt von: XFXFJ / Posteingang / Gelesen 22.Mai.96 11:08 Gesendet von: Shuman, Kathleen 21.Mai.96 15:22 Betreff : Press-Q on "Promis" --------------------------------------- Fritz: To answer your questions, I would say: 1. Yes, our Federal Professional Service group is in the process of conversting (sic) Promis ...
  • PROMIS/INSLAW AGAIN? German armed forces ban MS software citing NSA snooping

    03/18/2001 8:47:06 PM PST · by slym · 693+ views
    The Register (via The Home Page of Orlin Grabbe) ^ | 17/03/2001 (18:59 GMT) | John Lettice
    German armed forces ban MS software, citing NSA snooping By: John Lettice Posted: 17/03/2001 at 18:59 GMT The German foreign office and Bundeswehr are pulling the plugs on Microsoft software, citing security concerns, according to the German news magazine Der Spiegel. Spiegel claims that German security authorities suspect that the US National Security Agency (NSA) has 'back door' access to Microsoft source code, and can therefore easily read the Federal Republic's deepest secrets. The Bundeswehr will no longer use American software (we surmise this includes Larry and Scott as well) on computers used in sensitive areas. The German foreign office ...
  • Bin Laden and Promis Software

    10/16/2001 3:13:33 PM PDT · by artios · 72 replies · 2,699+ views
    Foxnews, Carl Cameron just reported - Spy Hansen sold software to Russinas who sold it to Bin Laden. Promis allows him to monitor all the opeartions against him including financial. Listed some countries that have stopped using it. May have missed some details - searched and saw no post. Know that Promis is a big deal and also involved with Koresh at WACO. Al-Qeada youths are as aware of cracks in the worlds financial.... as they are of the lines in their hands.. Bin Laden being in a cave is not the issue - others in his network can log ...

    08/27/2000 9:46:05 PM PDT · by Wallaby · 540+ views
    The Toronto Star | August 27, 2000, Sunday | Valerie Lawton
    TALE OF SPIES AND CONSPIRACIES FOUNDER OF COMPUTER SOFTWARE FIRM PINS HOPES ON THE RCMP EX-ISRAELI AGENTS BACK "TRAP DOOR" ALLEGATIONS Valerie Lawton The Toronto Star August 27, 2000, Sunday, Edition 1 WASHINGTON - Bill Hamilton has spent the last decade telling a bizarre story about spies, computer software and conspiracies. The Inslaw story can spiral into an octopus of other odd- sounding conspiracy theories and allegations. Now he hopes Canada's Mounties will prove his tale is actually true. "It's the first time that there has been the possibility of a credible criminal investigation of this," Hamilton, owner of ...
  • Nothing Is Secret

    01/12/2001 12:02:25 PM PST · by Sandy · 505+ views
    Insight Magazine ^ | 1/5/00 | Kelly Patricia O’Meara
    Insight uncovers a spy probe in the United States by the Canadian government into the theft of computer software that allegedly allows surveillance of top-secret government computer systems. Good morning, Mr. McDade. The Royal Canadian Mounted Police has reason to believe that the national security of Canada has been compromised. A trojan horse, or back door, allegedly has been found in computer systems in the nation’s top law-enforcement and intelligence organizations.        “Your mission, should you decide to accept it, is to establish whether this is the PROMIS software reportedly stolen in the early 1980s from William and Nancy Hamilton, owners ...
  • "Espionage: How Washington Booby-Trapped All the World's Computers"

    09/24/1999 3:04:45 AM PDT · by slym · 1,261+ views
    Le Vif/ L' Express (pages 74 to 82) (translated from French) | May 9, 1997 | Fabrizio Calvi and Thierry Pfister (By Jeanbar and Stavrides)
    U.S. Accused of 'Promis' Information Warfare Program [Interview with Fabrizio Calvi and Thierry Pfister, authors of book L'Oeil de Washington (The Eye of Washington), by Denis Jeambar and Yves Stavrides; place and date not given: "Espionage: How Washington Booby-Trapped All the World's Computers"] [Translated from the French] How far can a government go? Democracies have settled that issue of the desire for power in principle: The state of law, situated at the heart of their institutional mechanisms, forms their boundaries. But that framework is in fact more virtual than real, and laws or treaties are very fragile barriers when it ...