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  • Rich Chinese couple's 8 babies spark anger (Uproar and possible fine for violating one child policy)

    12/25/2011 6:55:04 AM PST · by SeekAndFind · 28 replies
    MSNBC ^ | 12/25/2011
    BEIJING — A rich Chinese couple who had eight babies with the help of two surrogate mothers has been forced to move out of their villa following a public uproar and could face a large fine for breaching strict family planning laws mandating only one child. The couple in the booming southern metropolis of Guangzhou had the children last year, according to state media, but the story only came to light after a picture of the children — four boys and four girls — was used by a photography studio in an advertisement. The story was first featured in the...
  • The Rich Are Getting Richer… Yeah But So Are the Poor

    12/16/2011 1:43:09 PM PST · by SeekAndFind · 4 replies · 1+ views
    Ammo Land ^ | 12/12/2011 | Jarret Skorup
    “No matter your thoughts about the Occupy Wall Street movement, the protesters were right in at least one respect: The rich are getting richer, and the poor are getting poorer.” Variations on this statement were repeated in dozens of blogs, commentaries, and even news reports in the past months. The claim comes via a Congressional Budget Office analysis that shows incomes for the top 1 percent of Americans growing by 275 percent between 1979 and 2007, while the lowest 20 percent saw their inflation-adjusted incomes grow by “only” 18 percent. The numbers from the report are correct, but the assertions...
  • What Is "Rich" and "Poor" In America?

    12/13/2011 7:13:16 AM PST · by SeekAndFind · 9 replies · 1+ views
    Real Clear Markets ^ | 12/13/2011 | Dean Kalahar
    Class warfare and income redistribution rhetoric has always been fashionable among self anointed protestors and politicians who play the old game of divide and conquer, telling us the greedy "rich" need to "pay their fair share." This would be tedious if it did not have serious implications for tearing communities apart. Let's take a look. According to IRS data, there are 1.38 million Americans in the top 1% earning at least $343,927 a year. This is a generous living but hardly the cash flow to purchase a corporate jet and luxury yacht. There are 138,000 Americans in the top .1%...
  • Who are the One Percent?

    12/13/2011 5:50:51 AM PST · by Kaslin · 7 replies ^ | December 13, 2011 | Michael Tanner
    So just who are those top 1 percent of Americans that we're all supposed to hate? If you listen to President Obama, the protesters at Occupy Wall Street, and much of the media, it's obvious. They're either "trust-fund babies" who inherited their money, or greedy bankers and hedge-fund managers. Certainly, they haven't worked especially hard for their money. While the recession has thrown millions of Americans out of work, they've been getting even richer. Worse, they don't even pay their fair share in taxes: Millionaires and billionaires are paying a lower tax rate than their secretaries. In reality, each of...
  • Obama: Not redistributing wealth

    12/11/2011 8:00:13 AM PST · by Sub-Driver · 43 replies
    Obama: Not redistributing wealth (CBS News) In a "60 Minutes" interview with Steve Kroft, President Obama disputes the notion he is trying to redistribute wealth with his plans to treat the country's economic ills. He tells Kroft he's just attempting to deliver the "American Deal" of a strong middle class "where everybody is able to do their part and everybody's able to succeed." Kroft spoke to the president yesterday at the White House and Tuesday in Osawatomie, Kan., for a "60 Minutes" interview to be broadcast Sunday, Dec. 11 at 7:00 p.m. ET/PT. In the interview, Kroft points out that...
  • Americans Say $150,000 a Year is ‘Rich’.

    12/09/2011 1:11:16 PM PST · by 2ndDivisionVet · 30 replies
    The Wall Street Journal's The Wealth Report ^ | December 9, 2011 | Robert Frank
    President Obama was criticized by conservatives for suggesting that an income of $250,000 a year made people rich. If anything, however, Mr. Obama may have been aiming too high. A new Gallup poll shows that Americans say they would need to earn a median of $150,000, or have $1 million in total net worth, to consider themselves rich. The $150,000 in income puts you roughly in the top 10%. On the income side, 30% said they would need to earn less than $100,000. And another 18% said $60,000 a year would make them rich. Fully 15% said they would need...
  • Denmark: Charge for cash transactions proposed

    12/07/2011 3:47:35 PM PST · by 4buttons · 5 replies
    Digital payment administrator says consumers need a disincentive to use cash, which they call a costlier payment type than digital alternatives
  • This Will Be The World's Richest Country In 2050

    12/07/2011 7:43:04 AM PST · by blam · 15 replies
    TBI ^ | 12-7-2011 | Joe Weisenthal
    CHART OF THE DAY: This Will Be The World's Richest Country In 2050 Joe Weisenthal Dec. 7, 2011, 9:40 AM Goldman has a new report out on The BRICs countries after 10 years, and how global markets will continue to evolve. Remember, the BRICs are Brazil, Russia, India, and China -- the four countries identified 10 years ago by Goldman's Jim O'Neill as being the global growth-drivers of the next generation. This new report discusses various themes, including the emergence of non-BRIC emerging markets, as well as a general flattening of income equality over the next several years. Goldman also...
  • INFOGRAPHIC: A State-By-State Look At America's Wealth Distribution

    12/06/2011 12:39:11 PM PST · by SeekAndFind · 11 replies
    Business Insider ^ | 12/06/2011 | Madeline Scinto
    With the ongoing conversation everyone has been having on income disparity, here's a Mint Blog infographic analyzing the phenomenon state by state. Unsurprisingly, smaller states with fancy New York City-like commuter neighborhoods are among the richest, while Southern regions are among the poorest. What's truly interesting are a few unexpected states in the second-to-poorest bracket, including Florida, Idaho, and Montana:
  • Poll: Americans support fairer wealth distribution (here we go...)

    12/05/2011 5:15:09 PM PST · by Libloather · 42 replies
    Louisiana Weekly ^ | 12/05/11 | Nisa Islam Muhammad
    Poll: Americans support fairer wealth distributionBy Nisa Islam Muhammad - Contributing Writer 5th December 2011 WASHINGTON (Special to New America Media from — On the streets of the nation’s capital, a random downtown workers were asked, “Would America be better if the distribution of wealth was more equal?” Overwhelmingly they answered, “Yes!” “Are you kidding?” said Julius Montgomery on his way to work. “Have you heard about the one percent and the 99 percent? Why should such a small number of Americans make so much more money than the rest of us and we have no chance in hell...
  • Seattle Welfare Recipient lives in Million Dollar Home

    12/03/2011 6:57:25 PM PST · by MamaDearest · 50 replies · 1+ views ^ | December 2, 2011 | Chris Ingels
    SEATTLE -- She lives in a beautiful waterfront home on Seattle’s Lake Washington. Yet, she's on welfare assistance.   This week federal agents moved in to put a stop to it. They raided her south Lake Washington home armed with a search warrant.   KING 5 News is not naming the woman or her husband because they have not been criminally charged.   Search warrant documents unsealed Friday in federal court reveal that she received more than $1,200 a month in public housing vouchers, plus monthly cash from the federal and state government for a disability, as well as food stamps.  ...
  • REV. AL SHARPTON: Black Wealth Is Disappearing Along With Jobs

    12/02/2011 6:48:42 AM PST · by SeekAndFind · 28 replies
    Business Insider ^ | 12/02/2011 | Mandi Woodruff
    Rev. Al Sharpton certainly isn't one of the more demure civil rights activists in the country, but the man does know how to prove a point. In an uncharacteristically low-key editorial for The Huffington Post, the one-time Presidential nominee blasts through news reports of rising levels of consumer optimism, calling attention to sectors of the middle class that continue to struggle – namely, African Americans working government-funded industries. "From losing their bargaining rights to bearing the brunt of city and state budget cuts, public service employees are watching their entire life savings disappear," Sharpton writes. "And because about 1 in...
  • Obama: My Kids Will Succeed, Even if USA Doesn't

    12/01/2011 12:06:26 PM PST · by tcrlaf · 63 replies · 1+ views
    Fox News ^ | 12-1-11 | Joel Gehrke
    President Obama believes that Republican leadership of the country would ruin the United States as a land of opportunity, but he's (justifiably) confident that his daughters will have plenty of opportunities, no matter what. "Our kids are going to be fine," Obama told supporters at a campaign event last night. "[T]hey’re on a path that is going to be successful, even if the country as a whole is not successful. But that’s not our vision of America. I don't want an America where my kids are living behind walls and gates, and can’t feel a part of a country that...
  • What You Don't Often Hear About Those 'Greedy' One Percenters

    11/29/2011 9:44:57 AM PST · by 2ndDivisionVet · 10 replies
    Forbes ^ | November 27, 2011 | John Tamny
    The rise of the Occupy Wall Street movement has brought with it a renewed emphasis on the impoverishing notion of envy. To the Occupiers, along with much of the political class, society’s economic rules favor the top 1 percent at the certain expense of the other 99. Great rhetoric for sure, but also quite a lot of nonsense. People who should know better bemoan the economic means possessed by the 1 percent, but rarely do they consider the gargantuan efforts required by those at the top to get there in the first place. To show why this is true it’s...
  • Simon Weston: It's foolish to attack wealth creators

    11/13/2011 6:28:47 AM PST · by Dysart · 5 replies
    Telegraph ^ | 11-13-2011 | Sarah Ewing
    HOW DID YOUR CHILDHOOD INFLUENCE YOUR WORK ETHIC AND ATTITUDE TOWARDS MONEY? My older sister and I were raised by my mother, a district nurse, and stepfather, a fitter's mate [machinist] in a church hospital, so their wages weren't exactly astronomical. But we had the best they could afford. Mam would scrub pub floors just so she could make ends meet or send us on school holidays, so she definitely taught me the value of money. They did their best within their means without leaving themselves short. We both had chores around the house, Mam was fastidious. She never let...
  • Repeal Obama"care" or Dodd-Frank-Durbin: Which one would create the most PRIVATE SECTOR Jobs?

    11/09/2011 11:40:43 AM PST · by Graewoulf · 10 replies
    Graewoulf | November 9, 2011 | Graewoulf
    The Liberal Agenda Media, (LAM), will have another "gotcha," sound-bite, "debate" tonight. This time it will be held in the work-starved State of Michigan. One question that will NOT be asked is "Which of Dictator-in-his-own-mind Obama's signed Laws would create the most PRIVATE SECTOR Jobs if that law were to be repealed tonight?" Would it be the Un-Constitutional, Obama"care," Socialized Medicine Law, or the Jack-Booted, Business Destruction, Dodd/Frank/Durbin Bill/ Law/Bill? What say you?
  • The Real "1 Percent" (80% of millionaires EARNED their money through hard work)

    11/08/2011 1:49:26 PM PST · by SeekAndFind · 14 replies · 1+ views
    Cato Institute ^ | 11/08/2011 | Michael Tanner
    So just who are those top 1 percent of Americans that we're all supposed to hate? If you listen to President Obama, the protesters at Occupy Wall Street, and much of the media, it's obvious. They're either "trust-fund babies" who inherited their money, or greedy bankers and hedge-fund managers. Certainly, they haven't worked especially hard for their money. While the recession has thrown millions of Americans out of work, they've been getting even richer. Worse, they don't even pay their fair share in taxes: Millionaires and billionaires are paying a lower tax rate than their secretaries. In reality, each of...
  • US wealth gap between young and old is widest ever

    11/07/2011 12:14:37 AM PST · by floridarunner01 · 36 replies
    Yahoo News ^ | 11/7/11 | Hope Yen
    WASHINGTON (AP) — The wealth gap between younger and older Americans has stretched to the widest on record, worsened by a prolonged economic downturn that has wiped out job opportunities for young adults and saddled them with housing and college debt. The typical U.S. household headed by a person age 65 or older has a net worth 47 times greater than a household headed by someone under 35, according to an analysis of census data released Monday. While people typically accumulate assets as they age, this wealth gap is now more than double what it was in 2005 and nearly...
  • SLIDESHOW: Opulent homes of ‘the 99 percent’

    11/02/2011 7:51:18 AM PDT · by martosko · 38 replies
    The Daily Caller ^ | 11/02/2011 | Gracie Ferrell and Meg Gasvoda
    Representatives of “the 99 percent” have been camping out in lower Manhattan to protest economic inequality since late September, but the riches on display at some of their home addresses clearly came from “1 percent” families. We searched Google Maps and the real estate Multiple Listing Service for the home addresses police collected during the arrests of less-than-law-abiding New York City “occupiers,” and found dream homes aplenty. These opulent houses include in-ground swimming pools, manicured lawns, and golf course access.
  • NYC arrest records: Many Occupy Wall Street protesters live in luxury

    11/02/2011 7:46:47 AM PDT · by martosko · 12 replies · 1+ views
    The Daily Caller ^ | 11/02/2011 | Will Rahn
    Many “Occupy Wall Street” protesters arrested in New York City reside in more luxurious homes than some of their rhetoric might suggest, a Daily Caller investigation has found. For each of the 984 Occupy Wall Street protesters arrested in New York City between September 18 and October 15, police collected and filed an information sheet recording the arrestee’s name, age, sex, criminal charge, home address and — in most cases — race. The Daily Caller has obtained all of this information from a source in the New York City government. Among addresses for which information is available, single-family homes listed...