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  • A Rare Look at the Archives of the German Secret Police

    05/21/2017 4:28:24 PM PDT · by nickcarraway · 28 replies
    Wired ^ | 5/11 | Charley Locke
    LIVING IN EAST Germany during the Cold War meant being watched. By your government. By your neighbors. And even, at times, by your own family. The East German secret police, one of the most intrusive and oppressive spying operations ever assembled, collected millions of files on people it suspected of being enemies of the state. The German Democratic Republic dissolved in 1990 with the fall of communism, but the documents assembled by the Ministry for State Security, or Stasi, remain. This massive archive includes 69 miles of shelved documents, 1.8 million images, and 30,300 video and audio recordings housed in...

    07/03/2016 12:16:31 AM PDT · by ameribbean expat · 46 replies
    After the Cold War ended, the Polish government made public classified Soviet documents that revealed the likely war plan. The plan, known as “Seven Days to the Rhine,” was the basis of 1979 military exercise that assumed NATO as the aggressor, having nuked a series of twenty-five targets in Poland, including Warsaw and the port of Gdansk. The cover story of countering aggression was a mere fig leaf for the true nature of the anticipated conflict: a bolt-from-the-blue Soviet attack against NATO.
  • Poles honor Reagan, John Paul with statue

    06/02/2015 10:08:54 PM PDT · by Ray76 · 14 replies
    Herald Sun (Melbourne Australia) ^ | Aug 2, 2012 | Vanessa Gera
    (Aug 2, 2012) POLISH officials have unveiled a statue of former President Ronald Reagan and Pope John Paul II, honouring two men widely credited in this Eastern European country with helping to topple communism 23 years ago. The statue was unveiled in Gdansk, the birthplace of Lech Walesa's Solidarity movement, in the presence of about 120 former Solidarity activists, many of whom were imprisoned in the 1980s for their roles in organising or taking part in strikes against the communist regime. The bronze statue, erected in the lush seaside President Ronald Reagan Park, is a slightly larger-than-life rendering of the...
  • Ronald Reagan and the Fall of Communism

    06/02/2015 10:18:59 PM PDT · by Ray76 · 31 replies
    Heritage ^ | Jan 27, 2010 | Lee Edwards
    Soviet Communism, the dark tyranny that controlled nearly 40 nations and was responsible for the deaths of an estimated 100 million victims during the 20th century, suddenly collapsed 20 years ago without a shot being fired. In just two years--from 1989 to 1991--the Berlin Wall fell, the Soviet Union disintegrated, and Marxism- Leninism was dumped unceremoniously on the ash heap of history. There was dancing in the street and champagne toasts on top of the Brandenburg Gate. For 40 years, the United States and the West had been following a policy of containment, détente, accommodation. Ronald Reagan decided it was...
  • Second 9/11 Hijacker Tied to Abu Nidal, Iraq

    12/22/2003 8:46:06 AM PST · by truthandlife · 37 replies · 355+ views ^ | 12/22/03 | Carl Limbacher
    When the London Telegraph reported last week that newly uncovered documents link 9/11 ringleader Mohamed Atta to Iraq-based Palestinian terrorist Abu Nidal, it wasn't the first time one of the 9/11 hijackers had been reported to have such ties. In a development that adds evidence to the case that Iraq played a direct role in the worst attack ever on the U.S., reports show that Ziad Jarrah - who piloted the plane that crashed in Pennsylvania after passengers had discovered they were on a suicide mission - also had ties to Nidal. Like Atta, Jarrah traveled to Hamburg, Germany, where...
  • East Germany's STASI Sold Citizens to Western Pharmaceutical Companies as Human Guinea Pigs

    12/04/2012 12:21:03 PM PST · by DogByte6RER · 11 replies
    Daily Mail ^ | 4 December 2012 | Allan Hall
    East Germany's secret police sold citizens to western pharmaceutical companies to use as human guinea pigs in drug trials • Tens of thousands tested with experimental drugs not approved in the West • One study of a drug for heart conditions saw six out of 17 patients die • Sinister practice exposed in disturbing new Germany documentary Former Communist East Germany secretly sold its citizens to western pharmaceutical companies to use as human guinea pigs in drug trials. Tens of thousands of sick people in the former German Democratic Republic were treated with medicines not approved in the West to...
  • Poles honor Reagan, John Paul II with new statue

    07/14/2012 1:50:42 PM PDT · by 2ndDivisionVet · 34 replies
    Yahoo! News / The Associated Press ^ | July 14, 2012 | Vanessa Gera
    GDANSK, Poland (AP) — Polish officials unveiled a statue of former President Ronald Reagan and Pope John Paul II on Saturday, honoring two men widely credited in this Eastern European country with helping to topple communism 23 years ago. The statue was unveiled in Gdansk, the birthplace of Lech Walesa's Solidarity movement, in the presence of about 120 former Solidarity activists, many of whom were imprisoned in the 1980s for their roles in organizing or taking part in strikes against the communist regime...
  • The World War Three Files

    02/26/2012 1:24:46 AM PST · by U-238 · 23 replies
    The Daily Mail ^ | 2/25/2012 | Donovan Sanderbrook
    March 1981, and inside 10 Downing Street, Margaret Thatcher is confronting the most terrible dilemma any British Prime Minister has ever faced. The news could hardly be worse. Across Britain, tens of thousands of terrified people are streaming out of the major cities. Looting is widespread, while every day brings bomb attacks at railway stations and RAF bases. Abroad, the Red Army has sliced through the West’s defences, using chemical weapons to punch through Nato’s front lines. Yugoslavia has fallen, and West Germany and Norway are on the verge of succumbing. After four days of Russian air raids, killing hundreds...
  • Russia arrests Polish reporters at plane wreckage

    10/01/2010 6:20:01 PM PDT · by Pan_Yan · 34 replies
    AP via Google ^ | October 1, 2010
    WARSAW, Poland — Poland's Foreign Ministry says Russia has arrested three Polish journalists at the site of a plane crash where President Lech Kaczynski and 95 others died in April. ... The all-news station TVN24 said one of its reporters was among those arrested, and that the group had been observing and filming the wreckage.
  • U.S. Seeks an Albatross — or 3 — for Afghanistan

    07/08/2010 6:30:29 PM PDT · by ErnstStavroBlofeld · 2 replies · 6+ views
    Wall Street Journal ^ | Nathan Hodge
    One of the more unusual stories about the war in Afghanistan is the creation of the Afghan air force. In hopes of building a more self-sufficient Afghan military, the U.S. government has been buying up aircraft from its former Cold War rivals. Rugged Russian Mi-17 helicopters are at the top of the Pentagon’s wish list, but the interest in ex-Warsaw Pact aircraft is not just limited to choppers. The Navy is currently in the market to buy three L-39C Albatros planes for the Afghan military. The Albatros – that’s the correct Czech spelling – is a subsonic jet that can...
  • Obama Climate Czarina Was Member of Socialist Group's Environmental Commission

    01/15/2009 12:40:19 PM PST · by lewisglad · 10 replies · 771+ views
    Fox News ^ | 1/15/09
    WASHINGTON -- Carol Browner, President-elect Barack Obama's choice to be his climate czarina, served until last summer as a member of a socialist organization whose mission is to enact progressive government policies, including toward environmental concerns like climate change. Browner's name and biography have been scrubbed from the Web site of Socialist International, the umbrella group for 170 "social democratic, socialist and labor parties" in 55 countries. But a photo of Browner speaking in Greece to the group's Congress on June 30 remained in the site's archives. Browner, formerly the longest serving administrator of the Environmental Protection Agency, having served...
  • Obama backer avoids DNC following Corsi book release

    09/03/2008 8:35:59 PM PDT · by hope · 17 replies · 350+ views
    WND ^ | 9-3-08
    WorldNetDaily staff reporter and columnist Jerome Corsi's book "The Obama Nation" contributed to a decision by Kenyan Prime Minister Raila Odinga not to accept Sen. Barack Obama's invitation to attend the Democratic National Convention, according to a prominent Kenyan newspaper. "The cancellation of the trip by Mr. Odinga comes hot on the heels of the publication of a book that is being used to attack Mr. Obama in which the PM [Prime Minister] features," wrote Kenya's Daily Nation. "The book, The Obama Nation, by Jerome Corsi depicts Mr. Obama as a covert sympathizer of radical Islam and communism." "In the...
  • Georgia to pull out of CIS - Saakashvili

    08/12/2008 6:56:15 AM PDT · by HAL9000 · 73 replies · 301+ views
    Reuters (excerpt) ^ | August 12, 2008
    MOSCOW, Aug 12 (Reuters) - Georgian President Mikheil Saakashvili said on Tuesday he would pull his country out of the Commonwealth of Independent States (CIS) grouping ex-Soviet states, Russian news agencies reported. "We are leaving the CIS for good and propose that other countries leave this body run by Russia," Interfax news agency said Saakashvili told a big rally in his support outside Georgia's parliament
  • Blowback from Moscow

    11/30/2007 12:25:11 PM PST · by OldCorps · 68 replies · 84+ views
    WorldNet Daily ^ | Nov 30, 2007 | Pat Buchanan
    Our next president will likely face a Russia led by Prime Minister Vladimir Putin, determined to stand up to a West Russians believe played them for fools when they sought to be friends. We pushed NATO into Moscow's face, bringing six ex-Warsaw Pact nations and three ex-Soviet republics – Lithuania, Latvia and Estonia – into our Cold War alliance and plotted to bring in Ukraine and Georgia. We pulled out of the Anti-Ballistic Missile treaty over Moscow's objection, then announced plans to plant ABM radars in the Czech Republic and anti-missile missiles in Poland. Putin has now responded in kind,...
  • Is it a new Warsaw Pact?

    08/26/2007 12:44:39 PM PDT · by lizol · 5 replies · 347+ views
    Turkish Daily News ^ | Saturday, August 25, 2007 | Orhan KILERCIOGLU
    Is it a new Warsaw Pact? Saturday, August 25, 2007 Orhan KILERCIOGLU Softened especially after the collapse of Soviets, East-West relations have undoubtedly been able to take a breather. Notably, no long-term tensions have occurred in U.S.-Russian relations in this period. Some disturbance between Russia and China, who remain relatively silent before the U.S. as only super power, was experienced when the "Shanghai Cooperation Organization" (SCO) came to the agenda. Left uneasy by the U.S. strategy in Afghanistan, Iraq and the Middle Eastern project, Russia threatened missile retaliation against the U.S. construction of a missile shield in Europe, found itself...
  • A Date Worth Remembering: August 20, 1968 (Warsaw Pact troops invade Czechoslovakia)

    08/19/2007 11:46:59 AM PDT · by lizol · 13 replies · 1,000+ views
    The Student Operated Press ^ | August 19, 2007 | Krzys Wasilewski
    A Date Worth Remembering: August 20, 1968 by Krzys Wasilewski On August 20, 1968, the forces of the Warsaw Pact crossed the borders of Czechoslovakia to provide “fraternal help,” or rather, reinstate a hard-line communist regime. In a matter of two weeks, 200,000 soldiers from Bulgaria, East Germany, Hungary, Poland and the Soviet Union quenched the liberal rebellion, burying the hopes of easing the Soviet grip in Central Europe for decades. Although it lacked the geographic importance of Poland or East Germany, Czechoslovakia still remained an important place on the map of the USSR’s influence. Shortly after the end of...
  • Warsaw Pact saved the world from nuclear world war

    05/15/2007 11:06:04 AM PDT · by lizol · 30 replies · 1,160+ views ^ | 15.05.2007
    Warsaw Pact saved the world from nuclear world war 15.05.2007 Many tend to demonize the Warsaw Pact nowadays claiming that it cast evil shadow over “the free world.” However, the Pact became the only possible response against the aggressive actions of the then US administration when its efforts resulted in Western Germany’s incorporation in NATO. The union, chaired by the USSR, allowed to keep the fragile balance in the world. On May 14, 1955 governmental delegations of eight countries (the USSR, Poland, Czechoslovakia, the German Democratic Republic, Hungary, Romania, Bulgaria and Albania) signed the Treaty on Friendship, Cooperation and Mutual...
  • History of Jihad against the Russians (1444-1918)

    01/28/2007 3:24:51 AM PST · by Islamwatch · 17 replies · 1,200+ views
    islam-watch ^ | 27 Jan, 2007 | History of Jihad
    Russia has suffered terribly at the hands of Islamic terrorism over the centuries and continues suffer today. Yet, Russia is the best friend of the terrorism-exporting Muslim countries. Russia is actively helping Iran towards its ambition to extiprate Israel. Will Russia learn a lesson?
  • The Kremlin's Fashion For Independence Votes

    09/16/2006 5:46:43 PM PDT · by Tailgunner Joe · 14 replies · 390+ views ^ | September 15, 2006 | Victor Yasmann
    There are many reasons to expect Moscow's deteriorating ties with the West will continue their downward trend this autumn. But the key one may be growing differences over the breakaway regions of Transdniester, Abkhazia, and South Ossetia and their stated desire to proclaim independence from Moldova and Georgia. The issue pushing the frozen conflicts to the fore are two independence referendums -- one in Transdniester on September 17, the second in South Ossetia on November 12. Russia, which has acted as a long-term booster for the separatist regions, is looking at the plebescites in two ways: a chance to bring...
  • Warsaw Pact invasion commemorated

    08/22/2006 10:54:47 AM PDT · by lizol · 5 replies · 253+ views
    The Slovak Spectator ^ | August 21, 2006
    Warsaw Pact invasion commemorated TOP Slovak officials including MPs and President Ivan Gasparovic commemorated the 38th anniversary of the invasion of the former Czechoslovakia by Warsaw Pact forces on August 21, 1968. Gasparovic laid wreaths at SNP Square and Šafárikovo Square in Bratislava. Two people were killed by the invading troops at these locations - Peter Legner on SNP Square and Danka Košanová on Šafárikovo Square. "This event was a black day in the history of the Slovak nation and of the former Czechoslovakia," Gašparovic said. MPs from the opposition Christian Democratic Movement (KDH) were also among the politicians paying...