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  • Shouldn't Obie at least revoke his British citizenship?

    It would be good form if he did so, then he could take the naturalization oath and "abjure all other allegiances" and perhaps that might cover any OTHER citizenships he might have (Indonesian)...though he'd never be at the level of a natural born citizen, at least it's a step in the right direction! Scenarios of Obama’s Citizenship Status Year Circumstance Extenuating Citizenship 1961 Obama born in Hawaii to married Anna and Senior No birth location documented.  14th amendment US citizen and British Citizen by Descent 1961 Born in Kenya to Anna and Senior Stanley Ann’s US citizenship would not convey...
  • Andew Koenig, Boner from Growing Pains, son of Walter Koenig, Chekov from Star Trek, found dead

    02/25/2010 7:03:04 PM PST · by RGirard · 17 replies · 1,574+ views ^ | Feb. 25, 2010 | Réne Girard
    Andrew Koenig, 41, who played "Boner" on the hit TV show Growing Pains was found dead today in Vancouver. He was also the son of Walter Koenig best known as Chekov from Star Trek. ... "My son took his own life," his father Walter told reporters. "Don't ignore it; don't rationalize it, extend a hand." ... Kirk Cameron had recently released a statement pleading for Andrew to contact him. "I am praying for his family during this time of distress and for his safe return. Andrew, if you're reading this, please call me." Andrew was not known to take medication...
  • Beat the clock: welcome to the 15-minute mass (Catholic Caucus)

    02/25/2010 3:47:21 PM PST · by NYer · 48 replies · 690+ views
    Beliefnet ^ | February 25, 2010
    And it's causing a small sensation in Ireland: An Irish cleric's congregation has increased tenfold in a week -- thanks to a quickie Mass. Despite the controversies which have rocked the church in recent years and the resulting fall-off in attendances at church services, Fr Michael Kenny has been packing them in at his Kilconly parish in Co Galway. The popular priest started his 15-minute Mass as nothing more than an experiment at the start of Lent, just over a week ago. And he attributes the speed of the service to foregoing a sermon -- and having the help of...
  • AP: Ethics panel says Rangel broke House rules

    02/25/2010 3:39:02 PM PST · by Steelfish · 117 replies · 4,869+ views
    MSNBC ^ | February 25, 2010 | AP
  • Lawyer who challenged Obama: Ineligibility could prove costly

    02/25/2010 7:44:15 AM PST · by capacommie · 200 replies · 3,450+ views
    This Is Completely Uncharted Territory Bob Unruh says an attorney whose legal brief in a case challenging Barack Obama's eligibility revealed a Supreme Court can remove an ineligible chief executive now has released an analysis confirming that if Obama isn't eligible, he could be charged under a number of felony statutes. And that's just on the federal level; any state charges would be in addition, as would charges against individuals who may have helped him in the commission of any of the acts, according to Gary Kreep of the United States Justice Foundation (USJF). Kreep has been involved in several...
  • Need advice -- Network Attached Storage for home network

    02/25/2010 7:40:34 PM PST · by Constitutionalist Conservative · 29 replies · 616+ views
    February 25, 2010
    I'm planning to buy a network hard drive (1TB or more) for our home network. I am planning to use it as backup storage for our other home PCs. It doesn't need to be a music server or anything fancy like that. I've looked at various NAS options on Newegg,, etc, and I see devices that vary in price by as much as $1000. Any advice on a make/model that is a reasonable combination of quality and price?
  • Top US Marine rejects Obama plan to repeal gay ban

    02/25/2010 6:04:49 PM PST · by Mr. Jazzy · 81 replies · 1,593+ views
    The head of the US Marines said on Thursday he opposed ending the ban on gays serving openly in the military, the first top officer to break openly with President Barack Obama over the issue. General James Conway told the Senate Armed Services Committee that he disagreed with Obama's plan to repeal the ban. "My best military advice to this committee, to the (defense) secretary, and to the president would be to keep the law such as it is."
  • Obama - Too Little, Too late, Too Cynical

    02/25/2010 4:09:39 AM PST · by Kaslin · 13 replies · 608+ views ^ | February 25, 2010 | Victor Davis Hanson
    The United States may very well owe a crushing $20 trillion by 2020. And thus President Obama last week named a bipartisan commission to find ways to address our national debt. Such a Periclean response might sound sincere and worthwhile. But it comes 13 months into this administration -- and only after Obama added nearly $1.5 trillion in new borrowing in 2009. And by the time the new deficit commission submits its recommendations at the end of this year, the current 2010 budget will have put us out another $1.5 trillion. The president not that long ago ran on the...
  • Airmen train Afghan National Army Air Corps' first C-27 pilot

    02/25/2010 6:18:15 PM PST · by SandRat · 6 replies · 311+ views
    Air Force News ^ | Petty Officer 1st Class Elizabeth Burke, USN
    2/25/2010 - KABUL, Afghanistan (AFNS) -- An Afghan National Army Air Corps pilot became the first Afghan pilot qualified to fly the C-27 here Feb. 23. American Airmen helped train Afghan Lt. Faiz Ramaki as the Afghan National Army Air Corps' newest pilot on the Air Corps' newest aircraft. "He's very sharp," said Lt. Col. Paul Bedesem, a 538th Air Expeditionary Advisory Squadron Combined Air Power Transition Force instructor pilot. "He's very intelligent, a quick learner and he has good hands. Being able to coordinate the power controls and flight controls together on single engine patterns is very challenging and...
  • Drunk Mom Allegedly Runs Through School With Sword

    02/25/2010 5:35:10 PM PST · by JoeProBono · 54 replies · 1,646+ views
    cbsnews ^ | Feb. 25, 2010
    MEMPHIS, Tenn. (AP) - Police said the mother of an elementary school student drank a 40 ounce bottle of malt liquor before brandishing a sword in her child's school. The woman, 32, apparently intended to confront the parents of another child who had been in a spitting match with her child the previous day....
  • The infiltration of the Libertarian movement by the FAR LEFT

    02/25/2010 5:04:17 PM PST · by The Conservative Monster · 35 replies · 700+ views ^ | 2-22-10 | Steve Cooper
    Walter Brennan plays the part of a freestater! This is the BEST movie to show what is going on today in 2010. Cary Cooper: So there's gonna be a new order of things, huh? Everybody's gonna cut himself a nice, fat slice of the John Does, eh? (turns toward D. B.) You forgot one detail, Mr. Big Shotóyou forgot me, the prize stooge of the world. Why, if you or anybody else thinks he's gonna use the John Doe clubs for his own rotten purpose, he's gonna have to do it over my dead body! D. B. Now, hold on...
  • Epic Fail

    02/25/2010 7:39:18 PM PST · by myknowledge · 9 replies · 386+ views
    Strategy Page ^ | February 25, 2010
    Western efforts to halt Iranian nuclear weapons work continue to fail. Russia and China block any efforts in the UN to impose severe (banking and oil) sanctions that would cripple the Iranian economy. The Iranian government has kept its restive population under control, using its secret police and paramilitary forces to shut down any public protest or serious disruption. In the past year, the government has sped up its crackdown on the media, arresting nearly a hundred journalists and shutting down over a dozen media outlets. Hundreds of outspoken government opponents have been arrested since the demonstrations last June, and...
  • Biologists: Killer whales 'neurotic' in captivity

    02/25/2010 7:23:27 PM PST · by JoeProBono · 22 replies · 2,249+ views
    cnn ^ | February 25, 2010 9 | Elizabeth Landau
    Killer whales can weigh up to 22,000 pounds, and may be as long as 32 feet, according to the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration. They often travel in groups of up to 50, being highly social. Confining such an enormous animal in an aquarium tank leads the animal to display neurotic behavior, experts say. "They get very stressed out," marine biologist Nancy Black of Monterey Bay Whale Watch said on CNN's "Larry King Live." SeaWorld whale trainer Dawn Brancheau, 40, died Wednesday from "multiple traumatic injuries and drowning" after a whale called Tilikum grabbed her ponytail and pulled her underwater...
  • 3 Homeland Security computers lost daily

    02/25/2010 6:55:30 PM PST · by Man50D · 20 replies · 435+ views ^ | February 25, 2010 | Bob Unruh
    Federal documents obtained under a Freedom of Information Act request reveal that two divisions of the Department of Homeland Security – charged with assuring the integrity of U.S. borders and the safety of residents – lost nearly three computers every day for a year. But an official statement assures citizens that no "sensitive" data was lost.
  • Cuss-free week? Calif. lawmakers voting on it

    02/25/2010 7:22:03 PM PST · by cajuncow · 63 replies · 744+ views
    msnbc ^ | 2-25-10 | Associated Press
    SACRAMENTO, Calif. - California lawmakers have a history of trying to keep the state's air and waters clean. Now they're tackling language. The state Assembly passed a resolution Thursday calling for a statewide "Cuss Free Week," to occur annually during the first week of March. It next goes to the state Senate for a final vote on Monday.
  • Sarah gets her gun And a ricochet to history.

    02/25/2010 5:45:20 PM PST · by marktwain · 22 replies · 1,641+ views ^ | 25 February, 2010 | Jaman Matthews
    Sarah Palin has another gun—a Henry Big Boy .44 Magnum lever-action rifle, stamped with a unique serial number: PALIN-001. Engraved with the words, “Presented to Sarah Palin, February 16, 2010, Arkansas Republican Party,” the rifle was a gift to the former Alaska governor, who headlined a Republican Party fundraiser last week at Verizon Arena in North Little Rock. Palin made note of the gift in the opening lines of her speech. “I scored a .44 Magnum. It's beautiful, and I thank you,” she told the crowd, as if the people of Arkansas themselves had bored the barrel, carved the stock...
  • Mormon Expression - LDS apologist Jeff Lindsay audio

    02/23/2010 10:14:39 PM PST · by restornu · 143 replies · 875+ views
    Mormon Expression ^ | December 15, 2009
    Mormon ExpressionAudio An ongoing dialogue of all things Mormon Noted Mormon internet apologist Jeff Lindsay talks with the panel.
  • “Brown’s Betrayal” Highlights Principle Battle

    02/23/2010 2:31:26 PM PST · by Walter Scott Hudson · 12 replies · 365+ views
    Fightin Words ^ | February 23, 2010 | Walter Scott Hudson
    This writer first became aware of Scott Brown crossing party lines to vote for Obama’s “jobs” bill when invited to join a Facebook group called “STOP Scott Brown!” The consensus of comments on the page concluded Brown had betrayed his declared principles by voting for what is widely regarded as another stimulus bill. AllahPundit of HotAir offers an alternative perspective: Well, look. Obviously he needs to signal the left-leaning indies back home who voted for him that he’ll break their way sometimes. Even armed with a huge war chest for 2012, he ain’t getting reelected as a party-line Republican. A...
  • Frogs and toads need road crossings, French say

    02/25/2010 7:49:59 PM PST · by bruinbirdman · 32 replies · 426+ views
    The Telegraph ^ | 2/26/2010
    An animal protection group is urging French authorities to build special crossings to save millions of frogs and toads from being squashed on the country's roads. "For frogs, toads and newts, the most visible cause of death is undoubtedly road traffic: the animals try to reach the damp areas they need to reproduce and are flattened by the million," the Association for the Protection of Wild Animals said on its website. The group's suggestions for reducing the death toll include advising drivers on areas where frogs and toads cross and lobbying local authorities to build tunnels to help them cross...
  • Review of "The Widow's Might" Movie (Vanity)

    02/25/2010 7:56:28 PM PST · by christianhomeschoolmommaof3 · 14 replies · 418+ views
    2-25-10 | me
    I just watched the movie "The Widow's Might" with my family and I wanted to give it a recommendation. We rented it from Netflix. It was a made by a group of homeschooling families for a film festival. From the Netflix cover "Outraged that exorbitant property taxes may drive widow Grace Jackson from her home, young moviemakers John and Cameron set out to win a major film festival by making a musical Western that draws attention to her plight. An adventure comedy rooted in the teaching of Jesus Christ.... The movie was well done with beautiful music and great cinematography....
  • Black Caucus throws roadblock in front of 'tax-cut' $15 billion job-creation bill

    02/25/2010 7:26:48 PM PST · by jazusamo · 19 replies · 747+ views
    The Hill ^ | February 25, 2010 | Walter Alarkon
    Congressional Black Caucus members are dismissing a $15 billion jobs bill as inadequate, forcing House leaders to rethink their plan to vote on the measure Friday. Leaders of the Congressional Black Caucus (CBC) told Democratic leaders Thursday that they didn't support a measure they saw more as a "tax bill" than a bill that will create jobs. "I'm offended that it's been called a jobs bill," CBC Vice Chairman Emanuel Cleaver (D-Mo.) told reporters. "I will not stand up in the district that I represent... and say we just did a jobs bill. I think people are smarter than that....
  • Cuba's Doctor Abuse

    02/25/2010 4:34:34 PM PST · by Kaslin · 15 replies · 347+ views ^ | February 25, 2010 | INVESTORS BUSINESS DAILY Staff
    Health Care: Remember Cuba's vaunted medical missionaries — those who treated the poor abroad for nothing, supposedly out of selfless motives? A lawsuit shows they were nothing but a communist slave racket. It ought to bear a few lessons for our own country as the role of doctors in the health care debate drags on. Back in 1963, Cuban dictator Fidel Castro launched a much-praised initiative to share Cuba's medical doctors with the poor around the world. The idea, of course, was to appear to be acting on higher motives than the profit-driven doctors in free societies. It was small...
  • Top 10 Signs the Health Care Debate is NOT going well

    02/25/2010 12:15:46 PM PST · by cowtowney · 39 replies · 2,800+ views
    Vanity | 2/25/10 | Self
    This should be good.
  • TV chef dropped for cat recipe comments.

    02/25/2010 7:45:51 PM PST · by GSP.FAN · 28 replies · 662+ views
    CNN ^ | Feb 24 10 | Jim Clancy
    Rome, Italy (CNN) -- Italy's state-owned television broadcaster has dropped a popular chef for sharing a recipe with viewers to cook cat. Beppe Bigazzi told CNN that while he would miss collaborating with the RAI-Uno TV network, he would not apologize for his comments because they reflected historical facts, not just his opinion. He blamed the furor on animal rights activists saying "It's their problem, not mine!"
  • Rangel ruling puts Pelosi in a jam

    02/25/2010 7:54:24 PM PST · by Free ThinkerNY · 25 replies · 1,520+ views ^ | Feb. 25, 2010 | JOHN BRESNAHAN
    The House ethics committee's decision to admonish New York Democratic Rep. Charlie Rangel over improper corporate-sponsored trips to the Caribbean leaves both Speaker Nancy Pelosi and the ethics committee itself facing some difficult questions. When then-Majority Leader Tom DeLay (R-Texas) was admonished by the ethics committee in October 2004, Pelosi and other Democratic leaders went on the offensive against him. “Mr. DeLay has proven himself to be ethically unfit to lead the party,” Pelosi said at a press conference the following day. “The burden falls upon his fellow House Republicans. Republicans must answer: Do they want an ethically unfit person...
  • Why does NBC prime time Olympics coverage segue into logging on a Canadian Island ?

    02/25/2010 6:28:15 PM PST · by hecht · 41 replies · 849+ views
    I joined my wife to watch the olympics, and suddenly NBC switched from hockey coverage to a Bob Costas set piece and then to a nauseating vignette about this coastal islands logging industry. What gives? what does this have to do about sports? I understand that about 25 years ago the networks/IOC decided that male viewers were inelastic operators and would watch sports no matter how detestable-think synchronized swimming- but that female viewers were the target growth demographic. Out went live boxing coverage, and in went taped "readers digest" excerpts hosted by John Tesh in a variety show studio replete...
  • Professor Obama schools lawmakers on health-care reform

    02/25/2010 7:51:33 PM PST · by 2ndDivisionVet · 62 replies · 2,148+ views
    The Washington Post ^ | February 26, 2010 | Dana Milbank
    Republicans had been hesitant to accept President Obama's invitation to participate in Thursday's White House health-care summit. Their hesitance turned out to be justified. An equal number of Democratic and Republican lawmakers assembled around a table at Blair House, and each had a chance to speak during the seven-hour televised talkathon. But members of the opposition party may not have fully understood that they were stepping into Prof. Obama's classroom, and that they were to be treated like his undisciplined pupils. Obama controlled the microphone and the clock, and he used both skillfully to limit the Republicans' time, to rebut...
  • Kola Peninsula: Abandoned Russian City (Or America After Obama is Finished)

    02/25/2010 7:43:40 PM PST · by FredJake · 37 replies · 1,482+ views
    Moscow Top News ^ | 2/25/10 | ????
    The Kola peninsula is a cape in northwest Russia. This region borders Norway and Finland and has direct access to the ocean. Because of its strategic position the Russian army had hundreds of bases were there. During the terrible 1990s, the Russian army's budget was cut so costs had to be also. One way to save was to give up some bases and concentrate bases down to one. So many of the army bases and supporting housing were abandoned. The other way to reduce costs was to pay less to the personnel, so during 1990s many  Russian soldiers and...
  • Early "returns" good for Republicans (Obamacare summit)

    02/25/2010 1:07:28 PM PST · by OldDeckHand · 97 replies · 4,144+ views ^ | 02/25/10 | Paul Mirengoff
    The House Republican Conference Press Office has collected some reviews of the health care summit, from sources that are hardly in the Republican camp. These reviews find that the Republicans did quite well. CNN's David Gergen: The folks in the White House just must be kicking themselves right now. They thought that coming out of Baltimore when the President went in and was mesmerizing and commanding in front of the House Republicans that he could do that again here today. That would revive health care and would change the public opinion about their health care bill and they can go...
  • Little Boy and His Dog

    Cute video of a Little Boy and his dog.
  • YouTube ("We The People" have stated resolutely we reject your vision for our country)

    02/25/2010 7:10:34 PM PST · by RedMDer · 16 replies · 847+ views
    Dear President Obama, "We The People" have stated resolutely we reject your vision for our country. You claim you have not heard us. "We The People" have assembled across America resisting your efforts to subvert our constitution and undermine our liberty. You claim you have not seen us. Since you have not acknowledged our message, let us here present it once more... "History moves toward freedom because the desire for freedom is written in every human heart." Patriots will not stand silent as you attempt to dismantle the greatest nation on earth. "We The People" will defend our liberty, we...
  • Investigate Climate Crimes

    02/25/2010 7:44:50 PM PST · by raptor22 · 7 replies · 254+ views
    Climate Depot ^ | February 25, 2010 | IBD
    Paper: Investigate Climate Crimes -- 'Potential violations of the Federal False Statements and False Claims acts, which involve both civil and criminal penalties'....
  • DOH indirectly confirms: Factcheck COLB date filed and certificate number impossible

    02/23/2010 8:02:16 AM PST · by butterdezillion · 3,699 replies · 35,803+ views
    Butterdezillion | Feb 23, 2010 | Butterdezillion
    I've updated my blog to include the e-mail from Janice Okubo confirming that they assign birth certificate numbers in the state registrar's office and the day they do that is the "Date filed by state registrar". The pertinent portion from Okubo's e-mail: In regards to the terms “date accepted” and “date filed” on a Hawaii birth certificate, the department has no records that define these terms. Historically, the terms “Date accepted by the State Registrar” and “Date filed by the State Registrar” referred to the date a record was received in a Department of Health office (on the island of...

    02/25/2010 6:18:39 AM PST · by blueyon · 5,396 replies · 203,291+ views
    The White House ^ | 2/25/10 | Blueyon
    Televised Meeting to talk about healthcare..........
  • Sarah Palin To Obama: Health Care Bill Is Same Old Song And Dance Only More Expensive

    02/25/2010 7:44:22 PM PST · by 2ndDivisionVet · 13 replies · 497+ views
    A Time For Choosing ^ | February 25, 2010
    The President and his lunatic Congress simply won’t listen to the American people. America has loudly rejected ObamaCare and any thought of it. The democrat/communist party just lost what has been one of the bluest of blue seats for half a century, based solely on the fact that Scott Brown, the new Senator from Massachusetts, promised to vote to kill ObamaCare! The democrat/communist party is facing losses in the House and Senate like it has never seen in America’s history. The loses, to use the Obama regime’s favorite buzz word will be “unprecedented!”And yet, knowing this is a suicide mission...
  • Hillary Blasts Greenspan on Debt, Says It Is a Threat to National Security

    02/25/2010 7:10:16 PM PST · by OldDeckHand · 22 replies · 722+ views Punch ^ | 12/25/10 | Kirit Radia
    ABC News' Kirit Radia reports: Secretary of State Hillary Clinton took a swipe at Alan Greenspan today, saying the former Federal Reserve chair’s “outrageous” advice led to a ballooning national debt that Clinton said is now a threat to national security. "I served on the budget committee in the Senate, and I remember as vividly as if it were yesterday when we had a hearing in which Alan Greenspan came and justified increasing spending and cutting taxes, saying that we didn't really need to pay down the debt -- outrageous in my view," she said. Clinton said that the US...
  • 'Snow Hurricane' Hits East Coast with Blizzard, Rain, High Winds

    02/25/2010 7:52:41 PM PST · by campaignPete R-CT · 52 replies · 1,626+ views
    ABC News ^ | February 25, 2010
    No! Please! Enough already! This winter stinks. We need a break! The massive storm brings a triple threat of rain, snow and wind. The eastern United States, already having a rough winter after a string of mild ones, has been warned to be ready for another storm -- and just where it will have the most effect is proving maddeningly difficult for forecasters to predict. A low-pressure system is slowly heading up the East Coast, mixing with another from the west. It is right on a boundary line for meteorologists. On one side is moist but relatively mild air from...
  • Blind since birth, a St. Louis Park man is hitting the Appalachian Trail with GPS technology

    02/25/2010 7:35:14 PM PST · by ButThreeLeftsDo · 22 replies · 366+ views ^ | 2/25/10 | LAURIE BLAKE
    Mike Hanson plans to hike the 2,174-mile Appalachian Trail end to end, without ever seeing the ground under his feet. On Monday in Georgia, the St. Louis Park man -- who lost his sight at birth -- will start his seven-month trek to Maine, navigating by GPS. He has mastered its use by cell phone and trusts global positioning technology to steer his every step. "It gives me everything I would need to know about the trail but the view," Hanson said. "I will be able to hear and smell what is going on." If he makes it, he'll be...
  • Sarah Palin advocate the Tea Parties taking over the Republican party (vanity)

    02/25/2010 6:53:50 PM PST · by Bigtigermike · 71 replies · 1,223+ views
    Thursday February 25, 2010 | bigtigermike
    She was just on Hannity talking about the Healthcare Summit and she was asked about the the notion of a third party starting up. She said NO THIRD PARTY! she made a good point that starting a third party would require creating a whole new infrastructure, when the best thing is for the Tea Party is to pick a party, get in there on the inside and taking it over and it should be the Republican party.....She talked about Reagan and him advocating a revitalized party, the tea parties should be that vehicle to make. No wonder the establishment despises...

    02/24/2010 9:36:26 AM PST · by Dr. Eckleburg · 1,398 replies · 8,454+ views
    Alpha and Omega Ministries ^ | 1-23-10 | James Swan
    Back in one my old philosophy classes I recall lengthy discussions as to the relationship between names and reality, and then spinning around for hours contemplating the brain teaser of what it means to "mean" something about anything. The aftermath: an entire class of young minds slipped further into skepticism, as if the reality each twenty something experienced was completely unknowable. Of course, arriving at the conclusion that ultimate reality is unknowable is... to know something about ultimate reality! Ah, the futility of the sinful mind in its continual construction of Babel towers. Without the presupposition "He is there and...
  • David Gergen on the summit: Republicans had their best day in years

    02/25/2010 7:35:34 PM PST · by Free ThinkerNY · 38 replies · 2,652+ views
    Hot Air ^ | Feb. 25, 2010 | Allahpundit
    Via Hengler, a succinct statement of Jay Nordlinger’s point and of what I suspect will be the media consensus tomorrow. Not the only kind words he had for the GOP either: The folks in the White House just must be kicking themselves right now. They thought that coming out of Baltimore when the President went in and was mesmerizing and commanding in front of the House Republicans that he could do that again here today. That would revive health care and would change the public opinion about their health care bill and they can go on to victory. Just the...
  • On The Air (Obama Sets Up Website To Flood Talk Radio With Seminar Callers

    02/25/2010 4:43:01 PM PST · by Laissez-faire capitalist · 50 replies · 1,879+ views
    It's time to get on the air. 1.) Listen then call the show (Dial the number listed below 2.) Add your voice (Use the discussion points below 3.) Report your call (Tell us how it went ...
  • RON PAUL should be the ZIONIST CHOICE for US President.

    02/25/2010 12:56:50 AM PST · by Christian_Capitalist · 303 replies · 3,243+ views
    Arutz Sheva -- Israel National News ^ | 11/15/07 | Shmuel Ben-Gad
    Israel receives military and financial assistance, and also some diplomatic support at the United Nations, but the US puts pressure on Israel to surrender parts of the homeland... It seems to me a Ron Paul presidency would be good for Israel and for the United States. Its foreign policy non-interventionism and its concern to protect national sovereignty would provide Israel with a greater impetus to increase its own independence and sense of national honor. I hope American Zionists will resist the immediate, meretricious attractions of American financial assistance for Israel. Ron Paul would both end this infantilizing, and even corrupting,...
  • The Sounds of Silence (Andrew Cuomo)

    02/25/2010 7:02:15 AM PST · by statestreet · 6 replies · 212+ views
    Lazio 2010 ^ | February 25, 2010 | Lazio 2010
    Andrew Cuomo is missing in action. He is running a campaign for Governor while hiding from the people of New York. It's nothing more than politics as usual. Andrew Cuomo has been part of the Albany dysfunction for so long he believes the people can be ignored. As Martha Coakley found out in Massachusetts, the people will be heard from. Watch our new web video "Silence" by clicking below and then join our movement to speak up, stand up, and take back New York State from politicians like Andrew Cuomo.