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  • Transcending everything else: The Man Behind the Curtain

    07/04/2016 5:12:28 PM PDT · by Sean_Anthony · 2 replies
    Canada Free Press ^ | 07/04/16 | Dave Merrick
    Jesus, the Word of God incarnate: He said that He IS the Way, the Truth and the Life Former full-time genius, Winston Churchill, once added this to his bottomless library of brilliant quotes and observations: A lie gets halfway around the world before the truth has a chance to get its pants on. And so it is with our archenemys principal weapon in the battle that rages between free-willed mankind and the adversary of our souls, a very real devil. He is the father of all lies, and when he speaks he doesnt waste a word. And he wastes...
  • Axeslinger's opus...

    05/31/2016 2:19:09 PM PDT · by Axeslinger II · 191 replies
    A few days ago | Axeslinger
    Apparently this never got posted here because of the limitations of probation, so here you go: we are...18 years. Mostly good. Clintons a Liar, Dr Raouls costumes, AppyPappy's daughter singing the National Anthem, Kristinns wonderful reporting. The repugnant lies of Classy Green Eyed Blonde and DeepInTheHurtgenForest. The surreal cryptic posts of quidam. The lib trolls like Eschoir. The March for Justice? Heady times. They really were. Fighting against a President who had the gall to look us in the eye and lie to us. But the last 9 months? Absolutely unrecognizable. A lot of great FReepers run off. And...
  • Benghazi Heroes Review '13 Hours: The Secret Soldiers Of Benghazi'

    01/05/2016 11:00:00 PM PST · by LeoWindhorse · 28 replies
    The Sean Hannity Show ^ | Jan. 5 , 2016 | Sean Hannity
    The highly anticipated "13 Hours: The Secret Soldiers of Benghazi" is slated for release on January 15th. The movie, directed by Michael Bay, tells the true story of what happened in Benghazi on September 11, 2012. Mark ‘Oz’ Geist, Kris ‘Tanto’ Paronto and John ‘Tig’ Tiegen, three of the soldiers involved in the Benghazi attack, joined The Sean Hannity Show to discuss the making of the film and the cover up by the Obama administration.
  • Who should Trump go after next?

    07/20/2015 11:30:12 AM PDT · by US Navy Vet · 70 replies
    20 Julu 2015 | US Navy Vet
    I say he should go after BOTH Jebby and Rove with BOTH barrels Blazing!
  • Trump: 'Infectious disease is pouring across the border

    07/06/2015 4:51:52 PM PDT · by jimbo123 · 172 replies
    The Hill ^ | 7/6/15 | Jesse Byrnes
    Donald Trump doubled down on his controversial comments about illegal immigration from Mexico on Monday, saying that "infectious disease is pouring across the border." Trump issued a lengthy nearly 900 word statement invoking the death of a San Francisco woman shot and killed last week by a suspect who had previously been deported to Mexico five times. "This is merely one of thousands of similar incidents throughout the United States," Trump said Monday. "In other words, the worst elements in Mexico are being pushed into the United States by the Mexican government." The 2016 Republican presidential candidate said...
  • Becoming Witnesses of the Resurrection & the Truth of the Gospel - Homily, Third Sunday of Easter

    04/19/2015 7:01:42 AM PDT · by Salvation · 3 replies
    Archdiocese of Washington ^ | 04-18-15 | Msgr. Charles Pope
    Archdiocese of Washington Becoming Witnesses of the Resurrection and the Truth of the Gospel. A homily for the third Sunday of Easter. By: Msgr. Charles PopeThe Gospel for this Sunday speaks to the necessity of becoming witnesses of the Resurrection of Jesus. It begins with the necessary foundation of the proclamation of the Church: “The Lord is risen indeed, he has appeared to Simon!” This solemn declaration of the Church forms the doctrinal certitude of the resurrection. But on this foundation of the truth the personal witness of every Catholic must be built. In this gospel we see how the...
  • A Powerful Video Being Shared On Facebook

    03/20/2014 10:26:45 PM PDT · by shibumi · 23 replies
    Facebook ^ | 3/20/2014 | Senior Airman Brian Kolfage
    This video is a must see and share with everyone you know. It is powerful and extremely well done.
  • Five Hard Truths That Will Set You Free

    11/04/2009 9:00:14 AM PST · by GonzoII · 40 replies · 1,722+ views ^ | Nov 4, 2009 | Msgr. Charles Pope
    Five Hard Truths That Will Set You FreeBy: Msgr. Charles Pope Some years ago I read an essay by the Franciscan Theologian Richard Rohr. I will say that I do not share a lot of agreement with Richard Rohr (no need to detail that here) but I found this particular essay compelling. I do not recall the exact title of that essay but in my mind the title “Five Hard Truths that Will Set You Free” seems the best title. The following five truths from that essay are indeed hard truths. They tend to rock our world and stab...
  • Inside the Ring: Military hit for correctness

    06/20/2012 3:28:52 PM PDT · by bayouranger · 7 replies ^ | 20JUN12 | Bill Gertz
    The U.S. military is guilty of political correctness toward domestic Islamic terror, according to a congressional report made public Wednesday that concludes al Qaeda is using U.S.-based Muslim radicals to plan mass casualty attacks. "Homegrown radicalization is now the vanguard of al Qaeda's strategy to continue attacking the United States and its allies," said the report on domestic extremism by the House Homeland Security Committee. The report was based on several hearings held by Committee Chairman Rep. Peter T. King, New York Republican. The report said evidence of the threat comes from recordings made public in Pakistan by the core...
  • Suspicions Confirmed: The Pole is now The Truth

    08/07/2009 12:24:44 AM PDT · by raccoonradio · 5 replies · 836+ views
    Denver Westword ^ | 08/06/09 | Michael Roberts
    Yikes. Shortly after 4 p.m., smack in the middle of Queen's "Bicycle Race," the voice of Erich "Mancow" Muller, host of The Mancow Show, a nationally syndicated repository of far-right loonbaggery, popped up on 101.5 FM, which has been known as The Pole, aka "Stripper Radio," since dumping the acclaimed Indie 101.5 format last week. (This blog from earlier today should get you up to speed.) Mancow's question: "Did you really think we were serious?" Errrr, no -- but Max Media, the owner of 101.5, is actually serious about FM-talk radio. Hence, the transition from The Pole to The Truth,...
  • He's Not My Messiah

    04/25/2009 8:41:01 PM PDT · by Cyberrat · 47 replies · 2,056+ views
    Vanity | 4/25/09 | Cyberrat
    My wife is Catholic. Though not active in the church, I would describe her as spiritual, and without a doubt, faithful. Like millions of people this morning, while perusing Yahoo News, she and I saw the image of Michael D'Antuonos The Truth. In case you havent seen The Truth, it is a painting essentially depicting Barack Obama as the Messiah in a presidential motif. At first, we dismissed it like the rest of the fawning media imagery of Obama. Remember that AP photo of Obama framed in front of the Presidential Seal as though it was a halo? We rolled...
  • Barone: Media wanted Palin abortion

    11/11/2008 5:41:25 PM PST · by dormee · 28 replies · 451+ views
    Drudge ^ | 11/10/08 | me
    Sarah Palin with her husband, Todd, and son Trig, who has Down syndrome. Photo: AP A roomful of academics erupted in angry boos Tuesday morning after political analyst Michael Barone said journalists trashed Alaska Gov. Sarah Palin, the Republicans' vice presidential nominee, because "she did not abort her Down syndrome baby." Barone said in an e-mail that he "was attempting to be humorous and ... went over the line." Barone was speaking at the Palmer House Hilton in Chicago, to the 121st annual meeting of the National Association of State Universities and Land Grant Colleges, which calls itself the nations...
  • Rep. calls Obama Marxist, warns of dictatorship

    11/10/2008 1:56:26 PM PST · by pissant · 744 replies · 9,062+ views
    Examiner ^ | 11/10/08 | staff
    WASHINGTON (Map, News) - A Republican congressman from Georgia is calling President-elect Obama a Marxist and warning that he might be planning to form a Gestapo-like security force so he can rule as a dictator. Two-term Rep. Paul Broun of Athens cited a July speech that has circulated on the Internet in which Obama called for a civilian force to take some of the national security burden off the military.
  • A Nation of None and All of the Above

    08/21/2008 4:24:42 PM PDT · by forkinsocket · 3 replies · 42+ views
    The NY Times ^ | August 16, 2008 | SAM ROBERTS
    Deep inside a data dump by the Census Bureau last week was a startling racial projection: By midcentury, the United States will be home to 80 million more white people. Never mind, for a moment, that the bureau also predicts that Americans who identify themselves as Hispanic, black, Asian, American-Indian, Native Hawaiian and Pacific Islander will constitute a majority of the population by 2042. The number of people who say they are white is projected to rise by about two million every year. At that rate, even while the Hispanic and Asian populations expand enormously, the proportion of Americans who...
  • The Crusader: Questions for Brigitte Gabriel

    08/16/2008 4:23:07 PM PDT · by reaganaut1 · 14 replies · 120+ views
    New York Times ^ | August 15, 2008 | Deborah Solomon
    Q: As a Lebanese-Christian immigrant who spent her girlhood amid the bloody devastation of the Lebanese civil war, you have lately emerged as one of the most vehement critics of radical Islam in this country. Are you concerned that your new book, They Must Be Stopped, will feed animosity toward Muslims? A: I do not think I am feeding animosity. I am bringing an issue to light. I disapprove of any religion that calls for the killing of other people. If Christianity called for that, I would condemn it. Q: What about all the moderate Muslims who represent our hope...
  • Exxon Posts Record $32.36 Billion Tax Payment

    08/03/2008 5:16:09 PM PDT · by Entrepreneur · 26 replies · 302+ views
    July 31, 2008 | Mark J Perry
    This is from Carpe Diem: Professor Mark J. Perry's Blog for Economics and Finance's blog... CNN's headline: "Exxon posts record $11.68 billion profit." According to CNN, Exxon Mobil once again reported the largest quarterly profit in U.S. history Thursday, posting net income of $11.68 billion on revenue of $138 billion in the second quarter. That profit works out to $1,485.55 a second. Buried in the story we also find that "In addition to making hefty profits, Exxon also had a hefty tax bill. Worldwide, the company paid $10.5 billion in income taxes in the second quarter, $9.5 billion in sales...
  • DUBOB 11- more tales from the Dark UnderBelly Of the Beast...

    01/31/2003 5:07:21 PM PST · by backhoe · 12,501 replies · 455,024+ views
    various links and websites | 01-31-03 | The Heavy Equipment Guy
    At the request of members, I am restarting those "Tales from the Dark UnderBelly Of the Beast"-- the stories and issues that the press and media either ignore, won't even talk about, or will mention once and forevermore claim "it's old news..."Naturally, some will be stories which interest me, or things I think we all need to be aware of.I am experimenting with a minor change in presentation- when I can, I will cut to -GoogleNewsBeta-- with a keyword or two and see what kind of links to "mainstream" stories I can find in contrast to what we see here...
  • FR Exclusive: Revealed that Jim Robinson controls left wing Democratic Underground

    04/01/2007 1:41:58 PM PDT · by Raycpa · 123 replies · 3,574+ views
    Fresno-Close observers have often noted that many of the posters at Democratic Underground appear to be conservatives pretending to be liberals. Today Jim has admitted that such suspicions were only part of the story. According to Jim Robinson, he set up the site and uses his hand selected minion conservatives to show how absurd the liberal mind is. "The toughest part of the job has been to ban Freeper's fast enough. We cannot afford to have any sane rhetoric or logic." said Jim.More
  • Mistranslation in Matthew

    01/08/2007 8:18:19 AM PST · by Invincibly Ignorant · 94 replies · 1,528+ views
    Outreach Judaism ^ | Rav Singer
    Your assertion that Matthew quoted from the Septuagint is the most repeated argument missionaries use in their attempt to explain away Matthew's stunning mistranslation of the Hebrew word alma. This well-worn response, however, raises far more problems than it answers. To begin with, your contention that "parthenos does mean virgin" is incorrect. The Greek word parthenos can mean either a young woman or a virgin; for this reason the Greek word parthenos can be found in the Septuagint referring to someone who is not a virgin. For example, in Genesis 34:2-4, Shechem raped Dinah, the daughter of the patriarch Jacob,...
  • Lamont's Secret Weapon [Exploiting campaign-finance loopholes.]

    08/15/2006 4:55:08 AM PDT · by Brilliant · 13 replies · 624+ views
    WSJ ^ | August 15, 2006 | WSJ
    Credit for Ned Lamont's primary victory over Joe Lieberman has fairly gone to the "netroots" and above all to passions aroused by the Iraq War. But his really secret weapon is one that his fellow liberals prefer not to mention out loud: Mr. Lamont could finance his own campaign. Thanks to campaign funding limits, most political neophytes have a better chance of affording a home in Mr. Lamont's swanky town of Greenwich, Conn., than they do of raising enough money to be competitive against an incumbent of the same party. Despite his unpopularity in some Democratic circles, Mr. Lieberman was...
  • Carter Warns Against Upsetting Iran

    06/20/2006 10:12:48 PM PDT · by John Semmens · 15 replies · 364+ views
    AZCONSERVATIVE ^ | 15 June 2006 | John Semmens
    Former president, Jimmy Carter, has said that the United States should begin talks with Iran without preconditions. "We can't afford to upset them if we're to have any hope of gaining the release of the hostages," said Carter. Carter says he believes that the Bush administration's offer to sit down and talk on conditions that Iran gives up its uranium enrichment program may not be enough. "Also people should turn down their thermostats and wear sweaters," Carter said. "If we all pule together we can lick the malaise that is sweeping the nation." In related news, it was revealed that...
  • CA: Knocked on his 'Hasta la vista'

    01/15/2006 11:36:20 AM PST · by NormsRevenge · 82 replies · 896+ views
    OC Register ^ | 1/15/06 | Steve Greenhut
    One of the wisest pieces of advice I can ever offer is to always deal in reality. Sometimes reality stinks, and it's easier to craft an elaborate fantasy world that soothes our inner turmoil. But, ultimately, it's a dangerous game to avoid The Truth. For those of us who follow California politics and who have invested countless hours in championing ideas and policies that would make this a freer, more prosperous and better state, it's tempting to assuage ourselves by thinking that the 2003 recall of Gov. Gray Davis still matters. It's easy to lie to ourselves and suggest that...
  • Lauer Laughs at Franken's Re-Run Rove and Libby "Execution" Quip

    10/25/2005 11:55:29 AM PDT · by fight_truth_decay · 42 replies · 2,025+ views
    MRC ^ | Tuesday October 25, 2005 | Brent H. Baker
    On this morning's (Tuesday) Today, at 8:52am, Al Franken was on to promote his new book The Truth (with Jokes) and repeated his twisted quip from Friday's Late Show with David Letterman in which he predicted that Karl Rove and Lewis "Scooter" Libby will be "executed" for treason. Franken's "joke," that "George H.W. Bush, the President's father, said...that outing a CIA agent is treason. I agree. So I think that Rove and Libby will be executed," drew laughter from Matt Lauer and those in the Today show studio. [This item, by the MRC's Geoffrey Dickens, was posted late this morning...
  • Character Counts for Hillary Clinton - (Klein: "sources feared for their lives, if revealed")

    07/28/2005 6:16:28 PM PDT · by CHARLITE · 44 replies · 1,775+ views
    A.I.M.ORG ^ | JULY 27, 2005 | Editor
    "Turning Hillary Clinton into a victim by publishing outrageous claims could backfire and strengthen her candidacy in 2008. This would be ironic given all the horrible things that Bill and Hillary have done over the years to the women who got in the way, including threats, smears, and intimidation. Hillary has shown that she'll stop at nothing to protect her political powerher real deeds are far more disturbing than the tawdry speculation Klein is spreading." One of the "outrageous claims" is said to be that "Chelsea Clinton was conceived when Bill raped Hillary." Other alleged "outrageous claims" are said to...
  • Another Double Standard For Hillary - (Ed Klein, "persona non grata")

    07/20/2005 9:08:35 PM PDT · by CHARLITE · 22 replies · 862+ views
    For months there had been a quiet buzz in both political and publishing circles surrounding "The Book" being written about Sen. Hillary Clinton. The scuttlebutt had it that New York Times best-selling author Edward Klein was in the final stages of a blockbuster expose of the former first lady, the likes of which could derail her 2008 presidential aspirations. "The Truth About Hillary" is now out, and it has lived up to its billing in the fireworks department. Except the controversy surrounds not Hillary Clinton but author Ed Klein, and the broadsides against him are coming primarily from conservatives, not...
  • How Hillary Clinton Controls the Media - (began effort to block Ed Klein months before it was out!)

    07/18/2005 9:24:27 AM PDT · by CHARLITE · 35 replies · 1,572+ views
    NEWSMAX.COM ^ | JULY 18, 2005 | John LeBoutillier
    The Hillary War Machine has run a coordinated attack campaign against Ed Klein and his book "The Truth About Hillary," beginning before the book was even published or available for advance readings. Team Hillary's major ally in this anti-Klein effort? The so-called Mainstream Media (MSM) - comprising mostly East Coast elitist media institutions, i.e., CBS, ABC, NBC, CNN, New York Times, Washington Post, Newsweek and Time magazine - are staffed with pro-Hillary zealots and acolytes who practice what is now known as "advocacy journalism." In other words, they use their media outposts to preach a leftist political agenda - in...
  • Klein's 'Truth About Hillary' Hits N.Y. Times Again; Paper Lashes Out - (Times trashing Klein!)

    07/11/2005 1:27:58 PM PDT · by CHARLITE · 19 replies · 2,089+ views
    NEWSMAX.COM ^ | JULY 11, 2005 | CARL LIMBACHER & Staff
    Edward Klein's book "The Truth About Hillary" has made the New York Times best-seller list for the second week in a row - a development that has the Times book review spitting mad. As NewsMax reported over a week ago, Klein debuted on the Times list this week in the No. 2 slot. Despite an orchestrated campaign to keep Klein off major TV talk shows, NewsMax has learned that the best-selling author will be on the Times list next week as well, in the No. 4 position. The liberal Gray Lady apparently doesn't like the fact that one of its...
  • Hillary in Real Trouble with 'Truth' Book - (her entire "victim" image has been a lie!)

    07/07/2005 7:54:03 PM PDT · by CHARLITE · 44 replies · 3,504+ views
    Ed Klein's New York Times best-seller "The Truth About Hillary" has been trashed in the media as too salacious to be taken seriously, with reporters highlighting allegations that Klein never made about Mrs. Clinton's sexual orientation and being raped by her husband. But the real trouble for Hillary is hinted at in the book's subtitle: "What She Knew, When She Knew It, and How Far She'll Go to Become President." What critics seem to want to avoid is Klein's claim that Hillary knew all along that her husband was carrying on an affair with Monica Lewinsky - and even approved...
  • Its Not the Sex, Stupid - (book obscures truth about Clinton administration)

    07/06/2005 9:15:12 AM PDT · by CHARLITE · 23 replies · 1,120+ views
    By now, you've no doubt run into The Truth About Hillary, the gossipy bestseller by a former New York Times man who has the kind of credentials that make a fella welcome at all the finest Gotham cocktail parties. The book paints an unflattering portrait of the former First Lady, Hillary Clinton, who author Edward Klein described to me as "the most fascinating woman in America." As it happens, during the course of the The Truth which is more In Touch weekly than New York Times Klein talks a bit about sex (which, although not the whole of...
  • Taking Truth about Jihad Terrorism to the People - (media has failed America re: ISLAM!)

    06/30/2005 4:53:38 PM PDT · by CHARLITE · 15 replies · 548+ views
    "The only person who matters is Allah and the only question he will ask me is How many infidels did you kill? These are the words of Marwan Abu Ubeida, the subject of a Time magazine piece entitled Inside the Mind of an Iraqi Suicide Bomber. It is gratifying to see Time being willing to make this trip inside Marwans mind, since most mainstream media outlets have been singularly uninterested in the thought processes of jihad terrorists. But even Time doesnt explore the implications of Marwans words. And this is no trivial omission: jihadists from Osama bin Laden and...
  • Behind the Clinton legacy - (intelligent wrap-up of MonicaGate & Hillary's enabling hypocrisy!)

    06/28/2005 8:13:42 PM PDT · by CHARLITE · 11 replies · 746+ views
    As it happens, during the course of the "The Truth" which is more "In Touch" weekly than "New York Times" Klein talks a bit about sex (which has been the topic of only walk-away headlines from the book). It helps perpetuate the long-standing myth that the Bill Clinton impeachment trial was all about sex. It wasn't. The sex and the lies and the depositions were all of Bill Clinton's making. As my colleague Rich Lowry wrote in his book on the Clinton presidency, "Legacy" (Regnery Publishing, Inc., 2003) accusing Ken Starr of being obsessed with sex "was a...
  • Hillary Hubbub - (Hirsen says he hopes Klein's book does for Hill what "Unfit" did for Kerry!)

    06/28/2005 5:52:02 PM PDT · by CHARLITE · 19 replies · 818+ views
    Interestingly, the newly released book by Edward Klein, "The Truth About Hillary: What She Knew, When She Knew It, and How Far She'll Go to Become President," leaves no one on the fence. Liberal editorials rant about how the former editor of the New York Times' Sunday Magazine, former Newsweek staffer and contributor to Vanity Fair has now shed his Dem credentials and joined the "vast right-wing conspiracy." For example, Tina Brown christened Klein "Ed Slime" and referred to the book as "bio-porn." (As an aside, Klein responded to the New York Post by labeling Brown a "has-been.") Negative comments...
  • Conservatives Make Mistake Not Supporting Ed Klein's Book - (isn't this what Rush also says?)

    06/27/2005 1:23:18 PM PDT · by CHARLITE · 41 replies · 1,333+ views
    In the midst of the media firestorm over Ed Klein's blockbuster book, "The Truth About Hillary," we can see the moral cowardice and equivocation that can destroy our nation from within. Yes, the very effective Clinton spin machine has worked with their allies in the so-called Mainstream Media to censor Klein and keep him off the TV airwaves. But that was to be expected. NBC, CBS, ABC, MSNBC and CNN are all predictable. They are all left-leaning - and they all succumbed to pro-Hillary pressure. Like all liberals they talk one game and live another. Diversity' and freedom of choice'...
  • Hillary Spokesman: Don't Give Ed Klein Airtime - (Hillary "totally controls" networks!)

    06/27/2005 12:54:11 PM PDT · by CHARLITE · 65 replies · 2,322+ views
    NEWSMAX.COM ^ | JUNE 27, 2005 | CARL LIMBACHER, JR. & NewsMax Staff
    Senator Hillary Clinton's office is actively trying to discourage interviewers from giving TV time to Ed Klein, author of the controversial bestseller "The Truth About Hillary," Washington Post media critic Howard Kurtz confirmed on Sunday. "A spokesman for Senator Clinton told me that when news organizations call, they do make the argument, why give this guy airtime," Kurtz said, while hosting CNN's "Reliable Sources." Kurtz's comment is the first by a mainstream journalist acknowledging that Sen. Clinton is actively trying to suppress Klein's book in a campaign first reported by NewsMax Monday morning. After being booked on numerous TV Shows,...
  • Klein's 'Truth' is simply sordid - (Hillary's media minions already attacking "big time!")

    06/25/2005 7:07:58 PM PDT · by CHARLITE · 27 replies · 980+ views
    LA TIMES.COM ^ | JUNE 26, 2005 | TIM RUTTEN
    Every once in a while, something hits your desk and makes you wonder whether there really isn't an argument to be made for book burning. Edward Klein's "The Truth About Hillary" a purported biography of the New York senator and former first lady, which arrived this week is precisely that sort of something. Prurient in its focus, shameless in its methodology and vile in execution, this volume is a near-perfect example of what has come to be called "bio-porn," a particularly noxious subgenre of the polemic literature that nowadays infests our bestseller lists. A book like this does...
  • Hillary Book Hits Amazon's #2 Spot; Stunned Hillary Reacts to Allegations

    06/23/2005 7:44:19 PM PDT · by CHARLITE · 97 replies · 2,610+ views
    NEWSMAX.COM ^ | JUNE 23, 2005 | Staff Writers
    Just one day after its official release, Edward Klein's new book about Hillary Clinton has reached the No. 2 spot on's list of best sellers. "The Truth About Hillary: What She Knew, When She Knew It, and How Far She'll Go to Become President" shot past David McCullough's blockbuster work "1776" to take the list's second spot and was only surpassed by the latest Harry Potter book. The news of Klein's success is bad news for Hillary, whose top aides have been working overdrive to close down the author's public appearances. Klein has been locked out of traditional venues...
  • New Book on Hillary Officially Released! Hillary Camp Wages War to Stop It

    06/21/2005 1:47:28 PM PDT · by CHARLITE · 65 replies · 2,357+ views
    NEWSMAX.COM ^ | JUNE 21, 2005 | Staff Writer
    Today, Tuesday June 21, marks the first official date of public release of Edward Klein's "The Truth About Hillary: What She Knew, When She Knew It, and How Far She'll Go to Become President." Allegations in the book are said to be so shocking that even Fox News' Bill O'Reilly has banned the author from his show. Hannity is set to interview the author today. Some of the first details about the book are released below "The Truth About Hillary" The truth about Hillary is more frightening than you can imagine. So says New York Times bestselling author Edward Klein...
  • Klein: Hillary 'Nixonian' and 'a danger to the republic'

    06/20/2005 3:07:42 PM PDT · by CHARLITE · 16 replies · 1,281+ views
    NEWS MAX.COM ^ | JUNE 20, 2005 | CARL LIMBACHER & Staff
    Conservative groups are promoting a Hillary Rodham Clinton biography that hits bookstores Tuesday as a work so damning it could destroy any possible bid for the presidency in 2008. The 305-page book, "The Truth About Hillary: What She Knew, When She Knew It, and How Far She'll Go to Become President," by Edward Klein, portrays the New York senator as a ruthless and ambitious woman who would stop at nothing to protect her husband's presidency and promote a Clinton II administration headed by her. While promotional material from Sentinel books, a conservative imprint launched by the Penguin Group, promises a...
  • Sean Hannity to Explode Hillary Clinton Book - (Ed Klein to be guest on Tuesday;radio + H&C, FNC)

    06/19/2005 9:33:04 PM PDT · by CHARLITE · 32 replies · 1,589+ views
    NEWSMAX.COM ^ | JUNE 19, 2005 | Staff Writer
    NewsMax has learned that Edward Klein, the author of the controversial new book about Hillary Clinton will break his silence this Tuesday in exclusive interviews with Sean Hannity. The highly anticipated book that has outraged Hillary Clinton and her closest friends will be officially released that day. Kleins first interview will be on Hannitys nationally syndicated ABC Radio Network show - heard over 400 stations. Later Tuesday night, Klein will again be interviewed by Hannity on Fox News Channels Hannity & Colmes program. Expect fireworks from Hillary friend and Hannity co-host Alan Colmes. The book is so hot it has...
  • The expos that may do to Hillary's presidential ambitions what Unfit for Command did to Kerry's

    06/11/2005 2:42:23 PM PDT · by CHARLITE · 40 replies · 2,034+ views
    CONSERVATIVE BOOK SERVICE.COM ^ | JUNE 11, 2005 | Staff Writers
    Hillary Rodham Clinton is the most polarizing figure in American politics. The former First Lady turned senator is almost certainly going to run for president in 2008. Despite more than a dozen years in the national spotlight and more than a dozen unauthorized books about her, she has managed to keep many secrets from the public -- especially about her turbulent marriage and its impact on her career. There have been plenty of rumors about what Hillary and Bill Clinton did behind closed doors, but never a definitive book that exposes the truth. Bestselling author Edward Klein draws on rare...
  • Vanity Fair to Expose Hillary's "Ugly" Side; Klein's New Book Shaking Up Media Establishment

    06/05/2005 3:56:37 PM PDT · by CHARLITE · 67 replies · 2,682+ views
    NEWSMAX.COM ^ | JUNE 5, 2005 | John LeBoutillier
    Recently, NewsMax pundit John LeBoutillier chatted with Ed Klein, the author of the upcoming book "The Truth About Hillary: What She Knew, When She Knew It, and How Far She'll Go to Become President." For the first time, NewsMax can reveal details of what is inside "The Truth About Hillary," which will be excerpted in the next edition of Vanity Fair, due out June 8. John tells NewsMax's Insider Report: "It is safe to say that none of the dozens of biographies of Hillary Clinton have ever been as well-researched as this one. Klein talked to almost 100 people close...
  • Guest Column: History Overlooked Iwo Jimas First Flag By Raymond Jacobs

    02/23/2005 3:22:27 PM PST · by gunnyg · 14 replies · 2,566+ views
    DefenseWatch "The Voice of the Grunt ^ | 02023-2005 | Ray Jacobs
    For Pics, etc. see... DefenseWatch "The Voice of the Grunt" 02-23-2005 Guest Column: History Overlooked Iwo Jimas First Flag By Raymond Jacobs Both the U.S. Marine Corps Historical Center and Leatherneck magazine have published and continue to distribute incorrect information about the identities of the Marines present at the first flag-raising on Iwo Jima 60 years ago today. How this came about has its beginnings in the well-documented fact that the story and photographs of the first flag-raising were hushed up for many years on orders from the highest level of the Marine Corps. Most of the Marines and...
  • THEY HAVE TWISTED IT AND TWISTED IT --- Here is what the President really said in the SOTU

    10/07/2004 2:09:15 PM PDT · by doug from upland · 12 replies · 486+ views
    Whitehouse website | 10-7-04
    (from Jan. 28, 2003) President Delivers "State of the Union" The U.S. Capitol 9:01 P.M. EST THE PRESIDENT: Mr. Speaker, Vice President Cheney, members of Congress, distinguished citizens and fellow citizens: Every year, by law and by custom, we meet here to consider the state of the union. This year, we gather in this chamber deeply aware of decisive days that lie ahead. Another cause of hopelessness is addiction to drugs. Addiction crowds out friendship, ambition, moral conviction, and reduces all the richness of life to a single destructive desire. As a government, we are fighting illegal drugs by cutting...
  • Islam Sign Outside Latrobe-Area Church Stirs Controversy (Islam Is The Enemy)

    09/20/2004 5:23:02 PM PDT · by 4.1O dana super trac pak · 52 replies · 1,854+ views
    WHITNEY, Pa. -- A Westmoreland County church has put up a contoversial sign, blaming the Islam religion for the events of Sept. 11, 2001."To really remember 9/11, you must remember Islam is the enemy," says a sign outside the non-denominational Living Hope Church in Whitney.Pastor Keith Tucci will keep the sign up for about one more week, then replace it with another one.The church has a congregation of 200 people.
  • The Truth of Zell Miller

    09/03/2004 9:54:59 PM PDT · by planekT · 41 replies · 1,495+ views
    9/03/04 | Wade Jacoby
    As any American could plainly see, Zell Miller spoke the truth. This is so important. Do not misunderestimate it, as President Bush might say. Zell Miller began his speech and ended it with a simple premise. His family is his dearest treasure. Who will best protect it? In his speech, he leads us through America's history as to who have come together from both parties to meet this criteria. He also takes us through John Kerry's past to show us Kerry would have denied the tools of war to those who are directly responsible for the protection of our country,...
  • DFU SONG: Please Come to Boston (hey, John Kerry, the swift boat vets will be in Boston)

    07/19/2004 12:29:54 PM PDT · by doug from upland · 6 replies · 794+ views
    DFU SONGS | 7-2004 | Lyrics, Doug from Upland
    MIDI - PLEASE COME TO BOSTON When he's in Boston, we will be there We are men who served this nation and we serve her today Our clear duty is to sound the warning There's a man who's unfit to lead...we must raise our voice In Boston, we'll expose the truth Before you make your choice He is a man who had turned on soldiers with whom he had fought Lots of trouble for them he bought His actions caused more death...he didn't even care He's the number one hope of the terrorists from everywhere We'll be in Boston...
  • Kerry to Expand Middle Class by Taxing Wealthy

    06/16/2004 8:38:34 AM PDT · by Sub-Driver · 15 replies · 94+ views
    Kerry to Expand Middle Class by Taxing Wealthy (2004-06-15) -- Democrat presidential hopeful John Forbes Kerry, who is also a U.S. Senator, today laid out his blueprint for increasing the size of the middle class by boosting taxes on the wealthy. In a speech to union members in New Jersey, Mr. Kerry answered critics who claim he has offered no coherent vision for America, and he slammed President Bush for "squeezing the middle class." "I believe in building up our great middle class--expanding it," said Mr. Kerry. "Now, to increase the size of the middle class you can do one...
  • IDF: Number killed in Rafah 7 Arabs (5 Armed terrorists and 2 civilians)

    05/19/2004 11:22:25 AM PDT · by yonif · 6 replies · 155+ views
    Israeli Portal ^ | May 19 2004 | Channel 1 Israel
    Translation by me: From sources received at the Israeli Security Apparatus, it is reached that in the incident today in Rafah 7 Arabs were killed, among them 5 armed terrorists and 2 civilians. This was reported on Channel 1 Israel.
  • What is with "The Truth"

    03/18/2004 3:28:39 PM PST · by psugrad98 · 1 replies · 137+ views
    I was watching the comercials for "The Truth" and was wondering, Wha Happened? What is with these wacky guys. I've read their web-site and they claim not wanting to ban smoking, but their actions speak otherwise. What sort of agenda do these guys have? I know I've read some stuff on this topic before on FR, but I can't seem to find the thread.
  • Cheney: A Free Iraq Important to Winning War, Inaction Leaves U.S. Vulnerable (MUST READ)

    10/10/2003 10:26:38 AM PDT · by PhiKapMom · 29 replies · 2,695+ views
    Bush-Cheney '04 ^ | October 10, 2003 | Vice President Richard B. Cheney
    Cheney: A Free Iraq Important to Winning War, Inaction Leaves U.S. Vulnerable The Heritage Foundation Washington, D.C. THE VICE PRESIDENT: Thank you all very much. And, Ed, thank you, and thank you for the welcome and for allowing me to be here this morning to see so many old friends in the room, including distinguished scholars and writers whose work I've admired for years. The Heritage Foundation sets a very high standard of scholarship and public advocacy. In my various jobs over the years -- as Congressman, Secretary of Defense and now Vice President -- I've benefited greatly from the...