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  • There’s no media conspiracy against Trump (!!!)

    10/20/2016 8:00:03 PM PDT · by Beowulf9 · 45 replies ^ | OCT 19 2016 | Robert J. Samuelson
    Regardless of who wins the election, the press — or, at any rate, what used to be called the “mainstream” media — may be the big loser. Donald Trump is making a case that he’s the victim of an orchestrated media campaign to defeat him, and although the charge is not true, it may stick among his devoted followers.
  • Blue Origin breaks ground on Florida factory

    06/30/2016 9:31:25 PM PDT · by BenLurkin · 3 replies ^ | June 28, 2016 | by Brian Berger —
    In his June 28 email — the latest in a series of emails he sends out to provide short updates on Blue Origins’ activities — Bezos described the 750,000 square foot rocket factory as “custom-built from the ground up to accommodate manufacturing, processing, integration and testing. “Among other things, the facility hosts large scale friction stir welding and automated composite processing equipment,” he wrote. “All of the vehicle will be manufactured in this facility except for the engines. Initial BE-4 engine production will occur at our Kent facility while we conduct a site selection process later this year for a...
  • Attkisson: Trump Said 'Exactly Opposite' of What Is Claimed

    07/19/2015 6:19:07 PM PDT · by Cringing Negativism Network · 34 replies
    News Max ^ | Sunday, 19 Jul 2015 08:48 PM | By Greg Richter
    The Washington Post's reporting of Donald Trump's statement saying that Arizona Sen. John McCain is "not a war hero" miscast the GOP presidential candidate's words, investigative reporter Sharyl Attkisson says. Attkisson, the former CBS News reporter, posted a fact-check of the Post's report on her website, saying that the newspaper had left out the context of Trump's remarks, including the ongoing feud between him and McCain. McCain called Trump supporters at a recent anti-illegal immigration rally "crazies." Attkisson also noted that although the Post reported Trump's initial statement that McCain was not a war hero, it did not report four...
  • New statement from Martin Baron ahead of Jason Rezaian’s trial in Iran (Washington Post is outraged)

    05/25/2015 5:25:21 PM PDT · by Dave346 · 8 replies
    The Washington Post ^ | May 25 at 10:30 AM | Martin Baron
    Statement from Washington Post Executive Editor Martin Baron ahead of Jason Rezaian’s trial in Iran: The shameful acts of injustice continue without end in the treatment of Washington Post correspondent Jason Rezaian. Now we learn his trial will be closed to the world. And so it will be closed to the scrutiny it fully deserves. It’s worth recalling what kind of system we’re dealing with. Jason was arrested without charges. He was imprisoned in Iran’s worst prison. He was placed in isolation for many months and denied medical care he needed. His case was assigned to a judge internationally notorious...
  • U.S.-built Ebola treatment centers in Liberia are nearly empty as outbreak fades

    01/18/2015 6:19:14 PM PST · by Theoria · 30 replies
    The Washington Post ^ | 18 Jan 2015 | Kevin Sieff
    Near the hillside shelter where dozens of men and women died of Ebola, a row of green U.S. military tents sit atop a vast expanse of imported gravel. The generators hum; chlorinated water churns in brand-new containers; surveillance cameras send a live feed to a large-screen television. There’s only one thing missing from this state-of-the-art Ebola treatment center: Ebola patients.The U.S. military sent about 3,000 troops to West Africa to build centers like this one in recent months. They were intended as a crucial safeguard against an epidemic that flared in unpredictable, deadly waves. But as the outbreak fades in...
  • Who is William Arkin, and why does it matter?

    02/26/2007 5:38:10 PM PST · by Interesting Times · 37 replies · 1,133+ views
    The New Dominion ^ | Feb. 26, 2007 | Max Friedman
    As most of you have read or seen by now, a journalist and NBC/MSNBC media consultant named William “Bill” Arkin has created quite a stir by viciously insulting American soldiers in Iraq. He wrote at his Washington Post blog, “Early Warning: William M. Arkin on National and Homeland Security” column (1/30/07), that “… this NBC (Nightly News) report is just an ugly reminder of the price we pay for a mercenary - oops sorry, volunteer force that thinks it is doing the dirty work” re Iraq. The “report,” according to Arkin, featured “a number of soldiers (who) expressed frustration with...
  • Dana Priest's controversial co-author (William Arkin)

    07/20/2010 8:50:03 AM PDT · by OldDeckHand · 11 replies ^ | 07/20/2010 | KEACH HAGEY
    With two Pulitzer Prizes to her name, Dana Priest is one of the Washington Post’s most celebrated reporters. Until Monday, when the Post published the first installment of a bombshell series on post-9/11 intelligence industrial complex, national security blogger William Arkin was hardly known to the paper’s readers. But from a media perspective, Arkin’s role as co-author of the series might be the more important. It marks the first time one of the Post’s bloggers – lately the cause of controversy because they sometimes blur opinion and reporting — has had a byline in one of the paper’s big, investigative...
  • Washington Post: We Tried To Bury That Story About ObamaCare Blowing Up The Deficit

    04/17/2012 12:46:50 PM PDT · by lbryce · 6 replies
    IBD ^ | April 16, 2012 | Sean Higgins
    Washington Post columnist Patrick Pexton made a rather startling admission in the paper’s Sunday edition: The Post never meant for their recent story about how President Obama’s health care law expands the budget deficit to become a viral Internet sensation. In fact, they deliberately tried to bury the story.
  • Obama’s and Bush’s effects on the deficit in one graph (Klien Blames Bush, Bush, & Reagan)

    07/25/2011 2:26:57 PM PDT · by OneVike · 20 replies
    Washington Post ^ | 11/7/25 | Ezra Klein
    What’s also important, but not evident, on this chart is that Obama’s major expenses were temporary — the stimulus is over now — while Bush’s were, effectively, recurring. The Bush tax cuts didn’t just lower revenue for 10 years. It’s clear now that they lowered it indefinitely, which means this chart is understating their true cost. Similarly, the Medicare drug benefit is costing money on perpetuity, not just for two or three years. And Boehner, Ryan and others voted for these laws and, in some cases, helped to craft and pass them. To relate this specifically to the debt-ceiling...
  • BREAKING: Weigel Resigns (WaPo fake conservative blogger)

    06/25/2010 9:45:39 AM PDT · by STARWISE · 15 replies
    Media Bistro ^ | 6-25-10 | Matt Dornic
    FIRST ON FBDC: FishbowlDC has confirmed that WaPo conservative-beat blogger Dave Weigel has resigned after a slew of his anti-conservative comments and emails surfaced on FishbowlDC and Daily Caller over the past two days. A spokesperson for the Post said the paper will not offer additional comments but confirmed that the writer's resignation was accepted.
  • Copenhagen's Political Science (Sarah Palin Climate-Gate Op-Ed in Washington Post)

    12/08/2009 4:20:48 PM PST · by kristinn · 88 replies · 3,904+ views
    The Washington Post ^ | Wednesday, December 9, 2009 | Sarah Palin
    With the publication of damaging e-mails from a climate research center in Britain, the radical environmental movement appears to face a tipping point. The revelation of appalling actions by so-called climate change experts allows the American public to finally understand the concerns so many of us have articulated on this issue. "Climate-gate," as the e-mails and other documents from the Climate Research Unit at the University of East Anglia have become known, exposes a highly politicized scientific circle -- the same circle whose work underlies efforts at the Copenhagen climate change conference. The agenda-driven policies being pushed in Copenhagen won't...
  • US Drops Spy Charges Against Lobbyists

    05/01/2009 9:48:54 PM PDT · by BuckeyeTexan · 15 replies · 1,299+ views ^ | 05/01/2009 | AP
    ALEXANDRIA, Virginia - Federal prosecutors moved Friday to dismiss espionage-related charges against two former pro-Israel lobbyists accused of disclosing classified U.S. defense information, ending a tortuous inside-the-Beltway legal battle rife with national security intrigue. Critics of the prosecution of Steven Rosen and Keith Weissman of the American Israel Public Affairs Committee accused the federal government of trying to criminalize the sort of back-channel discussions between government officials, lobbyists and reporters that are commonplace in Washington. AIPAC is an influential pro-Israel lobbying group. The indictment had alleged that Rosen and Weissman conspired to obtain and then disclose to journalists and the...
  • Understanding the Alinsky Method of “Community Organizing”

    11/13/2008 3:25:59 AM PST · by antonia · 18 replies · 6,669+ views ^ | Sep 24, 2008 | Bob Dill
    Poe: "They are leftists, dedicated to overthrowing our Constitutional system," and "they will go to any length to conceal their radicalism from the public." Understanding the Alinsky Method of "Community Organizing" Written by Bob Dill Sep 24, 2008 at 12:00 AM Meet the Real Obama and Cult of Alinsky " The thing that hath been, it is that which shall be; and that which is done is that which shall be done: and there is no new thing under the sun." (Ecclesiastes 1:9 KJV) It is becoming readily apparent that the "change" being proposed vaguely by Sen. Barack Obama is...
  • Pressure the Post (Threatened Boycott of WashPo Advertiser)

    12/07/2006 7:23:37 AM PST · by ReagansRaiders · 7 replies · 664+ views
    Virginia Virtucon ^ | 12/07/2006 | Virginia Virtucon
    In the 2006 elections, we witnessed such incredible bias from the Washington Post that even their very own ombudsman finally had to state that their coverage of Republican candidates, Senator George Allen in particular, was excessive and biased. Allen supporters think he can't catch a break; I sympathize. The macaca coverage went on too long, and a profile of Allen was relentlessly negative without balancing coverage of what made him a popular governor and senator. So, how do you bring pressure on the Post to change? Letters to the editor won't make a difference. Canceling your subscription won't make a...
  • Iraqi Official Warns Against Coup Attempt

    07/28/2006 8:46:14 PM PDT · by jmc1969 · 7 replies · 633+ views
    NY Times ^ | July 29, 2006 | Joshua Partlow and Saad Sarhan
    A Shiite Muslim political leader said Friday that rumors were circulating of an impending coup attempt against the government of Iraqi Prime Minister Nouri al-Maliki and warned that "we will not allow it." A new government would mean "canceling the constitution, canceling the results of the elections and going back to square one . . . and we will not accept that," he said. Amiri is also a top official in the Badr Organization, the armed wing of the Supreme Council for the Islamic Revolution in Iraq, which is the leading member of a coalition of Shiite political parties governing...
  • Expect Journalistic Tongues to Loosen (Jack Kelly)

    03/06/2006 9:41:50 PM PST · by smoothsailing · 28 replies · 1,254+ views
    Real Clear Politics ^ | 3-7-06 | Jack Kelly - Commentary
    March 7, 2006 Expect Journalistic Tongues to Loosen By Jack Kelly Journalists will be paying rapt attention when Steven Rosen and Keith Weissman go on trial next month for violation of the Espionage Act of 1917. Mr. Rosen and Mr. Weissman were officials of the American-Israel Public Affairs Committee. They received classified information from Lawrence Franklin, an analyst at the Department of Defense, which they passed on to an Israeli diplomat, and to journalists. They are the first private citizens ever to be prosecuted under the Espionage Act. Mr. Franklin pled guilty Jan. 20th and was sentenced to more than...
  • Washington Post Leaks More National Security Secrets

    01/30/2006 12:48:38 PM PST · by Sam Hill · 39 replies · 2,961+ views
    Sweetness & Light ^ | January 30, 2006 | N/A
    Tired of seeing the New York Times getting all the headlines with their treason, the Washington Post has decided to join in the fun of betraying its country's most vital national secrets.This self-styled military expert, William Arkin, must surely be aware it is a gross and illegal violation of national security to release code names. (Ask Kissinger about "Umbra.") Of course that didn't stop him from writing a book that does just that a year ago, either.In fact, Mr. Arkin considers himself more of an activist than a journalist. (Not that there is any discernible difference in our one party...
  • Columnist Confirms CIA Plot [Against President Bush]

    11/29/2005 5:14:53 AM PST · by conservativecorner · 96 replies · 5,443+ views
    Accuracy In Media ^ | Nov. 29, 2005 | Cliff Kincaid
    In a November 3 column in the Washington Post, Jim Hoagland confirmed that the Joseph Wilson affair was a CIA plot against President Bush. Writing his column in the form of a letter to the President, Hoagland wrote that "The hidden management of the criminal justice process and the news media practiced by spooks in Wilson-Rove-Libbygate is nothing short of brilliant. So you were right to fear the agency." Think about that statement to the President—"you were right to fear the agency."
  • Gitmo Detainees Say Muslims Were Sold

    05/31/2005 10:00:56 PM PDT · by Pikamax · 20 replies · 604+ views
    Washington Post & AP ^ | 05/31/05 | Michelle Faul
    c By MICHELLE FAUL The Associated Press Tuesday, May 31, 2005; 9:20 PM SAN JUAN, Puerto Rico -- They fed them well. The Pakistani tribesmen slaughtered a sheep in honor of their guests, Arabs and Chinese Muslims famished from fleeing U.S. bombing in the Afghan mountains. But their hosts had ulterior motives: to sell them to the Americans, said the men who are now prisoners at Guantanamo Bay. Bounties ranged from $3,000 to $25,000, the detainees testified during military tribunals, according to transcripts the U.S. government gave The Associated Press to comply with a Freedom of Information lawsuit. A former...
  • Fox's Sandstorm

    04/17/2005 11:45:26 PM PDT · by neverdem · 83 replies · 3,034+ views
    The Washington Post ^ | April 18, 2005 | William Raspberry
    The in-your-face right-wing partisanship that marks Fox News Channel's news broadcasts is having two dangerous effects. The first is that the popularity of the approach -- Fox is clobbering its direct competition (CNN, CNBC, MSNBC, etc.) -- leads other cable broadcasters to mimic it, which in turn debases the quality of the news available to that segment of the TV audience. The second, far more dangerous, effect is that it threatens to destroy public confidence in all news. The latter, I admit, is more fear than prediction, but let me tell you what produces that fear. Fox News Channel --...
  • U.S. reportedly misled allies about N. Korea nuke-materials transfer(another political storm?)

    03/20/2005 5:56:19 AM PST · by TigerLikesRooster · 49 replies · 1,657+ views
    Miami Herald ^ | 03/20/05 | DAFNA LINZER
    U.S. reportedly misled allies about N. Korea nuke-materials transfer Officials said the U.S. misled allies over the transfer of materials for making nuclear weapons to Libya, omitting the fact that Pakistan served as the intermediary. By DAFNA LINZER Washington Post Service WASHINGTON - In an effort to increase pressure on North Korea, the Bush administration told its Asian allies in briefings this year that Pyongyang had exported nuclear material to Libya. That was a significant new charge, the first allegation that North Korea was helping to create a new nuclear weapons state. That is not what U.S. intelligence reported, according...
  • Rep. John Conyers: patriot or something else?

    02/17/2003 1:58:16 PM PST · by Tailgunner Joe · 12 replies · 485+ views
    BrookesNews.Com ^ | 18 Feb. 2003 | Addison Ross
    On January 18 Rep. John Conyers Jr., Michigan Democrat, told a placard-waving anti-war crowd: "The greatest patriots of this country are here today...The president said it'd be a cold day in Washington before this country turns against this war, but it is a cold day in Washington and here we are." Apart from Conyers nasty insinuation people who disagree with his leftwing views about war against the genocidal Saddam are not patriotic, what can we deduce from his presence? Well, for one, Rep. does not like America and prefers the company of totalitarians to that of genuine democrats. And how...
  • Post gets it all wrong in Page One headline

    10/09/2004 4:29:59 AM PDT · by Anti-Bubba182 · 11 replies · 843+ views
    THE WASHINGTON TIMES ^ | October 9, 2004 | Joyce Howard Price
    The Washington Post yesterday said a quotation used in its lead Page One headline in Thursday's paper -- that the United States got it "almost all wrong" about weapons of mass destruction in Iraq -- was not new and was incorrectly attributed to the chief U.S. weapons inspector in Iraq. In an article on Thursday, The Post identified Charles A. Duelfer, whom the Bush administration picked to complete a U.S. investigation of Iraq's weapons programs, as the source of that remark. The dispatch by Dana Priest and Walter Pincus reported that Mr. Duelfer, chairman of the CIA's Iraq Survey Group,...
  • Ehrlichman ID'd Kissinger as Watergate 'Deep Throat'

    02/18/2005 8:12:33 PM PST · by hope · 76 replies · 2,867+ views
    Friday, February 18, 2005 MEDIA MATTERSEhrlichman ID'd Kissinger as Watergate 'Deep Throat' Powerful Nixon aide 'believed it very strongly,' 'was absolutely convinced' Posted: February 18, 20058:58 p.m. Eastern © 2005 The identity of "Deep Throat" – the mysterious source that helped Washington Post reporters Bob Woodward and Carl Bernstein break open the Watergate scandal that ended Richard Nixon's presidency – has never been revealed, although it's been the object of much speculation over the past 30 years. Henry Kissinger Now, it turns out that one of Nixon's top aides, John Ehrlichman, who spent time in prison for his role in...
  • *****BREAKING******Military Admits-Military "Mistake" Enabled Bin Laden to get away

    04/16/2002 10:46:26 PM PDT · by DCBryan1 · 115 replies · 391+ views
    Drudge Report ^ | 15 APR 02 | DCBryan1
    U.S. concludes Bin Laden escaped at Tora Bora fight and that the failure to send troops in pursuit termed major error
  • MICAH WRIGHT COMES CLEAN, RANGER STORY A HOAX (Busted anti-American writer was not a Ranger)

    07/09/2004 10:26:55 PM PDT · by Destro · 34 replies · 6,878+ views ^ | May 2, 2004 | Jonah Weiland
    MICAH WRIGHT COMES CLEAN, RANGER STORY A HOAX by Jonah Weiland, Executive Producer Posted: May 2, 2004 Micah Wright at a convention in March of 2004. In a story that broke late yesterday, the writer of the recently cancelled "Stormwatch: Team Achilles," Micah Ian Wright, revealed that he never served as a member of the Army Rangers, a claim he's made since he first came on the comics scene in March of 2002.. Apparently Wright had posted a revised bio to his Web site with the revelation on April 25th, reposting that information to his forum Saturday. The full text...
  • Comic book writer confesses Army Ranger hoax.

    05/01/2004 5:44:06 PM PDT · by Mr. Blond · 15 replies · 1,196+ views
    Newsarama ^ | Sat. May 1, 2004 | Matt Brady
    MICAH WRIGHT: "I WAS NEVER AN ARMY RANGER" On his Delphi forum, Micah Wright has posted a confession – he never was an Army Ranger, something he had claimed since his debut as a comics writer, as well as the author of remixed Propaganda, a book which lampooned World War II-era American propaganda posters. Wright began his statement with a recap of what he used to tout as his credentials, and then added: “Except that I was never an Army Ranger. I never served a day in a Ranger Regiment. I never went to Ranger School. The closest I ever...
  • Partial List of "Journalists" Who Have Made DIRECT Contributions to the Kerry Campaign

    09/04/2004 11:29:35 AM PDT · by jmstein7 · 33 replies · 2,445+ views
    BEHRENS, DAVID S        Newsday        $1,000HALL, RITA                      Newsday        $1,000STEWART, ELIZABETH    NY Times    $1,000ANGELL, ROGER            New Yorker     $500FLIPPEN, ALAN            NY Times        $250MUHLKE, CHRISTINE    NY Times        $500JAVERBAUM, DAVID    Daily Show    $750ROBERTS, MATTHEW    Daily News    $404BRAMBLETT, REID        Newsweek    $500ENSLOW, ANNE        Newsweek        $1000KEIFFER, JANE        Newsweek        $200ERMAN, MICHAEL    Reuters        $200CUCCIA, NICK        LA Times    $500OWENS, MARGARET    ABC News    $250KRESAL, DONALD    Washington Post    $250WALLACE, JOAN E        Washington Post    $2,000SHRIVER, JERRY DEAN        USA Today    $1,000BARDACH, MARTHA        Time        $250BURGHEIM, RICHARD    Time        $2,000HALAKI, HELGA        Time  $500MINTZ, STEVEN            Time        $202SNIERSON, DANIEL    TimeWarner (senior writer)  $2,000WINDHEIM, BENNETT    Time    $500
  • Reporter Held In Contempt in CIA Leak Case

    08/17/2004 8:57:33 AM PDT · by piasa · 93 replies · 2,336+ views
    The Washington Post ; Page A01 ^ | Tuesday, August 10, 2004 | Susan Schmidt and Carol Leonnig, Washington Post Staff Writers
    (snip)....U.S. District Chief Judge Thomas F. Hogan... unsealed an order that demands the "confinement" of Time reporter Matthew Cooper, who has refused to testify in the probe... ... Hogan also issued an Aug. 6 order confining Cooper "at a suitable place until such time as he is willing to comply with the grand jury subpoena," and ordered Time to be fined $1,000 a day. ... ... While NBC fought a subpoena issued May 21 and was included in the opinion, it avoided a contempt citation after Tim Russert, moderator of NBC's "Meet the Press," agreed to an interview over the...
  • O'Reilly Factor - Left-wing "reporters" met with John Kerry in Al Franken's apartment

    03/22/2004 7:13:09 PM PST · by kcvl · 266 replies · 2,353+ views
    In an effort to galvanize the message Kerry wants to deliver in the time remaining, he convened a powerful roster of journalists and columnists in the New York City apartment of Al Franken last Thursday. The gathering could not properly be called a meeting or a luncheon. It was a trial. The journalists served as prosecuting attorneys, jury and judge. The crowd I joined in Franken’s living room was comprised of: Al Franken and his wife Franni; Rick Hertzberg, senior editor for the New Yorker; David Remnick, editor for the New Yorker; Jim Kelly, managing editor for Time Magazine; Howard...