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  • Troll Hunting: a Look at the Dark Side of the Internet

    09/17/2011 11:23:07 PM PDT · by nickcarraway · 24 replies
    The Telegraph ^ | September 16th, 2011 | Tom Chivers
    The word “troll” no longer conjures up a dumpy little plastic figure with brightly coloured hair: nor a monster from The Lord of the Rings. If you live even a part of your life online, you’ll know that trolls today are better known as the angry and usually anonymous commenters on web forums, whose aim is to shock, offend, annoy or upset fellow users. Trolling made headlines this week when Sean Duffy, a young man from Reading, was given 18 weeks’ imprisonment for defacing Facebook tributes to four dead teenagers whom he had never met. The abuse was vile: on...
  • The 10 plagues of Egipt is a volcanic winter. Rout of Exodus.

    09/05/2011 6:31:23 AM PDT · by vasnas · 97 replies
    myself ^ | Poltavsky Sasha
    Reading a skan-original "first printed" of the Ostrozhsky (OstRih) Bible of 1581 y. (see - Sources), auxiliary I've used traditional Synodal (RST) and Church-slavic (CS) versions. Soon I began to notice a difference of senses in texts of Bibles. Reading, only for the sake of acquaintance with a curiosity, has turned to the most fascinating detective research. The book "Exod", in (RST), (CS), (OstRih), (Torah), and parts of other books, a line by a line - in parallel, has been read, and the differential table is made. (drafts: Gradually I linked up other canonical and uncanonical Bibles to comparison...
  • Women in Space.

    08/31/2011 9:07:49 AM PDT · by DiogenesLamp · 71 replies
    Messed up a bit on my first attempt. :) Legal question for all you jus soli types. Suppose a foreign woman was orbiting the earth. Does the child become an American only if they happen to be over the United States when he pokes his head out? This is why your argument is so stupid. Ponder that for a bit.
  • Judge spares mother jail after she plotted attack on internet 'troll'

    08/22/2011 4:16:20 PM PDT · by Charlespg · 13 replies
    Mail online ^ | 22nd August 2011 | Chris Greenwood
    A mother who joined a revenge attack on a man responsible for a vile campaign of internet abuse against her disabled daughter has been spared prison.
  • Rick Perry's Gaffe Problem

    08/19/2011 2:42:11 PM PDT · by HerbieHoover · 109 replies
    US News ^ | 8/18/11 | Kenneth T. Walsh
    Perry's announcement speech got positive coverage, but the media's approach has been growing increasingly negative. Perry has been very visible, voluble, and controversial, and the media have been portraying him as something verging on a loose cannon. One example was his response to a question about whether President Obama loves his country. Perry said the questioner would have to ask Obama--which left the impression that Perry has doubts about the president's patriotism. Another example came yesterday, when Perry called global warming "a scientific theory that has not been proven and from my perspective is more and more being put into...
  • Unhappy Texas: Why Rick Perry Isn’t Suited To Be President

    08/10/2011 8:35:38 AM PDT · by RED SOUTH · 148 replies
    July 31 2011 | Mark America
    I’ve lived in Texas throughout the entirety of the Perry administration. He hasn’t been the most awful governor we might have had, but in truth, he’s been mediocre. It is true to say that Perry deserves a little credit for the better economic conditions in the state, insofar as he’s done no particular harm. On the other hand, it’s fair to say that part of the reason Perry’s done no particular harm, and perhaps the sole reason he hasn’t damaged the economy, is because the Texas people, through their legislature, won’t let him. The governor’s real shortcomings are not to...
  • FOX NEWS: Tax Hikes 'Impossible' Under Debt Deal? Think Again ( Debt deal is indeed a BIG TAX HIKE!)

    08/01/2011 11:06:13 AM PDT · by Kevin in California · 264 replies
    FoxNews ^ | August 01, 2011 3:20PM Eastern | Staff
    <p>Just reported that in this debt deal is indeed a BIG TAX HIKE!</p>
  • ZOT! The 400 Richest Americans Pay An 18% Tax Rate

    07/26/2011 11:01:49 AM PDT · by moshiach · 141 replies
    The 400 richest Americans used to pay 30% of their income on the average to Uncle Sam. Today, they pay 18% on the average. The main reason for the drop in their tax rate of some 40% is the tax cuts by George Bush in 2003, taking the rate paid on dividends and capital gains down to 15%.
  • Zot-Eyed Democracy [Romney pimp encounters severe kitteh weather]

    07/14/2011 7:00:54 PM PDT · by craigedwards · 48 replies ^ | 7/14/2011 | Craig Edwards
    <p>I'm a whiny Romney retard who knows nothing about the First Amendment and even less about the Sixth. That's why my revised graphic got pulled by the mods, this post was inane and stupid enough without it.</p>
  • Highway Patrol clears trooper of wrongdoing

    07/08/2011 12:27:56 PM PDT · by freedomwarrior998 · 135 replies
    WRAL ^ | 07/08/2011 | Stacy Davis
    Raleigh, N.C. — The North Carolina State Highway Patrol on Friday released its findings that clears a state trooper of wrongdoing following a Raleigh woman's claims that she was harassed and intimidated during a traffic stop in Wilmington last month.
  • Speaker Boehner Hiding?

    07/02/2011 6:13:24 AM PDT · by AdaGray · 27 replies
    07/02/2011 | AdaGray
    "On January 13, 2011, Speaker Boehner issued a press release as follows: "Speaker of the House John Boehner has established a direct e-mail address...
  • I Love My State (Vanity RANT - Warning - emotional)

    06/27/2011 3:10:39 PM PDT · by arderkrag · 32 replies
    Georgia ^ | 06/27/11 | Ard
    I apologize in advance, but I have to get this out of my system. I LOVE MY STATE. I love everything about it, like the unique culture. The wonderful Georgia landscape. The agrarian Southern values and tradition. The absolute refusal to go along just because a bully has a gun to our heads. It’s been said that history is replete with turning points. While true, the one staring us as a state in the eye is a crucial one - whether or not to enforce the law of the land. Our federal overseers have consistently failed, time and again, to...
  • Judge Rules that Reposting an Entire Article Without Permission Is ‘Fair Use’

    06/22/2011 12:58:30 AM PDT · by paltz · 25 replies
    Media Bistro ^ | 6/21/11 | Ujala Sehgal
    A federal judge ruled in favor of a defendant who reposted an entire article in a copyright case on Monday, Wired reports. The lawsuit was brought by Righthaven, a Las Vegas-based “copyright litigation factory,” according to Wired, that has sued more than 200 websites, bloggers, and commenters for copyright infringement. This particular lawsuit targeted Wayne Hoehn, who posted an entire editorial from the Las Vegas Review-Journal and its headline, “Public Employee Pensions: We Can’t Afford Them” on a website Hoehn was not an employee of the site.
  • David Tyree, Archbishop Timothy Dolan wasting their breath spewing ignorance on gay marriage issue

    06/22/2011 8:39:30 AM PDT · by presidio9 · 24 replies
    New York Daily News ^ | Wednesday, June 22nd 2011 | Mike Lupica
    First there is Archbishop Timothy Dolan, who came here from Milwaukee and sounds more like somebody from out of town than ever, saying that the idea of gay marriage constitutes an "ominous threat" to everything good and decent. Dolan sounds like somebody worrying that if gay marriage becomes law in New York on his watch, it may drop a safe on his chances of being promoted to Cardinal. Dolan also tells Fred Dicker on the radio last week how he understands that those who want the gay marriage bill in the state Senate to become law in New York are...
  • What's with the hatred of Michele Bachmann at Free Republic?

    06/19/2011 1:04:04 PM PDT · by EveningStar · 416 replies
    What's with the hatred of Michele Bachmann at Free Republic lately? I've seen some psychotic paranoid drivel about her secretly working for Mitt Romney, but apparently there's more to it than that. Please help me out here, folks.

    05/29/2011 9:34:22 PM PDT · by SWAMPSNIPER · 51 replies
    self | May 30, 2011 | swampsniper
    Isn't this cute, a little troll wants to play!Found in my inbox.Things must be slow over at the Dummy Dump.
  • Possible Orly Taitz Website Virus

    05/21/2011 3:47:27 PM PDT · by matt1 · 65 replies
    May 21, 2011 | Vanity
    I visited Orly Taitz' website yesterday to catch up on any news re the various court proceedings she is involved in and immediately a pop-up appeared asking if I wanted to run a script. I closed the browser without responding. Thereafter, everything on my desktop disappeared, the Task Manager was disabled and many important applications were wiped out. This was on my work computer and I had to get an IT guy to look at the PC. It took nearly 4 hours to restore everything. The IT guy said that if it was a personal computer, the machine would have...
  • I Want to Post a Mindless Vanity in New/Activism Too

    05/19/2011 11:06:18 AM PDT · by Jeff Chandler · 64 replies
    It's all the rage!
  • Title of Thread Repeated In Body of Thread

    05/05/2011 11:19:00 PM PDT · by · 56 replies · 1+ views
    5/6/11 | Red Fox
    Title of Thread Repeated In Body of Thread 5/6/11 Red Fox This is a thread titled Title of Thread Repeated In Body of Thread. And now the body of the thread: Title of Thread Repeated In Body of Thread.
  • Easter greeting from Israel

    04/25/2011 10:33:16 AM PDT · by RJR_fan · 134 replies
    Toffee VeHa-Gorillah ^ | September 25, 2010 | Toffee
    So many American Christians support Israel and all things Jewish. HERE is a peek at how these objects of our tender solicitude regard us.
  • Here is a GOOD ONE ...How about ALL those ZOT MARKS

    04/16/2011 6:42:01 PM PDT · by LYNNSTOKES · 123 replies
    <p>Okay, I am HOPPING MAD, they are taking away from the very poorest people , the seniors, saying its necessary...This Ryan, hasn't done his homework or he would know that Social Security is a savings account set up after the last depression, out our wages, and HE wants to take OUR MONEY? I don't think so! He doesn't know thaat the Federal government TOOK BILLIONS of dollars from SOCIAL SECURITY and NEVER re-paid it either. But yet he wants to do away with it.....This nuckle-head needs to have his hiney whopped a few times, seems to me hes a smarty pants, egotistical, self-centered, "gotta always be right" person. I think he need some kind of pill to calm him down, sounds to me like he is BI-POLAR. The Senate needs to go to every state and remove every earmark that the congress is trying to put through in this new budget. That woule chap their butts.</p>
  • National Organization for Trolls Strategist Realizes He’s Actually Pro-Zot

    04/15/2011 11:16:18 PM PDT · by braf · 32 replies
    Under the Bridge Magazine ^ | 4-9-11 | Mike Trollsky
    <p>Whether it is an issue of disbelief, shame or embarrassment, the one thing that is for sure is that I have come to this point after several months of an internal conflict with myself. That conflict gradually tore away at me until recently when I was able to for the first time simply admit to myself that I do in fact support civil marriage equality.</p>
  • Michele Bachmann fakes her own family's history

    04/06/2011 5:48:19 AM PDT · by unseen1 · 294 replies
    City pages Blog ^ | 04/04/2011 | Nick Pinto
    There are some cultures in which telling self-serving lies about your own ancestors would be so shameful as to be inconceivable. Michele Bachmann's culture is apparently not one of these. Bachmann, who's flirting with a presidential run, was in the early-primary state of Iowa last week for the Rediscover God in America conference. Bachmann was born in Iowa, as she told the crowd. But she couldn't leave it at just being an ordinary Iowan: "I'm actually even more than just an Iowan," she told her audience. "I'm a seventh-generation Iowan. Our family goes back to the 1850s, to the first...
  • Free Trade, Made in America, I need a [ZOT!] VANITY

    04/05/2011 11:11:22 AM PDT · by jrm5447 · 104 replies
    4-5-2011 | John
    When you talk about Unions, Big labor, they are called Commies, Demos etc. But regardless of what the union leader affiliates themselves with, we are talking about American's! People live here, grow here, and thrive here. And if it is a union that Keeps American Labor moving then so be it! I read something,that the poor business owners cannot stay competitive."What"! They moved out because they wanted to widen there pockets and not pay good American what they are worth.I see the argument about the people that unions back politically but look what happens when you vote for the others...
  • Should we make a change in immigration stance?

    04/04/2011 12:50:03 PM PDT · by HardRightHook · 63 replies · 1+ views
    April 2, 2011 | HardRightHook
    The Republican Party and centrists have often lamented and derided illegal immigration. Rightfully so. Illegal immigration is a pariah. Those who care about people know that this unfortunate phenomena isn't good for anyone. Especially those trying to come to the United States. There are too many murders of all people involved. We must remember that while the immigrants are breaking the law, they are being murdered with a much higher regularity than any Americans caught in the crossfire or law enforcement seeking to curtail the practices. Often the immigrants are caught in a web of illegal activity that they never...

    04/03/2011 7:34:45 AM PDT · by delacoert · 90 replies
    Earthlink ^ | 2001 | Richard Packham
    Introduction If Mormonism itself is not the "one true religion" as it claims to be, then that claim, of course is not true, and is a lie. If Joseph Smith did not really see angels, and if he did not really translate the Book of Mormon with divine help, then those claims are lies.But the purpose of this article is not to deal with those broad issues, since the amount of evidence that would be required to demonstrate the falsity of those claims (and the other broad claims of Mormonism) is more than can be dealt with in a small space. Rather,...
  • Where’s Obama’s Birth Certificate? Who Cares?

    03/30/2011 11:45:29 PM PDT · by TLittlefella · 53 replies
    Am I just crazy or are we a nation of fools. The birthers, the billboards, a whole host of others and now Trump seek out the seemingly impossible – Obama’s Birth Certificate. The courts won’t have anything to do with that quest, nor will people like Karl Rove engage in any serious conversation about the issue. The issue is now being made fun of by people like O’Reilly who seems to have no problem authenticating one’s eligibility as a “natural born” citizen by using newspaper articles. Too big for his trousers O’Reilly continues to squander his credibility with foolish logic...
  • Opinion President Obama Should Have Thanked Bush for His Middle East Vision In His Libya Speech

    03/29/2011 7:01:48 AM PDT · by jodiluvshoes · 7 replies
    Fox News ^ | 03.29.11 | Kevin McCullough
    Monday night President Obama took to the airwaves to rebut the criticism and confusion surrounding his decision to send U.S. troops to Libya. It was an interesting speech, but a lame attempt to make the Libyan circumstances seem unique to his presidency.
  • Introducing Viking work ethics on American soil.

    03/19/2011 1:23:35 PM PDT · by WesternCulture · 20 replies
    03/19/2011 | WesternCulture
    There is actually nothing to be afraid of here in life. But most people act like disorganized creatures running around recently having their necks cut off. Prior to Gustavus Adolphus, monarch of tiny Sweden, decided to break the backbone of Catholicism in the 17th century, he told his troops; "Fear not, O little flock, the foe Who madly seeks your overthrow; Dread not his rage and power; What though your courage sometimes faints, His seeming triumph o’er God’s saints Lasts but a little hour. Be of good cheer; your cause belongs To Him who can avenge your wrongs; Leave it...
  • The Republican Party's Time Is Up

    03/10/2011 4:44:58 PM PST · by David DeGerolamo · 14 replies
    I remember the celebration among real taxpayers after the November 2010 elections. Happy days are here again and the Republican led House of Representatives will save the country. Really? One of the first consequences was a “deal” with the devil where the Bush tax cuts would be continued in exchange for extending unemployment benefits for 99 weeks through December 2011. The news from March 9th told us that 35% of the total wages and salaries comes from government payouts. From Government payouts—including Social Security, Medicare and unemployment insurance—make up more than a third of total wages and salaries of...
  • So when is it permissable to check out?

    03/01/2011 9:05:12 PM PST · by PhilosopherStone1000 · 363 replies
    Self | 03/01/2011 | PhilStone
    So I'm 50. I have a very smart, very beautiful daughter who is a junior in high school. Every day, I wake up and say to myself "Crap. I'm still alive." I feel like I've done my job. I have give birth to and raised an extraordinary human being. There's nothing I can do now to advance her career or life. How much does God expect me to endure? When can I say "I've had enough?" At what point is it rational to jump off that bridge simply because one is tired of putting up with all the crap?
  • Gopher Misleads on CAIR Accusation Against Radio Station

    03/05/2011 7:37:17 PM PST · by foxylady1776 · 55 replies · 1+ views
    DCRTV ^ | 3/5/11 | DCRTV
    WMAL: Grandy Not Gagged On Islamic Talk - 3/5 - Midday Saturday, DCRTV received the following statement from WMAL's President/General Manager Jeff Boden: "WMAL did not terminate Fred Grandy's employment, and never had any intention to do so. Fred informed us on March 2 of his intention to resign from the station. To be clear, at no time has WMAL told Fred that he was not allowed to discuss his views on Islam over the air. In fact, he has done so on numerous occasions. Further, WMAL has not been contacted by any organization seeking to restrict his broadcasts. Bryan...
  • Karl Rove Knocks 'Birthers,' Says GOP Should Focus on 'Real Issues'

    02/17/2011 5:16:22 PM PST · by pissant · 46 replies
    Politics Daily ^ | 2/17/11 | Chris Weber
    Urging conservatives to focus on "real issues," Karl Rove said Republicans should speak out against those in the party who question whether President Obama is a citizen of the United States. The GOP strategist said whatever percentage of Republicans are so-called "birthers," it "ought to be less." He made the comments in an interview with Bill O'Reilly on Fox News, where Rove is a regular commentator. "Within our party, we've got to be very careful about allowing these people who are the birthers and the 9/11-deniers to get too high a profile and say too much without setting the record...
  • The Myth of Sarah Palin as Tax Cutter and Budget Cutter

    09/02/2008 12:06:27 PM PDT · by Kozman · 116 replies · 715+ views
    During her 6 years as Mayor, she increased general government expenditures by over 33%. During those same 6 years the amount of taxes collected by the City increased by 38%. She inherited a city with zero debt, but, despite the increase in taxes,left it with indebtedness of over $22 million... And as governor...Palin proposed a $750 million oil tax increase (bad enough). But it came out of the legislature at over $1.5 billion. According to Alaskan Andrew Halcro, "she signed it saying she thought it was close enough."...
  • Woman, 61, gives birth to own grandchild

    02/12/2011 10:40:04 AM PST · by Krankor · 60 replies · 1+ views
    Chicago Tribune ^ | 2/12/2011 | Deborah L. Shelton
    Almost 39 weeks ago, Kristine Casey set out on an unusual journey to help her daughter and answer a spiritual calling. Her goal was achieved late Wednesday when she gave birth to her own grandson at age 61. Casey, possibly the oldest women to give birth in Illinois, served as a surrogate for her daughter, Sara Connell, who had been trying for years to have a baby. Connell and her husband, Bill, are the biological parents of the child Casey carried, which grew from an embryo created from the Chicago couple's egg and sperm. Crying and praying, Connell and her...
  • Why U.S. farm policy caused Egypt crisis

    02/11/2011 9:09:52 AM PST · by illiac · 19 replies
    MarketWatch ^ | 2/11/11 | Thomas Kostigen
    SANTA MONICA, Calif. (MarketWatch) — The riots in Cairo are the result of United States policy gone bad. In fact, we — you, me, U.S. taxpayers — are to blame. Strategic policy, I am not speaking of. Political policy, I am not speaking of. Nor am I talking about defense policy or other such foreign relations. The uprising in Cairo is about U.S. tax dollars supporting farm programs that wreak havoc on food prices worldwide.
  • The Professional Christian wants your money.

    02/10/2011 5:55:24 PM PST · by Benchim · 17 replies
    Antinominianis-Salvation Blogspot ^ | 2/9/20011 | Gart O'toole
    Even local churches worship money and have very little concern about where it comes from . A crusty old man walks into a local Baptist church and says to the secretary, "I would like to join this damn church." The astonished woman replies, "I beg your pardon, sir. I must have misunderstood you... What did you say?" "Listen up, damn it. I said I want to join this damn church!" "I'm very sorry sir, but that kind of language is not tolerated in this church." The secretary leaves her desk and goes into the pastor's study to inform him of...
  • Gay-Fearing Righties Swing, Miss -- Big Boycott Flops [retread zot]

    02/08/2011 10:51:15 AM PST · by falkayn · 88 replies
    New York Magazine ^ | 2/4/11 | Chris Rovzar
    When the Conservative Political Action Conference launches on February 10, the mood will be uncharacteristically flamboyant. Not only because the gay caucus GOProud will be prominently participating, but because the anti-gay National Organization for Marriage, the Family Research Council, and other "values" organizations won't be. Together, they've mounted a CPAC boycott, an effort to strip the newish homosexual element from the conservative coalition and part of a larger bid to forcibly remarry social and fiscal conservatives. The bet was that distaste for gay people themselves—as opposed to lightning rods like gay marriage or adoption, which aren't included in GOProud's platform—is...
  • GOP pushing for ISPs to record user data ('protect the children')

    01/30/2011 7:47:20 AM PST · by mewykwistmas · 57 replies
    cnet ^ | 1/24/2011 | cnet
    "Thanks to the GOP takeover of the House, the odds of such legislation advancing have markedly increased. The new chairman of the House Judiciary committee is Lamar Smith of Texas, who previously introduced a data retention bill. Sensenbrenner, the new head of the Subcommittee on Crime, Terrorism, and Homeland Security, had similar plans but never introduced legislation. (It's not purely a partisan issue: Rep. Diana DeGette, a Colorado Democrat, was the first to announce such a proposal.) Police and prosecutors are the biggest backers of data retention. FBI director Robert Mueller has said that forcing companies to store those records...
  • Vilsack, USDA Bend to Monsanto Biotech Alfalfa. No Planting Restrictions!

    01/29/2011 8:26:09 AM PST · by stillafreemind · 11 replies
    Yahoo ^ | Jan. 29th, 2011 | Sherry Tomfeld
    Maybe honest third party testing without influence from government or companies like Monsanto is called for. Are biotech crops safe to eat? Are Americans sicker now than 30 years ago? Are there any links between this food and our kids ailments? We may never know if Mr. Vilsack, the USDA and companies like Monsanto have their way.
  • 'Don't Ask Don't Tell' Cost Taxpayers Nearly $400 Million, GAO Reports

    01/24/2011 7:44:22 PM PST · by Slippery Jim · 50 replies
    ABC ^ | 1/20/11 | Devin Dwyer
    ABC News' Devin Dwyer reports: One month after President Obama signed a repeal of "don't ask, don't tell," government accountants have finished tallying up how much the policy cost taxpayers during the 16 years it was in effect. The nonpartisan Government Accountability Office said in a report released Thursday that each discharge of a gay or lesbian service member over the past six years alone cost $52,800, including administrative costs and costs to recruit and train a replacement....
  • Democrats own bullseye map

    01/08/2011 8:01:40 PM PST · by SonofReagan · 20 replies
    Verum Serum ^ | unknown | unknown
    At the link is a map with bullseye posted on Red states.
  • Flood of Noah, Earthquakes

    01/06/2011 5:21:27 PM PST · by BrandtMichaels · 45 replies ^ | Sept. 17th, 2010 | Pastor Kevin Lea
    CalvaryChurchPO | September 17, 2010 | 0 likes, 0 dislikes Pastor Kevin Lea presents Dr. Walt Brown's Hydroplate Theory, examines the Genesis account of the flood and answers the questions: Where did the water comefrom? Where did it go? Where did the comets come from? ...and many other important questions.
  • The Epiphany of the Lord

    01/06/2011 2:09:41 PM PST · by JosephJames · 3 replies
    Spiritual Food ^ | January 6, 2011 | Fr. Joseph Dwight
    God created the universe, which moves like a huge precise clock. The universe was above all created for the King of the Universe, Jesus Christ, and secondarily for human beings. THE STAR OF BETHLEHEM has fascinated many for centuries. For millennia, believers, scoffers and the curious have wondered at the Biblical account of the Star. The Bible recounts unusual, or even impossible astronomical events at Christ's birth. For many doubters, the account of the Star is easily dismissed as myth. For many believers, it is a mystery accepted on faith. But what happens if we combine current historical scholarship, astronomical...
  • GOOOH will run candidates in 2012 ! [Breaking News]

    12/29/2010 4:15:06 AM PST · by davidosborne · 26 replies · 2+ views ^ | 29 December 2010 | David Osborne
    From GOOOH HQ: Tim Cox, Founder of GOOOH, recently announced that GOOOH is officially GO in 2012 ! Our FIRST Nationwide campaign will begin on or about 18 January 2011 ! As the Florida Director for GOOOH I am on a mission to place an ad in every LOCAL newspaper, HOA newsletter, and any other LOCAL venue you can think of. GOOOH Florida will fund this project but I need GOOOH memebers in FLORIDA to step up and help run these ads in YOUR local papers. Please call me if you can help with this effort David Osborne 850 933...
  • Chinese Fifth generation Stealth Fighter leaked(Zot All Commie Trolls!!!-Open Season)

    12/25/2010 7:10:46 AM PST · by LiXiangyang · 117 replies · 14+ views
    Internet | Internet
  • Home for Christmas: Father dramatically set free after shooting teenager in 'lynch mob' gang

    12/24/2010 8:08:49 AM PST · by Charlespg · 116 replies · 2+ views
    Daily mail ^ | 24th December 2010 | DAVID GARDNER
    A black father has been sensationally pardoned for the racially charged murder of a white teenager he claimed was part of a ‘lynch mob’ that stormed his home. John White, 57, was freed after serving just five months of a two-to-four-year prison sentence for the shooting.
  • Nationalized healthcare ZOT!

    12/17/2010 7:18:44 PM PST · by B_Simons · 123 replies · 1+ views
    Sorry if I'm not allowed to post this sort of thread, but I'd rather ask direct questions than interpret answers to other questions an apply them to my own. I'm from the UK and for school work over the holidays I've got to find and explain/counter arguments for and against a political issue from another country, and I know that healthcare reform is a big one in America at the moment so I picked the easy one. I've had good experiences with our NHS, and without it I would either be dead or my family would be deeply in debt...
  • TLC and why Palin will never be president -- part 2 [liberal propaganda zot]

    12/12/2010 10:23:04 AM PST · by earlJam · 342 replies · 4+ views
    Baltimore Sun ^ | 12/12/10
    TLC and why Palin will never be president -- part 2 Last week I wrote a piece pegged to tonight's TLC pairing of Kate Gosselin and Sarah Palin on Palin's "Alaska" reality TV series. The core of my commentary was that Palin will never be president because she has sold herself too cheap to low-rent reality-TV venues like TLC, and now she is being perceived as another one of the channel's freak moms like Kate Gosselin or the women on the series "I Didn't Know I was Pregant." As the title so coyly suggests, that shows features women who gave...
  • EMP: Death of America in the Blink of an Eye

    12/02/2010 5:57:26 AM PST · by scottfactor · 50 replies ^ | 12/02/2010 | Gina Miller
    Perhaps the most serious and terrifying threat against our nation and the world is a danger about which most Americans likely know little or nothing. That threat is of an electromagnetic pulse—or EMP—attack. The Heritage Foundation has released a bone-chilling report which analyzes in detail what an EMP attack is and the horrific effects it would have on our country, and it gives important recommendations for guarding our nation from such an attack. This report is one you should read, and it ought to be required reading for our government and military leaders and all those who run our critical...