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  • The FBI has reopened the investigation into Clinton’s handling of classified emails Now what?

    10/28/2016 11:15:26 AM PDT · by jmaroneps37 · 81 replies
    vanity | October 28, 2016 | Kevin “Coach” Collins
    Okay FBI Director James Comey has made a huge 180 and has reopened the investigation into Hillary Clinton’s handling of classified secrets in her emails. Now what does this Black Swan occurrence mean? Is Hillary Clinton’s campaign mortally wounded? It might just be; this might just be the end of the Clinton campaign for president. It is hard to imagine a scenario under which this latest hit does not harm Clinton regardless of the certain media circling of the wagons around her. The damage can be; at one end about a 2 point hit in the polls or go all...
  • Hughes pushes conservative credentials in race against GOP foe Overbey

    07/26/2012 9:29:04 AM PDT · by Engraved-on-His-hands · 1 replies
    Knoxville News Sentinel ^ | July 25, 2012 | Greg Johnson
    State Sen. Doug Overbey, a Maryville lawyer, has pocketed a passel of endorsements in the 2nd District Republican primary. Newspapers, the National Federation of Independent Business and the Tennessee Education Association endorsed Overbey, along with Republican heavyweights Gov. Bill Haslam and, a bit surprisingly, Lt. Gov. Ron Ramsey, a tea party favorite. Given his opponent, Overbey needs all the help he can get. Scott Hughes, chief financial officer for a Knoxville church and former pro-life executive, is challenging Overbey at every turn, in every way. Though Overbey maintains an enormous financial advantage, Hughes has loquaciously roughed up Overbey in debates.
  • (Vanity) Michael Reagan just said Sarah Palin's "too polarizing" to win Presidential election...

    11/09/2010 12:19:01 PM PST · by LaybackLenny · 202 replies · 1+ views
    Fox News | 11/09/10 | Megyn Kelly
    Sorry for the vanity, but did anyone see Megyn Kelly's interview with Michael Reagan in the noon (MST) hour? I've searched for a post here, as well as for a link to the interview at Fox News, to no avail. He was "handicapping" GOP Presidential contenders for 2012, and essentially seemed to put Huckabee at the head of the field, and basically said Sarah hasn't a chance because she's "too polarizing."
  • White House Insider: Coming Soon – Serious White House Scandal

    10/19/2010 5:20:21 PM PDT · by maggief · 282 replies
    NewsFlavor ^ | October 18, 2010 | Ulsterman
    EXCERPT This sounds very serious though, and WH is cracking down on containment hard. Very hard. NYT is said to know something. Keep eyes n ears open as it appears, based on what I have so far, this will start to break open sooner than later. Developing. Continue watching Pelosi as well. Democrats in House pushing her out regardless of election outcome. She is fighting back. Has some support within Party while other Democrats getting support from WH. -Name withheld- and others attempting to keep Party together despite eventual outcome, which is Pelosi is done as Speaker. Confirmed again. Pelosi...
  • Interview with Brittany Pounders, Co-Founder of the Conservative Site "Liberty Juice"

    09/29/2010 2:44:04 PM PDT · by therightliveswithus · 38 replies
    Pundit Press ^ | 9/29/10 | Aurelius
    When was Liberty Juice founded and why?Liberty Juice was birthed “mentally” in the first couple months of 2010. My Co-Founder, Chris Bounds, and I, are both passionate about our love for country and conservative politics. We were specifically convicted about returning back to our Constitution and the very principles which were responsible for making us the greatest nation in the world in such a short time. After several months of planning and hard work we launched Liberty Juice with great support all over the country in April 2010. While we had high hopes that it would be well received and...
  • The Definition of a "Concern Troll" - The Most Important Thread of the Day (Vanity, but true)

    09/23/2010 10:11:25 AM PDT · by Scythian · 148 replies
    Concern trolling is a form of Internet trolling in which someone enters a discussion with claims that he or she supports the view of the discussion, but has concerns. In fact, the concern troll is opposed to the view of the discussion, and he or she uses concern trolling to sow doubt and dissent in the community of commenters or posters. Although this practice originated on the Internet, it has since spread to the real world as well, with concern trolls popping up in a variety of places from network television to op-ed columns. Artful concern trolling involves developing a...

    09/14/2010 4:22:43 PM PDT · by onyx · 1,287 replies · 2+ views
    State Of Delaware ^ | September 14, 2010 | onyx
    State Of Delaware Department of Elections 2010 Primary Election Polls for the 2010 Primary Election will close on September 14, 2010 at 8:00 PM Please check back after this time for results.
  • Guys, what's the oldest underwear you own? [vanity, I guess]

    08/16/2010 1:44:08 PM PDT · by matt1234 · 166 replies
    me ^ | Aug. 16, 2010 | me
    I have a pair that's from my high school days. I'm 47 years old, so that makes the underwear about 30 years old. Can anyone top that? The underwear is boys' size 20, but they still fit. They're a little threadbare, but that's an advantage on a hot summer day. I think I can get at least a few more years out of them. (Obviously, I don't wear this pair every day. I wear them mostly for dirty outside jobs.) I'm a lifelong bachelor, so I don't have a wife to throw away my stuff that's old but still good....
  • Palin DOES NOT want to be worshipped (why are people saying that ?)

    07/29/2010 8:49:11 PM PDT · by se_ohio_young_conservative · 211 replies · 1+ views
    There seems to be a tactic used by many here and elsewhere to mock Sarah Palin as some kind of messiah figure because she has a lot of fans. This is not only wrong, this is disgusting. Sarah Palin has never presented herself as an Obama type figure that wants to be seen as a savior. She has been polite and decent on the national stage. She has treated people around this country very good in her time on the national stage. Yet, some people talk about her as an object or a piece of trash. We have someone around...
  • On Palin: The Politics of Criticism vs. the Politics of Destruction

    06/26/2010 1:15:17 PM PDT · by CondoleezzaProtege · 91 replies · 1+ views
    June 26, 2010 | vanity
    It is good to criticize fanaticism, esp. BLIND fanaticism, but be equally weary of the fanatical Palin haters that parade around this site. Regardless of how some mask their true wishes for Palin in "constructive critic" guise, there are plenty of writers and thinkers out there who offer honest critique of Palin while having her and our country's best interests in mind and therefore want her to come out WINNING. Most of the FR trolls who post the latest Palin hit-piece of the day could care less for Palin and take joy everytime she supposedly "falls." To these types, Palin...
  • The Helen Thomas pictures thrown into so many threads are tiresome

    04/01/2010 8:24:51 AM PDT · by tlb · 172 replies · 3,811+ views
    Apr 1, 2010 | self
    Inspired by an interesting thread regarding an actor who refused to do love scenes with an attractive female actress. Inevitably somebody thinks its "funny" to throw in a picture of Helen Thomas. This extremely tiresome "joke" has been run into the ground. Looking it up she was born in 1920. So every day someone feels the need to point how that a 90 year old woman isn't a babe. And we have to shout that out a dozen times a day in threads that have no relation whatsoever to the Washington Press Corps. Aren't we so clever. It's nothing clever,...
  • Fake Obama Kenya birth certificate?

    08/02/2009 4:56:30 PM PDT · by Jim Robinson · 1,189 replies · 76,154+ views
    And then one of our moderators spotted this: It has several clues, but also there's this question: Who is E. F. Lavender? Earth Friendly Lavender detergent?
  • Moderators: What are the rules for posting? (Vanity)

    07/15/2009 6:23:03 AM PDT · by Red in Blue PA · 113 replies · 3,177+ views ^ | 7/15/2009 | ME
    I post many items here, from business to politics and evrything in between, and sometimes entertainment as a nice distraction from all of the corrupt politicians. Recently I tried to post an article about a supermodel who is pregnant. I thought it was a mistake after it was pulled the first time, but it was pulled a second. What is so objectionable to this news item? And is there a place we can look for a set of rules, as I have seen much worse than this posted int he past.
  • Kitty died.....and was cremated

    06/29/2009 6:07:15 PM PDT · by bert · 56 replies · 1,976+ views
    TNT TV
    Kitty died and was cremated and the closer is dragging them around in her purse
  • Sarah

    08/30/2008 10:37:41 PM PDT · by Joba · 14 replies · 274+ views
    Sarah chose to have a baby, not to not have an abortion. Let's change the debate. Everyone's pro-choice: I either choose to engage in activities that may lead to a pregnancy or I don't. Also, McCain/Palin margin of victory: 6 million votes.
  • Another crisis.

    04/26/2008 12:37:56 PM PDT · by DrBombbay · 36 replies · 97+ views
    Google and me
    -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Alarming 20% increase from last year numbers.Poor people signed up to go into the environment,something they may love to do but we must acknowledge the danger of them doing it,however voluntarily.We must protect them.Pull them out now.Theyre accomplishing nothing. Crisis time.As we know crisis is the catchword of the day,its overkilled usage intended to provoke panic and then the requisite call for more regulation,bureaucracy,more govt and less rationality. Stop them now before another person dies.
  • All right! Who turned my posts green??????

    04/08/2008 5:28:43 AM PDT · by raybbr · 37 replies · 91+ views
    FReerepublic ^ | Today | ME
    On my "pings" page all of my posts just turned green. Moose are not green. Soylent Green is, well, green. But, not my posts......
  • Whats up with Latest Post?

    03/03/2008 8:07:16 PM PST · by In God I trust · 65 replies · 325+ views
    Me | 3/3/08 | In God I Trust
    Can't get Latest Post page. I've emailed webmaster hours ago with no answer. Anybody else not getting the "Latest Post" page? When I click on the link it takes me to something more like News/Activ. Any advice?
  • Is it me, the link, or is my refresh button broken?(vanity)

    03/03/2008 12:04:30 PM PST · by READINABLUESTATE · 57 replies · 187+ views
    03/03/2008 | self
    My refresh button keeps coming back to the latest articles when I click on latest posts. Is this a bad internal link or something? Is anyone else experiencing this?
  • What's up with FR???

    03/02/2008 11:13:30 AM PST · by SandRat · 256 replies · 519+ views
    What's up with the main forum pages??? The abibility to post a new thread directly form the Forum page is missing. We used to be at the top right and now it's gone. To post a new article we have to go to an existing article to find the Post Article link.