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  • WaPo Ironically Accuses 'Far Right' Social Media of a Racist Phobia

    03/26/2017 12:49:12 PM PDT · by impetrio1 · 10 replies
    Black & Blonde Media ^ | 3/26/17 | Black & Blonde Media
    If photographer Jamie Lorriman was any kind of professional, he would have known what kind of emotion the picture would evoke. Is he some kind of social justice warrior who hoped he would've triggered an Islamophobic response at the expense of a passerby? This is why responsible media-types have editing functions available like "blur" so the identities of people, even if they are on a public street, for this precise reason are protected. Blaming the reaction on a "far right" bigoted response, it could also be argued, is exactly what Lorriman wanted.
  • Fact-checking Democrats’ rhetoric on the GOP health-care bill

    03/20/2017 2:28:23 PM PDT · by TBP · 8 replies
    Washington Post ^ | March 17 | Michelle Ye Hee Lee
    Democratic lawmakers have made a number of misleading claims about the House Republican replacement bill for the Affordable Care Act and findings in the Congressional Budget Office report. We compiled a roundup of their talking points, as a companion to our fact-check of White House claims about the CBO report.
  • Washington Post Flips Out over Conservatives with WH Access:‘What’s a Legitimate News Outlet?’

    03/12/2017 3:12:32 PM PDT · by davikkm · 35 replies
    Paul Farhip, a straight-down-the-middle,, objective reporter for the extremely non-partisan, ideologically unbridled Washington Post, frets about “partisan” news outlet The Daily Signal being part of the White House press corps — quite literally stating that conservatives gaining White House access evinces a slippery slope where “extremist or racist organizations” could do the same. From the Washington Post: In an age of partisan media, the lines between “partisan” and “media” can sometimes blur. Case in point: The pool reporter covering Vice President Pence on Thursday — that is, the reporter who supplied details about Pence’s daily activities as proxy for the...
  • The Basic Formula For Every Shocking Russia/Trump Revelation

    03/03/2017 9:05:06 PM PST · by Beave Meister · 14 replies
    The Young Turks ^ | 3/2/2017 | Michael Tracey
    The basic formula for every breaking Trump/Russia story is essentially as follows: 1. The New York Times or Washington Post releases an article that at first blush appears extremely damning. 2. Anti-Trump pundits and Democrats react reflexively to the news, express shrieking outrage, and proclaim that this finally proves untoward collusion between Trump and Russia — a smoking gun, at last. 3. Aggrieved former Clinton apparatchiks *connect the dots* in a manner eerily reminiscent of right-wing Glenn Beck-esque prognostication circa 2009. 4. Self-proclaimed legal experts rashly opine as to whether the new revelation entails some kind of criminally actionable offense. (Recall the...
  • John Podesta joins The Washington Post as contributing columnist

    02/23/2017 11:06:44 AM PST · by COUNTrecount · 45 replies
    Politico ^ | February 23, 2017 | Peter Sterne
    The former chairman of Hillary Clinton's 2016 presidential campaign, John Podesta, has joined The Washington Post as a contributing columnist, the paper announced on Thursday. Podesta, who also served as chief of staff to President Bill Clinton and a counselor to President Barack Obama, has recently written two op-eds for the Post. The first, published in December, was about the the FBI's investigation into Russian hacking of the Democratic National Committee. The second, published last week, was about President Donald Trump's penchant for dismissing all criticism of himself as "fake news." The Post says Podesta's columns "will provide commentary and...
  • Seriously? Washington Post hires John Podesta as a columnist

    02/25/2017 11:33:11 AM PST · by SeekAndFind · 47 replies
    Hotair ^ | 02/25/2017 | Jazz Shaw
    I know you were all terribly worried about whether or not long time Clintonite and secret Illuminati member John Podesta was going to be able to find a new job after the implosion of Hillary Clinton’s presidential campaign. Fear not! Turns out that he’s landed himself a gig writing political analysis columns for the Washington Post. (The Hill) John Podesta, Hillary Clinton’s former presidential campaign chairman, has joined The Washington Post as a contributing columnist, according to a Thursday announcement by the paper.“No one knows more about how Washington works, how the White House operates, and how policy ideas...
  • The Washington Post: 'Democracy dies in darkness'

    02/22/2017 9:16:21 AM PST · by Trump20162020 · 44 replies
    The Hill ^ | 02-22-2017 | Joe Concha
    The Washington Post has a new slogan on its homepage: "Democracy Dies in Darkness." Post spokesperson Kris Coratti told CNN that readers should expect to see more of it on other platforms of the publication. "We thought it would be a good, concise value statement that conveys who we are to the many millions of readers who have come to us for the first time over the last year," Coratti said last week. "We started with our newest readers on Snapchat, and plan to roll it out on our other platforms in the coming weeks."
  • D.C. fourth-graders send Valentine to the Washington Post ‘for being strong and telling the truth’

    02/17/2017 6:53:45 PM PST · by kevcol · 23 replies
    Twitchy (and Twitter) ^ | February 16, 2017 | Brett T.
    That’s nice, but it can’t begin to compete with a Valentine’s Day letter written by some D.C. fourth-graders and sent to the Washington Post. Fact-checker Michelle Ye Hee Lee posted it on Facebook, explaining that the young students wanted it to “go to journalists.”
  • Obama’s minions aim to humble Trump’s presidency

    02/15/2017 7:56:12 AM PST · by Sean_Anthony · 12 replies
    Canada Free Press ^ | 02/15/17 | Judi McLeod
    Throw a spotlight on the hide-y-hole wherever Barack Hussein is stealthily planning his revolution. Smoke him out! Radical Community Organizers should not be allowed to operate from the shadows On the landing page of the Washington Post this morning: “You obviously love great journalism. With special savings on our National Digital Edition, you’ll never miss a story.” The story you shouldn’t miss? ‘The Washington Post’s underhanded “Humbling of a president’.
  • Tucker Almost Makes Him Cry - Washington Post Media Bias Exposed, plus a few other Tucker specials

    02/15/2017 7:43:00 AM PST · by tony75034 · 9 replies ^ | 2/15/2017 | Lord of All Editors
    You can't mess with Tucker. He slaps all of these fake media people around hard. The Washington Post, owned by Jeff Bezos is one of the biggest fake media artists out there. This is good... This Washington post faker is slapped around insanely. he can't even answer and stutters. This page has 3 videos, tow of Tuckers' best attacking Media Bias, that Buzzfeed interview and also Trump then hitting back in last video.
  • CBS's Major Garrett: Skipping WH Correspondents Dinner Now Would Prove Anti-Trump Media Bias

    02/12/2017 12:20:54 PM PST · by Kaslin · 95 replies ^ | February 12, 2017 | Tim Graham
    CBS White House correspondent Major Garrett wrote an op-ed for Sunday’s Washington Post imploring journalists not to skip the White House Correspondents' Dinner. The headline was "Skipping 'nerd prom' now would prove Trump right" -- that journalists hate him too strongly to sit through a dinner with him. Garrett also pushed back against the Post’s own Margaret Sullivan, who argued that it would be appropriate to cancel the event altogether because the press should not be Mr. Trump’s “prom date.” "But no self-respecting White House reporter has ever been a president’s prom date, and the dinner isn’t a date at...
  • Of course: Washington Post attacks Neil Gorsuch’s late mother

    02/01/2017 5:19:49 PM PST · by Sean_Anthony · 4 replies
    Canada Free Press ^ | 02/01/17 | Dan Calabrese
    They say her tenure as EPA administrator "didn't go well," but it sounds great to us How unhinged has the lefty media become in its all-out war against all things Trump? This unhinged: If they’ve decided taking you down would be useful to them, they are even willing to attack your deceased mother in the effort. No one is surprised the left is freaking out about the nomination of Neil Gorsuch to the Supreme Court. Gorsuch is an outstanding jurist who will not only restore the conservatives to their majority status on the Court on days when Justice Kennedy doesn’t...
  • The true, correct story of what happened at Donald Trump’s inauguration

    01/25/2017 11:15:02 AM PST · by Ciaphas Cain · 54 replies
    The Washington Post ^ | January 24, 2017 | Alexandra Petri
    I apologize to Donald Trump. As Sean Spicer so wisely said at his first news conference on Monday (It was the first. The one that happened on Saturday did not happen at all, and I recognize that!), it is unfair to be so mean and negative all the time. Here is the fair and unbiased story about the inauguration written in compliance with the Trump style guidelines that we should have been obeying all along. Nothing that has ever happened or will ever happen was as great as Donald Trump’s inauguration.
  • He is headed to the UN ![Charismatic Caucus]

    01/11/2017 8:11:48 AM PST · by Jedediah · 7 replies
    A voice in the distance a wave in the air, But bearing no fruit except despair, A leader once of a country beloved, But now he attacks the messenger from above, The Dove of freedom he claims to hold, But truly in his hand is a hammer not gold, Denying The " T " ruth of "I AM "(JESUS), Causing grief to sacred land ! Soon he shall be revealed as that angel of old, That fell to the earth being vane and bold, His heart is black as his soul, But soon every one shall know, The Abomination about...
  • Washington Post Media Columnist Now Wants to Retire 'Fake News' Term

    01/09/2017 12:33:21 PM PST · by PJ-Comix · 49 replies
    NewsBusters ^ | January 9, 2017 | P.J. Gladnick
    Fake news. It was the term enthusiastically embraced by the mainstream media in the wake of the general election as an excuse to explain why Hillary Clinton lost. Unfortunately, that same term quickly boomeranged on them since skeptics pointed out that the MSM has used massive doses of fake news over the years to promote liberal causes including Hillary's career. And now that the "fake news" term has turned toxic for the left, they want to drop it entirely. Case in point is Sunday's complaint by Washington Post media columnist Margaret Sullivan. She is so upset that the term is being used...
  • Washington Post: People voted for Trump because they miss when America was more white

    01/06/2017 3:10:57 PM PST · by Sean_Anthony · 49 replies
    Canada Free Press ^ | 01/06/17 | Dan Calabrese
    This again -- I think we might call that fake news They’ll never stop this. I guess it’s just a fact of life. The left-wing mainstream media are obsessed with race. The very people who point their fingers endlessly at conservatives and call us racists see a racial angle to every thought, every action and every reaction that ever happens on Earth. So no one should be surprised that the Washington Post decided to publish a story yesterday, claiming on the flimsiest of evidence, that Trump voters were motivated by nostalgia for the good old days in America, when there...
  • Dow Jones industrial average reaches new high, tops 20000 level for first time

    01/06/2017 12:15:56 PM PST · by Chad_the_Impaler · 18 replies
    Washington Post ^ | January 6, 2017 | Washington Post
    2 hours ago - NEW YORK — The closely watched Dow Jones industrial average reached historic levels on Friday, breaching 20,000 points for the first time ...
  • WashPost Is Richly Rewarded for False News About Russia Threat While Public Is Deceived

    01/04/2017 8:40:01 AM PST · by detective · 8 replies
    The Intercept ^ | January 4 2017 | Glenn Greenwald
    In the past six weeks, the Washington Post published two blockbuster stories about the Russian threat that went viral: one on how Russia is behind a massive explosion of “fake news,” the other on how it invaded the U.S. electric grid. Both articles were fundamentally false. Each now bears a humiliating editor’s note grudgingly acknowledging that the core claims of the story were fiction: The first note was posted a full two weeks later to the top of the original article; the other was buried the following day at the bottom. The second story on the electric grid turned out to be far worse...
  • Venezuelan Jews Are Moving To Israel To Escape Deepening Poverty

    01/01/2017 8:02:13 PM PST · by goldstategop · 25 replies
    Washington Post ^ | 01/01/2017 | Ruth Eglash
    EIT SHEMESH, Israel — When Daniel Oritz moved to Israel from Venezuela , his first meal was a bowl of chicken soup. He took one spoonful and began to cry. For him, the soup signified an escape from the poverty and deprivation he has experienced for more than two years. “We were very hungry,” said Oritz, who moved in November. “There was no meat, no sugar, no pasta.” Venezuela’s economic crisis is so severe that citizens must wait in lines for hours at grocery stores to buy basic staples, or pay exorbitant prices on the black market. Some have even...
  • Russia Hysteria Infects WashPost Again: False Story About Hacking U.S. Electric Grid

    12/31/2016 10:22:28 AM PST · by Brad from Tennessee · 33 replies
    The Intercept ^ | December 31, 2016 | By Glenn Greenwald
    The Washington Post on Friday reported a genuinely alarming event: Russian hackers have penetrated the U.S. power system through an electrical grid in Vermont. The Post headline conveyed the seriousness of the threat: Russian Hackers Penetrated U.S. Electricity Grid Through A Utility In Vermont, Officials Say The first sentence of the article directly linked this cyber-attack to alleged Russian hacking of the email accounts of the DNC and John Podesta – what is now routinely referred to as “Russian hacking of our election” – by referencing the code name revealed on Wednesday by the Obama administration when it announced sanctions...
  • The Trump Nail in the Media Coffin (VDH)

    12/22/2016 5:41:35 AM PST · by RoosterRedux · 47 replies
    RCP ^ | Victor Davis Hanson
    President-elect Donald Trump probably will not often communicate with the nation via traditional press conferences. Nor will Trump likely field many questions from New York/Washington journalists. What we know as "the media" never imagined a Trump victory. It has become unhinged at the reality of a Trump presidency. No wonder the fading establishment media is now distrusted by a majority of the public, according to Gallup -- and becoming irrelevant even among progressives. Once upon a time in the 1960s, all the iconic news anchors, from Walter Cronkite to David Brinkley, were liberal. But they at least hid their inherent...
  • Why God is a curvy, black woman in ‘The Shack’ and some Christian critics say it’s ‘heresy’

    12/21/2016 11:42:47 PM PST · by Timpanagos1 · 25 replies
    Washington Post ^ | 12/21/16 | Katie Mettler
    In the coming film adaptation of “The Shack,” a fictional book by William P. Young about a father’s path to renewed faith and healing after his young daughter’s murder, the character of God — as depicted in the novel — is portrayed as a curvy, maternal black woman. And just as the book earned widespread notoriety and scathing critiques nearly a decade ago, the film is garnering its own praise and condemnation. At issue is Young’s characterization of the Holy Trinity, seen through the eyes of the story’s main character, who on the four-year anniversary of his daughter’s brutal killing...
  • Congratulations, Trump. Welcome to hell. (Barf Alert)

    12/21/2016 1:47:08 PM PST · by MoochPooch · 60 replies
    The Washington Post ^ | Dec. 20, 2016 | Kathleen Parker
    Dear Mr. Trump, You won. Welcome to hell. And to think, I thought you’d become president when hell froze over. Now that the election is finally behind us, may I ask a tiny question: Why did you want this job? Was it on your bucket list? After so many square miles of golf courses, trophy wives, gilt mirrors and crystal chandeliers, was there nothing left to mess with? I wasn’t surprised, by the way, when you said you’d spend half your time in New York. I mean, it’s New York! And the White House is a tad bourgeois in an...
  • Washington Post Cries Out Loud: 'Donald Trump Weaponizes Conspiracy Theories!'

    11/29/2016 11:17:57 AM PST · by Michael van der Galien · 21 replies
    PJ Media ^ | 11-29-2016 | Michael van der Galien
    Look at the media (in this case the leftist Washington Post) crying like little babies over supposed conspiracy theories: '@FiIibuster -- that's lowercase i-capital i-lowercase i -- is the luckiest 16-year-old in California. On Monday night, he took a break from tweeting about professional sports to piggyback on the president-elect's critiques of CNN reporter Jeff Zeleny. "CNN is terrible folks," he wrote. "Jeff has no evidence that Donald Trump didn't suffer from voter fraud!" Lo and behold, Trump retweeted him, adding at the end, "Bad reporter." To which @FiIibuster could only reply, "OMG." I tell this story not to walk...
  • WaPo whoppers: Fake newspaper fear-mongers over fake news

    11/25/2016 1:03:00 PM PST · by Sean_Anthony · 3 replies
    Canada Free Press ^ | 11/25/26 | Matthew Vadum
    Instead of accepting that Clinton was The Worst Candidate of All Time the WaPo is making excuses Over the recently concluded election cycle the once-great Washington Post became a peddler of the most outrageous left-wing propaganda. It lied about now President-elect Donald Trump over and over again in a failed attempt to put Hillary Clinton in the White House. Instead of accepting that Clinton was The Worst Candidate of All Time the WaPo is making excuses.
  • ‘That Frightens Me’: Capehart Tears Up Discussing Trump Presidency

    11/11/2016 4:16:29 AM PST · by detective · 62 replies
    Breitbart ^ | 10 Nov 2016 | Ian Hanchett
    Washington Post Opinion Writer and MSNBC contributor Jonathan Capehart stated that President Obama’s legacy disappearing under a Trump presidency “frightens” him during an emotional interview with Channel 4 News on Thursday,
  • What kind of country is this?

    11/09/2016 10:05:00 AM PST · by detective · 94 replies
    The Washington Post ^ | November 9, 2016 | Jennifer Rubin
    When the KKK’s favorite candidate — a man who mocks a disabled reporter, brags about sexually assaulting women, dabbles in anti-Semitic tropes and paints Mexican immigrants as “rapists” — gets elected, many of us ask rightly ask: What has become of the openhearted, tolerant, decent America so many of us were certain would reject a character like Donald Trump? As the country awakes bleary-eyed and disoriented, we are certain that the lights will come up, the horror film will end and all will be put back to normal. The alt-right will go lick its wounds, the lying opportunists will be...
  • "FBI Spooks"--Drudge's red letter headline means what?

    11/01/2016 4:57:55 PM PDT · by Chengdu54 · 179 replies
    Now on Drudge
  • ABC News/Washington Post Tracking Poll: Ten Point Swing For Donald Trump In Four Days

    10/29/2016 9:05:11 AM PDT · by conservativepoet · 71 replies
    Breitbart ^ | 10/29/2016 | Charlie Spiering
    Trump is now at 45 percent with likely voters, up seven points from his low of 38 percent earlier in the month. Hillary Clinton is at 47 percent while Gary Johnson is at four percent and Jill Stein is at two percent. That marks a seven point jump for Trump in just four days. Trump’s opponent Hillary Clinton has seen her numbers drop three points in the same time period, making a 10 point swing in Trump’s favor.
  • WaPo: Donald Trump's chances of winning are approaching zero (LOL alert)

    10/25/2016 12:19:52 AM PDT · by Zakeet · 56 replies
    Washington Post ^ | October 24, 2016 | Chris Cillizza and Aaron Blake
    The election is in 15 days. And the electoral map just keeps looking grimmer and grimmer for Donald Trump. We are making three changes to The Fix map this week, all favoring Hillary Clinton. First, we are moving Nevada, where Trump had shown surprising strength for much of this year, from "toss up" to "lean Democratic" amid signs that the state is slipping away from him. ... Trump's collapse in the state is badly impacting Republicans's chances of winning Sen. Harry Reid's (D) open seat. ... We're also moving Utah - yes, Utah! - from "lean Republican" to "toss up"...
  • New Podesta Email Exposes Dem Playbook For Rigging Polls Through "Oversamples"

    10/23/2016 4:57:05 PM PDT · by cutty · 47 replies
    Zero Hedge ^ | Oct 23, 2016 | Tyler Durden
    the obvious sampling bias in the latest ABC / Washington Post poll that showed a 12-point national advantage for Hillary. Like many of the recent polls from Reuters, ABC and The Washington Post, this latest poll included a 9-point sampling bias toward registered democrats. ... for all of you out there who still aren't convinced that the polls are rigged, we present to you the following Podesta email, leaked earlier today, that conveniently spells out, in startling detail, exactly how to rig them. The email starts out with a request for recommendations on "oversamples for polling" in order to "maximize...
  • I Interrupt Your Presidential Debate Prep to Bring You This Special Report

    10/19/2016 6:29:15 AM PDT · by NOBO2012 · 16 replies
    Michelle Obama's Mirror ^ | 10-19-2016 | MOTUS
    I must interrupt the presidential election process to bring you this important reflection on the Obama’s last, historic State Dinner; this one for the Italian prime minister Matteo Renzi and his wife, Agnese Landini. So naturally we wore Italian (Versace) For the final state dinner hosted by President Obama, this one in honor of Italy’s prime minister, first lady Michelle Obama wore a custom rose-gold chain-mail gown from Atelier Versace. It was a slinky gown with an asymmetrical neckline that slithered like liquid metal down her torso and around her hips. It was pure Hollywood glamour. – WaPo And we...

    10/16/2016 4:56:54 PM PDT · by Anti-Hillary · 121 replies
    Drudge report ^ | 10-16-16 | Matt Drudge
  • Hillary Clinton for president (Washington Post and schizo alert)

    10/13/2016 10:34:10 AM PDT · by Ciaphas Cain · 5 replies
    The Washington Post ^ | October 13. 2016 | Editorial Board
    Am not sure about excerpting from the Post and in this situation I'm reluctant to anyway. Some things in life you need to go in cold about. But if you need a terse synopsis: "yes Hillary has done many many questionable things but those were just preparing her for the most powerful office in the world and you peasants need her to keep the corrupt system going instead of that vile foul-mouthed Trump imploding the whole shebang."Not unexpected from the Post. But their logic in this matter is guaranteed to melt gray matter everywhere.
  • WashPost Columnist Pans New Trump DC Hotel Before It Even Opens

    09/12/2016 1:37:29 PM PDT · by PJ-Comix · 40 replies
    NewsBusters ^ | September 12, 2016 | P.J. Gladnick
    How do you review a hotel before it even opens? It's simple if you are an over the top liberal moonbat columnist who has a political grudge against the owner to extent you are perfectly willing to toss all credibility away in order to make strictly ideological points.  In this case it is Washington Post columnist Petula Dvorak who panned Donald Trump's new Washington hotel opening today, the Trump International Hotel. Her column isn't so much as a review since it was written before the hotel even opened as it is one long hate screech against Trump:
  • No, Washington Post, we should not stop talking about Hillary's e-mails

    09/12/2016 8:36:50 AM PDT · by Sean_Anthony · 5 replies
    Canada Free Press ^ | 09/12/16 | Dan Calabrese
    Far from a "minor" scandal, they demonstrate both her dishonesty and her incompetence . . . and thus her unfitness for the presidency The Washington Post has had it. In a way, I suppose it’s hard to blame them. If your whole mission in life is to get Hillary elected president, the last thing you want is for people to keep talking about her schlock, homebrew e-mail server, her lies about it and the crimes she got away with concerning the glossly negligent mishandling of classified information. This is not helpful! How can you shamelessly pimp for a dishonest, sleazy...
  • Inside the collapse of Trump’s D.C. policy shop

    09/09/2016 7:17:34 AM PDT · by reaganaut1 · 41 replies
    Washington Post ^ | September 8, 2016 | Josh Rogin
    The Trump campaign built a large policy shop in Washington that has now largely melted away because of neglect, mismanagement and promises of pay that were never honored. Many of the team’s former members say the campaign leadership never took the Washington office seriously and let it wither away after squeezing it dry. Donald Trump often brags about having experts and senior former officials advising him. Wednesday night in a forum on national security, he said, “We have admirals, we have generals, we have colonels. We have a lot of people that I respect.” It’s true that Trump is getting...
  • [wp]The Hillary Clinton email story is out of control

    09/08/2016 10:15:52 PM PDT · by SteveH · 64 replies
    The Washington Post ^ | 9/8/2016 | (unsigned editorial)
    Imagine how history would judge today’s Americans if, looking back at this election, the record showed that voters empowered a dangerous man because of . . . a minor email scandal. There is no equivalence between Ms. Clinton’s wrongs and Mr. Trump’s manifest unfitness for office.
  • Paul Ryan’s Russia position is closer to Clinton’s than Trump’s (also, every other issue)

    09/08/2016 4:40:34 PM PDT · by cotton1706 · 18 replies ^ | 9/8/16 | Amber Phillips
    Donald Trump and House Speaker Paul D. Ryan (R-Wis.) haven't agreed on much during this presidential campaign. In fact, Ryan has disagreed with the Republican nominee about once a week since he reluctantly endorsed Trump in June. But perhaps nowhere do the two men diverge more clearly than on Russia. Trump thinks having a relationship with Russia and its president, Vladimir Putin, could be a "wonderful thing." In a military-focused forum hosted by NBC on Wednesday, Trump even defended Putin from reports that his country is trying to influence or disrupt the U.S. election.
  • Ann Coulter: Media Invented Lie About Trump Mocking Disabled Reporter

    09/01/2016 11:48:31 AM PDT · by Tolerance Sucks Rocks · 31 replies
    Big Journalism (Breitbart) ^ | August 31, 2016 | Ann Coulter
    Just when you think the media could not possibly become more loathsome, the Fourth Estate bullies prove you wrong again. The Washington Post’s latest ugliness was to exploit the disability of a newspaper reporter in order to smear the Republican nominee for president. Then — and this is the least surprising part of the story — the Post lied about it. Other than the subject of that paragraph — which I slyly switched from Trump to the media — that is an exact paraphrase of the Post’s opening lines from an editorial hawking the media’s most successful lie about Donald...
  • Russian meddling in U.S. election backfiring on Putin, hurting Trump

    08/28/2016 4:00:50 PM PDT · by Trump20162020 · 57 replies
    The Washington Post ^ | August 23, 2016 | James Hohmann
    Eight years ago this month, Barack Obama’s high command became very worried after Russia invaded Georgia. The first-term senator, then 47, had no meaningful national security experience, a liability Hillary Clinton had highlighted throughout the Democratic primaries. And he happened to be vacationing in Hawaii. Campaigning in Pennsylvania, John McCain recounted a phone call he had just had with Georgian President Mikheil Saakashvili. "Today, we are all Georgians,” the hawkish war hero said, drawing cheers from the crowd of several thousand. The Obama team was worried about losing voters of Eastern European descent as a result of McCain's hard-line rhetoric...
  • The rat pack-style of mainstream media reporters who write books

    08/26/2016 4:35:27 AM PDT · by Sean_Anthony · 11 replies
    Canada Free Press ^ | 08/26/16 | Judi McLeod
    The real story of our times: Same media who sat idly by for almost eight years while the Obama administration ruined their own country, are now smearing Donald Trump and his supporters working to rescue America We don’t know how many Washington Post reporters it takes to screw in a light bulb but we do know it takes more than 24 of them to try to screw Donald J. Trump in a rushed-to-launch book. “More than “two dozen” Washington Post reporters contributed to a book published Tuesday that attacks Donald Trump.” (Daily Caller) That should tell us what WaPo reporters...
  • Why the Washington Post Has No Credibility

    08/07/2016 7:47:11 AM PDT · by Kaslin · 14 replies ^ | August 7, 2016 | Matt Barber
    There’s a reason why the Washington Post is not-so-affectionately tagged the “Washington Compost” by its fast-growing pool of distrustful detractors. That reason is embodied in both the person (and the “journalism”) of one Jonathan Capehart, homosexual activist, Washington Post mercenary-hack and editorial board member. Capehart is a liar and, by extension, so is the Washington Post.Now, when I say that Capehart is a liar, I don’t mean it in the pejorative sense. It’s not an ad hominem attack. It’s a fact, supported by the overwhelming weight of the evidence. In the journalism biz, a reputation for truth and accuracy is...
  • GOP reaches 'new level of panic' over Trump's candidacy (actually libtards in new level of panic)

    08/03/2016 10:54:35 PM PDT · by Zakeet · 38 replies
    Washington Post ^ | August 3, 2016 | Philip Rucker, Dan Balz and Matea Gold
    Turmoil in the Republican Party escalated Wednesday as party leaders, strategists and donors voiced increased alarm about the flailing state of Donald Trump's candidacy and fears that the presidential nominee was damaging the party with an extraordinary week of self-inflicted mistakes, gratuitous attacks and missed opportunities. Republican National Committee Chairman Reince Priebus was described as "very frustrated" with and deeply disturbed by Trump's behavior over the past week, having run out of excuses to make on the nominee’s behalf to donors and other party leaders, according to multiple people familiar with the events. Meanwhile, Trump's top campaign advisers are struggling...
  • Washington Post op-ed section obsessed with Trump

    08/02/2016 6:02:05 AM PDT · by kevcol · 27 replies
    The Washington Examiner ^ | August 2, 2016 | Pete Kasperowicz
    The Washington Post's op-ed webpage pulled out all the stops Tuesday in a bid to make sure readers know they should oppose Donald Trump. Six of the seven newest columns deal with Trump, including Tuesday's featured column: "There is something very wrong with Donald Trump." That was followed by: "Dear Republican leaders: It's not too late to dump Trump." After that, it was, "Is Donald Trump just plain crazy?"
  • The 4 Pinocchios and the Woman Who Won Them

    08/01/2016 5:01:13 AM PDT · by NOBO2012 · 25 replies
    Michelle Obama's Mirror ^ | 8-1-2016 | MOTUS
    Hillary, lying her way through Fox News Sunday with Chris Wallace: Chris Wallace: Madame Secretary, are you now, or have you ever been, a member of the Communist Part?Secretary Clinton: WTF! I was told there would be no geo-political questions. Whiskey:Tango:Foxtrot:The Washington Post awarded her Fox News Sunday performance the full 4 Pinocchios, which surprised no one. As some wag noted they should start calling them “Hillarys” from now on. Posted from: Michelle Obama’s Mirror
  • DNC Wikileaks hack outs Hillary shill at Washington Post

    07/25/2016 6:35:24 AM PDT · by detective · 56 replies
    American Thinker ^ | July 25, 2016
    A Washington Post blog site joins the conga line of the busted. The reporter for the Washington Post’s blog, The Plum Line, is described by the news outlet thusly: “Greg Sargent writes The Plum Line blog, a reported opinion blog with a liberal slant – what you might call ‘opinionated reporting’ from the left. He joined the Post in early 2009, after stints at Talking Points Memo, New York Magazine and the New York Observer.” Wikileaks revealed, within the 74 emails where Sargent’s name in mentioned in Democratic National Committee (DNC) emails, that the substance of Sargent’s “opinionated” columns comes...
  • Washington Post to DNC: Story ‘Running on A1 Tomorrow… You All Will Be Totally Fine with It’

    The tight relationship between The Washington Post and the Democratic National Committee was borne out in emails discovered in the 20,000-deep email trove from the DNC posted on WikiLeaks. In an April 26 email to Mark Paustenbach, the DNC’s deputy communications director, the paper’s White House Bureau Chief Juliet Eilperin wrote: Subject: just FYI, the story is running on A1 tomorrow Dear Mark, I think you all will be totally fine with it. Thanks again for all your help. Best, Juliet
  • Washington Post and DNC Hold Joint Fundraiser for Hillary Clinton – Lawyers said “illegal”

    07/24/2016 5:35:50 AM PDT · by detective · 46 replies
    Conservative Treehouse ^ | July 22, 2016 | Sundance
    Truncated title. Full title: Washington Post and DNC Hold Joint Fundraiser for Hillary Clinton – Lawyers said “illegal”, Did it Anyway LOLOL. This stuff is just too much. Carl Bernstein please call your office… Another rather Jaw-Dropping release within the latest WikiLeaks document dump of DNC emails outlines the planning for a joint fundraiser in September 2015. Apparently, The Washington Post was hosting a party. The DNC saw the opportunity to make a fundraiser out of it and sell tickets to the party to donors. However, the email chain shows the lawyers for the DNC said they can’t publish the...
  • Washington Post Trump Panic Attack: 'Candidate of the Apocalypse'

    07/22/2016 12:26:44 PM PDT · by PJ-Comix · 47 replies
    NewsBusters ^ | July 22, 2016 | P.J. Gladnick
    And there went out another horse that was orange: and power was given to him that sat thereon to take peace from the earth, and that they should kill one another: and there was given unto him a great sword. So just how good was Donald Trump's speech last night at the Republican convention in Cleveland? Perhaps the best way to judge that is to analyze the liberal reaction. And from reading the over the top panicked editorial from the Washington Post, Donald Trump: The candidate of the apocalypse, his speech must have been so incredibly effective as to inspire such a level...