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  • Why Don't You Shut Up!

    10/08/2008 9:57:20 AM PDT · by Cinnamon Girl · 214 replies · 2,855+ views
    Oct. 8, 2008 | Cinnamon Girl
    You know who you are. You're the one posting stupid comments about what a loser Johnny is. You're the one getting on the political chat shows and telling everyone that you think Obama is super great and that he's going to win! Yeay! And your supposed to be a conservative. Why don't you shut up! I'm talking to all the whiners who piled on and joined the Chris Matthews bandwagon and declared Johnny an old man and a big dull loser. He did fine last night. He was the boss on foreign policy. He's never been a dazzling public speaker...
  • Console George (Voinovich)- Because it's just... so... sad...

    05/31/2005 2:58:50 PM PDT · by the anti-liberal · 36 replies · 1,140+ views ^ | May 31, 2005 |
    Ohio Sen. George Voinovich's stand against the nomination of John Bolton as U.S. ambassador to the United Nations has taken an emotional toll. As he took his courageous stand in the well of the Senate, the thought of leaving the fate of his children and grandchildren -- and yours -- in the hands of such a mean man nearly overcame him. Sen. George Voinovich CARES. He cares so much it HURTS. Sometimes it hurts so much, he CRIES. As his constituents, we feel duty-bound to repay our senator's loyalty to us -- his care for us -- his LOVE for...
  • Arnie to terminate health care benefitsn (YEAH! NO MORE FREE LUNCH LOSERS!)

    12/22/2003 9:21:43 PM PST · by I_Love_My_Husband · 132 replies · 255+ views
    San Francisco Examiner ^ | 12/19/03 | Alison Soltau
    Arnie to terminate health care benefits Young moms and concerned doctors on Thursday attacked Gov. Arnold Schwarzenegger's mooted health cuts, saying they could devastate local services for low income, immigrant groups.The activists accused Schwarzenegger of hypocrisy for running on a campaign of expanding health care coverage for children, then promptly announcing $2 billion in health cuts over two years to help compensate for revenue lost after he repealed the vehicle license fee.The cuts would hack 10 percent from Medi-Cal and freeze enrollment for all children in the Healthy Families program with separate caps for citizen and undocumented children.Healthy Families is...
  • 'Reagans' filmmakers: CBS ruined movie

    11/25/2003 8:29:55 AM PST · by presidio9 · 18 replies · 183+ views
    AP ^ | Tuesday, November 25, 2003
    <p>The director of "The Reagans" complained Monday that CBS butchered his made-for-TV movie, ultimately making it too incoherent for the network to air.</p> <p>"We were, in a sense, banished" from the editing process before CBS ditched it, director Robert Ackerman said.</p>
  • Hold the Kleenex, please (Kerry Weeps)

    09/04/2003 10:43:32 PM PDT · by kattracks · 8 replies · 222+ views ^ | 9/05/03 | Rich Lowry
    Forget his announcement tour. Democratic presidential candidate John Kerry's most consequential public act recently might be that he openly wept. This should make him the undisputed heir to Bill Clinton, and establish that Kerry, despite his reputation for aloofness, "gets it" -- "it" being the modern American imperative to mist up at the slightest instigation. Barbara Woodman of Concord, N.H., told Kerry the other day that she had been laid off from her job, but was going to work to educate her children. "I don't care how many jobs I have to work, those kids are going to college," she...
  • Sour-grapes Democrats say Republicans don't play fair

    04/28/2003 9:34:17 AM PDT · by bedolido · 21 replies · 174+ views ^ | 04/27/03 | Ruben Navarrette
    <p>DALLAS -- Democrats are flummoxed at the news that GOP strategists plan to center President Bush's re-election campaign on national security and fighting terrorism. But what Democrats should really be concerned about is that they have had so little to say on these issues.</p>
  • The Republicans Control Everything

    05/12/2003 1:34:09 PM PDT · by iwantmycountryback · 162 replies · 1,291+ views
    So many people have been coerced into mistakenly believing that Bush is their savior. It is US against the Republicans AND a large segment of the American people. A 2004 election does not encourage me into thinking that the Democrats could upset Bush¡¦s wagon. After robbery in broad daylight of election 2000, the Democrats would have to force their way into the White House, even if they were elected in 2004. We hear about voting machines that can be rigged with no paper trail. Are the Democrats making a stink about this? No! In my opinion, the democrats will be...
  • ZOT!!! This world as we know it will never be the same again

    04/09/2003 1:19:40 PM PDT · by much saddened · 162 replies · 794+ views
    I know I am not welcome hear among King George's sycophants, but some things need to be told. George always wanted war. Now George has the war he always wanted. Enjoy these last special moments because the world will be never be the same again. There will now be a clash of culture, a clash of civilization, with so many innocent lives lost. Who would have thought a know-nothing, incompetent, with no achievements except what his family name garnered would have gotten the chance to plunge the world such danger, into darkness? Now, he gets the chance to lead the...
  • The War in Iraq is Wrong

    04/09/2003 9:46:29 AM PDT · by Jonathan AG · 384 replies · 1,278+ views
    Ban me, but have the courage to accept the truth. This War is wrong. Many innocent Iraqis have died. Many Americans have died. Iraq is in chaos. No food. No water. No power. I don't care if staged events involving a few criminals and looters make the people appear to be happy. Ask the ones who had their lives destroyed by American bombs. There are no WMDs. America will remain in Iraq long enough to: A) plunder its resouces B) ensure a Bush election victory in spite of massive deficits and a terrible economy. THIS WAR IS WRONG.
  • [Alleged] Rude Treatment [by Pro-War Demonstrators]

    04/05/2003 11:34:06 AM PST · by Plutarch · 80 replies · 289+ views
    The Fresno Bee [letters to the Editor] ^ | April 5, 2003 | Holly Johnsen
    <p>As I was driving past the pro-war demonstrators at Blackstone and Shaw avenues, I smiled at them but held up a peace sign to politely show that I do not support the war on Iraq. To my dismay, this civil gesture was met with rudeness. People yelled at me, shoved their signs in my face and made fun of me, telling me to go back to school to learn about people who had protected me in past wars.</p>
  • Zot!

    04/02/2003 1:12:23 PM PST · by sgr2 · 143 replies · 1,347+ views
  • LRP World News poll "Freeped" by terrorist (Freak Alert)

    02/11/2003 1:59:35 PM PST · by Sockdologer · 80 replies · 735+ views
    LRP World News ^ | 11 Feb 2003
    Last night I was informed that our poll was attacked by terrorist. Not the kind of terrorist you hear about everyday but the kind at Free Freeping is a way of manipulating a poll to reflect an outcome which is not neccesarily the opinion of our visitors. The polling system was ... damaged and before I remove it I want everyone to see what happened. Free Republic at this time has LRP World News Listed at the top of one of their web pages for a need of major freeping. In fact a quick search on google will show...
  • Zot!!!

    01/29/2003 6:58:52 AM PST · by solid waste · 40 replies · 1,841+ views
    Intervention Magazine | Regis T. Sabol
  • Comcast refuses to air anti-war ads during State of Union

    01/28/2003 2:42:29 PM PST · by kattracks · 166 replies · 2,929+ views
    AP | 1/28/03 | JOHN CURRAN
    ATLANTIC CITY, N.J. (AP) -- An anti-war group accused the nation's biggest cable company on Tuesday of refusing to air TV ads opposing a U.S. war with Iraq. Peace Action Education Fund spent $5,000 for air time for six 30-second ads to be aired by Philadelphia-based Comcast Corp. beginning Tuesday night. The ads were to be broadcast over CNN in the Washington, D.C., area. They were bought to coincide with President Bush's State of the Union speech Tuesday night, in which Bush was expected to reiterate his case for war. But Comcast's legal department notified the group Tuesday morning that...
  • ZOT!! (Zot theme song included!)

    01/21/2003 10:03:08 AM PST · by Warren Harrison · 21 replies · 681+ views
  • ZOT!!!

    01/07/2003 9:37:32 AM PST · by Zircon · 50 replies · 767+ views
    1/7/2003 | Zircon
  • The Democratic Party is not the Answer! [You can say that again, but ZOT!]

    01/09/2003 10:50:13 AM PST · by patriots dreams · 58 replies · 653+ views
    Bev Conover
  • Zot!!!

    01/08/2003 6:31:32 AM PST · by Raineer · 79 replies · 799+ views
  • unfair CENSORSHIP on this site

    11/27/2002 2:04:57 PM PST · by unfairCENSOR · 459 replies · 1,234+ views