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  • Bullet casings disappear from LaVoy Finicum shooting scene, sources say

    03/16/2016 4:02:56 AM PDT · by Nextrush · 42 replies
    OregonLive ^ | 3/15/2016 | Les Zaitz
    Two bullet casings that might have proven an FBI agent shot at Robert "LaVoy" Finicum apparently disappeared from the scene shortly after the Jan. 26 confrontation turned deadly, according to law enforcement sources and newly released police reports. Five FBI agents assigned to the traffic stop told investigators that none of them fired at Finicum's Dodge pickup after it crashed at their roadblblock. Oregon investigators, however, concluded that one agent fired twice at the truck, hitting it once in the roof and missing on the second shot. A state trooper later described to investigators seeing two rifle casings in the...
  • Are Marco Rubio and Ted Cruz ‘natural born citizens?’ Broward judge to hear case

    03/04/2016 9:55:37 AM PST · by King of Florida · 69 replies
    Miami Herald ^ | March 4, 2016 | Amy Sheridan
    A case challenging the eligibility of Ted Cruz and Marco Rubio to run for president will be heard in Broward County court at 11 a.m. Friday. The crux of the case: the meaning of the phrase "natural born citizen" and how it applies to the two Republican senators. Rubio was born in Miami in 1971 to Cuban immigrants who became citizens a few years later. Cruz was born in Canada to a Cuban-born father and American mother, who moved to Texas when Cruz was four. "These two candidates are naturalized U.S. citizens, or at the very least, simply fail to...
  • Quinnipiac Pollster Admits: ‘Probably Unlikely’ That Electorate Will Feature Massive Dem Skew

    09/26/2012 12:18:38 PM PDT · by smoothsailing · 153 replies
    NewsBusters ^ | 9-26-2012 | Matthew Sheffield
    September 26, 2012 Quinnipiac Pollster Admits: ‘Probably Unlikely’ That Electorate Will Feature Massive Dem Skew Matthew Sheffield With no manufactured outrage to hammer Mitt Romney at the moment, liberal journalists are now eagerly touting a series of polls which appear to show President Obama pulling away from the GOP nominee in several key states. Unfortunately, these polls are relying on sample sizes which are skewed tremendously leftward with far more Democrats than Republicans and as such, they are unlikely to be good predictors of actual Election Day turnout. Do the pollsters themselves actually believe in their own sample sizes though?...
  • It's Over

    09/28/2012 4:15:26 AM PDT · by Flotsam_Jetsome · 52 replies
    American Thinker ^ | September 28, 2012 | William L. Gensert
    Give up -- Barack Obama has won.  With the election only weeks away, it is clear from recent swing state polling that Mitt Romney has lost this election.  According to the Quinnipiac numbers, in the battleground states of Ohio, Florida, and Pennsylvania, the president is ahead by 10%, 9% and 12%, respectively. Romney can't win.  Just ask any journalist or newscasters.  He is toast -- stick a fork in him. Bull... If anything, the closer we get to Election Day, the more apparent it is that Obama is not only losing, but losing big.  The Obama campaign, and by "campaign"...
  • It's Over! (Media Polls in the tank for Obama shows that he is actually losing)

    09/28/2012 5:15:06 AM PDT · by SeekAndFind · 76 replies
    American Thinker ^ | 09/28/2012 | By William L. Gensert
    Give up -- Barack Obama has won. With the election only weeks away, it is clear from recent swing state polling that Mitt Romney has lost this election. According to the Quinnipiac numbers, in the battleground states of Ohio, Florida, and Pennsylvania, the president is ahead by 10%, 9% and 12%, respectively. Romney can't win. Just ask any journalist or newscasters. He is toast -- stick a fork in him. Bull... If anything, the closer we get to Election Day, the more apparent it is that Obama is not only losing, but losing big. The Obama campaign, and by "campaign"...
  • Swissair Flight 111 Crash May Not Have Been An Accident: ex-RCMP Investigator

    09/14/2011 7:12:20 PM PDT · by MindBender26 · 53 replies · 1+ views
    CBC ^ | Sep 14, 2011
    An investigator looking into the crash of Swissair Flight 111 near Peggys Cove, N.S., says he was prevented by senior RCMP and aviation safety officials from pursuing his theory that an incendiary device might have been the cause. "There was sufficient grounds to suspect a criminal device on that plane," retired RCMP sergeant Tom Juby, who was an arson investigator assigned to the Swissair file, told CBC's The Fifth Estate. "I'm convinced that the investigation was improperly done," he said. The flight from New York to Zurich crashed into the Atlantic Ocean on Sept. 2, 1998, killing 229 passengers and...
  • Did China or Jihadists try to bankrupt America?

    03/02/2011 12:25:53 PM PST · by Kartographer · 13 replies
    Daily Mail ^ | 3/2/11
    Terrorists and other 'financial enemies' were likely responsible for the near collapse of the U.S. financial system in 2008, a new Pentagon report has concluded. The 2009 report, Economic Warfare: Risks and Responses, said financial terrorism by Jihadists or countries such as China may have cost the global economy $50 trillion in a series of co-ordinated strikes against the U.S. economy. In an astonishing conclusion, the report claims two unidentified traders deliberately.

    01/18/2011 9:26:42 AM PST · by DariusBane · 49 replies
    Seton Hall Constitutional ^ | 2001 | Roger Roots
    Police work is often lionized by jurists and scholars who claim to employ "textualist" and "originalist" methods of constitutional interpretation. Yet professional police were unknown to the United States in 1789, and first appeared in America almost a half-century after the Constitution's ratification. The Framers contemplated law enforcement as the duty of mostly private citizens, along with a few constables and sheriffs who could be called upon when necessary. This article marshals extensive historical and legal evidence to show that modern policing is in many ways inconsistent with the original intent of America's founding documents. The author argues that the...
  • Heads Up - Multiple COLBS Warning [someone swapped out the Kenya BC AFTER it was posted]

    08/03/2009 2:12:53 PM PDT · by Calpernia · 2,311 replies · 109,866+ views
    Various ^ | August 3, 2009 | Various
    There are now modified photos of the COLB that broke here yesterday. The changes are so slight, that no one is noticing them. The original one posted in breaking news: One of the modified ones: The changes are so subtle, you can barely tell which one you are looking at. This modified one is showing jokes like: The Font of the Certificate=Schmutz (A Schmutz is a chump, as in you are a chump) #5733=The number of the Certificate, is code for : "Problem with Windows REGISTRY", a sly reference to your claim that Obama does not appear on the Hawaii...
  • The Birther Movement is the beginning of the "Unseal Obama, America Deserves to Know" Movement

    07/29/2009 10:48:06 AM PDT · by Hillary'sMoralVoid · 80 replies · 2,681+ views
    His Master's Voice | 7/29/09 | HMV
    The lapdog media's recent birther bashing week may have temporarily lessened the clamor for Obama's Birth Certificate, but the media doesn't understand the scorn of the American people. We don't aprreciate being treated like idiots. The media also doesn't realize that Obama's attempts to literally seal his entire life literally from the day he was born is what has fueled the all the research, theories and innuendos that have come out. That is what intelligent people are forced to do when seeking answers with incomplete information. I am not certain that Obama's actual birth certificate will prove he was or...
  • Dobbs embraces Birthers

    07/21/2009 9:58:29 AM PDT · by pissant · 203 replies · 4,117+ views
    Politico ^ | 7/21/09 | Ben Smith
    "This isn't one of those things that goes away quite as easily as I'd thought," Dobbs says, saying that this isn't the "fringe" and that Obama hasn't produced a birth certificate. (He long ago released an official copy, the standard document. As often noted, it actually does go away quite easily.) "I have no idea what the reality is here," says Dobbs, later wondering, "You suppose he's undoc -- no, I wouldn't use the word 'undocumented,' wouldn't be right."
  • This birther nonsense becoming a big problem for the GOP (ROFL)

    07/21/2009 10:07:33 AM PDT · by pissant · 65 replies · 2,910+ views
    Atlanta Journal Constipation ^ | 7/21/09 | Jay Bookman
    Here’s Mike Castle, a Republican congressman from Delaware, trying to deal with the birther nonsense at a town hall meeting back on June 30. It really gets a little spooky when the woman hijacks the meeting with an impromptu demand for the Pledge of Allegiance. It’s hard to imagine a more vivid example of how easily false patriotism can trump reason and common sense. Apparently, CNN’s Lou Dobbs — always on the lookout these days for a fringe issue to ride — is also jumping on the bandwagon.
  • USDOJ: Office of Solicitor General AND SCOTUS! (re: Taitz, Obama lawsuit)

    03/24/2009 12:41:30 PM PDT · by rxsid · 153 replies · 7,895+ views
    Defend Our Freedoms ^ | 3/24/2009 | rxsid
    USDOJ: Office of Solicitor General AND SCOTUS! Dr. Orly Taitz, Esq. just received a phone call from Karen Thornton at the Department of Justice. She stated that all of Orly's documents and filings have been forwarded to the Office of Solicitor General, Elena Kagan. That includes all three Dossiers, the Quo Warranto Easterling v. Obama aka Soetoro. Please show your support that we want these matters and investigations looked into immediately, 202-514-2203. Coincidently, after Dr. Taitz called me with that update, she received another call from Officer Giaccino at the Supreme Court. Officer Giaccino stated both pleadings have been received...
  • Obama and the Natural Born Citizen Clause

    12/09/2008 2:33:58 AM PST · by Man50D · 34 replies · 1,903+ views ^ | December 09, 2008 | Randall Hoven
    On Monday, the Supreme Court decided not to hear the Donofrio case concerning whether Barack Obama is a natural born citizen and therefore qualified to be President. Also, David Horowitz diagnosed those who claim Obama is not natural born as being afflicted with "Obama Derangement Syndrome." Horowitz told people to "shut up about the birth certificate." A bad day for those of us in tin-foil hats. Even Michelle Malkin is against us . Mr. Horowitz whizzes right by the issue of whether or not Obama is Constitutionally qualified. He simply says it doesn't matter. He asked, "What difference does it...
  • Will the anti-Obama zealots give the birth allegations a rest?

    12/09/2008 4:27:21 AM PST · by pissant · 123 replies · 2,961+ views
    Rocky Mountain News ^ | 12/9/08 | Editors
    By refusing on Monday to hear a lawsuit challenging whether Barack Obama is indeed eligible under the Constitution to become the 44th president, the U.S. Supreme Court should have put to rest the fanciful rumors about the president-elect. Yet the justices' action will not end the fringe conspiracy-mongering. David Weigel reported in Slate that Obama's foes have mailed "information" packets to presidential electors in advance of their Dec. 15 vote; right-wing activist Bob Schultz, who has orchestrated the campaign, says electors who vote for Obama are committing "treason to the Constitution." May we offer some advice? Get a life. It...
  • Man Wants Truth About Obama, Files Petition

    12/09/2008 4:21:22 AM PST · by pissant · 69 replies · 2,350+ views
    The Examiner ^ | 12/9/08 | Jon Connolly
    A Pennsylvania man has filed a petition to the Pennsylvania Supreme Court, seeking the court to make the Pennsylvania Secretary of the commonwealth demand proof from President-elect Barack Obama that he is qualified as a natural born citizen of the United States. The petition, filed by James D. Schneller, seeks Mr. Obama's sworn statement, filed with his application for placement on the ballot, and an injunction preventing the certification of the vote and of the Pennsylvania electors ballot, by the secretary, including any certification to Pennsylvania's governor, and postponing of the scheduled meeting of the electors, which by law usually...
  • President Alien, and Other Tales From the Fringe

    12/09/2008 3:08:08 AM PST · by Nick Thimmesch · 59 replies · 2,100+ views
    WAPO ^ | 12-9-08 | DANA MILBANK
    A unanimous Supreme Court announced yesterday morning that it would not take up a case making the improbable claim that Barack Obama is a secret foreigner. A dissenting opinion came out in the afternoon. "This is the largest hoax perpetrated against the United States in 200 years," Philip Berg declared in a news conference at the National Press Club.
  • The unmentionable 'birth cert'--has the FCC threatened media outlets?

    12/04/2008 6:01:39 AM PST · by dascallie · 80 replies · 3,256+ views
    But the most compelling "conspiracy theory" from a woman in California: "it's reminiscent of the `German thing' - where ordinary, proud, conservative, responsible Germans suddenly realized that their livelihoods and perhaps their lives depended upon supporting a powerful `new order.' It was none other than Josef Goebbels who said that the way to take over a country by a relatively minute cabal of fascists was to gain control of two entities: the media and the armed forces. That's why we heard Obama promise a national police force that was just as well- funded and powerful as the U.S. military. "I...
  • Obama BC Scandal: Full article has been taken down, here is cached version

    11/26/2008 4:26:05 AM PST · by dascallie · 49 replies · 2,867+ views
    Tulsa Today The Great Birth Certificate Scandal/Cover-Up of ‘08 By Joan Swirsky Monday, 24 November 2008 Analysis: Last week, newscasters reported that al Qaeda’s #2 terrorist disparaged the election of Barack Obama, and hurled racial slurs at Obama himself. “The report has not been confirmed by the State Department,” they all said, but they reported it anyway. Fox News reporter Carl Cameron told viewers that three “anonymous” insiders of Sen. McCain’s campaign said that Sarah Palin was, in essence, a diva and a dunce. He – and dozens of others who picked up the story on other channels – never...
  • Rathergate II: Certification of Live Birth a clear forgery

    11/24/2008 11:19:03 PM PST · by Red Steel · 139 replies · 3,395+ views
    wnd ^ | November 25, 2008 1:00 am Eastern | Janet Porter
    The media bought it. The voters bought it. And now some in Congress are resisting the idea of congressional hearings because they believe that Barack Obama's "birth certificate" has been posted online. Not so. What was posted was not a birth certificate, but something that resembles a "Certification of Live Birth" or COLB, which, even if authentic, does not prove "natural born" U.S. citizenship. You see, in Hawaii, a Certification of Live Birth is issued within a year of a child's birth to those who register a birth abroad or one that takes place outside a hospital. It's Rathergate all...
  • Petition to see the birth certificate

    11/21/2008 2:11:48 AM PST · by Man50D · 82 replies · 2,814+ views ^ | November 21, 2008
    WASHINGTON – WND today announces the launching of an online petition designed to enlist the public's help in demanding evidence of Barack Obama's constitutional eligibility for the office of the presidency. The electronic petition calls on all controlling legal authorities to take seriously the matter of where and when and to whom Obama was born and whether he qualifies as a "natural-born American citizen," according to Article 2, Section 1 of the Constitution. "This is a very unusual step for us to take," said Joseph Farah, founder, editor and chief executive officer of the leading independent online news source. "I...
  • *Breaking* Due to Procedure, Obama and DNC Admit all Allegations

    10/21/2008 6:05:29 AM PDT · by Calpernia · 376 replies · 16,116+ views
    Philip Berg ^ | October 21, 2008 | Philip Berg
    Original thread can be reviewed here: So, why is it taking so long? What is the judge waiting for? (Berg vs Obama) By NoobRep Today's Update by WestCoastGal Unless the Obama Campaign applies for a withdrawal of admission and shows GOOD CAUSE, as of today, October 21, 2008, the Obama Campaign has legally admitted that Barack Hussein Obama is ineligible to hold the office of Presidency. Full coverage of this court proceeding can be read here: Below is today's legal admission! Tuesday, October 21, 2008 Berg: Due to Procedure, Obama and DNC Admit all Allegations According to Rule...
  • Inside the hush-hush North American Union confab

    03/13/2008 4:09:15 AM PDT · by Man50D · 346 replies · 5,753+ views ^ | March 13, 2008 | Jerome R. Corsi
    WASHINGTON -- A largely unreported meeting held at the State Department discussed integration of the U.S., Mexico and Canada in concert with a move toward a transatlantic union, linking a North American community with the European Union. The meeting was held Monday under the auspices of the Advisory Committee on International Economic Policy, or ACIEP. WND obtained press credentials and attended as an observer. The meeting was held under "Chatham House" rules that prohibit reporters from attributing specific comments to individual participants. The State Department website noted the meeting was opened by Assistant Secretary of State for Economic, Energy and...
  • N.J. Parkway lease mirrors NAFTA superhighway plan

    02/06/2008 4:25:10 AM PST · by Man50D · 16 replies · 138+ views ^ | February 05, 2008 | Jerome R. Corsi
    New Jersey Gov. Jon Corzine, a Democrat, is proposing a variation of the "public-private partnerships," being implemented in other parts of the country and according to critics a danger to the sovereignty of the U.S., as a solution for the state's expected $3 billion budget deficit, the biggest after California and New York. Under the typical PPP structure that has been supported by the Bush administration, through the U.S. Department of Transportation's Federal Highway Administration, projects such as the Trans-Texas Corridor highway, are under way. That new highway project is planned to be four football fields wide and run through...
  • Opposition to Trans-Texas Corridor growing

    01/23/2008 3:09:14 PM PST · by Tolerance Sucks Rocks · 28 replies · 162+ views ^ | January 23, 2008 | Rosa Flores and Shern-Min Chow
    More than 800 people packed a meeting hall in Hempstead for a public meeting on the Trans-Texas Corridor. Seven more public sessions are scheduled. Residents are speaking out about a controversial highway that would cut right through the state. The state plans to build a 4,000-mile network of super-highway toll roads. In Hempstead on Tuesday, many residents said that road could cost them their property. Odis Styers owns hundreds of acres north, east and west of town. But the traffic that now travels through on State Highway 290 could interrupt his peace. A TxDOT super highway could soon plow through...
  • TWA 800 FOIA Suit Yields Smoking Gun

    11/06/2007 9:21:21 AM PST · by neverdem · 175 replies · 454+ views ^ | August 30, 2007 | Jack Cashill
    More than six years after retired United Airline captain Ray Lahr launched his Freedom of Information Act (FOIA) petition into the fate of TWA Flight 800, the FBI has shown him—likely by accident—one seriously smoking gun. The Boeing 747 blew up off the coast of Long Island on July 17, 1996. One of the FBI documents received recently by Lahr and his attorney, John Clarke of Washington DC, details a communication that took place six days after the crash: "On Tuesday, July 23, 1996, a representative from the Defense Intelligence Agency (DIA) advised [the FBI] that after a visual analysis...
  • North American Union Plan Headed to Congress in Fall

    05/31/2007 5:25:59 PM PDT · by EagleUSA · 29 replies · 748+ views
    World Net Daily ^ | 05/31/2007 | EagleUSA
    WASHINGTON – A powerful think tank chaired by former Sen. Sam Nunn and guided by trustees including Richard Armitage, Zbigniew Brzezinski, Harold Brown, William Cohen and Henry Kissinger, is in the final stages of preparing a report to the White House and U.S. Congress on the benefits of integrating the U.S., Mexico and Canada into one political, economic and security bloc. The final report, published in English, Spanish and French, is scheduled for submission to all three governments by Sept. 30, according to the Center for Strategic & International Studies. CSIS boasts of playing a large role in the passage...
  • The trouble with Medved

    01/10/2007 7:39:39 AM PST · by jmc813 · 84 replies · 2,092+ views
    WorldNetDaily ^ | 1-10-2007 | Joseph Farah
    Mike Medved has become unglued, unhinged and irrational over WND's reporting and my analysis of the PLOT to erase North America's borders and move the U.S., Mexico and Canada into a European Union-style merger. I dealt with his rantings on this subject last week and hoped to be done with it. But, while I was away last week, he stepped up the personal attacks on his blog and his syndicated radio program. "I'm greatly encouraged by the lengthy, indignant responses by prominent scare-mongers Joe Farah and Jerome Corsi to my on-air and on-blog denunciation … of their self-promoting paranoia regarding...
  • (TWA 800) 'Zoom climb' Scenario Falling Apart

    12/14/2006 9:28:35 AM PST · by Hal1950 · 154 replies · 4,319+ views
    WorldNetDaily ^ | 14 December 2006 | Jack Cashill
    Slowly but surely, retired United Airline Capt. Ray Lahr and attorney John Clarke are prying open the can of worms known as the TWA Flight 800 investigation, and sooner or later the major media will have to take notice. WABC in New York already has. Two weeks ago, the station's Jim Hoffer did a short feature headlined "Major court ruling in TWA Flight 800 case." What proved to be most newsworthy about the feature, however, was not the ruling in question but a surprising admission by former NTSB managing director Peter Goelz. As Hoffer noted, and has been reported here...
  • Sensors to track 'superhighway' cargo from Mexico

    12/06/2006 4:20:52 AM PST · by Man50D · 40 replies · 579+ views
    WorldNetDaily ^ | December 6, 2006 | Jerome R. Corsi
    Lockheed Martin is working with North America's SuperCorridor Coalition – the Dallas-based trade association – on a $40 million deal to build high-tech sensors to track cargo remotely along a superhighway stretching from Texas to Canada. John Mohler, a senior vice president at Lockheed told the "North America Works II" transportation conference last week in Kansas City that 14 sensor locations would be established in the next three months to track specific cargo shipments along the NASCO corridor The superhighway incorporates Interstates 35, 29 and 94. The sensor locations would include the Mexican port of Lázaro Cárdenas; Laredo, Texas; Kansas...
  • U.S. legislator(Tom Tancredo) warns of Bush plot to merge Canada, the U.S. and Mexico

    11/22/2006 5:29:38 AM PST · by Dane · 156 replies · 3,603+ views ^ | November 21, 2006 | Beth Gorham
    Beth Gorham, The Canadian Press Published: Tuesday, November 21, 2006 WASHINGTON -- A U.S. legislator who backs tough anti-immigrant measures and more security at the Canada-U.S. border is warning Americans that President George W. Bush is plotting to integrate the continent. And he says Prime Minister Stephen Harper “buys into it.” Colorado Republican Tom Tancredo, revered by some U.S. conservatives for his efforts to staunch the flow of illegal immigrants from Mexico, said this week that Bush is a dangerous internationalist. “He is going to do what he can to create a place where the idea of America is just...
  • US divided by superhighway plan

    11/22/2006 12:42:29 AM PST · by Sarajevo · 144 replies · 2,621+ views
    The Scotsman ^ | Fri 16 Jun 2006 | CRAIG HOWIE
    A MASSIVE road four football fields wide and running from Mexico to Canada through the heartland of the United States is being proposed amid controversy over security and the damage to the environment. The "nation's most modern roadway", proposed between Laredo in Texas and Duluth, Minnesota, along Interstate 35, would allow the US to bypass the west coast ports of Los Angeles and Long Beach to import goods from China and the Far East into the heart of middle America via Mexico, saving both cost and time. However, critics argue that the ten-lane road would lay a swathe of concrete...
  • Security Analysis of the Diebold AccuVote-TS Voting Machine(tin foil hat alert)

    09/14/2006 5:21:23 AM PDT · by Halfmanhalfamazing · 14 replies · 985+ views
    Princeton University Research ^ | Ariel J. Feldman, J. Alex Halderman, and Edward W. Felten
    This paper presents a fully independent security study of a Diebold AccuVote-TS voting machine, including its hardware and software. We obtained the machine from a private party. Analysis of the machine, in light of real election procedures, shows that it is vulnerable to extremely serious attacks. For example, an attacker who gets physical access to a machine or its removable memory card for as little as one minute could install malicious code; malicious code on a machine could steal votes undetectably, modifying all records, logs, and counters to be consistent with the fraudulent vote count it creates.
  • More Reasons Not to Trust Fool & Drug Admn. or ADA

    01/06/2006 6:53:36 AM PST · by Larousse2 · 92 replies · 1,378+ views
    News Target ^ | Nov. 27, 2005 | Mike Adams
    The Mass Poisoning Of Humanity An Exploration Of Human Stupidity By Mike Adams 11-27 -05 The mass poisoning of humanity: an exploration of human stupidity As human beings, we're the only species stupid enough to actually poison ourselves. As part of modern living, we create a wide variety of chemical toxins that go into the ecosystem through rivers and streams, the air, the soil and so on. Not only that, we actually synthesize toxic chemicals and then inject them directly into the food supply -- knowing full well that they are poisonous and are major contributors to the epidemic...
  • You are being watched! You will slip up soon! (Ooooooooh, a scary post! ZOT!!!)

    01/31/2005 3:28:10 PM PST · by dl_pens · 189 replies · 3,465+ views
    You and your fascist co-horts will all be sorry when the Bush* administration is charged with stealing this election. His administration and this website is nothing more then propaganda for a fascist regime. We are watching you, and we will be there when you slip up and your face down on the ground because you slipped on your own Nazi style propaganda. John Kerry won this election and you know it! Everyone knows it!
  • U.S. Relies on Admittedly Bogus Lie Detector in War on Terror

    12/02/2004 1:06:46 AM PST · by George Maschke · 23 replies · 860+ views ^ | Dec. 2, 2004 | self
    The website of the National Institute of Truth Verification, which markets the Computerized Voice Stress Analyzer (CVSA) -- a purported voice-based lie detector -- confirms that the U.S. Government is using this device for intelligence purposes in the war on terror. And yet the manufacturer has admitted in court that the device "is not capable of lie detection." See, Federal Use of CVSA Confirmed.
  • TWA Flight 800: Attacked, destroyed, covered-up

    10/07/2004 10:21:26 PM PDT · by HereComesTheGOP · 25 replies · 856+ views
    World Net Daily ^ | 10-7-2004 | Jocak Cashill
    On July 17, 1996 – Liberation Day in Saddam's Iraq and two days before the Atlanta Olympics – at least 270 people see streaking objects zigzagging off the horizon and culminating in the destruction of TWA Flight 800 off the south coast of Long Island. At the time of the crash, Richard Clarke is serving as chairman of the Coordinating Security Group on terrorism. Within 30 minutes of the plane's crash, Clarke tells us, he convenes a meeting of the CSG in the White House situation room. "The FAA," Clarke reports, is "at a total loss for an explanation. The...
  • 99% chance of attack on Iran

    08/31/2004 11:13:04 PM PDT · by freedom44 · 55 replies · 1,173+ views
    News24 ^ | 9/1/04 | News24
    Amman - A prominent Jordanian journalist on Monday expected the United States or Israel to launch a "pre-emptive strike" against Iran in September or October with a view to enhancing President George Bush's re-election chances. "A pre-emptive strike is coming 99% either in September or October before the US presidential elections early in November," said Fahd Fanek in an article in the daily Al-Rai. "If the United States decides to carry out the strike, the timing will be before the elections so as Bush guarantees his re-election. If Israel launches the attack, it will do that for the avowed aim...
  • Kerry Sticks Finger In Marine's Chest -- NOT! Here's the Proof

    08/03/2004 5:29:37 PM PDT · by bimboeruption · 399 replies · 9,752+ views
    Mullings ^ | August 3. 2004
    The question is: "Is Kerry sticking his bony, well-manicured, girly, index finger in the chest of the Marine pictured here?" The answer is "No." After optimizing the pic with Photoshop and Image Optimizer, what looks like Kerry's finger is actually the top piece of a wooden frame that holds a mirror and is attached to the window. There is another mirror just like it behind the Marine, to the right of his elbow.
  • Man found insane, not guilty; Witness says killer believed he was slaying a chicken...

    04/27/2004 1:50:58 PM PDT · by talleyman · 26 replies · 261+ views
    Richmond (VA) Times Dispatch ^ | 4/27/2004 | ALAN COOPER
    Harvey Derrick Glanton's statement that he thought he was killing a chicken when he crushed Daniel Bruce Balbaugh's skull was too much for Balbaugh's family. "He is a murderer," said Balbaugh's sister, Linda Balbaugh-Delahoyde. "He did not murder a chicken - he murdered" a man who was a brother, father, grandfather and uncle, she told Judge Herbert C. Gill Jr. in Chesterfield County Circuit Court just after Gill had found Glanton not guilty by reason of insanity. Glanton, 45, was working in Atlanta as a forklift operator when he began to unravel, according to testimony. He had lost an eye...
  • New Space program and how Little we Know

    01/09/2004 2:12:16 PM PST · by dobbyman · 50 replies · 424+ views
    Dobbyman, | 1/09/2004 | Dobbyman
    President Bush is about to announce a new initiative in Space. Of course it will cost many Billions and there will be a large debate of the parochial and immediate needs of people for those billions of dollars. I must add to this debate some facts for the proponents of the Space program. If we try to measure the state of our Science we might realize that we are still relatively in the stone ages. And if so, then there would be still such great potential for new discovery and a commensurate great benefit to mankind. Much in the past...
  • Nicholas F. Benton's Report: Kurds Captured, Drugged, & Turned Over Saddam to U.S.

    12/30/2003 5:50:42 AM PST · by chambley1 · 50 replies · 324+ views
    Falls Church (VA) News Press ^ | 12/24/03 | Nicholas F. Benton
    According to a report in last weekend's Sunday Express in Britain, Saddam Hussein was captured by U.S. troops only after he had been taken prisoner by Kurdish forces, drugged and abandoned ready for American soldiers to recover him. Quoting an unnamed senior British military officer, the Sunday Express recounted that Saddam came into the hands of the Kurdish Patriotic Front after being betrayed to the group by a member of the al-Jabour tribe, whose daughter had been raped by Saddam's son Uday, leading to a blood feud. The intelligence officer told the paper that Saddam was held prisoner by a...
  • The coming currency devaluation

    10/09/2003 10:49:33 PM PDT · by Starwind · 83 replies · 782+ views ^ | Oct 10, 2003 | Cliff Droke
    After repeated warnings from currency analysts and market advisors (including yours truly) that the U.S. currency system is on the verge of becoming a blocked, two-tier system we now have confirmation that the country is one step closer to realizing this. When fully implemented, the new U.S. dollar will mean a "banana republic" type currency and across-the-board devaluation. According to a CNN/Money news wire report of Oct. 7, the new U.S. $20 bills will be released this week at banks across the country. Meanwhile, the Fed and its Bureau of Engraving and Printing (BEP) will hold a nationwide series of...
  • Letter to 9-11 Commission on TWA-800

    07/19/2003 1:34:15 AM PDT · by Swordmaker · 3 replies · 315+ views ^ | July 17, 2003 | Michael Hull
    National Commission on Terrorist Attacks Upon the United States 301 7th Street, SW Room 5125 Washington, DC 20407 July 17, 2003 Dear Members of the 9-11 Commission: Recently, I wrote to you about Terrorist Missile Activity in the NY – Washington metropolitan areas. A copy of this correspondence is attached at the end of this letter. In that earlier correspondence I suggested that you reexamine missile activity which was reported both prior to and following the TWA 800 crash. On this anniversary of the TWA crash I would like to submit for your consideration a detailed summary of the eyewitnesses’...
  • Is Hussein Owner of Crashed UFO?

    01/31/2003 2:30:52 PM PST · by JennysCool · 81 replies · 379+ views
    Pravda ^ | 1/31/2003 | Pravda
    “An UFO-related incident that occurred four years ago poses a troubling question whether any kind of cooperation is possible between Iraqi dictator Saddam Hussein and extraterrestrials,” UFOlogist Joseph Trainor declared in his review UFO Roundup (issue 51 of December 17, 2002). “On December 16, 1998, during Operation Desert Fox against Iraq, a video clip aired on CNN showed a UFO hovering over Baghdad; it moved away to avoid a stream of tracer anti-aircraft fire. At that time we all thought it was another UFO sighting, although captured on videotape. But now, ufologists think it was much more than a mere...
  • Tis the season for marijuana smugglers

    12/22/2002 7:37:55 AM PST · by Sparta · 19 replies · 338+ views
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  • Last straw (Ithaca barf alert)

    12/02/2002 5:26:04 AM PST · by Behind Liberal Lines · 18 replies · 204+ views
    Ithaca Journal ^ | Monday, December 2, 2002 | Joanna Green
    <p>President Bush's appointment of Henry Kissinger to lead the investigation of "failures of intelligence" surrounding the Sept. 11 attacks is the last straw for me. This is such an outrageous insult, not only to the families of victims but to the entire American public, that it is almost surreal.</p>