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  • News Of Kerry's Girl Friend?

    08/11/2005 11:26:03 AM PDT · by Tacis · 24 replies · 790+ views
    8/11/05 | Tacis
    The campaign is over! Traitor John Kerry can go back to his lazy, sloppy old ways (how often has he missed votes or committee meetings since the election?). My bet is that his girl friend has been allowed to return from Africa,She was sent to Africa before the election so as to be unavailable should any non-left wing extremist media type wish to ask her questions that might cause Traitor John some worry. But, she must be back by now.Has she been spotted? Aren't there any papparazzi who'd be paid some bucks for pictures showing John canoodling with a woman...
  • Kerry Met With Communists Illegally, Author Says

    05/20/2004 6:27:56 AM PDT · by bigsoxfan · 7 replies · 203+ views ^ | 5/20/2004 | Marc Morano
    ( - The 1970 meeting that current Democratic presidential candidate John Kerry conducted with North Vietnamese communists may have violated several U.S. laws, according to an author and researcher who has studied the issue. Kerry met with representatives from "both delegations" of the Vietnamese peace process in Paris in 1970, according to Kerry's own testimony before the Senate Foreign Relations Committee on April 22, 1971. But Kerry's meetings with the Vietnamese delegations were in direct violation of laws which forbade private citizens from negotiating with foreign powers, according to researcher and author Jerry Corsi, who began studying the anti-war movement...
  • John Kerry's Trail of Treachery (FrontPageMag Highlights FRN's "Winter Soldier" Project!)

    04/08/2004 8:11:42 PM PDT · by Bob J · 69 replies · 3,984+ views
    FrontPage Magazine ^ | 4-8-04 |
    March 8, 1965 -- The first Stockholm Conference on Vietnam is held in Stockholm, Sweden. The conference is the creation of Romesh Chandra, chairman of the KGB-funded World Peace Council. Former Soviet bloc spy chief Ion Mihai Pacepa will later describe it as "a permanent international organization to aid or to conduct operations to help Americans dodge the draft or defect, to demoralize its army with anti-American propaganda, to conduct protests, demonstrations, and boycotts, and to sanction anyone connected with the war." The operation is staffed by undercover intelligence officers and funded to the tune of about $15 million per...
  • Communists Infiltrated Kerry's Anti-War Group, Historian Says

    04/01/2004 2:56:46 AM PST · by kattracks · 69 replies · 486+ views ^ | 4/01/04 | Marc Morano
    ( - The 1970s anti-war group that included current Democratic presidential candidate John Kerry was "heavily infiltrate[d]" by individuals dedicated to the teachings of Chinese communist leader Mao Tse-Tung and to the use of violence, if necessary to achieve their goals, according to a historian friendly to Kerry. "The RCP (Revolutionary Communist Party) was already beginning to heavily infiltrate the [Vietnam Veterans Against the War in 1971]. They eventually took it over around '73 and basically pushed out all the real veterans and brought in all the RCP functionaries and destroyed the organization," Gerald Nicosia, author of Home to War:...
  • Kerry's Group Met With The Viet Cong In Paris In 1971

    02/19/2004 10:25:55 AM PST · by Hon · 48 replies · 4,730+ views
    The Winter Soldiers | 1997 | Richard Stacewicz
    <p>The Vietnam Veterans Against The War (VVAW) sent their own delegation to Paris to meet with the representatives of the National Liberation Front (AKA Viet Cong) in 1971. At this time John Kerry was their spokesman and defacto leader.</p> <p>Caption: First peace meeting between VVAW and the NLF, Paris, 1971.</p>
  • Kerry Met With Viet Cong And North Vietnamese In Paris In 1971

    03/06/2004 12:21:15 AM PST · by Hon · 233 replies · 27,271+ views
    Congressional Record ^ | March 6, 2004 | John F. Kerry
    A couple of weeks ago I posted this thread about a photograph that I wound in a book about Kerry's group, the Vietnam Veterans Against The War: Kerry's Group Met With The Viet Cong In Paris In 1971 The Vietnam Veterans Against The War (VVAW) sent their own delegation to Paris to meet with the representatives of the National Liberation Front (AKA Viet Cong) in 1971. At this time John Kerry was their spokesman and defacto leader. This photograph is from the book "The Winter Soldiers", by Richard Stacewicz, page 284: Caption: First peace meeting between VVAW and the NLF,...
  • Would Kerry Insist We Accept Al Qaeda's Terms Like He Insisted We Accept The Vietcong's?

    03/14/2004 11:09:52 PM PST · by Hon · 18 replies · 611+ views
    Congressional Record ^ | March 15, 2004 | John Kerry
    The Vietnam Veterans Against The War (VVAW) sent several delegations to Paris to meet with the representatives of the National Liberation Front (AKA Vietcong) and North Vietnamese in 1971. John Kerry went on at least one of these trips and met and "negotiated" with representatives of the VC and the government of North Vietnam. First peace meeting between VVAW and the NLF, Paris, 1971 John Kerry was so proud of having gone to meet with the enemy and negotiate with them, it was the first thing he brought up after he finished his remarks before the Senate: LEGISLATIVE PROPOSALS RELATING...
  • Kerry's Testimony Before The Senate Foreign Relations Committee, April 22, 1971 - Entire Transcript

    03/15/2004 7:01:27 AM PST · by Hon · 1 replies · 2,343+ views
    Congressional Record ^ | March 15, 2004 | John Kerry
    [Please especially note Kerry's remarks after his opening statement. He says a number of suprising things.] LEGISLATIVE PROPOSALS RELATING TO THE WAR IN SOUTHEAST ASIA THURSDAY, APRIL 22, 1971 UNITED STATES SENATE; COMMITTEE ON FOREIGN RELATIONS, Washington, D.C. The committee met, pursuant to notice, at 11:05 a.m., in Room 4221, New Senate Office Building, Senator J. W. Fulbright (Chairman) presiding. Present: Senators Fulbright, Symington, Pell, Aiken, Case, and Javits. The CHAIRMAN. The committee will come to order. OPENING STATEMENT The committee is continuing this morning its hearings on proposals relating to the ending of the war in Southeast Asia. This...
  • Kerry's Veteran Organizer Joe Bangert Sang For The Enemy

    03/07/2004 7:14:00 PM PST · by Hon · 42 replies · 6,415+ views
    Compiled | March 7, 2004 | Hon
    Joe Bangert has been a friend and supporter of John Kerry for many years. He was in the Vietnam Veterans Against The War (VVAW) with Kerry. He was with Kerry when he spoke from the same stage as Jane Fonda at Valley Forge in the culmination of the four day Operation RAW rally: "[Kerry] was our ragtag commander at Valley Forge," says veterans organizer Joe Bangert. Source Bangert was with Kerry at the Winter Soldier Investigation in Detroit where he gave this testimony which was later submitted into the Congressional record and included in then included Kerry's suppressed book "The...
  • Kerry spoke of meeting negotiators on Vietnam - Claimed US Was "Murdering" Vietnamese

    03/25/2004 2:29:29 AM PST · by kattracks · 82 replies · 466+ views
    Boston Globe ^ | 3/25/04 | Michael Kranish and Patrick Healy
    <p>WASHINGTON -- In a question-and-answer session before a Senate committee in 1971, John F. Kerry, who was a leading antiwar activist at the time, asserted that 200,000 Vietnamese per year were being "murdered by the United States of America" and said he had gone to the Paris and "talked with both delegations at the peace talks" and met with communist representatives.</p>
  • Lying when not necessary makes most wonder — but not the media

    03/25/2004 5:53:42 AM PST · by SJackson · 34 replies · 216+ views
    Jewish World Review ^ | March 25, 2004 | Jack Kelly
    Suppose you are a journalist who — like many journalists — is more interested in defeating President Bush than in providing your readers with potentially important information which reflects poorly on Sen. John F. Kerry, the presumptive Democratic nominee. You would like simply to ignore the information. But the evidence is incontrovertible, and other journalists who do not share your hostility to Bush already possess it. How do you handle the story? The facts are these: From Nov. 12-15, 1971, the Vietnam Veterans Against the War (VVAW), an organization Kerry helped found and of which he was the principal spokesman,...
  • UPI Report: Kerry Met With 'Viet Cong' Leaders In Paris in 1971

    03/22/2004 7:04:54 PM PST · by solicitor77 · 33 replies · 2,656+ views
    United Press International ^ | March 9, 2004 | United Press International Another site,, places records from Sen. Kerry's anti-war protests online, including the transcript of the full question and answer session before a U.S. Senate committee, where the young Vietnam veteran detailed, among other activities, his trip as a civilian to the Paris Peace talks involving the U.S., South Vietnamese and North Vietnamese governments. "I have been to Paris. I have talked with both delegations at the peace talks -- that is to say the Democratic Republic of Vietnam and the Provisional Revolutionary Government," Kerry said during testimony on April 22, 1971, before the Foreign Relations Committee, according to...
  • Kerry's Campaign Asked A [Disabled] Veteran To Change Story - KC Meeting At Issue

    03/22/2004 8:28:31 AM PST · by Hon · 133 replies · 1,078+ views
    New York Sun | March 22, 2004 | Thomas H. Lipscomb
    KERRY’S CAMPAIGN ASKED A VETERAN TO CHANGE STORY KANSAS MEETING AT ISSUE By THOMAS H. LIPSCOMB Special to the Sun     A Vietnam veteran who said he remembers John Kerry participating in a 1971 Kansas City meeting at which an assassination plot was discussed says an official with the Kerry presidential campaign called him this month and pressured him to change his story.     The veteran, John Musgrave, says he was called twice by the head of Veterans for Kerry, John Hurley, while a reporter for the Kansas City Star worked on a follow-up piece to a New York Sun article about...
  • Was Kerry Involved In Plans To Murder 7 US Senators In 1971?

    03/10/2004 7:29:58 PM PST · by Hon · 47 replies · 1,169+ views
    "Winter Soldiers"/ "Home To War" | March 11, 2004 | Various
    As I posted on a thread a couple of weeks ago, Kerry's group the VVAW had discussing the assassination of pro-war US Senators. Kerry's Group The VVAW Discussed Assassinating Seven Pro-War Senators In December 1971 The following is an excerpt from a book, "Winter Soldiers," by Richard Staciewicz, pp 294-295:In the fall of 1971, tensions over the direction in which the organization was heading, as it spread out into various community activities and took on a more consciously anti-imperialist position, were becoming more evident. In November, an emergency meeting of the steering committee was held in Kansas City. This meeting...
  • Kerry Still Called Himself The Head Of VVAW In January 1973

    03/18/2004 8:26:44 PM PST · by Hon · 31 replies · 443+ views
    Boston Globe ^ | March 19, 2004
    <p>John Kerry, a Vietnam vet and head of Vietnam Veterans Against the War, watches as President Nixon announces an agreement on a cease fire in Vietnam. Kerry, who lost to Republican Paul Cronin (D-Mass) in the November general elections said, "my initial reaction is thank God that the prisoners are coming home and that we at least have stopped American participation in the war."</p>

    03/19/2004 9:07:07 AM PST · by kennedy · 429 replies · 1,263+ views
    New York Sun ^ | Mar 19, 2004 | JOSH GERSTEIN
    MILL VALLEY, Calif. — Senator Kerry of Massachusetts yesterday retreated from his earlier steadfast denials that he attended a meeting of Vietnam Veterans Against the War at which a plan to assassinate U.S. Senators was debated. The reversal came as new evidence, including reports from FBI informants, emerged that contradicted Mr. Kerry’s previous statements about the gathering, which was held in Kansas City, Mo. in November 1971. “John Kerry had no personal recollection of this meeting 33 years ago,” a Kerry campaign spokesman, David Wade, said in a statement e-mailed last night from Idaho, where Mr. Kerry is on vacation....
  • SUNDAY 2:48 pm Eastern on FOX NEWS: John Kerry, beware...Thomas Lipscomb has the story

    03/13/2004 5:09:28 PM PST · by doug from upland · 50 replies · 521+ views
    dfu | 3-13-04 | dfu
    ORIGINAL THREAD REGARDING APPEARANCE OF REPORTER TOM LIPSCOMB ON FOX NEWS Reporter Tom Lipscomb wrote a bombshell piece of investigative journalism a few days ago that appeared in the NY SUN --- LIPSCOMB STORY - How Kerry Quit Veterans Group Amid Dark Plot Lipscomb was supposed to be on FOX NEWS today but got bumbed because of the horrific terrorist bombing in Spain. He is rescheduled for Sunday at 2:48 pm Eastern. For those who haven't paid attention, Lipscomb wrote a story about a meeting in Kansas City on Nov. 12-15, 1971. At that meeting of Vietnam Vets Against...
  • The Tenth Brother [former Kerry mate from Nam steps forward: "Kerry was chickens---"]

    03/09/2004 11:33:47 PM PST · by ambrose · 108 replies · 554+ views
    Time Magazine ^ | 3.09.04
    Tuesday, Mar. 09, 2004The Tenth Brother Douglas Brinkley, author of Tour of Duty: John Kerry and the Vietnam War, interviews Kerry’s tenth warmate and gets a story sharply different from what the other nine crew members have had to say ByDOUGLAS BRINKLEY Just when it looked like Senator John Kerry’s so-called Band of Brothers were unified in vouching for his leadership in Vietnam there is suddenly a lone ripple of dissent in the ranks. “What can I say?” Kerry said when told that a former crewmate had unpleasant memories of him as his commanding officer. “I’ll take nine out...
  • Kerry is a Fraud -War Hero Manufactured (My Title)

    03/03/2004 9:57:59 PM PST · by Soliton · 13 replies · 1,161+ views
    Crown Publishers, NY, NY | 2001 | Gerald Nicosia
    Following is an email I sent to gary Thursday, February 26, 2004 You should try to interview Gerald Nicosia, the author of "Home to War, a History of the Viet Nam Veterans' Movement." Crown Publishers, NY, NY. The book attempts to paint Kerry in a positive light, but from a leftists prospective. In doing so it reveals several interesting things: Kerry received notice that he would be drafted, so he "enlisted in the Navy, to see for himself what was going on and at the same time to stay out of combat". Pg 70, para 3. There is also a...
  • Jane and Me (Kerry and Fraud)

    02/23/2004 11:47:10 AM PST · by thesummerwind · 28 replies · 550+ views
    The Tribune Review ^ | 2/23/04 | Ralph Reiland
    <p>Like John Kerry, there's a photo of me somewhere out there with Jane Fonda. Also in the photo would be my wife and Tom Hayden, co-founder of Students for a Democratic Society and the intellectual guru of the New Left who was convicted (and later acquitted) at the Chicago Seven trial for inciting a riot at the 1968 Democratic National Convention.</p>
  • "Vietnam Vets Against Kerry" Demonstration against Kerry in NY, Feb. 28, noon

    02/23/2004 5:40:06 PM PST · by FairOpinion · 32 replies · 426+ views
    Vietnam Veterans Against John Kerry ^ | Feb. 23, 2004 | Ted Sampley
    Vietnam Veterans Against John Kerry and Vietnamese-American Organizations Coalition Announce Plans For A Protest Demonstration Against John Kerry Where: New York City, 373 Park Avenue South (between 26the and 27the Streets) across from Kerry's campaign headquarters Date: February 28, 2004 Time: 12:00 noon Coalition spokesman: Jerry Kiley, New York spokesman and demonstration coordinator can be reached at 845-947-3058. Mike Benge, a US POW in Vietnam for 5 years is available for interviews at 703- 698-8256 Peter Nguyen, General Council of the Vietnamese Community of NY, will be available for interviews at 718-892-9500 Vietnam Veterans Against John Kerry (V.V.A.J.K) has formed...
  • John Kerry, the Sunshine Soldier (Free Republic Network's

    02/24/2004 1:07:05 AM PST · by kattracks · 27 replies · 390+ views ^ | 2/24/04 | Joel Mowbray
    After the media tore into President Bush’s 30-year-old National Guard record like a rabid pit bull into a bacon-scented postman, Democrats have been licking their chops in anticipation of highlighting John Kerry’s decorated service during the same time period.A new web site that launched yesterday (Monday, January 23), however, should give Democrats more than a moment’s pause—and is likely just the opening salvo in exposing the truth about the outlandish actions of Kerry and his comrades as part of an anti-war group known as Vietnam Veterans Against the War.Created by the conservative Free Republic Network, seems to contain...
  • John Kerry- some selected, informative links...

    01/21/2004 1:59:29 PM PST · by backhoe · 1,205 replies · 20,420+ views
    various FR links | 01-21-04 | The Heavy Equipment Guy
    WHO IS JOHN KERRY? (RNC RESEARCH)Posted on 01/22/2003 7:41 PM PST by PhiKapMom Who Is John Kerry? A Massachusetts Liberal Out Of Touch With America. “Kerry is . Vietnam Veterans Against John Kerry (apparently new web site)Vietnam Veterans Against John Kerry ^ | on or before January 21, 2004 | U.S. Veteran Dispatch What You Don’t Know About John KerryNewsmax. ^ | Jan. 20, 2004 | Chuck Noe It's about time somebody put together the real biography of John Kerry. All one hears nowadays is his "Vietnam hero" lines. Before this campaign is over,...
  • JAMES TARANTO: The Emperor's New Uniform; Kerry Runs From Vietnam Record--II

    02/24/2004 2:05:10 AM PST · by JohnHuang2 · 3 replies · 127+ views
    WSJ/Opinion Journal, Best of the Web Today ^ | Tuesday, February 24, 2004 | James Taranto
    <p>Over the last week, you and your campaign have initiated a widespread attack on my service in Vietnam, my decision to speak out to end that war, and my commitment to the defense of this nation. Just today, Saxby Chambliss--a man elected to the US Senate on the back of one of the most despicable campaigns ever conducted against Max Cleland, a true American Hero--was carrying this attack for you.</p>
  • Vietnam Vets Blow Kerry's Hypocrisy

    02/21/2004 9:37:32 AM PST · by justme346 · 77 replies · 841+ views
    Bush Country ^ | 02/21/04 | Grant Swank
    Vietnam Vets Blow Kerry's HypocrisyBy Joseph Grant Swank (bio) Other Articles by Joseph Grant Swank Jr. Back to News / Home PageHe boasts on an armed services record on behalf of the United States of America. Yet he was anti-US when in the armed services. Hypocrisy in its most elementary form. No wonder the Vietnam Vets are not tolerating John Forbes Kerry’s hypocrisy harangue stretched out. He said in his address to Yale University classmates at the 1966 graduation: "The United States must, I think, bring itself to understand that the policy of intervention that was right for Western...
  • Kerry Denies Quotes Accusing U.S. Soliders of War Crimes

    02/21/2004 6:45:10 AM PST · by thesummerwind · 157 replies · 1,023+ views ^ | 2/21/04 |
    In a stark about-face, Democratic presidential front-runner John Kerry is now denying that he ever accused U.S. soldiers of committing war crimes in Vietnam, despite amply documented comments - some televised, others delivered while under oath - where he did exactly that. Asked on Thursday whether he had accused his fellow soldiers of committing war crimes in Vietnam during his April 1971 testimony before the Senate Foreign Relations Committee, Kerry told CNN's Judy Woodruff: "No, I was accusing American leaders of abandoning the troops. And if you read what I said, it is very clearly an indictment of leadership. I...
  • Kerry's Denials at Odds With 1971 Book He Authored [Kerry denies calling vets war criminals]

    02/20/2004 5:26:39 PM PST · by Jackson Brown · 94 replies · 438+ views
    Cybercast News Service ^ | February 20, 2004 | Marc Morano
    Kerry's Denials at Odds With 1971 Book He Authored By Marc Morano Senior Staff Writer February 20, 2004 ( - Democratic presidential candidate John Kerry has denied ever accusing American troops of committing war crimes in Vietnam. But his remarks during an interview on CNN Thursday are at odds with the excerpts of a book Kerry authored in 1971, a copy of which obtained this week. The New Soldier, which is currently so difficult to find that it was selling on the Internet for about $850, featured the following passage by Kerry about his experiences in Vietnam. "We...
  • Vietnam War Illuminates, Shadows Kerry's Campaign ["John Kerry was a traitor to the men he served wi

    02/19/2004 12:08:45 PM PST · by Hon · 26 replies · 434+ views
    LA Times ^ | February 16, 2004 | John M. Glionna
    [Please note that this article was posted twice before, but the excerpts only featured the first couple of paragraphs, so no one seems to have noticed these comments from retired Naval Commander, Paul Galanti:] On April 22, 1971, the day before he threw away his combat ribbons, Kerry testified before the Senate Foreign Relations Committee, delivering a powerful message that Brinkley says convinced many Americans their country was waging an immoral war. Kerry's testimony was the lead news story on all three networks that evening, making him one of the faces Americans attached to the antiwar movement. Dressed in his...
  • Kerry and Jane

    02/19/2004 5:31:52 AM PST · by jveritas · 27 replies · 167+ views
    Feb/19/04 | jveritas
    Kerry and Jane Robert Novak (back to web version) | Send February 19, 2004 WASHINGTON -- A 34-year-old flier lists speakers for an anti-Vietnam War rally at Valley Forge State Park, Pa., Sept. 7, 1970. Included were two of that era's most notorious leftist agitators, the Rev. James Bevel and Mark Lane, plus actress Jane Fonda, a symbol of extreme opposition to the war. Leading off the list was a less familiar name: John Kerry. So much for the contention by Kerry supporters that his connection with "Hanoi Jane" (so called for her later visit to the enemy capital in...
  • Hanoi Jane Memories: Some vets are not fonda John Kerry.

    02/18/2004 8:38:08 PM PST · by xsysmgr · 15 replies · 168+ views
    National Review Online ^ | February 18, 2004 | Anne Hendershott
    WATERBURY, CT — While John Kerry's handlers continue to find Vietnam War buddies to provide a patriotic prop for each campaign stop, there are thousands of others who view Kerry as one who slandered American soldiers following the war. They remember his role, along with Jane Fonda, in portraying Vietnam War veterans as sadistic soldiers willing to torture and maim innocent civilians. They recall reading his 1971 book The New Soldier, a book with a picture of an American flag flying upside down on the cover and a description of what it called "routine" war-time atrocities committed by American...
  • Tell NBC To Release The John Kerry "War Crimes" Tape NBC Has Suppressed

    02/18/2004 7:02:43 PM PST · by jmstein7 · 93 replies · 1,057+ views
    NewsMax ^ | 2-18-04
    Tell NBC To Release The John Kerry "War Crimes" Tape NBC Has SuppressedOn Meet The Press, 5/6/01, John Kerry was played an audiotape from 1971, where he said the following: (Audiotape, April 18, 1971): MR. CROSBY NOYES (Washington Evening Star): Mr. Kerry, you said at one time or another that you think our policies in Vietnam are tantamount to genocide and that the responsibility lies at all chains of command over there. Do you consider that you personally as a Naval officer committed atrocities in Vietnam or crimes punishable by law in this country? SEN. KERRY: There are all kinds...
  • Kerry Denounced U.S. As The "Real Criminal In Vietnam"

    02/18/2004 6:42:57 PM PST · by webber · 7 replies · 203+ views ^ | NewsMax.Com
    Kerry Denounced U.S. as 'The Real Criminal' in Vietnam During his war protest days in the early 1970s, Democratic presidential front-runner John Kerry once denounced the United States of America as "the real criminal" in the Vietnam War. In comments first reported by the New York Times 33 years ago, Kerry condemned the entire country as "criminal" during a 1971 demonstration on Wall Street, a few weeks after the trial of Lt. William Calley. "Guilty as Lieutenant Calley may have been of the actual act of murder, the verdict does not single out the real criminal ... the United States...
  • Hugh Hewitt on Kerry's VVAW Testimony, via Instapundit [my title]

    02/18/2004 1:51:04 PM PST · by mondonico · 13 replies · 251+ views
    Instapundit ^ | February 18, 2004 | Glenn Reynolds
    HUGH HEWITT played John Kerry's 1971 Senate testimony on Vietnam on his radio show yesterday and remarks: I played John Kerry's 1971 testimony on the radio program, and the response was intense. The first two hours brought scores of calls and e-mails which denounced Kerry for his slander of the military that served in Vietnam and for his understanding of the war. Kerry has thus far successfully dodged a discussion of the specifics of his testimony, and it was very hard to find the audio --it took my producer Duane considerable digging to find the tape. The impact of actually...
  • Kerry's Group The VVAW Discussed Assassinating Seven Pro-War Senators In December 1971

    02/18/2004 3:54:31 PM PST · by Hon · 49 replies · 3,179+ views
    Winter Soldiers - An Oral History Of The Vietnam Veterans Against The War | 1997 | Richard Stacewicz
    Please note that the following is an excerpt from a book called Winter Soldiers--but it is NOT the book authored by John Kerry, which is called "The Winter Soldiers." This excerpt is taken from Chapter 4 "Left Face" pages 293-295. Also note that the "JK" quoted is not John Kerry, but John Kniffin. [Begin excerpt] Winter Soldiers - Richard Staciewicz JOHN KNIFFEN, TERRY DuBOSE, SHELDON RAMSDELL, LINDA ALBAND, BARRY ROMO In the fall of 1971, tensions over the direction in which the organization was heading, as it spread out into various community activities and took on a more consciously anti-imperialist...
  • Kerry's Email To Iran

    02/17/2004 9:48:27 PM PST · by MaineVoter2002 · 8 replies · 204+ views
    KERRY "IS NO HERO," SAYS FORMER POW A shocking instance of unwarranted interference in the conduct of U.S. foreign policy has been all but lost in the media adulation surrounding the presumed presidential candidate of the Democratic Party, John F. Kerry.      Kerry's email to Teheran, Iran, promising to "repair the damage" done to U.S. foreign policy under President George W. Bush was reported earlier this week, but little attention is being given to the dangerous precedent Kerry has set by making promises to an identified terror state during the declared "war on terror."      The email is not, however,...
  • Sign the Petition to DEMAND and Investigation of Senator John Kerry (CLICK HERE)

    02/18/2004 8:24:57 AM PST · by jmstein7 · 49 replies · 288+ views
    Please click HERE to sign the Petition to Demand an Investigation of Senator Kerry!!!Please BUMP and PING and EMAIL your friends to tell them to sign as well.  You can "send this to a friend" by clicking HERE.It is okay if DUers or other libs "sign"; it helps bump the petition to the top of the site!
  • ***Ketchup Boy Only Served For FOUR MONTHS***

    02/17/2004 5:59:52 AM PST · by The Wizard · 320 replies · 779+ views
    Stardate: 0402.17
    We know the media shills for the democrats, but it's about time some one of the VERY FEW honest media get on this point and two others:We want to know about those famous wounds that he takes credit for......(I'm not saying I would want them, but he is making big claims about his service) but we have a right to see the records.All my friends had to spend 12 months in Nam....why did ketchup boy only serve 4 months and then come home and fight the war and call those poor guys without deferments baby killers and war criminalsI am...
  • Vietnam Veterans Plan Demonstrations Against John Kerry During Primaries - Press Release

    02/07/2004 2:07:21 PM PST · by nwrep · 57 replies · 1,209+ views
    VIETNAM VETERANS AGAINST JOHN KERRY ^ | February 6, 2004 | Press Release
    VIETNAM VETERANS AGAINST JOHN KERRYP.O. Box 246, Kinston, N.C. 28502 www.vietnamveteransagainstjohnkerry. org FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE February 5, 2004 U.S. VETERANS & VIETNAMESE UNITE TO OPPOSE JOHN KERRY Contacts: Vietnam Veterans Against John Kerry Mike Benge, former Vietnam POW - (703) 698-8256 Ted Sampley, Vietnam veteran - (252) 527-0442 - cell (252) 521-2146 Jerry Kiley, Vietnam Veteran- (845) 947-3058 Vietnamese Americans Against John Kerry Dan Tran, president of the Vietnam Human Rights Project - cell (281) 772-0510 Duc D. Tran, public relations - cell (856) 297-5585 work( 610) 407-8826 Vietnam Veterans Against John Kerry (V.V.A.J.K.) today announced a national coalition...
  • Kerry's Medals Strategy: Why Democrats are attacking George Bush's Vietnam service.

    02/08/2004 9:26:42 PM PST · by quidnunc · 84 replies · 299+ views
    The Wall Street Journal Opinion Journal ^ | February 9, 2004 | Editorial
    In case you've been busy making a living, the Presidential campaign is in full swing, and it's already getting nasty. Likely Democratic nominee John Kerry set the tone for his autumn candidacy yesterday by disparaging President Bush's military service. "The issue here, as I have heard it raised, is was he present and active on duty in Alabama at the times he was supposed to be? I don't have the answer to that question," the Massachusetts Senator declared at a news conference while campaigning in Virginia. "Just because you get an honorable discharge does not in fact answer that question."...
  • Kerry's Medals Strategy. Why Democrats are attacking George Bush's Vietnam service.

    02/09/2004 4:13:31 AM PST · by Elkiejg · 17 replies · 628+ views
    WSJ ^ | 2/9/04 | WSJ editorial
    <p>In case you've been busy making a living, the Presidential campaign is in full swing, and it's already getting nasty. Likely Democratic nominee John Kerry set the tone for his autumn candidacy yesterday by disparaging President Bush's military service.</p> <p>"The issue here, as I have heard it raised, is was he present and active on duty in Alabama at the times he was supposed to be? I don't have the answer to that question," the Massachusetts Senator declared at a news conference while campaigning in Virginia. "Just because you get an honorable discharge does not in fact answer that question."</p>
  • Kerry no hero in eyes of Vietnam-era veteran

    02/09/2004 5:59:14 AM PST · by veronica · 21 replies · 252+ views
    The Atlanta Journal-Constitution ^ | 02-08-04 | CHRISTOPHER WARD
    Growing up in the 1950s, I was frequently exposed to the late-night discussions of my father and his friends, all of whom had served in World War II. One of these men, Ed Fitzpatrick, served in the U.S. Coast Guard and was a launch driver during D-Day, delivering squads of U.S. boys to the beaches in France. Rob Helb served as an Army Air Corps gunner and lost an arm over the oil fields of Turkey. After crashing, he asked a crew member to retrieve his bloodied and severed arm so he could remove from its wrist the gold watch...
  • Kerry More Commanding as Chief? The Bush vs. Kerry Vietnam debate.

    02/09/2004 6:41:17 AM PST · by xsysmgr · 12 replies · 261+ views
    National Review Online ^ | February 09, 2004 | Mackubin Thomas Owens
    John Kerry's frontrunner status among Democratic hopefuls for president has once again, as during the 2000 campaign, placed a spotlight on President Bush's military service during the Vietnam era. It has done so on two levels. First, did Mr. Bush meet all of his obligations as a member of the Texas Air National Guard? The charge here, recycled from 2000, was catapulted into the campaign by the odious Michael Moore, who in the course of endorsing Wesley Clark, called President Bush a "deserter." Second, and more seriously, does President Bush's decision to join the Air National Guard mean that he...
  • John Kerry Gained Fame On The Shoulders Of Frauds (Bogus Vietnam Veterans)

    02/09/2004 8:39:58 AM PST · by Hon · 61 replies · 1,104+ views
    Various | Various | Various
    <p>John Kerry seems to have had a way of eluding the bad odor that clings to his old associates. On "Meet the Press" in 1971, he appeared with VVAW member Al Hubbard, a veteran who was exposed around this time for lying about his rank and combat experience (he had seen no combat). While this confirmed suspicions about the dubious identities of many of the winter soldiers, it didn't keep Kerry from becoming famous. The young politician was able to have his cake and eat it, too, becoming the establishment, patriotic face of a radical, anti-patriotic movement. Quite a trick, really.</p>
  • Vietnam roles play out for Bush, Kerry

    02/10/2004 12:51:15 AM PST · by JohnHuang2 · 3 replies · 115+ views
    Washington Times ^ | Tuesday, February 10, 2004 | By Nancy Banac
    <p>They were two years apart, these two Yale boys, these sons of privilege, and so the moment of truth came first for John Kerry, later for George W. Bush. Each faced the same life-changing question as did so many others of their generation: What to do about Vietnam?</p>
  • Kerry Discussion: Thoughts of a Vietnam POW

    02/10/2004 12:09:04 PM PST · by tornadochaser · 27 replies · 224+ views
    Useful Fools Blog ^ | 28 Jan 04 | Joe Crecca
    The following is circulating on the net. I have personally corresponded with the author to verify his and its authenticity. Because it has not been picked up by any media outlet yet, the link is to the blog entry. Kerry Discussion: Thoughts of a Vietnam POW by Joe Crecca 28 Jan 04 The rigors and hardships of being a POW aside, I remember the so-called, "Peace Movement," and "Peace Marches and Rallies" that were taking place back home in the USA Our captors were more than willing, within their means, to provide us with any and all anti-US and anti-Vietnam...
  • Veterans, Vietnamese unite to oppose Kerry

    02/10/2004 2:05:03 PM PST · by North Coast Conservative · 63 replies · 893+ views
    World net daily ^ | 10February2004 | © 2004
    A Vietnam veterans organization and a Vietnamese-American group have united in opposition to Democratic presidential front-runner Sen. John Kerry. "We represent hundreds of thousand of American veterans who do not want to see John Kerry anywhere near the Oval Office," said Ted Sampley, founder of Vietnam Veterans Against John Kerry. Sampley is a U.S. Army Green Beret and veteran of two combat tours in Vietnam. Said Sampley: "I have personally dealt with John Kerry on the issue of U.S. POWs left behind in Vietnam. Kerry is not truthful and is not worthy of the support of U.S. veterans. Many Vietnam...
  • Vietnam Veterans AGAINST John F. Kerry

    02/10/2004 8:32:14 PM PST · by Phisher · 24 replies · 285+ views
    Sen. Kerry, the "noble statesman" and "highly decorated Vietnam vet" of today, is a far cry from Kerry, the radical, hippie-like leader of Vietnam Veterans Against the War (VVAW) in the early 1970s. Soon after Kerry, as a Navy Lieutenant (junior grade) commanding a Swift boat in Vietnam, was awarded the Silver Star, he used an obscure Navy regulation to leave Vietnam and his crew before completing his tour of duty. After returing home, he quit the Navy early and changed the color of his politics to become a leader of VVAW. Kerry wasted no time organizing opposition in the...
  • Photo of Kerry with Fonda enrages Vietnam veterans

    02/11/2004 7:17:54 AM PST · by Licensed-To-Carry · 32 replies · 232+ views
    The Washington Times ^ | 02/11/2004 | Stephen Dinan
    <p>A photograph of John Kerry together with Jane Fonda at an anti-Vietnam War rally in 1970 in Pennsylvania has surfaced on the Internet, angering veterans who say his association with her 34 years ago is a slap in the faces of Vietnam War veterans.</p>

    02/11/2004 7:35:44 AM PST · by areafiftyone · 9 replies · 161+ views
    VIETNAM VETERANS AGAINST JOHN KERRY P.O. Box 246, Kinston, N.C. 28502www.vietnamveteransagainstjohnkerry. orgFOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE February 5, 2004U.S. VETERANS & VIETNAMESE UNITE TO OPPOSE JOHN KERRYContacts: Vietnam Veterans Against John Kerry Mike Benge, former Vietnam POW - (703) 698-8256 Ted Sampley, Vietnam veteran - (252) 527-0442 Jerry Kiley, Vietnam Veteran- (845) 947-3058 Vietnamese Americans Against John Kerry Dan Tran, president of the Vietnam Human Rights Project - cell (281) 772-0510 Duc D. Tran, public relations - cell (856) 297-5585 work( 610) 407-8826 Vietnam Veterans Against John Kerry (V.V.A.J.K.) today announced a national coalition with Vietnamese Americans for Human Rights in Vietnam....
  • Kerry's Vietnam service now fair game

    02/11/2004 9:45:25 AM PST · by nelsonted1 · 58 replies · 3,848+ views | Jack Kelly
    Kerry's Vietnam service now fair game Jack Kelly | I would not have contemplated writing anything even mildly critical of John Kerry's Vietnam service, were he not making it the centerpiece of his campaign, and were not he impugning President Bush's service in the Texas Air National Guard. But as lawyers say before cross examination: "if the witness opens the door..." Kerry joined the Navy after graduation from Yale in 1966, became an officer, and volunteered for Vietnam. After service on a destroyer, Kerry volunteered again to be a swift boat commander. This was courageous and commendable. Service on...