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  • Profile of Osama Bin Laden's Mother the Concubine-- Calling Dr. Freud!

    10/22/2001 3:17:10 PM PDT · by Shermy · 32 replies · 582+ views
    London Times ^ | October 19, 2001 | Ian Cobain
    FRIDAY OCTOBER 19 2001The wife who was shunnedBY IAN COBAINHamida: Bin Laden's motherHAMIDA Al-Attas, a tiny woman in her early sixties, has probably had little to say about the way the world has changed since September 11. But today, as she sits in her villa overlooking the highway linking Jedda to Mecca, she will be watching events as closely as any.Were she able to lift the veil of her burka, moreover, and talk openly, she could offer astonishing insights into the mind of the man that the West believes is to blame. Al-Attas is Osama bin Laden’s mother.Many hastily concocted ...
  • Al Qaeda’s Ambiguous Support for the Arab Spring

    02/25/2013 2:39:22 PM PST · by eagleye85 · 1 replies
    Eagleye Blog ^ | February 25, 2013 | Bethany Stotts
    The Arab Spring brought a chance for democratization and the toppling of repressive regimes. However, some remain cautious given the ascendance of Islamist movements, such as the Muslim Brotherhood in Egypt. In an incisive article detailing Al Qaeda’s responses to the Arab Spring, Donald Holbrook outlines the opportunities that these revolutions have wrought for al Qaeda in Yemen, Tunisia, Egypt, and Libya, as well the chaos in Syria. Al Qaeda has long promoted revolution through armed conflict, notes Holbrook in his article, published for Perspectives On Terrorism last December. Some argue that the Arab Spring is a repudiation of Al...
  • TEXAS: SAUDI MUSLIM arrested with fake military ID, weapons, access to chemical agents

    10/04/2012 12:33:50 PM PDT · by LSUfan · 22 replies
    Bare Naked Islam ^ | 3 Oct 12 | Unknown
    Azeez Al-Ghazian, 29, a Saudi national from Fort Worth, TX, is in custody after authorities found counterfeit military identification documents and weapons in his wrecked truck behind Hurst shopping center, which prompted authorities to evacuate it.
  • Syria rebels bomb 'school' in Damascus

    09/25/2012 11:30:25 PM PDT · by bronxville · 2 replies
    BBC ^ | 09-25-2012 | Staff
    There have been explosions at a school in the south of the Syrian capital, Damascus, causing casualties, activists and state media say. Two rebel groups said the building, near a branch of Military Intelligence, was being used as a base by a pro-government militia and security forces. They said it had been almost completely destroyed, killing several officers. But officials told state TV it was just a school for the children of military families and the damage had been minor. Meanwhile, mortars apparently fired during fighting between soldiers and rebel forces to the south also fell in the Israeli-occupied Golan...
  • Not Everyone in the Middle East Hates Israel (my title)

    12/19/2001 7:29:22 AM PST · by mmmmmmmm....... donuts · 4 replies · 550+ views
    Jerusalem Report ^ | December 31, 2001 | Michael Rubin
    In the safe haven of Iraqi Kurdistan, the Jews and Israel are remembered fondly,if increasingly vaguely. "THEY CALL That lack of restraint?" the former Iraqi army officer exclaimed, while watching the BBC’s coverage of the Al-Aqsa Intifada on satellite TV last winter. "If this demonstration were held in Baghdad, there’d be 10,000 bodies in the street," said the Arab from Baghdad who now teaches in Iraqi Kurdistan. Almost 4 million people live in the safe haven of northern Iraq. A de facto autonomous region, it has been administered by the Kurds since 1991 when Saddam Hussein withdrew his administration in ...
  • DoJ official refuses to denounce demands for Saudi-style blasphemy law

    07/27/2012 5:35:53 PM PDT · by Nachum · 25 replies
    The Daily Caller ^ | 7/27/12 | Neil Munro
    President Barack Obama’s top civil rights official repeatedly declined to support religious free speech during a July 27 congressional hearing, despite repeated questioning from Arizona Republican Rep. Trent Franks, who chairs the House’s constitution subcommittee. Tom Perez, the progressive who runs the Justice Department’s civil rights office, refused to answer the questions posed by Franks. “Will you tell us… that this administration’s Department of Justice will never entertain or advance a proposal that criminalizes speech against any religion?” Frank asked four times. Perez refused to answer, saying “it is a hard question, in the sense that when you make threats...
  • Saudi Arabia: More brutal laws for "insulting" Islam

    07/15/2012 4:35:34 PM PDT · by combat_boots · 19 replies
    Atlas Shrugs ^ | July 15, 2012 | Pam Geller, et al
    So, it wouldn't just be blasphemy (that's already covered by the death sentence), but "insulting Islam" (...and we all know how difficult that is) and those homicidal "clerics"... Once again we see that any accommodation to Islamic law results in demands by and more accommodation of the most brutal, backward and bloody ideology on the face of the earth. Notice the media using "conservative" to describe these savages. More Orwellian language. "Saudi Arabia considers law against insulting Islam" Reuters July 15, 2012 (thanks to David) Saudi Arabia is studying new regulations to criminalise insulting Islam, including in social media, and...
  • Cyber Terror Islamic Jihad - Saudi hacks, posts Israelis' credit cards - he & Hitler hailed by Arabs

    01/04/2012 5:32:52 PM PST · by Milagros · 2 replies
    News Roundup
    Saudis laud credit card hacking scheme Ynetnews - Jan 4 - 2012 Scheme widely reported in Saudi-Arabia as web surfers welcome damage caused to Israelis. ‘Jews are the most despicable, Hitler was right,’ one talkbacker says Roi Kais Published: 01.03.12, 19:56 / Israel News [...] “If I were a hacker I would wish for 800000 credit cards to be leaked, not just 400000,” one ... The responses were mostly hostile towards Jews and Israel. ...,7340,L-4170888,00.htmlSaudis Claim Credit For Hack Of Israelis’ Credit Cards Tuesday, January 3, 2012 Adam Dickter Assistant Managing Editor A group of Saudi hackers calling themselves Group...
  • Wahhabism and the First Amendment

    01/18/2010 6:29:18 PM PST · by neverdem · 13 replies · 888+ views
    Commentary ^ | January 2010 | Michael W. Schwartz
    You would be excused for thinking that the Wahabbi religious establishment of Saudi Arabia and the religion guarantees of our First Amendment have no more in common than fire and water. But I think this oddest of odd couples helps to explain two recent events involving American Muslims and the rest of us -- instances of so-called “home-grown” Islamist terrorism, such as the Fort Hood murders, and the resentment being reported among American Muslims at FBI and other law-enforcement-agency activities at U.S. mosques. To be sure, the religious values the First Amendment protects -- freedom of worship, the nonestablishment of...
  • Saudi consulate will pay legal fees of (muslim) man accused of killing Binghamton professor

    12/11/2009 8:03:26 AM PST · by Behind Liberal Lines · 18 replies · 1,215+ views
    Gannett News | December 10, 2009, 6:25 pm | By Debbie Swartz
    According to Gannett News, the the Saudi Arabia government has agreed to pay the legal fees for accused killer Abdulsalam S. Al-Zahrani.Al-Zahrani is charged with the stabbing death a week ago of Binghamton University professor Richard Antoun.
  • The Sayyid Qutb Reader

    09/11/2008 7:06:38 PM PDT · by Dajjal · 8 replies · 990+ views
    Routledge Publishing ^ | Aug., 2008 | Albert Bergesen, ed.
    The Sayyid Qutb Reader Selected Writings on Politics, Religion, and Society Edited by Albert J. Bergesen Routledge, 2008 0415954258 (paperback; $34.95) 041595424X (hardback; $135.00) Preface It has been said that perhaps no writer has occupied so central a place within the universe of political Islam in the second half of the twentieth century as Egypt's Sayyid Qutb, and if one wants to understand the mind of radical Muslims, one needs to know what they read, or have read, and they read Sayyid Qutb. In general, his work has been divided into three periods. The earliest (1920-1947) centers on more literary...
  • Saudi Arabia to execute woman for 'witchcraft' ("One man claimed she had made him impotent.")

    02/14/2008 9:14:37 AM PST · by Stoat · 45 replies · 229+ views
    The Belfast Telegraph ^ | February 14, 2008
    Saudi Arabia to execute woman for 'witchcraft'  Thursday, February 14, 2008 A leading international human rights organisation is calling on Saudi Arabia's King Abdullah to halt the planned execution of a woman accused of "witchcraft". The woman is due to be put to death on foot of a coerced confession and the statements of witnesses who said she had "bewitched" them. One man claimed she had made him impotent. In another case, a divorced woman reportedly returned to her ex-husband during the month predicted by the witch said to have cast the spell. The court failed to probe alternative explanations...
  • Fascinating look into the birth of Al Qaeda

    11/25/2007 6:12:11 AM PST · by nuconvert · 12 replies · 202+ views
    Concord Monitor ^ | November 25. 2007 | Thomas Lippman
    Thomas Lippman Washington Post November 25. 2007 The subtitle of Yaroslav Trofimov's fascinating and important book about the 1979 takeover of the Great Mosque in Mecca by heavily armed fanatics refers to that event as "the forgotten uprising." Perhaps it has been forgotten here but not in the Muslim Middle East, where it was a seminal event of the region's most traumatic year in modern times. That year began with the Iranian revolution and ended with the Soviet invasion of Afghanistan. In between, Egypt signed a peace treaty with Israel, radicalizing the Palestinians. Saddam Hussein took power in Iraq. And...
  • Britain's love affair w/ Saudi kingdom (tale of Saudi's Islamic theocracy's Oppressive brutality)

    11/04/2007 2:09:28 PM PST · by Posting · 23 replies · 168+ views
    telegraph ^ | Nv. 04, 2007 | Jemima Khan
    Britain's love affair with the Saudi kingdom By Jemima Khan Last Updated: 12:01am GMT 04/11/2007 King Abdullah arrived at Heathrow last Wednesday morning for the first State Visit to the UK for 20 years – five planes, 13 family members, an entourage of several hundred. No women. I've been to Saudi Arabia a few times. It's not much fun being a woman there. I suspect it's worse being a Saudi woman. And worse still being her migrant maid. It's a mad place and the rules there have got nothing to do with Islam. advertisementI've had my feet beaten, not once...
  • Israel Lobby's Pull Pales Next to Evil Saudi Input

    09/25/2007 1:55:44 AM PDT · by Stoat · 4 replies · 121+ views
    The New York Sun ^ | September 25, 2007 | YOUSSEF IBRAHIM
    Israel Lobby's Pull Pales Next to Evil Saudi Input By YOUSSEF IBRAHIM September 25, 2007It's been a while since a book about American Jews has elicited as much controversy as "The Israel Lobby and U.S. Foreign Policy," in which professors John Mearsheimer of the University of Chicago and Stephen Walt of Harvard University argue that America's Israel lobby exercises "undue" influence and blocks other views on the Middle East.In the noisy debate that has sprung up among its many critics and few advocates, the issue has been unfortunately narrowed to the obvious: how powerful the lobby is or isn't,...
  • Christanne Nonsense Network & silence on the most powerful lobby the ARAB LOBBY

    09/04/2007 8:48:27 AM PDT · by PRePublic · 10 replies · 558+ views
    AINA ^ | Sep. 2007
    Not only did she avoid mentioning the Saudi (Arab) lobby, which is by far the most powerful lobby in America, but she also chose to solicit the opinions of former U.S. President Jimmy Carter (himself a lobbyist for Arab causes), as well as professor Mearsheimer, both known for their controversial anti-Israel positions. Stunningly, no expert contradictory opinion to these two was offered during the six-hour program. It would have been just as easy for Amanpour to pose the same questions to Harvard Professor Alan Dershowitz or Professor Fouad Ajami.
  • CAIR Must be Abolished, and NOW

    09/03/2007 9:31:21 AM PDT · by American Master Warlord · 27 replies · 1,003+ views
    Erik Rush ^ | 08/29/07 | Erik Rush
    This has gotten way out of hand, especially as it becomes clearer as to what this "Islamic perspective" actually is: Imams taunting airline passengers and personnel, antisocial taxicab drivers and furor over foot baths - and this is just for starters, believe me. “The Council on American-Islamic Relations (CAIR) is a nonprofit 501(c)(4), grassroots civil rights and advocacy group. CAIR is America's largest Islamic civil liberties group, with regional offices nationwide and in Canada. The national headquarters is located on Capitol Hill in Washington D.C. Since its establishment in 1994, CAIR has worked to promote a positive image of Islam...
  • D.C. Mosque: Embezzlement or Wahhabi Retribution?

    08/16/2007 9:19:54 AM PDT · by 3AngelaD · 18 replies · 611+ views
    My Pet Jawa ^ | August 16, 2007 | Dr. Rusty "John Doe" Shackleford
    The scandal at the Islamic Center of Washington, D.C. centers on embezzlement allegations made against Farzad Darui. Darui claims that the money was not embezzled, but was being used to pay off the mistresses of Abduallah M. Khouj. Polygamy is officially sanctioned under Islamic law, but since the practice is illegal in the U.S., some of these 'mistresses' were really wives. Except for the ones that weren't. At least one of these 'mistresses' is said to have been held against her will. I'm not sure how that is a good defense. Surely paying off Khouj's wives wasn't in the mosque...
  • Kafeel's mother feared he was on wrong path [Waah-Waah from London bomber's mother.]

    07/09/2007 1:49:06 PM PDT · by CarrotAndStick · 1 replies · 479+ views
    The Times of India ^ | 9 July, 2007 | The Times of India
    Investigators working on the Bangalore connection to the UK terror plot have come across a startling disclosure: alleged Glasgow bomber Kafeel Ahmed's mother Dr Zakia Khan seemed to be aware of his fanatical inclinations and tried to stop him. Investigators quoted her as saying: "I suspected him to be taking the wrong path, but had no idea exactly what he was up to. I still can't imagine he did something of this magnitude." But the 28-year-old aeronautical engineer's alleged suicide attack was not a bolt from the blue for his family. Not only did the radicalisation of Kafeel and his...
  • Do not Seek Help from The Enemies

    11/29/2006 5:43:08 PM PST · by Posting · 1 replies · 331+ views
    Accuracy in the Media ^ | November 29, 2006 | Tashbih Sayyed Do not Seek Help from The Enemies By Tashbih Sayyed | November 29, 2006 Radical cleric Muqtada al-Sadr's Shiites are no better than the Al-Qaeda's Wahhabi Sunnis There are at least three factors that have contributed in the development of this unhealthy situation: both the propaganda success that Hezbollah emerged from the war it imposed on Israel apparently unharmed, and the ascendance of Muqtada Al-Sadr in Iraq's politics, enhanced Iran's image in the region; the success of Sunni insurgents in Iraq to keep the country in turmoil helped Syria to emerge as an important player in the regional politics;...
  • Words all Non-Muslims should know

    11/27/2006 8:22:31 AM PST · by Posting · 14 replies · 702+ views
    Words All Non-Muslims Should Know English Translation of Islamic/Arabic words Updated 05-20-06 Back to Home Page Allah - "God in the Arabic language, the same word that Arabic speaking Christians use to mean God"4; God, although it is bit more complicated than that.  Allah derives from Al-Ilah and means literally 'The One' or 'The God' or 'The One God'.  Interestingly, the pagan moon god followed by Muhammed's family, before he invented the anti-idolatry 'Islam' was also named 'Allah'.  The original Allah's symbol was the crescent moon, the same symbol as that of Islam to this day, and his three demonic...
  • Obsession: The Movie the Islamists Don't Want You to See

    Obsession: Documented Terror (originally published March 27, 2006 at Guardian Watchblog) The documentary Obsession: Radical Islam’s War Against the West is a film that every person who isn’t a radical Islamic fascist (or who doesn’t aspire to live under shari’a law) ought to see. Those who think it’s possible to negotiate with terrorists will have their worldview shaken, and those who think they understand the enemy will learn something new about how deeply true hatred can run. Using footage taken from television broadcasts most of us never get to see, and interviews with those who have studied or lived with...
  • Muslim extremists break up concert

    06/05/2006 9:20:34 AM PDT · by kronos77 · 54 replies · 1,864+ views
    NOVI PAZAR -- Ten young men donning long beards, short pants and white hats broke up a concert of the Balkanika orchestra. The hooligans were dressed like members of the vehabit movement. They climbed up onto the stage and threw around the instruments that were set up for the musicians to play. One of the young men toko the microphone and told those attending the concert: “Brothers, go home, they are working against Islam here. This is Satan’s work.” He then threw the microphone, which was damaged, as were the speakers, mixing board and some of the lighting. Four police...
  • Politicised Islam grows in Serbia's Sandzak

    03/15/2006 6:00:07 AM PST · by kronos77 · 43 replies · 439+ views
    The strategic Muslim-majority Sandzak region of Serbia and Montenegro, which borders Kosovo and Bosnia-Herzegovina, has seen a marked increase in politicised Islam over the past few years. The trend is due to a variety of social and economic factors including political marginalisation, poverty and crime. Religious schools and an Islamic university are educating increasing numbers of young people, filling a vacuum left by failing republican and municipal administrations. There are also growing numbers of so-called Wahhabis who follow Islamic practices imported from Saudi Arabia. This group of predominately young men operating outside the traditional Islamic community, Islamska Zajednica (IZ), played...
  • The Saudi Role in the Cartoon Protests

    03/05/2006 8:12:29 AM PST · by Dark Skies · 9 replies · 495+ views ^ | March 5, 2006 | Colonel B. Wayne Quist and Dr. Ali H. Alyami
    Why did it take until January for Muslim protests to erupt in violence, after the initial non-violent reaction to the publication of the Prophet Mohammed cartoons in Denmark on September 30, 2005? The answer lies within the enigmatic and schizophrenic Kingdom of Saudi Arabia. By designating themselves Custodian of Islam's holy shrines, Mecca and Medina, the Saudi royal family and its uncompromising Wahhabi-Salafist religious partners have declared to the Muslim world that they are the true defenders of Islam and its Prophet. The issue of the cartoons provided the Saudi royal family with an unprecedented opportunity to reinforce their Muslim...
  • Iranian Soldiers Kidnapped Near Pakistan Border

    01/01/2006 10:01:23 PM PST · by Actuality · 6 replies · 472+ views
    Iranian Soldiers Kidnapped Near Pakistan Border 1 January 2006 -- There are reports that nine Iranian soldiers have been kidnapped in Iran by a little-known Sunni Muslim rebel group.
  • To the general media, No more beating around the bush, say it out loud: ARAB RACISM & ISLAMIC JIHAD!

    10/21/2005 2:10:54 PM PDT · by Actuality · 18 replies · 1,126+ views
    ARAB RACISM & ISLAMIC JIHAD!!! Are Militant Muslims DECAPITATING Tourists in S. Philippines? IT'S ARAB MUSLIM FANATICS' RACISM + JIHAD!!! Did Sadistic Saddam attack Arab Kuwaiti 'brothers' tortured them horrifically? IT'S ARAB MUSLIM FANATICS' RACISM + JIHAD!!! Did Sadistic Saddam BUTCHER/GASSED/TORTURED HIS OWN PEOPLE? IT'S ARAB MUSLIM FANATICS' RACISM + JIHAD!!! Do Arab Muslim Militant Hamas/Islamic-Jihad/other 'Palestinian' Militants (& often Fatah - connected to the official 'Palestinian' authority) TARGET BABIES, (not as the West targets terrorists) Yes or no? IT'S ARAB MUSLIM FANATICS' RACISM + JIHAD!!! Did Arab Islamists attack French subways? (1985) IT'S ARAB MUSLIM FANATICS' RACISM +...
  • Syrian Iranian Bloody hands in the region...

    09/28/2005 12:00:30 PM PDT · by Actuality · 5 replies · 538+ views
    Syrian - Iranian Bloody Hands in the region... Take a note at Syrian-Iranian tactics, the pattern: 1) Sending or "letting" terrorists to butcher Iraqis. 2) Sheltering Hamas to use kids as bombs or as shields and massacring in Israel. 3) Sending-helping Hezbollah assasins in Lebanon to ethnic cleanse the Christians.
  • Saudi Arabia: Two terror suspects arrested in Iraq [No. 32 and No. 33 on Saudi's wanted list]

    09/15/2005 8:14:56 AM PDT · by Wiz · 2 replies · 222+ views
    AKI ^ | 2005 Sep 15
    Riyadh, 15 Sept. (AKI) - Two Saudi terror suspects on the kingdom's latest most wanted list have been arrested in northern Iraq by Kurdish security forces. Saudi newspaper Okaz reported that Abdullah Mohammad Saleh al-Ramyan, 27, and Mohammad Saleh Sulaiman al-Rashoodi, 24, - numbers 32 and 33 on list of 36 issued at the end of June - were arrested as they tried to enter Iraqi territory. Both men appear on list as "known to have been involved in domestic incidents and are presumed to be currently outside the kingdom." News of their arrest came as another terror suspect from...
  • Saudi says five most-wanted militants killed in battle

    09/09/2005 2:42:23 AM PDT · by Wiz · 6 replies · 276+ views
    RIYADH -- Saudi Arabia said on Thursday that five Al Qaeda suspects on a most-wanted list were killed in a three-day battle with security forces in the eastern city of Dammam, the latest in a series of offensives against the militants. Four security men also died in the operation that began with a shootout on Sunday in a commercial thoroughfare in the main city of the oil-rich Eastern Province and ended on Tuesday with the storming of a militant hideout in another neighborhood. The five Al Qaeda suspects were Zaid Al Samari, Saleh Al Fraidi, Sultan Al Haseri, Nayef Al...
  • TERRORISM: Saudi Terrorists Become Gangsters

    09/07/2005 4:47:19 AM PDT · by Wiz · 1 replies · 249+ views
    Strategy Page ^ | 2005 Sep 7
    September 7, 2005: In Saudi Arabia, the war on terror continues. A three day siege of a house in eastern Saudi Arabia ended on September 6th, with the death of three terrorists and two policemen. While the Islamic terrorists have a lot of supporters in the kingdom, there are an even larger number of Saudis opposed to terrorism in their neighborhoods (Islamic terrorism elsewhere, like in Iraq, is more likely to be tolerated). Thus the police have a regular supply of tips. However, many of the suspected terrorists turn out to be common criminals. Increasingly, however, some of the gangsters...
  • Terrorists Wiped Out in Dammam [Saudi Arabia]

    09/07/2005 4:00:18 AM PDT · by Wiz · 7 replies · 367+ views
    Arab News ^ | 2005 Sep 7 | Samir Al-Saadi & Ahmed Al-Abki
    JEDDAH/DAMMAM, 7 September 2005 — Saudi security forces stormed a major Al-Qaeda hide-out in the eastern city of Damman yesterday, killing all terrorists inside. Four security men were also killed in the operation. In a brief statement, the Interior Ministry said security forces had “ended their operations,” which began Sunday in the main city of Eastern Province, losing four men, in addition to 10 wounded. Police are purging the site (of the siege) where “charred remains” were found, the ministry said without giving the number of suspected militants killed. The reference to “charred remains” suggested some of the militants had...
  • Security-militant clashes continue in Dammam -- Saudi spokesman

    09/05/2005 5:56:32 AM PDT · by Wiz · 8 replies · 233+ views
    By Abderazaq Al-Hzami RIYADH, Sept 5 (KUNA) -- The clashes between security forces and militants in Dammam, East Saudi Arabia are still ongoing, official spokesman for the Saudi interior ministry Major General Mansour Al-Turki stated Monday. The spokesman told KUNA the number of the militants involved in the ongoing clashes is yet to be known and security forces are targeting several spots where they are holed up. He said the Interior Ministry would issue a statement that provides the details on this incident once the confrontations that started yesterday afternoon are stopped. Saudi security had yesterday detected members of an...
  • Saudi Foils Al Qaida strikes

    08/29/2005 2:36:03 AM PDT · by Wiz · 1 replies · 263+ views
    ABU DHABI [MENL] -- Saudi Arabia has foiled an Al Qaida offensive against Western expatriates in the kingdom. Saudi security sources said authorities have captured or killed dozens of operatives from the Al Qaida network in operations in Arar, Medina and Riyad. The sources said the network planned attacks against Westerners in Jedda and Riyad. The Saudi Interior Ministry said 41 suspects were detained. The ministry said on Aug. 26 that the arrests foiled several unspecified strikes.
  • U.S. Embassy issues alert in Saudi Arabia

    07/21/2005 7:28:47 PM PDT · by Wiz · 267+ views
    ABU DHABI [MENL] -- The United States has issued an alert of an Al Qaida attack in Saudi Arabia. The U.S. embassy in Riyad said authorities have received information of an Al Qaida strike in Saudi Arabia. The embassy did not provide details. "The American embassy in Riyad advises all American citizens living in Saudi Arabia that it has received indications of operational planning for a terrorist attack or attacks in the kingdom," the statement said. "The embassy has no specific information concerning timing, target or method of any possible attack[s]."
  • [Saudi Arabia] Kingdom Issues New List of Terrorists

    06/28/2005 9:20:27 PM PDT · by Wiz · 13 replies · 499+ views
    Arab News ^ | 2005 Jun 29 | Raid Qusti & Samir Al-Saadi
    RIYADH/JEDDAH, 29 June 2005 — Saudi Arabia yesterday issued a new list of 36 suspects believed to be linked to a series of terror attacks across the country, reflecting the government’s resolve to go ahead with its anti-terror campaign. In the latest response to a two-year campaign of bombings and killings by supporters of the Al-Qaeda terror network, the Interior Ministry broadcast pictures of the suspects on state television and offered hefty rewards for their capture. “Security authorities managed to uncover plans by the deviant group who used themselves as a tool to distort Islam and harm the security of...
  • Leading Al Qaida insurgents operate in Iraq

    06/27/2005 7:37:16 PM PDT · by Wiz · 19 replies · 718+ views
    ABU DHABI [MENL] -- Several commanders of the Al Qaida movement in Saudi Arabia have transferred their operations to Iraq in an effort to fight the U.S.-led coalition. Islamic sources said the movement of scores of leading Al Qaida fighters from Saudi Arabia has hampered operations against the Saudi regime. They said the Saudi members of Al Qaida have become aides and financiers of Abu Mussib Al Zarqawi in Iraq. About 3,000 to 5,000 Saudis have been fighting the U.S. military in Iraq. Over the past few months, about 200 Saudis returned to the kingdom.
  • Two terrorists killed in Jeddah [Saudi Arabia] identified

    06/22/2005 2:56:18 PM PDT · by Wiz · 3 replies · 205+ views
    Kuwait News Agency ^ | 2002 Jun 22
    RIYADH, June 22 (KUNA) -- The Saudi Interior Ministry on Wednesday identified two terrorists killed by security in Jeddah Tuesday. The Saudi Press Agency (SPA) quoted a ministry source as saying the two men were identified as Kamal Sami Ahmed Fodeh, 45, Saudi, and Mansour Mustafa Atiq Al-Thibiti, 23, Saudi. The source said some materials and documents seized proved that the two terrorists had killed the Saudi officer Mubarak Al-Sawat last Saturday in Makkah.
  • Iraq: Saudi Imam [terrorist] killed in clash with US soldiers

    06/20/2005 7:49:53 AM PDT · by Wiz · 39 replies · 1,245+ views
    AKI ^ | 2005 Jun 20
    Riyadh, 20 June (AKI) - A young Saudi imam, Muhammad Bijad al-Harbi, is reported to have died in Iraq following a gunfight with American forces in the country. The Saudi newspaper Al-Watan said on Monday that the imam, who died a few days ago, was only 27 and was married, but had no children. Many young Saudis are thought to have travelled to Iraq to join the Jihad, and the newspaper begins the article on al-Harbi's death saying "the series of killings of Saudis in Iraq continues." Al-Harbi was the imam of a mosque in the Al-Rawda area of the...
  • What insurgency? / 42% of Iraq bombers were Saudis

    06/01/2005 7:40:55 AM PDT · by 4.1O dana super trac pak · 88 replies · 1,664+ views
    New York Post ^ | 6/1/2005 | Niles Lathem
    WASHINGTON - more than 40 percent of the suicide bombers dispatched by terror leader Abu musab al-Zarqawi to attack Iraqis and U.S. troops hailed from Saudi Arabia, according to a new study.Only 9 percent of the bombers were Iraqis, said the report by the SITE Institute, a counterterror group.The analysis bolsters the Bush administration's claims that the Iraqi borders are not well policed and fanatical foreign jihadist have been streaming into the country to wreak deadly havoc.SITE recently discovered a "Martyr's List" that Zarqawi posted on a Web site to commemorate the fanatics who were recruited as foot soldiers in...
  • Saudis Funded Columbia Program At Institute That Trained Teachers

    03/11/2005 10:27:44 AM PST · by rmlew · 12 replies · 675+ views
    The New York Sun ^ | March 10, 2005 | JACOB GERSHMAN - Staff Reporter of the Sun
    Saudi Arabia has funneled tens of thousands of dollars into the "outreach" programs of Columbia University's Middle East Institute, which until last week was training some of the city's public-school teachers in how to teach students about Middle East politics. Since 2002, the government-owned Saudi Aramco has given the institute annual grants of $15,000 for unspecified outreach activities. The institute's outreach activities have included a 15-week teacher-training course on Middle East politics led by Columbia faculty members and graduate students. In a letter dated April 27, 2004, a scholar of Arab nationalism who took over the Middle East Institute in...
  • Is Bangladesh the Next Afghanistan?

    02/02/2005 2:54:52 PM PST · by indcons · 12 replies · 617+ views ^ | February 2, 2005 | Alex R. Alexiev and Salim Mansur
    Bangladesh is a remote South Asian country, about the size of Florida, bounded on three sides by India. Since independence in 1971, acquired in a bloody civil war from the politically and militarily dominant western wing of Pakistan, Bangladesh has known only mounting adversities. Geographically the country is an alluvial plain formed by the confluence of two major rivers, the Ganges and the Brahmaputra. Climatically it is a wash-basin of hurricanes sweeping north from the Bay of Bengal, and regular monsoon flooding from over-flowing rivers. But if it is not watched and adequate preventive measures not taken, Bangladesh could well...
  • Saudi Hate Ideology Fills US Mosques

    01/28/2005 4:54:21 PM PST · by USF · 47 replies · 3,168+ views
    LGF ^ | Jan 28,2005
    Saudi Hate Ideology Fills US Mosques Freedom House’s Center for Religious Freedom has completed a year-long study of documents collected from more than a dozen Saudi-funded mosques in the United States—and the study confirms what many of us had long suspected: Saudi Publications on Hate Ideology Fill American Mosques. (Hat tip: TexasSecurityMom.) Among the key findings of the report: * Various Saudi government publications gathered for this study, most of which are in Arabic, assert that it is a religious obligation for Muslims to hate Christians and Jews and warn against imitating, befriending, or helping them in any way, or...
  • Must Read - Saudi Arabian Interior Minister: Bin Laden is an enemy agent

    01/24/2005 9:39:36 PM PST · by indcons · 17 replies · 746+ views (sourced from The Washington Times) ^ | January 24, 2005 |
    The idea that Osama bin Laden is an agent of some sinister power is no longer confined to the lunatic fringe; it has been taken up by the Saudi Interior Minister. From the Washington Times, with thanks to Jeffrey Imm: Riyadh, Saudi Arabia, Jan. 24 (UPI) -- The Saudi interior minister has said the world's most wanted terrorist, Osama bin Laden, is an agent of an enemy of the oil-rich kingdom. Prince Nayef bin Abdul Aziz said, "Bin Laden is the agent of a certain party, no doubt." Nayef did not identify the suspected party, the daily newspaper Okaz reported...
  • Exploiting the Koran to Terrorize

    12/15/2004 8:12:57 AM PST · by USF · 54 replies · 1,185+ views
    DanielPipes.Org ^ | December 14, 2004 | Daniel Pipes
    Counterterrorism efforts got a major boost last week when an American district court found three Muslim organizations and one individual, mostly based in the Chicago area, guilty of funding Hamas and fined them an astonishing US$156 million. The four were found liable for their roles in the murder of an American teenager, David Boim, on May 13, 1996, when he was shot by Hamas operatives as he waited for a bus near Jerusalem. This case is important in itself, providing some measure of justice and relief for the Boim family. Beyond that, it helps fight terrorism in four ways.First, it...
  • Wahabi mosque under construction in Boston

    11/16/2004 7:32:01 AM PST · by angel90210 · 224 replies · 5,788+ views
    CBN News ^ | Nov. 16, 2004 | Angel90210
    I was just watching CBN news and they were saying that one of the largest mosques in North America is under construction in Boston (anyone in Boston aware of this?). The mosque has Wahabi connection and is associated with the Islamic Society of Boston (with Wahabi and terrorist connections). The city of Boston sold the land for 25-50% of its actual value, all without comments from the mayor's office and Boston Globe. What's going on here? We are over in the Middle East bombing Arabs. Something like 70% or more Arabs hate the USA and we're importing radical Islamists right...
  • City gives break to terror-related mosque? Muslim group buys land from gov't for fraction of value

    11/23/2004 12:22:34 AM PST · by JohnHuang2 · 30 replies · 1,940+ views ^ | Tuesday, November 23, 2004
    Tuesday, November 23, 2004 City gives break to terror-related mosque?Muslim group buys land from government for fraction of value Posted: November 23, 20041:00 a.m. Eastern © 2004 A huge mosque set to be built in Boston is raising eyebrows for two reasons: its link to terror, and the fact the city government sold the land for the project at a fraction of its value. The 60,000-square-foot Islamic Cultural Center will cost $22 million, according to a report by the Christian Broadcasting Network. The Islamic Society of Boston, which is overseeing the project, allegedly has ties to radical Islam, with its founder,...
  • Boston Mosque: The Rise of Radical Islam

    11/16/2004 8:49:43 AM PST · by missyme · 45 replies · 1,772+ views
    CBN ^ | Nov 16th, 2004
    BOSTON, Massachusetts - A mosque is rising in the heart of Boston. Not just any mosque, but the largest mosque in the northeastern United States. At a cost of $22 million, the 60,000-square-foot Islamic Cultural Center will be a prominent symbol of the growth of Islam in America. But the project is under fire, as some say it will also be a symbol of radical Islam. The Islamic Society of Boston is under scrutiny for ties to radicalism. But the society says it does not tolerate extremism. And yet, some former and present leaders of the society have been tied...
  • NO TO EXTREMIST ISLAM by Ishtiaq Ahmed (Fascinating read by an Islamic on Historic Islamic Feuding)

    10/11/2004 7:36:18 PM PDT · by xzins · 5 replies · 523+ views
    Daily Times (Pakistan) ^ | 11 Oct 04 | Ishtiaq Ahmed
    It is time to reject extremist, politicised Islam and the terrorism associated with it. We need a reformation which retains the eternal message of compassion and humility that the Prophet (PBUH) practised in Mecca. I am convinced most Muslims still believe in such a humane Islam. The carnage in a Shia mosque in Sialkot on Friday, October 1, 2004 resulted in the death of 31 human beings who had come to pray to Allah. A bomb blast on October 7 killed 40 people who had come to attend a Sunni gathering in Multan to commemorate the first anniversary of the...

    10/09/2004 10:31:07 AM PDT · by Wallaby · 5 replies · 388+ views
    Defense & Foreign Affairs Daily reported October 1 a Global Information System (GIS) report from Sarajevo that the Saudi and Iranian governments are working through Bosnian terrorist groups to support Chechen Islamist terrorist and guerilla operations against the Russian government.A secret Wahabbi terrorist organization, Kvadrat (Quadrant), whose membership practice "Islam from the roots," was founded in Sarajevo in 1995. Kvadrat has expanded dramatically during 2004 in operations and funding by opening a new string of offices and facilities in Bosnia and in the Raska (Sandzak) Muslim area of southern Serbia. A new base for future operations is being built in...