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  • In New Haven, Democratic National Chairwoman Wasserman Schultz rallies troops (wear eye protection)

    07/19/2014 5:15:12 AM PDT · by BillyBonebrake · 5 replies
    The New Haven Register ^ | July 18, 2014 | Mary E. O’Leary
    First speaking to the choir at a roundtable discussion attended by area female political leaders, they then moved over to the party’s campaign headquarters on Fitch Street. Schultz, a congresswoman from Florida, said when she returns home to her district, “no one asks us when are we going to get back to investigating Benghazi; no one asks us when the heck are you finally going to sue Barack Obama; no one says please vote for the 57th time to repeal the Affordable Care Act and take my health care away, yet those are the things that reach the top of...
  • Michelle Bachmann Battles Wasserman Schultz Over Benghazi: ‘Democrats Have Tried To Sabotage

    05/11/2014 4:11:38 PM PDT · by Nachum · 36 replies
    The Daily Caller ^ | 5/11/14 | Brendan Bordelon
    Minnesota Republican congresswoman Michelle Bachmann sparred with Florida Democratic congresswoman Debbie Wasserman Schultz over the new congressional committee to investigate Benghazi — with Wasserman Schultz claiming Republicans are “clearly doing this to drive their turnout” and Bachmann accusing Democrats of trying “to sabotage this process.” The two congresswomen appeared on CNN’s “State of the Union” with Candy Crowley to discuss the ongoing investigation into the Obama administration’s response to the September 2012 Benghazi attacks. Wasserman Schultz was entirely certain that there’s nothing left to investigate. “Republicans are clearly doing this to drive their turnout –” “Candy, that is not true...
  • IRS is overwhelmed by tax return identity theft (Wasserman Schultz on the case)

    03/23/2014 3:12:54 AM PDT · by Libloather · 19 replies
    KSL ^ | 3/21/14 | William E. Lewis Jr.
    **SNIP** Last month, the Senate Judiciary Committee passed a companion version of legislation written by U.S. Representative Debbie Wasserman Schultz (D-Fla.) that would make tax return identity theft a greater priority for the federal government and strengthen criminal penalties against identity thieves. The “Stopping Tax Offenders and Prosecuting Identity Theft Act” would also expand the definition of an identity theft victim to include not only individuals, but also businesses and organizations that have had their identities stolen for phishing schemes in an attempt to obtain sensitive personal information from consumers. “Every year, millions of hard-working Americans file tax returns in...
  • Democrats now backing away from Obamacare

    02/23/2014 1:11:40 PM PST · by Libloather · 33 replies
    US Finance Post ^ | 2/23/14 | Jack Minor
    Debbie Wasserman-Schultz said in November that Democrats would enthusiastically run on Obamacare in the mid-term elections and it would be a winning issue, however it appears that Democratic candidates have not gotten the memo and are attempting to distance themselves from Obamacare rather than embrace it. Schultz, chairwoman of the Democratic National Committee said in November, “You’re darn right that our candidates are going to run on the advantage that Obamacare will be going into the 2014 election. The choice will be very clear.” **SNIP** However, individual candidates who know they have to face the voters in November appear to...
  • Fugitive Ecuadorian Embezzlers Tied to DWS (Debbie Wasserman Schultz), Other Pols

    02/06/2014 5:28:27 PM PST · by Libloather · 1 replies
    Free Beacon ^ | 2/05/14
    The two fugitive Ecuadorian bankers at the center of Sen. Robert Menendez’s (D., N.J.) latest alleged FBI investigation have also contributed to other politicians, including Reps. Ileana Ros-Lehtinen (R., Fla.), Bill Nelson (D., Fla.), and Debbie Wasserman Schultz (D., Fla.), the Daily Beast reports: **SNIP** Menendez received contributions from Isaias family members and sent letters to federal officials on the brothers’ behalf, but denies any wrongdoing. Rep. Debbie Wasserman Schultz, who runs the Democratic National Committee and has worked to kill an Iran sanctions resolution in the House, received at least $7,500 from the Isaias family members in 2012, according...
  • Democratic donors turn eyes to the Senate (Wasserman Schultz caves on House)

    02/02/2014 11:55:23 AM PST · by Libloather · 16 replies
    United Liberty ^ | 1/31/14 | Jason Pye
    Just hours after DNC Chair Rep. Debbie Wasserman Schultz (D-FL) conceded that Democrats aren’t likely to win control of the House of Representatives this fall, Politico ran a story noting that many high-dollar donors are shifting their focus to the Senate races in which vulnerable Democrats are running: With Democrats’ grasp on the Senate increasingly tenuous — and the House all but beyond reach — some top party donors and strategists are moving to do something in the midterm election as painful as it is coldblooded: Admit the House can’t be won and go all in to save the Senate....
  • Will the Real Debbie Wasserman Schultz Please Stand Up?

    01/29/2014 2:06:03 AM PST · by Libloather · 7 replies
    Jewish Press ^ | 1/29/14 | Lori Lowenthal Marcus
    **SNIP** That Miami Herald blogger, Marc Caputo, called for clarification in response to an ad aired by the conservative Emergency Committe for Israel. That ad called out Wasserman Schultz for what it said were her efforts to block the Iran sanctions bill. The ECI ad aired on Sunday news shows and on sports shows in the south Florida area. It is also available on YouTube. Wasserman Schultz’s spokesperson also told Caputo that right now, ” there is not a resolution on sanctions offered in the House. As soon as one is filed, she will review the language, as she does...
  • AIPAC Reverses Course, Now Defending Debbie Wasserman Schultz

    01/27/2014 2:50:25 PM PST · by Nachum · 10 replies
    Wash. Free Beacon ^ | 1/27/14 | Adam Kredo
    Florida Democratic Party donors affiliated with the American Israel Public Affairs Committee (AIPAC) are coming to the aid of Rep. Debbie Wasserman Schultz (D., Fla.), who has come under fire in recent weeks over her efforts to quietly block new Iran sanctions measures in the House and Senate. AIPAC’s initial letter on the controversy, which circulated two weeks ago, urged Wasserman Schultz’s constituents to “respectfully ask” that she clarify her position on the congressional measures and issue a statement supporting them. However, on Jan. 24, AIPAC’s Southeastern states director Mark Kleinman issued a second letter, this one defending Wasserman Schultz....
  • AIPAC’s open revolt against White House: Report (Wasserman Schultz still silent)

    01/25/2014 3:31:02 PM PST · by Libloather · 16 replies
    PressTV ^ | 1/24/14
    The American Israel Public Affairs Committee’s attack against the Florida congresswoman over Iran sanctions legislation shows its “open revolt against the White House's Iran diplomacy,” a report says. In a letter, the AIPAC strongly lashed out at Democratic National Committee Chairwoman Debbie Wasserman Schultz, who is known as a staunch Israel supporter, for being silent over the legislation, Foreign Policy’s The Cable reported. According to the report, the harsh criticism that one of Congress’s most pro-Israel lawmakers is not pro-Israel enough for the lobbying group “raised eyebrows among some current and former AIPAC officials.”
  • DNC Chair (Wasserman Schultz, RAT-Fla) Refuses to Answer for Her Position on Iran

    01/19/2014 4:04:26 PM PST · by Libloather · 10 replies
    Weekly Standard ^ | 1/19/14 | DANIEL HALPER
    **SNIP** Rep. Debbie Wasserman Schultz (D., Fla.) continued to evade questions about her efforts to block new Iran sanctions legislation in Congress when asked today about the issue during multiple public appearances on Saturday in Florida. Wasserman Schultz fled from a Washington Free Beacon reporter on two separate occasions when asked to explain her stance on new Iran sanction, which the lawmaker is reported to be lobbying against behind closed doors on Capitol Hill.
  • Debbie Wasserman Schultz Blocking Bipartisan Iran Sanctions Breaks with Pro-Israel Democrats

    01/07/2014 9:28:31 AM PST · by Nachum · 40 replies
    Free Beacon ^ | 1/7/14 | Adam Kredo
    Rep. Debbie Wasserman Schultz (D., Fla.) has become a major obstacle to a new bipartisan Iran sanctions measure, according to multiple sources on Capitol Hill and in Florida. Wasserman Schultz has broken with leading pro-Israel Democrats like New York Senator Chuck Schumer and New Jersey Senators Robert Menendez and Cory Booker, privately urging her fellow Democrats to follow the White House’s lead by opposing a bipartisan House resolution backing new sanctions on Iran, according to multiple congressional sources close to the debate. The Iran resolution fell apart in the final days of 2013 after House Democratic Whip Steny Hoyer (Md.)...
  • Wasserman Schultz op-ed describes Obama

    12/17/2013 6:18:04 PM PST · by Libloather · 9 replies
    Sun-Sentinel ^ | 12/17/13 | Ron Laiacona
    **SNIP** With her right eye open, she sees Gov. Scott entrenched in many scandals and hurting the health care industry. She sees him taking numerous long trips, hiring the wrong people, and cries out about his administration's forced resignations. She feels he is making things harder on the middle class, and is lacking the leadership to run a state. She then adds that his approval rating remains toxic and that a CEO of a large corporation would have been fired.
  • Wasserman Schultz on Not Yet Enrolling in Obamacare: ‘I’m a Little Busy, So’

    12/10/2013 3:45:16 PM PST · by Libloather · 11 replies
    CNS News ^ | 12/10/13 | Barbara Boland
    **SNIP** Blitzer then asked, “Why are you waiting so long? It started October 1st. It's December.” Wasserman Schultz said, “I’m a little busy, so—” The exchange continued: Blitzer: "How long does it take to get -- I mean you have to -- you want to have the same doctors, the same hospitals, the same access as you, your medical treatment that you received over the years?" Wasserman Schultz: "Yes."
  • Pelosi, Wasserman Schultz need new spin; the jig is up, says Dem strategist

    11/27/2013 6:13:13 AM PST · by Libloather · 42 replies
    Biz Pac Review ^ | 11/25/13 | Joe Saunders
    Nancy Pelosi’s proud of Obamacare. Debbie Wasserman Schultz thinks it’s wonderful. Democratic strategists are scared. **SNIP** “We’re trying to deny what everyone knows is happening,” a Democratic polling veteran told Politico. “Anybody who is halfway intelligent knows this is a big … problem for us. It’s impossible not to see. We can try to hide our heads in the sand and pretend it’s not a problem, but it is.” If the past is prologue, that pollster’s right. In the 2010 mid-terms, the last time Americans went to the polls without President Obama on the ballot, Democrats were washed out of...
  • Wasserman Schultz: GOP needs to reject tea party, ‘embrace sanity’

    09/21/2013 5:43:29 PM PDT · by Libloather · 76 replies
    Biz Pac Review ^ | 9/21/13 | Tom Tillison
    While you may get an argument on whether U.S. Rep. Debbie Wasserman Schultz, D-Fla., is an authority on what’s sane or not, the head of the Democratic National Committee said Friday that the GOP needs to “embrace sanity” when it comes to funding the government. “This is about an internal civil war going on in the Republican Party where clearly the tea party has won,” Wasserman Schultz said in an interview with CNN after the Republican-controlled House passed a continuing resolution that will fund government while defunding Obamacare. “They are hurdling us toward government shutdown and economic crisis. It is...
  • Debbie Wasserman Schultz says 'dozens' of countries stand with US on Syria, can't name them

    09/05/2013 11:17:57 AM PDT · by mojito · 53 replies
    Washington Examiner ^ | 9/3/2013 | Ashe Schow
    Rep. Debbie Wasserman Schultz, D-Fla., chairman of the Democratic National Committee, told CNN host Wolf Blitzer that there are “dozens of countries who are going to stand with the United States, who will engage with us on military action [in Syria] and also that back us up 100 percent.” Asked by Blitzer which countries she was referring to, Wasserman Schultz waffled, saying “that’s honestly, Wolf, something I’m not at liberty to say. Some of what I’ve learned is classified, some is unclassified but what I can tell you is that there are many nations who are committed to support the...
  • Wasserman Schultz: Colorado Recalls 'Blatant Attack on Our Democratic Principles'

    09/01/2013 8:28:06 PM PDT · by Nachum · 62 replies
    breitbart ^ | 9/1/13 | AWR Hawkins
    Democrat National Committee Chair Rep. Debbie Wasserman Schultz (D-FL) says the coming recall elections of Colorado state senators John Morse (D) and Angela Giron (D) are "a blatant attack on our Democratic principles." Voters are trying to recall Morse and Giron because of their support of gun control laws that banned rifle and pistol magazines larger than 15 rounds, banned shotgun magazines larger than eight rounds, and mandated a background check on every gun sale in the state, i.e., universal background checks. The laws also contained a new fee that will be added to every gun sale to pay for...
  • (exempt) Debbie Wasserman Schultz to Capitol Police: Can you help out my staffers?

    04/14/2013 5:07:09 AM PDT · by Libloather · 15 replies
    The Washington Times ^ | 4/11/13 | Cheryl K. Chumley
    **SNIP** “Just to put in a good word for the frustration that our staff is feeling in the Cannon [House office building] tunnel,” she said, in a YouTube video of her comments. “We’re still in the midst of the Spring Break session and the lines are very, very long and with the closure — again, when we’re in session, so not just doors, but magnetometers, having a staff only magnetometer open in the Cannon tunnel as much as possible so there are staff when — particularly when they are walking with us, who can go around them — it would...
  • They mastered space flight but they can’t get through a wooden door? - Democrats Budget

    03/23/2013 5:32:40 PM PDT · by whitedog57 · 5 replies
    Confounded Interest ^ | 03/23/2013 | Anthony B. Sanders
    The US Senate passed the Patty Murray (former pre-school teacher, now Chair of Senate Budget Committee) budget by a razor thin majority of 50-49. Her budget calls for $1 trillion in ADDITIONAL taxes over the next 10 years and an increase in Federal debt of $7.3 trillion. Needless to say, the Murray budget never balances. No wonder parents don’t want her teaching personal finance to their children! The House of Representative have passed the Ryan budget which actually DOES balance the budget over ten years by a vote of 221-207. Needless to say, it took the Senate 4 years to...
  • Debbie Wasserman Schultz’s Greatest Hits

    12/04/2012 2:38:29 AM PST · by Libloather · 10 replies
    National Review ^ | 12/03/12 | John Fund
    Debbie Wasserman Schultz’s Greatest HitsBy John Fund December 3, 2012 9:57 A.M. Republicans think they got a bit of good news this morning with the announcement that President Obama has asked Debbie Wasserman Schultz to continue as chairwoman of the Democratic National Committee. The Florida congresswoman will now lead the party through the 2014 mid-term elections. **SNIP** - “We own the economy,” she declared at a breakfast sponsored by Politico in June 2011. “We own the beginning of the turnaround, and we want to make sure that we continue that pace of recovery.” The economy, she said, “has turned around”...
  • Republican Bigwig Raises Big Stink on Facebook (Wasserman Schulz gets sheriff luggage carriers)

    11/11/2012 6:15:17 AM PST · by Libloather · 39 replies
    Tamarac Talk ^ | 11/09/12
    Republican Bigwig Raises Big Stink on FacebookDate posted: November 9, 2012
  • Wasserman Schultz: Republicans tried to ‘rig’ the election

    11/06/2012 2:32:38 AM PST · by Libloather · 50 replies
    Red Alert Politics ^ | 11/04/12 | John Rossomando
    Wasserman Schultz: Republicans tried to ‘rig’ the electionBy John Rossomando /// November 4, 2012 Republicans tried to “rig” the outcome of the election by limiting early voting opportunities and by limiting who shows up at the polls, Democratic National Committee Chairwoman Rep. Debbie Wasserman Schultz (D-Fla.) said this morning during an appearance on C-Span. “We have run circles around them because of our very strong and effective ground game,” Wasserman Schultz said regarding early voter turnout. “Just yesterday, we had major records in terms of Democrats going in to vote in counties around the state of Florida. “The same is...
  • The Left Will Not Follow Rules or the Law (Only Wasserman Schultz news in about a week)

    11/04/2012 10:30:02 AM PST · by Libloather · 12 replies
    South Milwaukee Now ^ | 11/02/12 | Randy Hollenbeck
    The Left Will Not Follow Rules or the LawPosted by Randy Hollenbeck on Nov. 2, 2012 **SNIP** Wasserman Schultz was greeting voters and waiving her campaign signs on a street that leading into the polling site and was obstructing traffic by stopping cars before they could even enter the parking area. The police officer respectfully asked Wasserman Schultz to move onto the sidewalk as everyone else was required to do, but the Congresswoman was unhappy with not being able to campaign how she saw it fit. Unnerved by the simple request from a police officer, Wasserman Schultz made a “well...
  • Wasserman Schultz Involved in Police Altercation Outside Voting Precinct

    10/31/2012 5:43:19 AM PDT · by servo1969 · 32 replies
    The Shark Tank ^ | 10-30-2012 | Javier Manjarres
    A group of sign-waving campaign ralliers comprised of both Democrat and Republican supporters outside an Aventura, Florida polling location witnessed Congresswoman Debbie Wasserman Schultz get involved in a heated altercation with an Aventura policeman after she apparently took issue with his request to not engage in campaign activities in the street which would hold up oncoming traffic. She listened to the police officer’s respectful and reasonable request, but Wasserman Schultz continued to argue with the police officer, according to several people who witnessed the incident. Wasserman Schultz was greeting voters and waiving her campaign signs on a street that leading...
  • DNC chairwoman (in debt up to her eyeballs Wasserman Schultz) denies Obama camp retreating from NC

    10/25/2012 3:29:35 PM PDT · by Libloather · 16 replies
    The Hill ^ | 10/25/12 | Justin Sink
    DNC chairwoman denies Obama camp retreating from NCBy Justin Sink - 10/25/12 09:05 AM ET Democratic National Committee (DNC) Chairwoman Debbie Wasserman Schultz said Thursday that Democrats "don't agree" with assessments of the presidential race that show North Carolina now leaning toward Mitt Romney. President Obama narrowly won the state in 2008, but recent polling has suggested that Romney now holds a slight but steady advantage in the state. The president's decision not to visit North Carolina during his swing-state campaign tour this week has prompted speculation that the Obama campaign is no longer focused on retaining the state's 15...
  • Debbie Wasserman Schultz’s Alternate Reality ('Romney didn’t bring up Israel once')

    10/23/2012 2:22:35 PM PDT · by Libloather · 15 replies
    National Review ^ | 10/23/12 | Nathaniel Botwinick
    Debbie Wasserman Schultz’s Alternate RealityBy Nathaniel Botwinick October 23, 2012 1:42 P.M. DNC Chairwoman Debbie Wasserman Schultz seems to reside in a different reality than the rest of us. After the debate last night she said: What I was surprised about Greta, during the entire section of the debate on the Middle East, Mitt Romney didn’t bring up Israel once and I think it just shows he isn’t committed to Israel as he says he is and has really only used the issue as a political opportunity. The only problem for Wasserman Schultz is that a mere glance at the...
  • Rep. Debbie Wasserman Schultz Has No Idea What This Obama Kill List Thing Is All About

    10/20/2012 10:48:47 AM PDT · by Libloather · 14 replies
    Reason ^ | 10/20/12 | Scott Shackford
    Rep. Debbie Wasserman Schultz Has No Idea What This Obama Kill List Thing Is All AboutScott Shackford | Oct. 20, 2012 12:52 pm **SNIP** But when Luke Rudkowski brings up Obama’s “kill list” of terrorist targets he’s working to take out — due process be damned — the conversation turns amazingly, awesomely awful real fast. Wasserman Schultz purports to have no idea what this list even is. She may be playing dumb, but her facial expressions in the video lead me to believe that she thinks she’s being punked and that Rudkowski is some sort of Borat knockoff:
  • DNC chairwoman (Wasserman Shultz) mum on 2012 convention fundraising

    10/18/2012 4:13:12 PM PDT · by Libloather · 4 replies
    AJC ^ | 10/18/12 | MICHAEL BIESECKER
    DNC chairwoman mum on 2012 convention fundraisingBy MICHAEL BIESECKER The Associated Press Updated: 4:04 p.m. Thursday, Oct. 18, 2012 **SNIP** At a campaign event in North Carolina, DNC Chairwoman Debbie Wasserman Shultz said she knew nothing about the sources for the $24 million raised by the convention's host committee, an amount well-short of its $36.7 million goal. SNIP** It is legal for convention host committees to raise unlimited special interest money, in contrast to the donation limits placed on political campaigns. But Democrats had touted their self-imposed limits on convention fundraising to contrast themselves with Republicans, who made no bones...
  • Debbie Wasserman Schultz Poses for NOH8 Campaign on National Coming Out Day (CAPTION!)

    10/14/2012 5:25:56 AM PDT · by Libloather · 33 replies
    Broward Palm Beach ^ | 10/11/12 | Chris Joseph
    Debbie Wasserman Schultz Poses for NOH8 Campaign on National Coming Out DayBy Chris Joseph Thu., Oct. 11 2012 at 2:49 PM Categories: The Gays Today is National Coming Out Day, and Democratic National Committee Chairwoman U.S. Rep. Debbie Wasserman Schultz is all about it. **SNIP** She also added this on the group's website: "Marriage equality and equal opportunity are one of the most important issues of our time, and this campaign is an important step toward this goal." NOH8 is a silent-protest photo campaign that got started to oppose the bullcrappy California Proposition 8, passed in November of 2008, which...
  • Wasserman Schultz: GOP 'un-American' for seeking answers to Benghazi attack

    10/13/2012 4:28:44 PM PDT · by Libloather · 57 replies
    Examiner ^ | 10/11/12 | Joe Newby
    Wasserman Schultz: GOP 'un-American' for seeking answers to Benghazi attackBy: Joe Newby October 11, 2012 According to Debbie Wasserman Schultz (D-FL), Republicans are "un-American" for seeking answers to the terror attack in Benghazi on September 11, the Washington Post reported Thursday. ”It is irresponsible and un-American, quite frankly, for my Republican colleagues in Congress to be jumping on this immediately as a political opportunity,” she told CNN's Piers Morgan. **SNIP** "Piers, it is not, it is not OK for you to be saying that the administration was putting out completely false statements. They put out information that they had at...
  • House Democrats Preparing for a Post-Pelosi World (Wasserman Schultz gives her the boot?)

    10/10/2012 2:35:05 PM PDT · by Libloather · 18 replies
    National Journal ^ | 10/10/12 | Billy House
    House Democrats Preparing for a Post-Pelosi WorldBy Billy House Updated: October 10, 2012 | 1:13 p.m. **SNIP** Wasserman Schultz, 46, got the candidate’s promise of support for at least the vice chairmanship, beating to the punch another member who would later be telephoning, California’s Barbara Lee, 66. Such are the maneuverings of a handful of younger House Democrats scrambling to secure commitments in their bids for a seat at the caucus’s leadership table—or perhaps at its head. **SNIP** But she has become something of a wild card for handicappers now that she is unlikely to be offered the opportunity to...
  • Free Beacon: Wasserman hails DNC's $8 million (debt) partnership with SEIU bank

    09/22/2012 2:40:56 AM PDT · by Libloather · 7 replies
    Examiner ^ | 9/21/12 | Devonia Smith
    Free Beacon: Wasserman hails DNC's $8 million partnership with SEIU bankBy: Devonia Smith September 21, 2012 Friday, The Free Beacon, reported the Democratic National Committee, (DNC) is in hock to the tune of $8 million to "Amalgamated Bank, often described as “America’s Labor Bank," whose majority ownership is Service Employees International Union (SEIU). According to the Beacon, Debbie Wasserman Schultz (D), "hailed" DNC's banking move because of a “fiduciary responsibility to those who invest in our party.” **SNIP** Not only will the Democrats owe the union for their support; they will now owe real money. Some think thinks this kind...
  • Debbie Wasserman Schultz's Popularity Takes a Nosedive

    09/15/2012 6:09:30 AM PDT · by Libloather · 29 replies
    Sunshine State News ^ | 9/14/12 | Nancy Smith
    Debbie Wasserman Schultz's Popularity Takes a NosediveBy: Nancy Smith | Posted: September 14, 2012 3:55 AM **SNIP** Problems for the DNC chair began the week of the Republican National Convention in Tampa. In a fundraising letter Wasserman Schultz claimed that GOP presidential nominee Mitt Romney had directly intervened in the writing of the party’s platform on policies regarding abortion. The letter quotes its source as the Los Angeles Times, but as many media outlets and fact checkers have since pointed out, the supporting claims were misquoted and misrepresented in the article to which Wasserman Schultz was referring. “Do you at...
  • Wasserman Schultz calls Jerusalem omission from platform 'technical error'

    09/06/2012 7:44:13 AM PDT · by Sub-Driver · 38 replies
    Wasserman Schultz calls Jerusalem omission from platform 'technical error' By Daniel Strauss - 09/06/12 09:15 AM ET Democratic National Committee Chairwoman Rep. Debbie Wasserman Schultz (Fla.) explained the exclusion of language recognizing Jerusalem as Israel's capital in the 2012 Democratic national platform as a "technical error" that had not been discussed at all during the drafting process. "Essentially, with Jerusalem, it was a technical omission and nothing more than that," Wasserman Schultz said Thursday on CNN. "There was never any discussion or debate commentary over adding or subtracting it." A day earlier, Democrats amended the 2012 party platform to include...
  • The DNC's Bold Lies

    09/04/2012 1:46:35 PM PDT · by Biggirl · 9 replies ^ | September 4,2012 | Jeffrey Lord
    The lies are big, bold and prominent. Democratic National Committee Chair Debbie Wasserman Schultz has been caught. And the website scandal may also impact the Virginia U.S. Senate race that has former Governor Tim Kaine as the Democrats' nominee against ex-Senator and Governor George Allen. Why?
  • Debbie Wasserman Schultz: Israeli ambassador called GOP “dangerous for Israel”

    09/04/2012 9:08:35 AM PDT · by Nachum · 61 replies
    Washington Examiner ^ | 9/4/12 | Philip Klein
    CHARLOTTE – Democratic National Committee chair Debbie Wasserman Schultz claimed on Monday that Israel’s ambassador to the United States has accused Republicans of being “dangerous” to Israel by criticizing President Obama’s record. The Florida congresswoman made the charge at a training session for Jewish Democrats held by the Obama campaign here at the Democratic National Convention, aimed at teaching Jewish Democrats how to convince their fellow Jews to vote for Obama. Much of the session, which featured a string of speakers from the Obama campaign, was devoted to defending Obama’s record on Israel.
  • Debbie Wasserman Schultz On Romney’s Speech: He Had ‘Audacity To Not Lay Out Any Specifics’

    08/31/2012 1:11:57 PM PDT · by Nachum · 47 replies
    Mediaite ^ | 8/31/12 | Alex Alvarez
    On Friday, Starting Point host Soledad O’Brien sat down with DNC chairwoman Debbie Wasserman Schultz to discuss Mitt Romney‘s RNC speech. O’Brien started things out by asking her guest what most worried her, as a Democrat, about the speech. (Snip) “Well, actually, what is deeply concerning to me is as an American is that Mitt Romney sort of had the audacity to not lay out any specifics at all,” she replied, “but gave us some very nice platitudes about how he would create jobs, 12 million of them, reduce the deficit,
  • Dems prepare to go behind enemy lines at GOP convention in Tampa (Wasserman's war room)

    08/22/2012 2:30:08 AM PDT · by Libloather · 39 replies
    The Hill ^ | 8/21/12 | Mike Lillis
    Dems prepare to go behind enemy lines at GOP convention in TampaBy Mike Lillis - 08/21/12 01:40 PM ET Don't call it sabotage, but as Mitt Romney and the Republicans are taking over Tampa for next week's GOP convention, a sizable crew of Democrats will be there as well, working furiously behind enemy lines in an effort to muffle the GOP message. Rep. Debbie Wasserman Schultz (Fla.), head of the Democratic National Committee (DNC), is launching the Democrats' counter attack on Tuesday with a Tampa-based press conference slamming Romney and the Republicans for their opposition to abortion rights — an...
  • No Lie (Day-By-Day Sunday Cartoon)

    08/18/2012 7:05:44 PM PDT · by Bratch · 2 replies
    Day by Day ^ | 08-19-2012 | Chris Muir
  • Wasserman Schultz Faces Rematch Election After GOP Primary (w/ Karen Harrington)

    08/16/2012 2:43:52 AM PDT · by Libloather · 21 replies
    Newsmax ^ | 8/15/12 | Martin Gould
    Wasserman Schultz Faces Rematch Election After GOP PrimaryBy Martin Gould Wednesday, 15 Aug 2012 10:10 AM For the second straight election, Democratic National Committee chairwoman Debbie Wasserman Schultz will face a challenge from Republican Karen Harrington. **SNIP** She immediately called for Wasserman Schultz to face her in debates, saying the incumbent “needs to stand by her policies ane her positions,” reported the Sun Sentinel.
  • Wasserman-Schultz admits being an idiotic liar

    08/13/2012 4:38:59 PM PDT · by Starman417 · 27 replies
    Flopping Aces ^ | 08-13-12 | DrJohn
    Debbie Downer, aka Debbie Wasserman-Schulz, was interviewed by John Roberts on Fox News Sunday. Roberts asked her about the Priorites USA ad that implies that Mitt Romney caused a woman to die from cancer. In the ad Joe Soptic says “When Mitt Romney and Bain closed the plant, I lost my health care, and my family lost their health care,” Soptic says in the minute-long spot. “And a short time after that, my wife became ill . . . she passed away in 22 days.” There you go. Mitt Romney killed her. Never mind that Romney left Bain in 1999. Never mind...
  • Republicans see Wasserman Schultz's seat as plum target

    08/11/2012 6:54:07 PM PDT · by Libloather · 28 replies
    Miami Herald ^ | 8/09/12 | Erika Bolstad
    Republicans see Wasserman Schultz's seat as plum targetBy Erika Bolstad Posted on Thursday, 08.09.12 There's a wide field of Republicans hoping to unseat U.S. Rep. Debbie Wasserman Schultz, who also serves as chairwoman of the Democratic National Committee, but so far, the candidates have spent more time bashing each other than the incumbent. “We've clearly got a spirited primary on our hands here,” Richard DeNapoli, chairman of the Republican Party of Broward County, told a crowd earlier this summer when four of the candidates appeared in a debate.
  • Dem Chair Wasserman Schultz Outsourced Money to Swiss Banks, India

    07/10/2012 2:25:28 PM PDT · by Nachum · 8 replies
    Breitbart ^ | 7/10/12 | John Nolte
    Please excuse the loose use of the term "outsource" in my headline. But now that the Washington Post, BuzzFeed Politics, and Barack Obama have defined outsourcing as "Something Romney never did but is guilty of anyway," I wanted to get in the spirit of things. Democratic National Committee chair Debbie Wasserman Schultz has been running around for a few days now sliming up the airwaves with smears and innuendo that started with this article written by Vanity Fair's Nicholas Shaxson, a bigtime leftist and Occupy supporter. Essentially, the Wasserman Schultz talking point has been: "We don't know what Romney's hiding...
  • Rep. Debbie Wasserman Schultz, D-Fla., 'pretty happy' with economy (28 months of job growth)

    07/08/2012 5:22:28 PM PDT · by Libloather · 34 replies
    Examiner ^ | 7/08/12 | Larry Clifton
    Rep. Debbie Wasserman Schultz, D-Fla., 'pretty happy' with economyLarry Clifton Tampa Top News Examiner July 8, 2012 Rep. Debbie Wasserman-Schultz, D-Fla. Says she is “pretty happy” with the ongoing economic recovery according to a report by The Examiner, published Sunday, July 8. Wasserman-Shultz, the Florida Democrat who chairs the Democratic National Committee (DNC), quickly became the butt of political jokes as some Republicans suggested she’s been on "Mars," or a “fantasy land.” “I am pretty happy about straight 28 months of job growth in the private sector,” Wasserman-Schultz said on Fox News Sunday when asked about the latest jobs report...
  • Wasserman Schultz: ObamaCare Not A Tax, IRS "Easiest" Way To Enforce Penalty ("roll the dice")

    07/03/2012 4:01:17 PM PDT · by Libloather · 25 replies
    Wasserman Schultz: ObamaCare Not A Tax, IRS "Easiest" Way To Enforce PenaltyPosted on July 2, 2012 **SNIP** "The way we usually think of taxation, Wolf, is that taxation as the IRS administers is collected on broad swaths and large categories of individuals. This is a penalty that will be assessed on the tax return if you choose to roll the dice and make us all pay for your being irresponsible and increase all of our health care costs," Wasserman Schultz said on the Monday evening broadcast of CNN's "The Situation Room."
  • Democratic leader consoles Wisconsin party after recall (Wasserman sheds tears. REGROUP!)

    06/09/2012 8:17:10 PM PDT · by Libloather · 42 replies
    Yahoo ^ | 6/10/12 | Brendan O'Brien
    Democratic leader consoles Wisconsin party after recallBy Brendan O'Brien | Reuters – 9 hours ago MILWAUKEE (Reuters) - Democratic National Committee chairwoman Debbie Wasserman Schultz rallied Wisconsin Democrats holding their state convention this weekend, urging them to regroup after a failed attempt to recall the state's Republican governor. Wasserman Schultz said Wisconsin Democrats had been up against "nothing short of an avalanche of secret, out of state, and corporate special interest money" in their bid to unseat Governor Scott Walker, who enjoyed a 7-to-1 financial advantage over his challenger Milwaukee Mayor Tom Barrett.
  • DUmmie FUnnies 05-29-12 (Debbie Does Dullness: Wasserman Weasels on Wisconsin)

    05/29/2012 6:30:28 AM PDT · by Charles Henrickson · 42 replies
    DUmmie FUnnies ^ | May 29, 2012 | DUmmies and Charles Henrickson
    DNC Spinmeistress Debtie Wassername Shills DNC SpokesDuNCe Debbie Wasserman Schultz has been using weasel words to speak about the upcoming Wisconsin recall election. Wasserman Schultz (apparently her hyphen is broken) is in a Dem dilemma. On the one hand, Debbie's got to put on a happy face about their chances in Wisconsin and the glorious nationwide victory that that will portend for November. On the other hand, privately, Debbie knows the Democrats are losing Wisconsin and are in big trouble for November. So now when she has to speak about the significance of the Wisconsin recall election, Wasserman is trying...
  • Wisconsin recall: DNC’s Debbie Wasserman Schultz sees no national impact if Democrats lose

    05/26/2012 12:33:48 PM PDT · by Libloather · 49 replies
    Washington Post ^ | 5/25/12 | Felicia Sonmez
    Wisconsin recall: DNC’s Debbie Wasserman Schultz sees no national impact if Democrats losePosted by Felicia Sonmez at 03:38 PM ET, 05/25/2012 The chairwoman of the Democratic National Committee said Friday that if Milwaukee Mayor Tom Barrett (D) doesn’t prevail over Gov. Scott Walker (R) in next month’s Wisconsin recall election, there won’t be any ramifications for Democrats nationally. “I think, honestly, there aren’t going to be any repercussions,” Rep. Debbie Wasserman Schultz (D-Fla.) said in a broad-ranging interview on C-SPAN’s “Newsmakers.” “It’s an election that’s based in Wisconsin. It’s an election that I think is important nationally because Scott Walker...
  • Debbie Wasserman Schultz Backs Out of Islamist Event After Blowback

    04/11/2012 2:39:20 PM PDT · by Nachum · 15 replies
    breibart ^ | 4/12/12 | William Bigelow
    DNC chair Debbie Wasserman Schultz, who was scheduled to give the keynote address at a fundraiser hosted by an American Muslim on the Federal Terrorist Watch List, is backing out. Called out by her Republican opponent Joe Kaufman, Wasserman Schultz’s spokesman issued a statement that “there was a miscommunication, she is not speaking to the organization … we never agreed to do a fundraiser, nor this event.” But, as usual, Wasserman Schultz is lying. You can see the flyer here. The event, which was to raise funds for EMERGE USA, is to be hosted by Khurrum Wahid, an attorney who...
  • TRENDING: DNC chair (Wasserman Schultz) says Republicans rooting for bad economy

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    CNN ^ | 4/08/12 | Kevin Liptak
    TRENDING: DNC chair says Republicans rooting for bad economyPosted by CNN's Kevin Liptak April 8th, 2012 09:48 AM ET (CNN) – Republicans looking to defeat President Barack Obama in November’s general election are rooting for the American economy to fail, the chairwoman of the Democratic National Committee said in an interview Sunday. Appearing on CNN’s “State of the Union,” Rep. Debbie Wasserman Schultz said criticism from Republicans on Friday’s worse-than-expected jobs report was reflective of their political motives. “What's really bothersome to me is that it almost seems like my Republican colleagues in Congress and Mitt Romney are rooting for...