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  • The Difference Between a U.S. Citizen and a Natural Born Citizen

    01/11/2016 5:31:53 AM PST · by iontheball · 85 replies
    Family Security Matters ^ | January 7, 2016 | Lawrence Sellin
    Many members of the political-media establishment are either deliberately misrepresenting facts for political reasons or they are simply ignorant of those facts, that is, the manner in which one becomes a citizen as opposed to the concept of natural born citizenship. Those who equate "citizen" with "natural born citizen" often misinterpret Constitutional law and statute law, the latter meaning that Congress may pass laws only defining the manner in which one becomes a citizen, either citizen by birth or a naturalized citizen, not the Constitutional concept of natural born citizenship.
  • Bret explains "natural born citizen" requirements for president and vice president

    05/01/2012 9:32:22 AM PDT · by GregNH · 357 replies
    Fox News ^ | 5/1/2012 | Bret Baier
    Here's the deal... Many legal analysts and scholars agree with this take-- and until the Supreme Court weighs in.. this is how the law is interpreted: The Constitution requires that the president be a "natural born citizen," but does not define the term. That job is left to federal law, in 8 U.S. Code, Section 1401. All the law requires is that the mother be an American citizen who has lived in the U.S. for five years or more, at least two of those years after the age of 14. If the mother fits those criteria, the child is a...
  • The Faux Claims of John Woodman Regarding the “Natural Born Citizen” Clause

    04/03/2012 3:34:45 PM PDT · by rxsid · 5 replies ^ | 4/2/2012 | Mario Apuzzo, Esq
    "The Faux Claims of John Woodman Regarding the “Natural Born Citizen” Clause By Mario Apuzzo, Esq. April 2, 2012 What is hilarious is how John Woodman, who claims to be a conservative Republican, is running around the internet proclaiming that he has saved the United States, its Constitution, and not only putative President Barack Obama, but also Republicans, Sen. Marco Rubio and Sen. Bobby Jindal (all three were not born to citizen parents, both of whom are citizens of the United States at the time of their birth) from the “Birthers.” He adds that he has proven that Attorney Leo...
  • Leo Donofrio Is Leaving The Practice Of Law

    03/13/2012 10:30:33 PM PDT · by SatinDoll · 31 replies
    Natural Born Citizen ^ | March 13, 2012 | Leo Donofrio
    After long consideration and discussion with my family, I am saying goodbye to this blog and the law. I am retiring my law license and will be concentrating on making films, and writing music. There is no lawyer, politician or judge who will change the world into what God intended it to be – one family, one love. Angels are real. It’s gonna be a full on landing soon.
  • The McClellan/Obama Citizenship Debate and the Natural Born Citizen Clause

    01/21/2012 11:07:34 PM PST · by devattel · 8 replies
    Puzo1 ^ | January 21, 2012 | Mario Apuzzo, Esq.
    Dr. Conspiracy likes to give the appearance of being an unbiased scholar in pursuit of the truth regarding whether putative President Barack Obama is a “natural born Citizen.” He has also created an internet persona of being a champion of civil rights. He has even gone as far as to take the unabashed position that most people who question Obama’s “natural born Citizen” status are racists. To date, he has made no apologies for his outlandish position. At his blog, , Dr. Conspiracy has posted a story published in The Boston Globe on November 9, 1903, entitled “McClellan’s Citizenship....
  • A Dissertation on... Acquiring... Citizenship...

    05/13/2011 4:23:29 AM PDT · by djf · 14 replies
    1789 | David Ramsay
    Recently, I started a thread about Emer Vattel's definition of "natural born citizen". It was fairly lengthy, and covered alot of sub-topics. Overall, everyone conducted themselves with extreme good manner, and while the issue seemed to remain unresolved, I was proud of the participation. What seems to be missing from the whole discussion is any kind of contemporaneous references to what the founders meant when they said "natural born citizen". While it was never covered explicitly in the Constitutional Convention, or Madison's notes thereof, it was in fact written about by one of the early patriots. So who was...
  • Not a Conspiracy? Natural Born Definition Scrubbed from Online Dictionaries.

    05/07/2011 7:01:47 AM PDT · by opentalk · 86 replies
    Defend Our Freedoms ^ | May 6, 2011 | DFX
    "So progressive that the Constitution is totally defunct .. and yes, Kenya did exist in 1963 as the 'Protectorate of Kenya' under British rule. In 1963, British rule ceased and Kenya dropped 'Protectorate'. Ladies and gentlemen, there is a MASSIVE cover-up underway.BOTH Natural born AND natural born citizen now return NO RESULTS in searches on ALL active online dictionaries, with the sole exception of Wikipedia, redirects to Wikipedia, and quotes from Wikipedia.....The reason this is important is because right now, there is an ongoing debate over at Wikipedia due to the scrubbing of references to Emerich De Vattel's work Law...
  • The NOT Rush Limbaugh LIVE Radio Show Thread - Friday, April 29, 2011 (MARK STEYN SUBS)

    04/29/2011 8:12:31 AM PDT · by IMissPresidentReagan · 236 replies
    Quick posting...buried in an avalanche of work.
  • Vattel

    04/30/2011 12:49:21 AM PDT · by djf · 283 replies
    Lately, we have been bombarded by various people trying to say what is was/wasn't that Vattel had to say, and whether his opinions mattered or were even known to the founders and early America. So I did a bit of research. Emmerich De Vattel was born 1714 of Swiss parentage. At an early age he became interested in literature and philosophy. Now there are much better and detailed biographies on the web, so I won't bore everybody with all the details I read. Suffice to say he spent many years with positions provided by the courts (the royal courts) and...
  • Vattel's Law of Nation is the textbook for National Law; William and Mary College 1830

    03/16/2011 7:39:43 AM PDT · by bushpilot1 · 21 replies · 1+ views
    Google Books ^ | 1830 | William and Mary College
    5. The Professor of Political Law shall deliver Lectures on Natural and National Law, Political Economy, Metaphysics, Government and History. The Text Book on Natural and National Law shall be Vattel, with reference to Rutherforth's Institutes.
  • The True Meaning and Interpretation of Article II "natural born Citizen

    11/04/2010 8:01:39 PM PDT · by STE=Q · 52 replies
    Post & Email ^ | Nov. 4, 2010 | Jedi Pauly
    I wish to undertake a critical analysis of the incomplete works of attorneys Orly Taitz, Phil Berg, and Mario Apuzzo, concerning the meaning and definition of "natural born Citizen" within the political context and intent of Article II. It is my contention that none of the attorneys working on exposing the illegal usurper known as Barack Obama have described any valid theory of law that properly explains why Obama cannot possibly qualify to be President under Article II. I will show what I believe are their mistakes and limitations and expose their incomplete efforts as failed hypotheses rather than valid...
  • 1775-76 The NY Farmer & Vattel (DrCon barf alert)

    10/31/2010 12:11:57 PM PDT · by patlin · 25 replies
    The Devolpment of American Citizenship 1608-1870 | 1978 | Jmaes Kettner
    As usual, DrCon lifts my research then lies about it... Monday, October 25, 2010 4:16:48 AM · 2,124 of 2,837 only excerpts per JSTOR rules The American Journal of Legal History, Vol 18 Americans inherited a complex set of ideas relating to membership, community, and allegiance along with their status as English subjects, and they would adjust, affirm, or repudiate elements of the intellectual whole at different times and in response to varying practical and theoretical concerns. From piecemeal changes and partial modifications, however, a clear line of development emerged as Americans first experienced, then sought to articulate the meaning...
  • Proof the Founders knew & accepted Vattel`s "naturels" to mean "natural born" (re:Obama eligibility)

    10/09/2010 12:21:49 AM PDT · by rxsid · 70 replies ^ | 10/08/2010 | Teo the Bear
    "Absolute proof the Founders knew and accepted Vattel`s French "naturels" to mean "natural born" by: Teo the Bear @ Found in the Library of Congress Website If you look at Article III in the body of the text below, you will see,Les consuls et vice consuls respectifs ne pourront être pris que parmi les sujets naturels de la puissance qui les nommera. Tous seront appointés par leur souverain respectif, et ils ne pourront en conséquence faire aucun trafic ou commerce quelconque ni pour leur propre compte, ni pour le compte d'autrui.Going down further to the end you will find...
  • George Washington's library book returned 221 yrs late

    05/22/2010 8:27:17 AM PDT · by Pharmboy · 50 replies · 1,167+ views
    Reuters ^ | May 20, 2010 | Belinda Goldsmith
    NEW YORK (Reuters) - A library book borrowed by the first U.S. president, George Washington, has been returned to a New York City's oldest library, 221 years late. Washington checked out the book from the New York Society Library at a time when the library shared a building with the federal government in lower Manhattan. The library said in a statement that its borrowing records, or charging ledger, showed Washington took out "The Law of Nations" by Emer de Vattel on October 5, 1789. The book was not returned, nor any overdue book fine paid -- with the overdue fee...
  • The Nonsense Published by Our Nation’s Editors Regarding Obama’s Eligibility to be President

    05/14/2010 3:03:17 PM PDT · by Red Steel · 21 replies · 725+ views
    A Place to Ask Questions to Get the Right Answers ^ | Wednesday, May 12, 2010 | Mario Apuzzo
    As an example of the nonsense that is produced by our nation’s editors regarding the Obama eligibility issue, one can read the story entitled, Taking Issue With the Birthers, written by Daily Titan Opinion Editor, Skylaw Smith, and posted on May 9, 2010, at the Daily Titan at: Mr. Smith’s opinion article is factually inaccurate and highly biased. Mr. Smith attempts to ridicule the efforts of those who question where Obama was born, people that he calls “extremists and conspiracy theorists,” by equating their Obama birthplace inquiry to one involved in a “college level thesis of human genetics.” But...
  • Research - Vattel & the meaning of the Constitutional term "Natural Born Citizen"

    05/12/2010 12:36:53 PM PDT · by rxsid · 548 replies · 1,917+ views
    Article II, Section 1, Clause 5 from the U.S. Constitution states: "No person except a natural born citizen, or a citizen of the United States, at the time of the adoption of this Constitution, shall be eligible to the office of President; neither shall any person be eligible to that office who shall not have attained to the age of thirty five years, and been fourteen Years a resident within the United States."
  • Thomas Jefferson recommends reading Vattels Law of Nations to John Garland Jefferson 11 June 1790

    05/11/2010 5:41:50 PM PDT · by bushpilot1 · 73 replies · 930+ views
    Virginia law books: essays and bibliographies ^ | unknown | William Hamilton Bryson
  • Laws of Nations 1759 English Edition (The Citizens and Natives)

    05/02/2010 4:18:32 AM PDT · by bushpilot1 · 33 replies · 691+ views
    Reading Revolutions ^ | 1759 | Emerich de Vattel
    The first English edition of Law of Nations(1759); or Principles of the Law of Nature: Applied to the Conduct and Affairs of Nations and Sovereigns is shown below. The title page is followed by the Preface and then the Table of Contents for Book I and Book II is shown in its entirety. Require assistance to verify if this is the real deal and how to download. This could be it.
  • Vattel Cited: Records of the Federal Convention1787 (Natural Born Citizen)

    04/23/2010 6:18:25 PM PDT · by bushpilot1 · 461 replies · 5,248+ views
    Obama's supporters state there is no record the Founders used Vattel. The second page shows the addition natural born citizen in 1787, the third page references Vattel.
  • George Washington Consulted the Legal Treatise "Law of Nations" during his First Day in Office

    04/23/2010 2:22:47 PM PDT · by rxsid · 32 replies · 650+ views
    puzo1.blogspot ^ | 4/23/2010 | CDR Charles Kerchner
    "George Washington Consulted the Legal Treatise "Law of Nations" during his First Day in OfficeFriday, April 23, 2010 There was a news account recently that President George Washington 'borrowed' the legal reference book "Law of Nations or Principles of Natural Law" and never returned it to the library in New York and now owes a huge past due fine on that book. This new current events story ties into the importance of that book to George Washington and the other founders. Attached is an image and an the account what the new President was doing with the book in 1789...