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  • Contempt Vote Neutralized by DOJ

    06/30/2012 3:10:16 PM PDT · by John Semmens · 14 replies
    Semi-News/Semi-Satire ^ | 30 June 2012 | John Semmens
    The Obama Administration’s Department of Justice informed House Speaker John Boehner (R-Ohio) that it would not honor any request for enforcement of it’s finding that Attorney General Eric Holder is in contempt of Congress for his refusal to hand over copies of DOJ correspondence. “The President’s declaration of Executive Privilege has already ruled that Congress is not entitled to these documents,” Deputy Attorney General James Cole asserted. “This preemptively exonerates Attorney General Holder and vetoes any action Mr. Boehner might contemplate taking in his effort to obtain this information.” Cole called Congress’ efforts to secure DOJ correspondence on Operation Fast...
  • Please pray for my wife's transfer

    06/28/2012 6:44:02 AM PDT · by 2ndDivisionVet · 40 replies
    July 28, 2012 | 2ndDivisionVet
    It looks like Mrs. 2ndDivisionVet finally has a chance to transfer back to the Dallas/Ft. Worth area. As most of you might know, the economy there is much stronger than almost any other place in the United States. We will be close to her family, have much better choices in healthcare and dental and the stores in her company perform better there. She is a store manager for a large chain of eyeglass/contacts (optical) outlets. Two different locations in that area have come open and we hope that she will be picked for one. Please pray for us that she...
  • Essential Air Service House Chamber, Washington, D.C.

    06/27/2012 2:36:56 PM PDT · by Congressman Tom McClintock
    Congressman Tom McClintock ^ | June 26, 2012 | Congressman Tom McClintock
    Mr. Chairman: If the House is to live up to the promises the Republican majority made to the American people to bring spending under control, some tough choices are going to have to be made. But this amendment isn’t one of them. This is about the easiest choice the House could possibly make: to put an end to the so-called “Essential Air Service” that lavishly subsidizes some of the least essential air services in the country. This program shells out nearly $200 million a year – including $114 million of direct taxpayer subsidies – to support empty and near-empty flights...
  • Essential Air Service House Chamber, Washington, D.C.

    06/27/2012 2:36:46 PM PDT · by Congressman Tom McClintock · 3 replies
    Congressman Tom McClintock ^ | June 26, 2012 | Congressman Tom McClintock
    Mr. Chairman: If the House is to live up to the promises the Republican majority made to the American people to bring spending under control, some tough choices are going to have to be made. But this amendment isn’t one of them. This is about the easiest choice the House could possibly make: to put an end to the so-called “Essential Air Service” that lavishly subsidizes some of the least essential air services in the country. This program shells out nearly $200 million a year – including $114 million of direct taxpayer subsidies – to support empty and near-empty flights...
  • Press Secretary Parries Questions on “Fast & Furious” Scandal

    06/22/2012 9:53:18 PM PDT · by John Semmens · 28 replies
    Semi-News/Semi-Satire ^ | 22 jUNE 2012 | John Semmens
    Press Secretary Jay Carney denied that President Obama's grant of “Executive Privilege” status to the Department of Justice correspondence on the scheme to get guns into the hands of Mexican gangsters is an effort to cover up wrong doing. Despite the widespread laughter from members of the media that greeted his assertion that “it's a matter of principle,” Carney attempted to expound upon the concept. “The principle is that under our Constitution, the President is the country's supreme ruler,” Carney maintained. “That status cannot be infringed by Congressional interference in how he chooses to run the country. The sole purpose...
  • Italian Prosecutor: Calabrian Mafia "Is Quickly Spreading In The United States"

    06/16/2012 3:58:24 PM PDT · by AtlasStalled · 39 replies
    Friends of Ours ^ | 06/16/12 | Friends of Ours
    The 'Ndrangheta or Calabrian Mafia has emerged as the world's most powerful crime group due to its obscene profits from the cocaine trade in Europe, and it further has become entrenched in Australia, Canada and the United States with surprisingly little push back from law enforcement in those countries. Indeed, Nicola Gratteri, a top anti-Mafia prosecutor in Italy warns that "this mafia is quickly spreading in the United States, particularly in Florida and New York" as reported by Beatrice Borromeo for The Daily Beast: Gratteri's latest operations have led to the sentencing of 34 'Ndrangheta members and have uncovered a...
  • President Initiates Plan to Boost Status of Illegal Aliens

    06/16/2012 11:40:48 AM PDT · by John Semmens · 17 replies
    Semi-News/Semi-Satire ^ | 16 June 2012 | John Semmens
    A year ago, President Barack Obama told his Hispanic supporters that he lacked the authority to grant amnesty to people in the country illegally. “There are laws on the books that prohibit me from unilaterally granting the right to reside in America, hold a job, and vote,” the President said in a March 2011 speech at a Univision town hall in Washington, D.C. On Friday, June 15, the President issued an Executive Order that would spare up to 800,000 illegal aliens from deportation. “Despite ample opportunity to take action over the last year, Congress has failed to do its duty...
  • The train we hope Jerry Brown doesn’t hear about

    06/15/2012 1:04:06 PM PDT · by Mark Landsbaum · 25 replies
    If the high-speed train we call the Moonbeam Express will cost anywhere from $68 billion to $117 billion, we wonder how much this one would cost: “Engineers in the U.S. and elsewhere are working on the technology for trains that could shoot through airless tunnels at speeds up to 4,000 miles per hour, the BBC reports. The transporters, which remain at least a decade away, could eventually cut travel time between New York and Beijing to about two hours,” according to the New York Daily News. Actually, at only a decade away, it’s closer than the one floundering today in...
  • "Come Back To Sorrento"

    06/12/2012 1:19:06 PM PDT · by sussex · 3 replies
    Look at the sea of Surriento, what a treasure it is! Even who has travelled all over the world, he has never seen a sea like this one.
  • It’s not about greenhouse gases or transit, it’s about greenback dollars and cronyism

    06/12/2012 11:53:02 AM PDT · by Mark Landsbaum
    The California High-Speed Rail project is absurd on the face of it, which gives reasonable people reason to wonder – “What in the world are they thinking?” Gov. Jerry Brown says . . .
  • President Obama Still Isn’t Working For Nevada’s Job Creators

    06/11/2012 1:23:39 AM PDT · by 2ndDivisionVet · 1 replies
    “For more than three years, President Obama’s rhetoric and record have left Nevada’s job creators in a bind. Instead of pushing pro-growth policies that will help improve our economy, President Obama has repeatedly made it harder for businesses to grow, thrive, and create new jobs. As president, Mitt Romney will get to work on day one to give job creators the confidence they need to put Americans back to work.” –Andrea Saul, Romney Campaign Spokesperson During His Time In Office, President Obama Has Attacked Las Vegas’ Tourism Industry...
  • Unicycling about to go electric with Ryno

    06/11/2012 12:34:52 AM PDT · by 2ndDivisionVet · 10 replies
    The Portland Tribune ^ | May 17, 2012 | Jason Vondersmith
    In a second-season episode of "Portlandia," Fred Armisen and Carrie Brownstein play a boring Southeast Portland couple who want to spice up their life. A tough guy and a hot dame pull up on a motorcycle, and Fred and Carrie feel pretty un-cool in their presence. So they get the bright idea of acquiring motorcycles of their own. The next scene, Fred coasts up on a three-wheeled monstrosity, and Carrie putters around the street on an odd-looking, one-wheeled, motorized transporter that reminds one of the Segway. Carrie's riding atop the Ryno bike, the second prototype of the fledgling Ryno Motors...
  • Va. AG says 18 year olds may keep hidden guns in cars without permits

    06/10/2012 7:17:49 PM PDT · by open carry · 6 replies ^ | June 10, 2011 | Mike Stollenwerk
    In Virginia, like most states, adults aged 18 and over may own and openly carry firearms, including handguns, in public without any need to register their guns or obtain a permit to open carry. But in a little noticed attorney general opinion last month, Virginia Attorney General Ken Cuccinelli (R) issued a formal opinion on concealed carry in which he said that “provided the handgun is properly secured in a container or compartment within the vehicle, persons who may lawfully possess a firearm but have not been issued a concealed weapons permit may possess, in a vehicle, a handgun that...
  • Attorney General Explains “Fast & Furious” Memos

    06/10/2012 11:18:18 AM PDT · by John Semmens · 12 replies
    Semi-News/Semi-Satire ^ | 8 June 2012 | John Semmens
    Attorney General Eric Holder rejected contentions that internal Department of Justice memos in which the phrase “Fast and Furious” appears mean that the Mexican gun-running scandal was known to Department of Justice (DOJ) higher-ups at an early date. The phrase, Holder insisted referred to the movie series. “Everyone at the DOJ is a big fan of the ‘Fast and Furious’ movies,” Holder said in a House Judiciary Committee hearing this past week. “The fast cars, the sexy babes, the wonton violence—are hypnotic in their effects on me and my staff. Vin Diesel’s screen presence is just awesome. So, it’s only...
  • Tourism Australia Video

    06/08/2012 7:55:33 AM PDT · by TonyfromOz · 1 replies
    PA Pundits International ^ | 08 June 2012 | TonyfromOz
    Tourism Australia has released a new advertising campaign to attract tourists to Australia. While shorter versions of this new video appear on TV, the above link has the full version of this video, coming in at almost 3 minutes. While some of the things in the ad may be readily recognised, others may not, so I have also included some text, describing those things.
  • Should Palm Tran deny discounted bus passes to illegal immigrants?

    06/06/2012 2:09:07 PM PDT · by moonshinner_09 · 5 replies
    Palm Beach Post (blog)‎ - ^ | June 6th, 2012 | Opinion Staff
    Palm Tran, Palm Beach County’s public bus service, sells $60 monthly passes to anyone who wants one. Poor residents are eligible to buy them at a discounted rate of $15. But now, poor illegal immigrants can no longer buy them at the discounted rate. The change has attracted protests from some immigrant-rights advocates, who say poor illegal immigrant families often include children whose parents may be less able to provide for them if they have to spend more on bus fares. But Palm Tran officials say it was never intended that bus fares for illegal immigrants be subsidized. West Palm...
  • Smuggling ring uncovered during traffic stop, police say

    06/05/2012 8:40:48 AM PDT · by moonshinner_09 · 7 replies
    Washington Examiner ^ | June 04, 2012 | ScottMcCabe
    routine traffic stop resulted in the discovery of a human trafficking operation, according to law enforcement officials. Fairfax County police pulled over a white Ford E-350 with Texas plates on Interstate 66 on Wednesday and found 19 people jammed inside the van, including 18 illegal aliens, charging documents said. Police called in U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement agents, who charged two people with transportation of illegal aliens. Sixteen of the passengers were from Guatemala. The 17th, an unaccompanied 11-year-old girl, was from El Salvador. Overloaded vans are dangerous, experts say. In April, nine illegal immigrants were killed when a Chevy...
  • Who wants to go for a swim with me in the Niger River?

    06/01/2012 7:16:16 PM PDT · by bkopto · 38 replies
    Director Blue ^ | 5/31/2012 | Doug Ross
    Anyone? Bueller? Anyone?
  • The TSA's Trayvon Martin revenge

    05/31/2012 7:52:28 PM PDT · by 2ndDivisionVet · 6 replies
    WorldNetDaily ^ | May 31, 2012 | Ilana Mercer
    Had a rare video surfaced in which a black toddler was being brutalized by agents of the Transportation Security Administration, President Barack Obama would have enough solidarity, and some to spare. “If I had a son,” he’d say, “he’d look like the boy whose breeches were breached by adults who should know better.” I don’t wish the homegrown terrorists of the TSA to become equal-opportunity offenders; I want Congress to call off these attack dogs, now. Still, I am unconvinced that when they travel, black women, tots and geriatrics are subjected to the same invasive searches as are whites. My...
  • Tell Me What Airline You Think This Is...

    05/31/2012 8:01:11 AM PDT · by Reaganite Republican · 16 replies
    Reaganite Republican ^ | May 31, 2012 | Reaganite Republican
    Emirates? Lufthansa? JAL...? _____________ ___________ Try Olivia... India's premier long-distance luxury coach line! Their motto: Travel Redefined...   h/t El Roberto