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  • Ronald Reagan doesn’t live here anymore: Why it’s high time liberals stop tiptoeing around race

    05/17/2015 2:22:24 AM PDT · by Cincinatus' Wife · 40 replies
    Salon ^ | May 16, 2015 | Elias Isquith, staff writer at Salon, focusing on politics. this week, New York City Mayor Bill de Blasio, along with a gaggle of bored reporters and some boldfaced names in the progressive movement, unveiled a “Progressive Agenda to Combat Income Inequality.” Much like the media event that accompanied its unveiling, the agenda is supposed to be understood as a kind of 21st-century, liberal version of the storied “Contract with America,” the PR stunt that, as legend (erroneously) has it, rocketed Newt Gingrich and the Republican Party to power after the 1994 midterm elections. As my colleague Joan Walsh reported on Thursday, this backward-looking attempt to lay out a...
  • Mel Gibson Admits Hitting Oksana, Threatens To Kill Her (2nd tape emerges)

    07/12/2010 3:29:59 PM PDT · by lainie · 274 replies · 2+ views
    Radar Online ^ | 7-12-2010
    Mel Gibson, under investigation for domestic violence, admits to hitting Oksana Grigorieva and TWICE threatens to kill her in an explosive new audio tape obtained and released exclusively by The enraged actor tells the mother of his eight-month old daughter Lucia “you deserved it” after she says that he hit her and broke her teeth. Mel’s stunning admission could be a powerful piece of evidence against him in the criminal investigation that is headed for the district attorney’s office and right now being conducted by the L.A. County Sheriff’s Department. The new tape features a ranting, out-of-control, Mel who...
  • Central Banks Expand Currency Swaps

    04/06/2009 9:10:57 AM PDT · by lainie · 23 replies · 532+ views
    NYT ^ | 4-7-2009 | Jack Healy
    Central banks in the United States, Europe, Britain and Japan announced an agreement on Monday that could provide some $287 billion in liquidity to the Federal Reserve, in the form of currency swaps. Under the arrangement, the Fed could draw on these lines to provide more liquidity to financial institutions, this time in the form of foreign currency. The announcement was the latest in a series of coordinated efforts between the Federal Reserve and other central banks to try to unlock credit markets, restore normal lending and raise confidence in the financial system. “Should the need arise, euro, yen, sterling...
  • UPDATE: Sex Toy Tragedy in Lexington Park

    03/11/2009 3:53:15 PM PDT · by csvset · 125 replies · 5,432+ views
    BayNet ^ | 3/11/2009
    On March 9, the St. Mary’s County Sheriff’s Office was notified of a Lexington Park, Maryland woman, reportedly aged 27, who was flown to Prince George’s Hospital for an injury which occurred on March 8, as a result of a sexual act involving the use of a reciprocating saw.  The original 911 call was dispatched as a medical emergency.  St. Mary’s County Bureau of Criminal Investigation Detectives conducted an investigation which determined the injury was a result of a consensual act between two parties and no crime was committed. At approximately 1:30 a.m. on Sunday, March 8, units from Bay District Fire...
  • State of Arkansas deletes record of Clinton law license suspension

    12/18/2007 5:44:19 PM PST · by HAL9000 · 31 replies · 288+ views
    Arkansas Judiciary Website ^ | December 18, 2007
    In his final days as president, Bill Clinton made an agreement with Independent Counsel Robert Ray to have his law license suspended for five years in lieu of disbarment proceedings by the Arkansas Supreme Court Committee on Professional Conduct. In the past, when a licensed attorney search was conducted for Bill Clinton, the Arkansas Judiciary website has shown the record of disciplinary action against Clinton. In a search conducted today, the information about Clinton's suspension has mysteriously disappeared. Old record: Attorney Record Name: William J. Clinton Address: 15 Old House Lane Address: Chappaqua NY 10514 Date First  Licensed: 09/07/1973     Disciplinary...

    08/31/2007 11:53:18 AM PDT · by doesnt suffer fools gladly · 12 replies · 1,148+ views
    JAIL VISIT TONY SPENDS TWO HOURS WITH L.I. PARENT KILLER By ADAM BUCKMAN 'Sopranos' star James Gandolfini drove to an upstate prison for a personal visit with convicted killer Martin Tankleff. August 31, 2007 -- A Long Island man convicted of killing his parents received a special gift on this 36th birthday - a surprise visit from James Gandolfini. The "Sopranos" star drove four hours each way Wednesday to pay a two-hour visit to Martin Tankleff, who has been incarcerated for 17 years at the Great Meadow Correctional Facility in Comstock, about 220 miles north of New York City. Gandolfini...
  • Company gets two very questionable TV station call letters (K--T and KW--)

    07/27/2007 2:18:28 PM PDT · by topher · 10 replies · 527+ views
    Various -- Drudgereport, etc
    A Maui TV station that has not been completed has been given a very VULGAR TV CALL SIGN -- K--T. The same company that owns the Maui, Hawaii, TV station, was also given a second call sign that is an acronym used with vulgarity -- KWT-. The company is asking the FCC to assign different call letters to the two TV stations.
  • Windows Gives No Tongue

    07/14/2006 10:34:06 PM PDT · by Swordmaker · 28 replies · 581+ views
    SFGate ^ | Friday, July 14, 2006 | By Mark Morford, SF Gate Columnist
    Reminder: Microsoft's bloated OS is truly terrible in the sack. But a Mac will make you moan It has those beady little eyes. It has that seedy come-hither stare. It has overstretched pleather pants and million-dollar gold caps over stained teeth, through which glides that famously shrill voice that seems at once tempting and full of promise and yet also more than a little whiny, deceptive, ill. "Aww c'mon, baby," Windows pleads, kneeling at the foot of the bed. "This time it'll be different, I promise." It coughs that familiar phlegmy hack, like a busted Dell motherboard scraped over of...
  • What is so secret about Indiana?

    05/29/2006 3:46:30 PM PDT · by Swordmaker · 60 replies · 805+ views
    Google Earth | 5/28/2006 | Swordmaker
    What is it with Indiana? Isn't Indiana as American as Apple Pie??? What have they got to hide? Are they ashamed of their state? Why is Indiana photographed at a far lower resolution than all of the rest of the United States??? Take a look at these screen grabs of Google Earth showing Indiana... We can zoom into to Area 51 and look at it as if we were flying over it at 1000 feet... but try Indiana... the best resulution makes us feel as if we were flying over it at 5000 feet! What are they hiding? Is there...
  • BNP chairman criticizes his followers’ anti-Semitism

    03/24/2006 1:48:49 AM PST · by rmlew · 15 replies · 630+ views
    View From the Right ^ | March 23, 2006 | Lawrence Auster
    I posted Robert Locke’s report last October indicating that the once seriously anti-Semitic British National Party has been in the process of reforming itself, and I quoted at length a column by BNP chairman Nick Griffin last December in which he criticized anti-Semitism at length. However, I also heard that Griffin socialized with David Duke and other Nazi types at the end of the recent American Renaissance conference. Some people tried to excuse this by saying, “How can he reform these people unless he talks with them?” The excuse didn’t work with me; were we really to believe that Griffin...
  • Take the Money and Die (Leaving your estate to your reanimated corpse)

    01/23/2006 10:31:59 PM PST · by Lorianne · 12 replies · 448+ views
    Slate ^ | Jan. 23, 2006 | William Saletan
    <p>Rich people are freezing their bodies and leaving their money to themselves. According to the Wall Street Journal, 142 people have had their heads or bodies frozen, roughly 1,000 have made similar arrangements, and at least a dozen (the rest are keeping mum, according to participants) have set up "revival trusts."</p>
  • Confessions Of A ZOTTED Troll

    12/11/2005 1:21:23 AM PST · by truthseeker8459 · 86 replies · 2,760+ views
    FR Post #69 ^ | Now | Me
    <p>I discovered this site while Googling to research a statement I heard on a radio talk show that Cindy Sheehan had said "America is not worth dying for". The quote is an easily verifiable falsehood- which only serves as a backdrop for my comments here.</p>
  • Bill Mandates Youngsters Learn Spanish

    11/01/2005 7:08:04 PM PST · by kingattax · 194 replies · 2,971+ views
    Tampa Tribune ^ | Nov 1, 2005 | KEVIN BEGOS
    TALLAHASSEE - -- All Florida students in kindergarten through second grade would get mandatory Spanish lessons starting in 2007 under a new bill filed by state Sen. Les Miller, D-Tampa. "More and more of our young people need to learn a second language," said Miller, the Senate minority leader. "We just thought that this was a good start for these young people." Some people like the idea but wonder about its practicality. Younger students "learn a foreign language without pain," said Dorothy Carregal, superintendent of foreign languages for Hillsborough schools. But the legislation, Senate Bill 522, doesn't say how schools...
  • Semi-News: Europe Ponders Legalizing "Honor Killings" (SATIRE)

    10/10/2005 8:56:13 PM PDT · by jsemmens · 4 replies · 287+ views
    AZCONSERVATIVE ^ | 7 Oct 2005 | John Semmens
    A proposal to legalize so-called "honor killings" is making the rounds in Brussels. The proposal is inspired by pressure to end intolerance and discrimination against Muslims. "Honor killing" is the term applied when male family members who feel disgraced by perceived immodest behavior of a female relative kill her. The types of behavior likely to be considered immodest include going out without being accompanied by a male relative, failure to cover the head, enjoying the company or companionship of non-Muslims and seeking employment outside the home. "We are told that our laws against homicide conflict with this traditional Muslim obligation,"...
  • Some Jews join anti-war protests, but worry about radical bedfellows (duh!)

    09/30/2005 10:14:17 AM PDT · by pabianice · 34 replies · 1,309+ views
    JTA ^ | 9/27/05 | Kampeas
    WASHINGTON, Sept. 28 (JTA) — Hours before a demonstration against the Iraq war swelled to tens of thousands of people, a few dozen protesters packed a stately synagogue in downtown Washington and considered Egypt. Not the current regime of Hosni Mubarak, but the plight of the Hebrews under pharaoh millennia ago — “caught between a rock and a hard place,” as Rabbi Arthur Waskow told the congregants at the Shabbat service last weekend. The rock the Jewish protesters faced was their impassioned opposition to the Iraq war, while the hard place was the vituperative anti-Israeli sentiment among some of their...
  • ZOT!!! “The air is humming, And something great is coming.”

    08/28/2005 5:23:51 AM PDT · by prophecyupdate · 126 replies · 4,181+ views
    The late Reverend Akhbar von Troll, as channeled through Bernstein and Sondheim.
  • Abuse of Power by The Department of Children Services

    07/26/2005 1:09:07 PM PDT · by Mellyn · 19 replies · 966+ views
    Own Experience | July 25, 2005 | Mellyn
    On March 7, 2005, Mr.and Mrs. Miranda arrived home, in Monroe, Walton Co., with their newborn (4th child) bundle of joy. While they're enjoying and bonding with Lil. Alyssa, their two sons were excited to have finally their baby sister home. In the meantime, anxciously awaiting for three o'clock to come, Alyssa's 6 year old sister can't wait to come meet her baby sister. However, within two hours of Alyssa being home, a worker from DEFACS arrives with the sheriffs, and warrant to remove Alyssa from the home.
  • Bush is to Blame Part 3,863

    05/31/2005 11:29:35 AM PDT · by FreedomFighter1013 · 1 replies · 597+ views
    An Amusing E-mail A guy who was offering to build a loft for my apartment blamed the high price of wood on Bush, which I'm sure Bush is responsible for considering America's rebuilding Iraq, for which the Iraquis may or may not be grateful. Here's my response, unedited:
  • A chicken mask?

    04/07/2003 8:39:39 AM PDT · by saquin · 25 replies · 323+ views
    Iraqis loot refridgerators, ceiling fans, a mirror, and a chicken mask from the drama department of a college of Literature in Basra, Iraq as coalition forces moved to take possession of the city Monday, April 7, 2003. (AP Photo/David Guttenfelder)
  • This year, give your child a Michael Jackson Prosthetic Nose for Christmas!

    12/12/2002 7:07:31 AM PST · by Registered · 29 replies · 864+ views
    Registered ^ | 10.12.02 | Registered