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  • Matt Damon defends Louis C.K., shows he still doesn't understand #MeToo in tone-deaf interview

    12/15/2017 6:58:13 AM PST · by Behind Liberal Lines · 5 replies
    © Copyright 2017 All rights reserved. ^ | Friday, December 15, 2017, 9:27 AM | Peter Sblendorio
    Damon also said that while he's never met Louis C.K. — who admitted to masturbating in front of multiple women without their consent — he sensed the comedian will make changes in the aftermath of his scandal. "I don't imagine he's going to do those things again," Damon said of C.K. "You know what I mean? I imagine the price that he's paid at this point is so beyond anything that he — I just think that we have to kind of start delineating between what these behaviors are." "When (C.K.) came out and said, 'I did this. I did...
  • Modern Day Sins Are More “Inclusive”

    12/14/2017 6:01:09 AM PST · by NOBO2012 · 3 replies
    MOTUS A.D. ^ | 12-14-17 | MOTUS
    Have you noticed how the word “misconduct” has become the go-to synonym for a lot of words that used to mean distinctly different things? For example: Sexual assault/abuse has been rebranded as “sexual misconduct” in order to be more inclusive. The ramifications for any behavior along this newly established spectrum appears to be the same: immediate assumption of guilt and swift excommunication. Among the latest victims: PBS is “indefinitely” suspending distribution of the late-night talk show “Tavis Smiley” after multiple misconduct allegations emerged against the show's 53-year-old host, PBS announced Wednesday. Tavis Smiley excoriated PBS late Wednesday for suspending distribution...
  • Salma Hayek accuses Harvey Weinstein of sexual harassment: He's 'my monster too'

    12/13/2017 3:45:10 PM PST · by Enchante · 55 replies
    Yahoo News ^ | December 13, 2017 | Suzy Byrne
    Salma Hayek accuses Harvey Weinstein of sexual harassment: He's 'my monster too' Suzy Byrne 5 hours ago Reactions Sign in to like Reblog on Tumblr Share Tweet Email VIDEO: Notable public figures accused of harassment since Weinstein's fall Scroll back up to restore default view. Salma Hayek has come forward to accuse Harvey Weinstein of sexual harassment. The Oscar-nominated Mexican actress, whose films include Frida and Traffic, went public with her allegations on Wednesday, over two months after the movie honcho was first publicly accused of sexual misconduct in a New York Times piece. She shared her first-person story with...
  • Was Trump the Motivation Behind the Weinstein Story?

    12/12/2017 5:47:13 PM PST · by Kaslin · 10 replies
    Rush ^ | December 12, 2017 | Rush Limbaugh
    RUSH: Do you remember back when the Weinstein story broke in the New York Times we were all saying, “Why? Why now? Just ’cause Hillary lost? But what brought this about?” People said, “He’s lost his power in D.C., and he’s been hated for so long, and now people finally have a chance, and Ronan Farrow was…” Maybe we were all wrong. Maybe the reason it was time for Weinstein to finally be outed was because it triggered all of this. Let’s go to the audio sound bites. Capitol Hill this afternoon, 69 members of Congress. Lois Frankel (our former...
  • Release Polanski, demands petition by film industry luminaries [FLASHBACK]

    12/09/2017 3:55:24 AM PST · by Enchante · 9 replies
    Guardian ^ | September 29, 2009 | Catherine Shoard
    Woody Allen, David Lynch and Martin Scorsese today added their names to a petition demanding the immediate release of Roman Polanski from detention in Zurich. The director was arrested on Saturday over a three-decade-old underage sex case when he arrived to receive a lifetime achievement award at the city's film festival. "Film-makers in France, in Europe, in the United States and around the world are dismayed by this decision," says the petition, which is co-ordinated by the Société des Auteurs et Compositeurs Dramatiques (SACD), a film industry organisation which also represents performance and visual artists.
  • 'IT'S A F****** CRIME': Rose McGowan hits out at Meryl Streep's toned-down description of Harvey[tr]

    12/08/2017 4:37:48 PM PST · by simpson96 · 26 replies
    U.K. Daily Mail ^ | 12/8/2017 | Ashley Collman
    Rose McGowan hit out at Meryl Streep on Friday, after the Academy Award-winning actress characterized the Harvey Weinstein accusations as simply 'disrespectful'. Weinsten, a longtime collaborator of Streep's, was fired from his own company in October when dozens of women came forward with frightening stories of being sexually harassed or assaulted by the menacing producer. Streep spoke about Weinstein, and the other sexual harassment scandals gripping Hollywood, at the Massachusetts Conference for Women on Thursday. She called the allegations against Weinstein 'the most gargantuan example of disrespect' permeating every industry. McGowan appeared to take issue with Streep's language, saying in...
  • Matt McGorry: ‘Good MenÂ’ Need To Step Up In Light Of Weinstein Allegations

    12/08/2017 7:20:28 PM PST · by GuavaCheesePuff · 20 replies
    Huffington Post ^ | October 24, 2017 | Alana Vagianos
    Matt McGorry is calling on good men to step up in the wake of the sexual misconduct allegations against Harvey Weinstein. The 31-year-old actor published an essay on Medium on Monday detailing the different ways toxic masculinity and rape culture allow for predators like Weinstein to stay hidden for so long. Weinstein has been accused by over 40 women of sexual harassment, sexual abuse and/or rape. “As men, we constantly receive explicit and implicit messages from our culture about what it means to be a man. We must be dominant; our value is measured by our ability to have power...
  • Arizona’s Trent Franks Expected to Resign

    12/07/2017 2:39:10 PM PST · by babble-on · 33 replies
    Roll Call ^ | 12/7/2017 | Bridget Bowman
    Arizona Republican Rep. Trent Franks is expected to resign from Congress, a source with knowledge told Roll Call. The 8th District congressman did not confirm or deny any plans to resign. He said he expected to make a statement Thursday. “We will have a statement a little bit later, but that’s all I can tell you right now,” Franks told Roll Call. “The statement will explain.”
  • It has hit the Fan/Federal Charges/Rico Act! (Weinstein, Dolan, Lasry RICO ACT)

    12/06/2017 4:19:20 PM PST · by ransomnote · 8 replies ^ | December 6, 2017 |, vlogger BPEarthwatch
    Video 10 minutes in length. Harvey Weinstein and pro basketball owners Dolan and Lasry charged with Rico Act violations.
  • Yes, Hillary knew all about Harvey Weinstein

    12/06/2017 1:00:26 PM PST · by detective · 18 replies
    American Thinker ^ | December 6, 2017 | Monica Showalter
    Lena Dunham isn't the most reliable of narrators, but the New York Times is reporting that she, along with bigshot magazine editor Tina Brown, both warned the Hillary Clinton campaign all about Harvey Weinstein's depredations and got ignored.  Hillary Clinton says she had never heard of any Weinstein problems until she read them in the news.  Now, all by herself, Dunham might be suspected of publicity-hounding at this late date, but because Brown is making the same charge, she probably isn't.
  • Six women say Harvey Weinstein cover-up was racketeering in new lawsuit

    12/06/2017 11:39:01 AM PST · by Oldeconomybuyer · 19 replies
    NBC "News" ^ | December 6, 2017 | by Associated Press
    Six women filed a lawsuit against Harvey Weinstein on Wednesday, claiming that the movie mogul's actions to cover up assaults amounted to civil racketeering. The lawsuit was filed at a federal court in New York seeking to represent a class of "dozens, if not hundreds" of women who say they were assaulted by Weinstein. The lawsuit claims that a coalition of companies and people became part of the growing "Weinstein Sexual Enterprise" and that they worked with Weinstein to conceal his widespread sexual harassment and assaults. "The Weinstein Sexual Enterprise had many participants, grew over time as the obfuscation of...
  • Lena Dunham says she warned Clinton campaign about Harvey Weinstein

    12/06/2017 3:28:57 AM PST · by x1stcav · 26 replies
    Fox News ^ | 12/5/17 | Nicole Darrah
    Actress Lena Dunham said she warned Hillary Clinton’s campaign about disgraced Hollywood mogul Harvey Weinstein and was uncomfortable with his presence during the 2016 presidential campaign, according to a report out Tuesday. The “Girls” star told The New York Times that she heard stories about Weinstein from other actresses who claimed they had troubling interactions with him, so in March of 2016 she warned Clinton campaign deputy communications manager Kristina Schake about him. A Message from Butterfleye Next Gen Business Security Only 30% of businesses actively protect and monitor their business and in 2016 over 60 billion dollars worth of...
  • In wake of Weinstein, men wonder if hugging women still OK

    12/04/2017 1:37:45 PM PST · by sparklite2 · 100 replies
    Associated Press ^ | Dec 4, 4:28 PM EST | By JOHN ROGERS
    LOS ANGELES (AP) -- Steve Wyard thought he knew what sexual harassment looked like: a put-out-or-lose-your-job overture. Now he's not so sure. "Have we gotten to the point now where men can't say, 'That's a nice dress' or 'Did you do something with your hair?'" says the veteran sales associate for a Los Angeles company. "The potential problem is you can't even feel safe saying, 'Good morning' anymore." But he says his wife, the CEO at a health maintenance organization, got a complaint from a woman just last month who believed a fellow employee was getting too personal. "It turned...
  • Whose Mocking The Mike Pence Rule Now?

    11/30/2017 1:26:06 PM PST · by Starman417 · 33 replies
    Flopping Aces ^ | 11-30-17 | Daniel John Sobieski
    The chickens of the era of moral relativism are coming home to roost in the scandals that have rocked the studios of Hollywood, the green rooms of media moguls, and the cloak rooms of Congress. Are the cases of Matt Lauer, Harvey Weinstein. John Conyers, Charlie Rose et al any surprise in an era where traditional marriage and fidelity to one spouse of the opposite sex have been under assault and routinely mocked? We live in any age of transgendered restrooms, where transgendered athletes like Caitlyn Jenner are given courage awards by sports channels like ESPN. Harder work is done...
  • Why Meghan McCain Stuck With Her Marchesa Wedding Dress (Harvey Weinstein's Wife's Dress)

    11/29/2017 12:42:25 PM PST · by nickcarraway · 40 replies
    New York Post ^ | November 29, 2017 | Francesca Bacardi
    Meghan McCain didn’t have second thoughts about wearing her dream Marchesa wedding dress during her November nuptials to conservative writer Ben Domenech. High-end fashion brand Marchesa is run by Georgina Chapman, the estranged wife of disgraced film mogul Harvey Weinstein, as well as Keren Craig. “The scandal erupted and everybody was like, ‘Are you going to keep the dress?’ And I was like, ‘Why should the two women designers be punished for a man’s disgusting behavior?” McCain, 33, told People. “I just didn’t wanna feel like the people who had worked there and make their livelihood should be punished as...
  • Vanity - Democrats = Equal Opportunity Sex Offenders, Galore.

    11/29/2017 6:36:34 AM PST · by JLAGRAYFOX · 2 replies
    Wow!!! The Democrat Party has now become the "Equality Opportunity Sex Offenders Organization...headed by House Minority Leader, Nancy Pelosi, etc. Here is, but a small list of the "A" Team Democrat perverts, John Conyers, Harvey Weinstein, Kevin Spacey, Matt Lauer, Democrats on the Congressional Black Caucus , the Hispanic Caucus, Charley Rose and, of course the master pervert, Senator Al Franken. This list, it goes on & on, unending. It is the sex offense gift that keeps giving. And Nancy Pelosi and other Democrats protect everyone of them (do as I say, not as I do). Shucks....I guess falsely accused,...
  • Uma Thurman slams Harvey Weinstein: 'You don't deserve a bullet'

    11/24/2017 6:23:39 AM PST · by where's_the_Outrage? · 58 replies
    movies ^ | Nov 24, 2017 | Derek Lawrence
    Like many celebrities on Thursday, Uma Thurman wished her fans a happy Thanksgiving on social media. But the Kill Bill star also used the post to send a strong message to Harvey Weinstein and his “wicked conspirators.” The Oscar-nominated actress, who starred in the Weinstein-produced films Pulp Fiction and Kill Bill, had previously said she needed to wait to “feel less angry” before commenting on the ever-growing list of sexual misconduct accusations leveled at the disgraced mogul. And now, she has sent a very Bride-like message his way. “I am grateful today, to be alive, for all those I love, and...
  • Despite the Numbers, Lib Media Insists Sexual Abuse a Republican Issue

    11/22/2017 9:12:15 AM PST · by impetrio1 · 10 replies
    Black & Blonde Media ^ | 11/22/17 | Bob Parks
    If you were to consume any national American media outlets and sites, one could come to the conclusion that Republicans are THE problem when it comes to sexual abuse in the United States, especially ONE Republican in particular. But if you were to try and keep up with the tally of reported sexual abusers in the current scandal cycle, it's clear sexual abuse IS a geographical (Hollywood, New York City, and Washington, D.C.) and very partisan epidemic.
  • Morrissey Defends Weinstein and Spacey, blames Victims

    11/20/2017 9:51:02 PM PST · by nickcarraway · 20 replies
    New York Post ^ | November 19, 2017 | Chris Perez
    The British singer Morrissey defended both Kevin Spacey and Harvey Weinstein in an interview this weekend, claiming their alleged victims knew “exactly” what was going on — and chose to “play along.” “Afterward, they feel embarrassed, or they do not like it,” Morrissey said while speaking to the German news outlet Der Spiegel. SNIP “People know exactly what’s going on,” Morrissey reportedly said after being asked about the movie producer. “And they play along…But if everything went well, and if it had given them a great career, they would not talk about it.” SNIP
  • Bill Clinton should have resigned (says leading liberal publication)

    11/19/2017 12:55:09 PM PST · by GoldenState_Rose · 68 replies
    Vox ^ | Nov 15, 2017 | Matthew Yglesias
    It was far from the most egregious case of workplace sexual misconduct in American history. But it was unusually high-profile, the facts were not in dispute, the perpetrator had a lot of nominal feminist ideological commitments, and political leaders who shared those commitments had the power to force him from office. Had he resigned in shame, we all might have made a collective cultural and political decision that a person caught leveraging power over women in inappropriate ways ought to be fired. Instead, we lost nearly two decades.