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  • A modern day Faustian bargain

    02/09/2012 6:59:00 AM PST · by shoff · 6 replies
    Examiner ^ | 02/08/2012 | Steven Hoffman
    Faust is the main character in a German legend of a smart, important man in the local village that is bored with his life. He decides to call up the devil and make a bargain. In exchange for even more knowledge and power he agrees to sell his soul. This fairy tale like so many others ends happily as Faust is forgiven in the end. This story has been repeated many times from “The Devil and Daniel Webster” to “The Devil went down to Georgia” but it seems the lessons haven’t.
  • This poll needs some freeping...

    02/08/2012 9:41:41 AM PST · by AngelesCrestHighway · 15 replies
    Could Rick Santorum Beat Barrack Obama in the presidential election? 37% Yes 63% No
  • Has FOX News 'Jumped The Shark' Over Mitt???

    02/08/2012 7:32:27 AM PST · by Elle Bee · 106 replies
    VANITY | February 8, 2012
    FOX News may have 'jumped the shark' over mittens Fair and balanced is Juan McCain I for one have had enough of the ‘wisdom’ of Bill Cristal, Chas. Krauthammer, Ted Baxter, Bret Beahr, Toyko Rove, Ann Colter, Chris Wallace, Sean Wannabe, Dana Parino, Brit Hume, Shep Smith, Judge Jeanene, Alam Comes, Bob Beckle, Juan Williams, Whoraldo, et. al. all acting the part of the Romney cheerleading squad ? Does anyone else 'feel my pain'? .
  • Dickens' Birthday - Is Ebenezer Scrooge a Republican or a Democrat?

    02/07/2012 3:28:43 PM PST · by pinochet · 23 replies · 1+ views
    Today, we celebrate the 200th anniversary of the birth of the English writer, Charles Dickens. His best known work, is his 1843 novel, "A Christmas Carol", which featured a greedy, selfish, and heartless businessman, Ebenezer Scrooge. The businessman was visited by three ghosts, from the past, present, and future, who forced him to reconsider his selfish ways. In the 1980s, the satirical Mad Magazine featured caricatures of Republican politicians praising Scrooge as a hard working businessman who created jobs for the Victorian economy. He refused to give people time off to spend Christmas with their families, which made him a...
  • Sign petition objecting to HHS mandate!

    Sign the petition objecting to the Obama administration's HHS mandate, which would force religious employers to violate their consciences by buying health insurance that covers contraceptives and abortifacients (not medical or surgical 'abortions,' but drugs that can act as abortifacients in certain cases). This is a White House petition, meaning that the administration must respond if we reach 25,000 signatures. The petition has 22,092 signatures as of this writing. Will the administration back off and expand the religious exemption? I'm not holding my breath. But we must stand on principle for religious liberty and against this federal bureaucracy's mandates. At...
  • Cat Owners- Doritos "Missing Cat" ad Offensive or are we too sensitive?

    02/06/2012 4:00:35 PM PST · by SMGFan · 111 replies · 2+ views
    February 6, 2012 | vanity
    Last night's Dorito's ad was apparently meant to be "funny". A dog seems to be responsible for a missing cat's disappearance and he bribes a guy with Doritos to keep silent. If we find this offensive, are we too sensitive? Is it wrong to request Doritos to kill this ad? They suggest the dog killed and buried the cat , or even worse. My best friend's cat was killed by a dog a few year's ago.
  • Within a week I get to upgrade to a SmartPhone...

    02/06/2012 2:47:42 PM PST · by US Navy Vet · 87 replies
    06 Feb 2012 | US Navy Vet
    ...any recommendations, Suggestions?
  • What to do? What to do?

    02/05/2012 7:32:41 PM PST · by lyby · 83 replies
    lyby | Feb 5, 2012 | lyby
    I am a 52-year-old mother of three children - a 24-year old grad student, a 21-year old college senior, and a 13- year-old 7th grader. I am a public school teacher of Math to 7th graders. I am concerned about the welfare of our country, our Constitution, and the hope (NOT Obama's) for our nation. PLEASE help me to understand what is happening to our country. I am dismayed by the garbage I am hearing and reading. I have been involved in local politics. I could NOT suffer the bullsh*t, so I resigned from the county Republican Executive Committee, after...
  • Mark Steyn Live on C-Span2 Right Now

    02/05/2012 9:30:59 AM PST · by Intolerant in NJ · 5 replies
    C-Span2 | 5 February, 2012
    Mark Steyn, author of "America Alone" and other conservative writings, is appearing right now on this month's In-Depth from C-Span2 - program will run to 3:00PM Eastern (with taped repeats tonight) and is live with Steyn discussing his works and answering questions from viewers via email and phone callins.......
  • Project Azorian

    02/05/2012 9:46:07 AM PST · by Carbonsteel · 5 replies
    The Washington Times ^ | 2/04/2011 | By Joseph C. Goulden
    In the world of intelligence, the most successful deception operation is one in which the physical activity required is carried out in full public view, but the true nature of the operation is shrouded in secrecy. Project Azorian, the 1974 recovery of a sunken Soviet submarine resting 16,300 feet below the surface of the North Pacific, was a singular success for the CIA and the U.S. Navy - despite last-minute media leaks that proved to be of no consequence,
  • How many Mormons served in the 112th Congress? Fifteen

    02/05/2012 6:27:10 AM PST · by HD1200 · 33 replies · 1+ views
    The majority leader of the U.S. Senate and the most senior Republican senator were two of the many Mormons that served in the 112th Congress. The list of other Mormons is in comments section below.
  • Jesse Kelly for Congress

    02/04/2012 9:33:01 AM PST · by CanadianYankee · 18 replies
    YouTube ^ | Feb. 3,2012 | Kelly4Congress
    Support Jesse Kelly for Congress for the AZ-8 Special Election this April 17. Jesse KellyKelly for Congress web page. Campaign page
  • The Pivotal Question on Obama's Abortion Policies

    02/04/2012 7:20:05 AM PST · by Hillary'sMoralVoid · 11 replies
    His Master's Voice | 2/5/2012 | HMV
    The pivotal question: If the abortion argument is truly about the right to choose, how is it doctors, medical providers, medical institutions and religious groups are denied that right under the policies of the Obama Administration?
  • Santorum will not take it to Obama

    02/02/2012 8:04:37 PM PST · by DaveinOK54 · 103 replies
    Rick is a RINO..Did anyone watch Hannity's show tonight? Rick said that we can't go after Zero because he is so "Popular". Didn't Rush say something about not going after Zero from a conference call with consultants? By the way, Newt did great tonight:)
  • America will pass judgement on Obama, not the media on election day!

    02/03/2012 8:57:30 AM PST · by AngelesCrestHighway · 30 replies
    I can't wait to see how America responds to Obama on election day. While the mainstream media does its best at every turn to prop up his miserable leadership, I think he's in for the beating of his life. America was fooled by this man but good! I hope enough people are as mad as I am that this Chicago style political hoax actually succeeded. To drop this ACLU community organizer into the White House has been the biggest and most dangerous joke on America in its history! Obama is the furthest from anything describing a POTUS.
  • GOP Brokered Convention: Which candidate would you prefer?

    02/02/2012 6:52:43 PM PST · by Bigtigermike · 62 replies · 1+ views
    Thursday February 2, 2012
    If no current GOP Presidential candidate garners more than 50% of delegates during the primary, Republican delegates can have the opportunity to vote for anyone they wish, whether or not they are currently a candidate. This is called a brokered convention If you were a delegate, would you prefer one of the current candidates or consider somebody currently not in the race? To make this more intriguing, we paired off potential and current candidates like a sports tournament pairing - choose one person per each match up for each round. Round 1. Jeb Bush vs Bobby Jindal -----| Newt Gingrich...
  • Why It's Not Worth Slamming Newt Gingrich, Rick Santorum on Earmarks

    02/02/2012 5:54:51 PM PST · by writer33 · 12 replies
    The nation is extricating itself from two costly wars, is struggling painfully out of a recession, and is suffering from near complete dysfunction in Congress. And yet, campaigns are still trotting out the old standby—criticism of earmarks and congressional travel. Both former House Speaker Newt Gingrich and former Pennsylvania Sen. Rick Santorum have been slammed on the campaign trail for agreeing to (or sponsoring) earmarks in Congress, the suggestion being that the men are not real conservatives if they backed such supposedly wasteful spending. It's true that some of the earmarks—which are just dedicated projects in the federal budget—are probably...
  • Thank you to those who shared the numbers to call the RNC

    02/02/2012 4:48:59 PM PST · by Christie at the beach · 13 replies
    Christie at the beach
    Thanks to those who shared the numbers to the RNC Chairman's office. We have given the numbers out as well (off the forum). I did call. They listened to my oppositions to why I do not support Romney and how difficult they are making it for me and my family to choose Romney to vote for. I think he is a liberal Kennedy ally who set the socialized health care into law which does not represent the Reagan years whatsoever. Why are we heading in this direction as a party, I ask? When I ask how can they do win...
  • 6 CENTS of every 100 DOLLARS. Yup, that is all PP was getting from the Komen Foundation

    02/02/2012 3:28:58 PM PST · by HD1200 · 53 replies
    $600,000 from the Komen Foundation against the BILLION DOLLARS in funding PP gets every year = 6 cents on $100 dollars.
  • Protesters Plan Super Bowl Disruption Over Right-To-Work (Union Thuggery)

    02/02/2012 2:28:30 PM PST · by FunkyZero · 14 replies ^ | 6:31 am EST February 2, 2012 |
    INDIANAPOLIS -- With the controversial right-to-work legislation now law, protesters are moving ahead with plans to try to disrupt Sunday's Super Bowl. Gov. Mitch Daniels signed the bill Wednesday to make Indiana the 23rd state to prohibit labor contracts that require workers to pay union representation fees and the first to adopt such legislation in a decade.
  • Memo to Rick Santorum: You're awesome on the life issue. What did that get you in Florida? [vanity]

    02/01/2012 10:59:24 AM PST · by Constitutionalist Conservative · 126 replies
    February 1, 2012 | Meself
    Sir, I believe that none of the other GOP candidates are as solid as you are on the life issue.The problem is that, as huge as the abortion problem is in our country, there are many other issues that predominate in our country in this election cycle -- the economy, creeping fascism in our government, to name just two -- issues that could potentially affect the very existence of our nation and culture as we know it.To be honest, you are not the man who is giving the best voice to the concerns of those who truly care about the...
  • Seven Reasons Newt Lost Florida (Despite My Prediction to the Contrary)

    02/01/2012 8:23:50 AM PST · by Vigilanteman · 71 replies
    Review of my Own Analysis ^ | 1 February 2012 | Vigilanteman
    As the guy who predicted here that Newt would pull out a narrow win in Florida, I have to admit I was wrong. Dead wrong.This doesn't change the fact that I was dead right about Newt's upset win in South Carolina. All the pundits were predicting a close election or a narrow win for Newt. I was alone in predicting a blow-out. The only thing I was wrong about is UNDER estimating his margin of victory. Not to make excuses, but I had sources on the ground in South Carolina. In Florida, I was limited to looking at news, polls...
  • An Open Letter To Sarah Palin:

    02/01/2012 5:43:41 AM PST · by veritas2002 · 35 replies
    Veritas2002 | 02-01-12 | Vanity
    Dear Sarah, I hope you are enjoying this year's fight for the Republican Presidential nomination. However, many of us out here are not pleased with the trashing, backed by Big Money, that Romney and his minions have heaped on Gingrich - mostly based on falsehoods. Romney and his backers in the MSM and the Old Guard of the Republican Party (Rove, McCain, Dole, et al) are trying their hardest to once again hoodwink the party base. In order to upset the establishment and to garner favor among those of us who are Tea-Partying conservatives, I would encourage you to send...
  • Tonight, The Soros Twins Rejoice

    01/31/2012 9:01:10 PM PST · by RobaWho · 5 replies
    Rob Cunningham | Jan. 31, 2012 | Rob Cunningham
    Tonight, the Soros Twins of Romney & Obama, the Media, Social Justice advocates & David Axelrod, rejoice. Patriotism, my friends, is about the noble defense of our national values, principles and liberties. It has nothing to do with "going along to get along." For all that elect to prioritize the media spin and GOP elite's hypothetical "electability" polls over conservative constitutional principles, you are 9 short months away from once again learning the terrible lesson of "live by the sword (poll), die by the sword." Mr. Plastic's hollow core will be easily crushed under the massive weight of Team Obama's...
  • NRA Members: A board member who deserves your support

    01/31/2012 8:50:33 PM PST · by Redcloak
    YouTube ^ | 1/31/2012 | MrSombrada
    Joel is one of the most effective members of the NRA Board currently serving. He deserves votes from every NRA voting member participating in 2012...
  • Earth to Piers Morgan (CNN)

    01/31/2012 8:07:21 PM PST · by Peter ODonnell · 4 replies
    original to FR | Jan 31, 2012 | Peter O'Donnell
    EARTH TO PIERS MORGAN I was just watching an interview conducted by Piers Morgan with family of Newt Gingrich after the Florida primary. He was quite cutting about Newt's "graceless, impolite" demeanour at times (no kidding, Einstein). Apparently the Gingrich family were too polite to mention that tapping phones and intercepting private e-mail is not exactly considered polite and gracious. I gather the interview is to set-up the plan B Obama attack on his adversary, if not Romney, then Gingrich -- portray the Speaker as angry, unstable and moody. Well dude(s), America is now angry, unstable and moody. Get used...
  • Freepers, Newt Supporters: 46 States to go (Mitt's Gotta Face the South Again Soon)

    01/31/2012 8:05:07 PM PST · by TitansAFC · 190 replies
    Freeper TitansAFC | 1-31-2012 | TitansAFC
    Four down, forty-six to go! First, I would like to Congratulate Mitt Romney! No, really! Between he and his Super PAC, Team Romney dumped over 25 million dollars into Florida since the beginning of the campaign which, along with the diabolical coordination with formerly credible GOP media personalities in a massive Establishment smear campaign, resulted in Mitt Romney getting less than 200,000 votes more than he got four years ago! The result was a plurality win in a four-person primary where only two candidates even attempted to win the state. At least as impressive a performance as winning a basketball...
  • POLL: President Barack Obama has announced [snip] Will you vote for him?

    01/31/2012 7:33:28 PM PST · by FunkyZero · 39 replies ^ | 01/25/2012 |
    President Barack Obama has announced that he's running for re-election. Will you vote for him? Yes No Maybe
  • How can any right thinking Christian, conservative or tea party supporter justify voting for Romney?

    01/31/2012 5:31:12 PM PST · by Jim Robinson · 240 replies
    How can any right thinking Christian, conservative or tea party supporter justify voting for Romney? Romney is an empty suit. A complete fraud. Worse, he's anti-tea party, anti-conservative, anti-liberty! He has absolutely zero conservative accomplishments to his name. His ONLY accomplishments in government are liberal, ie, tax payer funded abortion, gay marriage, gun control, RomneyCare, mandates, etc. He is Obama-lite. Are these voters uninformed, terrified, brainwashed, or just plain nuts?
  • Exit Poll - Newt has early lead in Florida

    01/31/2012 9:24:11 AM PST · by Triple · 87 replies
    vanity | 2/1/12 | vanity
    Early exit polling shows that Newt has a slim lead over Romney.
  • What the hell is going on in Florida today? (Vanity)

    01/31/2012 7:39:19 AM PST · by no dems · 304 replies
    January 31, 2012 | no dems
    Read a poll here on FR last night, Posted by another FReeper, and had a hard time sleeping. I woke up this morning with a couple of questions: 1. When 34% of the Tea Partiers polled are going for Romney, Paul or no one in FL today, what the hell is going on? 2. When many Evangelicals are voting for a Marxist Mormon today in FL, what the hell is going on? I'm to the point that I've decided that most voters in America are stupid and this nation deserves what it will get with four more years of Barack...
  • Dems to release report absolving Holder in Fast and Furious

    01/31/2012 6:17:19 AM PST · by pabianice · 1 replies
    Fox Morning News | 1/31/12
    Per Fox, this week congressional Dems will release their own report clearing Holder and Obama of any blame for Fast and Furious. Instead, according to Fox, the report will dump the blame on half a dozen underlings. This report will, of course, be carried by every major news outlet in the country. The Dems will swear that FAF was not an attempt to bring greater gun control to the U.S. and was not BATFE policy.
  • People of Florida, Just How Angry Are You?

    01/31/2012 5:01:27 AM PST · by veritas2002 · 17 replies
    Vertitas2002 | 01-31-12 | Vanity
    People of Florida: Are you angry that there has been a conspiracy to rob you of your voice in government? Are you angry that Obama has made a shambles of our Constitution? Are you angry that people with stable jobs are at an all time low? Are you angry that people are being forced to abandon their homes because they have no job? Are you angry at the fat cats in Washington who are expanding wasteful government at your expense? Are you angry that Karl Rove, Ann Coulter and Robert Dole are dictating to you that you should vote for...
  • Why aren't there any Romney ballot eligibility challenges?

    01/31/2012 3:10:55 AM PST · by Mr170IQ · 71 replies
    me | Jan. 31, 2012 | Me
    Everybody here, myself included, is desperate that Romney not be the Republican candidate for president. I suggest that the most cost-effective way of accomplishing that would be to bring Natural Born Citizen ballot eligibility suits against him in a few states, and try to get a few rulings in our favor before the RNC convention. I have read that there is no evidence that Romney's father was naturalized before Romney's birth. If he is found to be ineligible anywhere before the convention, his delegates won't matter. Worst case there would be a brokered convention. Why isn't anyone trying this? Lack...
  • Vanity: Indiana Republicans Wake Up!

    01/30/2012 5:12:16 PM PST · by originalbuckeye · 9 replies
    1/30/12 | originalbuckeye
    The Democrats cannot steal the 2012 election for Obama as easily if they don't have the Secretary of State cheating for them! Stand up for the Republican Sec of State! It sounds like his court case is nothing but political.
  • Today We Must Flood Rush's Radio Show With Pleas For Him to Take A Stand in Florida

    01/30/2012 9:28:20 AM PST · by OneVike · 95 replies · 1+ views
    1/30/12 | Vanity
    I have listened to rush Limbaugh since he was still in Sacramento Ca.. I listen to him every day from Monday to Friday. Even if I am on vacation I do my best to listen to him. It is not because I agree with him, but because he agrees with the vast majority of things I do. I even watched his show when it was on television. I own every news letter he ever put out, even the very first one. I joined in when he helped fire us up to defeat Hilarycare by protesting with other conservatives in Chico...
  • Is Mitt Romney a Billionaire?

    01/30/2012 9:49:38 AM PST · by pinochet · 22 replies
    In an interview im Miami with the Hispanic journalist, Jorge Ramos of Univision, who asked him what he was worth, Mitt Romney claimed he is worth between $150 million to 200 million dollars. Romney is the founding CEO of Bain Capital, one of the largest private equity firms in the world. In a documentary that Newt Gingrich's PAC ran in South Carolina, the value of Bain was put at $65 billion dollars. Founding CEOs usually retain ownership of a large number of shares in the firms that they founded. For example, Microsoft is worth $219 billion, and Bill Gates...
  • Caption Shelly O - The Food Czar

    01/30/2012 8:28:00 AM PST · by crosshairs · 28 replies
  • Explosion, Fire in Chandler Neighborhood (Arizona)

    01/29/2012 10:46:30 PM PST · by Jeff Chandler · 19 replies
    1-29-2012 | Jeff Chandler
    A house in my neighborhood just blew up . The house next door to it caught on fire and is probably gone. The fire department has things under control.
  • Why Floridians MUST vote for Newt Gingrich on Tuesday

    01/29/2012 4:10:20 PM PST · by bigoil · 18 replies
    During the late 1950's, Soviet Premier Nikita Khrushchev traveled to New York City and checked in to the Waldorf=Astoria Hotel. Vice-President Richard Nixon was assigned the task of escorting Khrushchev throughout Gotham. Upon greeting Khrushchev in the lobby of the Waldorf, the Soviet Premier declared to Nixon, "I want to meet this incredible man." Nixon, slightly taken aback by Khrushchev's earnestness replied, "What man is this Mr. Premier?' Khrushchev continued, "I want to meet this incredible man who provides bread to New York City every morning." Vice-President Nixon responded with a slight shrug of the shoulders and then said, "Well,...
  • Live Townhall Phone Conference w/Rick Santorum! What question do I ask?

    01/29/2012 5:20:13 PM PST · by Recovering_Democrat · 80 replies · 1+ views
    FReepers! | 1/29/12 | Recovering_Democrat
    Right NOW I am on a live conference call with Rick Santorum...I am in queue to ask a question....any suggestions?
  • Open letter to Rush Limbaugh, Sarah Palin and all conservative grassroots patriots and leaders!!

    01/29/2012 2:00:13 PM PST · by Jim Robinson · 264 replies
    Jan 29, 2012 | Jim Robinson
    Open letter to Rush Limbaugh, Sarah Palin and all God fearing, pro-life, pro-family, pro-small government, strong defense conservative grassroots patriots and leaders!! What are you waiting for? We know who and what Romney is. It's no secret. In his past he was intentionally to the left of Ted Kennedy. He campaigned for Roe v Wade as settled law that should be preserved and sustained and he delivered liberal activist judges to do just that. He campaigned on the platform that abortion should be safe and legal in America and he delivered taxpayer funded abortion in Massachusetts to make it so....
  • Seven Reasons Why Newt Still Wins in Florida despite Poor Debate Performance

    01/29/2012 2:15:12 PM PST · by Vigilanteman · 64 replies
    Various ^ | 29 January 2012 | Vigilanteman(Informed Vanity)
    Despite a bad debate performance in Tampa, Newt Gingrich will still make it over the finish line on Tuesday with about 3% to spare. The primaries will formally continue until at least Super Tuesday, but Gingrich needs to start thinking about the end game of defeating Obama in the fall sooner rather than later.I don't mean to brag, but I predicted his easy win in South Carolina well before it happened. The only thing I was wrong about was the margin of his win: I predicted 8%. The actual result was 13%. There are (at least) seven reasons why Newt...
  • Reparations for Newt

    01/28/2012 3:20:08 PM PST · by RitaOK · 14 replies · 1+ views
    January 28, 2012 | RitaOK
    May I recommend reparations between now through Tuesday agreeing all together that we lend some small but daily sacrifice to our Lord, for our intentions, and to humble ourselves and to pray, and fast or abstain, or offer some small repair for ourselves, for our CHURCHES, our country and for Newt? Would we express sorrow for the many ways we let our Lord down by our own sins, our faults and flaws and by so doing we neglect our Lord and the kingdom of God on earth? This would just mean to go without that single extra cup of coffee,...
  • My Uncle Teddy

    01/28/2012 1:58:52 PM PST · by 2ndDivisionVet · 47 replies
    E-Mail for Obama | January 28, 2012 | Caroline Kennedy
    Four years ago today, I joined my Uncle Teddy and thousands of excited students at American University to endorse Barack Obama as the next president of the United States. Barack Obama had stirred something in young people and the young at heart. I saw the passion in my own teenage children, and I heard it from a different generation of people who said they felt like they did when my father ran for president. We felt strongly that we needed to elect a president who urged us to believe in ourselves, who could tie that belief to our highest ideals,...
  • Newt Gingrich and the 21st Century Contract with America

    01/28/2012 9:12:36 AM PST · by Vendome · 26 replies
    Vanity | 1/28/20112 | Vendome
    I know Newt's team reads FR and I have a message. Please read the following: What the hell is up your home page? I get how to look for navigating around it but to 80% of America it looks blank. You need a simple, clean and intuitive landing page and it isn't. Fix it! I'm arguing/persuading against many people who worked in the Reagan Administration and people who count on their opinion, for Newt amazing accomplishments and his new proposal for America. We will have a Majorities in both houses that will enable Newt to accomplish the bold and audacious...
  • Vanity: Will Palin's FB piece on GOP-E and Newt be reported on?

    01/28/2012 6:36:01 AM PST · by vmivol00 · 83 replies
    Has anyone other than Freerepublic published Sarah Palin's latest piece on Facebook regarding the GOP-E, Mittens, and Newt? I really think it could help I'm guessing that means no one outside of FR will report on it. I have to think Palin's pseudo-endorsement in SC helped push Newt over the top. In guessing the Romneybots, and the GOP-E are pissing their pants at the thought of this story getting out. All this being said, I'm really glad she wrote it, but her timing was poor. Typically the DC folks dump documents and stories on Friday nights to minimize the...
  • Possible Alternative Paths to Nullify Obamacare???

    01/27/2012 9:29:00 PM PST · by bsoile6 · 17 replies
    I'm an engineer, not a lawyer, so I would like to know legally how this scenario would play out - If the Supreme Court fails to carry out it's role and not strike down Obamacare, how does it get rectified with subsequent legislation such as if, say, Congress passed something like: "No law, or regulation may compel any American citizen to engage in any form of economic activity." Would this be another way to nullify the law? How do contradictory laws in this fashion get resolved? Finally, if all else fails, what about the possible effectiveness of JOINING a campaign...
  • Gingrich & Romney working together to run the clock out on Obama opposition ads?

    01/27/2012 8:31:26 PM PST · by macquire · 12 replies
    The sooner we have a candidate the sooner Obama can spend his billion on opposition research and ads. This up and down in the polls and the "Romney won last night's debate" then the "Gingrich won last night's debate" makes me think the both of them are working in tandem to run the clock out on Obama's ability to go on the offensive? Am I crazy?
  • Official Drudge Report Boycott Thread

    01/27/2012 6:47:11 PM PST · by Sybeck1 · 318 replies
    Due to bias shown by Matt Drudge I pledge to boycott the Drudge Report. Please pledge the same if you feel so inclined.