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UFO's (General/Chat)

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  • Man arrested for firing at Troy church for being 'alien space ship'

    01/13/2018 11:42:45 AM PST · by BenLurkin · 16 replies
    The suspect was caught because of a strange phone call Troy police received after the shooting. "In that telephone call he was talking very strangely about how the Zion Church is an alien space ship for reptiles kind of thing and so that call lasted about 30 seconds and that was the end of that," said Troy Police Capt. Bob Redmond. Police traced the call around 5:45 a.m. to the 40-year-old suspect's home and arrested him at his home in Troy. Pastor is thankful no one was hurt, and he prays for the suspect who clearly is troubled.  "My concern...
  • UFOs Surpise Kiwi Farmer

    01/11/2018 12:25:52 PM PST · by BenLurkin · 31 replies
    A Kiwi farmer looking after a cow in labour has caught three UFOs on camera. Popular YouTube account UFO Today uploaded the footage, saying it was sent in by a subscriber. "She was watching out for a cow that was about to [give] birth when she suddenly saw this weird light outside over the field," the description reads. "Her first thought was that these lights were part of a military operation, but after a minute or two realised she was witnessing something else. After the sighting the cow gave birth to 2 young calves. "She [sent] us the footage and...
  • Is this USAF’s 4,602mph HYPERSONIC warplane? Google Earth snaps mystery craft in Florida

    01/11/2018 8:42:10 AM PST · by Red Badger · 132 replies ^ | Published 11th January 2018 | By Simon Green
    A MYSTERIOUS aircraft snapped in a Florida airbase could be the US Air Force’s top-secret hypersonic warplane, according to huge claims. Defence firm Lockheed Martin is understood to be working on a state-of-the-art spy plane for the US Air Force, which could reach over 4,600mph. Google Earth images have now surfaced of an object bearing a startling similarity to artist’s impressions of the plane. The silvery shape was spotted at the end of a runway in the swamplands of the Sunshine State, US. According to Tyler Glockner – who uploaded the clip to his YouTube channel secureteam10 – the area...
  • Vanity: Yes, Weight Watchers stock really is +12% on "Oprah for Pres" news.

    01/08/2018 8:18:58 AM PST · by Attention Surplus Disorder · 30 replies ^ | Jan 08, 2018 | self
    NYSE: WTW What a great country!
  • Crazy/Hot Matrix

    My name is 'Hammerhead' and I approved this message.
  • UFO in near miss with airbus plane over Glasgow with 200 passengers onboard

    09/02/2017 12:05:28 PM PDT · by BenLurkin · 37 replies
    The Scottish Sun ^ | Mike Merrit
    “The light passed about 100-200ft above their aircraft. They assumed it to be a drone and reported it to air traffic control. There was no time to take avoiding action,” said the report on the incident, which happened on May 26. ... In 2013 another A320 also had a narrow miss with an unidentified object over Glasgow. The A320 was flying with its landing lights on, in clear conditions and at an altitude of about 4,000ft above the Baillieston area of Glasgow, when the pilot and non-flying pilot saw an object “loom ahead” at a range of about 100m. The...
  • Existence of UFO's 'proved beyond reasonable doubt' as expert says earth 'could have been visited'

    12/24/2017 10:27:39 AM PST · by RoosterRedux · 259 replies ^ | Rhian Lubin
    The existence of UFOs has "proved beyond reasonable doubt", a former Pentagon official has said. Luis Elizondo, the former head of a secret US government programme, believes that Earth may well have been visited by alien life via the unidentified aircraft and that there is also proof. He resigned from the US Department of Defence in October to protest against the excessive secrecy and opposition to the programme he was in charge of. Speaking to the Sunday Telegraph , he said: "In my opinion, if this was a court of law, we have reached the point of 'beyond reasonable doubt'....
  • What the New York Times UFO Report Actually Reveals

    12/27/2017 8:19:30 PM PST · by BenLurkin · 47 replies ^ | December 26, 2017 9:26 pm | Jeff Wise
    The main source in the Times article was a former Pentagon employee named Luis Elizondo, who ran a small program called Advanced Aerospace Threat Identification from 2007 until.... 2012.... Elizondo’s account was vouched for by the man who’d arranged for its funding, former Senate majority leader Harry Reid, as well as by the billionaire donor who won the contract to manage the program, Robert Bigelow. ... “The program produced documents that describe sightings of aircraft that seemed to move at very high velocities with no visible signs of propulsion, or that hovered with no apparent means of lift,” ... “The...
  • Sheila Jackson Lee, Limousine Liberal

    12/27/2017 4:20:48 AM PST · by Lonesome in Massachussets · 19 replies
    Weekly Standard ^ | February 11, 2002 | SAM DEALEY
    WHEN SHEILA JACKSON LEE first came to Washington in January 1995, the Texas Democrat railed against the Capitol's silk-stockinged elite. "The American people want reform, not phony but real reform," she said in her debut House speech. "They want to know that the days of free meals and free trips and special privileges are over. . . . As Members of Congress, we should not be using public office for private gain." How times change. It's about 200 paces from the awning of Jackson Lee's Capitol Hill apartment to the marbled steps of the Cannon House Office Building, where her...
  • Flying Saucers and Other Fairy Tales

    12/25/2017 7:36:27 PM PST · by BenLurkin · 86 replies
    NYT ^ | 12/23/2017 | Ross Douthat
    It is... good for Harry Reid and his little-green-men-obsessed billionaire pal for keeping the flame of weird curiosity alive. But I also doubt that such research will ever prove that the strange lights and vessels filmed by human pilots actually belong to a starfaring species that’s come to our planet to study, experiment and eventually offer us a hand up or else ruthlessly invade.... Other sapient species may indeed be out there, but the most parsimonious explanation for all the U.F.O. encounters since Roswell is not that our nuclear testing or space program finally inspired the galaxy to come see...
  • 'Wonder material'flexible as tin foil becomes harder than a diamond when it's hit by a bullet

    12/24/2017 3:02:16 PM PST · by mairdie · 58 replies
    Daily Mail ^ | 22 December 2017 | Catherine Chapman
    A wonder material as flexible as tinfoil but hard enough to stop a speeding bullet has been created in the lab. Diamene is made using two layers of graphene, the world's first two-dimensional material which is just one atom thick, a million times thinner than human hair. Such a substance could be used for anything from water-resistant protective coatings to ultra-light bulletproof armour.
  • The Truth About Those 'Alien Alloys' in The NY Times UFO Story

    12/23/2017 11:49:18 AM PST · by BenLurkin · 39 replies ^ | December 21, 2017 09:37pm ET | Rafi Letzter, Live Science Staff Writer
    "I don't think it's plausible that there's any alloys that we can't identify," Richard Sachleben, a retired chemist and member of the American Chemical Society's panel of experts, told Live Science.... Alloys are mixtures of different kinds of elemental metals. They're very common — in fact, Sachleben said, they're more common on Earth than pure elemental metals are — and very well understood. Brass is an alloy. So is steel. Even most naturally occurring gold on Earth is an alloy made up of elemental gold mixed with other metals, like silver or copper. "There are databases of all known phases...
  • 'The aliens are here': Arizona and California 911 centers are inundated with calls(Trunc)

    12/23/2017 6:45:07 AM PST · by Celerity · 25 replies
    Daily Mail ^ | 12/22/2017 | ARIEL ZILBER
    Initially, some people thought it may have been a UFO or the prelude to an alien invasion. There was also talk of a possible nuclear strike by North Korea. Footage of the rocket launch was captured by a viewer of KTLA-TV. 'What the heck is this weird jellyfish thing going across the sky right now!?!' tweeted actress Jenna Fischer of The Office fame. Elon Musk, the CEO of SpaceX, quipped on Twitter that the object in the sky was a 'nuclear alien UFO from North Korea.'
  • That Time the U.S. Navy Had a Close Encounter With a UFO (More good info)

    12/23/2017 3:43:05 AM PST · by RoosterRedux · 170 replies ^ | Kyle Mizokami
    The New York Times on Saturday reported on a mysterious interaction between the U.S. Navy and what could only be called UFOs. The sighting, which took place in 2004, involved a U.S. Navy Aegis cruiser, seven Hornet and Super Hornet strike fighter jets, and a pair of unknown objects. The sighting, which was rumored but unsubstantiated for a decade remains unexplained to this day. *snip* According to the Times: For two weeks, the operator said, the Princeton had been tracking mysterious aircraft. The objects appeared suddenly at 80,000 feet, and then hurtled toward the sea, eventually stopping at 20,000 feet...
  • Artist claims he’s fathered dozens of alien babies, paints his ET romps

    12/20/2017 7:08:18 PM PST · by Tolerance Sucks Rocks · 35 replies
    The New York Post ^ | December 19, 2017 | Jacob Dimhuber, The Sun
    A married sandwich shop worker claims to have fathered dozens of extraterrestrial babies after bedding an alien in his teens — and has painted all of his raunchy encounters. UFO lover David Huggins claims to have lost his virginity to a busty extraterrestrial called Crescent after walking through a forest when he was just 17. Speaking for a documentary chronicling his bizarre life, he says: “I was walking in the woods and I see a woman sitting under a tree — and she gets up and she starts coming towards me.” “I become very aroused sexually; I couldn’t get my...
  • A Startup Uses Quantum Computing to Boost Machine Learning

    12/20/2017 11:05:42 AM PST · by RoosterRedux · 40 replies
    A company in California just proved that an exotic and potentially game-changing kind of computer can be used to perform a common form of machine learning. The feat raises hopes that quantum computers, which exploit the logic-defying principles of quantum physics to perform certain types of calculations at ridiculous speeds, could have a big impact on the hottest area of the tech industry: artificial intelligence. Researchers at Rigetti Computing, a company based in Berkeley, California, used one of its prototype quantum chips—a superconducting device housed within an elaborate super-chilled setup—to run what’s known as a clustering algorithm. Clustering is a...
  • There was a lot more to that NY Times UFO story last week

    12/20/2017 3:50:40 AM PST · by RoosterRedux · 53 replies ^ | Jazz Shaw
    That brings us to the other main character in the Times story and involves following the money (as with all things in the government). Where did the $22M budget for the Advanced Aviation Threat Identification Program go? Most of it went to Robert Bigelow, who the NY Times only lists as a billionaire friend of Harry Reid’s. The article also mentions a meeting out at Bigelow’s ranch, which sounds normal enough, right? But that ranch is actually very famous in the paranormal fandom world and goes by another name… It’s Skinwalker Ranch. The place is legendary and Bigelow went after...
  • Navy pilot recalls encounter with UFO: 'I think it was not from this world'

    12/18/2017 8:10:14 PM PST · by lowbridge · 68 replies
    ABC ^ | December 18, 2017 | Kelly McCarthy
    Retired Cmdr. David Fravor spent 18 years as a Navy pilot, but nothing prepared him for what he witnessed during a routine training mission on Nov. 14, 2004. "I can tell you, I think it was not from this world," Fravor told ABC News. "I'm not crazy, haven't been drinking. It was — after 18 years of flying, I've seen pretty much about everything that I can see in that realm, and this was nothing close." Fravor's stunning retelling of his encounter off the California coast with what appeared to be a 40-foot-long wingless object that flew at incredible speeds...
  • 2 Navy Airmen and an Object That ‘Accelerated Like Nothing I’ve Ever Seen’--UFO

    12/16/2017 8:13:02 PM PST · by HogsBreath · 153 replies
    New York Times ^ | 12-16-2017 | HELENE COOPER, LESLIE KEAN and RALPH BLUMENTHAL
    The following recounts an incident in 2004 that advocates of research into U.F.O.s have said is the kind of event worthy of more investigation, and that was studied by a Pentagon program that investigated U.F.O.s. Experts caution that earthly explanations often exist for such incidents, and that not knowing the explanation does not mean that the event has interstellar origins. Cmdr. David Fravor and Lt. Cmdr. Jim Slaight were on a routine training mission 100 miles out into the Pacific when the radio in each of their F/A-18F Super Hornets crackled: An operations officer aboard the U.S.S. Princeton, a Navy...
  • Has an alien probe entered our solar system? Cigar-shaped interstellar 'comet' ...

    12/12/2017 6:59:57 AM PST · by Red Badger · 101 replies ^ | Updated: 06:33 EST, 12 December 2017 | By Harry Pettit For Mailonline
    Astronomers are set to scan an 'alien' comet for signs of extraterrestrial signals The cigar-shaped object, named 'Oumuamua, sailed past Earth last month The mysterious comet is the first interstellar object seen in the solar system Now a team of alien-hunting scientists led by Russian billionaire Yuri Milner is scanning the object for radio signals Astronomers are set to scan an 'alien' comet for signs of extraterrestrial technology. The cigar-shaped asteroid, named 'Oumuamua by its discoverers, sailed past Earth last month and is the first interstellar object seen in the solar system. A team of alien-hunting scientists, led by Russian...