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  • ‘Bill Clinton is a rapist!’ Fox&Friends hilarious live interruption, w security takedown action

    10/01/2016 12:00:04 PM PDT · by Beautiful_Gracious_Skies · 46 replies
    BPR: Bizpac Review ^ | October 1, 2016 | Tom Tillison
    A man sporting a Bill Clinton t-shirt interrupted “Fox and Friends Weekend” Saturday morning with shouts that the former president “is a rapist.” Tucker Carlson, Abby Huntsman and Ed Henry were doing a live outdoor segment in the plaza outside Fox News’ New York headquarters and just as Huntsman said “I have been waiting for this segment all morning long,” a man dressed in a shirt and tie in the background opens his shirt. As he reveals a t-shirt emblazoned with Clinton’s face, he begins yelling repeatedly, “Bill Clinton is a rapist!” The man tried to climb over a barricade...
  • CDC Official: Syphilis Rates Among Gay Men Highest Since Before Start Of HIV Epidemic

    04/14/2016 8:53:25 AM PDT · by Olog-hai · 37 replies
    Cybercast News Service ^ | April 13, 2016 | 6:11 PM EDT | Penny Starr
    The rate of syphilis infection among homosexual men has increased to a level not seen since the start of the HIV/AIDS epidemic in the 1980s, an official with the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) said on Capitol Hill Wednesday. “We’re concerned about our high levels of syphilis among men who have sex with men — really we’re back to the level of disease — burden of disease — in gay men that we were seeing before HIV in this country,” said Gail Bolan, director of the CDC’s Division of STD Prevention. She was speaking at an event held...
  • Venereal Disease is Nothing to Clap About

    04/10/2016 7:40:07 AM PDT · by Kaslin · 35 replies ^ | April 10, 2016 | Matt Barber
    Were you aware that April is “STD Awareness Month”?Neither was I.STD, of course, stands for “Sexually Transmitted Disease” – also known as venereal disease or STI (“Sexually Transmitted Infection”).Seems to me that with the virally disproportionate spread of STDs among practitioners of sodomy, it would make more sense to “raise awareness” about the natural consequences of sexual promiscuity during June, which President Obama regularly dubs “LGBT Pride Month.”Nonetheless, and speaking of pride and promiscuity, you oughta head on over to Twitter and check out the left’s latest do-nothing hashtag: #ShoutYourStatus (meaning, sexual disease). You can thank me later.While there, you will be...
  • Reading Homework for EIGHTH GRADERS Features Getting Wasted, Random Sex, HERPES

    11/06/2015 7:52:28 AM PST · by Bon of Babble · 10 replies
    The Daily Caller ^ | Nov. 6, 2015 | Daily Caller
    Students at Myron L. Powell Elementary School in Cedarville, N.J. aren’t just learning about reading, writing and arithmetic this fall. They’re also getting homework assignments with hypothetical scenarios about going to “an awesome party,” getting wasted, having sex with random people they don’t know and and ending up with a nasty case of genital herpes.
  • Scientists identify new STD that could affect hundreds of thousands of adults

    11/12/2015 3:17:55 PM PST · by Flatus I. Maximus · 16 replies
    Daily Mail ^ | 11/12/2015 | Anna Hodgekiss
    Hundreds of thousands of people could unwittingly be carrying a newly-identified sexually transmitted infection, scientists warned today.New research has revealed that an infection called Mycoplasma genitalium (MG) - first identifed more than 30 years ago - is transferred through sexual contact.It is now estimated that one per cent of the British population aged 16-44 is infected
  • Regime Sells Obamacare to Millennials with Promise of Sex Without Consequences

    11/13/2013 11:50:03 AM PST · by Kaslin · 38 replies
    Rush ^ | November 13, 2013 | Rush Limbaugh
    BEGIN TRANSCRIPT RUSH: Here we are on hump day, middle of the week. For those of you newly rendered part-time workers via Obama's health care plan, it used to be hump day, but now you don't even have a hump day. You're just screwed, and some of you may enjoy it. Have you seen these new Obama ads, speaking of being screwed? Have you seen the new Obamacare ads? They're promoting promiscuity. They're promoting it. They're targeting Millennials. Greetings, folks, great to have you here on the Rush Limbaugh program. The telephone number, 800-282-2882, and the e-mail address, Let...
  • Sex Superbug Could Be 'Worse Than AIDS'

    04/30/2013 11:36:45 AM PDT · by AtlasStalled · 44 replies
    CNBC ^ | 04/29/13 | Mark Koba
    An antibiotic-resistant strain of gonorrhea—now considered a superbug—has some analysts saying that the bacteria's effects could match those of AIDS. "This might be a lot worse than AIDS in the short run because the bacteria is more aggressive and will affect more people quickly," said Alan Christianson, a doctor of naturopathic medicine.
  • CDC: 110,197,000 Venereal Infections in U.S.; Nation Creating New STIs Faster

    03/27/2013 12:37:35 PM PDT · by Perdogg · 60 replies
    According to new data released by the federal Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, there were 19.7 million new venereal infections in the United States in 2008, bringing the total number of existing sexually transmitted infections (STIs) in the U.S. at that time to 110,197,000.
  • As blood donations decline, U.S. ban on gay donors is examined

    07/07/2012 7:29:03 AM PDT · by markomalley · 70 replies
    CNN ^ | 7/6/2012 | Jen Christensen
    The American Red Cross says power outages created by recent storms in the East and Midwest cut blood donations, which were already low this summer. In June there was a nationwide shortfall, with donations down more than 10% across the country. "We are asking people to please call 1-800-RED-CROSS or visit us at to find a way to donate if they can," said Stephanie Millian, Red Cross director of biomedical communications. "We need people's help." One group that would like to help, but legally can't, may be moving one step closer to eligibility. Since the 1980s, when the AIDS...
  • WHO warns of gonorrhea's growing drug resistance

    06/06/2012 4:48:52 AM PDT · by Olog-hai · 13 replies
    CTV ^ | Wednesday Jun. 6, 2012 7:07 AM ET | (The Associated Press)
    A potentially dangerous sexually transmitted disease that infects millions of people each year is growing resistant to drugs and could soon become untreatable, the World Health Organization said Wednesday. The United Nations' health agency is urging governments and doctors to step up surveillance of antibiotic-resistant gonorrhea, a bacterial infection that can cause inflammation, infertility, pregnancy complications and, in extreme cases, lead to maternal death. Babies born to mothers with gonorrhea have a 50 percent chance of developing eye infections that can result in blindness. "This organism has basically been developing resistance against every medication we've thrown at it," said Dr....
  • OWS Goes All OWS on Itself

    10/29/2011 5:56:46 AM PDT · by Kaslin · 19 replies ^ | October 28, 2011 | John Ransom
    Occupy Wall Street is descending rapidly into a caricature of the Orwellian farce on which it was predicated: Animal Farm. "Never mind the milk, comrades!" cried Napoleon, placing himself in front of the buckets. "That will be attended to. The harvest is more important. Comrade Snowball will lead the way. I shall follow in a few minutes. Forward, comrades! The hay is waiting." So the animals trooped down to the hayfield to begin the harvest, and when they came back in the evening it was noticed that the milk had disappeared. - Animal Farm, Chapter IIVolunteers who are preparing redistributed food...
  • 6 Brazen Advocates of Slut Culture on the Pseudo-Feminist Left

    10/24/2010 1:40:30 PM PDT · by HorowitzianConservative · 65 replies · 1+ views
    David Horowitz's NewsReal Blog ^ | October 24, 2010 | Cassy Fiano
    Sluthood wasn't always considered a virtue. Most normal, rational people look at sleeping around as something sad and wrong. It's not healthy, physically or mentally, it can be damaging to a young girl's reputation, and it can also be incredibly dangerous. Women that sleep around oftentimes end up feeling used and regret their choices when they get older and decide to settle down. Other women end up contracting STDs, which may or may not be treatable. For these reasons and more, being a slut is understandably looked down upon -- it can be genuinely harmful. Today's pseudo-feminists, however, have...
  • Sexual economics: Women more sexually promiscuous as "price of sex" declines

    10/06/2011 9:34:25 PM PDT · by Slings and Arrows · 100 replies
    ABC Action News ^ | 10/6/11 | Kristal Roberts
    There was a time when having sex with a woman meant a wedding ring, a court ship or at the very least, dinner. But social psychologists say those days are quickly coming to an end as women become more promiscuous, Yahoo Shine reports. -snip- Other things that are said to have contributed to these changes include gender equality, birth control and internet porn.
  • Tiger 'cracks up' (watching cartoons alone)

    12/16/2009 10:41:33 PM PST · by Frantzie · 84 replies · 3,019+ views
    The Sun (UK) ^ | 10-17-2009 | ALEX PEAKE
    TIGER Woods is close to "cracking up" after spending days alone watching CARTOONS and eating cereal. Close friends fear the golf superstar, 33, can't cope in the wake of his sex scandal. He changed his mobile phone number the day after his late-night car crash which sparked a stream of revelations - so friends can no longer contact him.
  • Washington, D.C., Wins V.D. Triple Crown--Leads Nation in Syphilis, Gonorrhea and Chlamydia Rates

    11/17/2009 1:55:25 PM PST · by Mount Athos · 56 replies · 1,723+ views
    cns news ^ | November 17, 2009 | Pete Winn
    Washington, D.C., had the dubious distinction of beating all 50 states to post the highest rates in the nation for the sexually transmitted diseases (STDs) Chlamydia, gonorrhea and syphilis, according to a new report released by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) in Atlanta. The District of Columbia had a Chlamydia rate of 1,177 cases per 100,000 people--almost three times the rate of its neighbors, Virginia (405) and Maryland (439). Mississippi was a distant second, at 728 cases per 100,000 people. By comparison, California’s rate was 407 cases per 100,000; New York came in at 458; New Mexico...
  • Sexually Transmitted Disease Rates Soar: CDC (CDC: Homosexuals & Bisexuals Are Causing This

    01/13/2009 3:41:16 PM PST · by Laissez-faire capitalist · 68 replies · 2,980+ views
    Yahoo News ^ | 1/13/2009 | Will Dunham
    U.S. syphillis rates rose for a seventh year in 2007, driven by gay and bisexual men, while chlamydia reached record numbers and gonorrhea remained at alarming levels -- especially among blacks, health officials said on Tuesday. Blacks make up 12 percent of the U.S. population, but account for about 70 percent of gonorrhea cases and almost half of chlamydia and syphillis cases, the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention said...
  • Researchers blame HPV for rise in throat cancer [Veterans of swinging sixties may pay for free love]

    07/04/2008 12:17:12 PM PDT · by Gondring · 35 replies · 359+ views
    Chicago Tribune ^ | June 8, 2008 | Jeremy Manier
    FOR five gruelling months, Carol Kanga suffered through treatment for a life-threatening case of throat cancer linked to an unlikely source: a sexually transmitted viral infection. Unable to swallow food or water during chemotherapy and radiation treatment, Kanga was fed through a stomach tube. "The radiation basically burns the skin off the outside and inside of your throat," said Kanga, 52. "It's like there's a fire inside your neck." Kanga's treatment was successful, but the virus that struck her is causing increasing concern among some researchers who think it is causing a small-scale epidemic of throat cancer. That virus, scientists...
  • Record 1 Million Cases of Chlamydia Reported in the U.S. Last Year

    11/13/2007 10:34:57 AM PST · by jalisco555 · 64 replies · 237+ views
    More than 1 million cases of chlamydia were reported in the United States last year — the most ever reported for a sexually transmitted disease, federal health officials said Tuesday. "A new U.S. record," said Dr. John M. Douglas Jr. of the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention. More bad news: Gonorrhea rates are jumping again after hitting a record low, and an increasing number of cases are caused by a "superbug" version resistant to common antibiotics, federal officials said Tuesday. Syphilis is rising, too. The rate of congenital syphilis — which can deform or kill babies — rose for...
  • The HPV Vaccine: Government Mandates and Parental Rights

    11/01/2007 11:02:48 AM PDT · by vadum · 48 replies · 641+ views
    Capital Research Center ^ | November 2007 | Jana Erwin
    Parents believe they have the right to decide what medical treatments are best for their children. But state lawmakers think otherwise because of a disease that has become both a feminist and a public health cause celebre. Across America lawmakers want to compel young girls to be inoculated against human papillomavirus (HPV) years before most become sexually active because there is a chance it can cause cervical cancer. Is replacing parental judgment with mandates by lawmakers and courts good for society?...... Legislators in at least 41 states and the District of Columbia have introduced legislation to require, fund or educate...
  • Origins of Syphilis [It was waiting for Columbus and his crew~~~NEW WORLD]

    10/06/2007 6:04:49 PM PDT · by shield · 95 replies · 3,583+ views ^ | January/February 1997 | Mark Rose
    snip... Syphilis, it seems, developed in the New World from yaws, perhaps 1,600 years ago, and was waiting for Columbus and his crew. The Rothschilds are now examining skeletal collections from the Bahamas to look for evidence of syphilis nearer to Columbus' landfall.
  • Perry orders anti-cancer vaccine for schoolgirls

    02/02/2007 1:28:44 PM PST · by YCTHouston · 785 replies · 15,008+ views
    Houston Chronicle/AP ^ | Feb. 2, 2007 | LIZ AUSTIN PETERSON
    AUSTIN — Gov. Rick Perry ordered today that schoolgirls in Texas must be vaccinated against the sexually transmitted virus that causes cervical cancer, making Texas the first state to require the shots. The girls will have to get Merck & Co.'s new vaccine against strains of the human papillomavirus, or HPV, that are responsible for most cases of cervical cancer. Merck is bankrolling efforts to pass laws in state legislatures across the country mandating it Gardasil vaccine for girls as young as 11 or 12. It doubled its lobbying budget in Texas and has funneled money through Women in Government,...
  • Magazine ranks Tacoma [WA] 'most sexually healthy' city

    11/21/2006 1:02:19 PM PST · by Sopater · 21 replies · 850+ views
    King 5 News ^ | 10:09 AM PST on Tuesday, November 21, 2006 | AP
    TACOMA, Wash. - Self magazine lists Tacoma as the "most sexually healthy" city in its rankings of America's healthiest places. The magazine's Sara Austin says it considered STD rates, HIV tests, sex education and access to birth control and abortion. The Tacoma-Pierce County health director Dr. Federico Cruz-Uribe was surprised by the ranking. He says Tacoma has done well in the fight to control some diseases such as AIDS but is higher than normal in levels of chlamydia and gonorrhea.
  • CWA Warns that “Girls Gone Wild” Leads to “Girls with Regrets”

    03/11/2006 1:46:04 PM PST · by wagglebee · 91 replies · 4,462+ views
    Concerned Women for America ^ | 3/9/06 | Concerned Women for America
    Washington, D.C. — Concerned Women for America (CWA) pleads with young women across the country to take caution and safety measures as they enter the spring break season. The American Medical Association released a study which says that 83 percent of college women admit that spring break involves increased consumption of alcohol, and 74 percent said the break is a time to indulge in sexual activity. “The danger of spring break is that students have an attitude that ‘anything goes’,” said Dr. Janice Crouse, CWA’s Senior Fellow of the Beverly LaHaye Institute. “The idea that this vacation has no...
  • Restroom’s gay review stirs the pot in Malden

    02/23/2006 3:34:05 AM PST · by Panerai · 56 replies · 1,882+ views
    Boston Herald ^ | 02/23/2006 | Matthew Keough
    A gay Web site’s praise of bawdy bathroom behavior in Malden City Hall has sparked a tempest over the toilet. The mayor is ordering the first-floor men’s room to remain open while city councilors want it locked up or a security plan put in place. “The public needs these kinds of facilities and I don’t see the need of closing it,” said Malden Mayor Richard Howard, adding others are “overreacting” to the gay site. An anonymous letter sent to the City Council alerted them to a five-star ranking on the Gay Universe site for male-on-male sexual encounters in the stalls.The...
  • Restroom’s gay review stirs the pot in Malden

    02/23/2006 1:11:47 PM PST · by MRMEAN · 13 replies · 1,056+ views
    Boston Herald ^ | Thursday, February 23, 2006 | By Matthew Keough/ Malden Observer
    A gay Web site's praise of bawdy bathroom behavior in Malden City Hall has sparked a tempest over the toilet. The mayor is ordering the first-floor men's room to remain open while city councilors want it locked up or a security plan put in place. "The public needs these kinds of facilities and I don't see the need of closing it," said Malden Mayor Richard Howard, adding others are "overreacting" to the gay site. An anonymous letter sent to the City Council alerted them to a five-star ranking on the Gay Universe site for male-on-male sexual encounters in the stalls....
  • A special message from the Department of Troll Control, come and get it!

    01/12/2006 8:39:35 AM PST · by dhls · 6,335 replies · 37,707+ views
    Department of Troll Control | Another Ignorant Troll
    Fellow Americans, there comes a time every mans life when we must give up ourselves before we are worthy to recieve. There comes a time in this war on terror when in order to protect liberty, we have to give it up in the mean time for safty. That's right folks. Today, Americans have forsaken the creator for the creation and have decided that they would value our "civil liberties" than protecting western civilization and rich white people from the tender mercies of radical Islamic terrorists. Selfish liberals insist and whine that Bush has no right to spy on Americans...
  • Rare Chlamydia Strain Infecting Gay Men

    02/06/2006 2:55:11 PM PST · by DBeers · 128 replies · 3,152+ views
    The Washington Post ^ | February 6, 2006 | Lauran Neergaard
    WASHINGTON -- A particularly bad strain of chlamydia not usually seen in this country appears to be slowly spreading among gay and bisexual men, an infection that can increase their chances of getting or spreading the AIDS virus. Called LGV chlamydia, this sexually transmitted disease has caused a worrisome outbreak in Europe, where some countries have confirmed dozens of cases. Diagnoses confirmed by U.S. health officials still are low, just 27 since they warned a year ago that the strain was headed here. But specialists say that's undoubtedly a fraction of the infections, because this illness is incredibly hard to...
  • Study: Teen Girls Lack Basic Facts About Most STDs

    01/05/2006 6:54:35 AM PST · by Millee · 230 replies · 2,180+ views
    Most sexually active teenage girls know relatively little about sexually transmitted diseases until it is too late, according to new research. In a survey of 300 adolescent girls in the Pittsburgh area, Carnegie Mellon University researchers found that girls who reported having been diagnosed with an STD knew more about that particular disease than other girls, but did not know more about the other diseases. The findings are published in the January edition of the Journal of Adolescent Health. On average, with the exception of HIV/AIDS, the teens did not know many basic facts about STDs, said Julie Downs, lead...

    12/27/2005 10:42:05 AM PST · by proud republican woman · 569 replies · 16,623+ views
    Freeper | December 27, 2005 | Proud Republican Woman, zotted by Archpriestess Helga, Church of the Viking Kittens
    After reading all of the crap that people have been saying regarding Adult Private Social Clubs, I felt that I had to post an article and give my opinion. I am sick and tired of all the religous groups that are saying that there are drugs, prostitution, minors, non-consenting people, and just immoral people at these clubs! First of all, who do these people think they are to decide what is morally right or wrong for me? I believe that I have a good set of morals. I am a law abiding, tax paying citizen, I work full time and...
  • Clinton's worldview (***Barf Alert***)

    09/13/2005 8:43:09 AM PDT · by Willie Green · 23 replies · 457+ views
    FinanceAsia ^ | 13 September 2005 | Lara Wozniak
    CLSA Kicks off its Investors' Forum with Bill Clinton as its charismatic Keynote Luncheon Speaker. He has bags under his eyes the size of almonds and looks too thin for a healthy robust man - particularly if still fixed in your mind is the McDonald's-munching jogger. But the 42nd president of the United States still possesses charisma delivered with his down-home Southern syntax and expressions punctuated by long, drawn-out pauses for emphasis that cause many within an audience to laugh and nod along in approval - or with resigned, but occasionally amused, disapproval. At the CLSA Investors' Forum that opened...
  • Gays faced with new STD strains

    07/05/2005 3:15:25 PM PDT · by Dane · 85 replies · 3,213+ views
    Miami Hearld ^ | 7/05/05 | Jacob Goldstein
    Gays faced with new STD strains By JACOB GOLDSTEIN In the past five years, without much fanfare, a syphilis epidemic has emerged among gay men in South Florida and around the country. Nationwide, rates of drug-resistant gonorrhea have risen rapidly in gay men. And a rare form of chlamydia has spread among gay men in Europe, moved to Canada and New England, and may have made its way to South Florida. Syphilis, gonorrhea and chlamydia are all curable, but they can be painful and, if not treated promptly, can cause long-term damage. And having a sexually transmitted disease makes...
  • A healthier social network for students

    05/16/2005 10:41:28 AM PDT · by JZelle · 10 replies · 556+ views
    The Washington Times ^ | 5-16-05 | Kate Tsubata
    A friend just passed me a report I urge all parents to read: "Chains of Affection: The Structure of Adolescent Romantic and Sexual Networks," by Peter S. Bearman, James Moody and Katherine Stovel. The report (www.sociology. chains.pdf), published in the July 2004 issue of the American Journal of Sociology, presents a daunting picture of what is happening in American high schools. The researchers interviewed students from the only high school in a mostly white Midwestern town. The town was an hour from the nearest large city, a factor important in ensuring that the researchers were dealing with a rather...
  • Man and Woman”, “Wife”, “Husband”, “Widow”, “Widower” Banished From all Ontario Law

    02/28/2005 7:41:38 AM PST · by DBeers · 118 replies · 5,312+ views
    LifeSiteNews ^ | February 25, 2005 | LifeSiteNews
    “Man and Woman”, “Wife”, “Husband”, “Widow”, “Widower” Banished From all Ontario Law Terms, when referring to spouses, are banned from all government programs, services, documentsToronto, February 25, 2005 ( – With the obscenely rapid, three-day introduction and passage of its same-sex “marriage” Bill 171, the Ontario government has advanced a revolutionary change in the way all laws and government programs and institutions refer to marriage and married persons. Everything referring to spouses must now be gender neutral. No longer can a married couple be referred to as “husband and wife” or “man and woman”. The terms “Widow” and “widower” are...
  • New York Suburb Has First Case of Rare STD (Severe form of "The Jack")

    02/26/2005 9:52:14 PM PST · by Dan from Michigan · 47 replies · 1,477+ views
    AP ^ | 2-26-05
    New York Suburb Has First Case of Rare STD Sat Feb 26, 6:29 PM ET Health - AP MINEOLA, N.Y. - A Nassau County man has been diagnosed with a rare sexually transmitted disease, the first case in the county and one of seven around the country. The Nassau County Department of Health has confirmed that the man has Lymphogranuloma Venereum, a form of chlamydia. The disease's symptoms can be serious — rectal pain and bleeding, and sores. The disease can also increase the risk of HIV (news - web sites) transmission. Two men in New York City were diagnosed...
  • Rare Sexually Transmitted Disease Strikes 2 in N.Y. (Warning - somewhat graphic)

    02/02/2005 5:11:54 PM PST · by Dan from Michigan · 83 replies · 3,817+ views
    reuters ^ | 2-2-05
    Rare Sexually Transmitted Disease Strikes 2 in N.Y. Wed Feb 2, 5:06 PM ET Health - Reuters NEW YORK (Reuters) - Two New Yorkers have been diagnosed with a rare sexually transmitted disease that is spreading among gay and bisexual men in Europe, the city health commissioner said on Wednesday. The disease, known as LGV or Lymphogranuloma venereum, is caused by specific strains of chlamydia and is often marked by painful, bloody rectal infection and genital ulcers. "LGV is a serious condition and its emergence in New York City reflects continuing high levels of unsafe sexual activity among men who...
  • South African church attacks condom promotion

    01/26/2005 11:24:01 AM PST · by NYer · 14 replies · 917+ views
    Yahoo News ^ | January 26, 2005 | Peter Apps
    JOHANNESBURG (Reuters) - Promoting condoms has failed to stem the spread of AIDS and may have increased promiscuity, the Roman Catholic Church in South Africa says, sparking criticism from AIDS activists. Cardinal Wilfred Napier said there was simply no evidence that promoting condoms had worked, citing the fact that as a contraceptive, they come with a failure rate which implies they probably do not always stop HIV transmission. "Can you show me one example where condoms have stopped the spread of AIDS?," he said in a telephone interview on Wednesday. "If you look at South Africa, millions have been spent...
  • Hey Kids! Want Good Sex? Try Abstinence.

    12/10/2004 11:36:01 AM PST · by DBeers · 105 replies · 3,653+ views ^ | December 10, 2004 | Warren Throckmorton
    Hey Kids! Want Good Sex? Try Abstinence.Warren ThrockmortonAs a mental health counselor, I am really troubled by the numbers of adolescents that I have counseled who cried for days and hurt for years because they engaged in "safer sex" within dead end, unfulfilling relationships. Sadly, they learned that “safer sex” can be hazardous to their emotional health. I think the current political debate concerning abstinence vs. contraceptive based sexual education has failed to include an important variable in the discussion of what to teach in school: sexual well being. In many contemporary sexual education curricula, young boys and girls who...
  • Contraceptive, Depo Provera, is linked to high STD risk

    08/23/2004 5:54:58 PM PDT · by Coleus · 28 replies · 1,532+ views
    Yahoo ^ | 08.23.04
    Contraceptive is linked to high STD risk By Rita Rubin, USA TODAYUse of the contraceptive Depo Provera appears to triple women's risk of infection with chlamydia and gonorrhea, a study reports Monday.An estimated 20 million to 30 million women worldwide use Depo Provera, which is injected into the arm or buttocks every three months."It's popular among young women particularly," says Christine Mauck of the Contraceptive Research and Development Program in Arlington, Va. Not only is it convenient and effective, says Mauck, who wasn't involved in the new study, "it can't be found by your mother."But other studies have suggested that...
  • Caption This --- Gay Pride

    06/27/2004 2:06:40 AM PDT · by dila813 · 32 replies · 354+ views
    Yahoo ^ | Sat Jun 26,10:54 PM ET | AP
  • 'Pornfest' canceled after WND story

    05/25/2004 10:41:27 PM PDT · by JohnHuang2 · 15 replies · 257+ views ^ | Wednesday, May 26, 2004
    After publicity sparked by a WND story, a university canceled a student group's "National Outdoor Intercourse Day" and related "Pornfest" this year. One year ago, Western Washington University in Bellingham, Wash., held its 11th annual "celebration" with offerings such as condom hunts, a masturbation information table and "Pornfest," a showing of award-winning pornographic films along with discussion sessions. Brochures were distributed to inform students of the "repercussions of sex outdoors," and a guest lecturer from a "sex-positive" community center in Seattle spoke on dispelling the "myths" surrounding polyamory – having sexual relationships with more than one person at a time....
  • Toronto syphilis rates soar 800 percent

    02/16/2004 12:02:53 PM PST · by Loyalist · 50 replies · 340+ views
    Big News Network ^ | February 16, 2004 | Staff
    The rate of syphilis infection has soared 800 percent in the past two years, prompting Toronto health officials to call for education and prevention funding. Nearly 280 Torontonians tested positive for syphilis in 2003, up nearly 45 percent from 195 in 2002, the Toronto Sun said Monday, quoting a report to be presented next week to Toronto's health board. Those numbers are up from just 30 cases a year from 1997-2001. Nearly three-quarters of the cases were among men who have gay, unprotected sex, the report said. The city tried to fight the rise last spring with a month-long poster...

    07/28/2003 6:47:21 AM PDT · by NativeNewYorker · 9 replies · 207+ views
    Deutsche Presse via Bloomberg no url | 7/28/3
    Berlin (dpa) - Public health officials said Monday the incidence of syphilis was soaring in Germany, with homosexual men especially affected by the sexually transmitted disease, which is rampant in eastern Europe.    The Robert Koch Institute (RKI) in Berlin, the German federal agency that tracks infectious diseases, said there were 2,275 cases last year, a rise of 720 compared to 2001, with the highest rates in the two big cities of Berlin and Hamburg.    Officials said the increase was mainly because homosexual men were taking more risks. Often syphilis was showing up as an accompanying infection to human immunodeficiency...
  • Doctor: Teen Sex Is Killing Our Children

    02/03/2003 3:00:24 PM PST · by joesnuffy · 13 replies · 481+ views
    News Max ^ | Monday, Feb. 3, 2003 | Phil Brennan
    Phil Brennan Monday, Feb. 3, 2003 Every day a silent epidemic strikes 8,000 American youngsters, warns Dr. Meg Meeker, and it is killing and physically and psychologically crippling hordes of America’s children. Dr. Meeker, author of the new book "Epidemic," told a rapt C-PAC audience Friday that she was speaking "on behalf of the millions of American teen-agers who cannot speak for themselves, who cannot articulate how to preserve the sanctity of their lives as they are being crushed amidst our culture which is so toxic to their sensibilities and their sensitivities to their psyches, to their bodies, to their...