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  • Dr. Carson's Disgrace

    03/11/2016 1:36:19 PM PST · by libstripper · 198 replies
    The Corner (NR) ^ | Mar. 11, 2016 | Quin Hillyer
    Dr. Ben Carson has just made a hypocrite of himself and done great damage to the country by endorsing the moral monster, Donald Trump.
  • Five Boston Marathon Bombing Conspiracy Theories Debunked

    04/29/2013 4:57:02 PM PDT · by mnehring · 22 replies
    In the wake of the Boston Marathon bombing and the subsequent capture of one and killing of the other suspect, a number of conspiracy theories have arisen (as they always do) . Let’s sift through some of the more prominent ones and do a gut/fact check.1. #FalseFlag Perhaps the first “official” conspiracy floated (largely by big-time conspiracy theory profiteer Alex Jones), some people believed that the attack was a “false flag.” This term in conspiracy theorist jargon means any situation where an attack is presumed orchestrated by a government or organization pretending to be someone or something else. Why this is the...
  • The Mental Derangement of Ron Paul’s Campaign

    01/08/2012 4:44:27 PM PST · by mnehring · 36 replies
    Supporters of Ron Paul produced a hit job on Jon Huntsman attacking Huntsman over his adopted daughter. His daughter, ftom China, was left for dead in a market and the Huntsmans intervened, got her back to good health, and adopted her.Someone put up a video attacking Huntsman adoption as proof that Huntsman is a foreign agent.The video began circulating among Ron Paul supporters and when Huntsman called them out, the Ron Paul campaign swung into high gear and produced a report that I can only venture to suspect was written by someone hopped up on gardasil, having acquired the mental...
  • Ron Paul: Well, You Know, the Money IS Pink, so I Was Totally Validated On That One

    01/02/2012 10:15:33 AM PST · by mnehring · 25 replies
    I am pretty sure Ron Paul just admitted that at least some of the insane conspiracy theory material in his newsletter was his. Dave Weigel notes that Paul was on Jan Mikkelson’s show today, and a caller asked Paul about the newsletters. Paul offered what is now at least his third or fourth different explanation for the content of the newsletters, which is that he wrote some of the content, but not all, and certainly not the racist parts. The caller then went on to make the eminently reasonable point that in addition to the racist stuff, the newsletters contained...
  • Ron Paul Can Win

    09/22/2011 5:39:45 AM PDT · by Vintage Freeper · 57 replies
    The Daily Capitalist ^ | 9/17/2011 | Robin Koerner
    Ron Paul Can Win By Robin Koerner, on September 17th, 2011 It’s hard to tell if the idea that Ron Paul cannot win in 2012 is more ignorant, in its complete lack of historical sophistication, or more arrogant, in its claim to certainty amid all the complexity of 300 million lives and the myriad issues that affect them.Sometimes, perhaps once in a few generations, a nation can undergo what a mathematician or physicist would call a “phase change.” The classic example of such a thing is a pile of sand. Every grain you add makes the pile slightly steeper and...
  • The Amazing Potential of Thorium

    09/08/2011 9:16:25 PM PDT · by RussP · 40 replies ^ | Russ P.
    The Amazing Potential of Thorium Imagine a new kind of nuclear power plant that * cannot melt down * produces less than 1% of the amount of waste that current nuclear power plants produce * is based on proven technology and requires no new scientific breakthroughs * uses an abundant fuel that will last for thousands of years * cannot contribute to nuclear weapons proliferation * can actually burn up existing stockpiles of nuclear waste * is much simpler to build than current nuclear power plants because it operates at low pressure and does not require a huge pressure vessel
  • It's the end of the world as we know it: COMET ELENIN

    06/30/2011 10:29:20 AM PDT · by RaceBannon · 150 replies · 3+ views
    many ^ | 6-30-2011 | many
    Comet ELENIN is coming, and some conspiracy theorists believe it will brng much gloom, is THIS what NASA's head guy warned us about 3 weeks ago??
  • Radioactive Plume to Hit U.S. On Friday (President will be in South America avoiding Plume) - Vanity

    03/17/2011 11:06:45 AM PDT · by Scythian · 57 replies
    One thing is for sure. The president of the U.S. will not perform his job, he will not gather the proper experts together to formulate a best guess on the radiation heading our way. And he will not hold a press conference. Instead, he's heading down to South America, well out of the way of the radiation plume heading our way. If his wife and kids go with him, then you know it's going to be far worse than they are letting on.
  • Population Reduction after economic collapse (faite compli)

    01/30/2011 6:48:35 PM PST · by bronxville · 28 replies
    Youtube ^ | May 20, 2009 | George Green
    Population Reduction after economic collapse "Just Keeping information available, you don't have to believe it just keep an open mind & research this for yourself , Even wikipedia says there's mercury in high fructose corn syrup."
  • Blog Police Creeps Are George Soros Plants

    11/19/2010 9:54:46 AM PST · by Mobile Vulgus · 688 replies
    Vanity | 11/19/10 | Warner Todd Huston
    Blog Police Creeps Are George Soros Plants For at least a month now a crew of three or four screen names here on Free Republic have been used to spam post after post all across the board. They have decided that they are Free Republic's police, they think they speak for the whole board, and have been attempting to drive people off this site. But are they real FReepers? Or are they something else? It is pretty clear that they are being paid to do this by a George Soros-styled, left wing organization to spam FR, attack posters, and attempt...
  • Nanotube Cable Can Connect The Earth And The Moon

    11/18/2003 9:11:52 AM PST · by RightWhale · 31 replies · 134+ views
    spacedaily ^ | 18 Nov 03 | staff
    Nanotube Cable Can Connect The Earth And The Moon Moscow - Nov 18, 2003 Researchers from the Institute of Problems of Microelectronics Technology and Extra Pure Materials (Russian Academy of Sciences) have designed and tested a new device for production of a new promising material -- nanotubes. The researchers believe that it is exactly the material a transport cable can be produced of to connect the Moon and the Earth. Back at the beginning of the last century, the idea was born to build a transport cable between the Earth and the Moon to deliver goods from our planet...
  • How Long Before You Wake Up, Politicos?

    02/23/2010 6:37:28 PM PST · by combat_boots · 11 replies · 709+ views
    Market-Ticker ^ | 23 February 2010 | Karl Denninger
    I'm going to write today about a very somber subject. It will be, as it usually is here in one form or another, about math. First, some background. If you believe that we have "escaped" from the mess that gripped this nation in 2008 and 2009, or that said mess "suddenly appeared" and "nobody saw it coming", stop reading now and have your Thorazine dosage checked. It's way off. Assuming you accept the truth - that this mess was 20 year or more in the making, that it involved creating credit (that is, debt) which the debtor could never pay,...
  • The winner of the 2009 elections is: Ron Paul!

    11/03/2009 7:03:30 PM PST · by SteelTrap · 68 replies · 2,136+ views
    The Hill ^ | 11/03/2009 | Brent Budowsky
    Ron Paul vindicated once again, globalists loose their lunch. Rock on Dr Paul! Bring it
  • AMERICAND IDOL REVIEW!! WINNER!!! GAH!!! (Meltdown Time)

    05/21/2009 9:52:27 AM PDT · by mnehring · 14 replies · 1,186+ views
    (Mental breakdown alert!!)KRIS ALLEN WON AMERICAN IDOL!!! ADAM SHOULD'VE WON. HE IS THE ONLY ONE WITH ANY TALENT ON THE SHOW!! Tune in next season!! Watch it here
  • Ron Paul's Tax Credit Misnomer

    03/13/2009 6:25:50 AM PDT · by ToddThurman · 21 replies · 907+ views
    The Right Voice ^ | 3/12/09 | Todd Thurman
    What? Ron Paul not making any sense? Now I have heard everything. The video is from a recent appearance on Neil Cavuto’s show. The main argument of the segment was earmarks. Earmarks are indeed a problem with Members of Congress; they can’t help themselves with their pet projects.
  • Jesus Christ, the 2nd Adam and our Human Consciousness. (Vanity- I think)

    11/19/2008 12:22:20 PM PST · by TaraP · 19 replies · 418+ views
    JOSHUA | November 19th, 2008 | Vanity
    Was Jesus Christ born to develop human consciousness using the knowledge of good and evil for moral and ethical be the model and the example of the completion of human consciousness.. Before Rome invaded and destroyed Jerusalem, the 2nd Adam taught the Children of Israel that the spirit of the law is an evolution of the letter of the law; the 2nd Adam taught Israel that the matrix of love, faith, and belief is “the advancement” that completes human evolution. The 2nd Adam also taught Israel that no man is the master of another man (St. Matthew 22:36-40), that...
  • Doctors Visit (Vanity)

    09/26/2008 7:34:05 AM PDT · by Allen In Texas Hill Country · 31 replies · 959+ views
    Had to go to the doctor yesterday and there I was, stuck in a small waiting room with no way to escape. See, there was this flatpanel on one wall tuned into CNN and I couldn't change the channel or sound, and unfortunately, McCain was speaking. I expect blather, falsehoods, socialism, innuendos, garbage and BS from BO but there is McCain with blather, falsehoods, socialism, innuendos, garbage and BS. I was looking for the nearest chair to put thru the screen. Decided it probably was not the best thing to do. If he had half a brain, and I'm sure...
  • Translating Ron Paul (Humor)

    09/11/2008 7:08:25 AM PDT · by mnehring · 18 replies · 228+ views
    Like syphilis, Ron Paul is the gift that manages to keep on giving.  Months after the fevered illusions of a “Ron Paul revolution” capturing the White House have faded among even the most wild-eyed of his supporters (and wild eyes seem to vastly outnumber sober ones there), the great “Dr. Paul” still keeps finding ways to insert his rants into the election season process.  The latest comes in the form of a statement to the National Press Club, faithfully passed on by his relentless internet legions. The codes in the formulaic Ron Paul stump format have now been repeated often...
  • Funny Thing about Democratic Underground

    09/10/2008 10:03:00 AM PDT · by Shenandoah · 81 replies · 346+ views
    9-10-08 | Shenandoah
    I was just over on the Democratic Underground site to see what they might be saying about Sarah Paulin, and I noticed something very peculiar about the people who post there - they don't post complete thoughts. I went through thread after thread, and they were all alike. I had logged on there hoping to read some provocative commentary and to get a feel for what hard-core leftists are thinking, but I couldn't find any posts of any substance - no insightful or well-thought out comments. For the most part, people there just type a little blurb in the heading...
  • Don’t Forget Ron Paul

    03/06/2008 7:16:40 AM PST · by jdm · 122 replies · 539+ views
    Patterico's Pontifications ^ | March 06, 2008 | Staff
    The Austin American-Statesman notes that John McCain has clinched the GOP nomination and all the other GOP hopefuls have dropped out … except Ron Paul: “President Bush welcomed John McCain to the White House today and hailed him as “the nominee of the Republican Party.”But while that Rose Garden victory celebration was going on, Texas Republican Rep. Ron Paul — who issued a statement Tuesday night saying he will return to the U.S. House next year — continued a presidential race he now seems to be conceding he cannot win.“There were 11. Now there are two,” says a posting on...
  • 'What Is There To Debate?' (Ron Paul)

    02/21/2008 6:57:59 AM PST · by jdm · 30 replies · 89+ views
    Captain's Quarters ^ | Feb. 21, 2008 | by Ed Morrissey
    Every time we suggested dropping Ron Paul from the national debates, his supporters would go nuts. They claimed in the one instance where he did get dropped, the January 3rd debate just before Iowa, that a grand conspiracy existed to keep his message from the people and to stop the 4% revolution. They demanded boycotts of Fox and of the Iowa GOP. Paul himself complained bitterly about his exclusion, and not without some justification. Now that Paul's focus has returned to his own Congressional race, he seems much less enthusiastic about debates. After declining to hold a debate with his...
  • Rise of the Ron Paul Republicans

    01/27/2008 10:29:01 AM PST · by jdm · 315 replies · 3,640+ views
    North County Times ^ | Jan. 27, 2008 | Craig Combs
    Recently I was honored with the opportunity of speaking to the California Federation of Republican Women on behalf of presidential candidate Ron Paul. Surely, I thought, these ladies would understand the one issue that is driving so many young people to the GOP, the one issue that gets the loudest cheers from the audience wherever Ron Paul speaks, the one issue that no other presidential candidate is discussing except for Ron Paul. No, I am not talking about Dr. Paul's call for an immediate withdrawal of our troops from the Middle East (I knew that these gentlewomen do not necessarily...
  • Implosion Near? (Ron Paul TNR Update)

    01/08/2008 5:25:15 PM PST · by jdm · 62 replies · 151+ views
    Captains Quarters ^ | Jan. 08, 2008 | Ed Morrissey
    Almost eight months ago, I wrote about the troubling history of Ron Paul's campaign newsletters in the early 1990s, and speculated that it would kill his presidential campaign. Excerpts of newsletters from his campaign, without bylines but at least some written in the first person, contained statements that either bordered on bigotry or crossed over the line completely. The Houston Chronicle had reported on these in 1996 -- but they did not gain nearly the amount of attention some believed they deserved. Today, James Kirchick at The New Republic published a lengthy article reviewing the issue, and this time it...
  • Jumping The Gun? (Ron Paul)

    01/01/2008 9:40:06 AM PST · by jdm · 51 replies · 549+ views
    Captain's Quarters ^ | Jan. 01, 2008 | Ed Morrissey
    Ron Paul's supporters are seeing red after Fox News decided to exclude their candidate from the next presidential debate. ABC also plans to whittle down the participants in the next debate but will wait for the Iowa caucus to make clear who should get the invitations. The exclusion comes after Paul raised $19 million in the fourth quarter, the second-best GOP total for the year: ABC and Fox News Channel are narrowing the field of presidential candidates invited to debates this weekend just before the New Hampshire primary, in Fox's case infuriating supporters of Republican Ron Paul. The roster of...
  • Candidate Ron Paul's devotees a mixed bag

    12/07/2007 10:22:07 AM PST · by Graybeard58 · 56 replies · 74+ views
    McClatchy Washington Bureau ^ | December 7, 2007 | David Lightman
    WASHINGTON — If Ron Paul's supporters got together for a family portrait, it would be one of those pictures in which no one seems to resemble anyone else. "You have old-school Republicans, the conservatives who backed Barry Goldwater (in 1964). You have the antiwar crowd who are principled non-interventionists," said Jim Forsythe, a former Air Force major who's organized meet-and-greet sessions in New Hampshire for the Texas congressman and Republican presidential candidate. You also have businessmen tired of government regulation, college students who like his views on holistic medicine and middle-aged folks who don't see Social Security helping them in...
  • Paul's Quixotic, Chaotic Run May Make Its Push in N.H.

    12/06/2007 5:39:46 AM PST · by jdm · 56 replies · 94+ views
    Washington Post ^ | Dec. 06, 2007 | By Alec MacGillis
    CONCORD, N.H. -- Rep. Ron Paul (R-Tex.) has raised more than $10 million for his run for president in the past two months, leaving him well positioned to help swing the outcome of the first-in-the-nation primary in New Hampshire, a state well suited to his libertarian, antiwar platform. And yet it was only late last month that his state headquarters here acquired a basic campaign tool: telephones. For months, Paul's avid supporters were perfectly willing to make campaign calls with their own cellphones. The telephone company was dragging its feet, said Jared Chicoine, Paul's 25-year-old state campaign manager. And, well,...
  • Ron Paul's fundraiser falls short

    12/04/2007 6:11:54 AM PST · by jdm · 29 replies · 128+ views
    Miami Herald ^ | Dec. 04, 2007 | BY BETH REINHARD
    Trevor Lyman, the Miami Beach music promoter-turned-campaign fundraising guru, fell short of his goal to raise $2.5 million online Friday for Republican presidential candidate Ron Paul. Lyman's fundraising website at collected about half a million dollars. ''Who wouldn't want more?'' quipped Lyman in an e-mail. ``It turns out that the half a million is our second-best fundraising day ever.'' On Nov. 5, Lyman made campaign fundraising history when he raked in $4.2 million for the little-known Texas congressman over the Internet in a single day. Now, Lyman -- who has never voted, let alone worked on a campaign before...
  • Ron Paul camp gears up for 'Tea Party,' one supporter speaks out

    12/03/2007 8:05:44 PM PST · by jdm · 105 replies · 357+ views
    US News via Monsters & Critics ^ | Dec. 04, 2007 | By April MacIntyre
    If the CNN GOP debate proved anything, it is that Ron Paul is not going gently into that goodnight, no matter how badly his fellow Republicans wished he would. Not since the days of Ross Perot has a candidate flown in the face of the American political Wehrmacht. The public response has never been as robust as Paul's supporters, who possess every level of education, variety of profession, and personal value structure imaginable.The Paul supporters put their money where there mouths are, and the coffers for Paul's campaign continue to swell. One independent organizer, Trevor Lyman, an online music promoter, was the catalyst...
  • How Paul Could Change Race

    12/03/2007 8:01:26 PM PST · by jdm · 36 replies · 73+ views
    WSJ ^ | Dec. 04, 2007 | By SUSAN DAVIS
    Manchester, N.H. -- After shocking the Republican Party establishment with a surge in online support, Rep. Ron Paul is trying to translate his Internet revolution into real votes, particularly in New Hampshire. The Texan's latest campaign swing through the early-primary state shows it is going to be a tough climb -- though he could have an impact on the race for the Republican presidential nomination. "As a realist and as an experienced political person, I know that it's extremely unlikely he is going to get the nomination," says Keith Murphy, who runs an unofficial Paul campaign headquarters at his Elm...
  • Ron Paul Supporters Denounce Melanie Morgan for Column

    09/28/2007 10:47:20 AM PDT · by Impeach98 · 326 replies · 424+ views
    Digg/WorldNetDaily ^ | 09/28/2007 | Melanie Morgan
    Ron Paul supporters are raising a ruckus because WorldNetDaily columnist Melanie Morgan wrote not-nice words about Paul's presidential campaign. Here's the Digg thread where the Ron Paul supporters are flipping out: HERE'S THE DIGG PAGE WITH THE COMMENTS FROM THE RON PAUL CROWD And here's the excerpt from Melanie's column at WorldNetDaily. You can read her full column - HERE. ________________________________________ RON PAUL: Poor Ron Paul – it's tough to be the candidate of the conspiracy crowd and maintain any shred of credibility. This week, Paul had to denounce his own supporters who mobbed Rudy Giuliani on a Michigan ferry...
  • Paulettes Spamming Free Republic's Most Recent Poll

    09/17/2007 2:51:49 PM PDT · by Jean S · 171 replies · 1,296+ views
    Free Republic ^ | 9/17/07
    Composite vote: Ron Paul 15.2% 1,196 Member vote: Ron Paul 5.5% 161 Non-member vote: Ron Paul 20.8% 1,035 We're being spammed.
  • Climb On Board The 'Ron Paul Revolution'

    09/16/2007 8:53:29 AM PDT · by NapkinUser · 335 replies · 4,287+ views
    TheDay ^ | 9/16/2007 | Marc Guttman
    When Americans evaluate today's political landscape, most feel something between impotence and disapproval. So, while citizens shake their heads or shrug at the mainstream media's “top tier” presidential candidates, it is extraordinary how many are becoming overjoyed about one lesser covered candidate. Tens-of-thousands have joined the appropriately named Ron Paul Revolution, joining groups, putting up signs, and crossing states to attend rallies. Congressman Ron Paul's genuine message and untarnished record of promoting individual liberty for everyone, a free-market economy of wealth and abundance, and a foreign policy of non-intervention, peace and free trade, has attracted vast support from diverse...
  • Humans 'could evolve into two species'

    10/19/2006 7:10:22 AM PDT · by presidio9 · 123 replies · 2,710+ views
    The Australian ^ | October 17, 2006 | Mark Henderson
    HUMANS could evolve into two sub-species within 100,000 years as social divisions produce a genetic underclass. The mating preferences of the rich, highly educated and well-nourished could ultimately drive their separation into a genetically distinct group that no longer interbreeds with less fortunate human beings, according to British scientist Oliver Curry. Dr Curry, a research associate in the Centre for Philosophy of Natural and Social Science of the London School of Economics, speculated that privileged humans might over tens of thousands of years evolve into a "gracile" subspecies, tall, thin, symmetrical, intelligent and creative. The rest would be shorter and...
  • I am Mad, Hysterical, and Zotted

    07/30/2005 9:11:44 AM PDT · by unhappy camper · 322 replies · 10,066+ views
    Excuse me for infiltrating your kingdom, but I need to vent. I just had to pay $2.41 a gallon for gas and I can't afford this. I blame Bush and his illegal wars for this travesty. And since you are part of the remaining 40% of dummies who still support that assclown, I blame you, too. I hope so much the Democrats take back Congress in 2006 so this nazi will be impeached and tossed in the clink. How you idiots can't see this man is pure evil, I don't know. Hopefully, both he and KKKarl Rove will be in...
  • Dean is Clearly Still Not Ready for Primetime

    06/08/2005 4:32:46 AM PDT · by billorites · 32 replies · 1,188+ views
    RealClearPolitics ^ | June 8, 2005 | Susan Estrich
    In the long run, the critical question for Democrats may turn out to be not what Party Chairman Howard Dean is doing, but what he isn't doing. The answer to the first question is easy. What he's doing is what he has become know for: shooting from the lip. This is, after all, the man who went from front-runner to also-ran in a matter of weeks, on the strength of a series of mistakes that convinced the most liberal Democratic voters in America that the guy was not ready for primetime. The much-remembered "Dean scream" came after he lost, not...
  • WE ARE GOING TO WIN THIS, I GUARANTEE YOU.... (latest rally call from the left)**VANITY**

    11/30/2004 5:15:12 PM PST · by dascallie · 154 replies · 4,981+ views
    Posted tonight 11/30 >>WE ARE GOING TO WIN THIS, I GUARANTEE YOU.... Kerry will be in the White House as long as we keep up the pace we have been at the last few weeks. We need to keep the emails going, keep the protests long as we do this more and more leaders will fall in line as they see the movement grow. I can't say this enough: 1) Protest, Protest, Protest If you have time to attend any protest in your area, DO IT. Get out there. Especially in Ohio and Florida. We did one in CO...
  • Kerry Loss Causes Law and Order Star to Lose It

    11/11/2004 8:27:27 AM PST · by Sociopathocracy · 62 replies · 3,228+ views
    The New York Post ^ | 11/11/2004 | Page Six
    VINCENT D'Onofrio, the star of "Law & Order: Criminal Intent," passed out while shooting the hit TV series yesterday morning — prompting insiders to gossip that the actor is "losing it." "Ever since John Kerry lost the election, [D'Onofrio] has lost his [bleep,]" said our on-set insider. "He has been getting into fistfights with people, and when he passed out today, we all thought he was faking it. But then he insisted they call 911." An ambulance raced to the Queens studio, where paramedics found nothing wrong with the gifted actor, who became a star in 1987 with his searing...
  • Leader of the dem lawyers says there's no fraud. Can someone please show this to the DUmmies?

    11/11/2004 8:13:38 AM PST · by MachineMan · 22 replies · 934+ views
    Boston Globe ^ | MachineMan
    ''No one would be more interested than me in finding out that we really won, but that ain't the case," said Jack Corrigan, a veteran Kerry adviser who led the Democrats' team of 3,600 attorneys who fanned out across the country on Election Day to address voting irregularities. ''I get why people are frustrated, but they did not steal this election," Corrigan said. ''There were a few problems here and there in the election. But unlike 2000, there is no doubt that they actually got more votes than we did, and they got them in the states that mattered."
  • McCain for president in 2008

    10/30/2004 5:39:06 PM PDT · by PolishProud · 194 replies · 3,607+ views
    vanity | Oct 30, 2008 | polishproud
    In the Friday's edition of the Arizona Republic Chip Scutari opines that John McCain is the GOP front runner for 2008. He claims that McCain is the most "influential politician not living at 1600 Pennsylvania Ave." He's a national statesman with star power to match Hillary Clinton. He has hosted Saturday Night Live, appeared on Letterman and Leno and is a constant fixture on the Sunday talk shows. Scutari goes on to write that If Kerry wins, McCain will run in 08. He can garner crossover vote from moderates and independents and will appeal to "pragmatic conservatives." McCain thinks there...
  • The Planets Have Made Up Their Mind: Kerry Wins (Reuters desperation becoming comical)

    10/29/2004 8:34:54 AM PDT · by presidio9 · 76 replies · 1,668+ views
    Reuters ^ | Fri, Oct 29, 2004
    Surveys in the United States may be showing the race for president as too close to call but top Indian astrologers say the planets have clearly made up their mind: John Kerry will win. Planets governing President Bush are eclipsed and in an uncomfortable position, making his tenure controversial and his re-election bid unsuccessful, the soothsayers said on Friday, four days before the vote. On the other hand, the planets of Democratic challenger Senator John Kerry were in the ascendant, ensuring him success in competitions. "Saturn, which is the lord of health and fortune for President Bush, has been eclipsed...
  • George Soros Now Doubts a Kerry Victory (says will join a monastery if Bush wins)

    10/28/2004 2:14:18 PM PDT · by hispanarepublicana · 262 replies · 15,862+ views ^ | 10/28/04 | Dave Eberhart
    WASHIGTON, D.C. – Billionaire investor, donor to radical causes and political activist George Soros, speaking at the last hurrah event of his whirlwind anti-Bush tour, told a luncheon audience at the National Press Club: “Now that I am at the end of my tour, I am not reassured... The race is too close for comfort.” “I embarked on the tour because I was worried that the dramatic deterioration in Iraq did not produce the decisive lead for John Kerry I had confidently expected,” Soros conceded. Asked what he will do if George W. Bush wins another term, Soros lamented, “I...
  • Man Arrested for Assault Against Harris

    10/27/2004 8:25:45 AM PDT · by pickemuphere · 91 replies · 3,137+ views Newswire ^ | 10/27/04 | TBO Newswire
    SARASOTA - A 46-year-old man has been arrested in connection with an aggravated assault incident against U.S. Rep. Katherine Harris (R-Sarasota). The incident happened when Harris and several supporters were campaigning on the northwest corner of the intersection at Fruitville Road and North Washington Boulevard Tuesday evening, according to Sarasota police. A vehicle headed toward them and swerved at the last moment and drove off. The police got a good description of the car and the suspect was brought in for questioning before being arrested. Barry M. Seltzer of Sarasota was arrested and charged with aggravated assault with a deadly...
  • Gore Charges Bush With Prewar Deceit (gag alert)

    10/18/2004 8:38:55 PM PDT · by Utah Girl · 14 replies · 550+ views
    The Washington Post ^ | 10/19/2004 | Mike Allen
    Former vice president Al Gore finished a two-year series of policy addresses yesterday by accusing President Bush of deliberately suppressing information about Iraq that would have undermined his case for war. Gore said that he had previously resisted saying Bush intentionally deceived the public in the run-up to the invasion but that the evidence now shows "that in virtually every case the president chose to ignore -- and indeed often to suppress -- studies, reports, information, facts, that were directly contrary to the false impressions he was in the process of giving to the American people." Echoing a campaign theme...
  • Gorilla With Bomb in Hand Shows Support for Bush as "Terrorist" hides in Oil Pipe (GO W!!!)

    08/31/2004 7:43:54 PM PDT · by EUPHORIC · 14 replies · 1,769+ views
    Self ^ | 8/31/2004 | Self
    Here is a really cute real life billboard for a local fireworks seller a little ways from my house in San Antonio, Texas! Please note the apparent Islamist Terrorist cowering in terror in that pipe on the bottom row! Cripes! Even a billboard monkey showing W's icon terrifies these mouthy murdering cowardly fools!
  • corruption always gives itsrlf a passing grade

    08/21/2004 11:03:26 AM PDT · by edelburg · 72 replies · 1,470+ views
    author ^ | steven ervin edelburg
    the us government killed my real parents disfigured me with bogus eye surgery and blood poisoning all before age 2 killed my adopted mom at age 12 just before she was going to tell the bush family is a criminal enterprize I believe the elder bush to have had a major role in killing john kennedy i no longer support the republican party as it is full of cowards murders rapests and theives whom even after me going to prison on a bogus charge and having my eye witness raped at gunpoint ran away from the truth and started trying...
  • Ex-Presidents, Johnson Widow Call for JFK Film Probe

    02/02/2004 6:20:27 PM PST · by John W · 282 replies · 7,539+ views
    AP via TBO ^ | February 2,2004 | Lynn Elber
    LOS ANGELES (AP) - Two former presidents and the widow of Lyndon B. Johnson are calling on the History Channel to investigate a documentary it aired alleging President Johnson was involved in the Kennedy assassination. Lady Bird Johnson said the film "falsely and irresponsibly" accuses her husband of conspiring to kill President Kennedy. No accusation made against Johnson "has hurt as painfully," the 91-year-old former first lady said in a Jan. 29 letter. Her husband died in 1973. Copies of her letter were sent to the chief executives of three companies that own A&E Networks, which includes the History Channel....
  • It's open ZOT Friday: You people are [expletive deleted] pathetic.

    12/05/2003 5:21:49 AM PST · by Pedantic_Lady · 499 replies · 2,933+ views
    05-December-2003 | Pedantic_Lady
    With VERY few exceptions (thanks to the people that were human and to people that wrote me privately) you people are a bunch of fundamentalist zealots. You aren't're fascists. You make me embarrassed to be a Republican.
  • Zot [Every Time I Forget My Meds Something Bad Happens]

    12/13/2002 5:49:09 AM PST · by to the right of Rush · 60 replies · 433+ views
  • Cynthia McKinney sez: The Indians Got Me, And They're Coming After You Next! (And the Torch!)

    10/02/2002 8:32:53 PM PDT · by Timesink · 61 replies · 2,090+ views
    The Congressional Record ^ | September 30, 2002 | Cynthia McKinney her own bad self
    [Congressional Record: September 30, 2002 (Extensions)] [Page E1710-E1711] From the Congressional Record Online via GPO Access [] [DOCID:cr30se02-109] INDIANS BOAST OF SUCCESSFUL INTERVENTION IN U.S. ELECTION ______ HON. CYNTHIA A. McKINNEY of georgia in the house of representatives Monday, September 30, 2002 Ms. McKINNEY. Mr. Speaker, as you know, I recently suffered a setback in my bid for reelection. I am beginning to get over the disappointment that I will no longer be able to serve the people of Georgia in the next Congress. I will miss serving. However, there were some alarming things about the campaign to defeat...
  • Randy Crow - Democrat for President 2004 (Mentally Ill Conspiracy Wacko Alert)

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    Randy Crow! ^ | 8/23/02 | Randy Crow
    Hello, I'm completely insane! Want proof? Just check out my website!!! Enjoy! Randy Crow - Democrat for President 2004